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So, in my exploration of heathenry and of witchcraft I decided I needed a grimoir, and being who I am I decided to be crafty about it. I had an old gently used journal. I had decided to paint the old use out of it with a mix of craft paint and high end matte medium. The mix usually comes out to a powdery, very dry, not remotely sticky but still flexible finish thats good for painting out books. Ive used it before with no issues. This time either something was off with my mix or the humidity or whatever, becuse it rained last week and that fucking section of that journal was bricked. I mean, B*R*I*C*K*E*D. This is annoying but true to form I riped out the section and repaired the spine. Tried to watercolor the remaining journal rainbow. Glue holding entire journal together disintegrates. Cue rage. Tell freinds. Freinds offer replacement for christmas. I begrudgingly accept. Rage continues, and suddenly there is anger arting. Cant help it, if one art fails in grand fasion the rage brings bigger better art. Its just me.

So the thing that cause the watercolor to destroy the first journal was glue. Theres no glue used in this journal.

The pages are all recycled from the back of my old sketchbooks, if you art you know the ones.

The cover is a piece of nice leather I bought about 6 years ago and never figured out how I wanted to use it.

The tie cord is from the art supplies I inherited from my mother in law, a piece of suede chord with a teardrop knot in it.

The spine, instead of being sewn together and glued is wired into the leather of the cover and tied into the suede chord.

I’m about a week into this project and still expounding on it so those that care can expect some updates.

(For anyone reading this far thats worried about the book my friend is getting me I’m going to use it for more witchy stuff than is going in here, this one is more for seidr and my gods)

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Another one from my collection, I haven’t read any of the stories in this book, although when I bought it I found it beautiful, the book contains 21 stories with the most well known Aladdin and the wonderful lamp. The book is rather difficult to read as it has been translated into old English and any dialogue is in it, such as “thou hast been” and makes it at some points difficult to read.

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“Today we’re making a DIY huge, leatherbound spellbook - using real leather and traditional bookbinding techniques. By using tea to stain the pages, sewing headbands and carving patterns on the cover, it really ends up looking like an “ancient”, mystical fantasy book!“

From Youtube channel Nerdforge: Making a HEAVY Spellbook with REAL Leather!

For the wizards, witches, nerds, geeks and everyone interested, this is a very cool tutorial with a fantastic result

Come on and give it a try =) …

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