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#learning spanish
sobaluvr · 8 minutes ago
wait what’s wrong with dora… a lot of people said that she helped them with spanish words 😯
denki denks
really? she’s the reason i have anger issues now 😙
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sol1taryconf1nement · 4 hours ago
hi! hope you dont mind the question (& i apologize if it's been asked before) but what languages are u versed in?
this is so embarassign
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slavicafire · 15 hours ago
I like learning French in Polish but I can only learn Spanish in English
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abejabebe · 23 hours ago
The body - spanish vocab
cuerpo - body
labios - lips
manos - hands
cabeza - head
ojos - eyes
brazos - arms
boca - mouth
corazón - heart
nariz - nose
pipa - tummy / belly
cejas - eyebrows
pelo / cabello - hair
piel - skin
desnudo - naked
caderas - thighs
dedos - fingers
mejillas - cheeks
dientes - teeth
Piernas - legs
hombro - shoulder
los uñas - nails
Toto - vagina 
Bicho - dick 
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books-tea-school · a day ago
This summer I have a couple goals to complete
stay in shape
read a bunch
get better at spanish
thats it, just writing this down to stay responsible!
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portugue · a day ago
Tumblr media
week 1, 14 june 2021
aguileño - aquiline, like an eagle
cuchichear - to whisper
la represalia - retaliation
inmutarse - to get upset, to be perturbed
el trineo - sled, sleigh
turnarse - to take turns
el regocijo - joy, delight
el taconeo - clicking of heels
funéreo - mournful, sad
zambullir - to dip in water
pasmado - stunned
aguzar - to sharpen (senses)
dosificar - to measure out, to use sparingly
errante - wandering, roaming
la verja - iron gate
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happi-tree · a day ago
Lemons, Sage, and Vernacular for the spring asks, please?
Hello, Yellow! 💛💛💛
Lemons - what’s your favorite type of dessert?
Ice cream, hands down! It's a very versatile dessert and I have yet to taste a flavor that I dislike.
Sage - what life advice would you give to someone younger?
Keep in touch with old friends and don't let older people or relatives talk you out of dreaming big or wanting to pursue something unexpected! I know these are pretty general, but keeping both of these things in mind has really helped me as someone who ended up stuck at home in the middle of their college career.
Vernacular - what language do you wish you could speak or want to learn?
Realistically, I definitely want to learn Italian since I'm planning on taking a summer abroad there to fulfill a requirement for my major. I hope to be at least on a beginner level by the time I'm there, but we'll see how that pans out 😳However, I would absolutely love to learn Gaelic. It would be really cool to have that additional connection to Irish culture and honor my heritage (as I am part Irish myself), and the sound of it is very enchanting to me.
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hufflepuffer-18 · a day ago
rebe: no, no llames, siri. no llames
caye: qué pesada estás. por qué?
rebe: porque tenemos la puta casa llena de fardos de coca, cayetana!
guzmán: es verdad
siri: buscando “fardos de coca”. he encontrado…
guzmán: joder
rebe: dame el puto teléfono. cállate, puta pesada
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spanishskulduggery · a day ago
when do you use aquí/allí/ahí versus acá/allá?
They're a matter of distance and situation.
But these are the groupings:
aquí, allí, allá = here, there, over there [place]
acá, ahí, allá = over here, over there, all the way over there [general direction and description; "pointing"]
The basic difference linguistically is that the first three are places so technically “nouns”... the last three are adverbs showing direction.
With aquí it's "here" as a place. And acá is "here" or "over here" as in "come over this way", and it can mean "closer" or "near/nearer"
Ven aquí. = Come here. Ven acá. = Come over here. / Come closer.
Depending on the accent, allí and ahí can sound very similar.
The basic definition is still the same; allí is “there”, and ahí is like if you were pointing at a place “over there” or “that way”
Though you see both sometimes for the same things, to me allí is more distant.
Quiero ir allí. = I want to go there.
Quiero ir ahí. = I want to go over there. / I want to go over that way.
When you’re talking about places that are static, you’re more likely to use aquí and allí.
When you’re talking about movement and direction, you’re more likely to use acá and ahí
And allá is the same regardless.
It’s a place and an adverb, so they’re “all the way over there”, and “further/very far away”. And más allá is “beyond” or “further beyond”.
With directions, you may also see por used with them as well so keep that in mind; you may see por ahí as “over there” or “around there” for example; está por ahí is like “it’s around there” or “it’s (somewhere) over that way”
They all made more sense in older English though:
aquí = here acá = hither
allí = there ahí = thither
allá = yon/yonder/beyond
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spanishskulduggery · a day ago
Descriptive Words in Spanish #8
retorcer = to twist, to bend / to warp, to distort retorcido/a = twisted, warped / warped, unwell, delusional, sick in the head [more intense than regular torcer which is “to twist”, or used medically torcer is “to twist/sprain”]
cualquier / cualquiera = any [in front] / ordinary, insignificant [in back] cualquier persona = any person [in front] una persona cualquiera = “any old person”, an ordinary person [in back
el equilibro = balance, equilibrium
ver/mirar con malos ojos = to be suspicious of, to be mistrustful of / to dislike, to not look kindly on [lit. “to look/see with bad eyes”, and it can also be “to have it in for (someone)”]
corriente = still in use / common, commonplace la corriente = current (water/electricity)
ahuyentar = to ward off, to scare away
aconsejar = to advise, to counsel, to offer advice
los escombros = wreckage, debris
marchitarse = to wither (away), to shrivel marchitado/a = withered
rechazar = to reject, to turn down / to repel
vigilar = to keep an eye on, to watch over
despejar = to clear, to clear away, to clear out of the way despejarse = to clear up (weather)
aplastar = to crush, to flatten, to quash
precipitar = to rush, to speed up precipitarse = 
repugnante = disgusting, repulsive, hideous
semejante = similar, like that, such
igualar = to equal / to equalize, to make equal
vertiginoso/a = dizzying / happening very quickly, extremely rapid, dizzying
espeluznante = terrifying, horrific, blood-curdling, spine-tingling, grisly
el afán = effort / zeal, eagerness
el vástago = offspring, scion [fancy word]
actualmente = currently, recent
frustrar = to frustrate, to annoy / to thwart, to hinder, to prevent
tender = to tend to / to lay something out, to set up tender una trampa = to set a trap, to lay a trap
carne y hueso = “flesh and blood” de carne y hueso = real, alive, flesh and blood en carne y hueso = “in the flesh”, “in person” [lit. la carne is “meat” or “flesh”, and el hueso is “bone”]
acontecer = to happen, to occur el acontecimiento = occurence, happening [formal]
el bullicio = “hustle and bustle”, a lot of activity or movement / noise, hubbub, a stir
aumentar = to increase, to raise, to augment
morboso/a = morbid, macabre [also used is macabro/a as “macabre”; they tend to mean “morbid” like how English uses it, but also means “messed up” like psychologically as well, which is sometimes lost in the English]
caro/a = expensive / dear pagar caro = to pay dearly costar(le) caro = to cost (someone) dearly
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mrsbsosweet47-blog · a day ago
“The “Hood”
There’s something about growing up in the hood that makes you a certain kind of way. I was born and raised in “Spanish Harlem” NYC… I came from a very tough neighborhood. A place where it was literally the jungle. No one cared about how hard you had it because in their eyes someone had it that much harder. I saw and experienced so much that often times I find myself looking back like “wow I really survived all of that”… I always knew that I needed to get away, get out of that “trap”.. I always knew that although that was my home I wouldn’t stay there my entire life the way others before me has. It’s now that im miles and miles away that I’m truly able to sit back and think about everything that place not only gives you but takes from you in the same breath. How much it teaches you and reveals to you at the same time. I find myself looking for some chaos during my time of peace, and it’s like the “trap” still has a grip around my throat just enough to remind me that I’m never too far from it all. I guess the point of this is no matter where you come from or how much shit has happened you can find a way out. Just know that life is about being humble and not taking anything for granted. Cause just as you find your peace, something from the past can still apply some pressure like a “hand around your throat“…
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happylanguagesl · a day ago
Tumblr media
How are you doing with Spanish prepositions?📚🤯 
 Here you have three common prepositions with useful examples, have a look!😊
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dykeplants · a day ago
mutual on twitter calling me cute for not being a native apanish speaker i-
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ibclasses33 · a day ago
Looking for Spanish Language Classes in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. iB Languages Institute offers best Spanish Language Courses in Delhi for all age-groups at cost effective rates.
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holduwheremyheartis · 2 days ago
I was tagged by @holyshit thank you!!! ✨
rules: drop a screenshot of the top portion of your spotify home page, explain your playlists (if you have any), share your account and tag your mutuals to do the same!
Tumblr media
ok so the first one "A pop" (as in asian pop) is a playlist I made and there are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc songs
1D + solo, all the 1D songs + their solo stuff
Sofro (means "I suffer/I'm suffering" akajaj) it's just my main playlist with all the songs I'm listening to at the moment
Randomzada (as in "randomized" but with a portuguese touch to the word ksjajs) is my boyfriend's playlist bc he uses my account
Emo is just a playlist with the emo bands I like lmao
One of a Kind is Monsta X's new album
I tag @have-youquite-finished @farawaytattoo @parsleybabe @ziamolarry @teenytinytomlinson @orchxids @itsnotreal
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halawa · 2 days ago
curious question, how did you learn all the languages your speak?
english is my first language but i was lucky to grow up with my grandmother who spoke french, meaning i was exposed to that through her reading story books and singing songs to me since i was very young! i then moved to the netherlands where i learnt to understand and speak some dutch quite quickly, again through exposure, as well as the languages of the places to which i travelled. that’s how i started to learn german which i now study and bettered my french a little bit! i’ve been very lucky to grow up in a very diverse places and language has always been something that i’ve found so fascinating.... anyway if this ask was more directed at how you can learn more languages, then i think exposure is the most important thing, and even if you can’t go somewhere the language is spoken, you can start first by watching dubs of your favourite movies, buying/downloading some books in the language, and making pen pals!
hope this made some sort of sense, much love x
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