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#lee bodecker
overrwritten · a day ago
How would incubus Lee react and what would he do if he found out another demon tried to harm his girlfriend?
+18 ONLY
Tumblr media
The reason Lee stayed in Meade, Ohio was the minimal interaction demons had there. He had the entire county under his rule and he rarely had to deal with other demons trespassing his territory. But it’s happened before, and he knows it’ll happen again.
What he didn’t expect was a demon to not only invade his land, but also infringe his claim on his mate. It happened when she came home smelling like another incubus. It sent him into a rage. He pinned her to the wall, his nostrils sniffing out the origin of the scent. Where on her was it coming from?
Her lips? No.
Her neck? Not there.
He found it on her hands, arms, and around her waist. Another demon hugged her, touched her. Fire burned within him as his eyes were swallowed by pitch.
“Who touched you?” He growled, anger seeping through his veins.
Y/N looked at him bewildered. She had never seen him this upset before, let alone directed at her. Shocked to the core, she could only stammer the truth.
“N-New co-coworker—“
That was all he needed to hear. He left her in their home, slamming the door shut behind him, shifting back into his human form. It didn’t take him long to track the fucker down. He found him smoking a cigarette in an ally outside a bar, most likely waiting for him.
Climbing out of his cruiser, he approached him with his head held high and shoulders back. He couldn’t let the intruder see how threatened he felt. This was his land, and she was his woman. No other demon was welcome here.
“Why are you here?” Lee questioned.
The incubus, in his human form, took one last drag from his cigarette before flicking it, “I see why you like it here. I see why you like her. She’s a powerful one, your little human.”
Lee’s eyes narrowed and placed his hand on his gun, holstered to his hip, “You’ve got three seconds to leave my county ‘fore I put a bullet between your eyes.”
“Have I over stayed my welcome already?” The incubus smirked.
“You were never welcome here,” Lee snarled, “Find another unclaimed county to fuck around in. Not mine.”
The incubus shrugged, “Suit yourself…” And disappeared into the night.
Lee should have known it wouldn’t be so easy to rid of a demon. They were stubborn creatures, himself included. It would take more than a few exchanged words to get him to ward off. And the other incubus didn’t wait long to strike back.
The next day, the incubus cornered Y/N at her work, amplifying his powers on her. She barely escaped, sweating and out of breath from withstanding his lustful influence. She was terrified, almost succumbing to the new incubus. She didn’t want anyone but Lee. She felt unsafe with another incubus lurking around the corner.
Y/N rushed home and called Lee, explaining everything. Rage surged within him. He cursed to himself, regretful that he didn’t kill him when he had the chance. He made sure his mate was safe at home before venturing out after him, waiting for nightfall. He kissed Y/N goodbye, promising to return.
Out in the woods, the incubus waited for Lee, ready to fight claim over the territory. If Lee lost, he’d not only lose Ross County, but his woman as well. He couldn’t risk that.
The demon shifted from his human form, morphing to his true size, towering over him. His horns were thick and slightly curved, more impressive compared to Lee’s. His golden eyes gleamed in the shadows of the night, chest puffed out in defiance.
Lee took a step closer and shifted once the shadows swallowed him whole. His hands fisted at his sides, a growl bellowing from his chest.
Talons slashed, teeth bit flesh, bruises were formed. The fucker didn’t last five minutes.
Lee finished him off with three bullets to the skull and burned the body, solidifying the demon’s death.
He returned home with minimal wounds. Y/N fretted over them, though they healed quickly. That night, Lee curled up with her in their bed, secure in his kingdom.
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holylulusworld · 17 hours ago
Brattiness at its best
Tumblr media
Summary: You love to tease the sheriff in town until he breaks…
Pairing: Alpha!Lee Bodecker x Omega!Reader
Warnings: bratty reader, also needy reader, she commits crimes to get his attention, but he just doesn’t want to cave in, smut, protected/unprotected sex, creampie, breeding kink, hair pulling, use of handcuffs, dirty talk, slut shaming, manhandling, some people might call this dub-con (I don’t, it’s totally con and she enjoyed every moment), implied claiming/knotting, a/b/o, blowjob, a hint of fluff
Kink: Authority Person Kink
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Kinktober 2021
Please head the warnings for the story. This kink is not for everyone.
Tumblr media
“What did I tell you about littering all over town?” the sheriff cocks his head. “You just spit your chewing gum onto the sidewalk. Other people walk there!”
“Aw, I’m terribly sorry, Sheriff Bodecker,” you put on your sweetest smile, but the mischievous glint in your eyes gives the lie you whisper lowly away. “What will you do now? Maybe you’ll arrest me, put me behind bars, and bark at me?”
The thought makes you shiver. You can’t help but imagine the alpha puts his hands on you, roughly taking what should be his.
“No. But next time, I won’t go easy on you,” pouting you look up at him, hoping he’ll manhandle you a little but he already turns his attention toward one of the easy girls from the club in town.
“I’ll get you in my clutches, Sheriff,” cooing the words you must watch him sling one arm around the girl’s shoulders. “No whore will keep me away from you.”
Tumblr media
“Again?” he grits his teeth, barely remembering why he came to the store in the first place as you scream and yell at the clerk. The poor guy doesn’t know how to handle an aggressive omega, so he ducks his head and apologizes for something he hasn’t done. “What’s going on here, troublemaker?”
“He refused to sell me the condoms and lube I want,” you lie shamelessly, eyes drifting toward the pulsing vein in Lee’s neck. Your tongue pokes out to wet your lips and you smile to yourself when Lee’s eyes follow the motion.
Small wins are better than nothing to you by now. For five months you try to make the Sheriff break and put his hands, or rather handcuffs on you. But, that stubborn bastard just doesn’t get it…
“A brat like you will not need that kind of stuff,” Lee smirks when you gasp at his words. “No alpha in a right state of mind will go after you…ever.”
“Rude,” you grunt, turning on your heels to stomp out of the pharmacy, cursing Lee Bodecker’s birth.
“What did she really want, boy?” he asks the moment you are out of sight. “And don’t lie to me.”
“Uh—she wanted that scent-strengthening stuff, ya know the stuff from the commercials and she asked me about alphas preferences when it comes to slick,” the boy's cheeks turn crimson and Lee chuckles. “She wanted to know if we like the natural scent or something more...flourish.”
“Flourish?” Lee slams his hand onto the counter, laughing loudly, followed by a deep guttural noise leaving his chest. “No word to anyone. If she asks you again, tell her I like the natural scent and boy, don’t sell her that scent stuff got it?”
“Got it!” the young alpha stammers, not wanting to piss an elder and much stronger alpha off, especially not the Sheriff in town. “Promised.”
Tumblr media
“She doesn’t want to pay for the cupcake,” the owner of the bakery complains whilst you lick the topping off another cupcake. “See, she licked it all over.”
“Oh—sweet beta,” you purr, placing the cupcake onto the counter. “I licked a lot of things,” now you turn around to slide your index finger over Lee’s chest, “and I did not pay for it.”
At the same time as Lee fights his growing erection, you stick your tongue out to show him the white cream on your skilled muscle. “How much?” the alpha pants heavily, feeling his pants becoming too tight.
“I won’t pay for it! It tastes awful. They gave this flyer to me, saying I can try a cupcake and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to pay,” you push the piece of paper into Lee’s hand. “You should arrest them for lying to their customers.”
“She licked on ten cupcakes, Sheriffs, not one,” you snicker while eying Lee warily. “She’s an awful person.”
“I didn’t know which one I’ll like. I had to taste them first—right? How shall I know if it’s delicious or not?” you act all innocently, but Lee doesn’t buy your lie.
“You will pay for the cupcakes and apologize,” he steps into your personal space, panting heavily, “or I’ll call your boss and tell her to fire you.”
“You can’t—” scrunching up your nose you whine. This didn’t go according to plan. “Fine, you are no fun, Sheriff.” You toss money onto the counter, apologize, and tell the owner to throw the awful cupcakes away. “My granny made the best cupcakes, yours taste like old socks. That’s the truth.”
Tumblr media
“Alright, tonight is the night. I will not let him slip through my greedy fingers again,” you check your appearance in the mirror one last time, admiring your crimson lips and the matching red heels on your feet. You smile to yourself, feeling sexier than ever in your short black dress. “He will be mine.”
“Who?” one of the girls at the restroom asks, eying you up and down. “Must be a hell of a guy if you put that kind of dress on.” She rolls her eyes, huffing when you ignore her harsh words.
“He is—” you quip, looking her up and down just like she did with you moments ago. “You should wear something sexier once in a while too to make sure your alpha stops undressing the waitresses with his eyes.”
“Bitch,” she snarls but you are already halfway out of the room.
Tumblr media
“Here I come, watch out boy,” you coo, straightening your dress. You spotted Sheriff Bodecker in a dark corner, watching the ladies dance. He sips at his drink, grunting whenever one of the girls tries to get his attention. “He’s in a mood again…great.”
“Hello, sweetie,” an alpha purrs in your ear. Usually, you would turn him down but Lee’s eyes drift toward you and the man moving his hand to your ass to pat it roughly. “Do you want another drink or will you tell me how much I must pay to fuck your little pussy.”
“Here we go—” you snicker as Lee strides toward you and the man. He must’ve heard what the man said and now, he looks like he’s about to eat you alive.
“Prostitution too, Y/N?” he pushes the man off you, immediately grabbing your arm hard enough to hurt. “You made it. Now I got no other choice but to teach you a lesson, doll.”
“I can hardly wait,” riling the angry alpha up you giggle and purr, throwing insults at him as he drags you toward his car. “Do your worst, Sheriff. I can take it. Put me in my place, use your handcuffs and lock me away.”
“No, I will not lock you away, little slut. You wanted to sell your body, so you will pay the price,” swallowing thickly you can only let him restrain your wrists behind your back and throw you into the backseat.
You whimper, pussy throbbing in anticipation when the angry alpha gets into the car to speed off, still grumbling under his breath.
“Sheriff Bodecker, am I arrested?” you coo, hoping he’ll just stop the car and fuck you right there, in the middle of the road.
“Shut up and let me think about—” he nods to himself, smirking at you in the rear-view mirror. “I think the punishment should fit the crime, don’t ya think?”
“Yes, Sir,” a shudder runs through your whole body, and you can barely hold back the needy whine bubbling up your throat.
Tumblr media
“Look at you, licking it so good,” Lee thrusts harder into your mouth, fingers painfully gripping your hair. “This time, the punishment fits the crime. You licked the cupcakes all over, and now you are going to take my cock down your throat as long as I want you to.”
You eagerly, run your tongue up and down his length, pressing against the pulsing vein, when he allows you to take a few gulps off-air, before thrusting back inside.
“Yeah, that’s a good girl now. So good for your Sheriff. I should knot your mouth for talking back all the time.” A whimper escapes your throat the moment he slips out of your mouth. “Get back up, turn around and bend over my desk,” he growls, smirking as you clumsily try to get back on your feet.
“I—I can’t,” Lee doesn’t take the handcuffs off, nor does he help you get up. He simply pushes against your shoulders, causing you to end up on the floor, ass in the air, face pressed into his clothes.
“Fine, I’ll fuck you right here, on the ground like the whore you are. Next punishment, you’ll take my cock and make me cum. You wanted to sell your body, so I’ll claim it as mine.”
“Yes, Sir,” he grips your hair again, forces you back on your feet, making you cry out as he roughly pushes you onto his desk. “I’ll do anything to earn your forgiveness.”
“Yes, you will,” holding you down by your neck Lee admires his handiwork. You are a trembling mess, dripping for his cock. “I think, you like this a little too much, slut. Maybe I should not let you cum.”
He grips the base of his cock to tease your entrance, only pushing the head into.
“Please—Sir—Sheriff,” you whimper and plea. “I’ll do anything.”
“I know,” he slides into you, thrusting hard. “Fuck, this pussy is so tight. Never thought a whore like you would be so tight.” Lee runs his hands over your exposed back, admiring the bite mark he left on your shoulder and neck. “Yeah, this pussy is mine from now on, and I will not pay for it.”
“Of course not,” he laughs as you beg him to move, to do anything but torture you with his glorious cock press against your g-spot. “Alpha, Sir.”
“That’s much better now,” Lee starts to rock his hips, pummeling into you without mercy. You can hear his deputies talk outside of his office, knowing what’s going on without a doubt. “Don’t worry, slut. I won’t let them have a turn. You’re mine.”
“Yo-urs,” a deep rumble leaves his chest at your admission, but he won’t go easy on you now. You are going to learn your lesson and become his perfect omega. “Oh—fuck.”
“Right, there?” the alpha muses, grabbing your hips harshly to rock your body with every hard thrust. “Come on, earn your orgasm. Tell me how good I feel. I wanna hear it.”
“You’re so big and hard. The best cock I ever had,” someone laughs outside the office, growling whore and other insults but you couldn’t care less. Not with your dream come true and the alpha of your dreams fucking you like an enemy. “Harder. Please fuck me harder.”
“Love me a vocal little slut on my cock. I changed my mind, this,” he gives you a painfully hard thrust, "is my cunt and I’m going to breed it. He slips out of you to rip the condom off his length, immediately sliding back inside to hammer into you, making you cry out in pleasure. “That’s it, cum and I fill you up. This cunt gets bred tonight and every other night from now on. No more committing crimes.”
“YES,” you lie on the desk, taking every punishing thrust, moaning, and screaming as you cum on his cock, squeezing him hard. “Please.”
“Here, have all of me,” he grips your shoulders now to go even harder. “That’s what you’ll get if you ever disobey your alpha ever again.” You smile to yourself when his warmth fills you and the afterglow lingers longer than ever before. “Did you hear me?”
“I can hardly wait for you to destroy my cunt again…alpha…”
Tumblr media
“Stop wiggling, omega,” Lee growls in your ear, teeth nipping at your earlobe. “My knot will stay inside tonight to show you how good it feels being my omega.”
“Hmm—” you act as if you don’t like his knot or that you can still feel his teeth sink in your neck to leave his mark, to claim you rightfully.
“I’m warning you, brat,” he softly kissing your hair. “I hope that I wasn’t too rough, doll. How does your pretty cunt feel?”
“Full, happy…greedy,” purring low in your throat you lightly gyrate your hips. “Lee baby, my heat is due any day. We can have so much more fun…”
“I should’ve arrested you the first day, when you waltzed into my office, demanding my help. I just couldn’t,” you sigh happily, knowing now that he’s your alpha, you’ve got him wrapped around your pinkie. “Don’t think I’ll not punish you for committing crimes. I mean it doll!”
“I know, Alpha,” for now, you let him hold you and promise to be a good omega. Tomorrow…is another day…
Tumblr media
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 15 hours ago
anonymous asked: Hello I know you said you have no motivation to write and I completely understand but with me it take a good idea and patience so please don’t stress out and take your time!!💖💗 I just thought this would be a cute request about stepdad!lee about the first time she ever called him daddy!💞💗 Again please don’t feel rushed or pressured and please please take care of yourself!😣💕💝
Tumblr media
pairings: daddy!lee bodecker x little!reader; caregiver!lee bodecker x age regressor!reader
genre: fluffy sweetness
He didn't hear it at first, your soft call for him. It was the first time you had used such a nickname for your stepdaddy Lee. He was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich as you walked in. You had your comfy pajamas on and you were clutching a stuffy. Your hair was a bit messy, clearly you had just woken up from a nap.
Lee watched as you carefully looked in the kitchen and the adjoining dining room to see if your mom was there. She was, sitting at the table sipping on her afternoon cup of coffee while looking through a gossip magazine. You gulped and looked up to Lee, you whispered, "Daddy...."
He didn't hear you, but you tried again, this time grabbing his sleeve softly and tugging. He leaned down just in time to hear you say the words, "Daddy, I hungy." After he realized what you said pride swelled in his chest... you called him Daddy in your little space. It was the first time you had ever done that. You told him that nicknames would come with time as you two got comfortable with your caregiving/age regressor relationship. He felt so happy that you felt comfortable with him enough to give him such a honorable title.
He couldn't help but smile down at you, "You want a sandwich too, Princess?"
You covered your mouth and giggled, nodding your head. Lee knelt down, "What do you say when you want something?"
You wracked your brain for a second then remembered what your Daddy taught you, "Pwease!"
He laughed and pat your head, "Good girl, a sandwich for the Princess it is!"
You stood by his side as you watched him make you a sandwich. While he was putting things away your mother walked by and huffed, rolling her eyes at Lee. She had seen your whole interaction minutes before, but she couldn't say much to Lee because he wasn't one to argue with.
You looked down at your toes as she left the room. You felt a bit ashamed, you felt tears building up but you didn't want your Daddy to see. Thankfully, your Daddy always keeps an eye on you and tickled your sides so you would lift you head and look at him. You giggled, but that quickly went away when your pout came back to your face. Lee squatted down in front of you and wiped away the tears that managed to escape the corners of your eyes, "Oh, don't you worry about her, Princess. She's just jealous because she's not my little girl, like you are."
You smiled a little at his words. He kissed your forehead then picked you up, placing you on his hip and carrying you and your plates to the kitchen table. He sat you down and placed your plate in front of you, sitting in the chair next to you. You watched as he took a bit of the sandwich and you copied his movements. Every time he took a bite, you did too. He noticed your eyes on him, mimicking his movements, so he started to make silly faces- which you dutifully copied.
All that could be heard in the room was you two laughing at your silliness. You were grateful for moments like these where you felt protected, loved, and cared for. Lee was the only one in the world who could fulfill the role of Daddy in your eyes. He earned his title.
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qyllenhaal · a day ago
Good Wives Club [4]
Lee Bodecker x Reader. 3rd POV. Word Count: 5.4k.
Spin-off to American Pie
Chapter Three || Chapter Five
Summary: It’s been more than a year since she’s escaped the ghost of her past but life is never fair to a girl like her. Lee doesn’t care that she has a husband, a nice house, and sugary fake friends, he wants what’s rightfully his.
Content (this chapter): Infidelity, mentions of sex (18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI), period-typical misogyny, body shaming.
A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates! I was having a case of writers block, but I’m feeling better now and hoping to update more frequently in the future. I’ll be posting tomorrow either a Lee or Dad!Chris one-shot, just depends on what I finish first. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was a pretty warm night for a burgeoning fall night. Lee needed to get up and go use the restroom, but his entire body felt heavy. Florence let him fuck her tonight, which felt like a feat within itself, but he wasn’t particularly satisfied. Sure, he was able to get off without using his own hand for the first time in a good while, but it was not the best time of his life. He took her from behind too which was one of his favorite positions, but his heart wasn’t in it as he fucked her. He feared a name that was not Florence would slip out of his mouth if he let himself get too lost in thought; a name that belonged to the sweet girl he was once very familiar with.
He's playing a dangerous game dealing with two women, one being his wife, who are somewhat friends with each other. It was easier to sneak around with Y/n when she was working at the bar because Florence wouldn't know anyone who dared to step foot in Tecumseh; she even judged Lee's sister for working there. 
He hasn’t fucked Y/n, yet, but he feels like he gets to have his cake and can eat it too. He has Y/n around, who he believes he is going to eventually fall back into his old ways with, and he still has a wife. But, Lee runs the risk of making himself too sick on sugar.
"I just don't understand why she dresses like that. I mean, she's a very pretty girl, but her dresses are always too big on her. I’ve only seen her look decent once."
Florence was bored with her life, and Y/n is her new pet project. Lee feels bad that his old fling has to get caught in this whirlwind just so he can keep her around, but he doesn't feel that bad. He isn't fond of the way Florence talks about Y/n as if Florence is just playing with dolls. However, he isn't going to go out of his way to defend Y/n and make his wife suspicious. Florence would begin to question him on why he’s so quick to defend her. She is right about Y/n's ill-fitting dresses though. However, Lee finds it a bit endearing since he knows she's not accustomed to this new life. Florence is supposed to be helping her out in some way per the request of Lou, but it sounds like she's keen on judging more than helping.
"Play nice," Lee pats her back as she rests against him. If only she'd stop worrying about others so damn much, Lee thought to himself, then she wouldn't have driven him into the arms of another woman. Of course, she’s not the one at fault because she’s not the one who was cheating, but Lee doesn’t see it that way. He doesn't mind blaming Florence for his own faults, his own weaknesses.
"I am playing nice. I'm just being truthful!"
"Well then take her out to one of those women shops you and Suzy go to. Just suggest that she try something new, don't force her."
Lee is speaking from experience. When he was just eyeing her, Lee had watched her shut down the men who came on strong too her. Some of those men would be so tipsy that saying “I want to fuck the shit out you” didn’t seem like a bold thing to say to a stranger. The only reason why Lee had success with her is because he eased her into trusting him. He was charismatic as he talked to her, and he made sure that she knew that he was authority. From his experience, girls like Y/n liked someone who had more power over them. Her eyes would constantly flash to the badge on his jacket when he would talk to her in those early days of knowing each other. She would often look a little scared even though she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Once he had her in his grasp was when he let down his guard around her. If his wife is so adamant on shaping her then she’ll have to be nicer and persuade Y/n without making it too obvious.
"I'm not forcing anything on anyone, Lee," her voice begins to rise in defense.
"I'm not saying you are Flo, just giving a suggestion," his softer voice placates his wife. He doesn’t like it when she gets an attitude with him, but he’s becoming too tired to argue with her at this time of night.
They let a bout of silence fill the air. The lull of Lee's steady breathing calms Florence down even though her mind is swirling with plans to take Y/n out to one of her favorite shops’. 
She clings to Lee as if he's all she's got in this world. Her family doesn’t live close to her anymore and her friendships feel fickle at times. Florence wouldn’t admit this to anyone, not even to Suzy, but she sometimes believes her husband doesn't want her like he used to. Tonight Lee fucked her like he was desperate for release, but not particularly her. It would just crush her if she knew he was fueled by thoughts of another woman and not her.
"You should put her in one of those blue dresses — what did you say the name of it was called...cerulean?"
Lee butchered the pronunciation of the name of the color, but it didn't stop Florence's heart from dropping. That was her color. 
When they were dating Lee said she was the only one who could pull that color off and that it looked perfect against her soft skin. She even made sure to have blue flowers of the same shade at their wedding. Why would he suggest that she have someone who’s practically a stranger wear that color?
She doesn’t want to believe the unfathomable idea of Lee finding Y/n even slightly attractive. She knows that men sometimes have wandering eyes, and that Y/n is a pretty, and younger girl, but she's his wife. She has been there with him from the very beginnings of his career, his first year as sheriff, and the present. No woman, no one at all, could compare to her. She has bent over backwards and completely stretched herself thin for him time and time again. The house looks like it could be in a Sears catalogue, and she cooks like the women featured in the home and family magazines, and she keeps her husband full and happy.
However, all it took was one suggestion from Lee and her sturdy foundation in the belief of their marriage becomes weaker. She has let a lot of bullshit slide over the years, but this one, as small it may seem, cuts deep.
But she is a good wife, and good wives don't complain. She’s the one laying in the same bed with him, no one else. She keeps her mouth shut and just falls asleep with her head against her husband's chest instead.
There has been an uptick in calls from Florence to Y/n’s home these days.
Y/n avoided picking up the phone days after she left Florence's house to make preserves, but she had no choice but to talk to her after Lou picked up the phone and called her into the kitchen. Much to Y/n's relief, Florence just wanted to talk. There were no invites to a nice dinner, nor did she talk about a new event happening in town that she wanted Y/n and Lou to attend. She wanted to talk to Y/n about the mundane things in their lives.
It was still so surprising that Florence of all people wanted to be her friend. None of the other women extended this type of kindness to her at all. But the one wife all the others gravitate towards is trying to involve Y/n in her day-to-day activities. The ironic part was that everyone knew Florence, and Florence knew everyone, but she seems to spend most of her time with Suzy. She mentions some other women, but Y/n has never seen her with anyone other than Suzy. Lee has told her before that Florence isn't as friendly as she appears. She used to believe that Florence was going to be some raging bitch because of him, but Florence has been nothing but nice to her.
"The thing about my wife is, once she finds that one thing that really bothers ya, she just picks and picks and picks."
Lee painted a picture of Florence that, in Y/n's eyes, is becoming more obscure the longer she knows her. It gives her whiplash because the way Lee talked about her, there was no way that everything he had said was a lie. Yet, here she was, talking daily with the woman and she seemed to be an alright person.
Y/n eventually began to give up on her efforts in avoiding Florence. She called too much, and her husband happened to like Florence too. Lou would ask daily if Y/n had any plans with Florence and would be disappointed when she would say no. Everyone seems to like Florence, everyone except for her own husband.
"Suzy and I are going to Fiona's tomorrow. They finally have next season's dresses out on display. Do you want to come with us?"
Y/n would rather say no, but she's enticed by a trip to Fiona's. She had passed the boutique one day during her first month in Brewer Heights. She was in awe of the dresses they had displayed in the window, her eyes glossing over the high quality material with patterns she's doesn’t know the names of Wearing the nice dresses Lou's mother gave her felt like putting on a costume, but if she was going to wear one, she wanted it to be from Fiona's. Lou had told her no when he saw the shop. It looked like it was going to be expensive. He was adamant about not wasting money on "petty things." He changed his tune and had no problem agreeing to let her "have a few dollars" if she was going to go out with Florence.
Y/n is not as stupid as people, including her own husband, seem to treat her. Everything Lou allows or suggests her to do is linked to Florence. Florence is a model wife in her husband’s eyes.
For the small amount of time she knew him before they were married, Lou never seemed to be hung up on wanting a particular kind of woman. Which is why it’s so shocking that he fawns over everything Florence does. It annoys her despite feeling somewhat grateful at the kindness she has shown her so far.
Y/n supposes the change in his behavior came around the time it was disclosed to her by Lou's sister, and not Lou himself, that their father showed signs of sickness. Lou had not been so ornery with her during the first few months of their marriage. He was quite kind and sweet despite his dedication to taking over a large part of the family business. He never expressed that she was doing something wrong and failing as his wife, and he never treated her as if she was just a pretty thing to fuck. She believed she was the wife material the men at the bar talked about when Lou slipped that ring onto her finger, the one that had belonged to his grandmother. But the honeymoon phase ended around the time he must’ve learned the news. He became much stricter and impatient with her. Her friendship with Florence seems to both invigorate her husband and make him more critical of her.
"You should let Florence show you how to dress. She always looks put together."
It hurt her to hear him say that considering those dresses were a gift from his own mother. Not to mention the memory of him always saying that she looked so pretty in the dresses that were passed down to her. She swore that he only wanted to see her in them since he was so keen on keeping family traditions and staying close with them.
She accepted Florence’s invite for a Thursday morning get together. Lou dropped her off before heading to work and she gave him a kiss before he left her in the town’s center. Florence told her to meet her and Suzy at the store, but Lou had dropped her off at the wrong store. He was gone before she could catch his attention. It wasn’t that hard to figure out where she was and how to get to where she needed to be, but she still cursed her husband for not even caring about where he dropped her off.
A few blocks later, and Y/n could see the two women facing away from her as they stood in front of the building. Florence was leaning into Suzy and talking to her about something. The closer she got to them, the more she was able to decipher what she was saying.
"I just love this time of year. Lee hates it because he has to rake up the leaves, but the changing color of leaves are so gorgeous."
The conversation was innocuous. A small part of Y/n thought that she might catch them talking bad about her. She shouldn't assume people are gossiping, her mother always said, but she knows how the women around here are, even if they are nice to her face.
"Good morning."
Her voice is weak as she greets the two chatting women. They turn around, big smiles on their faces that are painted with make-up even at 10 am. Y/n didn't want to play the comparison game, but she can't bring herself to stop it. Florence's soft blush and red lips make her look softer and pretty compared to Y/n's bare face. It hasn't been that long since she's seen her, but she even looks like she's lost a few pounds. Her dress was cinched at the waist and hugged her body.
"Oh! We were worried you wouldn't show!"
Y/n worried she had made them wait too long. She walked as fast as she could, but she decided to wear nice shoes today, not thinking she would have to do all that walking. She pressed a smile through the slight pain in her feet and the sweat on her skin. The end of summer's heat was bothersome today despite the previous days being gloomy. Florence and Suzy looked unphased by it while Y/n is sure she’d see a mess staring back at her through the shop’s window.
"Fiona's just opened, which is perfect and we’ll beat the crowd."
The money Lou gave her is in her pocket; the most he's ever given to her. She hasn't had this much money to spend on something frivolous since she was working, and that kind of money only came from the nicer customers, Lee being one of them.
Standing next to Florence and Suzy made her feel like a young girl finally being allowed to sit at the big girl’s table. It showed in the way she held herself and how she dressed. Both of the women were nearly a decade older than her. Her unpolished looks make people gloss over her here. And it left her stumped as to why it boiled down to the way she dressed.
The only style influence she had was photos of her grandmother she would look at when she was a younger girl. Her clothes being hand-me-downs didn’t help either. Her outfits were criticized for making her look like a  “prissy bitch” when she was working at the bar, but that was only because she wasn’t showing enough skin. 
"They wanna see legs, sweetheart. You're gonna wanna get you some shorts."
Those first words Sandy uttered to her were helpful in the end, but at the time Y/n was put off by her then-new co-worker. Y/n would have never guessed that she was related to Lee just because the two lived such different lives. He was a cop while she worked at a cesspool. Y/n wonders how well Sandy and Florence got along when she was still around. She can't imagine them being good girlfriends and going out shopping like Y/n is doing with Florence today.
The store clerk turned her attention to the door when she heard the bell ring. Florence and Suzy were regulars, often combing through the racks for the newest shipments and colors they have yet to have in their closets. But Y/n was a new face. The woman, tall with dark black hair, was intrigued by her presence. In just a few short seconds she already has an idea of what would look good for her figure. She was just a little bit shorter than Florence and Suzy, but it's probably because she's wearing flats instead of shoes with a little bit of a heel. Her outfit is homely at best, which the store clerk doesn't think is necessarily a bad thing, but there are ways to dress modestly while still looking somewhat sexy. It was the mid-60s after all; JFK is dead and counterculture is a-brewing.
"Jen, this is Y/n."
"So nice to meet you," her voice was like satin as she greeted Y/n. It’s no wonder Florence and Suzy fawn over a place like this; the store clerk has the charm to sell expensive clothes to desperate housewives. And she exposes just the right amount of cleavage that could turn men on without being called a whore by their wife.
"We're in here for a few dresses for Y/n."
"That's lovely. What are you looking for?"
It was a harder question to answer than Y/n expected. She gave a quick glance around the store and there were styles she had never seen before. Some of these outfits looked like something a big city woman would wear. She can't just say she wants to wear something "pretty", that's too vague, and everything in here is pretty, but it doesn't mean she'd look good in it. 
She's here because her husband wants her to dress nice like Florence, but she doesn't know what he likes particularly about the way Florence dresses.
What she does know is that the only thing men seemed to like her in something revealing. Her most popular nights at the bar was when she had her breasts spilling out of her top.
"Wish I could see you in those little garter belts like the magazine pin-up models...put you in some red lipstick and fuck it off of your face."
That’s what Lee wanted to see from her. She can’t help but think of that memory after he made her take him in her mouth last week. In a different world she would be at one of those shops that sell something a little more risque, picking up something sexy for her hardworking husband. She'd make him a good meal and then surprise him with the skimpy, lacy material hugging her body. Lee would devour her even when she wore clothes with holes in them — she can only imagine what he would do if she was in lingerie for him.
But, she's not going home to him tonight. She has another man to satisfy.
"I like floral prints. Stripes are nice too."
The store clerk, name tag reading ‘Jennifer’, expected such a dull answer from her. It’d be easy to get her to buy anything since she has no clue what she thinks she looks good in beyond what just looks pretty on the rack. Her eyes flash over to Florence who is nodding after Y/n finishes her sentence. She’s looks as if she already knows what Y/n should be wearing. Florence is a control freak, she knows that, so she minus well let Florence handle it.
"Okay, well, why don't you have a look around?"
Suzy had gone to look for her own new dress after the dismissal, and even the store clerk went back to her seat behind the checkout counter, but Florence was hovering around Y/n. She tried to make it seem like she was just browsing, however she stayed too close for it to be a coincidence. She just couldn't help but know what Y/n was going to pick-out. She remembered Lee telling her not to force the girl, but she winces at some of the dresses Y/n was gravitating towards. Florence doesn't believe Y/n has good taste, not like her.
"How about this one?" Florence holds up the orange dress that caught her eye, "I think this one would complement your skin."
The pattern of tiny dots made Y/n dizzy just looking at it, but she grabbed it from Florence's hand regardless and held it up to her body.
"It's nice, but it might be too much. I’m not sure how Lou would feel about it." The bright orange would pull more eyes towards her, but she doesn’t believe it would be for good reasons.
Florence didn't like Y/n rejecting her choice but she didn't say anything. She was slightly right about it being too much for a person like her, but Florence figured that since she was younger that she could pull it off. However, much to her disdain, Y/n began to eye a dress that was similar in to her color.
"I think this is pretty." Y/n holds it up to show off to Florence. She thought she'd like her choice since it's so similar to a dress she's worn before. There wasn't a smile on her face like Y/n expected to see. Instead Florence looked slightly perturbed.
"Do you think you can fit that?"
Her reaction to Y/n’s question was quick and her tone was biting. Y/n stammered as she tried to come up with something to say. She felt stupid. She thought she was doing the right thing, but she’s only left feeling embarrassed.
"I-I think so."
There were multiple sizes of the dress hanging on the rack, and Y/n is sure she can fit into one of them. But Florence's tone and the look on her face made Y/n put the dress back onto the rack. 
"I can try something similar to the orange one you picked out for me," Y/n tried to offer in order to placate her. She was less concerned with pleasing herself, and pleasing Florence to get her off her back. Out of the two Bodeckers', Lee was definitely the low-maintenance one.
"That's what I thought. Let's go try it on."
The plate of food in front of her had mostly gone untouched. Florence ordered for them, and even offered to pay. It wasn’t like Y/n wasn’t hungry, her stomach was growling from deciding to skip breakfast, but she couldn’t work up the courage to eat in front of the two women. That moment in Fiona’s keeps playing in her head over and over again, and it dampens her appetite. She left the store with three dresses she really didn't care for and an insecurity that hasn't reared its head in years. 
She’d occasionally poke at her food, but she wasn’t going to finish it. The small garden salads Florence and Suzy ate certainly won’t keep them satisfied for more than 30 minutes. They turned up their noses at the waitresses carrying plates with fried food passing by them.
"I don't know how anyone eats that stuff. Whenever Dan comes home with McDonalds I throw out whatever he buys for me. I can't believe he sometimes prefers it over what I cook for him."
"Lee hasn't eaten anything fried since the last doctor's appointment. He's down a few pounds, but he would be slimmer if he stopped with the sweets."
"I thought he beat the candy habit."
"Not exactly," Florence lets out a huff of frustration, not as the situation with her husband's knack for candy, but at Suzy for bringing it up, "just like Dan hasn't been able to stop staying out late."
Both Y/n and Suzy were taken back by what Florence had said. This attitude of hers had come out of nowhere. Y/n expected her to be short with a stranger, or even herself, but not her supposed close friend. But, Suzy kept her resolve and pretended like Florence hadn't insinuated her husband was stepping out on her. It was ironic since Y/n can only assume that Lee, despite what he said, still has his "late work nights" where he's buried in some younger girl instead of filling out paperwork.
"Lee's been stressed lately; especially since that kid overdosed in Knockemstiff. Having a lemon drop or two isn't going to hurt him."
After those harsh words from Florence, Suzy says nothing in response, she just nods like Y/n tends to do whenever Florence speaks.
"Excuse me," Florence begins to slide out of the booth, "I just have to use the women's room. I'll be right back."
Even when Florence is not in sight, her presence is felt. The smell of her perfume lingered in the air and Suzy stayed silent as if Florence was still there. Florence has been tense since that moment at Fiona's, and Y/n feels bad that something she may have did is being misguided towards Suzy instead of Y/n.
"Do you like your salad, Suzy?"
"It's quite nice. I usually get the pecan salad, but since Florence is ordering I just go with whatever she gets," her voice was jilted yet tired. There was an unspoken solidarity between the two women who had been chewed out by Florence today, "I'm sorry that Florence isn't acting quite like herself today. I think things between her and Lee are a little funny right now."
Y/n was intrigued. She can’t help but feel a slight sense of guilt knowing that whatever rift may be happening between the married couple is most likely her fault.
"What do you mean?"
Suzy paused to make sure Florence, or anyone else, wasn't within earshot. She leans in across the table so her voice doesn't travel far.
"I think she's pressing him for kids again. He doesn't seem to be keen on havin’ them, but he's getting older, and so is she. She thinks he might not want kids at all."
"Oh," Y/n's response is weak and pathetic. The woman had been mean to her, but gossiping about her feels dirty despite her wanting to know what she keeps secret from Y/n. The topic of the Bodeckers' having kids always made Y/n feel guilty. She knows more than she'll ever admit to either woman, but hearing it from Florence's side made her feel like a traitor despite no real alliance to her.
"Florence can be a little bit on the mean side when something is going on between her and her husband. Lee has a difficult job, but Florence sometimes has a hard time understanding that. She wants to be a mother, but she can be so selfish sometimes. If she just stopped getting into everyone else's business then she'd be able to work out her problems with her husband.
Suzy was starting to rant, and it feels like something she has wanted to get off her chest for a long time. Y/n wanted to ask her why she stays friends with Florence if she's not a good person. But, Y/n thought about how she stayed at Tecumseh despite the treatment she received from customers and her boss, and she thought about how she kept seeing Lee after knowing he was a married man. Suzy wouldn't have much here if her friendship with Florence ends.
Her conscience told her to let the conversation end, but there was a part of her that wanted to know more. It was the same part of her that didn't care Lee was married when he'd come around the bar looking for her.
Suzy couldn't say anymore though because Florence had come back to the table. Suzy looked off to the side as if she wasn't just divulging the details of her friend's life to someone who is sort-of-kind-of a stranger.
"Guess who I just saw on the way to the bathroom; Darlene! I didn't know that brother of hers was back in town. Hopefully he's not here to cause any trouble..."
The last stop of the day as a trio was the grocery store. Y/n was somewhat confused because she wouldn't consider a run to the grocery store a part of a girl's day, but Florence had pushed the basket into her hands and told her to pick something up for her husband. Tonight's dinner was already planned, but it wouldn't hurt to buy something extra with the little money she had leftover.
Her eyes scanned over the shelves as she looked for the things she remembered Florence having in her cabinets. Her thoughts and feelings on the lady are conflicting, but she knows how to cook a meal, that’s for certain.
The amount of options were dizzying almost. Most of the food and seasonings that filled their kitchen came from Lou's mother or he bought them himself. Y/n wasn't in charge of the shopping. She barely made proper meals for herself back when she was unmarried, so this new found freedom with food options had her stumped. She considered finding Florence to ask her a few questions, but she has too much pride right now to show Florence that she needs help.
Y/n turns around to look down the aisle. She swears she heard something, but there is no one else in this aisle. It's been a long day, and she's tired and needs to rest.
The voice was louder this time and it wasn't coming from the aisle she's in, but the one on the other side. She pushes a box of rice on the top shelf to the side and she almost jumps when she sees Lee's face staring back at her.
"Florence got you here?" She nods in response and he smirks while letting out a small laugh. His wife wasn't being subtle at all. "Where is she?"
There was a tinge of jealousy in her stomach when he asked that. She should've expected it, she is his wife after all. However, she was unsure about where her standing with Lee was after the other day.
"I-I don't know. She went down a separate aisle."
Lee wiped the corners of his mouth as he looked away from her. He was going to get out of here before Florence caught sight of him, but he hadn't seen Y/n in days and he's been so curious about her since. She's not the same as before like he wishes she were. There remnants of her younger self, but he was beginning to realize they're not as prominent as they used to be. He thought he just liked how she was back then, but the way he misses her now makes it clear that he just likes her. Life feels so unfair sometimes. It would have been much easier if no other man ever went near her. Lee is selfish and wants her all to himself.
"Where have you been?"
"At home, with my husband."
"Florence been talking about you a lot. Why haven't you come over?"
"I haven't been invited."
He knows that's a lie. He knows she's been avoiding Florence's call because his wife complains about it, but he can't really blame her. If only he didn't have to go through his wife to get to his former mistress.
"Well, you should come back soon."
Y/n just nods. She should say no, but she’s almost afraid of what his reaction would be if she says no. If she had any ounce of common sense she would stop associating herself with Florence and leave the Bodeckers’ orbit. Something nags at her, telling her it would be pointless to try to disappear again when Lee knows just how close she is to him now.
Lee grabs the box of rice that was once covering his face and moves it back to its original place. Y/n can't see him anymore, but she can hear him walking away until the sound becomes faint. She’s stuck in the spot until she hears the voices of Florence and Suzy coming from around the corner. She goes to join them as if her encounter with Lee didn’t happen.
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plentyoffandoms · 19 hours ago
Need You (Part 12) (18+)
Lee Bodecker x f/Reader
WARNINGS: This is smut. If you are under the age of 18, please do NOT read this. Swearing. unprotected sex (always remember to use protection). Ddlg, step-father/step-daughter. Reader is legal age.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Main Masterlist ♡ The Devil All the Time Masterlist ♡ Lee Bodecker Masterlist ♡ Need You Masterlist
Summary: - F/Reader is the step-daughter of Lee, who has taken care of her ever since her mother walked out on them. The two of them have always been able to keep the sexual tension at bay until one night.
Lee Bodecker's POV:
YN was sleeping peacefully in my arms and I couldn't help but watch her sleep. My hand was resting on her stomach, just trying to wrap my head around the fact that she is pregnant.
I am actually going to be a father. I always wanted kids but never thought I would ever find the woman who could raise Bodecker children.
I couldn't help but imagine what they will look like. I hope they look like her and have her temper.
Tumblr media
I felt YN stir and kissed the top of her head, telling her to go back to sleep. She cuddled more into my arms and sighed happily.
I looked at the time and knew I had to get some sleep. I fell asleep with thoughts of my pregnant Fiancée and our future child.
Over the next few days I have been very busy. There was some new officers that were hired and just trying to get them trained on how we do things has been tiring.
Usually I would leave it with another Officer but with Oliver being promoted, I had to show him what to do as well.
The downside of this is not spending as much time with YN. She has been at home as the morning sickness is becoming too much for her right now, so the Doctor has her off of work for a short period.
I just walked in to the police station and said good morning to everyone. I looked at YN'S desk as I walked past it, wishing she was here.
I got to my office and looked over my schedule and had my morning coffee. Oliver knocked on my door and I stood up, knowing it is time to show these young men how things are done around here.
It was nearing lunch time by the time we were almost done with their training. Each day we do training in the morning and then they do what they learned in the afternoon.
I just dismissed them when one of them let out a whistle. I looked over my shoulder and to my suprise there was YN.
She was wearing one of her pretty sundress, sunglasses and looks like she had her makeup done.
She was looking around and when her eyes landed on me, her smile seemed to light up with joy.
"Lunch starts now." I said as a dismissal to the others. Oliver walked away with a smirk on his face and nodded his head in hello at YN who smiled at him.
I knew the new guys were around, watching as I pulled her into my arms for a kiss.
"Well isn't this a nice suprise darlin'."
"I was feeling better so I thought I would come and see you for lunch and we could eat in your office." YN told me as she held up two paper bags.
"That was thoughtful of you love." I said as I took the bags from her hands. I walked behind her as we walked to my office. I placed the food on my desk and walked back to close my door and blinds.
YN cleared my desk of any papers and took the food out of the bags. I sat down and looked at the lunch that YN made.
"Looks delicious love." I told her as I started to eat. We talked about random things like we always do during our meals.
"What time do you think you will be done tonight?" She asked me.
"Hopefully the normal time. I want to spend some time with you tonight." It has been a few days since we had sex. I wasn't going to push her when she isn't feeling well.
"Why not now...Daddy?" I was about to take a bite of my sandwhich when she said that. I looked at her to see if she was playing with me.
YN was biting her lip and rocking back and forth. "Does my baby girl need me?"
"Mmhmm. Been too long. Want to make you feel good." YN said as she stood up and walked to my side of the desk.
"But you haven't been feelin' well love." I was having an inner battle with myself.
Tumblr media
It was sweet that he cared but fuck I need him. "Trust me Daddy, I will be fine. If it becomes too much I will let you know."
I told him as I sunk to my knees, grabbed his knees and spread them apart for me. He seemed to relax the when I started to rub his thighs.
I heard his breath hitch as I reached his crotch and rubbed his hard cock through his pants.
I squeezed his cock and I could of giggled as he jumped in his chair. Oh, this is going to be very fun.
I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper carefully, I didn't want to hurt him after all.
I could literally see his cock throbbing in his underwear and I know he is going to ruin me. I know I am going to walk out of this police station with cum dropping out of me and I can't wait.
I started to tug his pants and underwear down and he stood up to help me with that. They are now pooled around his ankles.
I licked up the side of his huge cock, just tasting him. Teasing him. I know what he likes.
My lips wrapped around the head of his cock. The two of us moaning in sync and for different reasons. Mine was because I have been craving the taste of his cum and I am so close to getting that taste.
I took him down my throat bit by bit, enjoying the sounds coming from his lips. "My good girl taking her Daddy's cock down her throat. You missing this love? Because I have."
I looked into his eyes as he said that and nodded my head, winking at him. Lee groaned as he placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed even deeper into my mouth.
Oh yes I have missed this.
I bobbed my head as I sucked him with hunger that I did not know I had. My mind felt dizzy as I so desperately wanted his cum.
I could feel the pantyhose I am wearing sticking to my pussy as I decided not to wear any panties.
I worked my lips up and down his cock even faster now, hoping he will do what he always does.
And as if he read my mind, Daddy gripped the sides of my head and started to fuck my mouth.
I moaned as I was finally getting what I have been craving. "Here it comes YN. Take it." The groan that left his mouth as he came down my throat had me almost cumming from that alone.
I moaned as I finally got to have his cum, what I have missed tasting every day.
"Fuckin' hell YN." Lee said with his eyes closed and his head flung back. He is a beautiful man when he cums.
"Come here pretty girl, let Daddy taste you." I squealed as Lee lifted me and placed me on his desk.
He spread my legs as I lifted my skirt of my dress up. "God damn YN, always so wet for me huh?" All I could do was moan.
"No underwear?"
"Of course."
"That's my girl but damn baby, your pantyhose are soaked."
"Tear them off of me Daddy, please I need your mouth on me." The words were barely out of my mouth as he did tear them off of me.
I gripped the back of his head as he buried his face in my pussy and started to lick. His talented tongue ran through my folds.
I groaned and whimpered as he ate my pussy like I was his last meal. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I never do when it comes to this man.
I felt his hands caressing my thighs as he brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.
My legs started to shake as he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked.
"Daddy, Daddy." I gasped over and over again as he thrust two of his fingers in my pussy and I was done for.
I particularly screamed 'Daddy' as I came, my legs shaking, sweat on my brow, not caring if every person in this police station heard me.
Lee leaned back in his chair, with a smile on his face, which was just covered in my pussy juices.
"Could spend the rest of my life between those legs baby." All I could do was smile at him as I tried to catch my breath.
"Daddy needs you baby girl." I stood on very shaky legs and turned around to lean across his desk.
"How do you want me love?" Lee asked me as he kissed my neck and shoulders. I can feel how hard he his as I rubbed my ass against him.
"Don't care. Just need you." I felt like I could die if I didn't get fucked by him.
I didn't have to wait as he thrust into my pussy and he didn't hold back. He didn't wait for me to get used to his size like he usually does.
Lee fucked me hard and fast, but he had one hand on my hip and the other one blocking my stomach from hitting his desk.
I couldn't even think straight as I finally got what I've been wanting for the last couple of days.
The only sounds in the room were our heavy breathing and our bodies as he slammed into my pussy over and over again.
I barely felt him pull out but I definitely felt him press his cock against my asshole. I relaxed my body and he slid in with barely any issues.
My body welcoming his cock in my ass as he slowly started to fuck me.
I could hardly contain the whimpers as he fucked by ass. Lee moved his hand and gripped my throat and lifted me so my back was against his front.
Never once did he stop thrusting in my ass. "Is this what you wanted baby? Me in all your holes?"
"Of course you did. My girl needs to be stuffed by her Daddy's cock." I could hardly focus on what he is saying as the pleasure is starting to became too much for me.
Lee buried his face in my neck as he was getting closer and closer to cumming. His thrusts were so hard and fast that it was hurting alittle bit but I didn't care.
"Gotta feel you cum baby girl. Cum love, cum with Daddy buried in your gorgeous ass." He growled in my ear.
I nodded my head and moaned as he bit my neck and I felt my stomach tighten as I came hard. My ass squeezing his cock, my own juices gushing out of me.
A few more hard thrusts and he stilled as he came deep inside my ass. I groaned at the feeling of it.
"YN." He groaned my name.
The two of us stood there panting as we enjoyed what just happened between us. He slid of out of me, stepped back and pulled his underwear and pants up.
Lee helped me fix my clothes and threw away the torn pantyhose.
I looked at the clock on the wall and realised that lunch is almost over. I packed up our left overs and helped him fix his desk.
"I'll walk you love."
Tumblr media
Lee Bodecker's POV:
I opened my office door and everyone who was staring at it, quickly turned away. I didn't pay attention to any of them as I walked my girl outside to the car.
I held the door open for her and closed the door behind her. "Drive safe my love." I said as she rolled down the window.
I gave her a kiss goodbye and watched as she drove off. Making sure she was okay until I couldn't see her no more.
I walked back into the station and the new guys were standing there, looking at me with shocked looks on their young faces. One started to even clap for me.
Oliver was going to say something but I held up my hand to stop him.
"You heard nothing. You saw nothing. Any of you as so much as say anything I will make sure you can never speak again."
"Yes Sheriff." I heard.
"Also do not look at my wife. Do not say anything bad or rude to her or even speak her name. Understand?"
"Yes Sheriff." I heard again.
Oliver followed me into my office after I dismissed them.
"Yes. I am suprising her tonight with our wedding."
Part 13 coming soon.
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @kitty4860 @red-rose-21 @adaydreamaway08 @charmed-asylum @thegirlnextdoorssister
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buckyjmsbarnes · 13 hours ago
Number 8 with Lee? Maybe he's come back from long day and his girl just joins him?
8. shower sex lee bodecker x reader
Tumblr media
18+ 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺, 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘰𝘳𝘴 𝘋𝘕𝘐!
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — very soft Lee, rough and unprotected sex because they married (wrap it up besties) good ol' love making in the shower, breeding kink, lee has a wife-kink, change my mind, fluff
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 — 1.3k+
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
The door falls back into its lock behind Lee, dropping his keys in the colorful bowl on the side table and toes his shoes off– his wife would lose it if she noticed his dirty shoes against the mopped floor. The smell that penetrates his nostrils is one of his favorites. 
Hanging his hat on the coat rack along with his leather jacket, Lee saunters to the place that draws him in the most and the place where he knows he'll find her; the kitchen. And she's exactly there, back facing him as she's hunched over one of her many books. 
"Hey, sweetheart." 
She hums quietly, gaze glued on the pages underneath her. 
Lee praises himself lucky every single minute of the day with a wife as beautiful as her, perfect in every way possible and Lee still wonders how someone like her would ever fall for someone like him– so young and so pretty for someone so old and..him..he'd had looked better back in the days, when the booze had not taken over his life– she'd made him better his life with one simple sentence.
'If you stop drinkin' like it's your last day on earth, I might pick up on that date, sheriff.' 
and he did and got his hands on every piece of candy ever since– she loved it, assured him many times that his belly was the cutest thing and a flat services don't make nice pillows, and that he was in fact one giant teddy bear just for her.
His feet drag him to the stove, the smell begging him to pick up the lid from the Dutch oven pot– the smell and sight of his favorite dish causing a smile on his lips. 
"Did I forget an anniversary or somethin'?" 
Putting the lid back on, Lee walks back to his wife and as he stands behind her, he leans down, caging her in between the table and his body, lee places a kiss on the back of her neck and rests his head on her shoulders. 
"I heard in your voice you weren't having a nice day today." 
And she's right, he didn't have a nice day– the new deputy causing some trouble with the paperwork, the old man from uphill calling him in for a pig gone wild and his sister on his ass all day long. It was a long day. 
"You're too good for me, sweetheart," nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck, he places a soft kiss right behind her ear "gonna take a shower first, you coming?" 
"I've showered already." 
"What, without me?" Lee groans. 
"I was cold, lee– it had been pouring when I was on my bike to get groceries." 
Lee hums and kisses her on the neck one last time "I'll be right back then." 
Standing up straight and slightly disappointed, Lee makes his way to the bedroom, finding some comfortable clothes and lays them on the bed– undressing himself, he hangs his uniform on the chair nearby, naked, Lee saunters to the bathroom across the hall. The cold tiles underneath his feet sent a shiver down his spine. 
It takes a while before the running water turns warm enough to be enjoyed and as he steps under the stream of water, lee relaxes even more so when he catches the silhouette of his wife through the shower curtains. 
She doesn't say that word and neither does he when she pushes the curtains aside and holds onto the hand Lee had held out to step in the shower carefully. The silence is comfortable as they take turns to wash each other but the sight of his wife taking care of him, doing all these things to show she loves him as much as him, makes the blood run to his cock. 
Wrapping his arms around her back, lee pulls her flush against his body, erect dick nudging her stomach, catching her eyes through his lashes, lee bends his head slightly to press a sweet kiss to her lips. 
"You have a problem there, honey?" She smiles against his lips. 
Her hand slips between their bodies and wrap her fingers around his cock, lee groans
"I think we need to make a baby, sweetheart." 
A baby, something they'd been trying for for the last couple of months without any luck but they kept the hope.
"That sounds like a mighty good idea." 
There's no foreplay, not this time– as she pumps his cock a few times, Lee let's go of her and takes a step back to admire her hand around him, Lee groans. 
"C'mere," His hand wraps around her wrist to stop her and with on soft tug of her arms, pulls her back again– his hands now sliding between their bodies to run his finger to her folds and rubs her clit a few times, eliciting a soft moan from her lips. 
"Turn around, sweetheart." 
She turns around, like he'd asked her, arches her back and places both her hands flat against the cold tiles and braces herself for what's about to come– they've been here before.
Lee groans at the sight, grabs his cock and strokes himself as he takes a step forward, guiding himself towards her cunt and slides the tip of his dick through her folds before pushing himself in fully.
They both moan out in pleasure. 
Placing both his hands on her sides, his fingers dig into her skin as he holds her in place, his hips meeting her ass with each slow thrust. 
Lee groans at the feel of her walls clenching around his dick and takes it as his sign to slam his hips against her ass a little rougher– rough, like he always was after a bad day. 
His belly against the skin of her ass and his balls slapping against her core thrusts into her with force– he's too lost in his own world and needs to put a baby inside her that he doesn't even register the lovely, loud moans coming from his wife. 
Feral like an animal. 
Lee wraps one of his arms around her waist as he leans forwards, his belly against her back, the new position giving him a new angle to bury his cock even deeper into her cunt. 
It's dangerous, really, rough sex in in shower, they nearly broke bones the last time they did but mee can't seem to slow down, hips snapping against her erratically– he really needs to put that baby inside of her. 
Her walls keep clenching around his cock, ready to milk his seed– Lee moans and pulls her body with his as he stands back straight; hand on the back of her head as he pushes her against the wall. 
"Shit, baby girl, going to fill you up if you keep doing that." 
"Put a baby in me, lee." She whines through each harsh and deep thrust, his cock rubbing the spot deliciously. 
An animalistic growl pushes past Lee's lips, cock twitching inside of her, ready for his release. He slides his hand between her body and the wall and let's his hand roam to her clit and rubs it in deep circles, making her a moaning mess. 
"Cum for me, sweetheart,"  Lee groans out of breath "I want to fill up the sweet little pussy of mine." 
It doesn't take much, two more thrusts of his hips and a rub on her clit for Lee to give her a mind blowing orgasm, legs shaking and toes curling. Her walls that clench around him just a bit tighter than before makes Lee moan along with her as he fills her up with his seed– thrusting every single drop deep inside her. 
Lee chuckles "if this didn't put a baby in you–" He gets interrupted by her tired voice.
"Shit lee, I don't think I turned off the stove."
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nsfwsebbie · 2 months ago
tulsa jesus freak.
summary. | He’d never trade your innocent body for a can of gin. No, instead, he chooses to sing you like his favourite bible hymn.
warnings. | Non/dubcon, coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, smut, innocence kink, corruption kink, Daddy kink, dom/sub, manhandling, angst, virginity loss, unprotected vaginal sex, fingering (reader doesn’t come), dirty talk, praise kink, degradation, creampie kink, *religion, drinking (gin), safewording (but not really), dumbification, humiliation, mild sexism/misogyny, mentions of marriage, and more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 9k.
pairings. | Dark!Lee Bodecker x Innocent!Reader.
author’s note. | since my birthday is coming up, here’s a gift from me to you! please don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know. *the father is a preacher, there is no explicit mentions of religion, no blasphemy, or any disrespect. the sex occurs in the forest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
White lace decorates your Mother’s gown, only the finest for the wife of Knockemstiff’s priest. You sit on the red leather chair, your knees bent and back hunched over. You peer out the window with your soft yet scarred hands in your lap, thinking of all the world’s possibilities. Instead of trying on dresses for the service on Sunday, you could be picking strawberries at the field, readying the berries for jam.
But your Mother is a woman who has needs along with wants, and she doesn’t like it when anything is in her way. You always bite your tongue when it comes to these things. You’ve found it best that keeping quiet and never voicing your opinion is better than saying one wrong thing and having almost every churchgoer in town show up at your doorstep with pitchforks and torches.
“I think the cream colour is more elegant than the white, don’t you think so, dearest?” she asks, and you turn your head. You look up at her and quickly fix your posture, not wanting to have your ear chewed out on this lovely Thursday afternoon. “Yes, Ma, it looks elegant,” you gracefully tell her, fuelling her ego just how she likes. You always add gasoline to the fire, and it leaves you with no friends.
You know barely anyone in this town. The occasional words exchanged with the shopkeepers and passersby only occur because of your Father’s exalted status. If only they knew that he isn’t as holy as he seems to be and would much rather worship a bottle of moonshine than anything else. “What are you gonna wear, sweetie?” she asks, still admiring herself in the mirror.
“Well, I just thought that I’d wear that dress Nana gave me for my sixteenth,” you admit to her, and she hums in approval. “Good, we can’t be blowing all our money on useless things,” she sighs in relief, and you’re almost tempted to point out her hypocrisy as the price tag on the dress would be enough to make your Nana have a heart attack. “Do we gotta cook for the service?” you ask her, wanting so desperately to be able to bake a pretty pie or candy some yams.
“No need for any cookin’ this time, sweets; we got people bringing their own food for us,” she reminds you, and you nod. Your eyes dart around the store, the room almost empty with only the two shopkeepers and two customers. Your gaze goes to the mannequins that stand by the windows. You can see the old bobby pins holding the back of the outfits together, and you stifle a giggle.
Even the prettiest seeming things aren’t perfect, and you find that to be so cliche. You haven’t even noticed that your Mother is trying to tighten the straps of her dress until the hushed whispers of the store grow quieter. You believe they’re judging you; they always do. “It’s quieter than that little library you always run off to; what’s goin’ on now?” your Mother grumbles, stepping down from the level that made her tower over you.
The most exciting things that occur in this small town known as Knockemstiff are the occasional murders that usually take place on the outskirts of the city. “Oh lordy, it’s the Sheriff!” your Mother squeals, and you furrow your eyebrows. “Sheriff?” you repeat, not really grasping the concept that there is a Sheriff here in Knockemstiff. “Yes, dearest, and we need to get on his good side!” your Mother exclaims, reaching for her red purse.
She hasn’t stopped wearing it since your Father allowed her to splurge on it a few months ago. Father never really allows splurges, only if your family benefits from it for a while. But he just had to let the unnecessary purchase happen, only because your Mother nearly had his hide because he forgot to do something for Valentine’s day. You tried to convince her that he was just busy, and he indeed was. But your words went unheard, and you swore to never speak on such a topic again.
“But–” you start before getting cut off. “No buts! We need him, dearest; we need to have a good connection with him,” your Mother explains quickly, and yet you’re still lost. These ‘affairs’ of your family and the higher-up townsfolk are always so confusing. Your Father is already powerful (though you loathe the way he abuses it), and yet he still wants his empire to grow.
“You doin’ alright there, Mrs. Preacher?” the Sheriff drawls, a toothpick between his lips and his hands on his slightly pudgy waist. You look away. Eye contact is embarrassing, and the Sheriff is so intimidating that even his presence is overwhelming from just a few feet away. You slowly scoot away from him, still seated in your chair. He reeks of sins and cigarettes, maybe even a hint of that moonshine your Father would drink.
The holster on his leather belt holds a pistol. It’s shiny and clean, with not one scratch or scuff on it. He calls your Mother ‘Mrs. Preacher’ with a hint of disgust in his voice. He’s no holy man. God gave up on him a while ago, and he doesn’t care. But he does care about the swindling election creeping up on the county, just a few mere months away. Blue pins with his name written in bold have found their way in your home and heck—even in your room as well.
“All’s well, Sheriff Bodecker. What brings you here? Can’t possibly be buyin’ a dress for yourself,'' your Mother smiles, and even Lee cracks a grin. “Florence wore my patience out years ago with this bullshit; I’m just doin’ my rounds, Mrs. Preacher. You got a problem with that?” he questions, tilting his head to the side. “No problems at all, Sheriff. Sorry if I offended you… This is my daughter!” she exclaims, pointing at you.
“What?” you mumble out loud, looking up at the two elders. “Oh, uh, hi,  Mister-Sheriff Bodecker-Sir,” you stammer nervously as he stares you down like a wolf. “G’day to you too, li’l girl,” he smirks, and you look down in embarrassment. Your Mother clicks her tongue in disappointment, and you just know that you’ll never hear the end of it. Lee’s eyes dart between the two of you, tension seems from the corners, and he can’t help but be confused.
Maybe the happy family scene is just an act…
“She’s just shy… My husband and I were wondering if you’d come to the service this Sunday. You don’t have to stay too long, but I'm sure it'll be very beneficial,” she reasons, with an emphasis on her last two words. Lee nods in understanding, and his eyes flicker back over to you. You’re still looking away, and he doesn’t mind it at all. Knowing how his powerful presence frightens people makes him feel drunk on happiness and ego.
He lets out a small chuckle. “Then I’ll be sure to be there. You got any room for a sinner?” he questions, hooking his thumbs into his belt. “Always,” your Mother gleams, clasping her hands together, almost in a prayer-like manner. “And I trust that your sweet li’l girl will be there too, right?” he asks, turning his head to face you. You sight up straighter at the mention and gulp nervously. “O- Of course, Mister-Sheriff-Bodecker-Sir,” you ramble out. Your Mother sighs in shame, but Lee simply smiles. “Just Sheriff Bodecker or Mr. Bodecker,” he corrects, and you nod.
“Okay, Mr. Bodecker.”
It’s Sunday. You like to assign colours to each day of the week on your little calendar. Monday is orange, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is blue, Thursday is green, Friday is purple, and Saturday is pink. But for you. Sunday is white. Maybe it’s the symbolism of the colour, or perhaps it’s because, on Sundays, you’re always forced to wear white. It’s not like you hate the colour; you just get tired of it.
The other girls in town wear different colours, even if most of the time it’s brown. Written in blue pen on the Sunday square is the time of the service. Your Father’s handwriting resembled a chicken scratch when he was younger, is what your Mother says to you constantly. Hers takes a while to decipher, but you’ve grown a skill out of reading it with ease. Your friends would envy your talent of being able to read cursive easily when you were younger, and thinking back, you miss them.
You don’t have friends, not yet and not here, at least. Sometimes, you like to be alone. It’s nice to be by yourself, it’s so very calm and relaxing. You wish you could have a dog, perhaps a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd. But your Mother hates animals, and so does your Father. So you just use the company of your pillows for the time being. They don’t mind any amount of touch you place on them, and they don’t complain either.
When you were younger, you’d swear that your toys could talk. It was a slight improvement from your imaginary friend, who was named Bethel, but your Father still wasn’t pleased. He demanded you’d be sent to some boarding school to set you straight because at the time, kids your age had learned Santa isn’t real, and the tooth fairy is really just their parents. Your Mother had begged him not to, and you miss those times where she had a heart, and she had a soul.
When she was calloused and egoistical. But you can’t blame her; your Father has that type of sway with his words.
She calls out your name, harshly and her voice turns into a croak towards the end because of the strength she uses. “Are you ready? We have to go set up!” she questions, looking at the watch on her wrist. It’s a gold colour, but that doesn’t mean it’s made of gold or plated with it, either. All the gold jewellery is in the safe, as per your Father’s request. You look at yourself in the mirror, not liking the way the tag of your dress is poking into your skin. You’d try to cut it off, but the jagged edge would be just as annoying.
You reach as far as your arm can let you, and you fold it so that the corners don’t bother you. The skirt of the dress is a bit too long for your liking. It hangs a few centimetres beneath your knees, and it leaves your calves exposed. You’re not wearing your stockings because they have a rip in them, and you’re too nervous about borrowing a pair from your Mother. “Yes!” you yell back, grabbing your purse and your sweater.
You have a small snack in your bag, along with a few other necessities. The purpose of the sweater is to keep you warm because, for some odd reason, the church is always a frigid temperature. You follow your Mother to her car, and you buckle your seatbelt up before she speeds off. The car smells nice and clean; perhaps there’s a new air freshener. A green pine tree hangs on the mirror, and you fight the urge to grab it. “When we get there, you have to go to the forest,” she starts, and you furrow your eyebrows together.
You’re not too fond of the forest, only because of the alarming amount of dead raccoons you always find. “Why?” you question, looking out the window to see women and men of different ages and sizes walking in different directions. It’s Sunday, so most of them might be going to the park. You’ve always wanted to go there, but your Father never lets you. One day you’ll sneak out. You’re sure of it.
“Because we need twigs,” she bluntly answers, staring straight at the road ahead. “Why do you need twigs?” you ask, shifting your gaze from the outside world to her. “For a fire,” your Mother tells you. “Why do you need to light a fire? Fires are for camping and for cooking,” you press, letting your curiosity get the best of you. “Just stop asking questions. It’s annoying and quite frankly none of your business,” she snaps, and you fight the urge to roll your eyes.
Defensive as always. For what reason is beyond even you.
“Where’s your accent gone to? Hm? New York?” you sneer, noticing that her drawl is no longer laced between her semi-hurtful words. “Shut your mouth. I need to make a good impression. I need to stand out,” she informs you, and your face is downturned into a confused, frazzled frown. She makes no sense; one moment, she’s saying one thing, the next, she’s changing her tune. “I thought you said we gotta blend in,” you murmur loud enough for her to hear. “Yes, and things have changed since then. So you need to hide that pathetic accent, and you need to speak like somebody from the big city,” she demands, slightly raising her tone.
You nod, and you keep quiet the rest of the ride. It’s better to leave your Mother to stew than anything else.
There’s another car there, and you recognize it before your Mother can even park next to it. “The Sheriff…” you whisper, stepping out of the vehicle. Your feet hit the gravel and mix the small stones around as you wobble just a tiny bit. “Run along, now,” she orders, closing the trunk with a loud slam. “Don’t I have to greet the Sheriff and Dad?” you wonder out loud, and your Mother rolls her eyes.
“Go,” she eventually tells you, and you run as fast as your feet can go. You step inside, and your skin already pebbles up into goosebumps, but you don’t have the patience to put your sweater on. You see your Father and the Sheriff speaking to each other in low tones, both looking equally as stressed as your Mother. “Hi, Mr. Sheriff Bodecker-Sir,” you nervously say, catching both of their attentions. Lee flicks his dark eyes towards you, and his bitter mood turns sweet at the sight of your smile.
“Good morning, sweetie,” he greets, tilting his head upwards, and your Father grumbles some sort of nonsense. “Go do what your Mother told you, make sure they’re not flimsy and disgusting,” your Father instructs, and you nod your head. “Go do what?” Lee curiously asks, placing his hands on his hips and clenching his jaw. He catches the way you wring your hands together, and he knows you’re intimidated by him. “I have to go collect twigs for a fire,” you explain to him, and he nods.
“Why not branches?” he questions, shifting his posture just a little bit. He stands straighter, and his tummy juts out only a tiny bit more. “I can’t cut them,” you inform, and he nods his head again. “Let me help you out; you’ll need to collect plenty for a fire,” he offers, even though it’s not really an offer and more of a suggestion than anything else. He doesn’t leave any room for you to either accept him or reject him; he just walks past you and out the door.
You follow Lee like a lost puppy dog, trying to keep up with the long strides that quickly take him to the forest. “How old are you, sweetheart?” he asks, taking his baton out. He uses it to smack at the tree branches that interrupt his path, and you have to wait until they stop shaking to pass by them. You tell him your age, and you don’t ask for his in return because it’s not the proper thing to do. “I’m forty. I know you wanted to ask, so there ya’ go,” he meekly tells you, and you nod even though he can’t see you.
“Have you ever done this before?” Lee questions and you have to pause to think. “Well, both yes and no. I use to look around for twigs when I was younger, but I’ve never had them ask me to go find a plethora of them,” you explain to him, looking down at the ground. The grass and dirt of the forest are covered in many dried leaves. Some are crunchy, and some aren’t. You fight the urge to jump on most of them because you know it won’t leave a nice impression on Lee.
“‘Plethora,’ you’re pretty smart, aren’t ya?” he wonders out loud, quoting the word you used in an almost envious tone. You open your mouth to answer, but he beats you to it. “I get, you’re from the big city or whateva,’ and maybe that means shit to some people, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. Alright? Tell your Father and Mother that. They’re too dumb to realize it,” he snaps, clearly frustrated with other things that you don’t even want to know. You obviously won’t tell them those exact words; you’d rather face the wrath of the Sheriff than the wrath of your parents.
Some leaves are wet. Perhaps from some light showers that happened a day or two ago. They stick to the bottom and sides of your shoes, but you don’t care enough to take them off. “Where are you even from anyways? San Francisco?” he rudely interrogates, and suddenly you feel like you’ve committed some sort of crime. Maybe thievery, or perhaps arson. A kind of guilt that would usually accompany those crimes weighs on your chest, and you’re not sure why.
You haven’t done anything wrong; you’ve simply just followed orders that everyone keeps throwing at you.
You wonder if your parents have that guilt. Or maybe they’ve got it as a burden instead. But they walk with a jump in each step, and they do more work than you can ever fathom doing, so there can’t be anything holding them down. No conscience, no guilt, no luggage, nothing. You, on the other hand, drag your feet when you walk. You rarely ever skip down the sidewalk, and you don’t jump around either. Every morning you wake up with butterflies in your stomach.
But they aren’t the good kind, so maybe instead of butterflies, you have moths. And unlike your parents, you just can’t lie without feeling bad.
“We’re from Tulsa, Sir,” you inform him with a whisper in your tone and an awkward smile on your face. There aren’t anymore leaves on the ground, and you begin to search for twigs. You’re unsure if you’re going to find enough for a fire, but you’ll try your hardest either way. Besides, it’s better to have something than nothing, right? “Tulsa? Like in Oklahoma?” he double-backs, not sure if he heard you right. Lee never would’ve thought you and your family are from Tulsa, of all places.
It seems almost criminal for you not to be from a big city where everyone is constantly bustling. You’ve got a sort of simple glamour to you that is meant to be strutted on the streets of New York, not on the rough, broken-down roads of Knockemstiff or Tulsa. Your family certainly doesn’t act like they’re from Tulsa; perhaps they’ve forgotten where they’ve come from. Money does have the known side effect of amnesia, no?
“Yes, Sir,” you affirm, nodding your head and kicking at some stone to find more twigs. You have around six or seven in your hand so far, and Lee has none. His palms are sweaty and hot, but yours are cold and dry. The weather gets you like that sometimes, but the Sheriff just runs hot. “Never thought you’d be from Tulsa. You belong in that New York place that everyone is flocking to,” he jokes under his breath with intentions of letting you hear him. You catch his words, and you let out a giggle because everyone says the same as well.
Lee smiles, appreciating the way you know he’s lighthearted.
“You gotta get more than that. That ain’t gonna do shit,” Lee points out, even though he doesn’t make any movements or attempts to help you out. You’re tired, and all you want to do is go home and sleep for the rest of the day. “About how many should I collect?” you ask him because he’s older and he knows better. He’s worldly, and you’re sure he can lend you some wisdom and expertise. “O’er twenty for sure,” he estimates, squinting his eyes to look at the handful of sticks in your hand.
“You got any friends? Or are you a loner? What about a job? Do you go to university or college?” The Sheriff suddenly bombards you with questions, and you stutter as you try to understand what he wants from you. “No, I don’t have any friends. But I’m not a loner. I don’t have a job, and I graduated college,” you explain to him as you try to keep your feet steady against the bumpy ground. You sort through sticks to find some twigs, and you only end up drawing two from your search.
“Hm, well, I can be your friend if you want. Besides, your parents are going to be inviting me over these coming days, and I don’t want it to be awkward,” Lee offers, and your ears perk up as his words sink in. “Really? Oh, wow, thank you so much, Mr. Bodecker-Sheriff-Sir!” you exclaim to him, turning around and wrapping your arms around his squishy, soft stomach. The hug lasts for only a fleeting moment, just a few seconds. You pull away from him, and you’re smiling so very brightly that Lee just knows you lied to him when you said you’re not a loner.
“Just call me Lee, since we’re friends now,” he tells you, and you nod. “Okay, Lee.” His name feels weird as it rolls off your tongue. Too casual. You feel the need to refer to him by something that carries respect, not friendliness. But you brush off the weirdness of it, knowing that you’ll get used to it eventually. “Look, over there. There’s a bunch of twigs yonder,” Lee points out, nodding in the direction of a shed with two large trees on either side. You look over, not sure how he sees any twigs from so far.
“C’mon,” he urges, stepping in front of you. Lee walks ahead of you, and you quickly follow behind him. You’ve now got around eleven twigs in your head, and they’re all poking your skin in a not-so-very gentle manner. The shed has rust all over it, the silver turning into a copper-brown colour that looks hard to clean. You remember one time your Father made you clean an old, rusted pan that he found in the garage. It took you hours, and by the end of it, you were absolutely exhausted.
Lee leans forward just a bit, bending down and using the black baton to push off some leaves and broken sticks. “There,” he says, slapping the wand on the ground and standing back up. You hesitatingly pick up the few twigs he’s uncovered, and you have a handful and a half. Your bag is resting on your elbow, and your sweater is wrapped around your waist. You don’t want it to get dirty, which is why you aren’t wearing it. “Thanks, Lee, I really appreciate it,” you express, pressing your lips together to give him a kind smile.
Lee nonchalantly waves his baton, and you’re surprised at how laid back and calm of a person he is. You expected him to be strict, a stickler for the rules, and as someone who’d constantly hover over you while you do simple things. Just waiting for you to mess up so he can smoke you out for your mistake. “You move around a lot, don’t you, sweet thing?” he questions after a few wordless moments.
Not silent, wordless.
You can hear each others’ chests rising and falling, both of your mouths slightly parted as you pant just a tiny bit. The wind whistles, shaking a few leaves and makes them rustle. “Yeah, we only settle down for a few months before we’re going somewhere else. It’s tiring, you know? I feel like I can barely catch my breath or sit down for a few seconds. Always taping boxes, writing ‘fragile’ on them, packing my suitcases,” you voice, knowing you could never say these things to your parents unless you want to have them yell at you.
“Well, I’m really sorry about that…” Lee meekly tells you, not sure what else to say. “I- It’s alright, not like it’s your fault, heh. I just want to have a normal life, not one that’s constantly changing,” you murmur to him, wondering about how different things would be—how different you would be if your Father wasn’t forcing you to change locations all the time. Lee thinks nice and hard about a way to change the topic because he can just feel the awkwardness growing by the second.
“You didn’t buy yourself a dress from the store? For the service?” he questions, and you look at him. “Nope,” you shake your head while popping the ‘p.’ You turn your body as you continue to look for more twigs, aiming to add at least fifteen or twenty before you go back to where your parents are waiting. He sucks in a sharp breath, and he clicks his tongue in a disappointing manner. Your furrow your eyebrows. Did you say something wrong? “Such a shame, there was this black one with lace on it. It was on one of the mannequins in the window. It would’ve looked lovely on you,” he explains to you, and you know just which dress he’s talking about.
“Oh, yeah, I liked that one,” you reply, squinting your eyes as you continue on with your search. “Bet your Mother buys more things for herself than she does for you, right?” The Sheriff questions and you nearly choke on your saliva. “Uhm, no, that’s not the case at all, Lee,” you inform him, trying your best to lie. “I’d get you anything you want, you know? Because that’s what friends do.” Lee has a sort of wicked smile on his face, lopsided and bright.
He takes a step closer towards you, mashing some poor leaves beneath his leather shoes. They’ve got steel tips, too, just like your Father. “R- Really?” you ask, stepping backwards to preserve some form of personal space. “Mhm, friends do so many things for each other; to each other…” he whispers. His voice drops to a low tone, breathy and not at all harsh. It’s calming, so very calming. “I never knew that,” you shyly admit to him, no longer looking for twigs. You’ve forgotten about them, in all honesty.
“There’s this special thing that friends do when they first grow a bond, like the bond we have right now! Do you want to do it?” Lee asks, hopeful and starry-eyed. You let out a small gasp, not knowing what he’s talking about yet still wanting to do it. It seems like your parents will be staying in Knockemstiff for a while… So you might as well strengthen your newfound friendship with Lee as soon as possible, right?
You nod your head excitedly, nearly making yourself giggle. Lee smirks at your eagerness, knowing that you’re absolutely clueless about what he’s going to do to you. “What is it? Is it like a game?” you ask him, more curious than a cat. He doesn’t say anything. No, nothing at all. Instead, he drops his beloved baton on the forest’s floor, and he pushes you against the shed. Your back bumps up against the zinc, but you’re not hurt by his suddenness. “Just… Watch, and feel sweetheart,” Lee hums gleefully, and you’re just a tad hesitant.
But he’s your friend, and you need to trust him. So you release yourself from your own binds and just go with what he’s doing. Friends don’t harm each other… Right?
Two warm hands scrunch up the cloth of your dress, forming a pile of white polyester at your lower abdomen. Your crotch area is exposed, and goosebumps immediately find a home on your skin. “Hold that,” he orders, and you listen to him. His hands get replaced with yours, and Lee can feel his blood rushing down to his cock from being so close to touching your pussy. His nimble yet slightly chubby fingers hook into the waist of your cotton panties, and he slowly pulls them down.
You watch him as he lets your underwear fall at your ankles, and your cunt is exposed. He stares you directly in your eyes, only intimidating you and not comforting you at all. But despite your slowly growing discomfort (and slight fear as well), you remain as silent as a grave, and you don’t dare to say anything against what he’s doing.
Those same fingers of Lee’s have been stained with blood and dirt before. They’ve been stained with tears and whipped cream. They’ve been cut up and broken before. Now, they are soaked with your wetness as he lightly touches your folds. He’s not sure why you’re wet, but he likes to think that it’s all because of him. “You’re soaked, sweetie. Why’s that?” Lee questions, a sort of condescending tone lingering between his words.
“Uhm… I- I don’t know, Lee- Isn’t this, like, bad? Since it’s out of wedlock and all…” you nervously ask him, worried about all the things your parents have told you in your life. “Nope, because we’re friends, darling!” he cheers, a bright smile on his face. You let out a sigh of relief, your nerves no longer set on fire due to your unnecessary overthinking. “Just relax for me, and let me do what I need to do,” Lee urges, and you lean your head against the zinc behind you to calm down.
Lee traces his fingers up and down your lips, just barely grazing your swollen clit. He knows he shouldn’t waste any time because these days, it seems to fly quickly. His digits decide to leave your little button alone, and he brings them to your drooling hole. He also knows he shouldn’t take his precious time with every move, which is why he pushes his two fingers inside you without warning. You cry out loudly at the sudden pain that fills you. You feel like you’re being intruded by a rude passerby, perhaps one with eyes that can’t leave anything unseen.
“L- Lee, it hurts!” you whine to him, wondering if you’re being ripped in half. He says nothing, and he lowers himself onto the ground. His left knee rests against the pile of leaves, and he watches the way your pussy hugs his fingers tightly. He’s as stiff as a rock, if not more. He’d love to push you to your limits and even past them, too. Lee strokes your inner walls as he lets you get adjusted to him. With him, you’ll always be filled up with something.
“Does it still hurt, sweetheart?” the Sheriff mockingly asks, but you’re too oblivious to notice the way he taunts you and your weakness. “N- Not as much as before… It kind of feels good, like, tingly?” you describe to him as best as you can, and he just wants to fuck that innocence out of you as soon as possible. ”Aw, I’m glad you’re feeling it now. And plus, I’d much rather see you writing in pain in other ways,” he whispers under his breath. You don’t catch his words because you’re too busy trying to catch your breath.
Lee doesn’t think he’s a sadist; no, of course not. He just believes that you’d look so pretty crying for him to stop hurting you. The burning sensation has turned into something gratifying, and you wonder if Lee has magic laced between his wickedly clever words. Lee’s cock strains against his brown pants, and he has a feeling you’ll be the death of him. “This li’l cunt of yours is so tight, baby. I bet you’ve never touched it before, right? Well, I’ll be damned. I guess first come, first serve really does apply to everythin’,” he casually chatters, talking as though he isn’t knuckle-deep inside of you in the middle of a forest.
“I’d love to ruin this little hole a’ yours. You’d make me the happiest man alive if you let me,” he hums, pressing his lips together as your wetness soaks his hand. “What the fuck am I even sayin’? You don’t gotta give me permission or anything. This is my little pussy. And I’ll do whatever I want with it, even if it isn’t too holy,” he chuckles, and you nod in agreement because you’d trust him with your life, especially since he’s your friend.
Lee slowly begins to thrust his digits in and out of your virgin hole, admiring the squelching sounds and sheen that your arousal causes. Your breath hitches at the growing pleasure, and your hips buck towards him. “Already a slut for me, aren’t ya?” the Sheriff chortles, and you squeeze your hands into tight fists. The twigs poke into your soft skin, and you let out a hiss. You drop them right by his feet, and you look down to where they’ve fallen. Instead of your eyes meeting the ground, they cross with Lee’s, and you find yourself entranced.
You both gaze at each other longingly, and Lee pushes his fingers back into your pussy. Your jaw drops, and you let out a gasp at the lovely stimulation. The man beneath you curls his fingers, and he quickly finds that sweet spot. Your knees buckle, and you nearly give away. “That feels so good, doesn’t it, sweetie? I know it does, and it’ll feel even better in a few seconds,” Lee whispers, shallowly fucking his fingers into your pussy. He tries his hardest to multitask, but he can only really focus on the way you’re slowly turning into a slut just for him.
“Feels- Feels so good, Lee,” you whimper, gyrating your hips against his hand out of pure helplessness. You have no idea as to what you’re doing, but you let your body take control. “Call me ‘Daddy,’ okay?” he orders, and you nod. It’s a bit peculiar, but you’d do anything to make your friend happy. “Okay, Daddy,” you agree before you bite down on your bottom lip. The pads of his fingers stroke your walls and your g-spot roughly. Yet, his movements are still a bit slow as he has no plans to make you come just yet.
You’ve never experienced anything like this. You wonder if this is what heaven feels like because, damn, this pleasure must be from there. And if it’s a place on Earth, it must be wherever Lee goes. Maybe he hails from there. You’ve never met a man so nice like him. He’s the first to ever make you feel anything.
A certain pressure fills your stomach, and your skin lights on fire with a sort of sensitivity. Your legs twitch every now and then, and they nearly clamp down on Lee’s arm. He switches motions, from scissoring his digits to pushing them into you. You’re panting like a bitch in heat, and your cunt is soaking wet. You feel messy, but you don’t care. “Uhm, Daddy? Why does it feel so overwhelming?” you worryingly ask him as a knot in your stomach grows. You’re not sure what it is, and you try your hardest to pinpoint the feeling.
You feel like you need to use the bathroom, and the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself in front of your new friends. And if you do, you know he’ll leave just like the rest of them. “That’s because of my fingers, baby. Don’t worry, okay? Just relax and let it happen,” the Sheriff reassures, even though you’re still uneasy about it. Something about it puts you off, and even though you want to try your hardest, you don’t want to risk anything. “I don’t think I can, Daddy… I’m really sorry!” you exclaim to him, worried that he’s upset with your words.
And he is. He’s so very upset with not only your words but with you as well.
Lee sighs heavily, with disappointment and a touch of sadness written on his features, too. “I’m really, really sorry!” you apologize once again, even though your words just can’t correctly grasp how distressed you are. He clicks his tongue, and he shakes his head. He feels a bit bad for you, but he also feels hurt that you won’t push your boundaries for him. You’re supposed to be his special one, and you’re supposed to do absolutely anything for him.
A harsh wind cuts through the silence, and Lee almost wants to ignore your pleas and continue to toy with you however he likes. But he’s not that cruel, and he’s not stupid, either. He knows if he messes up once, it’ll forever be engraved in your mind.
Suddenly, he pulls his fingers out of your pussy. He leaves you empty and gaping, and you miss the full feeling that you enjoyed. His hand is sticky with your juices, and the sight of your arousal on him makes him feral. “It’s okay, sweetie, I understand,” he softly tells you, and he even graces you with a charming smile. You wonder how he isn’t married, especially since Lee is so perfect.
Every woman in Knockemstiff either has no taste, or they’re just plain stupid.
“N- No, it’s not okay! Because I ruined it… Will it ruin our friendship? Oh, God, please don’t let that happen! Please, Lee- I mean, Daddy. I can’t lose you. You’re my only friend...” you beg him, only now realizing how grave your mistake is. You want to take back your words so badly, but you know that it’s too late for that. Tears sting your innocent eyes, and your throat aches as you feel a sob build up there. All it can take is one sentence before the waterworks start.
Lee realizes that he can simply just play you like a fiddle. Your naivety may be a curse for you, but it’s a gift for him. “Well, I can’t say for sure what it means for our future. Y’know, that was supposed to be a special moment! But you ruined it, sweetie,” he tells you with sadness on his tongue. Your face forms a frown, and you look away from him to try and push out your heavy emotions. “But, we can fix it,” he adds, and you flash your gaze towards him. “Really?” you ask in disbelief, hopeful that maybe your friendship won’t be going to waste.
“Yes, sweetie, we sure can fix it. You want that, don’t ya? Well, all you gotta do is let me use you how I please,” he briskly explains, and you immediately nod your head. Your heart soars, perhaps like one of the seagulls by the beach, and maybe you’re the happiest person in the whole wide world. “How do I do that, Lee? Sorry, Daddy. Please tell me, I don’t want to spoil anythin’ of ours anymore. Oh, and thank you for givin’ me another chance! I’m really grateful!” you ramble, your face bright even though you haven’t really acknowledged what you’re asking for.
Hearing you call him ‘Daddy” makes Lee want to sin over and over again, without asking for forgiveness from anyone at all. His pants and boxers are just too uncomfortable, and his cock is basically begging to be buried in your canal. Lee abruptly stands up, towering over you like the true monster he is. You gulp thickly, nervous, and just a tiny bit erratic. He moves a little closer to you, and his stomach touches yours. “Turn around and lift up your skirt,” he orders, with his eyes blown out into absolute darkness.
You nod, and you slowly do as he said. He watches you like a hawk, and he stares at your ass as it’s gradually uncovered. He’d love to spank you and play with your butt until you’re begging him to stop, but he knows he shouldn’t get too ahead of himself. Lee’s feet kick at your ankles gently, and he urges you to spread your legs further apart. You do exactly that, and you can feel chills running throughout your body. Patiently, of course, you wait for either his next move or demand. You’re not sure if you should say or do anything else, so you decide to keep quiet until he speaks.
Lee quietly drags his zipper down before he undoes his button and fiddles with his belt. He does it all as quickly as he can, with his chest heavy and face slightly flushed. The vein on his temple bulges out from his arousal, and Lee swears he can’t recall the last time he’s felt this way. He struggles just a little bit before finding the groove of his movements at last. His pants fall down his legs, and he lets his boxers join them, too. Lee’s cock bounces up, hard and leaking, and it slaps against his stomach.
One of his big hands grip the base of it, and he watches as a bead of pre-cum slowly rolls past his slit. He’s a raging red, perhaps almost purple colour. “Daddy?” you eventually call out, wondering if he’s okay. “I’m here, li’l baby, I’m here,” he reassures before taking a step closer towards you. “Hold onto the shed, and don’t make a sound unless it’s my name,” Lee commands, and you do exactly that. You splay your hands on the grey yet copper-coloured zinc, and you press your lips together until they form a thin line.
Lee guides the fat tip of his cock to your soaking wet pussy, and the foreign feeling of something so bulbous has you a bit nervous. He knows that if you saw his cock, you’d panic. He slowly pushes it inside you, watching as your cunt stretches around him. You hug him tightly, and Lee moans loudly. You’re biting down on your lip roughly, trying not to make any noises at all, but it’s hard. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groans, swiping his tongue against his bottom lip. You have no idea what he means, but you have a feeling it’s about something good.
“Just grippin’ me like a fuckin’ fist, hm?” he jokes, bucking his hips into you. His girthy, thick cock sheaths itself entirely inside your pussy, and you feel like you’re either going to burst or split in half. His groin rests against your ass, and Lee tosses his head back. Tears sting your eyes from this sudden pain that burns you without remorse. “D- Daddy…” you whimper out to him, scared that maybe something terrible will happen. “Shh, shut your stupid fuckin’ mouth, it’s okay. You’re okay, just keep quiet and let me fuck you,” he sneers, and you whisper out a quick apology.
You feel full, maybe a little too full for your liking. The kind of fullness that you lost moments before this, but just at a tenfold. “It’s too much, Daddy,” you finally cry out, and Lee quickly shuts you up by clamping a hand over your mouth. “Can’t fucking listen, can’t ya? Gonna have to fix that another day,” he grunts, fed up with your obstinate ways. He waits just a few more seconds, perhaps ten or twelve by his horrible counting, and he decides to just get on with taking what he wants.
He slowly pulls his cock out of your pussy, until just the tip is left inside you. The feeling is funny, but you quickly adjust to it. Suddenly, he thrusts into your cunt roughly, and he begins to fuck you. His other hand grips your waist tightly, and he knows that you’re going to have the prettiest bruises when he’s done with you. “Fuck,” he groans, and he watches as he slides in and out of you effortlessly. His cock is coated in your wetness, and he can’t wait until he’s covered in your cum. You’re wailing loudly behind his hand, except no tears are leaking from your eyes.
A mixture of pain and pleasure is what you’re feeling. “Good girl, good fucking girl. Take it, take my cock like the whore you are,” he spits, biting down on his wet bottom lip to keep himself from spewing even more profanities. The sound of skin slapping against skin fills both of your ears, but you’re just focusing on the way he feels so good inside you. It’s better than having his fingers inside you, so much better. The tip of his cock finds your sweet spot, and he pounds against it mercilessly. You clench down on him from the feeling, but you’re only really adding fuel to the hot fire that burns inside him.
“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” you moan, though your words are muffled, and he can barely hear you. His cock drives in and out of you quickly and harshly, just how he likes it. His paws hold you like you’re a toy, and he doesn’t care for the way you’re struggling to catch your breath. Each time his cock is shoved back into your sweet pussy, you feel like the wind is being knocked out of you. Drool leaks from your mouth, and it stains his palm like how your wetness stains his cock. “Best pussy I’ve ever fuckin’ had, I swear. Look atcha, eyes rollin’ back in yer head like you’re fuckin’ possessed or somethin’ like that,” Lee snickers, slowing down his thrusts.
His cock doesn’t pound into you as roughly as it should be, and your body is disappointed. You press your chest further against the shed, and you push your ass backwards. You try your hardest to get him to continue, and you’re not sure why, but you’re desperate. Lee lets out a wicked laugh, and he admires the way you’ve turned into his slut in the matter of half an hour. He shallowly plunges upwards, and he lets his cock kiss your g-spot so very lightly that it makes your legs quiver. “You want it so badly, don’t you? Bet your father would go insane if he knew about what I’m doing to you.
Both of your chests rise and fall, and you’re also glistening with sweat. Lee’s movements have ceased, and his lower body is still. “Look at us, just being the best of friends. Do you like this, baby? Well, I know you ain’t gotta answer because I can see how much you love my cock being inside this lovely pussy. It belongs to me now, okay? All of you belong to me. I'm gonna do something, and you better not complain or fight me. But you’re my good little girl, so I know you’ll listen to me,” Lee hums, and you sigh from behind the muzzle that is his hand.
The veins on his cock throb inside you, and you can feel it. You’re hugging him so nicely, just as snug as a sleeve. He removes his paw from your mouth, and you take a deep breath. “Nice, right? Now, I want you to make some pretty noises. Say my name as much as you can. I want to hear it all,” he requests gently, though it’s more like a demand. You nod your head obediently, and you’ve got a smile on your face. Lee fights the urge to pinch your cheeks because he just finds you to be oh so adorable.
The cutest he’s ever had in his hands (and on his cock).
He starts to use you like a ten-cent whore once again, only this time he’s more considerate of you than before. That strange tightening inside you comes back, and you’re nervous. The grip Lee has on you is brutal, absolutely brutal. It hurts so badly, but it’s not enough to wash out the lovely pleasure you’re feeling. You feel like fireworks are being set off on your each and every nerve—sparking up, flying off, and then exploding—and it’s hard to admit that you love the feeling just like how Lee loves his alcohol.
“You know how long I’ve wanted to do this? Ever since I saw you move in, I knew I had to turn you into my fuck toy. And look at yourself now, getting fucked outside of a church when you’re supposed to be a good li’l girl,” he whispers in your ear, and you let out a gasp. Your jaw falls slack, and with one specifically harsh thrust, your eyes fall back into your head. Lee laughs at this dumb look on your face, but his cheerfulness dies down as soon as you clench around his cock tightly.
A moan leaves his mouth, and it has you whimpering. “C- Could barely hold back anymore. Y’know, I had a nice plan, too? We was gonna go to some nice motel, one up by Brewer Heights or some overripe place like that. Maybe I would’ve taken you on a date, but I don’t think your parents would’ve been too fond of knowing that I’d be the first and last man to stuff this pussy full of cock and cum,” he chuckles, almost like some movie villain who is revealing their mastermind plan.
You don’t understand some of the things he’s saying, why wouldn’t your parents be fond of him?
Your eyebrows knit in confusion, and he marvels at how braindead you are. “Goddamn, baby. Really are going stupid ‘cause of my cock, aren’t ya? You’re definitely a keeper, never letting you out of my sights until I get a ring on that finger,” Lee ponders out loud, and your heart jumps at the thought of marrying him. Your Mother has always said it’s better to marry a friend rather than a foe or a stranger. Lee is your friend; he’s your best friend. It would work out well. You know it would. “W- Want that so badly, Daddy. I wanna be yours,” you hazily mumble to him.
“Well, I got a really nice way to make you mine,” Lee informs you, shallowly and sloppily thrusting his hips. He feels his balls tightening up, and he knows he’s just as close as you are. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum; I’m going to stuff you full with it. And I’ll even watch it leak out too. Everybody will watch it leak from this messy pussy a’ yours,” he husks, and he begins to bring you closer to him. You meet him up at each thrust, and every part of your body is sensitive. “D- Daddy, it’s happening again! I- I don’t think I can do it,” you worryingly tell him, even though your pussy is desperately gripping onto his thick cock.
Lee ignores your words, and he continues to fuck you. Your moans grow louder and louder, making you sound like the slut you are. “Come for me, baby, come all over my cock. Do it, now,” he orders, and your body complies. Your pussy convulses around him, fluttering from pleasure, and you wail from the overwhelming sensation. “Daddy!” you cry out to him, and he hushes you as he hits his own climax. As your juices coat his cock, white ropes of cum shot from his tip and paint your walls. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he groans, resting his head against your slightly sticky shoulder.
He looks downwards, and Lee watches as your fluids mix with each other. His movements halt, and the Sheriff sighs with satisfaction. There’s a slight tinge of blood that colours his cock, but he pays no mind to it. He pulls his softening member out of you and quickly drags your panties up your legs. “Put yer skirt back down. You’re okay. You did a good job, baby. I’m proud of ya,” he admits with a meek smile on his face. “Heh, thank you, Daddy!” you cheer, even though you’re exhausted and in pain. He places himself back in his boxers, and he dresses back up.
You turn around, and lean against the shed that you’ve grown fond of. Lee hoops his belt back together, and he reaches into his pocket. You watch his carefully, feeling his cum leak out of your pussy. It stains your panties, and you squeeze your thighs together to stop it from dripping down to your legs. Lee pulls out a can of gin, and he unscrews the cap of it. He takes a swift swig from it, and you watch as he puckers his face up from the taste. His eyes catch yours, and he stares at you for a bit.
You give him a soft grin, and he squeezes his left hand into a fist. Lee pulls the container away from his mouth, and he disappointingly shakes his head. Before you can even ask him anything, he throws the gin to the side like it means nothing to him anymore. “Is everything okay?” you question, innocently tilting your head as if you didn’t just get your pussy pounded by him. “Yeah, just tryin’ to be holy or whatever it is,” he lies, before deciding to walk off without you. You quickly follow him, not knowing what else to do without him. You’re helpless, and you don’t choose him like how he chose you, you’ll be blown in the wind as you once were.
But you should know he’ll never trade your body for a can of gin. No, not when you’ve got him all over you.
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angrythingstarlight · 3 months ago
Okay, so we know you don’t like Mr. Freezy, but how do you feel about this guy…
Tumblr media
…bending you over and taking you on the hood of his cruiser?
Yes... my kinda NSFW thots below. No minors. 18+ only. Lee has a big ole c*ck.  Vag sex, little bit o' dirty talk.
He bent you over, one large hand resting on the center of your back, your face pushed into the coarse tweed jacket that he placed on top of the hood.
His cruiser is parked on the side of the deserted paved road with your smaller car right behind it. The darkness is broken by the dim glow of the cruiser's headlights and a few scattered stars peeking through the cloudy night sky.
It's exhilarating.
Getting the sheriff riled up like this.
You had stopped by the station to pay off a few parking tickets when you spotted the sheriff giving a lecture to some of his recruits. 
All it took was a quip about his newly appointed deputy looking handsome in his freshly pressed uniform and you had Lee right where you wanted him. 
You were nearly home when the good sheriff pulled you over, giving you a ticket for speeding. 
You smirked as he wrote it up and when he tossed it you with a gruff goodnight sugar,  you casually asked when Mark would have a day off, you wanna see if he looks just as good out of his uniform as he does in it.
Lee stomped back to your car, peering in your window. His blue eyes darkening as he snarled, “repeat that for me honey.” 
Jealousy is a good color on him. You were soaked so fast, you think you made have stained your seat, your panties sticking to your pussy as he slowly grinned at you. 
Your hands are above your head, the cold metal cuffs digging into your warm skin.
Batting your eyelashes, you lift your head. "Aw dewdrop, all I said was Mark looked cute."
Lee glowers at your teasing tone, his calloused fingers pushing you back into position. He kicks your legs apart, pushing up your floral skirt with a rough yank, your panties dragged down to your knees.
The chill night hits your heated flesh a second before his large hand does. The loud smack resounding across the field next to you. “Now imma count to ten and you better apologize for disrespectin me in front of my men, little girl.” 
“Go on Lee,” you sass. “I'll count for you, ten, five, one.” You prattle off, swishing your hips back and forth. 
He chuckles, the sounds of his belt rattling mingling with your excited panting. “You don’t want me to count to ten, well let's see if you can take ten,” he smirks. 
Your eyes widen at the feel of his warm smooth tip moving through your folds. His large hands parting your sore cheeks and he pounds into you, his cock sliding into your tight hole so fast your back arches at an almost unnatural angle,  your drenched walls burning and fluttering as he stretches you.
 “What's that sweetheart, huh, go on and call me dewdrop again.” He taunts, pulling all the way out, smacking your clit with throbbing cock. “Go on, I wanna hear ya.” 
Grabbing your waist, he slides back into you, your pussy stretched wide over his thick length, he’s so deep you feel him in your chest. A shuddery gasp catches in your throat, your lungs not able to take the crisp night air in fast enough to match his rapid pace.
Oh, he feels better than you dreamed, his cock hitting spots you didn’t know you had until now. Your feet lift off to the ground until your toes are swaying over the dirt surface. 
“Look at you,” he crows, “taking all this dick like a good girl.” His large hand smacking your ass as he watches his cock disappear into your snug warmth. 
Your fingers curl, nails digging into your palm as you shamelessly sob his name. The vulgar sounds of his skin hitting yours gets louder when he brings your hips down, making you meet each deep stroke.  A knot forms in your belly faster than you expect, your eyes glazing over as the pleasure mounts until its almost unbearable.
 “There you go, thatta girl,” he grunts, feeling you tighten around him as he wrenches another needy moan from you. 
“Hell if you squirt all over my hood, I might reduce to your fine to fifty dollars.” 
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lmao-liz · 2 months ago
⇢ ˗ˏˋ  most of these fics are 18+ minors dni ࿐ྂ
୨⎯  please read all warnings, I am not responsible for your media consumption  ⎯୧
✪ - Must read’s  | ❥ - Feel good reads
Tumblr media
⤳ dilf practice ━ @bucksfucks​
⤳ fuck you (derogatory)  ━ @bucksfucks​ ​
⤳ pretty boy ━ @bucksfucks​ ❥​
⤳ The Graduation Party ━ @becca-e-barnes​
⤳ A Tender Heart (series) ━ @river-soul-library​
⤳ Your Filthy Heart  (series)  ━ @sweeterthanthis​
⤳ peaches (series)  ━ @buckycuddlebuddy​
⤳ invisible smoke ━ @holdontorogers​ 
⤳ little dove (au)  ━ @belovasbrat​ ✪​
⤳ hungry eyes  ━ @imagineaworld​ 
⤳ Partition ━ @angrythingstarlight​ 
​⤳ The Match (series) ━ @babyboibucky​
⤳ of course you do  ━ @purple-babygirl​ ✪
Tumblr media
⤳ Just Be a Good Sport ━ @qyllenhaal​ 
⤳ just friends ━ @bucksfucks​ 
⤳ Birth Control  ━ @just-iimagine​ 
⤳ having my way ━ @balenciagabucky​ 
⤳ Set Up (series) ━ @time-for-a-lullaby​ 
⤳ a little sensitive ━ @buckyhoney​ 
⤳ I Spy ━ @honeyloverogers​  ❥
⤳ dirty little secret ━ @agentofbarnes​ 
⤳ Ignition ━ @fuckandfluff​  
⤳ Put You In Your Place  ━ @cockslut-padalecki​
⤳ Burning  ━ @agentofbarnes​  ✪
⤳ little fucking brat  ━ @belovasbrat​ 
⤳ Suburban Pleasure (series) ━ @kinanabinks​  ✪
⤳ Shiny Happy Fits of Rage  ━ @the-iceni-bitch​ 
Tumblr media
⤳ daddy’s pretty ━ @purple-babygirl​ 《BUCKY BARNES》
​⤳ for your sake ━ @purple-babygirl​  《BUCKY BARNES》 ✪
⤳ we’re up all night to get lucky ━ @nsfwsebbie​ 《BUCKY BARNES》
⤳ little girl  ━  @bucksfucks​ 《ANDY BARBER》
⤳ I Am Iron Man (series) ━ @alittlegiraffe​ 《TONY STARK》
⤳ To Tire ━ @lavendercitizen​ 《LEE BODECKER》 ❥
⤳ stevie and his dovey  ━  @belovasbrat​ 《BUCKY + STEVE》
⤳ Daddy!Bucky + Mommy!Nat  ━ @rainy-babie​ 
⤳ Marvel x Little (Masterlist) ━ @mianorth​
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georgiapeach30513 · a month ago
Desperate Affairs Masterlist
Tumblr media
Engaged to Andy Barber, and deeming him too safe, and only wanting to be intimate to get you pregnant, you start a sex only relationship with Ransom Drysdale.  Nothing is ever easy, and you get yourself into a web of lies.  Are you the only one lying?
Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8.5, Jake Jensen, Part 9, Part 9.5, Meeting Andy, Part 10, Part 10.5, Girl Talk, Part 11, Part 11.5, Part 12, Part 12.5, Part 13, Part 13.5, Mrs. Barber, Part 14, Part 14.5, Part 15, Part 15.5, Part 16, Part 16.5, Ransom’s Girls, Part 17, Part 17.5, Part 18, Part 18.5, Camera Footage, Mary Adler, Part 19, Frank, Ransom, Andy, Part 20, Halloween, Part 21, Part 21.5, Part 22, Axel, Part 22.5, Thanksgiving, Part 23, Part 23.5, Part 24, Part 24.5, Part 25 
A/N: this is a dark!fic that is a cheating story. Each chapter will be tagged with warnings. There are moments of dub con/non con, cheating, secrets, lies, manipulations, mental health, death threats, abuse, death, etc. proceed with caution. YOU are the one responsible for the content you consume.
Tumblr media
*This has a whole heap of Chris Evans characters!  Only 4 more and EVERY CE character will be in this*  Only 3 More to go! Unless I add in his EARLY works.
Ransom Drysdale, Andy Barber, Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge, Steve Rogers, Jake Jensen, Frank Adler, Mike Weiss, Paul Diskant, Curtis Everett, Ari Levinson, Bill, James Mace, Bryce Langley, Johnny Storm, Colin Shea, Harvard Hottie, Kyle, Jake Wyler, Syd, Lucas Lee, Me, Chris Evans, Dennis Baker, Dr. Fisk, Jimmy Dobyne, Ryan, Lloyd Hansen, Neil Mavromates,  Nick Gant, Judd, Casey Jones, Nick Vaughan, Stuart Stanton, Orin Scrivello
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gotnofucks · 24 days ago
The Claiming of the Sheriff
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 2: Handcuffs
Pairing: dadsbestfriend!Lee Bodecker x soft!dark!Reader
Summary: You wanted him, he wanted you. But he was too honourable and you were too greedy. So you made the choice for both of you.
Words: 1.8k
Warnings: dub-con (bordering on non-con if you squint), forced creampie, implied forced marriage, smut, language, blackmail, implied age gap (no figures mentioned), 18+ ONLY
Tumblr media
The station was sparse this time of the day, most officers leaving for their homes or smoking out at the back. Suspects glared at you from their portraits that were mounted on the walls with huge “Most Wanted” signs under them. You knew one of them, he was sweet on you in high school. If your father knew, he’d have a man tail you in fear of your safety. You kept it to yourself.
Knocking softly on the door beside your father’s, you entered before the man inside could answer. He was sitting behind his desk, a hand resting against his generous belly while the other held a report that he was keenly examining. Your eyes swept over the littered candy wrappers on his desk, and you sighed, wondering why he indulged in them when you were willing to offer him your own sweetness.
“Don’t.” He warned as he saw you lock the door behind you, but you did it anyway. You didn’t take orders from him. His eyes narrowed as you closed in on him, climbing over the table and dangling your legs right before him, legs spread in invitation.
“I missed you Sheriff. Why don’t cha walk me home tonight?” You asked, fluttering your lashes at him. The man had proved most resolute against your seduction, and it was as much a bruise to your ego as to your heart. Men weren’t supposed to restrain themselves this way.
Lee glared at you, trying, and failing to keep his eyes from dipping to where you had splayed your legs open to give a view of your clothed center. “We cannot do this. Stop it.”
You didn’t stop. You slipped out of your shoes carelessly and raised your legs on either side of his chair, capturing him in between. He seized up, as if trying to fold in on himself so he didn’t brush against you. You grinned at him, and he grit his teeth in response.
“Your father is behind this wall.” He growled, jerking his head to the wall opposite him. “If not for me, then at least stop for him. What will your daddy think if he saw his little girl here like this?”
There was a stiffness in his shoulders as if his body was at war with himself. Half of him wanted to claim you, touch you. But the other half of him was bound to his best friend’s loyalty, to your father.
“Not so little anymore, hmm?” You teased, playing with your boobs until Lee let out a long-suffering groan. His eyes closed as if to shield himself from the abject torture of watching you do this and not participating. “Look at me Sheriff!”
His eyes snapped open and met yours, widening at the sudden hardness in your voice. You had waited long enough for him to make a move, for him to do something more than give you those looks that make your knees weak or chasing away every guy that sniffed around your skirts. He won’t take you and he wouldn’t let anyone take you either. You hadn’t the time for him to decide what he wanted. This choice was yours to make.
As you held his gaze, you grabbed the heavy handcuffs from his desk and scooted forward so that you could secure each of his wrists to the arms of the chair. He hissed, trying to desist but you shushed him, the look in your eyes something he had never seen before. You were known to be naughty, even flirty, but until now you weren’t known to be scary. But a woman with a wanting quim was scary, she was dangerous. And you had gone beyond.
“You can’t touch me because of my father. I get it.” You whispered in his ear, leaning in so much that your bottom was barely on the table. “But I don’t care about shit like that. I can touch you.”
Fingers caressed the plump flesh of his cheeks and he sucked in a sharp breath, your touch searing through him. The wrinkles were smooth under your hands, his barely there stubble rough and your mouth parted because you couldn’t believe this was happening. He had kept you at bay despite his obvious wanting, and if you knew all you needed to do was handcuff him into submission, you would have done it a long time ago.
The first brush of your mouth against his felt like a lie. Truths weren’t so sweet, and so you kissed him deeper to assure yourself of reality. The Sheriff was under you, his arms struggling in the metal cuffs as you moved your mouth against his. You could taste the chocolate on his tongue, and you wondered if you’d be able to taste yourself there.
He said your name, almost brokenly when you slipped out of your dress and presented him your bare breast. Lust, guilt, greed, a toxic concoction in his eyes. His tongue came out to wet his lips, nose flaring as you were just out of reach. Gently holding his head between your hands, nails scratching at the nape of it, you brought your nipple to his mouth and moaned when it slipped inside the warmth of it.
“You could’ve made me a mother by now.” You scolded, softly. He whined, and you switched your tit until both were glistening with his saliva. You pressed deeper until your flesh suffocated him, until his breath rasped against your skin. “You could have marked me months ago Lee. You have kept me from yourself.”
He coughed once you let him go, colour rising rapidly in his face but not a word of protest from his mouth. Was friendship superior to love? Did he deserve your young and chaste flesh? He deserved your pain, didn’t he, for all the one he caused you?
“Please.” He breathed, unsure of what he begged for. Maybe to relieve him of the sin you were prepared to pull him into, or maybe to unveil what lay hidden between your thighs that made him tremble when he dreamt at night. The choice, he knew was yours. And you pulled down your panties and unbuckled his pant until he was hot and hard in your hands.
“I’ve seen cocks before.” You murmured, kneeling to press a kiss to the weeping slit of his cock. “Boys like to show me theirs. They aren’t pretty things, those limp slugs.”
Your mouth enveloped him and he jerked harshly in the chair, its feet scratching against the floor as you bobbed up and down on his length. Salty, slightly bitter taste on your tongue made you smile. Such a sweet man, with every flavor known to mankind in his body.
“Your cock is beautiful.” You told him, pulling away and looking him in the eye. You had drool on your chin, eyes blown wide with lust and power as your father’s best friend stared at you with incomprehensible desire.
“Why?” Lee asked. Why what? Why were you doing this to him? Why was his dick different? That answer was one and the same. It was him, the man who was haunting your dreams and ruining your days. The man who had sworn to protect you like his own. And you wanted to be his so bad. Not his daughter, but his girl. If he wanted, you’d call him daddy.
Turning around, you positioned him at your core and rubbed him over your slit, hitting against your swollen nub until your body readied itself for his intrusion. His cock was fat, thicker than anything you had put inside you. It will hurt. Good. You wanted it to hurt.
“Stop!” He tried one last time, eyes fixed on the wall opposite him as if he could see your father through it, glaring at you both with a disapproving look. You bent until his head was pressed into your heat, a hitch in your breath.
“Don’t worry Sheriff, you can sit and let me do all the work. No guilt for you because we both know I was the bad girl who lured the honourable Sheriff into her bed. When you go home, you can feel as pure and virginal as you want, and I’ll be the witch who just wouldn’t stop.”
You stifled a painful moan as you sank on him, his own grunt joining you. He was shaking the whole chair with how hard he tried to release himself. But he couldn’t touch you. You wouldn’t allow him to. He could keep his loyalty and you could keep your lust.
Bouncing slowly, almost too slow, you fucked him. Lee’s head was thrown back, his body slacken and stiff as you rode him. Your fingers plucked at your own nipples; head turned over your shoulder to look at his face that contracted with pleasure. His eyes were the darkest shade of blue you had ever seen. You played with your nub, chasing your pleasure as his cock stretched you open with the most delicious pain you ever knew.
“Would you claim me if I were with child?” You questioned and this time you registered genuine anger and fear in his eyes. If you do what you were about to do, there was no going back. You were twisting his arm in the worst way possible, ruining his friendship with your father and reputation in this town.
“Get off! Now!” He barked and your smirked at his desperation. You had your answer. His voice rose, uncaring if someone heard as he tried to buck his hips to throw you off. You went faster, impaling yourself on him rapidly until your butt was but a blur. He cursed as your pussy clenched around him, dripping sweet essence all over his balls. You could hear his struggle to hold off, how hard he clenched his jaw. You squeezed your muscles harder around him until he couldn’t help it anymore, exploding with a growl inside you.
You remained put, feeling him soften inside you. His head was hung in defeat, and he looked at you with accusation. Getting up with a wince, you turned to face him again, dropping once more to your knees so you could lick away the remains of your union. Tucking him, you made him presentable, dressing yourself next as he silently stewed in your betrayal.
“I’ll see you at my house with a marriage proposal soon.” You said and kissed him deep. He could probably taste the both of you on your tongue. “I would say I am sorry, but you know I never lie to you. See you later Sheriff.”
And you undid one of his cuffs and gave him the key while you exited his room with all your poise intact. Your father met you on your way out, waving a greeting. He said he’ll be home soon. You promised dinner would be waiting on the table.
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Lee Bodecker A/B/O masterlist
Tumblr media
Masterlist for all Lee Bodecker A/B/O stories
💦 story contains smut
💔 story contains angst
💕 story contains fluff
Tumblr media
No Good 💦 💔
Brattiness at its best 💦 
The devil you know 💦 💔 Coming Soon
Tumblr media
Find all other stories with Bucky/Sebastian here: Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​​​
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sweetdreamsbuck · 21 days ago
go ahead, baby
words 4866 Lee Bodecker x f!reader warnings: filth! daddy kink, overstimulation, restraints, praise, slight degradation, cursing, unprotected sex (wrap it pls, your life isn’t fiction), oral (f receiving), petnames, fluff
synopsis: You’ve been taking cooking classes to surprise Lee for your anniversary. You try to keep it a secret from him and he finds out that you’ve been lying about where you’ve been going.
a/n: absolutely had too much fun writing this. if you couldn’t tell, Lee is my baby. enjoy, and let me know what you think babes!
                    IF YOU ARE  NOT 18+, DO NOT INTERACT WITH THIS. 
Tumblr media
Lee and you have been dating for three years now. You were absolutely smitten by the Sheriff. With his handsome charm, beautiful smile, piercing yet extremely kind blue eyes; he was a picture worth marveling over. Three years seems like a lifetime ago now. 
You were the new girl in town, moving in once you’d decided it was finally time to leave your family home and get a place of your own. As soon as you appeared, everyone in the town was constantly in talks about you. Young and beautiful; a perfectly wrapped present tied with a pretty little bow and dropped in the center of a small town filled with the same boring, familiar faces. Envied and even lusted for, yet you only had eyes for one man; your precious Lee.
People told you that the newness of the relationship would wear off after the first 6 months, but here you were, three years in and in love as ever. Your anniversary was quickly approaching and you wanted to do something real special for him. He constantly showered you in love and adoration, worshipping the very air you breathed. You were his pretty girl and he’d be damned if he didn’t show you how much he loved you every waking second.
Lee loved your baking, always raving over it around the town about how no one made a peach cobbler the way you did. They didn’t have the “Princess touch”, he called it. You’d bake for him when he’d had a bad day on routine patrols, or getting stuck at the station with miles of paperwork, or when you just wanted to watch his face light up. You were a shit cook— one hell of a baker— but couldn’t boil a pot of water if it were to save your life.
Lee wanted nothing more than to be the man that got the privilege of taking care of you, treating you the way you deserved. He had a fantasy of you being at home, cleaning and cooking up something special just for him. He’d thought he had never admitted it— but he’d always wanted to make you his perfect housewife— you could tell from how he looked at you when you did chores around the house. He envisioned you quitting your diner job and staying home so no one would have to share you with him. Only he would get to see you wipe down countertops, or brew a fresh pot of coffee, or wear that pretty dress that made his heart pound so hard in his chest he thought it’d come out of this throat if he looked any longer. He knew it was a selfish and silly dream. Lee loved that you were independent and willing to be a woman apart from him, but God, if he didn’t want you all to himself. 
For your upcoming anniversary, you wanted to surprise him and fulfill part of this fantasy. This last month, you’ve been going to the county soup kitchen and getting some lessons from your friend who volunteers there. Starting to become real confident in your skills too, it made you feel empowered. Lee was going to melt when he found out, but you just had to keep it from him long enough. 
Your sneaking around wasn’t a match for the smarts of your Sheriff because it landed you here, staring straight into the eyes of a man who did not like to be played with.
“Darlin’,” he said firmly in a tone you didn’t often get to hear. When you did, you knew whoever was on the receiving end of it was in a heap of trouble. You never could’ve imagined that today of all days, you would find yourself a victim of the seething low baritone. “I had a long day. Now, I’m not gon’ ask you again. Why do ya keep telling me you’re workin’ an extra shift when I’m wise enough now to know you’re not?” Lee snarls towards you, glaring with squared-off eyes. He was watching with such pointed intensity at the gears of your brain furiously turning trying to find your way out of this. “Uh uh, I know that look. Don’t try and lie your way out of this. Visited the diner twice now this week and ya weren’t there when you said you’d be. Where have you been going?” he spit out, annunciating every word as his thick drawl grew deeper. Stalking towards you with clear intent and sending chills down your spine, you felt yourself cowering in front of the man you loved. 
Before reaching you on the other side of the kitchen, he started undressing, removing any sign of his stressful day, eyes still pointed at yours. You watched frozen as he threw the hat from his head carelessly behind him followed by his thick leather belt with great animosity. You could practically see the steam rolling off of him in red hot waves. He didn’t often get mad at you— hell, he never did. But you’d seen the way he’d nearly thrown a man who so much as smiled your way through a wall and knew you’d never want to be on the receiving end of that gaze. Yet, here you found yourself, extremely turned by it— and he could tell. 
“Lee baby, it’s not whatever you’re thinking. Please just trust me,” you find the strength to say at him. His eyes following the movement of your lips with every syllable they pronounce.
“Yeah? And what is it I’m meant to be thinkin’, hm? You seem to like going ‘round telling me things, so enlighten me, Princess,” the blue of his eyes is long gone now. You know that look. Lust— yet filled with a white hot rage you never get to witness. You can’t believe how wet you are right now. Noticing the internal battle you are having he chuckles darkly, “You know, I work hard. Y/N. All I want is to come home to the girl I love and know she ain’t snoopin’ ‘round god knows where when she’s meant to be at home, waitin’ for me.”
He moves so that you can feel the exhale from his nose and mouth with every angered breath he takes. His eyes lock in to yours, filled with an air of aggravation and need. All you can do is feebly shake your head ‘no’ at him, still not wanting to ruin your surprise.
“My patience is wearin’ real thin, Princess. Gettin’ on my last nerve. But okay, that’s how you want to play this. Okay,” he lets out a heavy sigh and grabs your wrists, tracing up the skin to your biceps and he grips them forcefully. “You wanna keep things from me? I’ll make an honest woman out of you. Never gonna have you lyin’ straight to my face ever again.” Lee thrusts you over his shoulder and storms into the living room, carelessly throwing you onto the couch. His show of strength never fails to make you whimper. He quickly removes the rest of his clothing, leaving him in his boxers and turns towards you.
Lunging, he rips the dress right off of your body, sending buttons flying everywhere. You were wearing a lingerie set he loved so much, and you mentally thanked whatever god was watching over you right now that you had the sense to put it on this morning. Hopefully, seeing the baby pink would calm him a bit. He growls at the sight of it.
“Oh Princess, you think you can go around wearin’ this pretty little set under your damn dress and disrespect me in my own home? I’ll get you cryin’ the truth in no time,” he leaves you on the couch and turns towards the hallway leading to your shared bedroom. You hear him rummaging around the room while mumbling angrily to himself in search of something.
He storms out of the bedroom carrying his personal pair of handcuffs he uses on days he’s on patrol duty. You’ve only ever had them used on you once and you couldn’t help but let out the little moan at the sight of the gleaming silver. He hears your little noise and his smile grows malicious, covering more of his face than you ever thought possible. Moving closer towards your spot on the couch, he nudges you over to place himself where you were just seated. Spreading his legs wide open, you can see the thick outline of his very large cock through the grey of his boxers. He grabs your body like you were a rag doll and forces your back to sit between his legs. Grabbing your wrists, he places them around his neck, enclosing the cuffs tightly around them.
You had never been in a position like this one before; caught against the front of Lee with your head pressed right next to his in the crook of his neck, wearing nothing but a barely-there pink lace bra and matching panty, and arms suspended and tied around his neck. He was very intimately wearing you like a necklace; he could do anything right now and there was no escaping. Bringing his right hand to rest on your breast and dragging his other hand down your arm slowly, tracing the skin with his electric touch, you feel him harden even more so under the swell of your ass. As his left hand makes its way down to the front of you, you shiver in wake of his touch. 
“Let’s see how many you can gimme before you give in and tell the truth. Not gonna stop ‘til you do.” His hand teasingly dances over the soft skin of your thighs, brushing lightly over the place you need him so desperately. Your breathing catches as he starts moving the hand that was around your breast to scratch at the lace covering your hardened nipple. The feeling of his nails scratching you through the lace made your pussy throb. This was going to be an impossible test of your strength.
Pushing your panty to the side, he slowly drags his finger up and down through your wet folds. He moans at the feel of your wetness seeping around his rough and calloused fingertips. Growing impatient, you buck your hips up at him and he quickly stills your hip with his other hand. Tutting his disappointment at you, he brings his lips close to your ear and bites saying, ”You like being a brat, huh? What happened to my good girl everyone is always so wild ‘bout?”
He plunges his finger into you without warning, moving at a pace that already has your eyes rolling. His other hand wraps around to play at your clit and you grow dizzy seeing both of his hands surrounding you, working and trying to coax an orgasm from you. He adds another finger as your breathing turns into high-pitched whimpers and brings his lips to bite at the pulse of your neck. 
You’ve never felt yourself moving towards a release so quickly before, but his rough demeanor and the way you were immobile did something wild to you. Adding in a third finger and putting more pressure on your clit, you were seeing stars. Your hips arch off of his front with little success as the weight of his arms pushes you back down. The muscles in your lower stomach growing tighter as you feel your release approaching. “I’m gonna come, Daddy!”
“That’s one. Make sure to keep count in that dumb brain of yours. Don’t wanna have to start over.” You whimper loudly as you come around his fingers with no signs of his relenting anytime soon. His fingers still vigorously flicking at your clit and in and out of your clenching walls. You didn’t think it was possible to feel such desperation for another orgasm even though you barely finished getting through your first one. 
Lee wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. Stilling his pace, he decided to thrust his fingers in an agonizingly slow rhythm that had you burning. Still feeling the effects of your last high, you were unsure what your body was feeling until he put more pressure onto your clit. You screamed desperately craving more, needing more. “Daddy” you whine out in the voice he couldn’t get enough of. 
“Don’t open that damn mouth of yours unless you feel like talkin’,” he said, rubbing circles into your clit just the way you like, wanting to bring you to the edge again. It would be a lie to say that he was still even angry about your lying. He was enjoying this a lot more than he thought he would. 
You had tears pricking the corners of your eyes at how sensitive you were feeling. The position he had you in left you vulnerable and unable to do anything but lay there and take it. As his hand sped up its vigorous kneading at your clit, you felt an immense bolt of electricity shoot right through your center. Clenching around his fingers, your second high rapidly approaching and all of the nerves in your body disobeyed you, trying to move away from his unrelenting hand. With your second orgasm taking over, your body begins trying to slide down his front away from his hand as much as your tied arms allowed. 
Hooking his thick legs around your thighs, keeping you from closing and holding you still, he growled like you’ve never heard before. “Don’t fucking try and get away from me. You’re gonna take what I give you like a good girl, isn’t that right Princess? After I’m done with my pussy maybe she’ll knock some sense into you about lyin’. And that’s two,” he finished with a heavy slap at your clit. If you thought you were trapped before, you never could have imagined this.
He adds a fourth finger without prepping you first, not that you needed it, and pumps in and out of you wildly. You never felt a scream rip its way out of your chest more freely than it did then. You could feel the rapid twitching of his cock under you telling you this was making him absolutely feral. 
Your vision went black as your body began to spasm uncontrollably causing you to forget why he was even mad at you or how you found yourself in pleasure like this. Letting go for the third time, you needed to feel him inside you terribly. The vision in your eyes still blurred as you cry out “Daddy, please. Need you so bad. Please, Lee— I just can’t tell you please don’t make me.” 
Lee knew two things. One of them being that you enjoyed calling him Daddy just as much as he enjoyed being called it. You always made sure to say it. And two, you would never call him by Daddy and Lee in the same sentence by mistake. You wouldn’t let yourself slip like that. 
“What did you just call me?” he asks incredulously, eyes turning darker than you’ve ever seen them. 
Pushing your cuffed arms up in the air, he turns you to straddle his lap on the couch. “You gonna keep hidin’ things from me? Not tellin’ the truth? Callin’ me by whatever name you want? Good, you don’t need me. Fuck yourself on me. Go ahead, baby. Show me you don’t need me,” he taunts with pursed lips, placing his arms behind his head. You whine loudly at this, the humiliation of the situation you find yourself in making your pussy clench sporadically around nothing. “Look at you, my little slut. Need to cum again even after you had four of my fingers, hm? Go ahead baby, I’m just gonna sit right here,” you were completely exhausted from the first three orgasms he pulled from you and without his assistance or free use of your hands, you couldn’t get his boxers off to relieve yourself. Evil bastard knew exactly what he was doing.
Desperately, you start grinding yourself on his hard and clothed crotch, unable to take his boxers off and slip him into you. Your arms were so beyond tired you couldn’t even bring them down yourself. Tears were freely flowing on your face and you couldn’t concentrate enough to get yourself off this way. You needed him to do it but knew there was no chance in hell he’d cave if you didn’t give him what he wanted. Watching as your body sloppily tried to grind against him, he brought his hand down to your clit and tapped it, sending shock waves pulsing through you and causing you to mewl. The desire to hear more beautiful noises fall from your plump lips took over and he slapped at your clit again with more force. You screamed at this, unable to distract yourself any longer from the way he was making you feel and what your body so desperately needed.
“Daddy, please! Please I’ll tell you, I— fuck! I’ve been takin’ cooking lessons! Please Lee, shit! Wanted to su-surprise you for our anniversary,” you cry out as you feel his cock twitch underneath you. He looks at you with wide eyes, your confession being the last thing he’d ever expected to hear you say. 
“What? Cooking lessons? Oh, Princess… I. God,” he sat there, underneath you dumbfounded, feeling foolish for his outlandish and harsh behavior. Seeing the ice of his eyes soften a bit, you watch his demeanor switch to that of pure love and desire. “You mean to tell me you’ve been sneakin’ off so you could learn to cook me a meal?” He stares at you, awestruck, while you’re still squirming around on his lap, seeking out your much needed release. You nod your head frantically and whine.
“Please Daddy, I’m s’sorry. I’ll be good, promise. Please, just help me.” Wiping the tears from your face he kisses you on both of your cheeks and shifts you to lay on the couch. Getting up, he removes his soaked boxers, freeing his extremely hard and leaking cock. He hisses at the feel of the cool air hitting it but quickly moves towards your writhing body laying stretched out in front of him. He takes a second to look at you to memorize the pretty picture; arms stuck above your head in his cuffs, adorned in pink lace, looking like a damn angel.
“Shh Princess. Daddy’s got you. Gonna make you feel s’good, gotta make it up to you. My good girl, I’ll never ruin a surprise of yours again.” Pulling your panties down your legs, you feel the cold air hit your center and feel a shiver run through your whole body. Lee notices how sensitive you are and can’t decide if he wants to split you in half or get a taste of his favorite dessert. 
Pumping himself a bit, he moves to hover over you while lining himself up at your entrance. Not being able to resist, he lightly traces your clit with his leaking tip. You let out a high pitched whine and he can’t help but let out, “Shit, I love you Y/N”. Sinking into you, you feel your eyes roll to the back of your head as his cock sinks all the way in. As he bottoms out, your walls already grip him like a vice. It makes him whimper and you feel his hips falter.
“Princess, gotta be honest with ya. Don’t think I’ll last long. Been drivin’ me crazy,” he whispers before dropping a kiss to your lips and starting to move. You both moan out as he pulls out and quickly bottoms out, hitting that spot that drives you wild. As he sets a fast pace, your walls are already fluttering crazily around him. 
You open your mouth to try and speak but nothing comes out. He chuckles a little at the sight of your gaping mouth and he leans down to kiss you. As he speeds his thrusts, you can’t control your clenching walls and feel him stutter as he tries to push back in. “So fucking tight— shit practically can’t get back in baby. Feels s’good fuck!” He reaches his hand down and finds your clit, rubbing harsh circles. Your eyes go black and you can’t see or hear anything but the pleasure you are feeling. 
“Mmm Princess, feel you milking me, shit. God that’s it, feels so good baby. My good girl, gimme another.” As your walls pathetically clamp like a vice around him, you can’t help the scream that leaves your body. The blood loudly roaring in your ears masks the cries erupting from Lee’s chest as he reaches his own much needed release, screaming out only your name in praises. 
With your hazy vision and the faint buzz of your last high tingling through your nerves, you feel like your body is floating. You could pass out right now from the pleasure Lee put your body through tonight. Lee’s hot tongue quickly pulls you out of your daze as it trails its way down your shaking body. 
“Lee what are y—”
“Shh baby, did so good for me. You didn’t think I’d let you go without gettin’ a taste first, hmm? Besides, I wronged my pretty girl today and I need to make it up to her by cleanin’ up my mess.” He winks at your wide eyes and licks a long strip from your quivering hole to your swollen clit and you let out a string of high pitched whimpers and he moves. He groans into your pussy at the sounds you are making and at the taste of him and you mixed together. “Taste so fucking perfect. Lemme have one more baby, know you can.” Your thighs clamp around Lee’s head, keeping him trapped between your legs as your body starts trembling all over. You don’t think you can come again but your pussy seems to have a mind of her own. “Mmm baby, taste so good. Think she can forgive me?” he asks as if he could hear your thoughts.
You whine as he shakes his head from side to side trying to push himself in between your legs further, causing more tremors to erupt along your body. You were so oversensitive that any touch was immensely heightened. Not needing much more for you to reach your final high, Lee was still going to eat you out like this was the first time he’d ever been given the opportunity. As he sucks at your clit he stuffs three fingers into you, curling and finding your soft spot right away. You scream and feel your hips try and get away from the harsh treatment his mouth and fingers are giving you, but he’s too strong for you to even try. Harshly sucking and licking at you like a starved man, he feels your legs gripping around his head impossibly tighter, knowing if you had your hands free to use they’d be pushing his face in even farther than it was right now. 
At the thought of your hands in his hair scratching at his scalp, he groans loudly into your aching core, the vibrations causing a ripple of pleasure to bubble along the inside of your tight muscles. The tension was almost unbearable, you know it was only a moment longer before it snapped. Liking your reaction, he moans loudly again around your clit as he sucks and stuffs his fingers into you. “Come on Princess, all over my face, feel you clenchin’. Come on, be a good girl and come for me,” he says, letting his teeth graze and nip over your sensitive clit, pushing you over the edge. 
Loud cries of his name leave your lips and a loud thumping fills your ears as pleasure envelops all of your senses. Your body is violently shaking as your release coats his face and he wastes no time in making sure every last drop is lapped up by his tongue. 
After your fifth orgasm of the night, you finally feel Lee’s body relax and his mouth comes to a still on you. Softly moving his hands down your trembling thighs, he reaches under the couch to get the key he threw there to unlock his cuffs. Moving you to slightly sit up on the couch and taking your raw and red wrists, he presses featherlight kisses at the sight of any inflamed skin. Rubbing at the flesh of your wrists, he trails his lips along your still shaking body, pressing lovingly across the skin of your neck and shoulders. As movement starts returning to your body, he kisses his way up your neck and to the flush of your cheeks. Feeling you finally relax into his touch, he knows you’ve come back to your body and to him.
“Baby, really. I’m so sorry I ruined your surprise. I feel like a downright ass. Shouldn’t have pressed like I did. I just got so angry because, well,” letting out a hard sigh. You grab his face as best as you can with the little energy you have and press small kisses to his chin like he always likes. He smiles softly, not letting it quite reach his plump cheeks, “The people in this town talk a lot. About us, ‘bout you, and they’re right. Y’know, that I don’t deserve a pretty little thing like you. I don’t deserve the sweetheart everyone’s dyin’ to get a bite of. I’m the luckiest bastard Y/N, get to come home to you every night. Here I am, lettin’ my brain make up dumb nonsense, ruinin’ your sweet little surprise. You don’t deserve that. Forgive me?”
Speaking hushed whispers across the side of your face so as not to tire you any more than he already had, he nuzzles his nose into the skin of your hairline and drops light kisses every so often. You relish in the loving warmth of his soft touch and turn your face so that your mouth reaches the shell of his reddened ear. 
“If our fights end like this… don’t know, Sheriff. Might have to get your horns twisted a bit more often. Kinda really sexy,” you smirk, biting at his earlobe as you bring your hands to rub at the skin of his lower belly. 
“Don’t you go turning into a full brat on me now. Gonna have to make a habit of showing you how to behave, huh?”
“Fine with me, Daddy.” He throws his head back in a low groan and his eyes search to find yours. The smile on your face causes his stomach to swim with that tingly feeling only your presence can bring him. He loves you so much and it’s evident to feel just from how his eyes gleam for you. “But Lee,” sitting yourself up higher on the back of the couch and running your fingers up his arms.
“Yeah baby?”
“Don’t you go letting those no good people fill your head with stupid thoughts. You’re mine, my whole world, baby. I’m the lucky one to come home to the charming Deputy Sheriff every day. It’s so sexy to call y’that. Just get myself so riled up thinkin’ about it,” you confess, your fingers following his veins in a slow trail up his arms to the skin of his shoulders. You bring your hands to rest on his broad shoulders, feeling how perfect they fit there. Softly tracing your fingertips against the skin, you drop your head to his chin and drop a kiss. 
“Think so?” he asks with that boyish glimmer in his eye that you can’t ever seem to get enough of.
“Know so, baby. Since you ruined my anniversary surprise, how ‘bout I cook something up real nice for you now, yeah?” you say, squeezing his side.
“Don’t know if I’d be able to watch you cook, pretty girl. Might blow a load right there in the damn kitchen. My own housewife,” looking at you with such adoration, “God, I’d like that. M’gonna make you my wife one day, Y/N. Gonna be the prettiest bride anyone’s ever seen. My perfect girl.” 
You smile up at him with glassy eyes, thinking of the future you and Lee can share. Reaching out for his hand, you bring it to your lips and leave a few open-mouthed kisses along his fingers and palm. Standing off of the couch on shaky legs, he immediately stands to try and steady you against him. A slight blush brushing across his features in guilt at the wobble he caused in your body. 
“Come on baby, I’ll make your favorite. And I’ll put the pink panties back on if you’d like.” He whimpers and follows you into the kitchen, pinching at your ass as you squeal and try to shoo his hands away. For the first time, dinner wasn’t ruined from your lack of cooking skills but from Lee’s inability to keep his hands to himself. 
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qyllenhaal · 19 hours ago
Down by the River
Dad!Lee Bodecker x Reader. 3rd POV. Word Count: 5.8k.
Spin-off to 'Got Any Candy?’
Summary: A little trip out of the county finally gives Lee and his wife some alone time.
Content: established relationship, domestic life, Lee is a good dad, fluff, tiny moments of angst, smut (18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI), semi-public sex, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, creampie.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The baby turned out to be a boy.
Y/n was hoping for a girl, but Lee got his son — the spitting image of him. He acted just like his father too; trying to boss his mother around until she gave him one look that made him cut it out. Surprisingly, that look began to work more and more on Lee than Y/n had expected.
It took her a very long time to find her sense of self in this relationship. What helped her the most was how much Lee had gotten softer over the years, completely sobering up both figuratively and literally. Being a parent was harder than his job as the sheriff and it was kicking his ass, but every second was so rewarding.
Even though all of this was his plan, he worried about what kind of father he would be. He didn't really know his father growing up; hell, he didn't know him at all. Lee knew he wasn't going to run out on the kid, but he feared work would get in the way or become too dangerous. And his insecurities about himself as a person made him really question if he could be a good father. When he saw Y/n with that tiny little baby in her arms, her face stained with tears and the most genuine look of happiness in her eyes that he had ever seen thus far, everything he believed about the world was shattered. Someone so small and innocent was his and he had to protect them.
But he was good at it.
Y/n was surprised by how natural he seemed to be around their baby who was once so tiny Lee was scared to hold him. That was his baby, his boy. He'd harm anyone who tried to hurt him.
Just like Lee has softened up, Y/n learned to loosen up too. The look of contempt in her eyes had disappeared a long time ago and Lee was grateful for it even if he was unsure if she really loved him. She never says it. The only time he has heard her say "I love you" was to her brother, nephew, or their son. He doesn't force her to say it to him because he knows he's got her. She doesn't say it but Lee likes to believe she shows it through her actions. She wouldn't have said, "I want another baby," if she didn't feel something for him.
Lee was more than happy to give her that second baby. Little Lee was walking and talking when his momma asked daddy to have another baby. Maybe her hormones were out of whack, but there was something about that particular day when she walked in on Lee holding their sleeping son in his arms while rocking him and humming a small tune, she wanted to be carrying his child again.
He couldn't say no to her when she cornered him in their bedroom that night. She had this wild look in her eye and the nastiest words escaped her lips as he filled her up with everything he had. He had never seen that insatiable side of her, but he did not complain at all.
It took a little more than one time for them to conceive, but that was the fun part of trying. Everything felt raw and intense as he fucked her; kissing her skin and whispering "I love you" into it.
She became a whole new person when she indulged in the way he spoiled her body. She would cling to him for dear life and look him right in the eyes as he claimed her as his once again. The soft call of his voice on her lips and her tongue darting across the skin of his neck made him her slave. He'd do anything for her.
"I wanna get out of the house."
"Okay, and?"
"You promised me a vacation, Lee."
Y/n smoothed down the unruly hairs on Charlotte's head when her husband finally looked at her. He had come home for his lunch break and wanted to see his wife instead of stopping by that new diner that opened up by the station. Of course he rolled by the school Junior attends just to make sure everything was fine. He's in second grade and it was still hard for Lee to see him off every morning. Y/n already knows he's going to be a wreck when his little girl has her first day of school. She's so clingy that she'll probably cry when she's separated from her mom and dad.
"Did I really?"
Lee tries to play stupid but they've had this conversation many times before, in the recent past too. Y/n always found the air around Brewer Heights too stiff. She had grown up near the river and remembered having so much fun skipping stones with her brother. It's lovely living here, but all they've got is similar looking houses and perfectly manicured lawns. It seems like it would be no fun for a kid, and she wants hers to have the same kind of fun she did as a child.
Lee on the other hand had been putting it off. Y/n wanted to go to the Carolinas and go to one of those fancy beaches. He loves his kids, but when he talked about taking a trip he meant just for him and Y/n. They've been married for almost a decade and have yet to do something for their anniversaries. Y/n always said no to any and all plans on that day. September 19th had been soured for her for a long time until she found out she was pregnant with their little girl on that day. The resentment for that day melted away, but she still said no to Lee's plans. She just thought it was too much, too fancy for her liking. Plus those kids are attached to her hip, she couldn't leave them behind.
"Yes you did. And the kids have been asking me about taking a trip too! Isn't that right Charlie?"
His girl looks up at him with big eyes before reaching up at him and grabbing at him with a little fist.
"Pick me up daddy!"
Lee sighs, but he walks over to where his two girls are sitting and grabs Charlotte from Y/n's arms. He grunts as he bends over to pick her up. She's only 4 but Lee is getting up there in age.
Lee highly doubts that Charlotte even knows what "taking a trip" means. Y/n's just using their little girl to butter Lee up; and it's working.
"Do you wanna go on vacation, sweet girl?" She nods her head before wrapping her tiny arms around his neck and resting her head against his chest. She's been fussy lately and has been wanting her father more than usual.
"I wanna go see Mickey Mouse."
"Aww, not this time bean," Lee plops onto the couch next to Y/n who was watching the two interact with adoration in her eyes. She knows he'd love nothing more than to see Charlotte's face light up seeing the characters she watches on TV. "But I promise we'll go. All four of us. Me, you, your brother and mommy."
Charlotte isn't too happy with the answer but she doesn't give him any lip.
"As for you," he turns his attention to his wife," A trip to Myrtle Beach is out of the question. But, we can go to Cincinnati and visit the Ohio River. How does that sound, princes?"
The glint in his eyes and smirk playing on his face was meant to tease Y/n. She didn't think Lee is going to budge on the Carolinas trip at the moment so she'll take what she can get.
"How close are we?"
"30 more minutes, Junior."
Lee loaded up the car with his kids, Y/n's nephew, and everything they would need for a quick day trip and the five of them were heading to Cinci before 10 am. He wasn't able to plan something too fancy in the short amount of time he had, but the kids were restless to get to their destination.
Y/n sure was beaming knowing she was able to somewhat have her way. Just on Wednesday she was pouting and using their child to make Lee take them somewhere nice, and now they're heading to the riverfront. Cincinnati was no Myrtle Beach, but she just wanted to get away from their town. Lee knew a nice little spot from years ago that was nice for a picnic and fishing trip. He packed three fishing pools so he could teach Junior how to fish.
These were the moments he had been looking forward to when his son was just an infant; teaching him all the things Lee had to learn on his own.
"Momma I'm hungry."
Y/n dug through the small bag of snacks (that she kept in the front seat with her so the kids couldn't devour the candy in a matter of seconds — two out of three of them are Lee's children after all) before reaching back to give Charlotte a few pretzels. This was the longest car ride the kids have been on, and they were surprisingly well-behaved. There was a little mishap where Charlotte swatted her brother for taking the grape juice box she wanted, but Lee had told them to cut it out and they haven't argued since.
Those last few minutes came to end and Lee was parking the family car near the entrance of the riverfront. It hadn't changed a bit and he was somewhat excited to share a piece of his path with his little family.
Y/n got out of the car and stretched her legs before getting Charlotte out of her carseat. Junior hopped out of the car and was ready to run down to the river. Y/n only sees her son this excited on Christmas mornings.
"Can you walk baby? I gotta help daddy." Y/n was half-expecting her daughter to throw a fit, but she nodded her head and let her mother put her down.
Lee grabbed the fishing poles and cooler while Y/n grabbed the bag of food and blankets. With everything out of the car, the boys were running towards the water while Charlotte stumbled over her feet trying to keep up with them.
"I'm gonna fish with the boys first."
"Okay, but please keep an eye on Charlotte. I see sand and there is no way she's going to want to stay with me while I set up if she can be making sandcastles instead."
"I'll make sure she plays where I can see her. Everything will be fine, don't worry."
Lee caught up with the kids while Y/n found a good spot on the grass. There was no one else here; Lee wasn't lying when he said it was secluded. She almost thought they weren't allowed to be here, but there were no signs saying otherwise. It wasn't a fancy place, but Y/n had to admit that it was perfect. They picked a great day to come too. The sun was high in the sky and beaming down on her skin. It was a hassle to get sunscreen on everyone before they left, but Y/n knew they were going to be happy about not having to deal with any sunburnt skin.
After setting up it was time to go find where the kids and her husband had gone off to. She followed the sound of their voices until they were within sight.
"I'm making a castle mama!" Her daughter cried out once she spotted her.
"Really? You're so talented sweetheart!"
The "castle" in question was just a lump of wet sand with a few rocks on top of it. Charlotte had been in love with sand since she was two years old. Y/n's brother and wife had a little sand pit for the kids and much to Y/n's horror at the time, the little girl loved throwing it everywhere. Lee was laughing at the mess she was making because he knew he wasn't going to be the one to clean her up that night.
Lee was talking to the boys about the new fishing poles Lee had bought specifically for this trip. Y/n's nephew knew what he was doing from the trips he had been on with his father. Y/n smiled while watching them. She didn't want to interrupt them, especially since Lee looked as if he was on cloud nine.
"Let's go eat, okay?" She says to her daughter in a hushed voice.
"I wanna play mama.""
"After we eat, okay?"
Charlotte was hesitant but she ended up nodding her head and taking Y/n's hand. She babbled about what kind of sandcastles she was making the entire way back to their picnic set up. Y/n was listening intently and responding to her even when her sentences weren't making any sense.
Her eyes lit up at the sealed sandwiches and treats her mother packed laying on the blanket m. She plopped herself down and went to grab something to eat before Y/n stopped her.
"Aht aht baby, let me clean your hands first."
Her hands were messy from the wet sand covering them. Out of her two kids, Charlotte was the messier one which was surprising to Y/n. Junior was a bit of a neat freak, the total opposite of his father who still kept leaving candy wrappers in his car and various places around the house all these years later.
Now with clean hands, Charlotte grabbed whatever looked appetizing to her. Y/n knew she was going to eat quickly just so she could get back. In just two minutes she was declaring, "finished mama!" She had eaten her sandwich except for the crust which made Y/n frown, but she didn't feel like fussing with her daughter about this habit.
"Alright, let's go make some sandcastles." Her daughter is teeming with excitement.
Y/n joins her down by the river to make those castles she's been talking so much about. She can overhear Lee telling their son how to use his fishing pole. Y/n wishes she had her camera with her, but she's sure the image of the father and son will never leave her mind.
She's lucky; she really is. This could have turned out awful, but it wasn't. All Lee wanted to do was be a good father to their kids and keep her comfortable. She didn't have to work and she didn't have to face any hardships. Sure, she really wanted freedom when she was a younger girl, but she wouldn't trade that for their kids.
"Hey baby, do you think you can play by yourself? Do you think you can be a big girl and stay away from the water and stay by your dad and brother?" Charlotte just nods, too preoccupied by the mushy sand in her hands to look up at Y/n. Y/n sighs at her girl before kissing her forehead.
Y/n walked back alone, the sounds of her husband's voice and bait hitting the water getting quieter as she walked away. After the long winter they had, and the tiny bump in the road Y/n and Lee had with Junior having some problems at school, it was nice to get out of the house. She knows her husband is going to cave someday and take their family to the Carolinas' for a real vacation, but she appreciates his efforts. She can't help but smile at how he changed his work schedule around so he could take this day off. He's the sheriff so it doesn't take much to get what he wants, but she still finds herself swooning at the man who does anything for his family.
She brought along a few extra blankets and rolled one up to use it as a pillow. With everything feeling just right, she lays down and lets the sun warm her skin. It's coming right down on her so she closes her eyes to protect. She isn't sure how much time has passed since she began to doze off for a little while. The sound of nature being still calmed her and she slipped into a lull.
The sun is strong today, bright in her eyes even with them closed. That is until the brightness darkens.
"Don't you look cute."
Lee's stark voice made her open her eyes to see Lee blocking the sun and looking down at her.
"Shouldn't you be teaching your son how to fish?"
"He's a natural like his father; he's already gotten the hang of it. Now it's time for me to spend some time with my wife."
There was that stupid smile on his face that Y/n wanted to wipe off of his face. He can be so smug sometimes, but she ends up smiling along with him these days. She sits up and notices the bucket he's holding with two fish inside.
"Hey, you actually caught something!" The disbelief in her voice is hard to ignore. He smirks and sets the bucket further away from them.
"Jeez honey you don't have to be so encouraging."
He sits down next to her on the blanket. He attempts to stick his hand in the basket but she slaps his hand away. He can be just as negligent and carefree as their children sometimes.
"Clean your hands first, Bodecker." She thrusts a packet of towelettes towards him which he takes with a sigh.
"You know you're something else right?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
He wipes his hands down while eyeing her, looking her up and down.
"Nothing," he says, passing the conversation quickly. He pauses for a second and hears the faint sounds of the kids talking. They must be taking a break from fishing and closer to them, but they can't see the kids from where they're stationed.
"Did Charlie tell you about her sandcastles?"
"She sure did. I was down there with her for a little bit, but you were preoccupied being father of the year with your son to notice."
The title made a huge grin appear on his face. He knows she's trying to poke fun at him, but hearing those words come out of her mouth makes him swell with pride. All he wants to be is a good father to his kids.
"Yeah? And what are you doing here alone? Why don't you come join us?"
"After the week we had, momma needs her alone time."
Lee reminisces on said week. Junior got in trouble with his teacher while Charlotte hurt herself playing outside. As much as the job he has gives him and his family security, it takes him away from his family too. Y/n had called him and he could hear his daughter crying over her voice. He could imagine her tear-stained face and it hurt him not to be there to comfort her. It hurt to not be there for his wife who was struggling while he was working.
"But you did good. You're a good momma."
Y/n feels comforted by his words even though she already knows it; but just like Lee needs affirmations of his job as a parent, so does she.
"That's why I wanted to get you out of the house one day, but I was hoping it was going to be without the little ones. Just me and you," he speaks almost as if he's shy. Maybe he's just so used to her saying no that he's waiting to be rejected.
"You know how I feel about leaving the kids for longer than a day." She doesn't mean to pout, but one forms on her lips and Lee brings his hand to her face and strokes her cheek with his thumb. She leans into his palm while giving him puppy dog eyes that are just begging for that family trip. Lee laughs, but he's completely enamored by her.
"When Junior gets out of school next year we can take that trip you want as long as you promise to let me take you somewhere before this Summer ends."
Y/n was hesitant but the deal was too enticing not to take it.
"Fine. But we can't go far, and the kids are going to stay with my brother."
"It's a deal, brat," he pokes at her. Her eyes lit up when she realized she was going to get her way. But, it's not like Lee doesn't get anything out of the deal.
As Lee finishes up his lunch, Y/n lays back down, heart full with content. This is the most peace she's had in a while and it shows on her face as she relaxes into the blanket. Lee hates to disturb her peace, but she looks so good. There are notable changes in her appearance from her early 20s; some caused by having two kids, and the rest caused by getting older. As much as he held authority over her, he's surprised she never tried to leave him. He doesn't know much about the girl she was before him, but she must've been ambitious and hasty to have answered that ad in the newspaper. It was not the ideal way for him to go, but how could he judge himself when these were the results?
Two rough hands are placed on the bare skin of Y/n's legs and her eyes shoot open. Lee was spreading her legs apart with that glint in her eyes that she was too familiar with.
"What are you doing?"
"You look so sexy just laying there. You shouldn't try to tempt me like that in public," his voice is teasing.
Y/n looks further down and sees the bulge in his pants. She huffs at how aroused he gets over simple things, but it has been sometime since they've had sex. Yet, Y/n is hesitant, knowing that they run the risk of getting caught if she gives into the hands now traveling up the skirt of her dress and rubbing her thighs. Those kids are having the time of their life down by the river though, they're not coming back any time soon.
"Yea?" She sits up so her face is closer to his. They're so close that he just wants to kiss her. He can't stop staring at her lips and he almost whimpers. Lee's not a submissive man, but god does have he found his weaknesses in his wife. "You think compliments and sweet words are going to get me to fuck you here?"
"No, but I bet that wet pussy is enough motivation for you to let me in that pussy."
Y/n's skin begins to heat up, and it's not because of the sun. He can be so crass when he gets horny, but she's learned to enjoy it.
"Lee, we'll get caught."
"Not if we are quick."
He always has an answer for everything.
That smug grin on his face knows that Y/n is going to let him do whatever he wants; especially since his hands are now closer to her sex.
"Just let me get a taste of you. Please, sweet thing?"
Y/n slightly nods her head and her husband is already grabbing at her panties. He pulls them off of her completely before lowering himself and crawling under her dress. Y/n propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at him despite only being able to see the outline of him. The wet kisses to her thighs makes her groan, sweet music to Lee's ear.
"Oh god Lee," she cries out when she feels his tongue against her folds. Bliss spreads throughout her body as her husband's tongue rolls over her clit. He was more hungry for her than he was for his lunch.
His fingers dig into her hips as he buries his face deeper into her cunt. Y/n knows she shouldn't moan too loudly, but she just can't help it. His saliva mixes with her arousal and it slides down the crack of her ass. Lee's tongue moving against her is loud and lewd in her ears. The smell and taste of her leaves him feeling heady.
"Don't stop baby." She rests her hand on the back of his head and pushes him further into her as he eats her out with abandon. Through half-shut eyes she can see him looking at her intently like he always does. She squirms under his gaze, always heavy yet making her melt.
His tongue applies more pressure to her clit each time he moves it. She begins panting and crying his name, his favorite sound in the world. He takes her clit into his mouth and sucks on the flesh as loud as he can so she can hear what he's doing to her; how hard he's going to work to get her to cum. He hums at the sweetness of her. She can't bury his face any deeper inside of her, they've already filled all the gaps.
Her voice trails off on the last letter of his name. His arms snake around her thighs to keep her in place before she starts spasming. His fat tongue lays flat against her clit. He can feel it pulsing against his wet tongue. Once again his lips around her clit, but her reaction is different this time. She whines for him as expletives fall from her lips. He can feel her thighs trembling against him. He growls against her pussy like a hungry animal, sending a jolt through her.
"Just like that Lee. Please don't stop," she begs with desperation.
Her stomach rises and falls as her husband flicks his tongue over her swollen clit. If his mouth wasn't attached to her sex he'd be telling her that she's his "good slut" and how bad he just wants to see her cum. But, now he can only show her that she needs to cum all over his tongue. The faster he moves his tongue, the more she cries for him. He catapultes her to an orgasm. The sweet noise she makes when she cums resounds throughout his brain. The tight grip on his head keeps him in place; but it's not like he was going to pull away from her anyway.
He takes his time to clean up the mess he's created, avoiding her sensitive clit and running tongue along her slick folds. Her hand is no longer on his head as she lazily lets it fall on the blanket beneath her body. She's staring up at the vast sky, a few clouds floating by as they make shifts in various shapes.
He climbs from underneath her dress. He's out of breath and his face is glistening with her arousal, but that doesn't stop him bending down to feverishly kiss his wife. Y/n kisses him back with the same energy. The taste of herself on his lips doesn't deter her, in fact it turns her on and makes her moan into the kiss.
Lee begins to fumble with his belt. He's so hard that it almost hurts to be straining so much in his pants.
"Want you on top," he pants. Y/n's body feels like jelly, but she finds the strength to move because she's desperate to have him inside of her.
Lee laid on the blanket where her body was once. Y/n straddles his legs and helps him out of pants. He's so hard, pre-cum wetting the tip of his cock. Y/n gives him a few strokes which makes him groan, but she isn't about to tease him when she's just as needy as him. She lifts herself and sinks onto his cock with a sigh. Lee's cock curves at the perfect angle.
"Pussy is so tight girl." If it feels this good for him, then it must feel like heaven for her.
His hand sneaks under her dress and he grabs a handful of the ass that has gotten much fuller over the years due to her carrying his two kids. Her body is not as nubile as it was when she was younger, but Lee has changed too over the years and he loves that they're getting older together.
Lee grabs onto her hips as Y/n begins to bounce up and down on him. She starts off slowly, almost agonizingly slow, but she just wants to feel all of him. The cock spearing through her is so thick and always makes her gasp when it slides into her.
"Look at you...all bent out of shape for me. Been waiting for this dick all week, haven't you?" Y/n can only nod, but Lee wants to hear her weak voice. "Use your words girl."
"I needed you so bad Lee," she whines. He feels a tinge of guilt knowing she didn't just need him to fuck her, she needed him to be there for his family more.
Lee starts to drive up into her, her eyes falling shut and mouth parting to let out breathless whimpers. "I'm here now baby. Daddy's here now."
Y/n feels warm throughout her entire body. Lee's cock was so deep and unrelenting when it came to fucking her. She was on top yet he had all the control. He curses every time the head of his cock hits her cervix; she also tightens around him every time he does so.
"Put your hands on my chest."
Lee was feeling a little bit lazy out in this heat and he needed Y/n to pick up the slack. She leans forward and her palms are placed against the white cotton of his t-shirt. The harder she rides him, the louder their skin slapping together is. It makes Lee feel delirious to feel and hear how wet she is. Her mess coats her thighs and most likely his jeans too. Her pretty pussy is gushing around.
"That's it princess, such a good girl. Always been my good girl." Lee pushes himself up to kiss Y/n's jawline. Her louder whimpers and tightening walls indicate that she's getting closer. "Love this pussy so much. Love you so much," Lee whines breathlessly.
Y/n is at a loss for words from the cock she's fucking herself on. Lee's words drive her crazy and make her feel wanted. He's in love with every inch of her. He reaches up and gropes her tits through her dress. He wishes she was fully undressed so he could see them bounce. She has a little scar on her right nipple from when she was breastfeeding a teething charlotte. He knows exactly where it is as he runs his fingers over it even though she's clothed. Her nipples poke through the dress she's wearing.
"Lee," she whines.
"Gonna cum for me? Need you to keep it tight so I can cum princess," he says through gritted teeth. He buries his head into the blanket and closes his eyes as he gets lost in the sounds and feeling of her cumming pussy. She grabs a fistful of his shirt as she continues to ride him despite how overwhelming her orgasm is. She can't get enough of his thick cock and wants to keep him inside forever
She feels his cock pulsating and twitching inside of her; her favorite feeling in the world.
"I want you to cum Lee. Please please please cum for me," she begs.
Lee thought about pulling out of her and painting her face with his cum or just shooting his load in her mouth, but the warmth of her pussy was too enticing to leave. It feels so sinful yet he can only be what he believes heaven is.
He cries out as ropes of cum coat his wife's walls. She can feel the sticky substance shooting deep inside of her. Lee is beneath her groaning in a fit of passion. His moans always get all high-pitched when he cums hard. Y/n loves the sounds he makes when he cums, when he's too lost in the pleasure of her warm pussy to care about anything else in the world.
They slowly bring their movements to a halt and Y/n is sated on top of him. That familiar, smug smile begins to spread across his face meaning he's finally gotten what he wanted. He's fully satisfied.
"So good baby," he coos while reaching up to stroke her cheek. His skin is a delicate pink color from the activity they just finished doing.
Lee sits up with Y/n still in his lap and on his cock. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her a bit innocently for her pussy to be still warming her cock.
"I missed your body," he says between kisses, "I missed you." The first thing he's doing when he gets to the station on Monday morning is changing his schedule around to be with his family more for the week.
"I missed you too Lee."
Y/n wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him even closer to her body. She isn't sure how long they've stayed like this, but their time together was interrupted by the faint voices of their children.
"C'mon momma, let me clean myself up," Lee says with a sigh. His cock was soft now, but Y/n still felt so empty when he pulled out of her and placed her onto her back. He caught a glimpse of her messy pussy and he wanted her to be reminded of what they did for the rest of the day. He grabbed her panties and tossed them to her.
"Go ahead and put those panties back on."
Y/n obeys, sliding her panties back on before any of his cum could seep out of her.
The heat paired with the satisfaction that's deep in her bones makes her feel needy. She always cuddles with Lee after they fuck, but this was a completely different situation. He can see it on her face as he stands up to fasten his belt again. She's torn between wanting him to stay with her and letting him go back to what he's been waiting for for years.
"Baby, I-"
Y/n knew what he was going to say. She playfully rolls her eyes at him before shooing him away.
"Go with the kids. Make sure our son catches a fish or two. I'll be down there to join you guys soon."
Lee quickly walks over to his wife and bends over to lay a kiss on her forehead. "I love you," slips from his mouth as he smiles at her.
"I love you too," she responds when he's far enough away to not be able to hear her. Y/n can't believe how lucky she got.
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littlelioncub43 · 3 months ago
Anger Issues
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Lance like to argue. You hate him, he hates you, that’s how it’ll always be... right?
Pairing: Lance Tucker x fem!reader
Warnings: SMUT, so 18+ (minors DNI), hate fucking, choking, name calling, Lance Tucker being Lance Tucker but my interpretation of him
Word count: 2.6k
A/N: Hey, wee lambs! I missed you guys. I hope you like this one. I was supposed to be working on pt. 2 of Games and Lectures but I ended up writing for this guy instead. Oops, teehee. Like 99.99999% of my fics, this started as a filthy, naughty thot that I sent to @slothspaghettiwrites​ many moons ago. Leave a comment or send an ask if you have any suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to chat :) Kisses —K 
P.S. this is for you @tumblin-theworldaway
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You shouted at the top of your lungs, your throat a bit sore from the near half hour of arguing. You’d just about had it, and so had he. All the yelling and shouting and name-calling that was so common between you and Lance always ended with both of you red faced and fuming. 
Today was no different. The gym was empty, everyone had cleared out once they heard your voices shouting from the office. You can’t even remember what you were fighting about anymore, you just knew that Lance Tucker was the bane of your existence and that you did not plan on losing this argument anytime soon. 
“You’d have to get in line, Sweetheart,” he said with his signature smirk. 
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “oh, I’m pretty sure it’d be short line,” your tone spiteful and harsh. 
He laughed dryly, scratching his cheek while looking you up and down, a new wave of anger rising in his icy blue irises. It wasn’t until then that you noticed just how close he was standing. Your head tilting back to look up into his fiery eyes with your own anger. His chest was heaving up and down as he cornered you against the desk, labored breaths matching your own. 
“You can be such a fucking bitch, you know that?” His voice strained as he whispered. You fought the urge to glance at his plush lips but failed horribly.
“I fucking hate you,” you whispered when your eyes met his again, eyes blown wide in lust. 
A growl rumbled in his chest as he smashed his lips against your own. The kiss was all teeth and tongue, another way of fighting. You feel one of his large hands grip the back of your neck, the firm hold pulls a subtle whimper from the back of your throat. Lance doesn’t even try to hide the smirk spreading across his lips the second you respond to him. Every fiber in your being telling you to let him take over, but your mind screams at you to fight back. 
Your hands move up his chest, taking a moment to appreciate the firm muscled under his warm up jacket, then sliding one through his hair. A deep groan leaves him when you suddenly drag your nails across his scalp, tugging harshly at his hair, making his head tilt back. 
“Ohhhhhhh fuck, you bitch,” he growled at your smug face before ducking his head into your neck to bite your tender flesh harshly. 
“Fuck!” you yelp as his teeth sink into your skin, his tongue quickly soothing over the stinging flesh. The action causing you to roll your hips against his, the thick, hard bulge at the front of his thin warm up pants rubbing deliciously against your soaked core. More moans fall from your lips as he begins to grind into you, each noise you make going straight to his cock. He sucks bruise after bruise into the sensitive column of your throat, biting and nipping at the special spot that had you shivering against him. 
Suddenly, he pulls back, leaving you confused. Lance swipes everything from the desk in one quick motion, and hauls you up to lay back on the now bare desk.
“Are you gonna be a good little slut and let me fuck you, baby?” he taunts. 
You scowl at his words, wanting to tell him you’d rather die but the heat and throbbing between your legs tell a different story. A strong hand gripping your jaw in a firm hold, forcing you to look up at him, his face had the same smug expression that made you want to slap it off of him, “Hm?” 
His firm body pressing into yours, pinning your form against the hardwood of the desk. You tear his hand away and grip the collar if his shirt, pulling his face into yours. 
“You better watch your fucking mouth. Now, fuck me or fuck off, Tucker,” you seethe through clenched teeth. 
He makes quick getting rid of your leggings, neither of you bothering to care about the mess around you. All the fights and shouting matches coming to mind; the throbbing in between your legs when he’d lick his dry lips after screaming at you, the wet patch on your panties when he’d grip your arm when things got especially tense. Your hand falls to the front of his pants, gripping the outline of his hard on harshly. 
“A-aah, fuck,” he ruts into your hand, tossing your pants haphazardly behind him. He reattaches his lips to yours roughly, seemingly trying to suck all the air from your lungs. Your hand sneaks under the waistband of his pants, wrapping around his bare cock, making Lance shiver and fuck into your hand. 
“Aww, you’ve been trying to hide this pretty cock from me, haven’t you, Lance?” you whisper into his open mouth, taunting him in the same tone of voice he used on you, your eyes trained on his dick. 
It was flushed with need, the nearly red tip weeping pearly drops of pre-cum into your palm, thick and the perfect length; absolutely gorgeous. Your hand stroked his length in quick tugs, his eyes falling shut, head tilting back ever so slightly. You took this opportunity to mouth at his neck, giving him a matching love bite over his pulse point. 
“If you hadn’t been such a god damn pain in my ass, sweetheart, I would have let you see it sooner,” he spit harshly, one of his hands pushing into your panties. “Oh, and what do we have here?” 
He sat up, his free hand wrapping around your neck, holding you in place as he stands over you. His rough fingers brush through your soaked folds, collecting as much slick as he can before pulling them out of your panties. He brings his drenched fingers to your face, showing you just how wet you are. 
“This all for me, Princess? And here I thought you hated me,” he bragged before licking your juices off his fingers with a deep groan. “Ohh god, your pussy tastes so sweet,” his grip on your neck tightens ever so slightly, making you feel a little lightheaded in a very pleasant way, “need to get a better taste,” he mutters, mostly to himself. 
Tearing your panties in half and prying your thighs open wide, Lance dives into your heat eagerly. 
“Oh, fuck! Lance!” You cry out when he wastes no time wrapping his lips around your clit, sucking harshly. Grunting appreciatively at the way your hips grind against his mouth, he slides one finger into your slick channel. 
“Such a tight little cunt,” he moans against you, his finger working in and out of you, a second one quickly joining to stretch you out. Your hands gripping his hair tightly, holding on for dear life as he devours your most delicate parts hungrily. 
You feel your orgasm bubbling in the pit of your stomach, your pussy gripping Lance’s fingers tighter and tighter. You try to warn him before you let go, but he seems to be one step ahead of you. He pulls back again, smirking at the near desperate whine that leaves your lips and the harsh glare you shoot at him. While you try to catch your breath, you watch as he quickly undoes his pants, your arousal dripping down his chin, “aww, how cute. You thought I was gonna let you cum on anything but my cock?” 
He grips your thighs tightly, forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He teases the tip of his cock at your swollen entrance, he smears more of his creamy pre cum up and down your pussy lips. Your hips instinctively start to chase his, rolling in a silent plead for him to fill you up. With a quick thrust, he bottoms out with a loud grunt, your own cries filling the air. 
“Not a fucking chance,” he groans in between pants, giving you a brief moment to adjust to the pleasurable sting, “you’re not allowed to cum on anything but my cock, do you understand me?” 
You absentmindedly nod, making him smile at your already fucked out state; your eyebrows furrowed, your bottom lip caught in your teeth, harshly biting in a pathetic attempt to silence your moans. Lance can swear you’d never looked more beautiful in your life than when you’re stretched out on his cock. His hands give your hips a quick squeeze before pulling out and snapping his hips into yours, knocking the air out of you. The pace he sets is filthy and harsh, everything you’d dreamed about. 
Sinful grunts leave Lance with each aggressive snap of his hips, matching your high pitched moans, your hands find their place in his hair. 
He smiles coldly down at you, one hand caressing your flushed cheek, “you’re such a good fucking slut, letting me fuck you like this— ah, fuck!” He cut himself off, your pussy fluttering at his words. “Gonna have to keep your tight little pussy for myself, oh god, yes! Work yourself on my cock, baby, go on” he groaned, his eyes glued to the sight between you both: your pussy glistening with arousal, swallowing his cock eagerly, your supple flesh trembling from the sheer force of his thrusts. 
It was “fucking perfect,” he mumbled to himself. 
Your own hand wrapping around his throat catches him off guard, a surprised moan leaving him in a choked as your hand curls around his neck. “What have I told you about watching that mouth, hm?” you sneer up at him, your hips rolling in angry, passionate motions; it was making Lance feel delirious. 
“You wanna own my pussy, Lance?” You tease, watching as his face turn a soft red from your tight grip on his throat, the power struggle making you smirk. He moans and nods, his ears filled with the sound of his skin slapping into yours, your filthy words, and the desk groaning under the rough pace you’re both maintaining. 
“Y-yeah,” he grunts out when you tighten your grip, further constricting his breathing.
“Then you gotta fucking earn it, baby,” you release his neck and move to pull his hair once more. He gulps down air, a new found determination burning in his belly at your oddly soft voice. If it was the last thing he was going to do, he was going to fucking earn it. 
Leaning over you, Lance folds your knees to your chest, holding you open for him to pummel into you. His sudden movements had him slipping deeper into your heat, you couldn’t help but claw at his strong back with a scream. 
“Ohhhh God!” Your back arched off the desk, exposing your neck to him unintentionally. You felt him mouthing at your jugular, making a trail of sloppy kisses to your ear where he nipped at your lobe. 
“You want me to earn it, Sweetheart, I’ll fucking show you that I fucking own this sweet pussy,” his voice barely above a whisper held that malice again, his knees moving to rest on the desk, his pants around his ankles, giving him better leverage to plow into you. The new angle has his tip rubbing that special spot inside of you that you never knew existed, your eyes crossing ever so slightly. That bubbly feeling in your lower gut returning, your pussy fluttering around his girth signaled your impending orgasm. 
“Can feel y’tremblin’ ‘round me…. y’gonna cum?” he questions, his words slurring together as he pants hotly in the crook of your neck, his own orgasm creeping up on him. “Yeah, y’are, can tell,” he snuck a hand in between your sweaty bodies to draw quick circles on your throbbing clit, pushing you closer and closer to the edge.
“Tell me y’hate me, baby,” he whispered hotly in your ear, “C’mon, tell me how much y’hate me, need t’hear it…” his tone bordered on begging and demanding. 
“I-I… I hate you,” you cling to him as you moan in his ear. 
“Louder,” he says in a growl, hips driving into yours harder and his fingers on your clit speeding up.
“I hate you!” You repeat and toss your head back, your toes curling and your hands fisting the fabric of his jacket. 
“Scream it fo’me, Princess!” He loudly demands and slams a fist into the desk next to your head. 
“I HATE YOU!” You scream at the top of your lungs, your earth-shattering orgasm finally washing over you intensely. 
Legs trembling and locked around Lance’s waist, you whimper and shiver underneath him. Lance watches you intently as you fall apart for him; your eyes shut tightly, mouth hung agape in a silent, thin, breathy scream. His hips only stutter for a moment, fully entranced watching you, before he feels his control slipping. 
Opening your eyes to find Lance staring down at you hungrily, his cheeks flushed, forehead damp with sweat, lips plump and bruised. You can see his eyes grow darker with the selfish need to cum that he’s been staving off the entire time. 
A primal growl rumbles in his chest as he resumes his movements, moving with the sole purpose of cumming. You quiver as he begins to jack-rabbit, tucking his face into your neck again. 
You take the chance to whisper in his ear, “y’gonna cum for me? C’mon, Lance, y’did so fucking good, fucked me so good,” the praise had his balls tightening, his eye shutting tightly. 
You smirked to yourself, moaning and licking at his neck, you knew you were getting to his head this way. 
“Who owns this pussy, Lance?” You whispered to him, making his thrusts stagger, his chest swelling with pride at your words. 
“I do…” he grunted, “oh god, I’m gonna fucking cum!” 
You could tell from his voice that he was right there, “who owns this pussy, baby?” you taunted again, moving your hips in time with his. 
“I FUCKING DO!” He shouted as he came, his entire body going rigid, back arching dramatically to give you the best view of his face. His eyes crossed, hooded lids, drool slipping from the corner of his mouth— fuck he was beautiful like this. 
You felt his length twitch as he shot his hot cum into you, filling you to the brim. He was sure he died and went to heaven, his vision going white, his ears ringing so loudly he couldn’t hear the throaty groan he let out. Finally coming down from what was the most intense high he’s ever had, he slumped against you, finally able to hear your voice cutting through the haze. 
“Y’did so good, Lance,” you murmured quietly, almost embarrassed to be saying it, your hands shyly soothing the scratches on his scalp and at the base of his neck. He draws in a deep breath, the soft praise and touches making something tug at his heart. 
He presses a kiss to the first bite that he left, the mark a deep purple now, and sits up. Climbing carefully off the table, you both start to dress. 
“Damn it, Lance!” You scold when you find your torn panties, a pout on your lips. 
“What? They were in my way,” he defends with a shrug and his classic smirk, tossing you a tissue to clean yourself. He plucks the shredded fabric from you and stuffs them in his jacket pocket. You scoff with a shake of your head, a small smile pulling at the corners of your lips, and finish getting dressed. When you turn around, Lance had just finished putting everything back on the desk (it looked just as messy on the floor). 
You wordlessly begin walking to your cars, you tried to hide the small limp you had but Lance was able to tell anyway. Just as you reached your car, he spun you around and pressed his lips against yours firmly. You couldn’t help the small moan that escaped you. He pulled pack with a smirk, slapping your ass and biting his lip, he whispered, “See you tomorrow, Princess.”
Taglist: @tumblin-theworldaway, @slothspaghettiwrites
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sableseb · 28 days ago
Sweater Weather
Lee Bodecker x f!character
word count: 3.9k
warnings: smut, car sex, loss of virginity, age gap, stalking, dry humping, fingering, dirty talk
tags: @harrysthiccthighss​ @fuckandfluff​ @meetmeatyourworst​ @hallecarey1​ @sparksforkoo​ @buckysboobs​ @buckydaddy​ @stucky-my-ship​ @bemine-bucky​ @greeneyedblondie44​ @thewritingdoll​ 
a/n: This story is for my friend @bucky-soldat​ ‘s Graduation Celebration! I chose the prompt, “I’m not interested in her sweater. It’s what’s underneath her sweater that counts.” Which, heavily inspired this fic. I had to do Lee. He just called to me for this one. I hope you love!.x
Tumblr media
Being Sheriff of a bum fuck town never really holds a wow factor. Lee knows. Sure he has that rush when there’s a robbery, or when he breaks up bar fights. But, at its core, this town is about as interesting as the asphalt roads he patrols daily.
But, that all changed as Lee found himself a fixation one evening. After another day of the same ole speeding tickets, he saw her in the April sun, walking alone with her head down on the sidewalk, skirt to her knees with a sweater that seemed a few sizes too big. He instantly fell smitten.
She’s a cure for the sheer boredom he’s experienced most of his law abiding career. She’s something that captivates him. She seems so timid, so palpable. Just thinking about how easy it’d be to use her made his cock harden.
He often finds himself wondering if she’s got a body under all the shaggy clothing. Is she tight and thin? Curvy and soft? He needs to find out soon, keeping an eye on her from afar isn’t cutting it.
“You’re doin’ that thing again,” his deputy drawls, grabbing Lee’s attention.
He whips his head to the side, eyeing the young man who’s currently accompanying him on his patrol today. “What thing,” he asks with a pointed tone. The Sheriff never particularly liked being called out by someone who’s beneath him.
“I see the way you side eye that girl every time we watch this street. You’re whipped, boss.”
Lee’s jaw ticks. He hates the fact he’s so transparent when it comes to her, almost as much as he hates the amusement lacing his deputy’s words. But, he doesn’t comment. He just turns his heavy gaze back to his girl because he knows the boy sitting next to him is right. She has him wrapped around those slender fingers and she doesn’t even know it.
Lee becomes familiar with her routine. He knows her habits like the back of his hand. He didn’t mean to clock her every move, he just slept better at night knowing she’s safe. He’s witnessed one too many men get handsy with the women around here. He can’t have that happen to her. She’s for his touch only. 
He sits and waits in his cruiser like he always does, looking forward to seeing her emerge from school. Nineteen is a perfect age for him. Young, needing a man to look after her, care for her, fuck a baby into her. He can’t wait to fill her up, watch his seed slowly drip out of her as she begs for more. 
He watches as she walks out the double doors wearing a skirt that’s a little shorter than her usual wear and that same damned sweater. Her socks come to rest just below her knees, somewhat blocking out the harsh bite the air holds. 
The picture of innocence. Lee couldn’t find it in himself to care one bit about her age. Not when she made him feel things so acutely. He has this overwhelming urge to protect and corrupt her, to cherish and destroy her. He’s tired of looking from afar. 
Each Friday she goes down to the river bank and sits. She never did anything other than watch the ripples as they broke the flow of the water. So, Lee wasn’t surprised to see her walk her way down the same hill that she does at the end of each week as he tailed her. He always admires when she gets lost in her head. She seems at peace, content with the world around her.
He almost feels bad for intruding while she’s in her mind...Almost. 
“It’s awfully frigid to be sittin’ on a bank ain’t it?”
She whips her head around. She didn’t even hear him come down the trail she took moments prior. Fear is prominent on her face, but she soon realizes that it’s him and relaxes. “Sheriff,” she sighs, “you scared me.”
He takes her in. She’s sitting on a rock, knees tucked under her chin, a slight tremble to her frame, books scattered near her side. Her hair is wild and mused from the breeze, eyes bright from the midday sun. He wishes he had a camera on him. She looks like a work of art.
“Didn’t mean to, darlin’. Just checking in on you.”
Lee sees her shy away from him, obviously taken back by his statement. Did no one care to look out for her? That’s absurd. How could nobody care to make sure she’s okay?
“I’m fine, I pro-“
Thunder rolls in the distance, halting her mid sentence as clouds start to cover the sky. He looks up, it’s going to pour something ugly and soon. He can’t have her out here, can’t have her walk all the way home in the rain.
Lee extends a hand to her. “Why don’t I give you a ride home? It’s gonna storm soon.”
She looks hesitant as she contemplates his offer, looking at his hand and then towards the sky. A drop of rain hits her cheek and that’s all it takes for her to lay her cold palm in his.
She hops off the rock with his help before moving down to pick up her books. Lee can’t help but to rake his eyes over her hunched position as she retrieves her belongings. Her skirt rides up, showing more of the smooth flesh of her thighs with her ass slightly outlined in the flowing fabric. 
He imagines having her hold her ankles as he takes her from behind, leaving his hand prints across the ample cheeks of her backside while tears stream down her face as she begs him to ease up, begs him to slow down cause that little pussy of her’s can’t take the stretch, the pain. 
Once she has herself situated, Lee leads the way back up the dirt path as the rain starts a steady downpour. They rush to the cruiser before they get completely soaked. As he shuts the driver side door, he looks over to his girl. She’s shaking, the sleeves of her sweater pulled over her fists, hair damp. But, what he notices the most...she’s in his space. He can’t have her leave him without a taste of what she has to offer.
He switches the heat on for her. She gives him a little smile and mutters a thank you, turning her attention back to her lap. Lee is an observant man, smart and intuitive. So, when he sees her shy away from him, not holding his eye for more than mere seconds, he knows it’s either because he’s Sheriff or because she’s attracted to him and his presence. Closing herself off so she doesn’t seem like a fool. God, he prays it’s the second.
She hasn’t the slightest clue on his feelings towards her. Every bump in at community functions, running into each other when grocery shopping, keeping his space but always making sure his eyes are on her, it’s been torture to his mind and heart. He never made a move because deep down, he fears rejection, fears what he’ll do if those plump lips utter the word no.
Today, he’s going to show her exactly what she does to him. He’s sick of the constant gap between them. He knows he has to be careful not to scare her off, knows that if she reciprocates his feelings they’ll have to sneak around until his election is over and he gets out of his dirty, under the table dealings. Lee isn’t going to jeopardize her safety with the shit he brought upon himself.
He didn’t realize how bad the storm was hitting while he was lost in thought. Looking out the windshield, he can barely see the road in front of him. The rain engulfs the cruiser in a gray blanket with how fast and heavy it’s falling. There’s no way he can navigate these back roads in this condition.
“We’re gonna have to wait this storm out, that okay, darlin’,” he asks while pulling off to park on the side of the road.
“Yeah, it’s okay.”
Silence hangs heavy as they sit and wait. The patter of rain on the metal roof would be calming in any other situation. But, right now? Lee doesn’t comprehend anything other than the weak-kneed little thing sitting to his right. She’s close, but not close enough.
“Here,” he grunts as he picks up her books in the middle of them. She watches in confusion as he leans over the front seat to place her books in the back. “You’re shiverin’. Let me warm you up a bit, yeah?”
He watches intently to catch her reaction. It doesn’t surprise him that those doe eyes widen or that she fidgets with the hem of her sweater. But, what does catch him off guard is how easily she slides over to him and tucks herself underneath his awaiting arm. 
So, he thinks, she does take a likin’ towards me.
He sits there with a grin on his face, a skip in his chest, and a pretty girl resting on his chest. His pretty girl. The one he’s dreamed of having. The thing with Lee though, is that you give an inch, he’ll take a mile.
“I know how we can get you warmed up faster, darlin’.”
She raises slightly to look up at him. “How, Sheriff?”
Lee takes him arm away from her shoulders, shifting her back a bit so he can cusp her cool cheeks in his palms. He hears her breath hitch as he leans in close, lips barely brushing hers. She makes no move to pull herself from his grasp. He takes that as a sign to continue.
“You ever been with a man before?”
Her body tightens up and her eyes widen. Her hands have a firm grip on the end of her sleeves. She’s visibly taken back, but interest swirls behind those eyes and, is that shame there too?
“I-I’ve never done anything. With anyone,” she stutters out, forcing herself to look anywhere but his face. “Does that...bother you?”
He lets out a little laugh, trying his hardest to mask a groan that threatens to slip. His sweetheart wants it, wants this, wants him. No one’s tainted her skin, got to experience her in the form God created. 
“No, honey. Not one bit. You gonna let me show you how it feels?”
She finally meets his gaze. Worry is etched onto her soft features, her lip taking the brunt of her nerves as she threatens to chew the skin off. Lee slides his thumb from her cheek to her mouth, pulling her lip away from the onslaught of teeth. Slowly, he rubs the irritated skin as he waits for her answer. 
Time seems to slow as he looks into her eyes. The storm still rages on, not once breaking the trance each of them hold on the other. “I would like that,” she whispers.
He plants his lips against hers as soon as she gives him the go. He starts off by feverishly moving his mouth against hers. Then, his hands move from her face to her chest, kneading her breasts through the heavy fabric. This causes her mouth to open in a gasp, giving Lee the perfect opportunity to deepen the kiss.
His tongue moves along hers, sucking on it, biting it. He’s basking in her sweet taste and soft whimpers as his groping gets harsher. She’s struggling to keep up. He breaks the kiss to pull the sweater over her head.
He’s met with one of the prettiest sights he’s seen. Under the fabric that swallows her whole, there hides a sultry figure. Her heavy breasts are straining against the buttons of her white school uniform, her waist sinks in only to have her hips flare out. The cotton clings to her and accentuates every dip and curve. She’s beauty in the purest form.
He must have been staring too long because she’s cowering away, trying to shield herself from his lust blown eyes. Lee’s quick to grab her arms and drag her flush against his front. 
“You’ve been hidin’ all this?” He takes his nose and traces it along her jaw and up to her ear. He bites the lobe before whispering, “You’re gorgeous. You’re gonna move back to your seat and strip for me. Shirt, bra, panties. They come off. The skirt stays on. You got that?”
“Yes, sir,” she whimpers.
Lee’s cock jumps at her obedience. He grips her hair and pulls her head away from his. “Good girl. Now, give me a show.”
He leans back as she scoots her way over to her side of the vehicle. Her hands hold a slight tremble as she undoes her blouse one button at a time. He takes in each piece of skin that becomes exposed to him. He brings a hand down to his dick that’s pressing uncomfortably against his zipper. He palms himself, eyes never once leaving her body.
Her movements falter as she watches him please himself so brazenly. To Lee, it’s fucking hot how worked up she is, how easily it is to fluster her. She makes it to the last button and shrugs the long sleeved blouse off. She unclasped her bra, baring herself to him.
He believes he can cum from just watching her. Her tits are round and full, nipples hardening against the cool air of the cruiser. He’s itching to sink his teeth into the tight buds, hear her cry out to him as he sucks and nibbles the sensitive flesh.
Her underwear follows as she slides them down her long legs. “Put ‘em in the glove box. For safe keepin’,” he commands through clenched teeth as his grip on himself tightens. She places the baby pink fabric in the compartment and clicks it back in place.
“Now, come sit your pretty little self on my lap.” 
It’s not how he’d like to have taken her. He’d much rather strip away her innocence in his bed, behind his four walls instead of his stuffy police car. But, everything just worked out too perfectly today and he couldn’t wait any longer for her, not when she seamlessly fell into his arms.
Her skirt falls around them as she sits on her knees above him. Lee’s hands fall to her waist as he looks up at her. He runs them along her hips, her stomach, down to her thighs to bring them under her skirt. He snake his arms around her to grip her bare ass. 
“How do you get yourself off? Do you rub your clit? Stuff your pussy with your fingers? Shower head maybe?”
Her breathing picks up at his words and his continuously wandering hands. It should be a simple answer. But, she’s taking a lot longer than necessary to tell him her dirty secret. He waits nonetheless, chalking it up to her anxiousness. 
“If I tell you, will you promise not to think anything of it?”
Without hesitation he says, “Promise.” What is she so nervous about? It has him chomping at the bits. How dirty is his seemingly perfect angel?
“I use a pillow,” she rushes out, looking everywhere but him once again.
He knows he promised. But, how could he not think anything of that? He pictures her clad in nothing but tight panties, desperately trying to get off from the pillow between her thighs. It’s so debauched, so erotic. He makes a mental note to have her show him her nasty masturbation session later with his own pillows. Leave her scent on the very thing he lays his head upon each night.
“My girl ain’t as innocent as she seems, huh? Let me see how you hump your pillows, honey.” He pushes her down by her ass to rest her warm heat on his straining erection. Her gasp turns into a small grunt as he works her over his clothed length. She gets the hint.
She presses herself harder against him, putting more momentum in her hips as she grinds against him. Lee can physically feel how wet she is through his slacks. He aids her movements by still keeping a firm grip on her back side. He ruts up against her, adding more pressure to her clit.
Sweat breaks along her skin as she furiously moves against him, trying so hard to reach her high. Lee notices the tremble in her legs and how her moans picked up. He halts her movement and she lets out a pained whimper.
“Shh,” he cooed as he placed kisses along the expanse of her face. “Tell me. Tell me you want me to fuck you with my fingers.”
He moves a hand from her ass to her mound, rubbing the smooth skin before sliding his thumb down to circle her clit. She jerks at the sensation. “Please. I want your fingers, Lee. Fuck me with your fingers.”
He takes his thumb off her nerves. He rubs the length of her pussy with his hand. She rides his palm as he continues his teasing. “You’re so desperate. Don’t worry, darlin’. I’ll stretch ya out and let ya cum. Give this cunt what she needs.”
As soon as his middle finger breaches her hole, she falls forward and pushes her face into the crook of his neck. He can feel each puff of air she lets out as he drags his finger through her wet walls. Her arousal slides down his skin and coats her thighs.
“You got sucha tight cunt. She’s cryin’, baby. Feel how you’re fuckin’ soakin’ me?”
Lee adds another digit. The stretch has her whimpering as she tries her best to accommodate the foreign feeling. He lets her adjust, moving his wrist slowly as she gains the confidence to take his fingers. When she starts lifting her hips and sinking them back down against his hand, he takes it as to pick up the pace.
The sounds of her cries and her drenched heat bounce around the confines of the car. He’ll never get over the beautiful symphony. It’ll follow him around in the back of his mind for the rest of his days. 
“Lee,” she whimpers. “I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s right, honey. Go ahead and soak my hand. You earned it.”
Her body starts to pull taut above him. Her form is stiff and tight except for the shaking of her thighs. He keeps his fast pace, making sure his palm smacks her clit with each harsh thrust. He feels the sudden grip of her pussy around his fingers, feels the throb as her orgasm over takes her and leaves her a panting mess.
Lee pulls her off him. He brushes away the hair that’s clung around her face and takes in her blissed out expression. He leans in and captures her mouth with his, lips moving lazily as he lays her down on the leather seat.
Breaking away, he tells her, “Hold your skirt up for me.” 
Watching as she takes her dainty hands and pulls the fabric above her waist, he sucks his teeth, looking straight between her legs. She shines in the dull light of the storm, pussy swollen and slick. There’s not one part of her that isn’t a sight for sore eyes.
He hastily undoes his belt, pulling his zipper down and taking his leaking cock out of his boxers. It causes a sense of pride to swell up in his chest as she gasps at his size. He runs his hand along his shaft a few times, giving her an eye full before leaning over her.
He moves his tip through her sticky folds, bumping her clit a few times. Gently, he pushes the head of his dick inside her. “Lee, I don’t think you’ll fit.”
He grabs her cheeks, bringing her face close to his. “I’ll fuckin’ fit, baby.” 
Suddenly, he bottoms out inside her in one fluid thrust. He watches with a grin on his face as her brows contort to show her discomfort and her hips arch. She feels like heaven wrapped around him. He can feel the pulses that wrack the inside of her. He can feel her arousal covering his length. She’s so tight that he’s having a hard time holding still as he lets her catch her breath.
Her hands grip the front of his uniform as he slowly pulls out and thrusts back in again. Tears form as the sensations over take her. Leaning down, Lee bites along the skin of her chest, leaving behind his mark as she pushes her breasts harder against his face.
His hips start moving faster against her, sending her further up the seat as he pounds into her. Her moans get higher as he becomes rougher. His lips move to her neck and he gives it the same treatment as her tits. He wants her to leave this car with his teeth bruised into her skin, with his cum rolling down her legs, and a dull ache that nobody but him can soothe.
“Feel so good. You wanna cum on my cock? Huh? My sweet girl likes havin’ her pussy filled don’t she?”
“Yes. Please, so close,” she cries as she clings to him. 
Lee brings his hand down to where they’re connected. His thumb finds her clit once more as he fucks her. He rubs along the sensitive flesh, helping her reach her climax faster. He realizes that he’ll never get enough of this, never get enough of her. He knew his obsession wouldn’t end if he fucked her. She isn’t something he’ll ever get out of his system.
Her legs fall wider apart as her toes curl. That coil that’s in her stomach snaps and she’s cumming with a silent cry. Lee stops his movement so he can feel her clench around him. He curses under his breath as she squeezes him tightly. He can’t control himself anymore.
He starts to chase his high with her spent body. She lays limp as he thrusts inside her. He can feel that familiar heat creep up his spine. It burns so much hotter now that he’s buried balls deep in a pussy instead of his fist.
His stomach tightens as her silky cunt becomes too much. He cums with a growl and buries his face in her hair, breathing in her scent as he paints her insides with his spend. He lays on top of her, feeling her arms wrap around his waist. 
He rises and looks down at her. “You okay,” he asks. He didn’t want her to regret this, regret him.
She smiles as she says, “I’m perfect.”
Lee’s heart sores as he hears her admission. He kisses her and pulls out, already missing the warmth. He helps her sit up as she reaches for her clothes. She puts them back on her heated skin. His eyes never leave her. It’s like he wants to make sure he memorizes every little piece of her.
The weather cleared up significantly in the time the were wrapped in each other. “Alright, let’s get you home now, darlin’,” he says as he flashes a smirk her way. 
“Will I see you again? In this way I mean.”
“You mean, will we have sex again?”
Looking out of the corner of his eye as he shifts the cruiser in gear, he sees the little nod she gives him. She’s scared that this is a one time deal...his dumb baby. Still so oblivious to his true feelings.
“Of course,” he chuckles. “I’m never lettin’ you out of my sight, baby.”
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sunshinebuckybarnes · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Here it is buttercups, my masterlist for kinktober! I can't wait to share these stories with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them ✨🖤
I might still switch some days around or change characters for some but we'll see. This is my first kinktober and I'm not as organised as I'd like to be ✨
By choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. Please do not interact with these stories if you are a minor, you will be blocked. And please read the individual warnings for each fic, you are responsible for your own media consumption.
Day 1: Bondage with mob!Andy barber
Day 2: Strip tease with biker!Steve Rogers
Day 3: Food play with Jake Jensen
Day 4: Gagging with Lee Bodecker
Day 5: Aftercare with Ari Levinson
Day 6: Somnophilia with Ransom Drysdale 
Day 7: Degradation with Lee Bodecker
Day 8: Face fucking with mob!Steve Rogers
Day 9: Loss of virginity with sugar daddy!Andy Barber
Day 10: Toys with roommate!Bucky Barnes
Day 11: Phone sex with Sam Wilson
Day 12: Knife play with The Winter Soldier
Day 13: Public sex with 40s!Bucky Barnes
Day 14: Choking with Bucky Barnes
Day 15: Overstimulation with Ari Levinson
Day 16: Voyerism with Curtis Everett
Day 17: Cockwarming with Lee Bodecker
Day 18: Edging with Ari Levinson
Day 19: Threesome with Bucky & Steve
Day 20: Mirror sex with Ransom Drysdale
Day 21: Spanking with Bucky Barnes
Day 22: Daddy kink with Steve Rogers
Day 23: Sex pollen with Steve Rogers
Day 24: Wax play with sugar daddy!Andy Barber
Day 25: Double penetration with Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson
Day 26: Blindfold with Ari Levinson
Day 27: Dress up with Jake Jensen
Day 28: Breeding with Andy Barber
Day 29: Face sitting with Curtis Everett
Day 30: Anal with mob!Bucky Barnes
Day 31: CNC with mob!Steve Rogers
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likeahorribledream · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
» ᴍɪꜱꜱɪɴɢ ᴘɪᴇᴄᴇ [Request] Completed ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: When Bucky first arrived to the compound, Steve was his only friend and the only person he trusted himself around. That is until Steve introduces him to you, his best friend. Bucky was fascinated by how often you and Steve would hug each other. It had been a very long time since anyone had touched him in such a loving way and it didn't take long before Bucky found himself craving your touch, but whenever you'd get too close he would flinch as if someone had hit him. His trauma still too fresh a wound for him to be comfortable with someone touching him. Then one day, he finally fights his instincts and let you touch him. He hadn't realized how truly touch starved he was until he feels the warmth of your skin against his. Something clicks for the both of you in that moment, you had found your missing piece. As long as you were with each other, you were home. You both tried to fool yourselves into thinking you were just friends, really close friends. Friends that needed to be together almost every minute of every day and who needed to hold each other to be able to sleep at night.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Female!Reader
[ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen ]
» ʜɪꜱ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You thought you and Bucky were getting close until you overhear a conversation between him, Sam and Steve that leaves you heartbroken.
Prompt: Come on, open the door. Please.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢᴏᴛ ᴀᴡᴀʏ On Going ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Steve Rogers was not the type to walk away from a fight. He took every hit, got knocked down more times than he cared to count but he always got back up. What he lacked in height (or muscles) he made up in heart and guts. Another day, another alley and to no one’s surprise; another fight. This time, Steve really chose the wrong opponent and got hurt, badly. As fate would have it, there was a small clinic only a few streets down. That’s where he met Charlie Mathews, an absolute Brooklyn sweetheart that lived a very uneventful life.That was all before she met Steve. Before she met him. Bucky and Charlie have a short lived friendship before the inevitable happens and he gets drafted to go fight for his country. He knew it was bound to happen, he knew that going to war would be one of the hardest things he would have to do but having to leave his best girl behind left him heartbroken. Oblivious to the future that was waiting for him, Bucky made promises to her he won’t live long enough to keep.
Fate brought them together once and will do it again, but the universe doesn’t give out happy endings so easily.
Pairing: 40s!Bucky x Charlie (Original Female Character)
[ Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven ]
» ᴡᴏᴜɴᴅᴇᴅ [Request] ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You were originally hired by SHIELD to be on The Avengers’ medics team, but Steve needs your help with his best friend who he thought was dead for over 70 years.
Prompt: “Gentle kisses on a lover’s knucles after tending to their wounds.”
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ʙᴀᴅ ʀᴇᴘᴜᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ On Going ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Biker!AU. A bad break-up pushes you to move to a small town in California where you meet Natasha who offers you a job. You work alongside the men from the 107th motorcycle clubs who all welcome you with open arms, and for a certain brunette; with open arms. Everyone warns you to stay away from him, but as you'll soon find out; it's a lot harder to do than it seems.
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Female!Reader
[ Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six ]
Tumblr media
» ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛ [Request] ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Lee takes you out to celebrate, but as you were getting ready he notices that something is bothering you.
Prompt: Helping your lover fix their tie or zip up their dress.
Pairing: Soft!Lee x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴛʀᴀɢᴇᴅʏ [Request-ish] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ
Summary: You move to Knockemstiff after the mayor hired you to be Lee’s deputy. Everyone warns you to stay away from him, but for some reason you just can’t. He’ll be the one that’ll put you back together before breaking you again.
Pairing: Modern!Lee x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ] [ Alternate Ending ]
Tumblr media
» ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛꜱ ᴏᴘᴇɴ
Tumblr media
» ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴ ꜱɪᴄᴋɴᴇꜱꜱ, ʙᴜᴛ ɪɴ ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: The first time you met Lance, he really didn't make a good first impression but he still managed to weasel is way into your life. Everything goes well until you get sick.
Pairing: Lance Tucker x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
Tumblr media
» ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏᴏɴ On Going ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Mob!AU Ransom chooses to embrace the darkness that everyone sees in him. He cuts ties with his family as he joins another. Ransom quickly works his way up to the top. Feared and respected, known as the man with nothing to lose. Until he meets you.
Pairing: Mob!Ransom x Female!Reader
[ Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten ]
» ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ʏᴏᴜʀꜱ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You have a ridiculous nickname for Ransom, an inside joke between the two of you, that you promised to only use when no one else is around. Then, one night you and Ramsom are having dinner with his family at Harlan's mansion when the nickname slips out. After his mother nags you into telling her the story behind the nickname, Ransom doesn't say a single word to anyone, nor does he look at you.
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴅᴀʏ ɪᴛ'ʟʟ ʀᴀɪɴ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Inspired by the song It will rain by Bruno Mars. Ransom is terrified at the thought of losing you and his nights are plagued by the same nightmare of having to watch you leave without being able to do anything about it. Every time he wakes up sobbing and the only way for him to calm down is for you to hold him and promise him you're never going to leave him.
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ꜱᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ [Request] ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You just started dating Ransom and he discovers your yarn stash. He asks you to knit him a sweater.
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴡᴇ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜɴɢ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You and Ransom used to be best friends, then something changed and you weren't good enough for him anymore. You finally see him almost 10 years after you graduated high school and you come to learn that things weren't as they seemed.
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» [ɪɴ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀ] ᴄʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ [Request] ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: Every man in your family is a criminal, going all the way back to your great-grandfather, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you'd find love while visiting your brother in prison.
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
» ɪ ᴛʀᴜꜱᴛ[ᴇᴅ] ʏᴏᴜ [Request] Completed ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ++/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: You thought meeting Ransom was just a lucky strike, turns out your lucky strike might have been forced.
Request: Hi! can u do 11, 12, 20, and 25 from the angst prompts with Ransom.
11. ‘’Come back, I’ll do anything.’’ 12. ‘’Don’t go! Don’t leave me. I can’t do this without you.’’ 20. ‘’I can’t sleep without her holding me.’’ 25. ‘’I loved you.’’ (the prompts are in bold)
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four ]
» ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴬⁿᵍˢᵗ/ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: What if Ransom had someone by his side, supporting him, from the moment he was old enough to talk? What would his life be if he had been showed love and compassion when his parents couldn't be bothered? Would he managed to make a better life for himself or would his worst nightmare of him being exactly like them come true?
Pairing: Ransom x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
Tumblr media
» ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴜɴ [Request] ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: After the events from Civil War, you and Steve are on the run together. Steve wakes you up in the middle of the night after a bad dream, changing the entire course of your friendship.
Pairing: Nomad!Steve x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
Tumblr media
» ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛꜱ ᴏᴘᴇɴ
Tumblr media
» ʙᴜʀɴɪɴɢ ʟᴏᴠᴇ [Request] ᶠˡᵘᶠᶠ
Summary: : You always take care of Andy, now it's his turn to take care of you.
Pairing: Andy x Female!Reader
[ One Shot ]
Tumblr media
» ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛꜱ ᴏᴘᴇɴ
Tumblr media
Requests are always open. All you have to do is send me an ask (anon or not) or a private message. Below is the list of characters I write for, more can be added if you are interested in someone that isn't on the list.
» Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Ransom Drysdale, Chris, Lee Bodecker, Andy Barber, Jake Jensen.
» You can come up with your own ideas, prompts or song inspiration or you can check out the following links and choose from them. Just be sure to mention in your ask the character you want and if the prompts are angsty, let me know if you want a happy ending or not. You can choose as many prompts as you want from as many lists as you want.
A little bit of everything | Sexual tensions (no actual smut) | Things couples do | A little bit of everything II | Kisses | Angst | Oh no, there's only one bed | Slow burn | Kisses again | More angst | Fluff | Sleepy | How you met | More slow burn | Friends to lovers | More friends to lovers because it's my favorite | In need of some reassuring | Fake dating |
» Alternate Universe: Roommates, Biker, Mafia/Mob, Brother's best friend/Best friend's brother, Set in another TV show/movie universe (be specific), College, Soulmates (be specific), Apocalypse/Post-Apocalyptic.
» You can ask for more parts of a specific stories I've already written or prompts for a specific couple (ex.: Bucky x Reader from Missing Piece)
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 12 days ago
Beyond upset isn’t even the word. I was told by one of my kind followers that @bratty-bug (@pretty-pillow-princess) stole my fanfiction ‘Daddy’s Here’. I checked it out and yes they plagiarized my work. They changed a couple of words here and there and claimed it as there own- replacing Lee with Steve Rogers.
When I messaged them (kindly, might I add) they refused to recognize their plagiarism and had the audacity to give me an attitude. As if I had some nerve for being upset at someone blatantly stealing my work and claiming it as their own. They proceeded to block me.
God only knows if they’ve stolen more of my work or other writers’ work but if they did it once they’ve done it before and/or will do it again. I’m shaking as I am writing this- I am so upset.
I am calling @bratty-bug out because this is not okay. They need to be held responsible for their actions. If you have a writing blog create your OWN ORIGINAL WORK AND DO NOT STEAL FROM OTHERS.
Here is the proof. I screenshotted a few of the first paragraphs of what they posted tonight:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is mine (that I wrote MONTHS ago):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is our conversation:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Im not trying to tell you which blogs you should or should not support, but please be aware of writers who steal from others. I work so hard on my writing and to know another blog has stolen from me is infuriating. Even thought they deleted the plagiarized post- I am still upset.
Also… this is from their master list….
Tumblr media
Girl. Really?
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