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#learn something useful today
dyketubbo · a month ago
EDIT: Hi <3 if any eb people interact I'm killing them. Piss off tyyy this isn't for you I want you dead :D
on one hand i can see why people go "oh dont call c!tubbo gay/mlm/queer we dont know if the cc is okay with that!" because of how much c!tubbo really is just cc!tubbo being himself
but also could you imagine if someone from the outside were to look into it and see that c!beeduo are referred to as husbands and have a son and a mansion that they plan to move into together with them consistently flirting with each other and having petnames and even possibly finding the clip of ranboo saying "it happens sometimes" when tommy thought the two were making out with neither showing any negative reaction to the idea anyways, as well as saying they fell in love and the ccs often calling it romantic like. even if you take into account the times theyve said its platonic and the fact that ranboo said he would talk to tubbo about the ambiguity (which btw was before the making out thing, before they said they fell in love, etc etc)
you guys must know how it looks when you say that no, the two masculine characters that are married, have a son, want to move in together, flirt with each other and call each other petnames, likely kiss off screen, say they fell in love with each other, can not Possibly be gay or queer or mlm. even if they played completely into the non-romantic aspect, what do you think it looks like to aro mlm when you imply that the marriage would need to be romantic to be queer?
its okay to hesitate, i get it, but also if tubbo was uncomfortable with his character being seen as gay i think he like. wouldnt have his character be married to another dude and say his character fell in love with him. i know in a fandom with mostly nd people its hard to do so but its good to exercise your ability to read in between the lines- this is a moment where a creator shouldnt have to say whether or not a character is mlm because the content literally has the character be a man attracted to other men.
its okay to say a fictional teenager is gay i promise you that teenagers have relationships and can be queer. as long as you dont read into it sexually youre fine (and even then, its okay to acknowledge that the characters make sex jokes towards and with each other, teens can experience sexual attraction, just dont be a fuckin creep about it), i promise. even if word comes out that the characters arent married romantically, i think the aspec people (cough i am one so really i know this cough) of the community can safely say you dont need romantic or sexual attraction to be queer. c!tubbo has only expressed attraction to c!ranboo, who, as far as c!tubbo knows, is a dude like he is. its okay to say thats gay, because it literally is
aka sometime yall read as the ones giving c!beeduo friendship flowers while c!ranboo says he wonders if this is how the ancient greeks felt
#dsmp#beeduo#tubbo#ranboo#long post#i know im not mlm but id react the same if this was how people acted about a wlw couple lmao#mask mews#just like. i know in a fandom like this you wanna be cautious but if we can acknowledge that c!dream is abusive when cc!dream is not#even when cc!dream hasnt said so because we see how c!dream acts towards c!tommy#dont get mad when people say c!tubbo is mlm while cc!tubbo wants to keep his own orientation private#because c!tubbo is literally in love with c!ranboo#also something something saying a character cant be queer because their relationship with someone they say theyre in love with#may be nonromantic in nature feels grossly flippant towards aro people who may connect with c!beeduos relationship#but thats jus my own two cents i dont think the people who are concerned about this are arophobic in any way lmal#*lmao#technically w c!ranboos recent 'today i learned what gender is :D' arc c!ranboo may possibly be nonbinary or at least nonbinary coded#but for now im saying mlm until ranboos gender stuff is played with a bit more#if its played into more/he ends up being nonbinary in canon then ill say like nlm/mln or whichever though i think#its more likely for ranboo to just end up being okay with whatever than it would be for him to go right into 'they/them neutral terms only'#if only so its easier for cc!ranboo to play as his character since the cc only uses he/him and masc terms#and having his self insert be mostly like him seems to make the whole improv semi lore aspect of his streams easiest for ranboo to play wit
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flamboyant-prince · a year ago
I’m grateful to the many of you that are still here. Those of you who are still liking my posts and interacting with me and my art in some way. Reassures me that there are real life people out there that still enjoy my stuff. Thank you.
#im feeling irrelevant. Out of the loop. Not with the crowd. On my own. On a little island of my own away from society#but you guys still pass me by on this island and wave hello.  Making me feel welcome still.#it’s hard. It’s hard to enjoy myself anymore and the only joy I’m getting is being acknowledged.#if I were into the things other people were into then I’d have more people to talk to. They’d have a reason to talk to me.#But I’m by myself on an island bonking two coconuts together. There’s no metaphor rhere I just think coconuts are funny#i need to learn to be shameless and draw what I want to draw. Be like those japanese people on twitter#and i guess anyone on there that just draw the same character. But being shameless is hard. I want to be liked by all.#impossible. I know that. I’m not like i used to be. I’ve gotten weaker. I’ve lost my boldness my brashness my happiness#i need to enjoy myself i want to enjoy myself i want to enjoy what im doing but there are so many things holding me back#things out of my control. On the inside and the outside. I need to enjoy things even if its ‘not a hit with the kids’#just do what i do for myself and not anyone else. But it does feel nice if anyone were to just pass me by and say#’hey. looks like you’re having fun over there. keep it up.’ Give me a thumbs up and leave#maybe they can see my smile from all the way over there#i need to finish eating breakfast. I still have class today nyaha. See yall later. I got something to show yall in a bit
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Important (Dhawan!Master x F!Reader)
Summary: The Master gets annoyed with the reader and during an argument he accidentally confesses that he really does care about her.
Note: So, after that explosive finale, I am in desperate need for more Dhawan!Master so am fuelling my own desire with fanfics. I hope you enjoy it love! Please let me know what you think!
Based on this request by @alotofrandomfangirling​: Hii could you please write some Dhawan!Master where he usually acts annoyed by the reader but he actually likes her a lot and one day something happens (she gets hurt or they start arguing or maybe he just gets distracted while talking) and he lets it slip out that he really cares about her but then tries to play it cool 😂❤
Words: 1359 
Tumblr media
    "Feet off the console," The Master huffed, whacking your ankles as he passed by. "Are you some kind of animal? You should know the rules by now."
You rolled your eyes and dramatically swung your legs off the edge, making as much noise as possible as your feet hit the ground. The Master glared in your direction, the kind of stare that would make any sane person run for their lives, before returning his attention to the navigation screen. 
The Gallifreyan symbols were beyond your understanding but there must have been an imbalance of some kind because he frantically started pushing buttons. Urgently, he said to you, "Blue switch. No, not that one! Do you want to fly us into a black hole?"
    "There are five blue switches over here!" you yelled back, fingers trembling over the knobs and dials. Really, he should have them labelled if he expected you to be of any real help. "How am I supposed to know which one you mean?"
He stormed around the central console and flicked the switch himself, barging pasting you as he returned to the screen. The Master tugged at it so hard that it almost snapped off of its arm. The TARDIS groaned in despair, perking up slightly when he gently patted the edge of the console. 
The Master, though, was not so quick to cheer. "If you'd paid any attention to what I said, you might actually have learned something useful." 
    "Someone's in a good mood today," you grumbled. 
He'd been acting this way for weeks now. It was as if everything you did, that your very presence here, was an annoying nuisance. In trying to give him space, he'd gotten annoyed by your lack of interest. By trying to help, you always ended up doing the wrong thing. There was no winning anymore. You were starting to wonder whether he really wanted you here at all. 
Hoping to relieve a little of the tension between you, you jumped from your chair and flung an arm around his shoulder. The startled glare that you received in return, so intense that it could have burned through the thickest steel, had you stumbling backwards. Eyes on the ground, vaguely wondering where in the universe socks that bright could possibly be in fashion, you asked, "Where are we going?"
    "I am going to Earth to catch up with an old friend." 
Your breath caught at the mention of Earth. It had been your home, once. Long ago, before you met The Master, when you life had been nothing more than a series of dull snapshots, when you'd drifted from one place to another without a care, without a plan. When he'd given you the chance to leave, to make something better of your life, you'd accepted without a second thought. 
    "You are going to stay here and try to stay out of my way for once."
You laughed, realising a moment too late that he wasn't joking. "What? No. If you're going to Earth then I'm coming too."
    "No, you aren't." 
That was it. Enough was enough. You grabbed The Master's by the arm, gripping on to the purple coat despite the warning glare in his eyes. "If you don't want me around to embarrass you while you see your doctor, at least let me walk about like I'm not your fucking prisoner!"
The Master laughed harshly, tearing his arm free from your grip with ease. "A prisoner? You could leave here whenever you wanted! I can't get rid of you!"
That hurt. You'd always known that he'd drop you back one day, maybe on Earth, maybe somewhere else entirely, but to think that the time was nearly here, that you'd outstayed your welcome… It wasn't the adventures you'd miss, although how you would ever be able to settle in one place again after everything you'd seen you didn't know. 
No, what you'd miss most was him. The Master himself. You'd certainly hoped that he felt the same way but now you weren't so sure. 
Barely more than a whisper, you asked, "Is that what you want? For me to leave?"
The TARDIS shuddered as it landed, cutting him off before he could say anything either way.  His previous engagement taking priority over this conversation, The Master shot you a dark glare and ordered, "Stay. Here."
    "I want to come."
    "I will not tell you again." He shoved you backwards, actually smiling when you returned the favour. 
    "I am not a child, Master!"
    "Then stop acting like one!"
You took a breath, calming your anger with an ease that he could certainly never match. It burned inside him, a constant flame that you knew would never die. Yours, on the other hand, flickered away and gave way to the wave of sadness that now filled your chest. That was just as painful, if not more so. 
As he walked away, you asked, "Why won't you take me with you?"
The cracking of your voice visibly affected him. He managed a few more steps before he spun around and shouted, "Because it isn't safe! What I have planned for The Doctor, people will die. I can't risk you being one of them."
Purposefully choosing to misinterpret the question, The Master shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked on the balls of his feet. "People always have to die. It's so boring otherwise."
    "You are important."
You found that difficult to believe. You'd seen the wonders of the universe, the highs and the lows, the most beautiful sights and the absolute horrors in the shadows. With all of that out there, it was difficult to believe that your life was worth more than anyone else's. "No, I'm not."
    "Yes, you are. To me." Vulnerability flickered across his face but he quickly covered it with a smile, playing it off as if he hadn't just admitted something incredibly intimate. "Who else would put up with me and my schemes? You've come so far since I first picked you up. Ah, the days when you thought murder was wrong."
   "I still do."
    "Oh, really? Figured you'd changed your mind after you stood by and watched me kill the king of Foanata. Pretty sure you clapped along with the rest of the natives as his head rolled down the stairs."
    "That's different. He deserved it, after what he was doing to his people."
The Master skipped back up the TARDIS and cupped your cheeks, a manic grin on his face. "Moral righteousness suits you, love." 
He held your face for a long few seconds, the depth of his gaze overwhelming. You could lose yourself in those dark eyes. Something flickered across them, a spark of hope - or maybe you were just projecting, you couldn't be sure - before he finally stepped away and the spell broke. "Are you going to be good and stay put or do I need to tie you down?"
You raised your eyebrows at his tone, wondering just how long he'd been waiting to spring that one on you. "We'll save that for another day, yeah?"
    "Is that a promise?"
The nerve of the man. Still, you couldn't say that the idea wasn't a tempting one. Although, after spending years travelling with The Master, you knew that he'd almost certainly prefer being on the receiving end. Pushing all of those thoughts aside, you touched his arm and said gently, "Try not to hurt too many people, please."
The Master stood to attention, giving a mock salute as he clipped his heels together. "Yes, Ma'am." His smile turned sincere, a rare glance to the man that hid beneath the facade. The soft and gentle, severely broken man. "I'll be back soon. Stay put."
The unspoken please hung in the air and you nodded, finally acquiescing. You sat yourself down beside the console and swung your feet up onto the centre pillar. He groaned at the blatant disrespect you showed his TARDIS but there was a twinkle in his eye, an appreciation of your quiet chaotic nature. 
You met his smile with one of your own. "I'll be right here."
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gravityfallsrockz · a month ago
Lemme tell you something interesting I learned today.
Tumblr media
When I was a kid I used to watch those Disney Sing a Long VHS tapes and I remember the Be Our Guest One and how they had the song from the Great Mouse Detective that Ratigan sang world's greatest criminal mind on it. Why do I bring this up?
Tumblr media
Cause I watched the movie just yesterday and I realized the be our guest tape had cut a LARGE portion of the song down. Like when they mentioned how he drowned orphans and a majority of the parts after the drunk mouse called him a rat.
Tumblr media
And even the parts where he played the harp and I remember thinking why is this song so much shorter than it should be? Well now I know. I saw the movie and saw the song in full and i was shocked how much was cut from the be our guest tape. I guess most of the song was too dark to put on a sing along vhs tape.
Tumblr media
Yeah just wanted to bring up this cool thing I learned. But seriously go watch this song and this movie in full. It's underrated and really deserves more love.
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bashir007 · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i learned how to make gifs. no one said i learned how to make good ones tho
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i’m venting to tumblr at large bc no one else is around me rn lmao but the fact that i might’ve fucked up the course of my uni degree due to bad memory is honestly so gutting, like i’ve struggled the whole way through uni and almost always found it hard and it’s been so anxiety-inducing so if i’d failed a paper or whatever and had to do an extra trimester, i would’ve been okay with that tbh. it would’ve sucked but i would’ve accepted it and made the most of it bc i probably tried my best under the circumstances. but bad memory??? forgetting something??? man that fucking sucks. i’ll find out monday if i have fucked it up but oof, i’m not looking forward to that conversation
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siriuslyjamie · 10 days ago
Apparently Ottawa is in Ontario. I learned something new today because 10-15+ years ago, they were teaching us in geography that it’s in Quebec. How did I learn this? NHL twitter fans mocking me when I said so on NHLs tweet/video of teams on a Map.
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