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#lee felix
bystay · 2 days ago
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felix’s true role in skz
↳ BONUS : the most healing smile !
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mauerbluemcheno · 2 days ago
listen up
you have been brainwashed by the highly manipulative k-pop industry if
-you lost your critical thinking skills and attack others for criticizing a song because 'it could hurt the artist's feelings, they've worked hard🥺'
- you are convinced that these artists actually care about you personally
- you, at all times, assume that the artist has been innocent for their entire lives, are incapable of doing wrong, ever, and you are even willing to disregard evidence in order to defend them
- the private life of an artist is very important to you to the point where you get upset when it doesn't mirror your expectations of it
- you think that it is automatically your obligation as a fan to make your preferred artist popular
- you care way more about streaming numbers and voting wins than the actual quality of the music
- you're literally willing to send others death threats for not supporting the same artists as you who ironically often preach kindness above anything else
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incorrectskzquotes · 2 days ago
Jisung, texting: I love you!
Felix: I love you too!
Jisung: I love you more!
Felix: I love you more than you love me!
Jeongin: I’d love it if you guys didn’t do this in the group chat.
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jisungieart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Thunderous felix 🐱
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amyhyunjinshairband · 2 days ago
when did it change? pt 1.
Tumblr media
''when did this change'' you think to yourself as your looking across at your best friend who's sleeping next to you. you did this a lot he would come over and have bestie days with you which was practically every day. but today, this morning something was different. you lay on your elbow, looking at his sleeping form. he looked like a sleeping angel, his lids closed, his soft breathing, his soft yet plump lips... you smiled but your heart felt it. you didnt see him as your best friend now you saw him as something more. and what you figured out that to be is you loved him. you loved him with all your heart, mabe this was slow to confess mabe you knew all along but one things for sure you loved this man, your best friend and one day you will tell him how you really feel..
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incorrectskzquotes · 2 days ago
Hyunjin: If I ever find the person that stole my shirt they are going to get a-
Felix: *walks into the room wearing Hyunjin's shirt* Morning everyone
Hyunjin: -big kiss from me
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