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askcharaandfriends · 3 months ago
I just thought of something what if almost all the human myths and legends are the result of humans seeing monsters
That is probably true. A lot of the monsters you hear about in ledgends are based on real monsters. But some of the details distort over time and sometimes altered by paranoid humans. Like, most often, monsters will not kill people. But a lot of ledgends say they do. Things like that.
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the-neel-deal · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Team pictures today! These guys are the goats, best teammates. Go eagles! You guys out there should totally recruit us.
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itaintfair · 25 days ago
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tylerkateporter · a year ago
Tumblr media
fuck. rip Juice Wrld
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gratefulfrog · a year ago
Tumblr media
Backstage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco, California
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crowsandferrets · 2 years ago
Can you kill a fae?
Technically.... yes.
Its just a very, very bad idea. The enemies you will make are probably not worth it, but if it is life or death, some weird quest, or you just need the info, I am here to help. And in whatever you are doing, I wish you the best of luck.
Iron is your new best friend, it weakens fae, burns them, and makes it much harder to do magic. Sometimes silver works too but I would just stick with iron.
Salt, also your new best friend. Fae cant cross a line of salt, however im pretty sure some fairys can??? Idk why. Also it burns so that’s good too.
Tomato sauce works with some things like goblins but not others.
Fae go by strict rules, it doesn't matter if you know them or not. Don’t break them if you value your existence.
Its always good to know some good witches. Yes they are real. Go find some, befriend them, they are probably your best chance.
Find their weak spot, everyone has one, weather it be physical, psychological, or in security or magic. Find it.
It helps to have other fae on your side.
Weapons are good if you know how to use them... That should be obvious.
Each type of fae that you deal with has its own special strengths and weaknesses, for example if you wanted to kill a tree folk all you would need to do is cut down their tree. (I don’t know why you would want to kill a tree folk but this is just an example.)
Whatever you do, don’t give them power over you, and RESEARCH WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST. Old fairy tales are perfect by the way, I don’t know if you noticed but any fairy tale or myth that doesn't have a morel is usually just ‘don’t mess with the fae and here’s why.’ 
Best of luck to you, please be smart. and remember
Wit writes the ending.
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ncityislove · 2 years ago
Just Between Us
Tumblr media
➳Pairing: Mark x Reader
➳Genre:SMUT (Basically PWP)
➳Word Count: 2k+
A/N: masterlist is in my bio since tumblr tripping over links rn
"Mark, what if someone walks in on us," you huffed from underneath him.
Mark shushed you as he slid a cold hand up and down your bare thigh, causing you to shiver. Your heart pounded in your chest like it always did when you were with Mark. He was always finding new and exciting ways to spice up sex with you but it was the first time he initiated sex with his roommates still home. Mark liked to play games, which usually had a guarantee that you'd lose, but this time was different. You really didn't want to go through the embarrassment of being heard or worse getting caught but this was a game, and you were probably the most competitive person to exist besides Mark. You had no choice but to play.
"Fine," You said laying flat on your back.
"You sure about this?" Mark asked looking up at you. "You know I won't be mad if you say no."
You grabbed his hand and guided it toward your pale pink panties. "Stop talking and fuck me already."
Mark solely raised an eyebrow at you, accepting the challenge as began to draw slow circles on your clit. Your body's response was immediate, your legs opening wider for him. And as much as you loved it when Mark took his time with you; you really didn't want to be walked in on, so you began to rid yourself of your clothes.
Mark's hand stopped as he paused to glare at you. "Did I tell you to take your shirt off?"
You blinked.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking," you murmured, indulging into his act.
"What was that? You weren't thinking?" he said as he climbed further onto the bed. "I want you to show me how sorry you are."
Your eyes widened as your mind raced at the possibilities of what that meant. Mark was sweet and loving, and often times shy but his demeanor completely changes when you're in the bedroom. It was as if your roles would swap entirely, him almost always taking charge. You weren't sure if he was giving you permission to move or not so you kept still.
Mark tsked as he removed his jeans, leaving him just in his t-shirt and boxers. He pulled you up by the waist so that you were sitting on his hard-on and ground into you sending waves of delight throughout your body. You let a gasp escape your lips.
"Let's see how quiet you can be," Mark hummed as he pressed his thumb against your clit. He continued to tease you through your panties as he kissed your neck tenderly and as difficult as Mark made it, you managed to keep silent which you could tell was frustrating him.
Mark decided it was time to take it up a notch as he slid his fingers beneath the smooth material of your underwear, smearing them in your arousal. Your breath hitched in your throat and Mark smirked, finally getting a reaction out of you. The moment he inserted a finger inside of you, you knew it was over. Mark knew your body better than anyone, even you. It wasn't long before you shaking and panting under his touch.
He inserted a second finger and then a third and you couldn't conceal the mewl that bubbled up inside of you. Mark chuckled as he picked up speed, scissoring and thrusting inside of you the way he knew you liked. You had been foolish to think you could win. Mark always won, in the end, didn't he? But you couldn't go out like this—not without a fight, at least.
To your displeasure, you removed his hand from your panties and into your mouth instead. Mark's mouth hung open slightly as his eyes followed where you brought his hand to your lips as he audibly gulped. You locked eyes as you sucked his fingers, moaning as you tasted yourself. You took advantage of his distracted state and dug into his boxers with your other hand. Mark hissed, giving you a warning look that raised the hairs on your arms but you boldly ignored. You felt a twitch in your hand as you teased the head of his cock. Mark grabbed your arm as you pulled his cock from the confines of his boxers.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Winning," You said as you gave his cock a squeeze rewarding yourself a soft groan from Mark.
You smiled when you realized his facade was crumbling. He wasn't in as much control as he thought and you figured it was time to knock him down a peg or two. Mark didn't object when wrapped your lips around his length, only pulling your hair up in a temporary ponytail as if to give him some sense of control. You nearly rolled your eyes at him but you had better things in mind. Although Mark had the upper hand when it came to your body, you knew Mark's kinks pretty well too. You lolled your tongue around the head then removed your mouth from him with a loud 'pop' and resulted to using your hands. Mark practically turned into putty in as you jerked him off at a steady pace.
His breaths became ragged, chest rising and sinking with haste and you yearned to remove his shirt to get a better view. Mark's body was a work of art. A masterpiece even, with his sculpted chin and doey-amber eyes. You found yourself getting lost in Mark, taking in his breathtaking features from the curve of his toned thighs to the top his head where his hair was matted together, stuck in the glossy sheen that coated his forehead. Your eyes trailed the sweat that formed at his brow beading down under his jaw hanging dangerously until it dropped, landing on his dull gray boxers.  You blinked, snapping out of your trance. If you wanted any chance of redeeming yourself, you had to take action now. You roughly squeezed his balls, his body jolting in response. He was biting his lip hard enough to draw blood and you felt proud knowing that you had such an effect over him.
After a few minutes, you took your hands away, leaving Mark frustrated and flustered.
Mark's eyes narrowed at you. "Did I tell you to stop?"
"No, sir." You blinked innocently at him as you moved your panties to the side and sank down onto his length. "But I thought you might like this better."
Your lips caught between your teeth as Mark let out a choked moan. The stretch was always a bit uncomfortable at first but you ignored it as you moved your hips up and down in Mark's lap as he hissed in your ear.
"You're n-not playing very fair," Mark grunted.
"You're just saying that because you're losing, baby," you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
After being with Mark so long, you've come to know that this was his favorite position. And as much as Mark loved being in charge, it turned him on when you challenged his authority. You attached your lips to the sensitive spot on his neck as Mark's eyes fluttered closed. His cock felt unbelievably good inside you as it always did but you fought to keep your voice down. You pushed Mark down onto the bed and the new position allowed him to reach deeper inside of you. Mark's eyes opened just in time to watch as you removed your bra, no longer waiting for his permission. Mark's hand immediately rose to cup your breasts the second they were free as you continued to ride him. Your rhythm was steady but just slow enough to keep him on edge.
He either deemed your pace too slow was reminded of the challenge at hand as he grabbed your hips, forcing you to stay still and began thrusting into you with vigor. You grasped at the hairs at the nape of his neck as your mouth hung agape in a silent scream.
"F-fuck, that feels good," Mark rasped.
You yelped when Mark unexpectedly slapped your ass, leaving a pleasant sting to linger. His hips snapped into yours with purpose and you clenched around him, giving you away.
"You close already, babe? Hmm?"
You moaned an incoherent response as he hit a particular spot that made your toes curl.
"What was that? Speak up a little louder," Mark panted.
You both knew what he was doing. He was trying to trick you into losing but you weren't so far gone yet that you didn't have a grasp of what tricks he was playing on you. You bit your lip, determined not to reply.
"Oh, that's how you wanna play," Mark chuckled darkly. "Fine," he said as he flipped you over, pushing your legs until your feet were touching your head,  inside of you deeper than before. Mark rid himself his t-shirt, exposing his honey-colored chest, to which your eyes hungrily ate up. A single silver chain hung from his neck, the diamond-encrusted cross emblem swaying back and forth from the motion of his body pounding into yours. The room began to fill with the sound of soft mewls and moans that all belonged to you.
"C'mon baby, say my name. I know want to," Mark grunted in your ear, his husky voice intensifying your pleasure. His hot breath blew onto your neck and a quiver took over your body.
"Mark--holy fuck, please, Mark," you whimpered. Mark twitched inside of you at the sound of you begging.
"Louder," he demanded.
Your walls clamped around his writhing cock as he began slamming into you.
"Ah, Mark, don't stop--fuck!" you shouted.
"That's it, baby," he cooed, pulling you closer.
All previous thoughts of the game went out the window as you chased your high, wrapping your legs around his torso. Your nails trailed down his spine, leaving little red trails down his back.
"S-sir, can I come?" you keened, your words tangling together in a frenzy.
"Not until I say you can," said Mark before he encased the smooth petals of his lips with yours briefly.
"M-mark, please," you mewled, scrunching your eyebrows as you tried to delay your orgasm but failing miserably. Mark was close too, you could tell by the pitch of his voice as he spoke to you but you he knew would try to drag this out as long as possible, the feeling of your pussy intoxicated him, too good to stop now. Mark looked down at you with eyes as black as coal, his jaw clenched tight, as he rammed into you. His lips were swollen plush from the roughness of his teeth.
"I-I can't--" you stuttered, shuddering, unable to hold off your orgasm any longer.
"Shh, it's okay," Mark whispered, seeing the desperation in your eyes. He trailed his thumb down your cheek tenderly, cupping your jaw before he muttered out his last demand. "Cum."
The moment the words left his lips you felt your climax power through you from your toes traveling towards your upper body. Your thighs shook as the pressure in your core was finally released, your eyes squeezed shut as continued to fuck you through your high, letting out a guttural groan as he reached his own climax. You weren't sure how much time passed by but when you came to, Mark was already partially clothed and cleaning his arousal off of you.
"Hey, beautiful. Welcome back," said Mark. He smiled sweetly at you, pausing to bend over and kiss your nose.
An exhausted grin stretched across your lips as you stared at your boyfriend, hair disheveled and shirtless, but adorable nonetheless. "I love you," you mused.
Mark only winked at you as he turned away to retrieve you scattered clothing and you scoffed when he didn't say it back.
Mark giggled. "I love you too. Even if you are a loser. Which you are, by the way."
"MAAARRK!" you shouted, throwing a pillow and missing.
Mark raised an arm to shield himself. "What? You lost and you know it!"
There was a sudden knock on the door, causing you both to jump. You briskly threw the blankets over you to cover yourself. Yuta opened the door, covering his eyes. You could hear Johnny and Taeil chuckling behind him.
"Hey, if you guys are done fucking--"
"Hyuuung!" Mark whined, bashfully.
"--dinner's ready!" he finished, shutting the door just in time as the pillow you threw earlier was chucked at the door.
You covered your face with your hands as you shook your head in horror.
"I really should've thought this through," Mark groaned, scratching his head.
"You think?!" you yelled sarcastically as Mark slumped against the wall, his cheeks a pretty hue of pink.
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detrixsta · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
August 1939: Three former Hal Roach stars meet up during the filming of Laurel & Hardy’s "The Flying Deuces" at the General Service Studios. One source says that Harold Lloyd was putting together a film called "Chasing Rainbows" (no relation to the MGM 1930 Jack Benny movie of the same name). Lloyd had an office at the General Service Studios for many years.
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anymobilesmartphone · 3 years ago
#Music Music In #Production ok yes you all out there ya NO man @slappbeatz @kadakslap ya no @kidqwest now he a good mother fucking rapper. Me am my own style my own music just like ya all. Yo I mean the ones who made it.#ledgends #pop ##rockstars. One time #BEATS thought I would just have a say in the #musicindustry so Cool
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chinarabutler · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
#PayAttention #Artist I can't remember who I was debating with on this topic but I knew I was right ! #Artist after 30yrs your suppose to own your music back by law. They passed this law in early 2000's I believe. But I think its tricky if you wait to long after the 30yrs. I curious on how this will play out. I thought this was great for a lot of #ledgends because they got fuck over Reposted from @tamilatrell Can’t wait til I’m able to handle copyright reversions for artists/composers🙏🏾#freeanitabaker . . . #songwriterresources #producer #songwriter #musicbusiness #businessofmusic #musicindustry #empowerment #knowledge #youtube #Songwriters #Producers #IndieArtists #musicbusiness #copyright #musicroyalties #streamingroyalties #musicadvocacy #metadata #musiceducation #musicians #musicbiz #musiccopyright #publishingadministration #musicpublishing #royalties #riaa #musicbusiness
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pompous-arse-kumquat · 10 months ago
Do you think certain animals, after they go extinct will be thought of as made up fantasy creatures far into the future.
Like imagine someone describing what a rhinoceros was far into the future if they go extinct .... like I sure as hell wouldn’t believe it was real. Like rhinos are so random looking ?? Who would believe without seeing one, that it was a real thing ??
Like it would become this legend about an absolute unit of a beast with horns that could supposedly be used as an aphrodisiac ... fucking wild.
<29 January 2021 11.55am>
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crowsandferrets · 2 years ago
Changelings are the result of a fae replacing a human child (usually an infant) with one of their own, leaving them to grow up in the humans place. Elves and pixies are said to be the most common to do this; either replacing the child with another one of their own kind, as before said, or replacing them with an enchanted chunk of wood made to look like the kid. 
How do you know if someone is a changeling, you ask? Well there is often something about them that is not particularly normal for human children for example, rapid hair growth, shriveled appearance (especially for their age), huge apatite, pointed ears, extremely smart but amazed by normal human things (usually technology), speak strangely, for example speaking in riddles or singing a lot, long walks at weird times of the day (or even night).
Changelings will often fake their own death to go back to their fae families (and their new human sibling if they chose to keep the human child). If they leave a goodbye present GET RID OF IT. Don’t be rude about it though, you don’t want to make your life hell. If they leave food, for the love of all that is holy dO NOT EAT IT DON”T BE STUPID!!!!1!!!1! Sometimes they try to lure their human family to their fae family so if your weird kid or sibling tries to take you on a walk i the middle of the night KINDLY turn them down and DISTRACT them. 
Sometimes changelings will forget that they were even fae in the first place though and just go on living a normal-ish human life.... I wonder how old they would have to get before they realize they have lived way to long to be considered human. 
If you have been reading this and just realized your daughter is not your daughter, but is instead a prank a pixie played on you and you want your original kid back, you could go and take your changeling child back to the fae where it came from and try to trade for your real kid back if you really wanted to; but if you did I would be a little disappointed in you for not loving your fae child and showing them that humans aren’t always crappy about others differences. Hey, if you really wanted to make me proud of humanity you could try to find a way to have both kids. Maybe have them visit the fae on weekend and stay with you for school nights or something, that would be cool. But if you do choose to be crappy about it do NOT threaten the changeling if they don’t want to leave. The fae WILL punish you for your violence.
If you or your fictional characters happen to live in a place where infants and children are often replaced and want to protect your kid, you can turn the fathers pants inside out and put them over wherever you put the tiny human to sleep. (I dont know why or how this this works... It seems to be the safest option so just go with it.) Garlic bread also works for some reason. I often see placing open iron scissors on the kids bed but I would not recommend that for obvious reasons. Anything with iron usually works though since fae are usually harmed by it. At the very least it drains their power.
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wedoca · 3 years ago
The #stamp of #approval in it more than #official #hiphop #ledgends #takeover tomorrow night #shoutout to the #awesome2 @theoohchild @therealspecial_k 35 years and still going whit the wonderful #work you put in #paving the way for many #ledgends #letsgetit it's your day #mybrotherskeeper #ny #standup pay #homage #slaute
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