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#lee felix x reader
sunshinelixie-lee · 2 days ago
11:52 pm
*felix as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by anonnies:
can i request a felix drabble with the prompts 8 and 9 from the suggestive list?
a drabble with felix and prompt #15 off of the suggestive list 😫☝️
8)"Don't look at me like that."
9)"If you don't stop, I might not be able to hold myself back."
15) "I can feel you ogling my abs..."
rated PG-13
warnings: once again, way too suggestive ;-;
word count: 0.60k
a/n: first of all, i combined two requests uwu sorry not sorry hehe... and second... uhm, so, I love felix to the death and I may or may not have gotten carried away with this... also, let's not talk about how hard my heart was pounding and how red my face was while writing-
[suggestive fluff]
He stepped out of the bathroom, nothing but a towel hanging loosely from his trim hips.
As he strode to his dresser, beads of water slowly rolling down the hard planes of his torso, you struggled to remain under the pretense of reading your book. Your eyes peeked over the top of your book as you stared at his perfectly sculpted body. The dresser was perpendicular to the bed, and as he rummaged through the top drawer for sweatpants, you were offered a magnificent view of his upper body. It gleamed damply in the dim light, muscles rippling smoothly under his skin as his arms flexed unconsciously.
His eyes angled towards you from under his brows, a sparkle of amusement within reflecting the yellow glow of your lamp. “I can feel you ogling my abs,” he chuckled, deep voice causing goosebumps to erupt across your arms.
“I am doing no such thing,” you sniffed haughtily, quickly looking back down at your book.
In fact, you made such a show of being completely and totally absorbed in the story before you, that you neither saw nor heard Felix approaching until he had leapt onto the bed at your feet.
“What are you doing, Lix?” Your voice sounded more nervous than you cared to admit.
“Indulging your fantasies,” he teased, pitching his voice even deeper. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew how that low, raspy voice of his affected you.
As you blushed furiously, your boyfriend began to crawl towards you, his eyes burning with something that made you want to press your thighs together.
There was something about the way the towel was hanging onto his hips for dear life, the way his eyes were dark and shimmering with lust and reflections, the way his body moved as sensually as a panther’s that had you feeling like he was a fever dream. His wet, shaggy hair was in his eyes, the water still glistening on his skin, but somehow, it only made him so much more beautiful. You bit your lip as he hovered over you, pushing you back onto the pillows and knocking your book to the side.
“Don’t look at me like that,” he groaned, one of his warm hands pushing up the giant, cotton shirt you had stolen from his pajama drawer. His fingers burned on the cool skin of your stomach, his eyes boring into yours.
“Or what?” you breathed. Your arms and legs wrapped around his nearly naked figure, pulling him down to rest flush against your body.
Felix’s pupils blew out, widening until the warm brown was almost entirely swallowed up by a dark, endless black that spoke of all the things he wanted in that moment.
“I think you know, love,” he murmured back, reaching down to kitten lick softly at the nape of your neck.
“And what if I say I’m completely clueless?” You’d originally wanted your retort to come across as cheeky, but it only sounded breathy and bashful, your back arching off the bed as he continued to mouth at the column of your throat.
Your hands gripped at his bare, wet shoulder blades, your heels pressing into the firm backs of his thighs. Soft, pretty noises fell from your lips, filling the peaceful silence of the warm room and pulling quiet pants from deep in Felix’s chest.
“If you were to say you’re clueless,” he breathed, “I’d have to spell it out for you.”
“Then spell it out for me, angel…”
Felix huffed a low, husky laugh. “Honey, if you don’t stop, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
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corruption-skz · 9 hours ago
NAUGHTY TEXTS || Lee Felix Smut
Felix x Male reader
• Requested: Yes
• Warnings: Dom!Felix,Sub!Reader,spanking,degradation,fingering (reader receiving),use of leash,handjob,anal penetration,unprotected sex,creampie,slight edging.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were currently home waiting for your boyfriend to come back from work.
You were fidgeting from anticipation waiting to see his reaction from your actions.
You were feeling a bit horny today so you decided to get a bit bratty and naughty towards him sending him nudes of you letting him see how desperate you were from the boner you had as precum was leaking from it.
Felix opened the door and entered your apartment finding you in your couch watching TV trying to act oblivious as you casually greeted him like you hadn't been sending pics of your bulge the whole morning.
"Hi baby" Felix greeted you with a soft smile and pecked your lips.
Your brain immediately went blank 'what happened? Did he not receive the pics? Why was he acting like you hadn't been a brat today?'
You greeted him as well hugging him trying to move on to see where this was going or if you'd get a reaction out of him.
"Okay so, I'm going to shower real quick and I'll be joining you to bed for cuddles okay?"
You just nodded with a confused expression on your face.
Felix got in the bathroom for his shower as you got up and moved to the bed getting under the covers.
Suddenly your tiredness started getting the best of you and your eyes started slowly shutting until you felt an arm wrapping tightly around your neck and your eyes were suddenly open wide
"Of course I received the pics baby" he said holding your neck as your mouth was wide open.
You were in disbelief with his whole act he did catch you off guard.
"Your little cute expression of confusion was pretty funny I have to admit" he said chuckling "but I'm afraid that I have to punish you for this misbehaviour"
He opened the drawer beside you and pulled out your favourite toy. Your leash.
He wrapped the leash around your neck pulling on it making you whimper.
"Can you remind me why do you need that leash baby?"
"B-because I'm a pathetic needy puppy a-and daddy needs to discipline me" you said between moans.
"Good boy,now get up and stand in all fours for daddy hm?" He instructed and you immediately followed getting in all fours supporting your self on your knees and elbows.
He started massaging your ass through your sweats making you shake it a bit implying you want more.
"What a pathetic needy slut you are!" He slaps your ass harshly to keep it in place "Daddy likes to take his time"
He lowered your sweats and boxers and leaned down biting your ass cheek making your dick grow even bigger
"Daddy please do something" you whined
"Oh baby your desperate whines make daddy so hard, I think I want to torture you a bit more" he said spanking you again making you whine once more
"after all I don't think a brat like you should get his orgasm that easy" he started grinding his clothed dick against your ass while pulling on your leash hearing you let out small moans.
He kept grinding on you for a while as his hand started pumping your dick "d-daddy I need to cum please" you asked which made Felix chuckle
"Not yet whore" he said pumping you faster as your moans got louder "in fact I don't know if you'll be cuming at all tonight" he stated getting an instant reaction out of you
"B-BUT DADDY" you cried out earning a hard spank on your ass cheek from Felix
"I don't think you get to choose slut" he said in a harsh tone trying to remind you who was the one controlling.
His hand left your dick and started teasing your asshole making your mouth open wide as he slipped two of his fingers inside
"Mmm so so warm and tight" he said with his deep voice right next to your ear making you shiver "can't even imagine how good daddy's dick will feel inside you baby" he whispered.
He lowered his pants and boxers as he pulled his fingers out.
He started drawing circles with his dick around your asshole making your body shake "D-daddy can I please have your dick?" You said turning back at him giving him the puppy eyes.
Maybe he bended a little that moment,giving you for once actually that night what you wanted.
"Okay since you were a good boy and asked so nicely" he said slipping himself slowly inside you
His head was right next to yours so you could hear clearly and loudly his hot and low moans as his breath was hitting your neck,his hand pulling on your leash non stop reminding you your place.
He started moving inside you moaning as he was feeling his dick being wrapped around your tight asshole "God baby you're taking me so so well" he said speeding up.
You moaned loudly as well as you felt your hole being stretched by Felix's dick that was now deep inside you making you see stars "UGH DADDY YOUR DICK IS FUCKING ME SO GOOD DON'T STOP"
Felix's hand wrapped around your cock again and started pumping it as he was kissing your nape and shoulders.
He felt your precum on his hand knowing you were close so he started pumping faster.
"Fuck baby,do you want to cum?" He asked and you nodded desperately "Do you deserve to cum though? After what you did to me today you needy little brat?"
"P-please please daddy I promise I won't do it again" you begged your voice getting high pitched as you were nearly crying "p-please please daddy I need to cum" you said burying your head in the pillow in front of you
Felix pulled you up from your leash "Cum on daddy's hand baby" he said and without a second thought you came filling Felix's hand with your cum
Right after you Felix followed with a loud moan as well releasing himself inside your asshole.
He pulled out and started licking your cum from his fingers "Mm my baby boy tastes so good" and he smiled down at you.
He laid beside you and pecked your lips again
"Thank you for letting me cum tonight daddy that was very nice of you" you said on his chest as he pulled the leash off your neck.
He smiled and kissed the top of your head "Make sure that you'll behave from now on or else the next time you'll be cumming is in a long long time"
You nodded as you promised him to be a good boy from now on as you started drifting on his arms.
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seungisms · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: the fluffiest of fluffs
note: danni writing something that isn’t straight smut for once dun dun dun :o
Tumblr media
Chan stilled the moment your plush lips pressed themselves against his own, words dying on his tongue and eyes widening before slowly slipping them shut, relaxing in your hold and responding softly to your unexpected kiss. He whined lightly once you teasingly pulled away, chasing after your lips, flustered and eager to keep your mouth on his. Definition of brain rot, whatever he was ranting about before he got a taste of your lips suddenly didn’t matter. He’ll stare after you in disbelief, ears red as you shot him a cheeky smile, dodging his attempts to cuddle you against his chest, knowing full well you’d spend the rest of the day being smothered in his doting.
“C’mon! You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”
Minho was quick and eager to respond to your kiss, a soft hum emitting into your mouth as he titled his head to keep you flush against him, not minding one bit that you just interrupted him mid sentence. He didn’t allow you to pull away, your plan to leave him flustered and stuttering backfiring as he kissed you sweetly, his pillowy lips melding perfectly against your own in a loving embrace. Expect to be relentlessly teased once he finally lets you go, fingers pinching your cheeks and mocking the pout that rested on your lips, grinning at the sight of your complaining figure shying away.
“You know, if you wanted to kiss me so badly you could’ve just said so.”
Changbin immediately swallowed his words the moment your lips pressed against his own in a chaste kiss, swiftly pulling away just as he began to respond, the boy following your movement before huffing loudly once you continued to deliberately avoid his lips. The small pout that sat on his soft lips was just too damn cute, almost making you just want to give in and finally smother him in your pecks but you couldn’t help but tease his him even further; leaning in to press another teasing kiss to the side of his mouth. Changbin whined when you ducked out of his grasp once more, the conversation from before long forgotten as you darted away from him, leaving your flushed boyfriend to curse after you.
“Ah, you brat!”
If he was in any way surprised or taken-back by your sudden affection he didn’t show it - hands gently craving your face to prevent you from pulling back, kissing you sweetly. Hyunjin thought it was extremely cute, albeit rude, your method of shutting him up, any concerns or worries he was ranting about before immediately being coaxed by the plushiness of your lips, each of you enjoying the others closeness. This man will not allow you to pull away from the kiss until he’s felt you’ve paid the price for your boldness; plump lips keeping you fixated in your spot, before proceeding to tease for the rest of the day, gushing over how adorable he thought it was that you couldn’t seem to keep your lips off him.
“You’re too damn cute.”
Jisung stilled up and gaped at you once you began leaning towards him, sentence trailing off with no real end when you pressed a teasing peck against his mouth, cutting off his words and effectively shutting him up for once. He becomes uncharacteristically timid during your kiss, used to being the initiator of skinship in your relationship so to say he was surprised by your unexpected kiss was an understatement - ears tinting red and mouth moving gently against your own. Avoids your eyes once you pull away, trying to play off how timid you’ve made him by opting to tease you instead, a slight waver in his voice while doing so.
“You really couldn’t resist me huh?”
Practically turns into a pile of mush the moment you kiss him - he wouldn’t even bother questioning your actions or returning to the previous conversation when you pull away from the swift peck, instead pressing another long kiss against your plush lips, savouring the small sighs and whimpers you let out. His absolute favourite pastime is kissing you, so he’ll use your plan to shut him up to his advantage; lips melding perfectly against your own and cradling you close to his chest drawing out the embrace until he was satisfied. Amusement shone in his dark eyes after you broke apart, chuckling softly at your flushed cheeks before leaving one last peck against your mouth; happy that he was finally able to fluster you instead.
“Can I finish what I was saying now?”
Seungmin was a tad annoyed that you had interrupted him but his irritation immediately ceased once he registered the soft pair of lips pressed against his own. He’ll softly reciprocate to begin with, becoming more passionate and heated the longer he kissed you. Pulls you flush against his chest and nips at your lower lip - your initial plan of leaving him hanging suddenly becoming irrelevant with every small swipe of his tongue and gentle caress. He’ll gently cradle your face while pulling away, leaving small pecks against your mouth while doing so, seemingly unable to get enough of your lips pressed to his own. Seungmin wouldn’t be able to remember what he was speaking of before, only wanting to feel the softness of your lips against his again and again.
“If I keep talking does that mean I’ll get more kisses?”
Someone please help this man cause he’ll go straight into windows.exe shutdown mode the moment you lean up towards him. Freezes up against you and doesn’t know where to place his hands, mind completely empty of whatever he was saying before; focusing on the softness of your lips moving against his own. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, gently playing with the short strands at the back of his neck - coaxing low groans from him - ensuring whatever remnants of the conversation beforehand no longer existed, the boy focusing solely on your pouty lips. A small whine sounded from his chest as soon as you pulled away, eyes still closed and chasing after your lips. He’ll for sure talk your ear off in future to gain more kisses.
“So being annoying is the best way to get you to pay attention to me? Noted.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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gdaychan · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
relationship habits with the skz boys
pairing: ot8, gender neutral reader genre: headcanons / reactions, humour, established relationship  wc: 700  warnings: suggestive in chan’s (dirty jokes? but they’re bad) 
a/n: lmao who would you put up with 
Tumblr media
bang chan  Chan has big wholesome boyfriend vibes but he is also the type to make a dirty joke out of everything. That’s the true milestone in your relationship. He goes from pure-bred gentleman to the goof that waggles his eyebrows whenever you eat even mildly suggestive-looking food. Half his jokes aren’t even that good, just shit like “your jeans would look even better on my floor”. You then have to remind him, “babe, it’s our floor” like he doesn’t know you’re dating. 
lee minho  Minho’s favourite boyfriend privilege is (surprise surprise) that he can embarrass you in public without mercy 24/7. If you’re out together and meet people he knows, he introduces you as either his cat-sitter, stalker or personal scribe. He’ll call out to you in public and call you “my caramel waffle” or “lobster thermidor”. Around either of your friends he’ll stick to the classics like “my beloved” or “tight buns”. Only in private will he lovingly whisper “panini head” and kiss you goodnight. 
seo changbin  Hold your breath (really). Changbin is a gross gross man and a yucky boyfriend. When he’s walking around he very deliberately waits until he’s passing right in front of you to fart and he doesn’t bother airing out the bathroom after he’s spent thirty minutes in there on burrito night. He wakes you up by cutely nuzzling your cheek, and then traps you under the blankets in a classic dutch oven. A true romantic. 
hwang hyunjin  Hyunjin is a thief. He steals all your shit. You have to start buying twice as much shampoo and body wash once you’ve been together for a while because suddenly everything he used to use is trash compared to whatever you smell like. And yeah, I bet he steals your clothes too. If you have oversized sweaters he’ll wear them, and even if your clothes don’t fit he’ll still put on that hot crop top and make you waffles. 
han jisung  Absolutely gropes you out of nowhere. Jisung is the sweetest, clingiest, most touch-starved boyfriend ever. If you stand up from the couch he’ll feel up your thighs and beg you not to go. Trying to get out of bed before him? Your boyfriend is now an octopus and you practically fall out onto the floor because he’s literally twirled himself around you. He’s worse in public, and literally sticks his hands up your shirt under the guise of “needing to warm his hands up”. 
lee felix  Food is a love language and Felix invented it. He already loves baking, and tries to bake something he knows you like at least once a week. What’s new is that he starts branching out more and tries to get better at cooking so that between your busy schedules you aren’t surviving off leftovers and take-out. He gets in the habit of waking up before you to pack you a lunch box before work/classes. And he always leaves a little note with a doodle inside. 
kim seungmin  Seungmin has no sense of personal space, and it’s the most obvious in the bathroom. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and he needs to pee, he’ll leave the door open and just continue, no problem. If you’re in the bath after a long day he’ll come in with his dinner and just sit on the edge with his feet in the water. He definitely just barges in and pulls open the shower curtain to ask you which paprika you usually put in the curry, ignoring your scream and the fact that your soul just vacated your body via your asshole. 
yang jeongin  Jeongin is the king of ootd’s, so get ready to be included. He loves buying you things, and he gets everything in a pair to match. If you’ve planned out your outfit he’ll check what it is before deciding what to wear so that you can look as good as humanly possible next to each other. Before you meet up for an outing he sends you a full body pic so that you can coordinate—and if you saw it and didn’t wear the pair of matching shoes he got you then he’ll sulk for like an hour. 
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felinelix · 2 months ago
felix day!
warnings // smut, mild praise kink, cunnilingus
pairing // felix x female reader
Tumblr media
(sorry if this is shit i wrote it in a rush today!)
5:30 in the morning. You woke up as early as you physically could to surprise Felix. Decorations adorned the house, you had blown up so many balloons you lost count. Everything looked perfect, except the cake. Baking wasn't exactly your strong suit but you wouldn't go down without a fight. A strawberry shortcake, Felix’s favorite, was much harder to make than the instructions led you to believe. Just as you finished placing the final strawberries on the cake, you heard footsteps approaching. Fuck, it was too early and there was still so much you wanted to finish. 
“Y/N?” Felix called, his voice deep and his words slurred. He appeared out of the hallway and rubbed his eyes, they widened when he finally focused on the sight in front of him. Wrapped presents decorated the dining table and the cake sat on the kitchen counter, strawberries sliding off the sides. Streamers decorated the walls and there were so many balloons you could barely even see the floor in front of you. Your eyes followed Lix’s face to try and gauge his reaction, you hoped it wasn't too much, or too tacky. You just wanted to make this birthday a memorable one. 
“You did all this for me?” Felix asked, a large grin now painted across his face. You always loved when he smiled, he would glow like a ray of sunshine every time he did. 
“Are you surprised? You weren’t supposed to be up yet! I still have so much to do I still haven't wrapped all your presents and-” 
Felix cuts you off. “I’m unbelievably surprised y/n. This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.” He walks towards you and lifts you up onto the kitchen counter, sitting right next to the cake. His hand caresses your cheek and he pulls you in for a kiss. 
You pull away, remembering the one last big surprise you had for him. Now was better than never, it took all the courage you had to muster up the confidence to do this. 
“There’s one more surprise.” Your voice wavers as you speak, nerves creeping up on you. Felix cocks his head curiously. Slowly you raise your shirt over your head to strip for him, exposing the lacey white bralette you bought specifically for this occasion. His pupils immediately dilated and his breath hitched in his throat. You had been with Felix plenty of times, but you were always too insecure to show off for him. So nervous to look pretty for him, it made you flush the way his eyes devoured your body. 
“Y/n, baby. Look at you, so stunning for me.” He grinned as he spoke, unable to keep the smile from his face. He drew you into another kiss, this one more desperate, more feverish. His hands ran up and down your thighs making you tingle all over. His voice alone gave you goosebumps. As you kissed he played with the hem of your shorts slowly inching them off your body. He tossed them to the side and his eyes gazed upon the matching underwear set you wore for him. His eyes roamed your body with hunger, the usual playful bright cheerful Lix’ nowhere to be found. You liked when he got like this, almost as if your body put him in a trance. “You’re from heaven you know that y/n?” He trailed kisses up and down the nape of your neck, you could feel him smiling against your skin. His praise always turned you to putty, making you melt like butter. The worst part was he knew it, and he loved praising you almost as much as you loved being praised. Slowly he continued to kiss down your body slowly working his face closer to your core, every kiss making you squeeze your thighs closely together, desperate for any type of friction. 
“Lix, it's early, don't you want to sleep in? Or open presents, or even eat cake?” Your insecurities suddenly got the best of you, worried you looked foolish or desperate. 
“Baby I promise, there's something sitting right in front of me I'd much rather eat.” He looks up at you eyes locking with yours, hes giving you those stupid puppy dog eyes of his. You can tell he means what he said. You bite at your lip before nodding your head to continue, he lowers his head and puts his hands on your inner thighs, pushing them to the side to give himself a better view. The blood rushed to your cheeks causing you to blush out of embarrassment, your panties practically soaked. 
“So pretty for me y/n. Only birthday present I could ever want.” There it was again, that damn smile of his that spread like a forest fire. You tried to fight back a grin but failed miserably, he made you so inexplicably happy. His hands guided the garment off your body with ease, leaving you fully exposed in front of him. 
“Gonna show you how much I love you, okay? Gonna make you feel so good.” His thumb slides across your folds teasing your slick entrance making you let out a small squeak. Carefully he got to his knees and placed kisses across your thighs, teasing you so achingly well. 
“Lix’ please, I need you.” You say putting on your best pout, trying to speed up his process. He was making this all about you, but today was his day. All you wanted to do was make him feel good.
“Patience princess, I need to taste you.” His voice is deep and breathless, drunk on his lust for you. 
Felix gives you one last kiss before bending back down to slide his tongue across your folds, drinking in every drop of you. He moans against your pussy, setting your skin on fire, a moan escaping your lips. 
“Felix fuck, please, I need more.” You beg, needing anything, his tongue, fingers, preferably his cock. He nods against you while he licks right up against your clit. At this point it's impossible to keep quiet with the things he was doing to your body. Gasp’s and pleas continued to escape your lips while he worked his magic on you. Your orgasm approaching painfully quick, you felt that familiar tingle you always got. “Lix, please gonna cum.” He focuses on your clit after you say that, sucking and licking at it frantically. You felt a wave of pleasure crash through your body as you rode out your orgasm on his tongue. Whining so loud the neighbors were sure to wake up. He licked up every drop and cleaned you up carefully. Your body twitching from the overstimulation. He stood back up and placed his hand on your cheek. His thumb slowly caressed your soft skin.
“Not only are you from heaven but you taste like it too.” He says as he leans in for one last kiss.
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feliix · 3 months ago
The Summer 2 Lovers Collection – Masterlist
Tumblr media
It’s finally here! While you’re out having fun in the sun, don’t forget to save a little bit of time for some romance with the fics from the Summer 2 Lovers Collection. These authors have worked hard to provide you with 8 stories of summertime lovin’ with your favorite members of Stray Kids! Check out what we have in store from 8/16 - 8/31⇣
A/N; A huge thank you to all the amazing authors who are participating in this collab + everyone who is excited to see whats to come! - Hazel ♡
Tumblr media
Bang Chan x Reader , Ex’s 2 Lovers
Genre: Smut, Angst
Summary: The season of fun and sun, careless joy, long days and warm nights… For most people. For you, this summer is about change. About the new life you are going to live, and the one you are about to leave behind. One last visit home, one last summer in your childhood home to remember your youth, your mother, your school, and your friends before everything changes. Everything’s different, yet familiar, but nothing leaves you as conflicted as the boy next door…
by @ohmysparkle
☼ read it here ☼
Tumblr media
Yang Jeongin x GN Reader , Deceased 2 Lovers
Genre: Mystery, Spooky Elements, Romance, Some Sad Angsty Vibes 
Summary: Once deceased, never to breathe, never to walk this earth shouldn’t be possible to come back to life...should it? Or, two individuals find themselves curiously revived after being very much so dead, and seek to find out why the end of their lives isn’t truly the end. 
by @binniesthighs​​
☼ coming soon ☼
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin x Reader , Coworkers 2 Lovers
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: Kim Seungmin has never liked the idea of an office romance. It was a line he was sure he’d never cross, until he met you. What starts off as a casual friends with benefits situation ends up being much more than that when he finds that one morning he’s not ready for you to move on. Now Seungmin has to confront his own feelings and make you realize he’s worth staying for. 
by @hwangly​​
☼ read it here ☼
Tumblr media
Hwang Hyunjin x Reader , Enemies 2 Lovers
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: Sharing your best friend with Hwang Hyunjin is nothing short of horrible. Everything about him is infuriating, especially how good he looks in those yellow swim trunks. But the most infuriating part is how much you like him – and it only took 12 hours locked in a room with Hyunjin to figure that out.
by @feliix​ 
☼ coming soon ☼
Tumblr media
Han Jisung x Reader , Strangers 2 Lovers
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: When your swim team decides that the perfect way to celebrate the victory is by going to the nearest beach, you don't expect to find the lifeguard insanely attractive nor do you expect to catch his attention by the last thing you could have ever done — drowning.
by: @huenjin​​
☼ coming soon ☼
Tumblr media
Seo Changbin x Reader , FWB 2 Lovers
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: All Changbin has ever known is the boxing ring. hooks, uppercuts, jabs? He's got them all in the bag. and he's got you – perhaps the only person who doesn't expect too much of him. His relationship with you is based on a mutual agreement of no commitments and what you both have is good. but when the boy next door looking for a good time throws a right hook into your relationship, one that catches Changbin off-guard, maybe it's time for him to reevaluate his feelings, and perhaps face his fear of commitments.
by: @chogiwow​​
☼ coming soon ☼
Tumblr media
Felix x GN Reader , Roommates 2 Lovers
Genre: Fluff
Summary: It’s hard finding the love of your life on dating apps, which is why recruiting your roommate to help you get out of bad dates seems like a good idea. Felix is the perfect candidate—his voice alone causes your dates to run in the opposite direction. with his help, you don’t even have to go through the awkward rejection phase. your plan seems to be working—until you kiss him
by: @lixesque​​
☼ read it here ☼
Tumblr media
Lee Minho x Reader , Neighbors 2 Lovers
Genre: Romance, Non-Idol AU, Witch/Magic AU
Summary: When your night owl neighbour's windows had blackout curtains and strange smells wafting out at midnight, you didn't think much about it. When your cat-lover neighbour’s cats stole your last serving of tuna but had an uncanny sense of where your missing keys always were, you didn't think much about it. However, when your witch neighbour's sentient potion tray hid in your bedroom with no sign of leaving, you found yourself having to face the facts: Your horrendously, unfairly attractive, soft spoken neightbour was a witch.
by @sleepylixie​​
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eighet · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: 𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙪𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙣𝙖𝙢𝙚 𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 𝙨𝙚𝙭, 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙥𝙞𝙚, 𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙧𝙮 𝙨𝙚𝙭, 𝙙𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣, 𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨, 𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙬
Tumblr media
you stared down at your phone, waiting for a text from felix. 1:38 am.
1:38 am and lee felix, who was supposed to be home by 9 had yet to text you like he usually does. normally, felix texts in advance when he’s about to come home or when he’s going to be out later than usual. today was clearly not the case.
your fingers hovered over the call button nervously. you’ve been ringing his phone 5 times since 9 pm and the last thing you want to do is bother him. you sighed, shutting your eyes for a few seconds. the netflix show playing on the tv was mere background noise at this point.
your disappointment was suddenly interrupted by the door flinging open. you turned around slowly and to your expectation, felix was standing right by the door. your breath hitched. he seemed different. his usually soft and kind doe eyes were much darker. you could make out a glint of annoyance. his jaw was tense as he aggressively slid of his shoes, cursing under his breath. he tossed his bag to the side, the peice of leather landing with a soft thud.
“lix?” you called out, hesitantly. you gulped as his sharp stare met yours. expecting his hard demeanour to wear off, it was to your surprise that he simply brushed you off with a scoff and walked towards the kitchen.
your eyebrows furrowed. was he seriously ignoring you? after making your worried sick? after not checking in with you? you rose to your feet and followed his direction, standing right in front of him near the kitchen counter.
you crossed your arms and took a deep breath. “you good, lix?” you asked quietly. he glanced at you before turning his attention back to the fridge. “m’ fine.” he muttered, sneering.
“did i do something...? did something happen?” you questioned. you were getting tired of him giving you half assed answers. felix rolled his eyes, slamming the fridge shut and turning himself around so that he was facing you.
“nothing fucking happened, y/n. why do you have to be so invasive.” he groaned. your eyes grew wide. invasive? you were invasive? if you were invasive then he was invasive. all you were trying to do was to make sure he was okay but if he wants to play that game then so be it.
“the fuck is wrong with you, felix.” you snapped. “i just wanted to see if you were okay. you could’ve said that you weren’t in the mood to talk respectfully but here you are throwing a fucking tantrum. tell me what happened today that’s making you so fucking annoying right now.”
felix’s eyes grew wide as he flushed with anger. he clenched his jaw before poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue, scoffing. while he did acknowledge that he sounded like a complete asshole, he was too far gone to think straight and admit his faults.
“tantrum? i’m throwing the fucking tantrum?” as felix’s anger grew, his voice similarly rose as well.
you narrowed your eyes at him. “you clearly don’t know how to express your feelings like an adult.” you retaliated.
felix raised his eyebrows before chuckling dryly. “i’m so fucking done with you right now.” he whispered angrily. you smirked. he clearly had nothing to say back. as bad as it seems, you were having a little too much fun putting him back in his place.
“did you fuck up during practice or something? hm? is that what it is? did i do something wrong? whatever it is, we can talk about it.” you provoked. felix snapped his head towards you and glared. you could practically feel the anger radiating off him. you felt the slightest bit of guilt for making his annoyance even worse but you were quick to remember that he started this in the first place.
you could almost laugh, watching his ears turn red and his pointed stare. you stepped towards his direction, giving him an ever so sweet smile. “y’know... i would be fine with you taking you’re anger out on me if you at least did it properly.”
you grinned watching him snap out of the angry head space he was once in. his eyebrows furrowed. “what are you even talking about?” he sneered.
“use me.” you whispered. felix’s eyes widened as he tried to find words to say. “i—i don’t fucking get what you’re trying to s—”
“just shut up and fuck me.” you cut him off. if he was gonna be an asshole, he could at least please you whilst being one. your usually kind and gentle felix was amazing, but a part of you wishes he was rougher. a part of you wishes he’d ruin you. but lixie couldn’t do that... could he?
felix stepped towards you and grabbed your wrist with a tight grip. you winced, smiling giddily to yourself. you would definitely need to call off for work tomorrow. he dragged you into your bedroom, pushing you so you landed on the bed.
you whimpered as felix grabbed you by your ankles and pulled you near him so his legs were in between yours. his hands quickly found their way to your covered breasts, roughly groping them above your tight top. all the while, he mumbled curses and nonsense under his breath, complaining about how annoying you had been the last couple of minutes.
his hands roamed along your body, shamelessly squeezing and fumbling with your hips and chest. his hands found their way back to your chest as he ripped the thin shirt that was once covering you. “felix, what the fuck?” you groaned.
he snickered back. “you’re acting like it even covered anything for you.” you felt a smile creep up on your lips but it soon faded away into a sharp gasp as you felt felix’s lips wrap around your nipples.
he bit and sucked them harshly, all the while roughly kneading the other one. “f—felix!” you whined.
felix groaned at the sound of your voice. he flipped you over so that your face was burried in your pillows. “you’re much more cuter when you’re not talking, angel.” he muttered.
his small hands soon found their way to your ass, squeezing the soft skin. he pulled down your shorts quickly, patience wearing off quicker than the speed of light. he whimpered at the sight of your wet cunt as he spread your cheeks apart. “fuck... look at you.” he groaned.
“are you gonna fuck me or no?” felix glared at you and pushed your head back down into the pillows. “i thought i told you not to fucking talk.” he muttered.
felix unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out from his boxers. he hissed as he began stroking his cock, whimpering as he palmed his tip, collecting the precum oozing put of his slit. “m’ gonna fuckin’ wreck you, angel.”
“you’ve been so annoying, you know that?” he snorted. you whined and propped yourself up on your elbows, arching your back.
“need it. i need it so badly. ruin me. please, please—” you cried out as felix shoved his cock inside you roughly. with little to no foreplay, it was a tight fit despite how wet you were. you could feel his cock practically growing inside you. “l—lix! w—wait... too much, too much...” you sobbed.
felix’s head was thrown back as he pounded into you. a wolfish grin was apparent on his face as he watched you desperately clawing the sheets. he leaned over you so that your back was against his chest. “too much, baby? is that what you’re saying? hm?” he mocked.
he could feel himself losing control. it was surprising that he was able to move at all inside you because of how much you clenched around him. “i—it’s all y—your fault i have to do this. y—your fault that i have to fuck you l—like this!” he whined.
“dumb. little. fucking. whore.” he gasped out in between thrusts. he was practically drilling into you, so deep that if he was able to go any deeper, the tip of his cock would touch your cervix.
it was addicting. the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of you, brushing against the most sensitive parts of your cunt deliciously. a knot all too familiar to you began to form in your stomach. your muscles began to tense and tears pricked your eyes—too soon. your climax had come too soon. he had barely started and here you were falling apart.
meanwhile, felix was having the time of his life, fucking his cock into you deep and rough, watching your eyes roll back in ecstasy. “n—not stopping until i cum.” he panted.
you managed to muster some strength and looked behind you to make eye contact with felix. his eyes were predatory. at the moment, you were nothing but a fleshlight for him to use over and over again. felix eventually caught you staring and grinned at you before pushing your head back down to the pillow. he grabbed your limp arms and put them behind you before holding onto them for leverage.
you could tell that he was close by the way his hips stuttered and the way he lost his rhythm of thrusting. “o—oh fuck!” felix whimpered.
“you close, baby?” he asked. you whined out a response to which he lightly chuckled at. “b—been so fuckin’ annoying. so good for letting me use you like this.” he gasped out. “l-lix! m’ gonna cum! m’ sorry, m’ sorry, m’ sorr—fuck!” you cried.
with one snap of the hips, felix growled, hitting the sweet spot of yours that sent both of you into overdrive. his abdomen tensed as he whimpered, filling you up with his warm cum. felix let out a throaty moan as he watched you go dumb, eyes rolling back and drool dribbling from the side of your mouth.
he chuckled before slowly moving hips again, calming you down. “gone dumb for me, hm? baby can’t think anymore? is that it?” he taunted. truth was, felix couldn’t either. he didn’t know how he’d be able to control himself from fucking you like this the next time you guys would have sex.
after three minutes, felix slowly pulled out, rubbing your bottom soothingly. he grabbed a wet rag before cleaning you up gently, mumbling apologies every time you winced out of sensitivity. after cleanup, he pulled you on top of him, your naked chest pressed up against his. “i’m sorry for yelling at you. i ruined tonight.” he mumbled sadly, not making eye contact with you.
you brushed your fingers through his hair as he continued. “practice was rough and we were also recording today. it didn’t go how i wanted it to go. i shouldn’t have been childish. i’m sorry.” he whispered. you smiled softly at him. “don’t be. it’s my fault too. i shouldn’t have kept asking you questions.” felix’s eyes snapped back up to meet yours. “no! don’t say that. you were just being a good partner. you were right. i was kinda throwing a tantrum.” he scolded.
you snorted, pulling his face down so he could bury it in the crook of your neck. “you’ve got to admit though. this was amazing.” felix grinned at your words. “yeah? we should do it again sometime.” he mumbled.
he lifted his head up and flashed you a cheeky grin. “round two?”
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sunnyville36 · 3 months ago
Requested from anon
Pairing: Lee Felix x fem reader
Themes/warnings: idol!verse Felix, soft!dom Felix, explicit sexual content, wet dream, masturbation, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex
Word count: 1k
A/N: Sorry this took so long to post, but I hope you like it!! As always, happy to hear your thoughts, and thank you for reading!
Felix loves sleeping with you in his arms.
Tonight, maybe a little too much.
It had been a long day and he was looking forward to relaxing with you after practice, maybe taking things in a more intimate direction, since it had been a while for you both.  But when he’d gotten home you were already sound asleep on the couch, face so serenely peaceful he couldn’t bear to disturb you.  He’d scooped you up and carried you to bed, changing into sweats and pulling you close to him once you were both settled, happy just to be with you.
Turns out his subconscious wasn’t too keen on just getting a good night's sleep.
He’d woken up about ten minutes ago, skin warm and sensitive, a tent in his pants from the dream he just had where he fucked you after finding you waiting naked for him on the couch.  You were still in his arms when he came to and he had to fight not to rut against you, flipping over onto his other side to ease the temptation.  I’ll just face the other way and cool down a bit, he thought.  I don’t need to wake her.
Now he’s palming himself over his boxers, sweats already shed as his arousal grows.  He’s intent on letting you sleep while he works himself over; he doesn’t need to bother you for something he can do just by jerking off.  But your presence next to him is so enticing; the sweet, clean smell of your freshly washed pajamas, the softness of your hair, your skin.  He tries to distract himself, running his hands down his chest and tweaking his nipples, but it only makes him crave you more, envisioning your hands, your touch.
Ah fuck it.
He turns back around and leans over your sleeping form, gently caressing your face and tucking your hair behind your ear.  “Y/n, sweetheart,” he whispers, “can you wake up for me, baby?”  His words don’t seem to have much of an effect, quiet little snores still escaping your lips.  Taking a firmer grasp of your shoulder, he shakes you ever so slightly, voice a little louder.  “Y/n, I really need you right now.”
Your eyes blink awake to the pretty face of your boyfriend staring longingly down at you.  “Lixie,” you ask groggily, “w-when did you get back?”
“Just a little bit ago.  I took you to bed but uh… “  You glance down, noticing his hard length, and even in your sleepy state your desire is piqued at his apparent desperation.  “... I couldn’t take it anymore.  You looked so beautiful; I could only think about your hands replacing mine.”  He leans down, nuzzling into your neck, placing gentle kisses on your chest.  “You think you could do that for me, Y/n?”
“Yes,” you breathe out, not quite wide awake but definitely awake enough to want to pleasure the man above you.
“Yeah?” he rasps again, your head nodding.  “Would you let me fuck you, baby?”
He gently eases off your underwear from beneath the covers, followed by his own.  He pushes the hem of the tiny tank top you’re wearing up over your breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth.  You let out a quiet moan, bringing your own hands to his chest and back, running long, languid stripes up and down with your fingernails as he continues sucking your tits, being careful not to leave too much of a mark.  His hand leaves your waist and makes its way between your legs, spreading open your folds.
“Lix - “ you gasp, desperate for him.
“Gonna let me open you up, angel?”
You feel his fingers enter you, two already slipping in easily to your wet heat.  He pushes them in oh so slowly, taking his time with you.  You can feel him scissoring you open, but you’ve both waited long enough; you want him now.
“Please Lixie… need your cock inside me…”
Felix lets out a groan, lining himself up with your core.  “Fuck, I knew you would sweetheart, my perfect girl.”
He eases in, the delicious drag of his cock on your walls making you cant up into him, but he holds your hips down gently.  “Don’t rush me, love.  I want to feel all of you tonight.”  You relax back in his grip as he rocks into you with deep, slow thrusts, curling his body above you so you can wrap your arms around him.  He’s vocal in a different way than he usually is, softly moaning in your ear, whispering tender praises.  “You feel so good around me, baby, just what I was craving.”  As he fucks you, he rubs his fingers against your swollen clit, leading you to the edge of orgasm with him.  The anticipation brought on by each tantalizing thrust has you on the verge of ecstasy, and with one last push, he buries himself deep inside you.  Your pussy spasms around him as you cum with a cry of his name, feeling his hot, wet seed fill you up.
He hugs you close to him as you come down from your highs, and then he’s peppering your face with kisses, thanking you and telling you how much he loves you.  You giggle as he tickles your tummy and gets up to grab a cloth to clean you with, wrapping him back in your arms when he joins you on the bed.
“That might be the best thing I’ve ever woken up to,” you say with a satisfied sigh, admiring the pretty galaxy of freckles that grace his cheeks, “but don’t you even think about setting that alarm for tomorrow.”
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jade-ie-28 · 3 months ago
•you stop holding their
Hand w skz•
Genre~good ol’ fluff
Warnings~ teasing but that’s it
Tumblr media
♞ Bangchan ♞
Tumblr media
You and your loving boyfriend had decided to take a nice walk through the city, just spending some well deserved quality time together.
Walking at a comfortable pace, your hands tightly intertwined as Chan walked beside you.
You suddenly recalled a prank you’ve been wanting to try and quickly while he was looking else where slipped your hands away.
He immediately stopped and looked down noticing a very key part missing from his grasp, your hand.
“What is it my love? You need to rest?” Chan asked softly walking to you and cupping your face as you burst into gentle laughter.
“No just wanted to see something let’s continue love” you laces your fingers again this time all giddy as you two continued.
♘ Lee know ♘
Tumblr media
You and Minho had a very calm relationship both of you not big on public skinship, that being said Minho would never say no to holding your hand.
Minho would never tell you this but it was his favorite thing to hold your hand, only telling you ‘I hold your hand cause your a dummy and will get lost’.
Wanting to test his theory you stop and let your hand slip as he continued walking a few paces before stopping.
“What’re you doing?” His question leaves you with a smile as he raises his eye brows.
“Come here and hold my hand again” you say as he rolls his eyes “no we have somewhere to be” with that statement he quickly keeps walking.
You look down as you begin to start to catch up before noticing his boots on front of you as he circled back.
“Let’s go brat I don’t want you here by yourself” he mumbles grumpily, you smile as he puts you by his side and held onto your hand tighter.
♞ Changbin ♞
Tumblr media
You sat together in the booth in the bustling restaurant you on the inside and him on the outside.
Changbin was occupied by his phone, casually scrolling as you awaited your order.
His hand still held yours rubbing comforting circles with the pad of his thumb, you sighed and let your hand fall from his grasp.
“Hey baby what happened? You don’t want my hand?” He looked at you with a sad expression as you shake your head.
“No I love holding your hand just got bored is all” your answer made him relax as you put you hand back in place.
Changbin scooted over as he put the phone against the small trey in the middle of the table pushing a video on YouTube.
He gently brought your hand to his lips where he laid a gentle and sweet kiss you smiling in giddiness.
♘ Hyunjin ♘
Tumblr media
Sitting in the white granite tub, your back against Hyunjin’s chest as he took one hand to gently pull through your sopping hair.
The other kept a hold of your palm that rested on your submerged stomach.
You sighed and sat up to grab the conditioner for him to rub into your ends, you didn’t expect to find him pouting as he looked at his empty hand like a lost puppy.
“What’s wrong?” You ask gently he finally looks up “you let go of my hand” you burst into laughter.
“Your upset cause I let go of your hand? I was only getting my conditioner I would’ve been five Seo cars baby”
You put your hand back as he smiled “your so clingy and I love it” your comment made him blush as he cuddled into your chest.
“Time for me to wash your hair my sweet boy”
♞ Han ♞
Tumblr media
You had visited Han at the studio and you rolled an unused chair to his side, his pretty smile shown as you kissed his hand.
Intertwining your fingers he grinned and began to explain his new rap he was tweaking and creating.
With laughs and some help and inputs from you, you yawned and slipped your hand away to rub your eyes Han took to look at you quickly.
Not wanting to seem clingy he awaited your hands arrival into his but to his shock and surprise you never held his hand again.
Instead you leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder, his pout began fading once he looked down at you.
He kisses your head and took your hand in his again quickly kissing it.
“goodnight my sweet angel I love you”
♘ Felix ♘
Tumblr media
Your lovely and sweet boyfriend had planned our a whole week of visiting his family back in Australia once he got his off days.
So here you two were the day after you two landed you crashed at the hotel both exhausted and jet lagged but today would be all about him showing you around.
He quickly and easily drove through the familiar streets on the way to pick up his family for a showing you around get together.
His hand gripping the black leather wheel as his free hand gripped yours on the console you had gotten excited and removed your hand to hold the window.
“Woah! Lix look over there!” You point as he glances over and smiles, you look like a kid in a candy store.
You didn’t give your hand back though which irked him cause you always hold his hand in the car.
Sighing felix reached over and brought your hand to his side holding your hand on the gear stick intertwined.
“Hold my hand baby we always hold hands in the car you know that”
Finally happy as you smiled that pretty smile of yours and pulled into his parents drive way happy with the love of his life.
♞ Seungmin ♞
Tumblr media
An afternoon cuddle session with your boyfriend? Count you in absolutely.
You loved afternoon naps with Seungmin cause that’s when he really let his clingy side out, his body on yours.
You cheek pressed against his temple, your right hand coming up to run your fingers through his soft locks.
Your left hand intertwined with his and you smiled when you slither out of his hands grip only for him to pull your hand back.
“Mmmm baby stop moving your hand” his raspy voice mumbled against your chest as you dodge his hand again amused by his reactions.
Only this time he caught your hand and held it tight, tighter then he has before and pressed a kiss to your collar bone.
“Just let me lay with you and hold your hand cause I don’t get to and I love you and want to hold your hand forever” seungmin rambled randomly.
“Ok ok handsome I’m sorry just amusing is all no more we’ll go to sleep now I love you to”.
♘ Jeongin ♘
Tumblr media
Out in the park with your shy baby of a boyfriend you led him down the sidewalk and towards an old rustic blue bench.
You sat down and he smiled as you pointed out different things and explaining why you found them interesting.
Until an old friend of yours from school walking their dog noticed you an your boyfriend and started a catch up conversation.
Jeongin felt a little jealous I mean this was your guys date and this guy was ruining it, but he hated to seem clingy or desperate.
So jeongin seized your hand In his as you look at him, noticing him looking down and frowning you smiled and turned towards the man.
“Hey I’m im with my boyfriend right now and it’s our date night so maybe we can catch up later?” You ask as he nods and replies with a sure and a nice seeing you.
“You didn’t have to that” jeongin mumbles slipping his fingers away from you as you place a kiss on his cheek.
Re intertwining your hands you smile “of I course I did I’m with my baby right now and he deserves all of my love and attention”
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
Kinktober ~ Day 2
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Felix solo x GN!Reader 
GENRE: masturbation, drabble, kinktober
A/N: day 2 for Kinktober, a little on the shorter side this time ! 
Tumblr media
Felix grunted as he gripped his cock in his hand, moaning out your name as he screwed his eyes shut. Trying to forget that it wasn't his own hands on his body but yours. Imagining what it would be like if you were the one holding him like this. 
"S-Shit," He hissed imagining the small kisses you would leave up and down his abs as you would work his cock. Slightly twisting your hand and running your thumb along the slit of his cock.
"J-Just like that Y/n," He moaned out as he let out a loud sigh. Head rolling back against the pillows of his bed, gripping onto the hoodie beside him that belonged to you. It still smelt so much like you that he buried his face into the hoodie. The vision he had of you embedding in his memory as he moaned out your name.
"Lix?" Your voice called out in his head as his hand worked up and down his cock faster, pumping quicker as he imagined fucking into you. Imagining the way you would cry out his name beneath him as he fucked into you roughly.
"You like that?" He grunted loudly as he continued to thrust his hips a little into his hand. Forgetting for a second that he wasn't alone in the house as he continued to moan louder. Thinking of you clenching around him and moaning loudly. Fuck it was obvious how badly he wanted to be buried inside of you. How badly he needed you beside him so he could take his frustration out on you.
Damn you for sending him all of those photos earlier when you knew he couldn't do anything about it. Grunting he reached for his phone, searching through your messages to see the photos you'd sent him. 
Felix's hand moved faster seeing the dirty images you had sent him, his eyes never leaving the image as his cheeks flushed. The image was of you in one of his beanies you'd stolen...In nothing but one of his beanies.
"Shit...S-Shit, Y/n." He moaned out as his thighs shuddered, cumming into his hand as he whined out. The most frustrating part was not having you to hold after finishing so he stood up. Cleaning up his hand and changing the sheets or the night. Ignoring the looks he got from the boys as he threw his sheets into the washing machine and headed for a shower. 
Reminding himself to tease you back for everything you had sent him that day.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​
Tumblr media
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quokkalatte · 3 months ago
[11:47 a.m]
Pairing: lee felix x fem!reader
Word count: 600
Warnings: face sitting, cunniligus, oral (fem receiving), female orgasm, felix calls the reader 'princess', squirting, soft felix
thank you for 800 followers 💜
The way he looked at you so expectantly, his brown eyes lust blown and wide, lips plump and swollen and shining, it was enough to make your heart melt and your nether regions ache. But it didn't help the pit of anxiety that still resided in your belly. 
"I don't know Lix…." You trailed off, swallowing thickly. His hands came to your waist, his thumbs rubbing circles against your hips lightly. 
"It'll be fine princess." He says. 
"But...but what if I hurt you?" Your fears are surfacing. Felix sits up, pulling you flush against him, and he presses a kiss to your forehead. 
"Baby you aren't going to hurt me. I promise" he soothes, his hands cupping your face and he presses kisses along your nose and cheeks, butterflies replacing the anxiety. 
"Okay… but if it gets too much you'll let me know right?" You say, and Felix chuckles and nods, pressing his mouth against yours in one more heated kiss. Then, he laid backwards, his blonde hair spreading out against the pillows, and he pulled you towards his face. 
You situate your legs on either side of his head, his mouth hovering below your cunt. Felix's eyes fluttered, and he gazed up at you, eyes half closed. Then, his arms wrapped around your thighs, pressing you down against his face.
Immediately he licked a broad stripe against your cunt, making your hips buck, knocking against his nose with force. You cover your mouth and look down at him with wide eyes, apologies leaving your mouth. Felix laughed, squeezing the flesh of your thigh in reassurance. 
Don't worry baby i've got you" he says, pressing you once more against this face, his mouth beginning to assault your cunt, his tongue prodding your entrance.  You brace  yourself against the headboard, knuckles white as pants left your lips. Then, Felix slid one of his hands across your thigh, maneuvering so his forefinger began to rub your clit in soft motions.  A choked cry left your mouth, and you once again bucked your hips hard, but it didn't deter him, he ate you out like a man starved, his biceps flexing as he pressed you further onto his face, and dimly in the black of your mind, clouded by pleasure, you naively wondered if it was possible for him to suffocate. 
A hot coil tightened in the bit of your abdomen, your hips grinded against Felix's face, chasing your orgasm and Felix was eager to give it to you. He pulled his tongue from your dripping cunt, and then instead began to suck harshly on your clit. That was it, the ministrations of his tongue too much for you, and you came with a cry, your lower half collapsing but Felix managed to keep you upright, situating himself away from your pulsating cunt to watch his handy work. You glanced down at him, and let out a moan at the sight.
 His entire lower face was drenched, his lips puffy and bright red. His eyes clouded with lust as he looked up at you, licking his lips. A hot wave coarsed through your body at the sight. You were still coming down from the aftershocks as Felix laid you next to him, grinning down at you coyly, his hands sliding down your body as he caged you against the bed, lips coming down next to your ear to whisper,
"Told you I'd take care of you. Now I think it's time you returned the favor, hmm?"
Tumblr media
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joyfulhopelox · 5 days ago
Phone Delivery | Felix (SKZ)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Felix x reader (college!au, est. relationship)
Summary: You take deliveries day in, day out, it's your job and it's boring. An unexpected call at work delivers unexpected excitement and suddenly your day becomes more interesting
Genre: smut, romance, fluff (pwp)
Wc: 4.5k
Rating: 18+
Warnings: just Felix’s voice, language, phone sex (masturbation, dirty talk, praise kink - smidge)
A/N: Thank you for looking over this fic and the amazing feedback @jayhopely and thank you @notyouroppar for being my leading lady as usual! It means a lot to me! This is insanity in its purest form, and I have no excuse, but I wanted to write it, and I hope it is enjoyable to read. I am nervous as I am not a SKZ writer but I am slowly falling in thanks to some and I couldn’t thank them more for the hole they pulled me into. Thank you! Please enjoy my weekend torture <3
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Tumblr media
"Welcome to Peggy’s Dinner, how can I help you?” You chirped into the receiver. It took all you had to not sigh at the words you kept repeating day in and day out. It was a miracle you didn’t answer your own phone like that, the phrase so ingrained in you that you swore it was tattooed on your brain.
“Hi, hello, uhhh, can I please order a…” The high pitched voice on the other end made you pause, its sharpness so startling you almost put the phone down. Reminding yourself you couldn’t do that to a customer, but only because it would get you fired, you grit your teeth and force a smile onto your face. Having worked at the diner for so long as the person who took care of takeaway orders, you knew very well that the tone of voice was dictated by the facial expression. Regardless of how you were feeling, you needed to keep the smile plastered on and the customer service voice would follow.
“Hello, uhh.” You paused confusedly. You couldn’t tell if this was a woman or a man, the voice gave nothing away. It would have been rude to assume by the pitch that it was a woman; men had high pitched voices as well. Or so you assumed. Being so used to your boyfriend’s own deep voice, you forgot occasionally that not everyone sported a voice so deep it made you feel as if you were eating smooth dark chocolate. Decadent and rich. “Can you hear me?” You prodded, the rustling on the other side of the phone getting louder and louder. Flinching at the sound, you cleared your throat ready to try again.
“Ah, yes sorry, I dropped the phone, can I have…” You sighed in relief, at the lack of background noise, your hand grabbing for the note and pen you had placed next to you earlier. Coming out empty handed, you glanced at the desk, your eyes taking in the mess placed on top of it, from empty wrappers to ripped papers. Yet, your notepad was nowhere to be seen amongst them. Fearing the repercussions of having lost all the previous orders for the day, and knowing that your manager would not enjoy the lack of recordsyour, customer friendly voice was pushed the side.
“Could you wait a moment, please. I need to get a new pad to write this down for you.” You knew you sounded desperate, but you found it hard to think about anything else but the dire situation you were in.
The panic didn’t last for longer than a few moments, the missing notepad lying idly on the floor. Maybe if you hadn’t bent down to pick it up, removing the receiver away from your ear, you would have heard your name being called. Maybe if you hadn’t hurried to put on your customer voice, declaring you were back, you wouldn’t have been so surprised at the turn of events.
“Yes, sorry my apologies. Now what would you like to order?” Not your routine question, but it sounded good enough to your ears and you could only hope for the customer’s too.
“Order yes. Could I have,” you didn’t miss the false increase in pitch, but by the time you caught onto it, the voice dropped making you almost put the phone down for the second time. “A bit of my girlfriend’s time?”
“Felix Lee, what are you doing?” If it wasn’t for the shock of hearing Felix’s voice over the phone, you would have melted into a puddle at his words.
But you didn’t, and the surprise that washed over you at hearing his voice made you stutter,, your heart reaching out to him. It was the same voice that told you good night, called you love; the same voice that made your dreams wetter and your brain fuzzy with love; the voice that could order you to give him the world and you wouldn’t hesitate.
“I missed you, and you weren’t answering your phone.” He whined, and you could easily imagine the face he pulled on the other side of the phone. The face of a puppy desperate for love. The one face that always made you give in to anything he asked of you and at that moment it was no different.
“Felix, I am at work, you know I can't use my phone.” You softly chided, glancing at the clock. “I’ll be done in about 10 minutes, I will call you then?” You tried to persuade him to end the call so you could finish your day. “The calls are also monitored, this can get me fired.” The thought made your heart jolt in panic, you loved Felix dearly but sometimes he stepped over the line.
The deep rich laugh he offered in response aggravated you more, and you were ready to put down the phone on him until he added. “Then I’ll continuously order things over the phone until your shift is over.”
Stepping over the line was one thing he was good at, the other was making sure he showed you how loved you were, his gestures and words always melting you into a stuttering fool. “Felix, please.” You whined, your heart beating deep in your chest with love and adoration. You could feel the warmth rushing through your body, similar to a blanket draped over you on a cold winter’s evening. “You don’t have the money to pay for all of that, just order one thing to make this call worthwhile, and I will call you when I get off work?” You tried to compromise, knowing how stubborn he could be, but more worried about his bank account more than anything. Neither of you had the funds to pay for that amount of food, hence you took the part time job at the diner.
You’d been dating for a couple of years now, two broke college students still living at home with your parents. All that was needed was a chance meeting at a party on campus during your first year. He had his eyes set on you from the moment you walked through the door, laughing with your friends. It took him most of the night and his friends’ cajoling to finally approach you and he’d never looked back since.
“Calm down love, I would find a way to pay for it, but I am also intrigued how you’d try to stop me if I actually did start ordering.” He teased and you felt yourself flush in irritation.
“I would not put the order through.” You declared knowing you couldn’t do that or you risked getting fired.
“You can’t, try again.” His voice got lighter and lighter and you didn’t need to see him to know he was laughing at you.
“I would put the phone down on you right now.” You threatened, your finger on the ready to carry through with your plan. The pause in laughter made you think you got him and you smirked triumphantly.
“You couldn’t do that either, what if I complain to your manager? As a customer, I should be treated with respect.” He pushed and you gasped, his audacity reaching levels you’ve yet to experience. Tapping your foot on the ground in annoyance, you chewed the end of your pen nervously. Surely he wouldn't do that to you, he knew how much you needed the money - plus he was your boyfriend.
“Felix, you can’t do that, I will get in serious trouble!” You whined at him, hoping you would get him riled up enough to stop teasing you. “Look, if you go now, I will add an order for something small - on me, and I will bring you something for dinner later?” Slumping onto the chair,, you held your breath hoping that your cajoling would work. The pause at the other end of the line made your heart soar in happiness, you had a chance at winning this.
“Or,” he started and you sighed heavily, “you could end the call now, get your phone, go into the nearest bathroom and call me.” His voice dropped an octave, his accent thickening making you gulp.
‘’Felix,” your eyes widened, your mind running away with you at what he was implying. “I can’t-” your fingers gripped the phone tightly, and you shifted lightly on the seat, your eyes surveying the empty room for any intruders that may have been listening in. Not like it mattered, your call was recorded, they would all know by the end of the month. You could only pray that they didn’t take drastic measures when they heard your debauchery over work calls. Your face felt hot, and the brush of your clothes against your skin became more prominent to your already frayed nerves.
His gravelly laugh filled your ears, playing into your brain like a fiddle, and you hung onto every syllable. “You’re done though Y/N, your 10 minutes are up. You can clock out now. And add in a milkshake order for me please.” He said teasingly before ending the call.
It took you a good few minutes before you got yourself together. You could feel the heat underneath your work uniform, the clammy skin sticking to the fabric uncomfortably. Felix was rarely this forward, though you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy it; you really did. These occasions happened in the heat of the moment, whenever you would cuddle on the couch watching something, the hand he had draped over you would slowly trace patterns on your skin, massaging the flesh until you became putty in his hands. The most enjoyable were the times where he would throw innuendos sporadically at you in public, constantly teasing you, until you couldn’t ignore him anymore.
When you got up, you became aware of the sheen of sweat making the material of the chair cling to you and you cringed in embarassement. You would need a shower as soon as you got home. It was hard to muster strength to bother cleaning the desk up after yourself, but you didn’t want to risk being told off more than you would be. So, with shaking hands and a pounding heart, you made sure to leave everything spotless before clocking out for the day. Saying goodbye to your co-workers, you veered into the staff bathroom, your hands digging into your pockets for your phone.
You thanked your lucky stars that it was the late shift and not many people were around, as that left the bathroom empty and with less chances of someone barging in on you. Closing the door behind you, hands trembling with excitement and breathing laboured, you pressed the one contact you knew by heart. Hearing it ring once, twice, your pulse pounded in your ears, your heart racing and you hoped you hadn’t misunderstood the situation.
“Hello.” He answered after a few rings, a few rings too many as you were almost prepared to give up. The annoyance at him and his games instantly washed away at his low voice, his accent playing with your heartstrings like your favourite record.
“F–Felix? I’m leaving work now.” You said biting your lip, knowing very well you weren’t even close to leaving. You were still perched onto the toilet seat cubicle door open, clammy hands gripping your work trousers, flushed face visible in the mirror across the stall. “Would you like me to bring anything?” You tried to sound as normal as possible, you didn’t want to risk the embarrassment of having misunderstood the situation.
Felix hummed thoughtfully, and you felt your throat constrict with unspoken words at the sound of it. You weren’t a person who easily noticed these things. Far from it, working with customers on a daily basis, you heard thousands and thousands of voices. Yet, never had you been affected by a voice as you were by his. Ever since you met, you’d been sucked into it.
“I can bring you that milkshake you wanted?” You said clearing your throat, hoping you’d stall him enough. Part of you was excited at the prospect of furthering your intimate exploration, yet part of you was questioning whether or not it was right to be playing with it in such an open and public way.
“Are you in the bathroom?” He suddenly inquired, making you jerk on the spot, wondering if he could see you. You hummed in affirmation, breath abated, waiting for his next move. “Are you alone?” He breathed, dropping his voice to almost a whisper as if anyone could hear him.
“Y-yes.” You said after you looked around once more– you couldn’t risk getting caught. “Felix can you just tell me, it’s been a long day, and I would like to go home and relax.” You complained, impatiently tapping your foot on the floor.
“That is exactly what you will do, but seeing as today we can’t meet, I just need to help you relax before you even step foot out of work.” He said and you could read the determination in his words. “Are you ok with that?” His voice wavered, for the first time displaying uncertainty.
Feeling flustered, your heart warm, you smiled to yourself – he was always one to put others before himself and you appreciated that. “Yes.”
You didn’t think you were meant to hear the relieved sigh on the other end, but nonetheless it made you happy knowing that you weren’t the only one who always fumbled with expressing their feelings. “Now. I will give you instructions and you’ll follow them. If there is anything you don’t want to do, just say stop and we will stop, alright?” He regained control over his voice, yet you could envision the concern on his face.
“Yes.” You wanted to say more, yet you couldn’t find it in you, knowing you’d break the bubble he’d managed to create around the two of you. Vaguely aware of where you were, you looked around the empty toilet once more, reassuring yourself there was no one around.
“Good girl.” Gone was the loving adorable boyfriend. In his stead you could hear the man whose eyes normally brought you to your knees, ready to pleasure him, only to hear his breathy moans praise you and your mouth. “Now I want you to make yourself comfortable, sit, stand whatever you need, but I want you to undo the buttons of that ugly shirt they’re making you wear.” He softly said and you heard a small rustle as he got himself more comfortable as well.
You wanted to protest and defend your work uniform, but you couldn’t. The ugly lime colour was blinding, and not in a good way. It reminded you of a highlighter. Not needing to be told twice, you hooked your fingers around the first button and undid it.
“Are you listening, Y/N?” He inquired and you hummed.
“Yes Felix, I am.” You responded, your shirt now half unbuttoned.
“Good, I need you to let me know, baby girl, otherwise I won’t know what you are doing. As much as I would like to see those beautiful breasts splayed out of your shirt and bra, and your flustered face as I hungrily bite them, I can’t. So you will have to tell me what you are doing.” He said it casually, yet his words ignited a fire in you, your breath hitching, your core muscles contracting with want. You couldn’t feel it but you knew you were getting wet for him.
“Y-yes, I have my shirt unbuttoned.” You stuttered making him chuckle lowly.
“Good, have you sat yourself down?” You hummed in disagreement. “Sit down, but before you do,” he paused a sharp intake of breath filling your ears and you knew he was palming his own arousal. The flame underneath your skin increased, knowing you were the cause for his predicament. “I need you to undo your trousers and pull them down as far as they can go.”
Quick to follow his instructions, you unbuttoned your trousers and pulled them down. The clammy sheen of sweat on your skin made it difficult to get them further than your knees. You threw another quick glance around before you sat down on the toilet waiting for his next instructions. In the process of surveying the area you caught sight of your own half naked flustered state, and you let out a small moan. It felt so dirty yet so good to be letting yourself go.
“Talk to me baby girl.” Felix broke you out of your thoughts and you remembered why you were there in the first place.
“I’m sitting down, and oh God, Felix.” You whimpered, voice laced with lust, “This feels so dirty.” At the pause on the other line you realised how interpretable what you said was, and were quick to rectify it. “Not dirty dirty, dirty as in–” you were stuttering, your mind trying to concentrate on getting your thoughts across.
“I get it baby girl, I'm just trying to imagine you like that, and I wish I was there to see you.” His voice was hoarse, and you knew he’s been hungry for you for a longer time than he’d let on. “I wish I was there to touch your soft lips before I kiss them thoroughly. I wish I was there to feel the smooth skin underneath my palms, your breasts in my hands filling them. I want to pinch your nipples until they’re sore and you’re moaning out my name.” He rasped, yet his breathing was levelled. Unknowingly, you followed his words to a T, your hands now stroking at the skin, pulling down your bra and attacking your nipples, a jolt of electricity shooting down your spine.
“Felix, oh God, I wish that too.” You moaned, letting yourself lean onto the toilet fully, your knees falling open in the process.
“You’re touching yourself, aren’t you? Dirty girl, craving my touch.” He chuckled, lust riddled in his voice.
“Only yours.” You whispered, your fingers pulling at your hardened nipple once more. If you strained yourself you could hear the distant sound of his belt and you knew he’d undone his trousers, his hand probably pulling his dick out of his pants. “Are you touching yourself?” You asked shakily, the image engraved in your head making you clench your thighs, thinking of his length in you, how it felt when he fucked you long and hard.
“I am, I can’t resist your small moans, knowing you are doing this for me, thinking of how wet your pussy is. I want to spread your knees apart, smell your arousal, lick you until you fall apart on my tongue, taste your sweet nectar. Feel yourself for me, Y/N. How wet are you?” He groaned as if it pained him to not be there.
You followed his command without a thought, your fingers trailing down from your breasts to your underwear, their wet state making you flush with embarrassment. “Fuck Felix, i’m so wet, my panties are clinging to me.” Moaning, you rubbed yourself through them, paying close attention to your clothed clit.
“Dirty girl. How do you taste, tell me? Pull your panties aside and tell me.” He demanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling your panties to the side, you moaned as you felt the string of wetness between your folds. Not allowing yourself to think, you rubbed yourself spreading the wetness all over your hand, the wet sounds you made so loud, they echoed in your ears. You don’t know how long you rubbed yourself like that, not yet touching your clit, but close enough to make yourself arch your back in pleasure.
“Tell me Y/N, how do you taste?” Felix growled in your ear and you whimpered, ashamed that you’d let your wanton desires take over and forgotten about your boyfriend on the phone. Pulling your hand out of your panties you brought them to your lips, catching sight of the sleek wetness coating them.
“G-good.” You moaned, taking a tentative lick, tasting your own muskiness. You’d never tasted yourself and the thought of doing it made you shiver with embarrassment.
“Imagine it’s me kissing you, after I’ve licked your pussy long and good. Imagine it’s my lips coated with your wetness on my chin.” Felix crooned as if sensing your apprehension.
“Felix I-“ you tried to respond, your tongue licking at your fingers with more conviction.
“Do you want to stop? Are you uncomfortable?” He asked, his voice sounding unsure and you found yourself craving his dominant side.
“No, fuck, please continue. I want you so bad.” You pleaded, your thoughts fuzzy with lust.
Breathing a sigh of relief at your reassurance, he chuckled fondly. “I want you too baby, but for now, you will have to imagine me spreading you out, admiring your pussy before I trace your clit with my thumb.”
You let out a curse at the image, your hand reaching into your panties once more, your fingers finding your own clit pressing lightly onto it. “I’m touching it. Oh fuck, it feels so good.” You whimpered, rubbing your inflamed nub in wide circles.
“Very good baby girl, such a good girl.” He purred, making you bite your lip. His praise combined with your own hand stroking your labia, fiddling with your clit, filled you with ecstasy. You felt the pleasure pull you under, making your skin prickle with electricity. “Can you imagine me sliding my hard cock up and down your slit before I stuff you full to the brim?”
You whimpered. Your fingers found your entrance, slid two inside of you and thrust them at a frenzied pace. “Fuck yes, fuck me hard.” You lewdly splayed your knees open to allow more room, frustrated at your pants restricting the movement. Fighting to not lose your grip on your phone, your hands sweaty, you shifted to a better angle, your fingers reaching deeper into you.
Hearing your complaints, Felix chuckled at your predicament. “It’s alright baby girl, trace your clit with your thumb slowly.” He demanded and you listened even before he had the chance to finish his sentence. “Now close your eyes and let yourself go. I want you to cum on your fingers, make a mess of yourself as you think of my dick fucking you into oblivion.” You chewed on your lip, eyes closing, letting his voice wash over you. Like molten lava, you felt your orgasm quickly approaching, your hips rising off the seat in an attempt to reach that high.
“Felix, I’m close. I’m so close.” You whimpered, your nerves on fire, your fingers haphazardly thrusting into your cunt as far as they could go.
“What about you?” You paused, remembering he was the only one talking, worried that you were getting more pleasure from this than he was.
“Don’t worry about me,” he soothed, “I’m so hard right now knowing my girl is getting the treatment and love that she needs. And once you’re in front of me, I will show you how much I want you, crave you, as I fuck you with all I have until your throat is raw from screaming my name.” This made you come undone. The wet sounds of your fingers in you, his smooth voice, and his promise were enough to bring you to an orgasm. Mouth wide open in a silent yell, a moan stuck in your throat, you let the fire overtake you until all you could feel was slight tingles that made your skin rise with goosebumps.
“That’s it, good girl, come for me. I’m also coming, just imagining you writhe as you clench around me, fuck Y/N.” Felix growled, and your ears pricked up the sound of it, making you groan.
Feeling your high subside, you panted, the realisation of what you’ve just done washing over you like a cold bucket of water. You gripped your phone tighter, your mouth opening and closing trying to catch your breath. At the same time, you tried to find the right words to say. When you came short of anything useful, you closed your mouth and swallowed hard.
“You’ve done well, baby. Are you more relaxed now?” As if he sensed your distress, Felix once more came to your rescue. In that moment of pure emotional weakness, you felt your eyes prickle with tears. Sniffling, you cleaned your hands of your own cum trying to keep it as quiet as possible so you wouldn’t worry him.
“Y/N?” He sounded panicked, his ears immediately catching onto the sound of your whimpers. “Are you ok? Was that too much? Oh my God, I am so sorry, I-“ he paused waiting for you to say something. You tried to respond but the emotions were so strong you couldn’t find the right words to soothe his worries. Instead you settled for letting your tears fall as you sat back down on the toilet.
“Please say something. I didn’t want to make you cry, fuck, I’m such a dick.” he fumbled, and you heard rustling in the background, a sign he was getting up. “Right, stay where you are, I am coming to get you.” He reassured and you gasped, a hiccup escaping past your lips.
“Felix,” another hiccup. “No, please. I’m ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cry, I'm just emotional. I am ok, I promise, I just,” you took a deep breath in, feeling another wave of tears coming through. “I love you.” It was not the first time you’d said this to him – you’d been together for a while. But it was the first time it fully enveloped you, burning so strongly within you that it made you bawl like a child. “That’s all.” You heard the pause over the phone, and you carried on. “So please don’t worry. I’m ok.” You felt embarrassed by your display, your finger hovering over the end call button.
“Y/N.” You heard his voice waver, the soft breath he let out pulling at your heartstrings. “I love you too, so so much baby. So please stop crying. I’m coming to get you regardless. I can’t leave you like this, no matter the reason.” The finality in his voice shut down any embarrassment and rebuttal you may have had, and with a final sniff and a watery laugh, you agreed to wait for him.
“Trust us to cry after phone sex.” You said jokingly pulling yourself back together. You exited the bathroom after making sure your appearance wasn’t too dishevelled, avoiding anyone on your way out the diner, all the while you could hear Felix getting ready to head out.
“What can I say, I may need a few lessons from you in delivering phone orders.”
Tumblr media
Mᴀɪɴ Mᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ
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sunbokie · 17 days ago
♡ lee felix. boyfriend au, fluff, 0.7k words. warnings: none. this is posted on my wattpad account too!
Tumblr media
pink dusted his cheeks when he noticed you staring at him like he's the only one that matters.
and it was true.
"have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" you asked and he moved his attention back on the tv, where a movie was long forgotten by you.
seated on the floor, in your — rushed and messy — pillow fort, surrounded by plushies, snacks and fluffy covers, you were both enjoying your free time by watching your favorite tv-series together. the fireplace in front of you was warming up your cold feet as you cuddled up closer to his chest, looking up at him.
"do you have to say it so often?" he tried to sound cool, but a smile was already making its way on his plump lips.
"i will say it until you believe me," your voice was barely above a whisper.
he adjusted his position so he can lean on his elbow on the pillow, facing you. even though he felt butterflies in his stomach at your lovestruck expression, felix raised his eyebrows calmly. he managed to keep a normal attitude despite his racing heart.
"i love your freckles," you continued.
his chocolate brown irises that held galaxies widened and he felt the need to hide his face with his small and pretty hands, but you stopped him. you intertwined your fingers with his, the other hand coming up to trace his jawline, cherishing the way he almost immediately melted under your touch.
"and I love your eyes and your long eyelashes," he closed his eyes, feeling shy because of your loving words.
"what's gotten into you? you're never this bold," he mumbled. his deep voice sent shivers down your spine and caressed your senses like a sweet melody.
"am I not allowed to shower my boyfriend with compliments?"
a low chuckle escaped his lips, as he placed his free hand over the one you still had on his cheek and nuzzled his nose into your palm, before kissing it softly.
he then opened his eyes and looked right back at you, straight into your soul, right into the heart he already owned.
"i'm so proud of you, my love. i wanted you to know that," you leave a chaste kiss on his lips. so short but so meaningful. soft like a feather, warm and lovely. a kiss that represented your endless love for the man in front of you.
he suddenly felt like crying, only because he never felt so lucky before, lucky to have such an amazing person like you in his life; a partner to understand him and be there for him always. so he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his body, hiding his burning face into your neck.
you started playing with his blonde locks, brushing your fingers through his hair as you leaned your cheek on his head.
"you feel like a dream, but you're so real..." you whisper.
a long exhale tickled your skin, as he turned his head to kiss your jawline softly.
❝you're my most favorite part of reality, felix.❞
the moon was the only source of light, a rather pale one, but that was all you needed to see the constellations on his cheeks move slightly when he smiled brightly at you.
and so he held you tighter, as his soul drowned in yours the same way you always drown in the warmth of his welcoming arms.
Tumblr media
A/N: how does it feel to live, guys? bcs idk after this.
❧ stray kids masterlist | main masterlist ♡
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: hardcore fluff
warnings: minho being soft
note: may have gone a little overboard with felix because!! i’m so soft for him!! i just know he’d love receiving forehead kisses the most out of the boys :’) also kinda busted an uwu for jisung during this, let’s not talk about it 😐
Tumblr media
Chan was just about ready to place his lips against your own once he noticed you lean up on your toes with your lips cutely puckered, clutching tightly onto the soft fabric of his sweatshirt to bring him down to your height. A small noise of confusion leaves him when you narrowly avoid his kiss, whines of protest ready to tumble from his tongue only to be interrupted by a loving peck being placed tenderly against his forehead; successfully turning him into a pile of mush over your adorable antics. He’ll dramatically coo over you for the rest of the day, feeling so safe and protected every time you decide to plant another soft peck to the side of his head. He’s an absolute goner each and every time without fail so it’s safe to say forehead kisses become a regular form of affection in your relationship.
“You’re so cute, please spare me from this pain.”
His normally teasing nature is thrown out the window and completely forgotten as soon as he feels your sweater paws softly cup his face before coaxing him to lean down, practically melting once you brush his bangs aside just to leave the lightest of kisses against his smooth skin, the lingering feeling of your pretty lips making him oh so soft. Minho will never admit it but he absolutely adores your little forehead kisses and nothing else will ever make him feel so safe and loved. He hates asking for your affection so he’ll gently nudge his nose against your jaw before leaving a small kiss on the patch of smooth skin, his silent way of telling you he wanted your sweet forehead pecks. Gets flustered every time you do it but will cover up his red ears and shy smile with teasing words, tauntingly lowering himself to your height, secretly finding your small pout so adorable.
“Sure you can reach up there shortstack? Let me help.”
Despite being quite vertically challenged himself, Changbin absolutely loves the slight height difference between you both, he swears watching you struggle and pout to reach his lips for a mere kiss is one of his favourite sights. So when you curl your fingers around the collar of his hoodie and practically force him down to your level while ignoring his surprised stammers only to lean up further on your toes and press a warm peck to his head, he practically melts. You’re gonna have to help him out at this point cause he’ll be broken for the remainder of the day. Tries to play his timidness off but there’s no mistaking the slight waver to his words as he tried to tease you for your actions, desperately trying to avoid your loving gaze, hoping you didn’t notice the cute fluster creeping up his neck onto his ears, the urge to have your lips pressed against his forehead once more becoming far too strong for him to cope with.
“Get in my pocket. Now.”
He’s gonna tease you to hell and back and there’s nothing you can do about it, mark my words. Thinks it’s the cutest thing ever that you struggle so much to reach his lips never-mind his forehead - so when you make a point to stand on the front of his boots and push yourself up even further to gently clutch the back of his neck, coaxing him to bend his head down and leaving a tender peck against his head, he’s officially wrapped around your finger. His lips will still be cutely puckered - from having thought you were going to kiss him - before his signature scandalised Hyunjin look starts to set in. Offended for the rest of the day until you finally give him a proper kiss, but he’ll never admit your little forehead kiss made his heart race in a way he can’t explain.
“That was nice but I think you missed a spot.”
Jisung was on the verge of sleep when you decided to be the cutest little bean on the planet (his words) and kiss his head. His legs were tangled with your own, larger frame easily engulfing your own as he nuzzled further into your neck, the soothing feeling of your fingers threading through his disheveled hair and your sweet scent coaxing him further into slumber before his eyes suddenly shot open at the feeing of a light peck being left on his forehead. Looks up at you with a tired squint, a slight fluster tinting his face as his sleepy brain tried to process what the fuck just happened. Any other day he’d be all over you, gushing and screaming over how!! adorable you are!! and basically smothering you until you couldn’t take it anymore but all his spent form could manage was a simple kiss behind your ear in return, muttering sweet words of love against your skin.
“Hmm, guess I gotta return the favour.”
Felix shows his love for you in many different forms and one of them happens to be forehead kisses, loving the shyness that overtakes you every time he plants one on you. One of his favourite things to do is leave little absentminded kisses to the top of your head throughout the day, an adoring grin taking over his freckled face as he thrives in your sudden fluster and embarrassed whines that are sure to follow soon after; so you couldn’t help but return the favour while sitting in the backseat of Changbin’s car while on a roadtrip, your shoulder somehow becoming a convenient resting place for your drained boyfriend. You swear you’ve never seen someone shake off sleep that quickly, staring up at you dreamingly as he softly touched his forehead, still able to feel the light peck you placed moments ago, all the while ignoring the groans of the other boys at your sudden display of affection. Please apologise to the others in advance cause this man is gonna be so clingy and doting on you for the rest of the trip and no one can stop him.
“Ignore them. They’re just jealous they don’t have a cutie like you giving them kiss. Now, stop being a tease and give me a real one.”
Despite being the tsundere king that he is, Seungmin is weak in the knees for softer love languages and affection; practically melting right there on the spot once you crept up behind him while he was working away at his computer, stress and exhaustion slacking his pretty face, before having his head coaxed back to meet your warm gaze, an excuse for why he was working so late just about to fall from his lips only for you to gently brush his bangs back, pressing a lingering kiss to the smooth skin. Will literally abandon all and any remaining work, too sleepy and lovestruck to focus on anything other than your loving embrace - suddenly turning in his chair just to coax you onto his lap, nudging his face into your neck as you twisted and fingered the knots out of his hair, leaving the occasional kiss against his head while he finally relaxed in your arms.
“Work can wait, let’s just stay like this for awhile.”
Normally, he’s incredibly embarrassed when it comes to affection and tries to avoid it at all costs because if he was being honest with himself, sometimes the thought of his own love for you scares the shit out of him to the point where he can’t even hold your hand without turning into a red, stuttering mess. So the moment you pull him down by the strings of his hoodie to land a firm kiss against his forehead he’s a goner. Buffers for a second cause oh my god you’re so cute and he could eat you up!! He secretly loves being babied by you and your little kisses make him feel nothing but safe and protected, but he’ll turn into a blushing mess later once the boys point out the lipstick stain on his forehead and trust me you’ll get an earful off him later; but he’d take all the teasing in the world from the others if it meant you’ll continue placing sweet pecks against his head when he most needed them.
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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gdaychan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
how the skz boys write you love notes
pairing: ot8 stray kids x gender neutral reader genre: headcanons, established relationship wc: 730 warnings: none
a/n: i was thinking about alphabet soup. and leaving little notes for people you love
this is for prompt #4 of the current event at districtninewriters: happy birthday to us!
#4: write a fic that includes themes of tenderness, euphoria, and love (of any kind)
Tumblr media
bang chan Chan never wakes up first. He’s still half-asleep and bumbling around by the time you’re showering and getting ready for the day. He stumbles into the bathroom to brush his teeth in the morning, and uses the condensation on the mirror to write out a sweet “good morning”, with a lop-sided heart underneath, and a smiley face or two. He’s not very coherent first thing in the morning, so this is probably the most you’ll get from him until after breakfast.
lee minho Minho cuts out letters from magazines and newspapers to write you ransom notes like the little psycho he is. They’re super creepy and unsettling, but he started out doing one as a joke and it’s just become a running gag. Honestly the effort he puts into painstakingly removing individual letters and sticking them onto a nice coloured card with an ominous reminder to have a good day and pls feed the cat is really admirable. It would make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.
seo changbin Changbin enjoys being a little shit. He is also very good at folding paper airplanes. All it took was an afternoon where you were busy on a zoom meeting or a phone call and refused to pay attention to him. So, Changbin starts writing you a message on the back of a takeout flyer, folds it into a plane, and sends it whizzing into the side of your head. Now he just does it for fun from across the apartment, trying to see if he can ever hit your head again and hoping the few scribbled hearts is enough to win you over.
hwang hyunjin Doodling is something Hyunjin does to keep his hands busy. When you’re just lazing around and cuddling on the couch, he sketches out little geometric patterns on the back of your hands, or connects marks on your skin like constellations. You don’t think much of it until you look down and see the disjointed song lyrics he’s mapped out on the inside of your wrist. You tease him for using you as a notebook, but can’t bring yourself to wash away all the love notes written on your skin.
han jisung Jisung is so full of love he’s bursting with it. One of his favourite ways to let you know he cares is bringing you snacks or drinks throughout the day. He takes his coffee/tea deliveries very seriously, and always writes out a cute, supportive message on the side of the cup next to your name. He also loves to leave little doodles on the sides, and so you’ll often find yourself enjoying your beverage while trying to decipher a play-by-play comic strip of Jisung’s most recent encounter with a pigeon.
lee felix Felix has always been the type to leave notes. Little cards with your lunch, or a message on the back of an envelope he leaves on the bedside table. For fun you buy a pack of alphabet fridge magnets, and it becomes his new favourite thing to play with whenever he’s at your place. He doesn’t just write a few words with the magnets, though. He writes essays, whole poems dedicated to you, to the point that you’ve had to buy several more packs of magnets just so he has enough letters.
kim seungmin Seungmin is also a food-is-love kind of person. He loves bringing you little snacks throughout the day to make sure you’re eating something. His best idea yet is to buy alphabet soup for cold days and sick days. He finds the right letters and organises them on top to read out little messages for you. It’s really tedious work but this is the sort of quirky thing he puts effort into. The bonus is that the soup has cooled down enough to eat by the time he finishes!
yang jeongin Jeongin sticks to the classics. A true post-it connoisseur. He’s got an endless supply of post-it notes, and he puts them to good use. Your apartment is always covered in neon-pink squares with various reminders and weird heart-shaped doodles. For his cheesiest notes, he likes to apply them directly. As in, you’ll wake up in the morning with a post-it or two glued to your forehead, or you’ll walk around all day with one stuck to your back without realising it.
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eighet · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: 𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙬, 𝙙𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙙𝙖𝙘𝙧𝙮𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖, & 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚
Tumblr media
it was cute, almost. how fucked out he was from just a few thrusts in your warm heat.
his body was shaking, hands clinging onto your waist, as if he loosened his grip, you’d be gone. tiny beads of sweat could be seen dripping down his temple — how endearing it is to see that even after so long, he still gets worked up over you so easily.
“y-y/n... p-please...” he mumbled. you and your name was the only thing clouding his brain at that very moment. you smiled softly, rubbing his arms to comfort him. “you okay, angel?”
felix nodded quickly. his eyes were tightly shut, afraid that if he opened them and glanced at you beneath him, he’d cum right inside you.
three minutes minutes. it had been three minutes since he’d been inside you and he was seconds away from cumming. how embarrassing. he couldn’t do that yet. he had to make you feel good! what would you think? he had to be your good boy, didn’t he? he needs to hear those two words come out of your mouth. he had to wait for you!
felix could feel his eyes prick with tears and a lump in his throat forming. he breathed out shakily, slowly sliding himself in and out of your hole. it felt euphoric. your tight walls clenching around his cock, keeping him inside you, all snug and warm. the lewd sounds as he thrusted in and out of your cunt made him flush and made the knot in his stomach even tighter.
“lixie?” you whispered. you wanted his attention, but most importantly, you wanted him to open his eyes. this was your devious little plan all along. you wanted to let him know that he’s wrapped around your finger. you wanted him to spill his seed inside you the second he opened his eyes so that you could humiliate him, calling him pathetic and watch big fat tears roll down his cheeks.
felix shook his head. he couldn’t! he was milliseconds away from cumming just by closing his eyes, he didn’t even want to imagine what would happen if he took a look at the lewd sight below him.
he lowered his head, attempting to cover the tears that finally spilled from his eyes. you smirked. at last. you reached your hands up to stroke his face, gently wiping the tears streaming down your pretty boy’s cheeks.
“what’s wrong, baby?” you asked, faux sympathy spilling from your mouth. he looked adorable. his eyes were tightly shut, eyebrows furrowed, and his mouth was quivering, doing his best to hide the sobs and cries nearly leaving his mouth.
“i-i cant...” he whimpered. “p-please let me cum... please, please, please...” he babbled. he lowered his body and buried his face into your neck, wailing out apologies. he so desperately wanted to be your good boy! why cant lixie do anything right?
tsk. the sound of your disappointment had him whine. you lifted his head from your neck, forcing him to make eye contact with you.
felix was lucky that your facial expressions weren’t as erotic as the sight of your body. it took so much for him to not look down. he tried not to think about the way your chest was pressed against his. he tried not to think about the feeling of your tight heat contracting around his dick. his brain was turning into mush thinking about you.
you lightly tapped his cheek, bringing his attention back to you. his ever so soft and soulful eyes gazed into yours. his cheeks were flushed and his pretty dust of freckles contrasted beautifully with the shade of pink on his face. his lips formed a small pout, quivering ever so slightly. he looked like a sad puppy. you smiled in amusement.
“m’ sorry...” he whispered quietly, his voice wavering. “just wanna be good for you...” he mumbled.
you hummed, leaning up to kiss a stray tear that escaped from his teary eyes. “i’ll tell you what,” you began. “i’ll let you cum inside me, but,” felix’s eyes were wide with excitement and wonder. “you are to keep your eyes open. got that, love?” you asked.
oh no, felix thought but nevertheless, he agreed right away. he rose, his hands finding their way back to your waist again. felix could feel his breath being knocked out of him. the sight of your body, your chest, and your doe eyes looking up at him had his cock twitching inside you.
“y-you look so–” he whimpered. he could barely talk. as if the feeling of your cunt fluttering around him wasn’t enough, the sight of your reaching up to grope your breasts and twist your nipples had him feeling dizzy. the sounds of your soft moans as he thrusted into you softly was too much.
“go faster.” you commanded. felix couldn’t. he’d lose self control. even after he’d cum, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop. no matter how sensitive he was and how much it hurt, he was addicted to you.
he looked at you fearfully.
“don’t you wanna be a good boy for me, darling?” felix’s breath hitched. yes. yes, he did. he had to. he nodded desperately.
felix took a deep breath and began quickening his pace. his eyes were wide, raking your body up and down. and your face, your disgustingly lewd face had him gasping.
“o-oh my g-god!” he whined. his usually low voice rose in pitch as he drilled into you. everything was overwhelming. the sound of your whines, the sight of your breasts, the feeling of your cunt, the sound of your skin slapping, and the wet sounds of his cock slipping in and out of you. too much. too much for his dumb little brain to handle.
his eyes rolled back as he mindlessly pounded into you. “god, look at you, baby...” you gasped. “my dumb little baby can’t handle it, hm? p-poor baby can only think with his cock, huh?” you taunted. he felt gross. he felt disgusting for liking your ridicule. he loved the idea of being your mindless little baby. he loved the idea of being a toy that you use over and over again.
felix could no longer utter any words. his stupid little incoherent babbles were the only things being heard from him. he was too far gone. you, he could only think about you. how you were his and how he was yours.
“i bet my dumb boy wants to breed me, hm?” you teased. he wanted it so bad, he wanted to breed his seed into you over and over again until there was nothing left of him. he nodded dumbly, whining out. your reached down to rub your clit, feeling your own high approaching at the sight of felix’s stare boring into yours. despite the fact that he was holding eye contact with you, you knew that he could no longer think.
“g-gonna come for me, baby boy? huh? is my dumb baby gonna breed me?” you whimpered, tears pricking your eyes.
felix cried out, mouth hung open as he pounded into you even harder than before. “g-gonna c-cum... nngh... g-gonna cum s-so hard...” he babbled. with one last thrust, felix slammed into you and let out a loud sob, gasping for air as the knot in his stomach unraveled. “s-so good...!” he gasped out.
the euphoria on felix’s face was enough to lead you to your own breaking point. “o-oh—fuck, felix!” you whimpered. felix let out a choked gasp at the feeling of you clenching around his cock, milking him out completely. you looked so pretty to him. his mouth was hung open pathetically as his eyes rolled back, softly thrusting into you to ride out both of your highs.
with one last thrust, felix’s body crashed onto yours, burying his face into your neck once again, whimpering at the feeling of your hole fluttering around his dick. “thank you, thank you, thank y—” you cut him off with a kiss, softly stroking his hair, calming him down.
you broke away from the kiss and smiled in endearment when he whined and attempted to lean in once again. your stroked his cheeks and watched his brain turn into soft mush at the sight of your eyes looking at him ever so softly. he felt so loved.
“you were such a good boy, lix... always so perfect for me.” you mumbled, tracing his bottom lip with your thumb.
felix hummed happily, the corner of his eyes crinkling in happiness as he whined into your chest, embarrassed from the sudden praise.
you chuckled quietly before stroking his hair once again, your heart nearly bursting watching him slowly fall asleep on your chest.
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pastelracha · 4 months ago
DANCERACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
Tumblr media
☾ Title : DANCERACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
☾ Pairing: DANCERACHA x reader
☾ Genre: smut, established relationship
☾ Warning : smut, +18, oral fixation. 
☾ Prompt: Request : Dance racha reacting to Y/n wearing their shirt after sex
☾ A/N: after 3RACHA reacting to their s/o wearing their shirt after their sexy moments, there is DANCERACHA, tell me if you want VOCALRACHA, hope you like it don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox
☾ Word Count: 0.455K
masterlist | ask or request 
No one touch this man if you wore his shirt after having sex with him, he would be demanding more, Minho never had enough of you, your taste, your moans, just you. Would legit be hard again in like 3 seconds, craving your touch, mouth, everything on his body. Imagining running his hands in your hair, giving him a head, our ass up in the air for him to watch, and moan about how beautiful you are, he was sure to see stardust every time you gave him a head. If he was horny, all he could think about was your mouth around his dick, and go crazy all day long for it to happen. But seeing you in his shirt was on another level, his perfume on your body, a proof you belonged to him and no one else, giving him pleasure was an all other level for the man. 
“Your mouth is mad of gold, doll’’
Hyunjin would find you looking so ethereal, with his paintings in the back. His own description of heaven, only wearing one of his button up shirt, looking like an angel. 
He would sneak a picture of you, for his own personal enjoyment, a souvenir, a treasure before taking a real good look of you, and finding you even more attractive, in your post sex moment, eyes glowing, and memories of his lips marking your skin. Wanting to mark you even more now, with a few candles lighting the room and dancing on his artworks. 
Wanting nothing more than hearing you moan and saying his name like a mantra, over and over. Running his hands on your skin, creating goosebumps on the soft skin, and tracing your curves with his tongue. “I want you over and over’’ 
Felix never felt more alive, than after having sex with you, he felt complete even more when you wore a piece of his clothing after it. Looking at you putting lotion on your legs, in nothing but his black shirt he was admiring you, wanting to feel you again. To him there was something messing with him whenever you were putting on lotion, something so erotic to him. Maybe the smell of spiced vanilla. 
The man would spend a real long time between your thighs if you let him, forever he always said. And there was nothing he wanting to do more at the moment than eating out, just to finish the night. 
The smell of your lotion, his perfume, and you natural smell, his nose right your clit, eating you out as if it was his last time doing it, giving you everything, almost making you go insane. 
“Want to eat you out baby’’
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dwaeki · 4 months ago
— felix as ur bf (random headcanons)
pairing: felix x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none other than maybe some slip ups and just poorly written fluff, not proofread, lower case intended!!!
a/n: i'm just bored and need to post so i decided to make this at like 3AM 😩🤝🏻 genuinely dont knownwhat i was writing here but i went with the flow so 😞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok lets completely disregard the fact that felix is my ult and i am absolutely whipped for him.
he doesn't sleep early at night especially if he had a bad day at practice or made a lot of mistakes while trying to memorize the choreography to one of their new songs,
so he usually stays up for a little while playing video games on his PC while you sleep over at the dorms.
you're most likely there sitting on his lap, sleeping peacefully while your boyfriend tries to restrain himself from raging and absolutely destroying his expensive keyboard </3
(p.s he has a keyboard that lights up. most likely rainbow cuz idk HE GIVES OFF THOSE VIBES.)
the first time you sat on his lap while he was playing games he just fell in love with that idea
the feeling of your arms wrapped around his shoulders as you rest your head in the crook of his neck is just :(( y/n ure making him feel so loved :((
he's just rlly comfortable and feels at peace.
also when he feels a bit too overwhelmed or just frustrated he stops the game for a little while and wraps his arms around you tightly while inhaling your scent :((
he feels better right away <33
but you dont know that bcuz ure ✨asleep✨
but if he's feeling particularly tired he just plays on his phone
while you're both in bed, cuddling <33
PLUSHIES !! you guys collect a bunch of plushies <3
he likes plushies a lot so if u like plushies too you guys are just a perfect duo. you two are always on a look out for stuffed animals,
felix keeps a bunch of cents in his pockets just in case u find something.
if one of u spots a claw machine outside while you're going out or during an arcade date you're going to drop whatever you were doing before and literally run, leap, fly towards its direction.
you two are competitive as hell when it comes to winning a stuffed animal & believe me felix doesnt go easy on you
especially if youre a sour loser cuz he teases you a lot.
it starts off with u two being competitive but ends with the both of you basically throwing all of your money away just to get a single plushie.
one time u hogged the claw machine for a little too long and you didnt even notice the line of kids waiting for the two of u to finally leave for good.
yeah... ure banned from using the claw machine at one of the arcades ... 😬✋🏻
he also lays his head on your lap... a lot.
he just loves feeling close to you so if he's sleepy and wants cuddles he usually just lays his head on your thighs (no matter the shape or size cuz we love all kinds of thighs here, love <3) , grabs your hand and plays with ur fingers.
you already get the message so you're quick to get up and move to the bedroom to cuddle
but if you don't get the message then he starts pouting and sighing dramatically, waiting for u to take the hint
but if ure still not budging then he just lifts you up and quite literally throws you onto the bed so you two can cuddle
(one time u bounced off the bed and hurt your arm... felix almost cried...)
he grumbles a bunch of incoherent words while getting under the covers
squeezes the living soul out of you the second he's under the covers. like ure literally left soulless.
felix doesnt rlly have a favorite position to cuddle in, he likes any and every.
he loves being the big spoon, he loves being the small spoon
but he also rlly loves cuddling face-to-face <33 or maybe ur head buried in his chest :((
loves placing kithes all over your face or pecking your lips during cuddle sessions.
yeah... he's a sucker for physical contact 😚😚
he's also SO whipped for you you don't even understand.
everyone around him can tell that he absolutely adores you and everything you do
one time jeongin mentioned how utterly in love he was and how "disgusting & painful" it was to watch you two interact 😔
and felix was low-key like HELL YEAH IM WHIPPED AND IM PROUD !!!
doesnt care if anyone points out how much he loves u & doesn't deny it either bcuz YEAH!! HE DOES INDEED LOVE U VERY MUCH!!! WHAT ABOUT IT!?!?!!
he also gives the best presents !
he just always knows what to buy anyone he's very close with and the list ofc includes you :D bcuz youre his lover mwuah <3
buys you the best birthday presents, anniversary presents, holiday presents.
it's because he's observant !!
especially when it comes to you. if you eye an expensive outfit that you can't really afford at the moment or there's a fancy restaurant you want to go to, he will keep it in the back of his mind and will take it into consideration ;))
there doesn't have to be a special occurance for felix to surprise you with a present !!
even if the present he's getting you is pretty expensive its still for u and he wants to make u feel as appreciated and as loved as he can. so wasting money on you is never a problem as long as you're happy :((
the fact that he is observant also comes in handy a lot, because he can tell when you're uncomfortable by the small changes in the way you act like the furrowing of your eyebrows or you shift even closer to him, etc.
if it's a public space or an event where you have to socialize and interact with others and he notices you feeling uncomfortable he will take you to a less crowded place to give u a bunch of kisses and reassure you that everything will be just fine <3
he also knows what you like and dislike very well, so it's easier to avoid any arguments in your relationship.
virtual dates !!
he takes you on a bunch of dates on minecraft, roblox, animal crossing etc.
the dates usually happen while he's away on a tour and you two really miss each other </3
the first time he went on a tour he just really really really missed you and your voice
so he called you on discord and suggested that you play minecraft together. you created a new world and just started everything from the scratch.
so every time felix goes on tour you guys call on discord, get on minecraft and add new things to your world <33
your world includes but is not limited to: a huge pink mansion with a pretty backyard filled with flowers, a dog named "seungmo" and a cat named "lino" (as felix suggested you named them ✋🏻)
he once told you that one day you two are gonna get married (if you're willing to ofc) and live a perfect life just like in your minecraft world :((
even tho it was over the top to assume that you two would live in a gigantic pink mansion, it was still endearing and it made your heart melt <3
he really wants to spend the rest of his life with you because he knows you're the one :(
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dreamescapeswriting · 24 days ago
Stray Kids Reaction ~ Caring For You After A Broken Leg [Request]
Tumblr media
Stray kids X GN!Reader
Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - November 2021
Chan would never leave you alone, he wanted to make sure that you were with him all of the time. That included taking you to the studio with him so he could make sure you weren't walking or waddling around with your leg in a cast.
"Y/n is asleep," Changbin whispered as he walked into Chan's studio one night, looking at you curled up on the sofa with one of the blankets. 
"It's been a long day." Chan chuckled turning to look at you. Even like this, you looked completely peaceful and happy to him. 
When you'd first broken your leg Chan wouldn't rest until he knew you were okay. He'd raced you to hospital and stayed there overnight waiting for x-ray's and doctors to come back. Spent all of his time making sure that you were the one being well taken care of.
"Do you think they'll wake up if you carry them to the car?" Changbin questioned as he watched Chan beginning to pack everything up inside of the room, nodding his head slowly.
"They should be, Y/n is a pretty heavy sleeper." He smiled giving his bags to Changbin as Chan made his way over to you, running his thumb along your cheekbone and smiling happily. There wasn't anything Chan wouldn't do for you, if you wanted the moon he would find a way to get it for you.
"I'll go and load the car," Changbin whispered heading out of the room as Chan just stared at you. Smiling happily before pressing a small kiss on your cheek.
Tumblr media
You never would have expected Minho to be the one to turn into the protective boyfriend. The second you had the cast placed onto your leg he had begun taking care of you, running around for you. Doing your laundry, dishes, cooking for you. He'd attempted to move you into the dorms but when that didn't work he moved to your apartment. Telling you that he was going to stay with you until you had the cast taken off. 
"I'm telling you that I can feed myself," You laughed softly as Minho picked some ramen up with his chopsticks and held them at your mouth.
"It's my leg that's broken, not my arms." You laughed at him as he pushed noodles into your mouth before proceeding to do the same with himself. 
"I told you that I was going to look after you," He looked at you as you smiled happily at him. You had less than a week to go until the cast was going to come off and you didn't want him to go. A part of you never wanted this to end so that Minho would stay around you forever. 
"What if you moved in with me?" You questioned as you ran your finger along the top of your glass. 
"Moved in?" You nodded not being able to meet his gaze until he pulled your head up, 
"I would love that," He whispered as he fed you some more ramen making you giggle a little at him.
Tumblr media
"I could have done this alone," You whispered as Changbin sat beside you in the waiting room. The two of you had been waiting here for the last three hours waiting for someone to come and see you. 
"How would you have done that?" He chuckled darkly as he looked down at you, your leg resting on a coffee table that was inside of the waiting room. It had already been confirmed to be broken now you just had to wait for the people to come and put a cast on you. 
"I would have dragged myself along the road." You mumbled sarcastically as he placed a kiss on your forehead softly, bringing you closer to him by your chair.
"I wanted to be here for you," He whispered, letting you lay your head down on his shoulder and get a couple of minutes shut-eye, rubbing your back softly. The second you fell down the stairs you'd called your boyfriend to come and help you out and he was very comforting.
After laughing for a couple of minutes but it was all in a playful and very loving way.
Tumblr media
"Hyunjin," You giggled as he wrapped yet another plastic bag around your cast and looked at you. You were laying in the dorms bath tub with your broken leg out of the water, covered in plastic bags just in case it got even a little wet. Hyunjin had turned into a nanny for you, running around and doing everything for you. Including helping you have a bath which was something you were most worried about. 
"My cast is fine in the seven bags you'd put on it already, can I just wash my body now?" You laughed as he nodded his head, going to get some of the bath products for you. 
"I'll do it," He was living up every moment he had with you, doing everything he could because it meant he got to spend more time with you than usual. 
"You know I can wash myself, right?" He nodded as he began to massage the soap into your shoulders, your head rolling forward as you enjoyed the massage. 
"But this way you get to feel good," He whispered pressing a small kiss below your ear as he continued to rub you softly.
Tumblr media
Jisung took time off almost immediately after you had broken your leg, wanting to make sure he could be the one to care for you. 
"I thought if you had time off, you would be looking after me." You poked Jisung who whined at you, rolling over in the bed so he was facing away from you. 
"I am."
"You're asleep at 4 in the afternoon, I've already been looking after myself." You teased looking at the time and then to your boyfriend who was still half asleep. He had been up all night gaming so you didn't blame him for sleeping and it wasn't as if you actually needed him to care for you. 
"Get up, I made food." You said as you poked his sides once again, using your crutches to move out of his room and head back into the kitchen, Jisung following quickly behind.
Tumblr media
"Felix," You whined as he placed another box of cookies onto your kitchen counter. This had to have been the fourth box in a week, not to mention the brownies, the cupcakes and the shortbread that he had made for you. 
"I'm not completely incapable of cooking,"
"I know, but I wanted to make sure you had enough desserts too." You stared up at him and shook your head. It was just an excuse to bake and be around you as much as he could, he sat down beside you and smiled. 
"You just want to make excuses to bake more." You whispered laying your head down on his lap as he nodded his head, running his fingers up and down your skin. 
"Maybe. But it also means I get to spend more time with you." He smiles down at you happily, holding your face in his hands. 
"Do you need any painkillers?" He questioned as you got settled, your eyes shut as you shook your head. All you needed was him.
Tumblr media
"THREE! TWO! ONE!" You screamed before rolling down the hall with  Seungmin, Felix and Changin. All four of you had a wheelchair race to see who could go down the hall the faster, so far you and Seungmin were in the lead. 
"This isn't fair! He's used to wheeling you around!" Changbin complained as you crossed the finishing line and began giggling at them both.
"It's not our fault you guys suck!" You laughed bringing Seungmin down into a victory kiss while Changbin threw his money at you both. You'd bet that you two would be the faster couple down the hall. 
"I want a rematch, this time Felix can push me." You nodded as you began to make your way back up the hall, smirking at Seungmin who was already ready to win some more money from them.
Tumblr media
"Innie, there is no more space." You laughed as he stopped another staff member in the hallway to get them to sign your cast. All week long he had been getting everyone he saw in the building to sign it, all of the idols had signed it with cute messages and some of the staff had made room too. 
"You're the only person who hasn't." You pouted as he bent down to find more room, there had to be somewhere, he had been saving himself for last/ 
"I thought I saved a spot." He whined as you pointed down at the space he had left for himself that Lia had taken. 
"It's okay, you can sign the inside when it comes off," You whispered, rubbing his shoulder softly and smiling as he nodded his head. Promising you that he would sign it the next time you break a bone, or if you broke another bone.
Tumblr media
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