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#lecture notes

Plant of the day 3: cushion mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

Plant type: Perennial

Wholesale price: $5.24/10 Retail:$2/1

-Sometimes called mums or chrysanths

-Native to Asia and Northern Europe

-Needs full sun and water when dry

-Comes from the Greek word chrys meaning golden (the original color of flowers) and anthemon meaning flower

-In some countries, these flowers symbolize death

-Can be used to treat back pain,fever, cold,headache, and swelling

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chemistry and cramming //

my organic chemistry exam finally happened after 3 weeks of postponement; it was weird taking such a major exam online, but unfortunately it wasn’t multiple choice

// listening to: “Lemons” by Brye

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Studying may take a long time but failing a class and having to retake it takes longer 😬


Do your best always!

Grades aren’t everything but if you have the means and resources to do something, then you should try! Do what you can to better yourself

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—Cu toate intenţiile bune, dragostea continuă să moară. Problemele curente reușesc cumva să se infiltreze. Se acumulează resentimentele. Comunicarea se degradează. Neîncrederea sporește. Rezultă respingerea și evitarea. Miracolul dragostei este pierdut.

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Time to go back to your key readings for this term! 

If you haven’t done so already, organise them by subject and section, and fill in any gaps by printing/downloading and adding them to your collection.

Using online or paper resources is OK for this one, whatever works best for you.

Once you have done that, get reading! I recommend two pieces a day if they’re less than 10 pages, and 1 piece a day if it’s more than 10 pages long.

1. Read it through once, completely. Read it out loud, in your head, whatever helps you to understand the text. 

2. Find the key points of the text. Summarise the text in a notepad/document or at the bottom of the text if there’s space.

3. Highlight anything relevant you might quote or paraphrase. These have to be SHORT and SWEET. Quotes shouldn’t be more than a couple of sentences of long.

4. Try and relate it to relevant case law. For example, how does the work of AV Dicey relate to Parliamentary Sovereignty? How does it relate to the traffic light theory of admin law? Mark it down inside the text, or failing that, on your notepad/document.

5. Now you have an annotated document! :) 

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