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#lebanon hanover

dance with me the gallowdance

as long as we, as long as we’re not hanging

dance with me the gallowdance

as long as we can

the tree has been there for a long time, my darling

just waiting for us to separate

the tree is already there, my darling

a beautiful tree to hang yourself

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Lebanon Hanover is one of my most favorite bands. It is one of the rare bands that I enjoy listening to every single song they’ve created.
I discovered them many years ago through a Facebook friend who shared their song “Sadness is Rebellion” and it instantly grabbed me.
It was the first time I heard this genre of music.
I felt deeply connected to the sound of the guitars, the monotone drums, and the beautiful dark vocals.
Afterwards, I discovered many bands through them like Selofan, Sally Dige and The Frozen Autumn which I listen to almost every day since the last 5 years or more, I’m not sure how many years.
Unfortunately, most people I know don’t listen to this type of music.
I feel very isolated and hopeless, that’s the theme of the songs in general.
The songs make me feel as if someone else understands how I feel and it is comforting to a degree.

I relate to the lyrics of Lebanon Hanover a lot, particularly some parts like these:  

“there won’t be a miraclethere’s really nothing more to come”

“The lack of sensitivity in you
Is so ugly
And I know
I will stay forever alone
In my deep and dark thoughts”

“all the humans that exist
I don’t need to see them
And everyone almost everyone I ever met
Doesn’t understand me”

“Your laughter is so painful but I haven’t got the age any more to mind
I’m a reject I’m a mishap I’m always behind, I’m all that you dislike”

“But I will avoid your eyes
Because I know I am the world’s ugliest lady
No I won’t reply to any of your emails
But I will avoid your eyes
Because I know you all just hate me”

“Perhaps an ideal way of life
Leads to an ideal way of death
It would be good to be you
But I’d rather be dead”

“If it’s not possible to change people’s minds
We might as well just spin on ice
Spin around until we die
I can read it in their eyes
They disagree with all my likes
And I will never understand why
I meet you in the hall of ice
And all the complaints of mine
The disbeliefs in human kind
I put it all on ice”

“Lonely we die
And so do all the icebergs
Until the day arrives
Where love dies forever”

“No one likes each other.
In the 21st century.
I want to lose the others,
Because I have to think about me.”

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