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#learning tips

Hi! OMG that’s so awsome to hear! 🤗🤗 The more the merrier 🥰

As far as learning vocab, I don’t really have a secret to it, but I tend to apply these methods:

1) Always learn vocabulary in context. 

I usually write down words and expressions from articles, books, movies, TV series, YT videos, podcasts. That way I know what the proper use of that expression is and how it’s being applied grammatically in this context.

2) Focus on vocabulary that seems interesting and useful to you.

If there’s little chance of you actually needing this vocabulary, then what’s the use of learning it? Define what your needs are.

3) Don’t try to learn under pressure. 

Give yourself time. Let yourself stumble upon a word a couple of times before you actually memorize it. Every time that you stumble upon it in context, it makes it easier for you to later recall.

4) Note down expressions you understand but wouldn’t come up with on your own when writing or speaking your target language. 

Don’t be afraid to keep noting it down every time until you feel you know it well.

5) Use different dictionaries. 

Every word and expression has a bunch of information that is really useful to check in the learning process. Merely knowing the meaning of a word isn’t enough. Different dictionaries can show different information as well. Besides, there are words you can use only in some contexts while in others not as much. For example you may only use it in a figurative sense or you can use it in both figurative and literal context. Use dictionaries that provide you with example sentences and maybe even note them down in your notebook belowe the expression. It may be better to create your own sentence that relates somehow to your thoughts or life.

6) Test your knowledge. 

Whether that be by looking up vocabulary lists on a particular topic or advancement level, just try to see how wide exactly is your vocabulary range when refering to different subjects. Also use different methods of learning vocabulary. Just having a notebook where you only note down new vocab and that’s it doesn’t do much in terms of revising. So you can go over it and transfer the more important ones creating your own vocabulary list here on Tumblr (like I do 😅) or by making Flashcards on Quizlet for example.

7) Don’t hesitate to change up your learning routine.

If you feel like a new resource or a new way of studying may be helpful, experiment with it. Don’t throw away your previous routine right away, make sure your new one works for you first.


Originally posted by worldoro

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I made a note for myself and also for my students, next morning. I’m teaching a group of notaries to prepare for their English tests. They’re planning to take the doctoral degree as soon as possible.

I’m so inspired by their high motivation to understand and speak English better. One of interesting reasons comes from a young lady who wants to teach her future kids to speak English, besides her education target. It’s such a sweet and sincere, I’d say.

And I keep telling everyone who learns English with me… that learning languages always opens the door where we can get into the world of make believe.

Don’t you think so?

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things to do in your target language for studying


Originally posted by lesspixelsplease

  • write down sentences/words & make sure you say them out loud
  • make flashcards (digital flashcards to be more sustainable!)
  • start a journal to write down new vocabulary that you learn
  • watch a show and repeat what you hear out loud
  • listen to music and translate parts of the lyrics
  • narrate your actions out loud
  • find a friend to practice speaking or texting with
  • try to incorporate new vocabulary as much as you can in your sentences
  • write journal entries everyday (this especially helps if you’re struggling with immersing yourself)
  • while watching shows, actively write down new words that you find interesting
  • learn vocab of objects, places, emotions, people, etc. around you (aka vocab that you will use the most often in daily life)
  • learn synonyms of words that you already know
  • create a small, achievable goal to complete everyday (ex. learn one new word, write 3-5 sentences, read lyrics or a small paragraph out loud)
  • change one of your app’s language settings; don’t change your whole phone’s language, it’ll stress you out even more (coming from experience). baby steps!
  • follow influencers on social media that are native speakers (captions in their posts are good for learning new vocab)
  • be confident! it’s okay to struggle, you’re still learning :)
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Self check-in list during study sessions

This is by far one of the best, unusual advice I’ve seen and I wanted to elaborate on that. (Check post by @undasrego). Since I often lose a track of time this list helps me concentrate on my daily wellbeing.

When was the last time I ate something? What did I eat? Am I hungry now?

This may sounds funny - how could you not know you’re hungry? I just don’t, since I remember, and I’m sure that many people while being engaged in work also tend to forget about eating. So remember, eat at least 4 meals everyday:

• make sure to eat a proper breakfast - that’s the most important meal, it gives you strength for the start of the day!

• second breakfast - usually a fruit or yogurt or sandwich with veggies. Make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables!

• lunch - very important, can’t skip!!! If you don’t feel like cooking, order something. And if you’re cooking, you can listen to some podcast or audiobooks to fill the time (or music if you need to relax)

• snack - something sweet, what gets me energised

• dinner - don’t go to sleep hungry. I tend to forget about that part the most, but I decided that it’s better to eat a small sandwich around midnight than go to sleep without eating anything for the last 6 hours. (But I’m skinny, so do what is the best for your health).

When was the last time I drank water?

To avoid asking this question just keep your water bottle at your study space. Make yourself a tea or coffee. Get a glass of juice. Stay hydrated! If you forget about drinking water, there are apps that send you reminder (I used Water Drink Reninder, it’s really easy and user-friendly).

When was the last time I used a toilet?

My advice - if you don’t remember, just go. And if you really don’t feel a need to pee, maybe you drink too less water?

Does my legs hurt? Does my back hurt? My head?

Take a break for stretching. Go for a walk. Open a window to get some fresh air. Go around a house - even small trip from your room to a kitchen to make some tea is enough. If you spend too much time in front of computer screen make sure to take breaks once every… I don’t know, often. Exercise your eyes’ muscles and eye accommodation - focus on far and near objects etc.

Am I stressed?

Take a quick break. Close your eyes. Breathe. In… and out… count. Go to your happy place. And think - you can do this!!! You really can, I believe in you and you should believe in yourself. World doesn’t end. If you have a possibility, go get a hug from your family or friends. They also support you and believe in you!

Am I sad?

Working all day long for weeks isn’t good for your mental health. Find a hobby that interests you, makes you happy or just lets you relax a bit. Talk with friends or family. Do something spontaneously, something you really wanted to do for a long time. Eat something sweet or just something you enjoy. Watch funny videos on YouTube - but set a timer not to lose a track of time! Or you can message some blogs here and talk to random people about your life. Studyblr community is very supportive, we got your back!

This is what I use and this works for me. If you feel like adding on something, message me, comment, let people know what is the best for you!

I hope this helps you survive online classes! Stay safe!

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The single best hack for students/parents I can suggest as a teacher:

Tell them something they did right the first week, or first few weeks, of class.

What is one thing about your class or teacher that you would like them to do again, or continue doing?

Did you like something you read? Are their notes clear? Do they respond to emails quickly? Have you enjoyed or are looking forward to anything? Has anything helped you learn? Did you learn a lot about something you didn’t know before? Does something about their format or style work well for you?

Tell them so they know what to keep doing.

Please don’t offer suggestions or critique, we get a lot of that and you can save it for the evals. This is not about what they could change, this is about what they’re already doing that you want to continue.

It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re not getting an idea across, students are bored, they hated an assignment, etc. Most of us usually know when things are going wrong and we need to stop or make a change. We can do that.

It is much, much harder to know what’s going right for you. Is it good and helpful, or is it just not bad and confusing or unbearably boring? Should we keep doing it this way, or should we try something else or do it less?

Especially with how much our jobs have changed, we’re still trying to figure out how best to do them now. If we get positive feedback on something, we know to go in that direction.

Especially if you do this early in the term/semester, this will not only get them to continue the thing, you will also stand out from the crowd in a very good way. We don’t get much of this, and we value it a great deal when we do. Both the feedback and the time you took to give it.

Any time you’d give a like or thumbs up in a mental Facebook, give it in real life somehow. But especially at the beginning of a year so out of our norm and unpredictable, it really makes a difference, and we can show an email to the people who decide whether or not to keep us, or hire us.

So to have the best semester/year, and keep having them, tell your teachers one thing they did right. That way they can do it again.

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language tip!! if you already know how to navigate your phone like the back of your hand, change the system language to whatever language it is you’re trying to learn!

edit: my phone is currently in english even though i‘m learning german and thats ok! you can switch between the language you‘re learning and your native language!! i do it all the time!

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ciao! i have been trying to get back on the train to learning italian, and i was wondering if you had any tips! im a bit rusty but i know a few words (woman, women, man, men, hello/goodbye, thank you, good morning/night, boy, girl, boys, girls, apple, bread, sugar, butter, cookie, and a few others!) grazie!

Ciao! Just take your time and start refreshing all that you remember. As I often reply to those who ask for this kind of tips, you need to go slow. Also, we’re all different, and you need to find what works for you.
You’ll ofc need dedication, but also to forgive yourself if occasionally you won’t be able to do anything for whatever reason: you’re not feeling it (don’t study, you’ll just waste your time if you don’t feel it) or you don’t have time…
this said, you can try to integrate Italian in your daily life: with the help of vocabularies (you can find many in our vocabs masterpost), learn new words weekly (change subject) according on what you do, eat, watch…, keep notes, study grammar (verbs!), write short sentences, listen/translate songs, watch Tv and try to translate a short dialogue maybe, chat with natives and ask them. You can write us, too. Don’t worry about mistakes, mistakes are part of learning, if you don’t make them it means you’re not trying hard enough ;)
But once again, start slow, with easy stuff and words/sentences (greetings, and then how to introduce yourself). Once you’ll feel ready, you can make step 2 and do something more difficult.

There are loads of diffierent and more precise tips btw, you can find them all in our resources masterpost ( @sayitalianohome first post ). Try to read them to find what suites you better.

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Learning Tips

-Use the language as often as you can. If you can say the autoglottonym, (a fun word I learned yesterday meaning “the word a language calls itself”) then do! I often say “I’m learning Svenska.” Use a labelmaker and put the word in the target language on the thing the word describes. Refrigerator. Window. Wall. Dresser. Write down as much vocabulary as you can remember without looking. Train yourself to think in the language.

-Study the grammar. It’ll be a pain in the ass, but study the grammar. I live in a high Spanish-speaking area and all I know is present tense. Study the tenses, the verb conjugations (if there are any), the pronouns, everything. Study the grammar.

-Study the culture. Language cannot be learned without learning the culture. Some culture you will learn by language itself, but if you don’t study the culture, you will become a textbook.

-Change your phone to the language! As much as we use our phones, this will constantly expose you to the language. And don’t despair-trust that you do use it enough to still find your way around. (If your language isn’t there, unfortunately, this will not work too well. Same if your target language is Japanese/Arabic/etc. and you haven’t studied the script enough.)

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Really Learn English, Emma and Jerry, Surprise Story 

Learning and teaching through stories is one of the best ways I´ve ever found out :D for self-taughts or teachers, or even for parents teaching their kids - I highly recommend this page!
Samoštudujúcim i učiteľom vrelo odporúčam túto stránku! Je to úžasný zdroj podkladov pre všetkých študentov angličtiny :)

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عندما تبدأ دراسة لغة جدیدة، حاول استكشاف جمیع الجوانب لھا. لا تركز فقط على القواعد النحویة أو عدد المفردات، لأن اللغة ھي ممارسة مشتركة

When you start your language course, try to explore all aspects of the foreign language. Don’t focus solely on grammar rules or vocabulary count, as language is a collective practice of both.

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i have to learn maths theory till tomorrow and i just don’t know how because i have to write them down about million time to qctually learn them and i just dont have the courage. does anyone have any tips ?

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I don't get how people can learn Hangul in a month or two. I've been learning Korean for almost three/four months and I still struggle w the alphabet.

Hey Anon! I don’t really know if you’re looking for advice, or just wanted to vent - my inbox is always open - but if you’d like some advice from me I would love to help you out in any way I can.

I learned Hangul in 2 hours. My friend learned Hangul in 2 months, and it seems like you’re struggling with it still early on in your Korean adventure/study. Here’s my little piece of advice:

Everyone is different. Everyone learns at different speeds. Everyone learns with different material. I praise TTMIK all the time, but some people actually find their lessons hard to follow. It’s a lot like losing weight. It’s for sure not going to happen overnight, and it all depends on the work you put into it. You’re never going to find one set plan that works best for you because people’s bodies and minds work differently and need different things.

I can recommend you some tips to follow, but who knows if they’ll work for you? You can certainly try and then pick apart your own plan and goal.

1. Read: This seems like a big one, but the only way you’ll become more and more familiar with the alphabet is if you continue to get used to it. When I first started out, I would get Korean newspapers from the convenience store down the street from where I live. The owner is Korean and he didn’t plan on repurposing or reselling them, so I’d go once a week and he’d give me a stack. 
2. Apps: I don’t recommend relying on apps to learn Korean, but they are a great reference tool when you need it. ALL Korean learning apps will have the alphabet to learn first. 
3. Goal: set a goal for yourself and work towards it. You will get nowhere if you don’t challenge yourself. But it’s not a race - so do what’s best for you.

These tips in no way are set in stone, they are very basic - so what you do with them and how you exercise them is entirely up to you. I wish you the best in your Korean adventure/studies.

~ SK101

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had you even have a corean boyfriend? you have been talking about corean culture and language and this but you have not have corean boyfriend i bet. your 20 year old virgin. stop trying to steal corean culture, you would not know if it hits youre face disgusting

Hello All!

          Last night I received this ask, and me being me, I had absolutely no idea how to answer it. I decided to give myself some time to think and go about it the best way possible. But first I would like to express my discomfort. At first, I wasn’t going to answer this person. I thought, “this is what they want. they want me to react.” Well, I am going to react! But maybe not in the way they wanted ~

          First things first, there is more to Korean culture than just the men and women. Not just Korean culture, but every culture (I.E. German, Chinese, Mexican). I don’t have to experience a Korean man to ‘really know Korean culture’. Learning a different language is a beautiful and painful process, in which we learn diversity

          I am a growing blog (langblr / studyblr), and I want all of my followers to know they’ve done well. No matter what your skill is, or where you come from, or even what your background is - I am proud of you! You are learning a language that may be nothing like your mother tongue, or close to. Either way, I cannot express how amazing it is that you are taking the time to do something that you love and enjoy - not many people take the time to do that. 

          With the new year, 2018 is a new beginning for goals. I know that there will be more comments like this in the future, but to all my followers - don’t be discouraged when someone tries to bring you down. When you see how far you’ve come in Korean or your desired language, you will realize how much that person didn’t matter. There is a reason why this person was anon; they were too afraid to tell me how they really felt. And in all honesty, there will be people who tell you to your face, so be the best you and continue to work hard.

          That’s it - again I’m sorry for the length. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and you don’t lose faith in yourself.


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