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rawritsnikky · 3 months ago
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queenangella · 4 months ago
obsessed with sokka’s name kinda popping up everywhere in school books years after atla. like yeah ur learning history about the end of the hundred year war? oh right with the avatars amazing team and some non bender named sokka who probably wasn’t all that important. on to gym class where u learn different fighting styles, did you know btw that the first guy to ever train with the kyoshi warriors was some random guy named sokka? oh well. can’t be late for physics where we learn about the invention of the air balloon and the submarine by … sokka? huh okay I guess, on to politics where we learn about all these important decrees over all the different nations which were first proposed by.. ah man, sokka? again? anyway art class now, here look at these paintings made by sokka
#‘well at least this fucking dude won’t come back in my favourite class spirits and mythology where we will read how princess yue became the#moon spirit with one last kiss to fucking sokka again I guess. anyway here’s a list of the very little people who ever managed to go into#the spirit world and come back guess who’s on there too’#‘aw man I’m still so mad about the loss of the spirit library imagine all that knowledge. the only thing we have left is a description of#one of the last people who visited the library. guess fucking who again’#like obviously all the names of the gaang will be remembered but everyone else’s#name when u first learn about them u know you need to remember them bc of course they will be important to history. like of course you’re#gonna remember avatar aangs name bc you know his name will surely come back. of course you remember firelord zuko who led the fire nation#into an era of peace. meanwhile sokka’s name is kinda a side note like yeah this guy was also#here you might need to remember this random detail for a test#except then he keeps coming back in every single class and by the end of your school career you’re just like ‘oh this test is asking me for#the name of whoever invented this or did that? well if I just answer sokka there’s like a 50% chance it’ll be correct do’#obviously then it becomes a meme#if tumblr exists 200 years after atla someone would make a post with a screenshot of some show with the text ‘ah they really invented love’#and someone also will reblog with ‘nice try but I think we all know who really invented love’ and then it’s one of those long posts in which#everyone reblogs with ‘sokka’ probably in a bunch of different fonts#atla.#sokka#mine.
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snowing-in-cyberspace · 7 months ago
how is south park the second highest trending topic on this website. why are folks’ media literacy skills literally below ground level. how many tweens are going to grow up into centrists and reactionaries because of this.
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aurithemoon · 29 days ago
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Zutara WIP, Hunger Games AU that I have no idea when I'll be able finish.
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penandinkprincess · 3 months ago
okay but geralt, who was raised with siblings, just one day throws out the “hit me back” when jaskier is REALLY playing it up one day
and gets knocked THE FUCK down when he doesn’t tense bc he DRASTICALLY underestimated the amount of force jaskier can (and will) put behind a swing
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acasternaut · a month ago
i think it's the peak of everything that gerard is the only one dressed up. do you think he just showed up like that with 0 prior warning and the guys were like "oh nice outfit man"
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natp20 · 6 months ago
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yup, that’s pretty much how i remember it going down
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samarecharm · 5 months ago
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"Youre not a kid, but you sure do whine like one."
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 3 months ago
23 March 2022
TL:DR Harry has a new album coming, Louis’ Euro tour begins, and larry is still real according to.. squints at notes.. oh right, according to them! Nice, love that for them. Onward shall we....
Are you ready to "take it home"* everyone? Harry is! Yesterday full confirmation that You Are Home was a Harry project came (a solid week after all doubt was pretty much gone going by the evidence, but the twitter UAs treated it like a revelation anyway) in the form of the YAH accounts being verified and, even more sanctifying, becoming mutuals with Harry and HQ. And then today- the album announcement and cover art (it's the room from the YAH art!) and teaser video dropped!! Harry's House will, as we knew thanks to a leak, drop on May 20, and it will allegedly have 13 tracks, but there will certainly be a single sooner; the teaser features a snippet of something exciting, played backwards! First listen of H’sH? According to a completely unconfirmed source the single will be Drops Of Blood and will feature in... a Pretty Little Liars remake trailer?? I mean okay, and anyway that might not even be true and for sure it is way too far away (May) to be the first thing that happens, so I’ll just look for the actual drop. But we don't need that yet we have A LOT right now: a video AND an album cover! Harry's house is upside down, it's a facade, it's the public face of Harry in all its obscured topsy turvy backwards inside out misunderstood glory? Maybe so. Welcome to the final show. There's no place like home!**
* Harry, every damn night practically on tour last year, little shit that he is ** yep that would be Harry again, by dressing up as Dorothy for Harryween1
Additionally: new socials pic (he's... incubating a giant egg in a stripey jumpsuit?), there's a special twitter emoji of little album cover Harry standing there like a sim, and Paper magazine has new ideas for the new era: they refer to us as 'hairballs'. People are really allergic to just saying harries huh? Fair enough I don't want to be associated with most of them either but HAIRBALLS is hardly an improvement! The designer of Harry's cute maternity blouse also has an item called the Larry Dress, author of children's book Harry's House also has a book called Little Louis and the Jazz Band, and in flower news, tulips (album cover) are for 11th anniversaries and daffodils (teaser vid) are what Louis once said were his fave. The youarehome.com door opens onto the album cover today (hi there Harry in the house!), and Joni Mitchell (author of a song called Harry's House) weighed in; "love the title." Harry was seen in a fan pic in London wearing a cute sweater with a big pear and a little pear on it (and unfortunately also in a video of someone being a total creep to him and [a person who we now know to be the Better Homes and Gardens interviewer]). Sadly, he still doesn't seem to understand how masks work, but other than that he looks cute. And Holivia press is going hard on the settled domesticity angle meanwhile, which tells us what we can expect from this album and by extension, what Harry and Louis are up to so that's very sweet.
But don't think Louis ("what a day!" he posted, so very true bestie) was taking all this attention-grabbing lying down on his very first day of his Euro tour! He has no issue with competing with even an entire new album announcement, although apparently he prefers to join in rather than compete; he simply killed us dead with multiple shots of his wet shirtless self (and the band and lad gang) frolicking in the spa lagoon in Iceland, and then he (knowing full well that we pick apart his shirts for clues) played a show in a shirt that said "HOUSE" right the fuck on it. OKAY!! The shirt said Maison, which is French for house/home. Charlie sought out the fans in person pre-show to tell them, "you're welcome" for the shirtless pics- fair enough, he earned the right to be a little smug today. Louis also dropped more tour merch and the Berlin show moved to a larger venue to accommodate restrictions and offer some more tickets; and of course, he played the first show of the European leg! New shoes, new crowd accents, new shirts (see above re: my death), new banter ("put your phones away" really? Good luck with that, but I appreciate that he really wanted us to "just enjoy the moment"; general opinion remains divided on whether he just wanted an excuse to say that about the whole day/ him singing Larry directly after this quote, or if he was referencing the sexy mic stand leans, of which we apparently now are getting TWO per show), and new livestreamers to know and love (always in my heart, ltwt livestreamers). Same trousers though, same sea of rainbow lights and flags in the crowd (and on LTWT gang's socials, louve that), same setlist (despite speculation about whether/when Change might be added after the band was heard practicing it earlier on tour), same crowd fainting issues alas but no show stopping, and a familiar post-show song- yeah, yeah he really did play that on this day. It was Just Can't Help Falling In Love With You, the post-show song people have been linking to Harry throughout the tour. And I mean if all that wasn't enough I'm still reveling yesterday's TEN PLUS MINUTES of new behind the scenes tour footage, fucking delightful, plus back to shows almost every other night, #blessed. Thank you Louis!!
But wait.... there is just one more footnote for the day, because of course there is one person who simply cannot stand by quietly on a Harry album hype day. Yes that's right! Our favorite recluse and troll Zayn showing up with that most rare of things, an interview! I mean it's just a little thing for his sunglasses promo but the timing is truly hilarious, here at DOTD HQ I am rolling, and plus it does have some interesting and cute content, if I’m doing a post I cannot simply ignore such quotes as this list of Z’s must-have foods: "wotsits, quavers, skips, boosts, lion bars, chewits…all the good stuff." He may live in the US but he too is always competing to be 10% more British.
#surprise bitch!#no I'm not back just felt wacky and well... like it might be useful hm?#plus has there ever been another day when we got pictures of a wet naked Oli??#some things just deserve to be commemorated in every possible way#friendly reminder that we will NOT (PLEASE) be referring to this album as HH which is a code used by Nazis to identify one another#Harry’s pears remind me of those old little big insta posts like the ice cream and the bananas#ahhh.. what's that annoying noise I hear???#is that people saying I only came back for Harry news because I don't care about Louis except in the context of their relationship??#oooh sorrrrry crybabies I can't hear you over the sound of watching every single LTWT stream and crying#no you dumb asses it's because there were too many little things today for a lot of people to catch them all but most importantly of all-#because I just happened to be in the mood ¯\_(ツ)_/¯#oh also I wrote most of this before Louis show but to be fair I just knew he was going to do something fucking bananas tonight#that would doouble the chaos which is why I was like THIS WILL BE NEEDED TODAY#anyway#everything I know about Pretty Little Liars I learned from you guys writing in to tell me that I was like the anonymous character who creeps#on everyone lol#and idk if that thing is true or not because I'm not ACTUALLY back so I didn't bother to go dig into the whole business#ahhh hiatus is so relaxing :)#love it#zayn#charlie lightening#23 mar 22#rbb#sbb
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blockclutch · 7 months ago
Why I love learning from Mumbo's redstone videos specifically:
- When he reacts in disbelief every time the thing he's created actually works??? Like if that doesn't sum up working with redstone idk.
- When during challenges you can just tell he's losing it as the hours drag on, just completely losing the plot, someone take this man for a walk.
- The prolonged silences when something fails. Followed by a miffed "hmmmm"
- The manic laughter when something fails spectacularly, trailing off into despair.
- "Oh this might actually be quite simple!" Turning into "Nevermind this is impossible" in 10 seconds, and then immediately swapping back.
- The man makes noises.
- Everything is colour coded.
- Redstone touch dirt = jail.
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upperranktwo · 7 months ago
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The Upper Rank Demons... their ranks haven’t changed for a hundred years. They’ve buried mountains of slayers. Even put Hashira in their graves. Their strength is out of this world.
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captain-flint · a year ago
not me thinking about dean in 15x19 arriving to hastings, minnesota to meet up with sam and jack, still wearing the clothes he wore when he lost cas, with the handprint and all, and realizing he drove from lebanon, kansas which is what an 8 hour drive at least, and noticing his eyes were still red and voice hoarse when he got there, which means he probably hadn’t stopped crying since he left the bunker. my man sobbed on that floor and then continued sobbing in the impala for the next 8 hours. not me thinking about him having to pull over several times bc he got so overwhelmed he almost drove into a ditch. not me thinking about him entertaining the idea of it. not me thinking about doing the same rn upon connecting these dots 
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cressiem · 5 months ago
Professor Laventon: you see, all pokemon have the innate ability to go real small when a pokeball-
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tinyjellyfishy · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Low quality Aurora sketches, half of which are straight up screenshots of onenote from over a year ago <3
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penandinkprincess · 7 months ago
i love the idea of eskel and lambert working together to get geralt to admit that he loves jaskier, but more than that i love them both individually deciding to get geralt to admit that he loves jaskier and not running it past the other person AT ALL
both of them giving it everything with totally separate plans and not running ANYTHING past the other person at ANY POINT
eskel goes the route of “praise jaskier in front of geralt and subtly hint that it’s totally understandable to develop feelings for him because the bard is great! he’s an ideal companion for a witcher! and if someone can just work up the nerve, jaskier is rIGHT THERE”
while lambert goes the route of “make geralt jealous by flirting OUTRAGEOUSLY with his bard right in front of him. pet names. touching. lap sitting. whole nine yards.”
geralt ends up thinking he’s stuck in a love quadrangle with both of his brothers having developed feelings for jaskier, jaskier is confused but also SO flattered by all of the attention, and vesemir contemplates just locking all four of them out of kaer morhen to get some fucking peace.
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nymm-kirimoto · 2 months ago
This concept came to me last night at 3 AM and after posting about it, I received several asks about it in mere minutes. Naturally, I had to make it and so I present to you Fat Tits P03.
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salome-c · 4 months ago
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Cameos in The Book of Boba Fett (2021 - )  
Taglist: @fisforfulcrum @the-little-ewok @mypedrom @prettylilhalforc @princessxkenobi
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daily-aang · 20 days ago
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[Image ID in alt text]
day 198 // ko-fi
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hexcore-juggler · 25 days ago
I love how much the DA fandom can do with net zero information
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clownsuu · 4 months ago
Everyday I learn more and more about clown's lore. Baldi was a slap of memories I wasn't expecting to experience again tho
It was definitely a fandom I was in before the 3am toddlers decided to rip it apart like a hoard of wild hyenas- basically killing the fandom almost entirely JDHGDDUSJS-
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