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#leave him loved
falloutboyfan183 hours ago
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Patrick stump
Hella mega tour
馃摳 Natalie Perez
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adhdeancas22 hours ago
for dean, love is about not leaving. never leaving. his dad loved him because he always came back. he loves sam because he stayed behind to raise him instead of going out with friends, going to college, moving out. so of course he thinks cas doesn鈥檛 love him. cas leaves him so often, so easily. for heaven, for hell, for dying, for jack. and no amount of grand gestures or noble sacrifices can ever make dean forget that cas leaves him
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ferretteeth2 years ago
Justin: I love you all dearly, very much, as my family? I would bury a bowie knife in any of your chests to eat french onion soup this instant second.
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deheerkonijna year ago
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Tumblr media
鈥淭ell me, which would she have you value more?鈥
For @thomasmxller, who asked me for Legolas returning to Mirkwood for the first time after the Ring War. :) This is one of my fave imagined scenarios for the Mirkboys 鈥榗ause in my humble headcanon Thranduil is a sometimes-emotionally difficult but otherwise pretty good and supportive dad. If Legolas, say, makes a trip to Imladris to run basically a quick errand鈥︹︹︹nd ends up being MIA for a year while there is a very scary war on鈥︹︹︹ think perhaps that鈥檚 the exact moment a father might realize he definitely hasn鈥檛 told his son that he loves him nearly enough.聽
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锟 Anyway - this topic is very dear to me 鈥 thank you for your support!! 馃槉馃挄
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blackgirlsvevo3 years ago
can someone explain to me how sam smith has gotten away w/ singing the same damn song for the last 3 years
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for-him-diaries3 years ago
I needed a reason to stay, but you gave me none. I walked away from you looking back every second, thinking maybe by then you would have given me at least one reason not to leave you.
聽 聽 聽 but still, there was none.
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neverdoingmuch3 months ago
i would die for the post-canon lqr and wwx dynamic of them becoming close family through extreme acts of pettiness that aren鈥檛 even petty.聽lwj wakes up one morning to find wwx not in bed beside him and usually he would think聽鈥榦h he pulled another all-nighter /: i鈥檒l have to make him take a nap later鈥 or whatever but last night they definitely fell asleep together. fortunately, he only has a moment to be like i have been abandoned most cruelly, most unjustly before wwx bursts into the jingshi, covered in flour and his hair all disarray. and lwj is like ??? where have you been?? and wwx turns to him and he鈥檚 like lan zhan look i鈥檝e made steamed buns for your uncle! his favourite sort! lwj is like that鈥檚 nice but why? also how do you know that? (even lwj doesn鈥檛 know what his uncle鈥檚 favourite type of buns are)
wwx looks him dead in the eye and is like well the other day when your uncle and i had our weekly tea i was telling him about a theory i was working on and then the next day he gave me a book from his personal library that was honestly really helpful and i鈥檓 so annoyed at him for doing that so i鈥檓 making him his favourite snack as revenge.聽and lwj has many questions,,, but mainly he鈥檚 wondering when his uncle and wwx started having tea together with a dash of how did he find out what his uncle鈥檚 favourite sort of buns are,,, but wwx鈥檚 already running off and lwj is just left alone in the jingshi to get ready for his day, abandoned most cruelly,,,聽like three hours later he sees his uncle reading some reports while eating wwx鈥檚 buns and every time lqr takes a bite he sends the bun a betrayed look like he can鈥檛 forgive the fact that they taste good.聽
and honestly,, that鈥檚 all i want,, wwx and lqr being like yes (: we have brunch together every tuesday and we know each other鈥檚 favourite foods and things the other person would like and i look forward to talking to him but obviously we don鈥檛 like each other and lxc is like uh okay (: that sounds about right (: while lwj is just glad that his family is warming up to wwx.聽
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