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aoania · 46 minutes ago
Les touches du piano sont pleines de ta poussière
Il reste encor les marques de ton passage
Sur ma peau je sens ta trace
Mes doigts appellent ton odeur
Pendant que les touches blanches ajustent leur voile
Le piano reste en deuil
Silencieux il t'appelle
Vague à l'âme
J'effleure ton passage du bout des doigts
Des souvenirs plein le cœur 
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amydonegan · 50 minutes ago
Tai Shani Guest Lecture Wednesday 14th April 2021
Upon first visual impression I really liked the work of Tai Shani. I found the visual elements aesthetically pleasing and found the mixture of performance, film, and sculptural installations to be very wondrous. I was however a little confused about the context and the meaning behind this and I am assuming this was due to my lecture stream giving out. I decided after the lecture to do some of my own research on her work to better understand her concepts.
DC Semiramis is a project I found very hypnotising. It’s level of involvement in feminist theory and its close relation to what theatre production design entails really interested me. I found the concept of creating an embodiment and simultaneously a place for these historical and mythological women very empowering and fun, almost experimenting with history and absolutely experimenting with stories and story telling at a visual level. The character and world building reminded me closely of David Blandy’s work earlier this year and both these concepts still inspire me to continue with my own written world building experiments. I think however in my own practise this needs to become more physical and visual rather than just written - I need to experiment with ways in which to transfer this over in a fine art sense and take heed from this artist on how to make that successful. 
The live performance aspect I found interesting as again live performance being a part of my individual practise has never been something I have thought to experiment with. In response I have signed up for many theatre groups and performance waiting lists to be able to interact and view these in real time to hopefully inspire and help me to better understand this part of Shani’s work.
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roxyandelsewhere · an hour ago
i’m tired and may be remembering things wrong but i went to a lecture a while ago on funerary anthropology and i think it was mentioned that thousands of years ago people made jewelry out of their dead loved ones’ bones so they could carry them wherever they went, and then when bodies started being buried they used to be left in places like remote caves where people had no contact with them in their day to day lives, and the “invention” of the graveyard marks the moment where death, reminders of mortality, became connected with everyday life because the place where the dead were buried was a part of the larger place where people lived. something about dean possibly going to a field near lebanon, close to home, and burying his ashes there. a place he might drive past on a semi-regular basis. maybe not a reminder of death, because dean of all people didn’t need one, but a reminder of cas. a place that cas would like, but also a place where dean could see him. remember him. have him still be a part of his life. he’d glance at the flowers among the weeds nobody looks twice at and think “that’s him”
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amydonegan · 2 hours ago
Kevin Hunt Guest Lecture Wednesday 23rd March 2021
I really enjoyed Kevin Hunt’s work and found the topic of his research very interesting. I found the theory of his work to be the most interesting aspect. As a developing artist currently unable to see art in a physical space to inspire or to present much art physically due to the pandemic it has been a topic I have recently found myself wanting to delve into.
Within my own practise I usually only ever thought about my work with the context of a gallery space, and as nice as traditional gallery context is, to shake it up and present things in a different way is a very forward thinking idea that I enjoy. Through experiments with my Museum project and presenting art on online spaces and virtual galleries however, I began to miss seeing art physically and in the more traditional way. I began to question how I could change the traditional context of viewing art in a gallery whilst disregarding digital spaces and keeping it physical and safe.
I came up with a set of experimental sculptures taken from previous rule-based art works and shaped them into easier handleable ball shapes. These sculptures would be passed to someone knew who would be encouraged to pass these on again. I did this with my family and friends and found it to be quite an exciting successful work. I would like to continue this and maybe play around with passing them straight onto strangers when lockdown restrictions lift in the future.
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orlpride · 2 hours ago
how weird will it be if i request to follow a girl on ig just to tell her thats shes pretty
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Hassan: Dr Mary has a lecturer on Wednesday
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elealaureenauteur1 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Limpide et claire Coulent les pensées De cette rivière Douce sérénité Enchantant l’atmosphère De son clapotis léger A travers les terres Et les vertes forêts Chemin d'éternité Dans son nid douillet Elle chante après la pluie Attirant nos amis Qui sans un bruit Viennent boire A la source de l'espoir... © Elea Laureen
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elealaureenauteur1 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dans un tempo rythmé En mouvements calculés De grâce et de beauté La subtile envolée De l’étoile en poussière Qui brille dans l’atmosphère Symbiose spectaculaire D’une éruption solaire Enflammant la scène D'esquisses aériennes
© Elea Laureen
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voxamcris · 4 hours ago
this should go without saying, but maybe don’t copy other people’s creative output—fic concepts, metaphors, imagery, etc— unless and until you ask permission, consent, and credit them as inspiration (it doesn’t matter if it’s explicitly written or just a thought posted as a ramble)
there’s a difference between coincidence and actual copying obviously, and there are widely used tropes that aren’t anyone’s intellectual/creative property. but it’s different seeing people blatantly copy or draw inspo from original things that haven’t been done previously :\ esp when I know that these people have interacted w the source or have the source person within their sphere of awareness
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oanthore · 4 hours ago
Vieillir ce n'est pas avoir changé d'âge ; c'est changer d'âge ou plutôt c'est d'avoir trop persévéré dans le même âge.
Charles Péguy - Clio, Dialogue de l'histoire et de l'âme païenne
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processusmonomaniak · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Construire et déconstruire : Bonheur, plaisir et sagesse.
Il faut se dépayser, quitter ses habitudes. L’activité d’apprendre et de comprendre est la façon la plus excellente de vivre.
Les belles actions doivent venir de l’intérieur même de notre caractère.La discipline répond à la question de la bonne façon de vivre.
Le sens de la vie n’est pas social, il est cosmique.
L’appétit est désir, passion et volonté. Le plaisir est le commencement et la fin de la vie heureuse.
Une éthique : quiétude, frugalité, discipline, prudence et distance pat rapport aux excès et aux vanités.
Une philosophie : travailler à la santé de l’âme pour obtenir le bien le plus précieux, le bonheur.
Une vie simple et frugale engendre le bonheur. La prudence éclaire et rationalise le désir.
Vivre comme un immortel au milieu des mortels. Prendre l’habitude de penser que la mort n’est rien. Jouir de cette vie mortelle. Le plaisir est le but de la vie !
La prudence est la source de toutes les vertus, une vie agréable ne saurait se réaliser sans elle.
Stimuler la curiosité, déculpabiliser le plaisir, inciter à la créativité, à la critique et à l’expérimentation, et surtout donner du temps pour penser et pour lire.
La liberté est la condition d’une vie heureuse. Construire autour de soi une forteresse et accepter volontairement l’inévitable car bonheur et liberté intérieure sont difficiles à acquérir.
Une force invincible : rester calme dans l’action.
Le bonheur : une âme libre, droite, sans peur et ferme.
L’imagination : communication entre le corps et l’esprit. Accorder une place prépondérante à l’intuition et à la créativité. Libérer la parole.
L’esprit a besoin de rencontres et d”échanges. C’est à même l’expérience qu’il faut cheminer. Le fin mot de l’énigme : Volonté.
Conduire sa pensée selon l’ordre du plus simple au plus complexe.
Accroître la puissance du corps, c’est accroître celle de l’esprit.
Diriger ses actions sous l’empire de la raison. Lutter contre l’obscurantisme.
(note : cet ensemble de phrases a été construit, déconstruit et recopié à l’aide du hors-série du magazine Le Point : La bibliothèque des philosophes)
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rosepetalrevolution · 5 hours ago
My mom flipped a table in a tantrum like 30 minutes ago and I’m still over here dissociating like bitch I’ve got a job that’s important too and now you’ve made this house a place I can’t work
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