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rawritsnikky · 3 months ago
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inspirationaldreams54 · 5 months ago
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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses · 2 months ago
*sniff sniff sniffs but in a charismatic anteater/hedgehog-nibbling-ripe-pumpkin flesh sorta style* ah new tumblr feature
#freeeeeeeeessshhhhhhh#or sliiiiiightly more likely#i am just really impressively bad at noticing routine update alerts#who knows *shrug emoji i still can't pronounce*#you have my Most apologies.#sincerely i have NOT been sleeping recently in a respectable NOR conscientious pattern#hashtag ignore me im a disgrace#BUT sidenote a disgrace that has learned 3 different salsa recipes and TWO AND A HALF STEW RECIPES#in the last week alone so#it's possible i may be incredibly attractive and charismatic actually?#...no no nope. just deeply sleep deprived probably.#it's 6 A dot fuck the M#ok ok ok MORAL OF THE STORY IS:#BASICALLY ANY MIXTURE OF BROTH AND ROOT VEG CAN BE TURNED INTO A STEW#YOUR PREFERENCE OF MEAT/GREEN VEG CAN BE ADDED FOR YOUR OUR SATISFACTION AND I RECOMMEND IT!#but fundamentally root veg + broth will give you a good start#AND BE GENEROUS W/ THE GARLIC + SEASONING AS PER USU#basically just throw in the shit that gives you good vibes and simmer on low for 2.5 hours#ok that is NOT a valid recipe#but it's like. 75% of it. so google the rest you lazy ass sugar tongs#(fyi the new feature i only just noticed is the Featured Tags thing)#(i really like a lot of the User Interface changes tumblr has made recently and I feel sorta defensive about it#like im back in middle school and feel the terrifying need to prove to the other lunch table kids that my Transformers OC#could kick THEIR transform OC in the AC/DC socket!#...i wasn't even in the fandom i didn't know what a transformer OR a socket was I JUST WANTED TO DRAW FAST CARS
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frednought · a year ago
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some normal unicorns (and one bicorn)
edit: these are also on redbubble now
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positivelykirby · 3 months ago
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a baby waddle dee, drawing over an important legal document: wa
dedede, nodding his head solemnly: so true bestie
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keikakus · 3 months ago
Watching Kotaro Lives Alone and reaching the episode about the Tissues
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twenty-orange-balloons · 2 months ago
I love how the Juniors just immediately latch onto Wei Wuxian after Yi City. They're like "This man? This crazy man? This is my senior and I love him. Only Hanguang-Jun can compare and no one else." But also, "This man is a self-sacrificing dumbass and we must protect him at all costs." at the same time and I love it.
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rouge-the-bat · a month ago
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drachenedits · 3 months ago
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Estinien and the Scions: Krile edition 01 / ??
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DO YOU [[Remember]] HOW YOU FELT WHEN YOU HEARD THEM [[Scream]] YOUR [[Name?]]
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YOU [[Remember..]] THE [[SMOOTH TASTE]] OF THE [[AWARD]] ON YOUR [[Skin]]
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Tumblr media
YOU [[Made It.]] YOU [[Won.]] 
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IT DIDN’T [[Matter.]] THAT YOUR [[Friends.]] STOPPED [[Responding.]] IT DIDN’T [[Matter.]] THAT YOU WERE ALWAYS ON THE [[Receiver.]] NOT EVEN THE [[Clown.]] COULD TOUCH YOU NOW.
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YOU HAD A [[Miracle.]] YOU HAD A [[Magic.]] AND YOU THOUGHT YOU REALLY [[Thought....]] WITH A [[Magic.]] LIKE THAT AND WITH A [[Power]] LIKE THIS
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There was no way you could lose.
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pharmacycowboy · a year ago
i wanna write a fic sooo bad about an alternate 15.06 where cas isn’t strong enough to defeat the djinn because his grace is slowly deteriorating and so he gets captured and sam and dean don’t hear from him for like. weeks. and dean is of course worried as hell but he’s stubborn so he’s not gonna check in on him but sam tries to go find him behind dean’s back and he discovers that cas is in an unconscious dream state and so sam has to enter cas’ mind to try and snap him out of it like how dean did with charlie a few seasons before and so sam shows up and he finds himself at the lakehouse where jack was born. and there’s cas sitting near the tree line digging with a hand shovel and planting flowers and sam runs up to him and cas is like oh hey sam you’re here early for dinner where is eileen? and then his face falters as he realizes this is the REAL sam. and cas gathers up his gardening stuff in his arms and tells sam that he needs to go and sam is like no. you’re dreaming. this isn’t real. and cas is like yeah. i’m an angel. i know. and i don’t care. just leave. please leave right now. and he’s sort of desperate and nervous about it and sam is like wtf ?? and then they hear dean call from inside the house and cas freezes and then dean walks outside and hugs sam in greeting and then kisses cas on the cheek. and cas can’t even meet sam’s eyes. meanwhile dean drags them both inside the house and jack is sitting at the kitchen table coloring and he calls cas dad. and sam is just standing there in silence the whole time taking this all in. cas leaves the kitchen and goes to the living room and sits down on the couch with his chin resting on his propped up hands. he still can’t look at sam. and sam follows him in and sits next to him and goes... so. this is your happy place. and cas says yes, it is. sam nods silently. it’s nice, sam says. it’s peaceful. and cas says, again, yes. it is. and then there’s a long pause and cas finally, slowly explains the empty deal to sam. this is all i can get, cas says. i know it’s fake. but it’s the best thing i’ve got. dean said i was dead to him. i could probably last decades like this until all my grace runs out, but it would be enough. and sam gets it. he DOES. but he also just looks at cas and says that’s fucking bullshit. you need to come home. we both want you at home. dean hates it when you’re away. and if you died? if you died because you didn’t feel like you had a place at home? he’d blame himself and tear himself apart. he’s doing terribly right now without you. and cas looks so sad. not because he’s about to lose this. it was never about this. he looks sad because he hates hurting the people he loves, and he knows sam is right. and he feels so much shame. so cas and sam manage to break out, and when they’re standing near the car, sam fiddles with the car keys and he looks up at cas and is about to say something when cas interrupts and says, “you can’t tell dean about this.” sam wants to protest but doesn’t. okay, he says. opens the car door, gets in. cas gets in too. he’s weak and there’s blood covering his white dress shirt. they drive back to the bunker. sam doesn’t say anything
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batarangsoundsdumb · 4 months ago
never thought i would say this but the creation of conner kent and boticelli's 'the birth of venus' truly make me wonder about the alienation & loneliness that would come along with being born as a fully realised person.
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redrobin-detective · 5 months ago
I keep thinking about Retired Batman Bruce and how it really would round out and complete his arc if DC weren’t a bunch of cowards.
Batman isn’t about punching people. He’s a symbol of grief, of protecting those who need it and bringing justice and control to a city without it. He grieved his parents his whole life and the antidote to grief is time and new love which he found in his adopted family and friends. He saved so many people over his life, people who never would’ve had a chance and while people will always need saving, he helped create something bigger than him so if he were to step back, people would still be saved.
I want Bruce to wake up one day after a long hard night and realize he’s accomplished what he wanted, he will never truly defeat crime in Gotham but he made it into a place where children don’t have to fear losing their parents in an alleyway. Bruce is in his late 40s early 50s, he’s achy and weary but still alive. How much longer can he tempt fate? What if the next battle takes him away from all the things he’d built but never had time to appreciate?
It’s Alfred who would also be the turning point. He’s at least 20 years older than B, the whole family starts to notice that their indominable butler is working slower, pushing himself to keep up the demands of almost singlehandedly keeping the family up and running. Alfred saved B from himself, he wasn’t perfect and made mistakes but loved Bruce and raised a good man. A good enough man to be able to put aside his own ego, his own interests to care for the man who cared for him.
Aging and death is sad but it’s also beautiful in its own way. Children are meant to bury parents, its the natural order. Bruce buried his far, far too soon and missed out on so many milestones such as caring for aging loved ones. And how perfect is that Bruce gets to complete his cycle of grief by taking care of his father in all but name and blood? How soft that both he and Alfred get to finally put a name to the nebulous relationship they’ve always had and let the unhealed wound they’ve let fester closed. 
None of the rogues who tried to take Batman and in the end, that legacy ends when Bruce puts the cape away himself to care for his family. He won’t go out and risk a devastating injury that once more leaves him in need of care from people he’s already relied sometimes too heavily on. He puts that part of him aside to give back to those he’s loved and hurt. Bruce first helps Alfred around the house, learning and soon takes over the duties. It’s a transition, one often fraught but they cherish the time spent together. Bruce still feels angry and antsy and wants to be out there but as time passes, he sees more and more clearly where his responsibilities lie.
It’s having afternoon tea with Alfred, talking of old stories before B needs to go pick Dami up from school. It’s being more actively involved in Gotham’s political and social infrastructure, pouring money and time into interventions to ensure the city has a safety net. It’s gently bandaging his kids up after their patrols, offering the slightly burnt cookies he made while they talk through their latest case. It’s long afternoon naps and traveling without ulterior caped motives and discovering he enjoys knitting and model making.
The world can survive without Batman, Bruce ensured it with all the good he did. And eventually B realizes that he too can survive without Batman. Bruce knows everything there is to know about detection and fighting. But there’s a whole universe of mysteries for him to uncover now and that he can’t wait to explore.
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jnpie · 4 months ago
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ht papyrus would love the grocery store a lot, and i always think about him when i go by myself. imagining him enjoying browsing all the food items. giving his opinion on everything and just never shutting up in general. i just think he’d be a chatterbox and i love it so much. he would either be convincing me to stick to my list or buy something irresponsible. and be offended when i ignore him. too bad i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve been shopping in person by myself in the last 2 years
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doodlingstuff · a month ago
We all know Andrew is a picky eater, but we never talk about how Aaron must hate canned food
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captain-flint · a year ago
not me thinking about dean in 15x19 arriving to hastings, minnesota to meet up with sam and jack, still wearing the clothes he wore when he lost cas, with the handprint and all, and realizing he drove from lebanon, kansas which is what an 8 hour drive at least, and noticing his eyes were still red and voice hoarse when he got there, which means he probably hadn’t stopped crying since he left the bunker. my man sobbed on that floor and then continued sobbing in the impala for the next 8 hours. not me thinking about him having to pull over several times bc he got so overwhelmed he almost drove into a ditch. not me thinking about him entertaining the idea of it. not me thinking about doing the same rn upon connecting these dots 
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nemesis-is-my-middle-name · 2 months ago
how big is the ball of shed fur emmet combs out? how many lumpy zoruas can it make, is it enough to make a very weird (but cosy) coat?
GSSJHKSJH would you BELIEVE i have actually been thinking about this... like i feel like the drawings dont maybe capture this but in my head lord zoroark is Huge and his mane is Long As Fuck so yeah it's. a Lot of fur. emmet stares at it and contemplates that if it weren't so disgusting and matted with blood and spit, he could totally weave it into a lot of really nice yarn
bc also zorua fur has this interesting quality, being part ghost type, where it's like, semispectral in the right conditions. when you clump it up into tufts, or cut it, it turns into this partially-existent mist. it's also suuuuper soft when it's clean. so probably back before the clans turned on them, lord zoroark's fur was a very common thing to see his warden wearing!
this is all to say
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emmet with a zoroark fur scarf to match his new fox family
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squash1 · 5 months ago
gansey’s social anxiety being like don’t bother people by dying omg, so embarrassing !!!
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