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#learnining language tips

Language tip.

Being able to move at your own pace and finding a resource that moves at the right pace for you.

One of my biggest struggles has always been I never grasped grammar well. Like I can apply it with out thinking about it, but don’t ask me to break down and tell you all the grammatical stuff; in other words I’m not good at it.

In school it was a nightmare trying to learn German because, I couldn’t grasp the grammar concepts and all the conjugations and endings, for a while making sentences into SOV order, and don’t even get me started with all the ‘thes’. German is a hard language overall. It was probably a bad choice to take it not being able to understand grammar, I should have taken French instead. But I didn’t, I can’t change that now.

For me the class was too fast paced. I also never knew what questions to ask. Asking questions over all is hard enough, because I have to have all the information laid out for me, to be able to process what confuses me. But I kept trying for a while but then it got to be too much and the class was too short and all my other classes were priorities over the class and I didn’t get to make time at home to study or practice.

But having a resource that works for you, is honestly motivating. Now that I’m studying Korean and I don’t have school, it’s easier to make time and I can spend all the time I do need to understand concepts and such. Also have an outlet to show progress, whether it be practice with friends and apply it in conversation or explaining concepts to each other or like me I make a post for something I’ve learned so that I don’t feel like I’ve hit a plateau and lose motivation.

Well that’s today’s advice preach. I hope this is helpful and have fun language learning.

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My personal tips for learning a language

So what I find a good way to start learning a language.

•Start with words and phrases like: hello, how are you?, My name is…., What’s your name?, How are you? I am well/ bad. And practice this everyday and go back to the first word you learned. Like when I forget something I go back to what I first learned and it comes back to me.

•Write pointless, random, short stories, read them in your target language, translate them to your native, it will help you more than you realise.

•Find something to talk to whether it’s a friend, a pet, a stuffed animal, speaking the words will help.

•listen to music in your target language, this will help you with pronunciation and discover new words.

•Also talk to people that know the language well, if you know anyone. I always talk to my German teacher when I see him in the hallways, typically first thing when I get to school.

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