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Some pages from my grimoire!

-some are still unfinished, but don’t mind that!-

Literally anything goes in your grimoire/book of shadows! ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES🔮✨🖤❤️


A cool leaf I found!


A note, folded up, and glued over the painted inner front cover- I wrote it for someone (hopefully my future child) who happens on my grimoire! It’s a personal touch I added in to make it feel even more special 😍


A tiny noose to add to the witch history page!


A random page with cemetery polaroids!

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This weekend I finally cleaned all of my big leaved plants by wiping off accumulations of dust and chalk. It is not just aesthetics. Doing this every few months keeps the surface of the leaves free to photosynthesize. It also is a very good moment to check all houseplants thoroughly on any pests, fungi or other health limiting factors.

I use a soft cotton cloth and some lukewarm water with a bit of leaf polish added to it. I never use leaf polish on the leaves directly as to much can clog the leaves’ pores. But a bit added to the water can help maintain a thin oily layer that prevents the leaves from drying out.


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