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Not on da whole topic of my account but holy damn am I obsessed with this game XDDD

and like I was lmao-ing why because my friend and I were doodling at the same time and we were like ok let’s show our drabbles to each other


…I can’t into cute dude…

I just can’t

and yes…at first it was not so yellow “among dude”

Later on I was just bored and decided why not


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Are you agree about this? I mean my cousin @kimbillieart want to leave in this tumbrl,he’s sad because nobody who love he’s creation and he’s art post except me(Ermoz),imnever & katy @katysnoipin24, kim billie very hard work to made this thing to make everyone happy but nobody like it and he’s say “are everyone didn’t like me?”

This is very seriously he’s want to out and leave in this tumbrl forever!

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i saw that you interact with 21tailsof//wo/e and they reblog your posts .. i had to unfollow because of that. theyre not a good influence on the fandom. im disappointed.

anon the door is right fucking there please get the fuck out and let the door smack your ass into a black hole while you’re at it. 

just get the hell off my blog. 

i have no time, nor the patience to actually discuss this with you, but i am ashamed, disgusted and insulted that you took the time to message me about a friend and had the audacity to tell me you were disappointed. shame on you. if i see any negative influence anywhere it’s people like you.

manny if you see this i love and respect you and i will literally punch the hell out of any fucking anon that comes knocking on my door and sending me this kind of fucking bullshit.

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Question? How clear do I have to make it to Guzi-whatever the fuck-discourse that I literally do not want to talk to them? How entitled to my time and attention do they think they are? I will literally block any and all people who try to get me to interact with them. 

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Is quentins dick pink?

I’ve been a good person my whole life, and you do this to me.

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I kinda hate how people actually think anyone could actually control and manipulate Raven, because she's a better character than that and to demean her intelligence and great sense of will and actually think that Clarke actually has control over her is pretty low. But sure I'll stay pressed that people think so lowly of a Latina woman that she would let herself be controlled by a white woman even tho that lowers character and most of what she stands for for people

are you serious rn lmfao yeah i think lowly of a character i love bc clarke fucking manipulates everyone on the show okay clarke killed raven’s only family and expected her to be over it as quick as she was and clarke made raven lie to bell about his sister being in TonDC like ok yeah i think lowly of her right, not the fucking show lmfao

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