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#leave me the fuck alone

If I have to deal with another fucking anti anti I’m going to start fucking head hunting

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I don’t understand why this man is entertaining another woman but still worried about being “friends” with me.

Phone - blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️

Snapchat- blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️

Twitter - blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️

Instagram- blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️

Leave me TF alone!! Toxic ass negro!

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someone reblogging from wincest blogs just replied to one of my asks “not y'all thinking incest is okay” is really fucking funny to me

my ask was about hoyt/cordi, and i said that after the liam/cordi interactions, hoyt is gonna have to work harder to win my heart, so right now liam/cordi is my otp. that doesn’t mean that i DON’T ship hoyt/cordi, it’s just not my otp

this person that is apparently all about hoyt/cordi attacking ME on my UNTAGGED POST because of a ship? if you start a ship war in the walker fandom i will actually lose my fucking shit. we do not need fucking ship wars. we just dealt with that for 12 years. grow up. don’t be a fucking douchebag.

you’re LITERALLY reblogging from wincest shippers. you have no right to complain about my incest ships.

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<div> —  :))? </div><span>funny how we end up crying for the most unexpected shit</span>
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mmmm i jusf FUCKING LOVE it when MORE of my abuser’s fucking friends hatefollow/stalk me on my instagram account it makes me feel SO GOOD :))))

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I hate when people say “there are people doing sooo much worse than you” well guess what b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck I feel sad and that’s f*cking valid

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the universe is just kicking me while i’m already down. for no reason. i get it, i don’t deserve anything. leave me be. please..

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i have no idea where this is coming from because i’ve been getting harassed non stop over the past few days for saying that trans women are women and that yes i would date or have sex with one because they’re WOMEN what the fuck does this message even mean

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Why are old men allowed to speak?

Why are men allowed to speak?

And specifically, why are they insisting on speaking to me?

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I just experienced first hand how unwelcoming the Rave Community can be.

I use to think it was positive and full of acceptance….

I went to a rave, and I haven’t been on any kind of drug in a fat minute…

I showed up at the end maybe 3 hours left because I had work, and I was just chillin, trying to get back into the scene it’s been so long since Covid..

Just Swaying back and forth, listening, watching, feeling it out

And honestly, I was high, so chill and high…

But these girls around me started saying things about me,

About the way I was moving, and how I wasn’t letting go..

In tones of disgust and annoyance.

I moved my location 3 times. Just ignored it and tried to not feel so belittled.

I felt extremely uncomfortable.. not like any experience I had before, like I was being judged in what I use to feel- was a judgment free zone.

1 why are you girls watching me,

I was just trying to enjoying myself.

2 why does it matter how I’m moving, why can’t you focus on yourself. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

I worked all day and last minute decided to go to this rave, it’s Valentine’s Day… why not. And what a way to make me think twice about going to a rave again.

I’m not trying to feel scared and paranoid by others judging me.. and I thought that was all around understood.

I feel sad and embarrassed, I thought this was a place to make friends.

I don’t know how to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

I guess it was a slap in the face and a way to say I don’t belong here..

What happened to Peace Love Unity and Respect?

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  • Stab me Continuesly.
  • Squeeze my heart till it breaks into a Million peices.
  • Drive me insane with your endless lies.
  • Restrict me from all I love.
  • Blackmail me to the limit.
  • I’m a mistake so please erase me.

.. Let me die. Idfc anymor. Cut my face out of all the pictures. I don’t wanna exist anymor. Leave me alone. Freinds? Naw I’d rather be alone. Wanna see a rainbow. Nope let me stay in my darkness. Don’t turn the lights on. It fuckin drives me insane. Leave me in my fantasy..

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**⚠️ long post warning ⚠️**

I’m finally coming to take back what I lost from this experience and hopefully find someone that understands and doesn’t get freaked out by this.

I met him twice once at the club and then I matched with him on tinder, (not realizing it was him). With this, he proceeded to let me know that “we” were suppose to happen. Everything seemed fairly off but the thing was I never noticed his dark vibe literally radiating off of him. To my friends, he was a walking black hole, just sucking the little bit of lifelessness I thought I had within me, but at the time, I never realized anything off about him.

He came from a shitty childhood but I promised myself I’d never judge him for it even tho he should be in prison somewhere, possibly, but whatever.

He explained that he was into astral projection and I had no clue what this was and he told me he did it and he was good at it. When he described a bit of detail about it, it literally shook me to my core, I had a bad gut feeling, I mean it never went away when I associated myself with him, phonecall, texting, didn’t matter. in my mind I created this image of him that he was a pervert and someone who didn’t care much for consequences, but i loved him. The pervert part Is what I understood from astral projecting (coming from him) he was a person that didnt care much about “boundaries” more of getting what he wanted from “manipulating” reality. Months after I’d blocked him on everything I would continue to see him in my dreams (tho before, I would see him all the time in my dreams), they felt so real, like nothing I’d ever felt. He was in my dream but when I’d wake up I’d be a state of panic like someone was out to kill me. These “dreams” didn’t feel like dreams but a reality, like a manipulation, like a stubborn bump that wouldn’t go away. One day, I dreamed of him, around the time I blocked him after he lied about something terrible involving me. in the dream, he came to me apologizing in the same voice he talked: emotionless with a smirk that sent shivers down my spine.

Now looking back at this, I was literally brain washed, I was stupid, i was naive. I thought that this was love and i was heavenly mistaken. This was a manipulative boy that didn’t care how much he would scare me but he was more intrigued in getting his way with things.

Be careful who you trust.

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