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americasgreatoutdoors · 11 months ago
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Stories shared by Tribal communities, especially those of the Great Plains and Black Hills region, indicate that the Tower was and still is a sacred site.  
Many Tribes still utilize the park for traditional ceremonies. Visitors will observe prayer cloths and prayer bundles attached to trees around the park, especially along the Tower Trail. These represent a tangible connection which Native people still maintain with this area. Please do not touch, disturb, or photograph these cloths.
Connections to this place are as important today as they were for generations before it became Devil’s Tower National Monument.
Photo by Himadri Dasgupta (sharetheexperience.org) Photo description: A large stone tower rises up from a thick green forest into a blue sky above.
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coolnessgraphed · 8 months ago
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wildernesswanderess · a month ago
Nobody is digging out their fire pits anymore. And they’re using them as dumpsters for all their trash, so when somebody else finally has to shovel it out to use it, it’s full of broken glass, bits of metal & plastic. This stuff gets slowly spread around the campsite so it’s not safe to walk barefoot anymore. It’s also not safe to cook in these fire pits anymore.
Nobody is burying their waste or TP anymore. Every campground has a ring of visible human waste around it. Often we even find makeshift toilets left behind, with buckets full of somebody else’s shit. Some camps actually stink like outhouses (with no outhouses present).
Nobody is being courteous to other campers anymore. People will be loud all night long, blasting music & running noisy generators, letting their dogs bark for hours on end- fully knowing there are others nearby that might be trying to enjoy some peace & quiet.
And I could go on….
But how is anybody justifying this kind of behavior? I don’t care where you grew up, or how little you’ve camped before… there just isn’t any excuse for any of this shit.
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nihillist-blog · 9 months ago
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Leave No Trace (2018)
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idasessions · 8 months ago
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Thomasin McKenzie by Robby Klein; January 21st, 2018
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keyofjetwolf · 6 months ago
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Speaking of Midgeon, can you detect her path? She's really been working on her stealth.
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cheesecaketyrant · a year ago
Sasuke: Sakura wasn't my first love
Naruto: Then who was?
Sasuke: Revenge
Naruto: And how did that go?
Sasuke: Horrible
Naruto: Did you learn your lesson?
Sasuke: Yes, that if I decided to seek out revenge again...Sakura is going to come with me.
Sakura: Why next time?
Sasuke: Because, anyone who dares to hurt my 🥜 is a dead man, and I will STOP at nothing to make sure that they will pay the price for hurting her.
Sasuke: Look, I'm just stating facts and I know that you'd do the same
Sakura: Hun, they'd be dead before you can even get to them.
Naruto: Should I count this as a could-be homicide? Should I really be considered for the person, or the two of you? Or be more worried about what Sarada would say and do once she finds out that you guys just straight up murdered the person she once loved?
Sasuke + Sakura: Naruto, if it was your children would you do the same?
Naruto: No...
Sasuke & Sakura:
Naruto: Because I wouldn't leave no witness behind
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tributary · 10 months ago
criminals advised to leave no case
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utahunfiltered · a year ago
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A looted granary. All that remains of this cultural artifact is a bit of mortar at the top. Whatever was inside is long gone. If you find cultural sites in the wilderness, leave them alone. Take a picture. Please leave these testaments to ancient cultures intact so that future travelers may also wonder at them. Rant over.
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continent-of-wild-endeavor · 10 months ago
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Today in Things I Found in the Woods:
This is also litter. Don't take things into the woods that don't belong there and then leave them.
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cabinology · a year ago
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‘Tis the season.
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americasgreatoutdoors · 12 months ago
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I’m just a boy, standing in front of the world, asking you to love him...and to not feed me. We have a lot of new members to #TeamPublicLands this summer and we are so glad you're out there enjoying nature. Just remember, even if the critters look cute, never give them food. The wildlife at public land sites don’t need your powdered donuts or “real cheese” flavored crackers, in fact, our human food will give these critters health problems and lead to poor well-being. Giving the wildlife food will also lead to negative encounters like bites and attacks. If you don’t believe us, just listen to the wildlife. “Keep your donuts, We’ve got nature’s nuts.” - Squirrely McCheeks Photo of squirrel eating nature’s nuts, by Kristin Burrill. Photo description: A squirrel at a national park stands between two rocks and eats a nut while it holds it with both paws.
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rubyfire13 · 6 months ago
Playing Dishonored Definitive Edition.
Me: I’m going to be sneaky & not get caught!
-Not even past the first mission. Has managed to fail being stealthy 99% and killing people.-
Me: New plan. Kill as few people as possible. Not likely going to happen but I’ll try!
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wildernesswanderess · a month ago
Finally had a good camping trip, but it only made coming back to the city hurt more than ever. I really do need to find a way to live closer to nature & further away from people
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adventurealldays · 11 months ago
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uovoc · a month ago
ilu Leave No Trace for being a coming-of-age story, a parent-child story, a story in the forest, an atmospheric story, a story with little to no dialogue, an outsider story, a story about how two people who love each other very much have to let each other go, and it's the best and only thing they can do. "I know you'd stay if you could." Destroyed me right there in the theater. publicly crying and everything
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mysoulsecrets-blog · 8 months ago
With every broken bone, I swear I lived 💫
I adore you to the core and you are my strength
Thank you for making me as strong as you are ♥
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