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#learn to fish
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Fish are a nearly perfect source of nutrition and in a long-lasting (or even a short-term) survival situation, they are not that difficult to acquire. While I can respect, and will typically do my finest, to adhere to ecological finest practices and animal preservation methods, this is a SURVIVAL short article, highlighting methods that can web (no pun planned) you a healthy supply of fish to conserve your life.
You need a water source. A stream or river is the most desirable, and you will need to believe like a fish to get the most out of this information. Water attracts people, and rivers have water.
If you didn’t pay observe to the last short article in this series (which informed you to pack a couple of items in an Altoids can or a little weather-resistant container, consisting of a number of fish hooks and an excellent amount of fishing line), then life simply got a little harder for you. If you did, your life was simply simplified as you can discover some basic ways to catch great amounts of fish. Even if you didn’t load these things, ideally you loaded a knife– it’s probably the single finest thing to have with you at all times while traveling in the backcountry.
For those who came ready
Set a control line (hopefully with the paracord you also brought in your set), and connect it across a narrow, fairly shallow, portion of the river to 2 opposing trees. From this line, suspend leaders (pre-cut, pre-sized pieces of line with hooks connected to completions) so that they drift a couple inches or two down into the water. The fish swim directly into their course when bait is connected.
The narrowness of the placement will keep fish funneled into the path of the hooks, so you will be able to spread out the hooks 8-14 inches apart and have an affordable expectation of capturing fish.
The fact that there is a passivity constructed into the method suggests your time is invested doing other things, and the fish aren’t frightened by your movements in or near the water, or by you towering above them.
The full-time release indicates that it’s just a waiting game up until you get something to eat.
Turn over a log and find grubs, worms, or perhaps flying bugs to bait your hooks. Anything like that will work, but try to make it as natural as possible.
This is the most basic method, and can be quite effective if you packed your survival package. Just due to the fact that it’s easy, it should not be an inescapable conclusion that it will be all that you need.
You can style fish hooks out of simply about anything, including a piece of wood. Bones from formerly captured fish, bone pieces from a carcass on the ground, natural thorns, and pieces of scrap metal you may discover near the riverbanks can all serve the purpose.
You can use straight pieces of wood shaped like a sturdy variation of a toothpick to create a fish hook that, once swallowed by a fish, is really tough to remove, although a hook design isn’t really a natural part of the formula. Use what you should to capture the fish for food, as much as and consisting of the following resources.
Natural Toxins
While poisoning shouldn’t be practiced outside of a survival scenario, you can utilize natural toxins in shallow pools of water to kill a generous amount of little fish in a short amount of time. What do I suggest by “natural” poisons?
The following things are easily available (depending upon geographical place) to poison fish, yet are usually harmless to humans.
In big enough quantities, young nut husks from walnuts can toxin fish.
Lime, which can be made by burning seashells and squashing them up, can likewise poison fish in shallow pools.
There are many plants able to accomplish the exact same objective, but it will need that you do your research study before you go out.
Setting Up a Fish Screen
Weave supple, sapling branches (which are thin), in and out of the 3 sticks, so that the combination forms a wall of wood with apparent space for water to stream through. Develop enough screens (7-12 of them) to make a considerable fence line in the water. You will anchor these fences by sticking the ends of the three sticks into the sand or mud at the river bottom.
Start on one side of the river at a narrow area (ensure it’s down present from your baited leader hooks) and cut in perpendicularly for the first screen then angle the rest so they mimic the circulation of the water, up until at the other side of the river, you finish the fence by attaching them to that river bank likewise.
Fish will unknown they’re being blocked as water flow will still be normal (remember it’s streaming in between the sapling branches like a screen).
Fish will be corralled into the far corner of your “fence line,” which can then be shut off and your fish kept alive by leaving them in the water till you need one.
A significant amount of fish can wager gathered this way, and you must check typically to be able to confine more and more of them.
Develop A Fish Wall
A more active method might be attained by damming a river a couple of feet past a bend so the fish don’t realize that the water flow has been hindered. They swim straight into the dam and after that you (prowling on the banks neighboring) can spear or perhaps grab them.
You can utilize your fish screens in this way as well, but it does need a more active role in acquiring the fish. Using this technique in conjunction with the other 2 techniques can develop 2 passive sources of fish and one active source, which might have you reeling (ok, pun meant this time) in fish, in no time.

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maybe switching your tinder to men and women out of morbid curiosity about which men would swipe on you and immediately getting a super like will be our “the last man on earth settled down to read when he heard a knock on the door”

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fuck off the way I laughed hahahahahaha. him being so stubbornly insistent that he could’ve done it, thank you very much, not thinking that you’d call his bluff on it. but you do. so he has to scurry off and learn how to do it in his room 😭 bonus points of chef!reader gets too stressed watching him try to do it (badly) that she takes over and he just sits up on the counter watching like :’))) she’s so clever :’)))

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TIL Some people are born with an extra hole in their ear!

The condition, called preauricular sinus, is believed by scientists to be an evolutionary remnant of gills.

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Nano, a very educational group where they don’t even know how to overwinter fish.

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Had a good game of dnd. saved some wolves, made some friends, fish does not know the rules to texas hold em

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