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猹糡here鈥檚 Always Time聽猹 LMH [M]
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猡淲ORD COUNT: 17.8K
猡淧AIRING: Minho x Fem!Reader
猡淕ENRE: non-idol au, family au, Minho dad, Reader being an English teacher in Korea, teacher x parent, fluffy, angsty, angst with fluffy ending, kissing, dates, smut oral [Female and male receiving] protected sex, 鈥済ood girl鈥 鈥測ou can take it鈥,聽
猡淐opyright: 漏 DreamEscapesWriting - August 2022
Tumblr media
Moving to Seoul had been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, something that you weren't just going to let go of easily. So when you'd been given the green light a few months ago to become an English teacher for kids you grasped it with both hands. This had been everything you had wanted for a few years now, ever since you'd gotten the degree you needed to go ahead and do this. Who wouldn't love travelling to another country to teach kids another language? Not to mention getting to experience and learn more about another culture.
You would also get to achieve some travelling goals as well as experience your dream job, there could be nothing better than all of this. It was hardly believable that you were actually doing this right now but you were excited.聽
Nervous but excited that this was all going to be happening. It had been in the planning stages for months on end and you'd been worried that something was somehow going to go wrong during the application process. You'd had to find an apartment - which the school paid for. Then there was waiting for your visa to get approved as well as making sure your Korean was as amazing as it could be. But everything was perfect and the way it should have been, the application was approved more quickly than you were expecting and your Visa was approved for you to work for one year.聽
You'd been given a few weeks to move to Korea without worrying about your job since the program you were with wanted you to relax and find a routine first. Today, however, was your first day and you'd been given a huge tour from the principal who seemed completely ecstatic to have you in their teaching program. The last teacher they'd had - the one you were replacing - had been fired for not taking his job seriously, as well as posting his stories about the children to his social media. All of which was a giant "no-no" in the teaching community.
The school itself was incredible, something you never would have imagined would be for younger children. It felt more like a secondary school rather than an elementary school, when you first got here you thought you'd gotten the wrong address.聽
The school was located near Daehyeon-dong which meant you had a lot of things to do on the weekend when you weren't working with the children. Then there were 41 classrooms with over 39 classes being taught from Kindergarten to grade 6 and on average you were going to be teaching around 26 students a day which was a little daunting at first but now you were standing in front of them it was a little less intimidating to you. Besides, the classes you would be teaching were all around 10-year-olds so you didn't have to worry much about being scared of them.
"Everyone, this is Miss Yln, can we all welcome her?" The principal asked as you stood in front of a room full of kids and smiled at them, bowing a little as they did it back to you. They all looked so happy to be there and ready to learn which warmed your heart up a bunch. You had been a little anxious none of them would be interested in learning English from such a young age but they all seemed eager.聽
"Good morning Miss Yln," The class greeted in perfect unison, that was it, you swore that your heart was going to swell too much and explode at just how adorable they all were.
On average you were going to be working around 5 and a half hours with students and then after you would be doing grading and homework assignments. You wanted to get to know each of your students and make sure they had fun in your lessons since you always felt that learning should have been enjoyable for people.聽
"I'll leave you to it," The principal said before bowing to you and heading out of the room leaving you alone with the kids which now made your stomach drop with anxiety. You took in a shaky breath as you turned to look at each of the students and smiled trying to come up with something smart or funny to say. All thoughts suddenly left your mind at the sudden pressure of trying to seem like a "cool" teacher that they were going to like.
"Do you want to get to know each other instead of learning for the day?" You questioned as they all began to giggle and nod their head excitedly. You figured it would be a nicer way to start the term off by having their first lesson with you just getting to know one another and playing a couple of games so you could all learn about one another.
"How about we all write out names on these," You said while digging around inside of your drawer and pulling out some cute stickers that they could wear. Each sticker had a blank space where they could write their names out for you, the space was large enough for them to write it in both Korean and English if they knew how.聽
"We can all write out names down on these cute stickers." You smiled before ripping one off for each student in the classroom, all of them saying "thank you" in both Korean and English as you smiled. You walked slowly around the classroom trying to remember names and faces as you noted each name.聽
You stopped by a little girl's desk and smiled when you saw her confidently write her name down on the sticker and gently placed it on her blue cardigan that she was wearing.
"What a lovely name," You said while bending down to look at the tag again, her handwriting was incredible for someone so young.
"Lee Mina," You said carefully and slowly when a blush began to settle on her cheeks while she looked up at you. Mina had been mentioned in the class notes before and you remembered the principal saying that Mina was one of the brightest students in her grade.聽
"Dad named me after one of his favourite authors," She told you proudly before you grinned brightly at her, it was adorable to see someone so proud of her father.
"I love it, it's my favourite name ever," You whispered to her making her giggle before you headed toward some of the other students, saying their names back to them and doing your best to remember every student that was within your classroom.聽
Tumblr media
The final bell had rung about an hour ago and you were finally through with meeting the parents of the children you had been teaching, you wanted to get to know them all so they could see who would be caring and teaching their kids. You were quite glad that your first day was over though and the weekend was tomorrow since you were quite ready for a long sleep and maybe going to get some sightseeing in before you got too busy with school work. You stopped walking through the school yard when you spotted someone sitting on a bench,
"Hey Mina, where's your dad?" You quizzed as you walked over to her, her father had been one of the only parents you hadn't met yet but you were sure you would eventually. Though you did want to let him know how exceptional his daughter was at English and how sweet she had been during your class. Mina had quickly become a little helper with you, always helping you clean up and asking if you needed any help with anything else.聽
Throughout your meetings with other parents, Mina had been telling you all about her dad and speaking very highly of him which had made you rather excited to meet the man behind the stories. All you knew about him was he was a very powerful CEO and didn't have a lot of time to come to school events though he would always make time for Mina's sports days or talent shows she was in.
"He's busy, I'm waiting for my nanny," You nodded and sat down beside her, smiling a little as you tried to keep her company for a little while. All after-school clubs had been cancelled today which meant Mina was probably waiting for her Nanny to get the memo about it all.
"Want me to wait with you? You can tell me all about your plans for the weekend," You smiled warmly at her, you knew what it was like to be the only one waiting behind after school and you didn't want her to feel so alone.聽
"Daddy is going to take me to N Seoul Tower and then we're going to get food at his favourite restaurant!" The excitement bounced off of her like rays coming from the sun and you couldn't help but smile at just how excited she was about all of this.
"Hmm, and what do you normally order to eat?" You quizzed while raising an eyebrow at her, she smiled colourfully at you.
"Kimchi-jjigae," She answered with a confident nod and you smiled, it was one of the many foods you couldn't wait to try yourself. For the last week you'd been living off Ramen in your apartment, a little too scared to do some food shopping.
"Sounds like the perfect kind of day. I should try it sometime. What other foods do you think I should try?" You looked at her and she began to list different foods she thought you would love to eat.聽
Some more time passed between you and you got to know her pretty well but an elderly woman began to walk toward you both, bowing to you as you did the same back to her. Mina got up from the bench and placed her backpack onto her back and stared back at you,
"My daddy would like you...You're pretty and my daddy loves pretty girls," Mina said suddenly before bowing you and rushing over to her nanny, the two of them talking to one another as they walked away leaving you feeling a little shy at the mention of it.聽
Tumblr media
After a few weeks of working in the school, you had grown into a routine that was perfect for you, though you hadn't done as much sightseeing as you had wanted to just yet. You were still having fun nonetheless. It had been non-stop working as well as prepping for your classes since you wanted to be prepared for everything that you could.聽
Things had been going swimmingly with the kids and over the last couple of weeks though you'd been leaving voicemails to Mina's father telling him how impressed you were with her progression in your class and you wanted him to know how great she was doing but it was starting to change.聽
Things were starting to get a little weird with Mina and she was becoming a big distraction to other children in the class. She'd even started talking back to you and getting into trouble with other students in the room. At first, you'd tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe she was just having a hard time with the change of teacher and you didn't want to call her father yet but today was the last straw.
Mina had been sitting with one of the boys in her class when she knocked over a cup of dirty water the kids had been using to clean their paint brushes and knocked it all over the painting he had been working on. It ended with him crying and yelling at Mina but she yelled a lot louder, eventually hitting his arm a little too harshly and you broke them up.
"Mr Lee, it's Miss Yln - Mina's English Teacher - if I could get you to call me back to speak about Mina that would be terrific, we seem to be having a little erm...Behavioural issues with her." You sighed to yourself as you tried to think of the right way to word all of this to her father,
"I think it would be best to speak about this in person when you have the time. Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon," You sighed when you hung up the phone, running your hands over your face as you tried not to get too stressed. It had been non-stop leaving voicemails after voicemails for someone who hadn't bothered to reply once. Not even a note into the school to let you know he was getting the messages. It was completely exhausting and you were beginning to worry he was going to ignore the fact that his child was acting out. Taking in a deep breath you got up and began to clear up for the day, taking a look around the messy classroom and beginning to start with the paintings the kids had been working on.
Tumblr media
You'd barely started to clean when you heard the door to your classroom swing open and hit the wall making you squeal and jump a little, the paintbrushes you were holding fell to the floor. Staring down at them you began to pick them all up, glancing in the direction of the door to see a man dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit and yelling far too quickly for you to try and establish what he was saying. You let him ramble until he came to a stop in front of you and just stared at you, his breath catching in his throat as he saw you look a little frightened at him.
His intention hadn't been to scare who even start yelling at you but when Mina told him that someone was pulling her hair and nothing was being done about it, he got into overprotective parents mode and was ready to fix things.
"I-Is there something I can help you with?" You hated that you stuttered, you were supposed to come across as confident, not some stuttering mess in front of a handsome man in a suit. Minho looked at you and swallowed the lump in his throat as he tried to remain calm about all of this. There had to be some kind of explanation as to why no one had done anything about the boy that had pulled Mina's hair a little hard.
"My daughter told me that one of the boys pulled her hair and there was nothing done about it," You frowned as you tried to remember if something like that had happened while you had been teaching but nothing like that had happened. Mina had never mentioned it to you and you glanced over at her to see her nervously staring into the room from the doorway. Had it happened before she ruined the boy's painting? You looked back to her father and shook your head, trying to get across that nothing you knew of had happened.
"Si, I can assure you that nothing like that happened today. Isn't that right, Mina?" She said nothing and hid behind the door as Minho took a step further into the room, glancing around and back at you.
"My kid wouldn't lie to me. Why are you covering for the boy?" He was being a little too stern but he had to stand up for his daughter, there was no way he was going to let someone get away with bullying her.
"Sir...I-I'm not...I can assure you that this is...This is just some misunderstanding. I've been t-trying to get in contact with you," You explained, your stuttering becoming a little uncontrollable as you felt too intimidated standing face to face with someone so much taller than you. Not to mention he looked as though he was straight out of a drama about a mafia leader and you didn't want to somehow upset him.
"My daughter wouldn't lie! Are you calling my daughter a liar?" He snapped harshly and you bit down on your tongue while shaking your head. The last thing you would ever do would call a student a liar, you just needed to get this misunderstanding cleared.
"N-no...It's just-" You stopped as Mina walked closer to her dad and tugged on his sleeve a little, glancing at you before Minho stared down at her and they made eye contact.
"She's right daddy." Your chest released a deep breath and you looked over at Mina who was now staring up at her dad and turning a slight red colour.聽
"I've been n-naughty lately, I-I just wanted you to meet Miss Yln but you were always so busy." She admitted before you nodded in agreement with her. It was wrong for her to act out just to get some attention from her father but at least the situation was being cleared out of the way,聽
"I left a few voicemails for you but I never heard back. Mina mentioned how busy you are so I was going to write a letter home soon." You explained while quickly clearing the paintbrushes away and looking back at Minho who was now flushing a bright red colour.
"Oh...Oh...Wow. I'm so sorry," He apologised profusely as he glanced down at Mina and got her to apologise to you as well.聽
"I never should have stormed into your classroom like that...I'm sorry," He whined a little as he ran his hands through his hair making you smile weakly before leading Mr Lee over to Mina's desk. It must have been hard being a single parent of a 10-year-old girl, you'd heard about Mina's mother dying during birth and you didn't want to imagine the type of pressure that put on Minho.
"While you're here...I'd love to show you some of the work she's been doing in class...She's usually an amazing student...Besides the times she acted out," You told him happily before he took a seat in the tiny kid's chair, making you both laugh a little at how big he seemed to look inside of it.聽
"I'd love to see it," Minho smiled, forgetting all about the meeting he was supposed to be attending in about twenty minutes. Right now, all he cared about was staying in this room and listening to you talk about his daughter. Throughout the last weeks, he had listened to Mina talk about you in depth but everything she had been saying didn't hold a torch to you.
Mina had mentioned how pretty you were but you were completely breathtaking to Minho. Your hair suited you perfectly and you dressed as though you were a respectful young adult...Not to mention your eyes. When he'd been talking to you just now he felt as though he was going to get lost in a trance in them they were so pretty.聽
"I have something we've been working on lately," You explained, rushing to go and grab some of the worksheets Mina had been working on with you and her classmates. It had been something a little fun just to get to know what the kids did and didn't know about English, as well as making them have memories of their times in class.
"She speaks very highly of your classes," Minho quickly said without thinking too much about it, your body heated up as you turned to lock eyes with the man in front of you.聽
His eyes were piercing into you and you could have sworn everything around you ceased to exist and you could only focus on him and what he was saying. Seriously, how could a man look like that and not be an actor or a singer? He looked as though he was stripped right from the pages of a magazine.
"She does?" You asked shyly looking down at the sheets as you tried to make it seem as though you were completely struck by his good looks which made Minho smile. He was used to people avoiding his gaze and usually he found it annoying but with you, somehow you made it cute.
"Yeah, she always loves coming to your classroom. She mentioned how much you engage with them all and try to make the lessons fun," He recounted everything Mina had said about her lessons with you while you pulled up a chair in front of the desk he was sitting on and smiled brightly. You'd always wanted to be considered a fun teacher.
"Well, I thought fun lessons would make it more memorable and having fun while learning makes it easy to remember what you learnt." You admitted shyly, feeling your body heat up at the sudden attention you were getting from the man in front of you. None of the other parents had been so sweet and complimentary with you, they were just happy that their children were happy.
"This is something we'd been working on yesterday." You said as you began to flip through the pages to find the right thing you were going to show him,
"I had the kids write about their favourite memory and she wrote about your trip with her to Jeju island." You swallowed the nervousness down as you put the sheet down in front of him to show him the papers that were written in a mixture of Korean and English. There were cute drawings spotted around the paper of Mina and her dad doing different things on Jeju Island.聽
"I used this to learn what they did and didn't know in English and then I decided to sit with them all and teach them each of the words." You admitted, not noticing that the whole time you were speaking Minho had his eyes on you, getting lost in your eyes as you spoke passionately about teaching. It was endearing to see someone so in love with their job, it had been far too long since he'd seen a teacher get this happy with their students.
"She's very quick at picking up English terms as well," You told him before showing him the flashcards you and Mina had been making together. Written on them were different places on Jeju Island she had visited as well as how to ask for directions or where something was.聽
"Next week I have an afterschool activity planned," You informed him before looking at Mina who was just watching the two of you, smiling at you when she caught you watching her.聽
"We're all going to bring in baked goods that we all love and then we're going to explain why we love them," You told him before slowly looking back at him and jumping when you met his gaze. You hadn't expected him to be watching you so intently and you smiled shyly, glancing back down at the papers suddenly making Minho chuckle a little.聽
"That sounds like a lot of fun," Minho chuckled trying to think of something he could let Mina bring in since he wasn't much of a baker himself but he was sure he could buy something or hire someone to make her favourite snacks.
"I understand you're busy a lot so I made sure it was okay for Mina to bring her Nanny instead of you," You looked back at him and he nodded his head at you in response but this was one day he didn't want to miss.
"That's very, very kind of you but I'm sure I can make some time." It would take a lot of rearranging of meetings but it would be worth it to see his daughter be so happy in class...Not to mention it would be another chance to come and meet you.
"I'm sure Mina would love that, she speaks a lot about you." You told him, clearing up the sheets of paper and putting them into a plastic envelope so he could take it home and have a closer look at it. You wanted him to see how incredible his little girl was at everything she did.
"Perfect, just let me know the time and exact date and I'll make sure we bring something in." He told you before you grabbed a sticky note and wrote it down for him, Minho kept his eyes on your hands and smiled as you wrote a little cutely in Korean.聽
"It'll be in the classroom so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the school," You laughed nervously, handing it to him and biting your lip when your fingers touched one another before you quickly pulled away.
"It was lovely to meet you and if I get lost trying to find the classroom next week I'll have to call you," You stared back at him a little taken back and nodded,
"Do you have a number I can do that on?" Giddiness buzzed inside of you before you quickly squashed it to him just being friendly with you and you quickly wrote down the number he could contact you on. Minho resisted the urge to smirk as you gave him your number,
"I'll call you if there's ever a homework emergency," He teased softly before heading over to Mina and picking her up carefully and steadily,聽
"You little lady, are going to be punished for lying to me and acting out in poor Miss Yln's class," Minho warned her as he turned back to you and gave you a giant smile, your whole body melting as soon as he was out of the room.
Tumblr media
"I have no idea how you did it...But thank you," You frowned looking at the teacher beside you and wondering what she was talking about. Today was the bake sale that the school was holding in order to raise money for different departments and you didn't know what she was talking about. You'd barely even had time to bake some cookies, you'd just grabbed some from a store and hoped no one would notice.
"I just baked cookies..." You trailed off clearly not following along with what she was talking about but she scoffed and shook her head at you.
"Mr Lee...I have no idea how you got him to come to all of this stuff but thank you." You continued to frown, how did Minho coming to more events have anything to do with you?
Ever since your first meeting with Minho, he had been coming to the school a lot more frequently you'd noticed it had nothing to do with you. He'd been coming to a lot of the family meetings teachers were having - not just with you either - it appeared that he was coming to the school more and you were happy he was trying to get closer with Mina.
"Minho...Mina's dad, he's been participating in so many school activities lately and he gave a huge donation last week to the English department," Your heart dropped and your throat ran dry at the mention of the last part. Did he donate because of you? Your head ran wild as you tried to remember the last conversation the two of you had been having with one another last week.
The last time the two of you saw one another you had mentioned that the English department within the school was lacking in materials and that you and a couple of the other teachers were going to be holding a fundraising event to help bring in new funds for the school. But you never would have imagined he would do something about it or even make a donation to it. It was just friendly conversations between two adults that got along really well with one another.
The truth was though, Minho wanted to donate to the school not only for Mina but because he found himself growing attached to you. He figured if there was more money in the department, he wouldn't have to worry about you leaving anytime soon.
"What?" You gasped out, looking as a photographer took a photo of Minho with the headteacher of the school. You could hardly believe that he would do something like this. You knew that he was filthy rich but you never would have imagined this.
"Yeah, he said that Mina deserves the best so he donated a huge sum," Your heart rate seemed to slow down as you realised it was just about being sweet for his daughter and you were completely relieved to learn he hadn't done it because of something you had said. You didn't want it to seem as though you had been poaching him for money.
"It's very sweet that he does all of this for his daughter," You shrugged it off as though it was nothing and sold another cupcake to one of the kids that were in front of you. However, the teacher beside you smirked.
"Very. Whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it." She spoke before smirking at you making you feel a little nervous about what she was hinting at. There was nothing going on between you and Minho, except a couple of playful comments here and there but everything was friendly.
"What are you talking about?"
"Please, I see the way he's constantly watching you and you're both always flirting and laughing together," The woman's smirk grew wider and your body began to heat up, even more, your weight shifting from one foot to the other as you prayed no one else was listening to what she was insinuating.
"We're just speaking, like friends." You suggested but it appeared as though the other teacher wasn't totally convinced by what you were saying.
"Right-" She winked and popped a cookie into her mouth.
"Don't worry I won't tell anyone, I mean it's not completely against the rules for teachers to date parents just frowned upon...Don't worry though I won't tell anyone since I'm seeing someone too." She giggled before you stared over at Minho who was smiling and waving at you from across the hall.聽
Flirting? The two of you had simply grown a friendship and were talking a lot whenever he came to visit the school. Maybe it was a little suspicious that he was starting to come a lot more frequently but it couldn't have had anything to do with you. Could it?
"Daddy said to give this to you," Mina said as she stood in front of you holding a small purple envelope with your name written across it. You smiled to yourself, holding it in your hands and inspecting it closely.
"What is it?" You giggled as she pulled you closer so that she could whisper to you,
"A note, daddy said to read it when I'm not here." She whispered before heading back over to a group of her friends, all of them giggling about something while you opened up the small envelope.
Dear Yn,
聽I would love to meet with you after the event to talk. I feel we have much to discuss regarding Mina's English lessons. I believe some extra lessons would benefit her.
Many Thanks,
Lee Minho.
You smiled t yourself and put the note into your pocket thinking it was sweet that he wanted to give her extra lessons you just hoped it wouldn't be too much for her to handle at such a young age. Mina was only ten years old and she still had a lot of time to be a child and have fun.
Tumblr media
Minho made his way up behind you as you walked toward your classroom, he'd gotten your note and wanted to see what the big emergency was that you wanted to speak to him about. Though he had to admit he was beyond excited to hear that you wanted to speak with him in private, he had been desperately looking for a way to get you alone for a while now.
"Hey, so I was thinking about what you wrote and I don't think it would be a good idea for more lessons per se. I think maybe just something light for her, like some fun activities." You explained when you felt Minho close by however, the second you looked at him you knew that he was confused. There was a deep frown on his forehead and he arched one brow up as he let out a small smile.
"What are you talking about?" He chuckled, your note hadn't mentioned anything extra lessons for Mina.
"You wrote me a note," As you spoke you pulled the note out of your pocket, showing him what he had written but he pulled out one with the exact same writing,.
"You wrote me a note," He told you while fishing his note out from his pocket and showing it to you. The exact same handwriting was used on both notes and you smiled a little. Before either of you could say anything you walked into the room and giggled a little seeing the scene in front of you. It was obvious there was a little Mina Fairy at work during all of this.
"I see what's happening," You laughed, looking into the room to see fake candles and fake food set up at the table in front of you. Mina had been rushing in and out of the hall all afternoon and at least now you knew where she was disappearing to all of this time,
"We're being set up," You told him as he looked at the sight in front of him, his cheeks flushing a bright red colour as he realised his daughter had been the one to do this. He knew letting her watch all of those dramas was going to end badly.
"It's sweet," You spoke before he blushed more than he already was and ran his hand over his face shaking his head as he began to apologise for it all,
"I'm sorry...She's been watching a lot of Disney films and drama's lately and I think she thinks I need a woman," It was a sweet gesture for Mina to do and you were rather happy she'd thought of you when she'd been doing this for her father,
"It's okay...It's sweet. I mean this is the most interaction I've had with someone who isn't a child, teacher or a convenience store worker in a long time," You admitted before he pulled out a chair for you to sit down on o you sat and he carefully tucked the chair under the desk and took a seat across from you. He was a little taken back that he was one of the only other adults you'd been speaking to a lot,
"Really? You haven't spoken to anyone at supermarkets or the actual markets?" The room fell silent as you bit down on your tongue. The truth was, you hadn't really had a lot of time to go food shopping and you'd mostly been living off food that was quick and easy to buy in your local store.聽
You'd been busier than you expected to be with lesson planning and extra activities you had somehow been roped into helping with. You'd somehow become a part of the cross-stitching club and you didn't even know how to cross-stitch let alone teach a bunch of kids how to.
"Actually...I-I haven't really had the chance to go them yet," You bit down on your tongue and made a grimaced face before looking at Minho who was staring at you a little dumbfounded.
"What do you mean?" He stared at you and waited for you to explain that you'd misunderstood the question. How had you not been shopping yet? Had you ordered online or something?
"I haven't been food shopping yet," You admitted before looking down at the fake dinner set in front of you. This looked like it would have been the most delicious thing you would have touched in weeks and you wished it was real.
"So wait, what have you been eating?" Minho suddenly felt protective over you, the thought of you not eating properly making his stomach drop. How could you be getting the right nutritional needs if you weren't eating proper food?
"Ramen mostly...And fast food," You groaned at the thought and Minho let out a dry and sarcastic laugh.聽
"So I'm guessing you haven't explored anywhere yet either?" Your eyes met as he asked the question and you shook your head. But you had a valid reason for it and he understood that. Though it saddened him to think you were in such a beautiful country and were missing everything about it.
"Not really...But I have a list so that's a start," Minho shook his head at you, a list was no good when there was so much for you to do. He thought about it for a second and smiled to himself, he was going to take you to see everything you wanted.
"You need to go see things! And you need to eat something." He told you sternly while rolling up the sleeves of his shirt revealing his arms as you bit down on your lip.聽
"I'm not having my favourite teacher- My daughter's favourite teacher, getting sick." He quickly recovered himself and you smiled to yourself at the compliment. Minho took out some paper from under the desk and grabbed a pen from his pocket ready to write a list of all of the places that you wanted to go.
"I'll get something at some point I'm sure." You shrugged it off but it wasn't good enough for Minho so he shook his head at you.
"Not good enough, you'll eat with me and Mina tonight. I always cook way too much and we have too many leftovers anyway." The invite to his house made your heart begin to race and you dug your nails into your hand, looking at him and smirking a little.
"I thought you didn't cook?" You reminded him of what he had told you when everyone first bought baking goods into the school and he smirked back at you.
"I don't bake but I cook...I'm an amazing cook." He leant back in the chair with a proud and smug smile spreading across his face and you raised your eyebrow at him deciding to tease him just a little.
"Oh? Nothing like blowing your own trumpet."
"Hey! You can make your remarks after you've eaten something nice and homemade." He leant forward once again and you did the same, staring directly into his eye as you smiled. The thought of having something that wasn't made from boiling water and pouring it into a packet did sound like heaven to you.
"Sounds like a good plan to me," You mentioned and Minho smiled brighter than before, nodding his head as he pointed to the paper in front of him. There was no way he was going to let you go without homecooked food at home either so he was going to write a list of foods for you to buy together.
"Before we eat I'll take you to the markets I like to visit and we can get you something to cook at home." It might have just been him being nice to you but you couldn't help but get butterflies at everything he was saying to you,
"And maybe we can spend the weekend together." The realisation of what he had just asked you hit him and he blushed deeply, stuttering a little as he tried to add to what he had said,
"With Mina of course. We can go and see all of the sights you want," The thought sounded fantastic to you but there was a slight nagging feeling inside of you as you thought about it. It was frowned upon for teachers to date their student's parents and you didn't want to do anything to risk you getting fired.
"Are we allowed? I know it can be seen as...Odd for parents and teachers to be dating..." Minho shook his head at you. If there was ever a problem with it he would sort it out himself.
"Why wouldn't we be?" Minho questioned and you simply shrugged your shoulders.聽
"Mina and I can be your exceptional tour guides," Minho smirks as he began to write down more food onto the list as well as a couple of different spots he thought you might like to visit.
"Hmm, it does sound tempting but-"
"I'll make sure there's homecooked food the whole time," He offered before you smirked at him.
"I'm sold, Mr Lee." You giggled shaking his hand as though you'd made a deal together, both of you writing down the places you wanted to visit in the order of how badly you wanted to go and see them.
Tumblr media
Their house was incredible and something out of a movie. When Minho drove you here you thought he was going to show you some kind of sight but it was their house. His actual house where he lived,
"You live here?" You questioned, sounding a little unsure as you climbed up the stairs toward his front door, stopping and looking at him as he smirked at you
"Yeah," It was adorable to see the shocked expression written across your face. Almost as cute as the one you had pulled when he took you into the supermarket but you couldn't help it. Everything was so different to where you used to live and you loved every second you were there, getting excited about everything.
"It's huge," You whispered as he walked you through the main entrance of the home, stopping when he kicked off his shoes and you did the same. There was a giant chandelier above the entryway and a maid came in to take your coats from you, bowing before she headed away and left you and Minho alone.聽
"The food...Will it be okay in the car?" You asked as you followed Minho through his home, you were slightly worried the food would go bad if you left it alone in a hot car while you ate but Minho had already thought about that.
"I'll have someone get it out and keep it cold storage until you head home." He smiled politely at you and Mina came rushing over to you, hugging her dad's legs tightly before looking up at you and smiling excitedly.聽
"Can I show Miss Yln my doll houses?!" She called out happily while bouncing up and down on the spot, you giggled a little at the thought of her wanting to show you her things.聽
"Have you finished your homework?" Minho asked while eyeing her up suspiciously. The two of you had gone food shopping alone while the nanny took Mina home since she had homework and he didn't want her to be too tired before dinner. That and it gave Minho more of a chance to be alone with you and he'd been dying for that for a while now.
"Yes-" She stopped and sighed realising that she couldn't lie to either of you and she pouted a little.
"I need help with it." She admitted, pouting up at her dad as you smiled a little,
"I can help her if you want." You suggested to Minho who nodded,
"Sure...I feel bad though,"
"Don't. It's fine." You promised him before Mina pulled you in the direction of the kitchen table where her homework was already waiting for you to help her with.
Tumblr media
While Minho cooked his eyes were on you, his mind distracted whenever he would catch a glimpse of you and Mina working happily together. It looked like the perfect family scene he'd seen in movies. Ever since his wife had died giving birth he'd never really imagined he would do the whole big family thing again...That was until you came into the scene.
Since the moment he met you he'd been imagining what it would be like to have you as part of the family and it was obvious that Mina had been thinking the same thing since she had set you both up on a fake date earlier in the date.
"Food will be ready soon, why don't you go and wash up Mina," Minho called out. Mina rushed out of the room and you giggled a little before you cleaned up the table and began to set it for the meal.
"Math was never really my strong point so I hope I helped her a little," You told him before walking over to the kitchen to see if Minho needed any help with anything.聽
"It's okay, she's normally really good at math. I think she was making an excuse to see you," He admitted before looking up at you and smiling shyly at how close you were to him.
"Thank you for having me over," You were worried it was going to be awkward between you all but so far it felt as though this was something you always did and you could just relax with Minho by your side.
"It's been fun. It's nice seeing Mina open up to someone other than me and her nanny," He admitted to you, bringing the food over to the table and laying everything down in front of you. The sight alone was enough to make your mouth water and you let out a small whine at how good it looked.聽
"She's a great kid...Her dad is kind of okay," You joked before he smirked at you, nodding at you to sit down while he bought the rest of the food and drinks over to the table for you to eat.
Tumblr media
The meal had been one of the best things you'd ever had to eat and Minho was sending you home with leftovers, he really wasn't kidding when he said he made too much food.聽
"She's so cute when she sleeps," You whispered to Minho as you both stood outside his daughter's bedroom door to see her sound asleep on top of her sheets.
"It's the only time she's not scheming against me," Minho teased before you playfully swatted his arm and shook your head at him.
"She's too cute to be scheming. Besides, what would she have been scheming at such a young age?" Your head tilted to the side as you continued to watch her sleeping peacefully, it made your heart flutter. You'd always wanted to have kids but you'd always put it off, deciding it was better to wait.聽
"To get us to hang out more," Minho said as he looked down at you, his whole body aching to reach out and touch you but he held himself back not wanting to scare you away.
"Then it's a successful mission since we're hanging out this weekend," You laughed a little and looked up at him, your heart skipping a beat when you locked eyes with one another and you swallowed the lump in your throat,聽
"That's true, I'm glad she set us up," Minho admitted as his eyes flicked between your lips and your eyes slowly licked his lower lip as he leaned closer to you. Your heart raced against your chest and you could have sworn he was going to hear it at any minute,
"Me too," You whispered stepping one step closer to him until you were almost chest to chest with one another. Your breaths got caught on one another's skin and your heart was about ready to jump into his waiting hands until you heard movement. You darted away from Minho and he looked over at his daughter that was starting to wake up,聽
"I'll put her to bed and drive you home," He mentioned as you nodded your head, quickly making your way down the staircase and back to the main entryway of the house suddenly feeling embarrassed that you had just almost kissed him.
Tumblr media
After the first weekend of spending time with one another, you and Minho had begun to develop a deep relationship with one another, though you were keeping it hidden from his daughter. You'd been doing a lot of sightseeing with the two of them and you could hardly believe that you were getting to do all of the fun things you'd only dreamt about before now.
All three of you had gone to Nami Island on the first weekend after your meal together. The entire day was spent getting food together, going on the boat over to the island and taking lots and lots of photos. Mina had insisted on getting a disposable camera so she could take her own snapshots of everything she was seeing. That whole day you and Minho had been brushing your hands against one another and getting shy whenever you would make eye contact since neither of you had mentioned the almost kiss from the doorway.聽
Then after that, you went to Changdeokgung Palace, N Seoul tower and then there was Lotte world. The place you and Minho had your first kiss with one another and it had been a long time coming too. There was now photographic evidence of the first kiss the two of you shared but it was one of your favourite moments in the world.
Tumblr media
Mina waited outside the photo booth for the two of you as she giggled to herself. Lotte World had been her idea today since Minho and you had dragged her out to a lot of historical places recently and you were enjoying it. All three of you had been going on a lot of the rides together though Mina seemed to be making you sit beside her father a lot more than she was sitting with him. Even now, it was her idea for you both to get into the photo booth together and Minho's heart was thumping rapidly against his chest. All he'd been wanting to do from the moment he last tried to kiss you....was kiss you.聽
"Pose in 3...2...1..." The machine counted down while you and Minho both posed together, Minho posed in an adorable way while you had posed normally for the photo. The machine gave you both time to change positions and you giggled a little,
"That was adorable," You glimpsed at him before getting ready for the next photo but Minho didn't look at the camera for the next shot, instead his eyes were locked on you.
In the shot after that, he didn't bother to pose either but his hand had moved to cup your face in his grasp making you whimper a little when you turned to look at him. The camera continued to take photos of you as he moved you closer until your lips touched. It was soft and sweet but the effect was insane as you wrapped your arms around him. Sparks consumed your entire body and there was a heat building deep inside of your stomach. Your whole body tingled at the sensation and Minho dragged you closer so that you were almost sitting on his lap. A simple kiss wasn't enough, he craved more of you and he wanted to devour every inch of you.聽
"Y-Yn," He stuttered out as you slowly pulled away and looked at him breathlessly your heart thumping so fast you were almost positive that it could be heard by Mina outside.
"I-I want to do that again," You told him before the machine began printing the photos,聽
"Me too but...later," He chuckled breathlessly before you both got out of the photo booth to see Mina holding the photos and giggling at the two of you. Minho blushed bright red and you felt your entire body burning as you hid your head in his arms and whined a little.
Tumblr media
"You look lost in your thoughts," Minho whispered, leaving small kisses up and down your shoulder as you sat out in front of the Han River together. It was a picnic kind of day and Mina was spending the day with her Nanny which gave you and Minho all of the time in the world to be alone with one another.聽
"I was just thinking about our first kiss," You admitted shyly making Minho smirk at you, the two of you had shared many more kisses than that since the first one had happened.聽
"I never would have imagined myself doing this sort of thing," He admitted before feeling you a chocolate-covered strawberry while you waited for him to continue with what he was saying.
"I just never took myself as the dating type...After my wife died I didn't think I would see anyone like this again," You smiled weakly, you were happy he felt comfortable talking about her in front of you. Minho didn't speak much about his late wife but when he did you could see how much he had loved her and it really warmed your heart that he was okay talking about her in front of you.
"So I'm your first girlfriend since?" You questioned, carefully feeding him something to eat as he nodded his head. It wasn't as though he didn't want to date it was just no one was ever good enough in comparison to his late wife. Except for you.
"Is that a problem?" He questioned when he saw you look a little uneasy but you were only teasing him.
"It's a lot of pressure to put on a girl," Minho sat up straight and looked at you and could already tell that you were joking with him.
"I think I can make it worth your while." He smirked dragging you closer to him by your ankle, making you squeal out in surprise. Once you were face to face with him you whimpered a little,
"How would you do that?" You whispered, looking from his lips to his eyes wondering what he was hinting at. The two of you had been flirting with the idea of sleeping together but it was hard with a child around all of the time...Which was one of the many reasons Minho had arranged for the two of you to be alone today.
"I would start by kissing you more," He whispered, gently kissing your shoulder as you rolled your eyes playfully at him
"Hmm, sounds nice but not very convincing." You gigged as he tightened his grip around your waist,
"No?" He smirks kissing the corners of your lips making you whine out a little, it was a weak spot and he knew that very well from all of the times he had done that before.
"Then I guess I'd have to kiss you..." He trailed off as he bit down on your neck a little, slowly kissing up to your ear,
"in other places," He whispered right in your ear while his hands rubbed gently down your sides and your heart rate picked up. You let out a sudden breath and his smirk grew wider knowing you needed him almost as badly as he needed you.
"You like the idea of that huh?" He nodded to the fact that your thighs were squeezed together and you nodded desperately. You didn't care how desperate you seemed, this was something you'd wanted for a long time.
"Y-yes...G-God, yes."
"God will have nothing to do with it baby," He whispered to you, kissing down your neck before you let out a moan quickly moving your hand to cover your lips.
"N-not here though," You looked at him and then around at people that could be watching you at any second.聽
"Of course not, I want you all to myself." He smiled before kissing you deeply, your arms moving to wrap around the back of his neck. Both of you too lost in your own kissing to notice someone had spotted you from across the way and was taking a photo of you both.
Tumblr media
"Where's Mina?" You asked out in a rush as Minho pinned you up against his bedroom wall, his hands ripping open your shirt as he drank in the appearance of your body. The red lace brace you were wearing made his cock twitch in his pants, he was beginning to think a few hours away from Mina wasn't going to be long enough to get his fill of you.
Though, he was sure he would never get his fill of you.
"The nanny took her out for a few hours, I-I figured it was the best option," He admitted before you smirked pushing him down against the bed and ripping his shirt open just as he had done to you. Your eyes lingered over his body and you bit down on your lip as you looked at him. The man could have been crafted by the gods, everything was so perfectly toned and chiselled. You ran your fingers down his chest and abs, stopping when you came to a scar near his abdomen but you didn't ask about it just yet.聽
Right now your brain was going haywire as you shut your eyes and let Minho devour your lips, both of you needily making out on his bed. Both of his hands clutched into your sides as he ground your hips down against him causing you both to moan out in pleasure. You didn't need to remove any more clothes to know he was huge and you let out a small whimper at the thought of him inside of you.
"S-So hot," You moaned out as he kissed you once again, your bodies rolling against one another as you felt his erection hitting over your clothes cunt, only further making you needy for him.
Your bodies moulded together like they were made for one another and you smiled against his lips, pulling off your bra slowly as he looked up at you in complete awe. This was everything he'd been dreaming of and more over the last few weeks,
"You're so gorgeous," He whispered before sitting up and bringing your left breast into his mouth. He wasted no time sucking harshly on your nipple while his hand massaged and tugged on your right nipple. Moans slipped from your lips as you gave yourself up to him, your eyes fluttered shut and you let your hands roll into his hair tugging softly on the brown strands.
"Minho," You breathed out, your entire body shuddering as you let your fingers claw into his shoulders only further encouraging his movements as he switched from one breast to the other looking up at you the whole time.
Your lips found him again and your tongue teased his as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck bringing him closer to you. All you wanted was to feel his body on yours, to be as close as you could get with him. You were completely hopeless for more of him and your whole body felt as though it was going into overdrive. Your spine was practically buzzing as he pulled you closer to him sucking on your bottom lip.
"Yn," He moaned out when you ground your hips down against him, rubbing yourself against his growing erection that was being restrained by the tightness of his pants he'd wished he'd removed already.
"I need you," You whispered to him as you wrapped your legs around his waist pushing your clothed centre against his growing cock and he let out a groan. He was completely ready to take you there and then but he wanted to take his time with you but it felt as though there wasn't enough time in the entire world to do what he wanted to do with you.聽
"I need you too," He admitted before rolling you both over and laying you down below him slowly kissing down your chest and stomach before he pulled the jeans down that you were wearing and threw them somewhere in the room.聽
A crash could be heard but the two of you were too lost in the moment to care about whatever he had just broken, you just giggled and looked up at him.聽
"Minho?" You whispered as he smirked at you, laying on the bed and looking at you with hunger in his eyes. He wanted you to take control a little and ride his face while he held onto you the whole time,
"Ride my face baby," You froze in place, you'd never done something like that before and the thought of trying it with Minho was exciting but scary.
"W-What?" You stuttered out, feeling a little unsure. What if you hurt him? Or suffocated him?
"I said ride my face," He growled out at you, his eyes never leaving yours as you shivered a little, your heart threatening to jump straight out of your chest and into his hands. The man owned your heart by now and you were sure he knew it too,
"What if I hurt you?" You questioned anxiously as you stayed planted on the bed where you were but Minho smirked at you,
"You won't." He reassured you while shaking his head, waiting for you to hover above him.
"Sit. On. My. Face." He bellowed before you scrambled up and rushed over to him, carefully hovering above his head while you faced the headboard. Minho smirked and wrapped his arms around your hips, hocking his arms around you.
"I said, sit." He smirked dragging you down as you let out a scream of surprise. Your head went crazy as you screwed your eyes shut in embarrassment, at the thought of the situation that was happening. Your pussy was right above his face, exposed and completely at his beck and call to do whatever he wanted. You bit down on your lip before deciding that it would be a good idea to have a safe word or action if it got too hard for him to do,
"Minho if it gets too- Holy fuck!" You cried out, suddenly gripping onto the wooden headboard and covering your mouth with one hand as you tried to muffle your moans.
"I want to hear you," He warned you but you whimpered feeling a little discombobulated about everything. You let out a shakey breath as his tongue slid over you, between every fold lapping up your arousal as your eyes screwed tightly shut. This was unlike anything you had ever experienced before and it was already making your eyes roll backwards.
"S-Shit! Minho," You cried out, your hips jerked up involuntarily but his grip around you tightened so that you were unable to move away from him anytime soon. You moaned out as his tongue swirled over your clit and he began to suck softly,
"Oh fuck." You moaned as he continued to eat you out as though you were his last meal. Minho smirked beneath you as he went inside of you with his tongue, moving it with focused precision. Minho wanted to hear his name fall from your lips over and over again until he was completely sick of hearing his own name.
"Minho...fuck! Minho, please," Your words came out choked as he continued to fuck you with his tongue and your head began to get dizzy.聽
"You taste so good," He growled, the hunger in his voice making your entire body tremble before he attached himself back to your cunt biting down on your clit as you let out loud screams of his name.
You were more than glad the two of you were alone in the house for this since you would never be able to face the maid if she heard anything,
"Minho," You whimpered as you felt his fingers beginning to work on your clit while his tongue pushed inside of you. You gasped out wiggling against him at the stimulation and your throat ran dry.聽
"Please," You begged feeling yourself getting closer with each plunge of his tongue, your hands gripping tighter onto the board in front of you as it banged against the wall. Minho pulled away for a brief second and smirked,
"You want to cum?" He chuckled softly below you and you nodded even if he couldn't see you, your hands clutching onto the wooden headboard in front of you as your cries flew out of you.
"Please...P-Please." You begged as your clit throbbed under his fingers, his tongue going so deep that your pussy spasmed around him and your toes curled upward.
"Minho!" You screamed, your moans getting choked up inside of your throat as you gripped onto the headboard in front of you for dear life, too scared that if you let it go you would melt against the sheets.
"That's so fucking hot," He grunted as he came out from under you, kissing up your spine until he kissed the back of your neck. No man had ever made you orgasm like that before and you were still coming down from your high as you turned to look at him.聽
Snaking your arms around him you began to kiss him desperately and needily until you pushed him down to lay beneath you. Now it was your turn to return the favour.
Heat exploded inside of him as you rubbed your hand against his clothed dick, he licked his bottom lip as you continued to palm him roughly.
"Off," You ordered before he scrambled to remove the rest of his clothes, both of you laying naked in front of one another as you took in a sharp intake of breath. You hadn't expected him to be this big and you giggled kneeling between his legs on the bed and slowly beginning to pump him in your hands. The sight of his cock made your mouth water and you licked your lips as you looked up at him. A bead of arousal leaked from the tip of his dick and you'd completely forgotten about everything as instinct took over. You licked him from the base of his cock until the tip and he moaned out loudly. You smirked as you traced your tongue over the head of his cock and he moans out,
"Oh fuck...This is better than I-I imagined," He admitted before blushing as he realised he had just admitted that to you,聽
"Have you imagined this a lot?" You giggled as you looked up at him and moved your hand painfully slow around him,
"A lot." He grunted, his eyes never leaving yours as you began to smirk wider at him. You slowly bent down taking his cock into your mouth and Minho could have sworn the whole world came to a stop at the warmth he felt when entering your mouth.聽
He hissed out as you began sucking him off, tracing his entire shaft with your tongue and he let out small hisses of your name. It wasn't enough, you wanted to hear him moan the same way you had moaned for him so you reached up and cradled his balls in your hand. Another deep moan left his throat and you took his cock deeper into your throat earning a deep and loud moan from Minho as he looked down at you.聽
All of this made you feel so powerful right now and you sniggered, humming around him as you took him deeper than before and moaning around his cock. The taste of his precum coating your tongue as you sucker harsher on him desperate for more of him, desperate to taste his cum the same way he had tasted yours.
"Shit just like that," He hissed out as he began to thrust a little into your mouth, incoherent mumbles leaving his throat as he thrust upward to meet the back of your throat.
You let him continue to thrust softly into you, looking at him you wanted him to feel good but he abruptly stopped his thrusts and shook his head.
"W-Wait...S-Stop," He begged as he pulled away from you unexpectedly, his cock falling from your lips and making you pout a little at the sudden loss of him.聽
"I want to be with you," He whispered, kissing you softly to try and comfort you,
"I want you too," You whispered back as he began to kiss you gently, his arms carefully wrapping around you and cradling you against his chest.
Minho gentle laid you down on the bed below him and fished around in the drawer beside his bed for a condom. He wasted no time in rolling it on and looked down at you.聽
"Fuck you're just so beautiful," He whispered as he lined himself up at your core, running the head of his cock over your already sensitive clit and making you whimper needily at him.
"No teasing," You begged him before he suddenly drove toward you, slamming his hips against yours making you scream out in surprise. The stretch made your eyes tear up and your pussy burn a little. Minho looked down at you as you wrapped your legs around his midsection, letting him stay still as he stretched you out.
"F-Fuck, you're too big." You moaned through gritted teeth, you feared it wasn't going to work like this but Minho bent down to whisper in your ear.
"You can take it, baby," He cooed, sending shivers up and down your spine, your hips bucking up to meet him as soon as the words left his lips.
"Good girl," He moaned out, one hand holding your hip while the other held onto the headboard to stop himself from bottoming out inside of you right away.
Both of you exchanged a brief nod and sweet kiss before he slowly started to move in and out of you. The air was knocked out of your lungs as you gripped onto his arms tightly, your nails digging into his skin a little as he began to thrust deeply and quickly in and out of you. The tempo shifted suddenly as the thrusts turned insatiable, your nails left marks on his skin and you could nothing but yell his name out.聽
Minho didn't think he was ever going to get enough of you and you didn't either, your eyes locked with his and he moaned your name out. His thrust beginning to get out of control as you moved one of your shaking legs to hang over his shoulder.
"Yes! R-Right there," You cried out as he continued to fuck in and out of you at a brutal pace, your head starting to spin as he hit a deeper part inside of you leaving your legs shaking.
"So needy," He chuckled deeply making you look up at him, your lower lip caught between your teeth so hard it was beginning to draw blood.
A burning began to build deep inside of you and you clawed at his chest and the sheets, anything you could get your hands on and cried out his name.
"Minho," You warned him that you were getting closer but his pumps didn't stop, your orgasm threatening to spill all over you as he looked down at you with a giant smirk on his lips.
"M-Me too," He whispered roughly as you both began to move your hips in sync with one another. His thumb pinched your clit softly and you shattered around his cock. Your eyes never broke contact, not even for a second as you released around him whimpering out and bucking uncontrollably.
"Minho! Minho!" You cried out as your fingers dig into his flench, he continued to drive into you like a wildman until he tightened up and groaned. Holding himself deep inside of you as he came undone inside of the condom.
Your fingers traced along the scar that was on Minho's stomach and he smiled tiredly at you when he noticed what you were doing. It wasn't a huge story or anything to tell but you seemed pretty entranced by the scar that was there,聽
"How did you get it?" You asked as he looked down at your hands and smiled. He wished he had a super cool story to tell you about it,
"I had my appendix out when I was a kid," You looked up at him and pretended to be bored with the story. Not that anything Minho ever did could bore you.
"Damn, no cool war stories to make you seem tough and impress me?" Minho scoffed at the thought of it,
"Do I need to impress you?" He quizzed, arching a brow as he gestured to the fact that the two of you had just fucked one another so much he was completely out of condoms now.
"No...I think the aching between my legs impressed me enough," You giggled before he kissed you deeply, bringing you back up to his arms before he held you tightly.聽
"We should get dressed and make you something to eat." He sighed, he didn't exactly want you to get dressed but pretty soon Mina was going to get home and he thought it would be a good idea for her not to see you naked and in his bedroom until he could tell her the news.
"But moving sounds boring," You whined at him only for him to gently kiss you,聽
"But I plan on pampering you after you've eaten."
"Oh?" Your ears picked up and you slowly sat up on the bed, Minho's hands began to rub your shoulders softly.
"Yeah, then we're going to spend the rest of the weekend inside with me, you and Mina." You smiled warmly and kissed him deeply, excited to have a weekend of playing house with him before you would eventually go back to work on Monday.
"Sounds almost perfect," You admitted to him before he looked at you,
"Hmm, you're missing the part out where I get to wear your clothes around the house," You giggled before slowly getting out of bed, hissing at the soreness you were experiencing but it was only short-lived as Minho raced to help you walk.
Tumblr media
Sunday morning was slow, Mina had gone out with the Nanny and Minho had popped into work for what he promised was just an "hour" but that was three hours ago and you were getting bored of scrolling through social media. You were about to put your phone down and go hunt for food when you got a message from an email you'd never seen before. It was even an unknown domain you'd never heard of,聽
Don't tell him about these.聽
Leave him or the photos go to your boss.
Simply attached to the email were endless photos of you and Minho together over the recent weeks, kisses that were shared and even the make-out session you'd had in the car the night before. Not to mention a photo of the two of you curled up together on his bed - your bodies were blurred but it was obvious that the two of you were naked. The photos must have been taken out of the window because there sure as hell wasn't anyone in the house when the two of you were together.
Every image was displaying your very inappropriate relationship with a student's parent. Also attached to the email was a photocopy of your contract which had your signature across the bottom. Underlined in big red marker were the words,
"Relationships between a teacher and parents are strictly prohibited and frowned upon. If any relationship is discovered it can result in the termination of your contract," Your heart dropped as you realised what the email was getting at. The unknown sender must have had something to gain with you being out of the picture and you bit down on your lip deciding that it was better to end things right now rather than to wait. This job was everything to you and sure you were beginning to fall in love with Minho but you needed the job more than you needed a relationship. All you had to do was get out of the house before he came home, you could explain this away by cancelling on dates and slowly pulling away,
"I know I'm late but I have a very good reason to be late," Minho laughed as he entered the bedroom holding a bag of food and your heart dropped. Why couldn't he have been just a little later? It would have given you the perfect chance to get out of the house and away from him.
"Hey, come on. Me being late isn't a reason for you to leave," He laughed but stopped when he realised you weren't laughing or giving any hint that you were joking with him on this. He put down the bag of food and made his way over to you, stopping in front of you.
"Yn?" He frowned staring at you as you stared back at him feeling your heart race a little and not in a good way. Your eyes locked with his as your mouth ran dry as soon as you saw him, he looked so excited to be back in front of you.
"I need to go," You said simply, looking over his shoulder for a way out but his body completely blocked you from leaving.聽
"I'll drive you home tonight, I promise I'm sorry for being late." He frowned, he knew it was wrong and he should have texted you about it but he'd been in a meeting with someone he was supposed to have met weeks ago. It had gone a little over the limit but he was going to make it up to you with your favourite breakfast food and he had plans to take you out to dinner tonight.
"No, I need to leave." You struggled to move away from him and he sighed a little.
"Yn...Come on," He begged, just because he was late didn't mean you needed to get into a mood about all of it.
"It was fun while it lasted Minho but I need to go," You mumbled, the words tasted disgusting in your mouth and you swallowed the lump of lies you were spewing out for him. You hoped he would just accept that it was over without causing a scene but it was obvious he wasn't going to,
"What?" Where was all of this coming from? That morning the two of you had planned what you were going to do the following weekend with Mina. You'd been wanting to go with her to Lotte world again, where had that version of you gone?
"It was fun," You shrugged as you dressed in the clothes you'd worn to the Han river the other day and bit down on your tongue. Being mean to someone was never your strong point.
"Fun..." Minho said the word with disgust and you nodded your head at him. Hoping he didn't know you well enough yet to see through your bullshit.
"Yeah, I mean. You got a good lay, so did I." You mumbled shaking your head at him and slowly heading for the door but his hand grip your wrist. You tried to ignore the sparks you got from a simple touch as this and Minho sighed at you,
"Yn, what are you doing? Is this some kind of a joke because it's not funny..." He told you but you shut your eyes tightly, taking in a deep breath.
"I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago. This is over, we're over," You mumbled trying to get out of his grasp but he wasn't going to let you go that easy. His grip tightened on you and you slapped at his hand,
"No..No, why would you want to do this? Things were going so well. We had plans remember," He was truly dumbfounded as to why you were completely switching up on him all of a sudden.
"Like I said it was fun while it lasted but this just isn't my thing, I don't really want a kid," That was bullshit, the two of you had this conversation weeks ago. You'd told him you'd been dreaming of having kids ever since you were little so he knew that was a lie.
"Yn, you love Mina. You told me you wanted loads of kids," You sniffled a little as you tried to think quickly on your feet. Why did you have to share so much with him? It was only going to make this so much harder on the two of you.
"I also love sharks but I'm not going to live with one." It made no sense but you weren't bothered about making sense, you were more bothered about getting out of the house and making sure you could keep your job.
"You're not making any sense," Minho said as he tried to take you over to the bed, just to sit down and talk all of this out with him.
If something had scared you he wanted you to feel comfortable talking to him about it, if you were moving too fast he would start going slow he didn't care as long as he still had you.
"I have to go,"
"No, you have to tell me what the fuck is going on. I left this morning and we were good, we were more than good. We were making plans for ourselves! That just doesn't go away within a couple of hours," He barked out not seeming to care if he sounded like he was being harsh on you and your heart broke when you saw the tears welling up in his eyes, neither of you noticed that Mina was coming up the hall.聽
"This isn't going to go anywhere, there's no future between us," The words were all poison jabs driving straight into his heart as he stared at you, there was no way you were saying this to him.
"Yn," The sound of his name was heavy on his tongue and it took every ounce inside of you not to stay and tell him the truth about what was going on.
"Look at me," He told you but you squeezed your eyes shut, if you looked at him you knew you were going to crumble. You'd end up telling him and you would lose everything you had been working toward your entire life.
"Look at me Yn." He begged, his voice cracking as tears ran down his face, if he could just get you to look at him he would be able to tell if this was all fake.
"Yn," He said firmly as you began to walk toward the door, your back to him as you reached for the door handle.
"Look at me!" He demanded as you turned around to look at him within seconds of him ordering you to. The heartache splashed on his face was enough to kill you ten times over as you took in your last look at him
"Don't walk out of that door," He pleaded with you, you stared back at him and shook your head.聽
"I love you...Okay, please don't do this." Your heart basically shattered into tiny pieces as you heard him say it. It was something you'd been wanting to say to him even if it did seem a little too soon.
"I don't-" You took in a breath as you tried to get the words out, trying to make them seem believable.聽
"I don't love you, I have to go." You mumbled, walking past him and away from Mina as she yelled at you for making her dad cry. You continued to walk, slowly picking up until a run as you got out into the streets.聽
You'd barely made it away from the house when you crumpled up into a ball on the street, crying into your hands as you realised you'd just given up the man you love.聽
Tumblr media
The following day at school Mina was doing everything she could to upset you, she would be mean to you, wouldn't talk in class and have even walked out of the room when you'd been speaking with the rest of the classroom. Though you'd done everything you could to avoid having to call Minho it was getting obvious that you were going to have to since she was beginning to call you names in both Korean and English.
Mina had every right to be upset with you but you wouldn't stand for her acting out like this with you. Maybe you could get her to switch to another teacher or something as you didn't think you would be able to deal with his. Whenever you looked at her you just saw Minho and the way he had been crying in front of you when you walked away.聽
The whole of last night you'd spend sobbing on your apartment floor, your fingers dancing over his name as you debated telling him everything. But you didn't know if someone was watching you like they had been doing when you were together.
You needed this job.聽
You'd been dreading calling Minho about it all day since it was your fault she was reacting this way. You'd told him you wouldn't have called him if you didn't need to but Mina had been awful all day and now he was standing in front of you in the classroom. Everyone else had left for the day and he'd come up to collect Mina who was refusing to leave your classroom until he came to get her.
"I don't think this should be affecting my teaching life with her," You told him as they both stood in front of you. Mina cuddled into his legs crying as Minho refused to look at you, smirking smugly at the thought of you being upset because his daughter was rude to you all day.聽
"She wouldn't do as she was told all day, she was being rude. She swore and called me names in front of the other students," You explained while looking at him. It looked as though he hadn't changed from the clothes he was wearing yesterday and his eyes were bloodshot.
"I'll talk to her." He mumbled, not really caring about any of this. The only reason he'd come in the first place was to collect Mina from the room since she'd screamed in the nanny's face when she'd tried to take her home.
Taking in a deep breath you shook your head, all of this was stupid and he deserved to know the truth about it all. Surely the school was a safe space for you to admit the truth to him,
"I'm sorry Minho...I really am."
"No, you're not. If you were sorry you wouldn't have let me fall for you the way you did if you were just going to do all of this," He rubbed Mina's back and you took in a deep breath, fuck it. It was now or never.
"You don't understand if-" You stopped when the door to your classroom flew open and the headteacher stood there and stared at you. Her eyes danced between you and Minho before she nodded her head at you,
"I knew it, I knew it!" She yelled making you move away from Minho and bow to her quickly, your eyes glancing to Minho who was frowning at the way she was yelling at you.
"Mr Lee, you should take Mina out of the room," You whispered but the headmistresses held up her hand to signal them not to go anywhere. Minho frowned at you, what was going on?
"No. This affects him too," You swallowed the lump in your throat and you felt your stomach contract. Had the photos been sent? Did the blackmailer really send them even after you'd done what they had asked of you?
"I hadn't wanted to believe the email but when I saw the images attached I knew something needed to be done. You know that relationships are strictly prohibited." Minho finally caught on and he stared at you. Images? Why hadn't you just told him someone had threatened you? He would have easily found them for you and put a stop to everything,
"Miss-" You tried to speak her name but she held up her hand to stop you and cut you off before you could even find the words.
"You're fired." Your heart stopped as you stared back at her in silence. Everything you had been working towards for years completely crumbled around you with two little words. Fired? You'd barely even had a chance to explain to her that what happened between you and Minho was over now.
"I don't want to hear it. I want you to get your things and leave. The authorities have been contacted." You knew what that meant. Your visa would have been terminated and you would no longer be allowed to stay in South Korea. Everything was coming undone like string and you couldn't do a single thing about it.
"Yes ma'am." You bowed to her deeply, you didn't try to glance at Minho before you grabbed your bag and began to pack everything up. The door slammed shut and he quickly sent Mina out into the hallway and stood in front of your desk,
"Is this why you broke up with me?" He questioned as you nodded your head not trusting yourself to speak without breaking down into a puddle in front of him. All of your dreams were completely smashed and all because you'd decided to trust something another teacher had said to you. "You can date, it's only frowned upon," you couldn't believe you'd let yourself get sucked into that.
"Yn...If you'd said something," He said slowly as you shrugged your shoulders at him. There was nothing that was going to change the past.
"The email told me I wasn't allowed to tell you. Seems as though they were just trying to make things worse for me since they told my boss anyway," You sniffled as you took in a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down and gather your thoughts together. There was so much to do and you weren't going to have any time to do it. You weren't going to have enough time to pack up your apartment, nothing was ready since you hadn't been preparing for this. You needed to find a company to ship everything big back home and then you needed to call your roommate to arrange for your room to be free again.
"We can figure this out. We can fight this, I'll hire a lawyer." Minho said as he followed you frantically around the classroom while you shoved your belongings into the bag.
"No. It's in my contract I'm not supposed to date a parent. I broke the contract." Your voice came out strained as you turned to look at him, tears rolling down your cheeks as you couldn't focus on anything but him right now. He needed to get out of his so you could focus.
"But that's pathetic! You should have the freedom to see whoever you wish! I'll take Mina out of the school then it's not an issue." All of that was too late, there was no time left for him to change what had happened. The visa people were already contacted which meant it was a losing battle.
"Minho, it's too late. There's no time," Your voice was debilitated and tears poured down your cheeks and he shook his head standing in front of you and holding your face in his hands.
"No...No it's not. It's not too late. You still have time, there's always time." He whispered to you as you completely broke down in his hands, sniffling and sobbing hysterically as you shook your head.
"And in that time I have to pack up my apartment and send things home...My visa is going to be revoked." He stared at you and shook his head, he'd only just gotten you and he sure as hell wasn't going to let you go.
"You can leave stuff at my place until we figure it out," He reassured you and as sweet of him as it was, it wasn't going to do a thing to help you. If your visa was gone you had to get out of the country before you were arrested.
"We can't! There's nothing to figure out. I'm fired, I have no job here. I need to leave." You sniffled, looking at the security men that were now waiting by the door and ready to escort you from the premises but Minho held your hand.
"She'll go when she's ready," He snapped angrily at them but they didn't move so you laughed weakly and shook your head.
"I have to go...I'm sorry...Tell Mina, I'm sorry," You whispered before kissing him deeply one last time, your arms wrapping around one another delicately before you were pulled away from him by the school security team.
Tumblr media
From the moment you'd left the school until you were driven to the airport, you were under the constant watch of policemen. All of them were under strict orders to make sure you didn't try to flee or stay in the country any longer than you were allowed to be. There was no contact allowed to Minho and they'd taken away your phone unless it was to arrange pick-ups for your things and to your roommate back home.
Luckily for you, he hadn't rented out your room, only turned it into an art studio for himself while he waited for you to finish your year away.聽
"Do you have everything?" The guard asked as you stood at your departing gate and looked through your carry-on bag. You had everything you were going to need when you arrived back home, including your cellphone which had kindly been given back to you as soon as you got to your gate. You knew that they had to do this as part of their jobs but not being able to see Minho one last time had killed you inside.
You'd heard him outside of your apartment a few days ago begging for them to let him inside and yelling to you that he had some kind of plan but nothing was going to work. The visa had already been taken away from you and you weren't permitted to work in South Korea for at least another year and even then it was to be stated clearly of your reasons for being fired previously. You knew that no school in their right mind was ever going to allow you to work with them and everything you'd wanted in life was gone.
Including the man that you loved,
"I think so. Thank you again for my phone," You looked at the officer who simply nodded his head at you. Throughout your everchanging officers, he had been the kindest of the bunch, passing a blind eye whenever you would walk too slowly in the streets or would stay too long in a shop. It was clear he had a soft spot for your situation but would never speak a word of it out loud.
"Yn! Yn!" You heard someone yelling, and your eyes shot up to see Mina and Minho running quickly toward you. Mina was yelling out your name as loudly as her tiny lungs would allow her to and Minho looked like he was sweating profusely. He'd gotten a text from an unknown number letting him know the time of your flight and what gate you were going to be at so he wasted no time in dragging Mina along with him to come and see you. He had a plan for the two of you and he was finally going to be able to let you know about it.
"Minho?" You frowned staring over at him and back at your security guard who quickly turned a blind eye to you and allowed you to run toward your boyfriend. Minho smirked even more as he watched you closely.
"Hey, hey," Minho cried out as you rushed over to him, dropping your bag as you threw yourself into his arms. Your bodies tangled together much to the dismay of those around you and you let out a massive sigh when you felt him holding you tightly.
"Fuck, I didn't think I was going to get to see you. They wouldn't let me have my phone or leave the apartment." You mumbled as you hid in his neck and Minho shook his head. He knew all of this already, all that mattered now was that you were in his arms and he had a plan.
He'd been on the phone with so many different lawyers until he found one that was willing to take your case and get your visa Reinstated, claiming it was against your human rights to fire you for dating someone.
"It's okay, I'm here. I got a lawyer and we're going to fight it," He told you slowly pulling away and making you look at him. There was a way to fight this.
"Minho...It's too late for all of that I'm about to get on a plane," You motioned behind you and he smiled a little. It was something the two of you could fight together when you arrived safely. Distance didn't scare Minho in the slightest.
"We'll fight it even when you're at home." He told you before you let out a small and happy sigh it was sweet that he was willing to go through all of this trouble for you.
"I love you," You told him as he nodded at you. Of course, and he loved you too which was why he had been planning this ever since he knew you were going to need to leave. No amount of distance was going to stop him from loving you,
"I love you too," He slowly let go of you and got down onto one knee and you let out a small scream. Eyes began to land on the scene unfolding in front of everyone and people began to record what was happening,
"Minho." You warned him, glancing at everyone and then back down at him as Mina distracted the security guard that was supposed to be watching you right now.
"Yn...You've made me the happiest man within a few weeks-"
"Get up," You begged him, as much as you wanted to marry him, the two of you hadn't been dating long and it was a little late for a fast wedding proposal. Even if the two of you got married in the middle of the airport you still wouldn't be allowed to stay in Korea until you had another visa sorted.
"Will you marry me?" He asked as you let out a small whimper.
"Are you marrying me because it'll make me stay or because you love me?" There was no doubt that he loved you and you knew that but you had to make sure this wasn't rushed just because you were leaving him.
"It's too late for that...It wouldn't matter if I agreed I'd still need to go home," Your flight number was called and you swallowed the lump in your throat. You didn't want to spend the last couple of minutes you had with him debating the idea of marriage, you just wanted to let him hold you.
"But would you say yes even if you didn't need to go home?" Your flight was being called and the guard that was watching you picked up your bag.聽
"Minho...We've been dating a few months-" Minho didn't need to hear an excuse about things going too fast, he wanted an answer from you.
"Would you say yes?" You looked at him and down at Mina before sighing and nodding. Your idea of a perfect family was standing right in front of you,
"I would but it doesn't change anything. I have no time," You whispered to him before you held him tightly, burying your face in his chest.
"T-Thank you for giving me such a magical time when I was here," You cuddled into him for a few more seconds and Minho's body tensed up around you. This didn't sound as though you were just saying a quick goodbye,聽
"This sounds like a forever goodbye," He whimpered before you slowly let him go, wiping your face with your hands. It was the only way either of you was going to move on, you needed a quick and clean break. It wasn't good for him to do long distances when he had a daughter in the picture.
"Don't make this harder than it has to be," You begged him and he sniffled wiping his thumb under your eyes to stop your tears from flowing.
"Yn." He begged this time but your guard stepped closer to you ad tapped your shoulder gently.
"Your flight will be leaving soon. Please, let's go." Your guard said before you kissed Minho one last time ad began to walk through the terminal. Tears streaming heavily down your face as you tried not to break down heavily in front of a plane full of people and a police officer who felt a little bad that you had to leave under such bad circumstances.
Tumblr media
"Hey, can you come and help me with my bags?!" You called out to Hyunjin as you walked into your old apartment too exhausted to pay attention to anything going on around you. The whole plane ride home you'd been a ball of tears and you were pretty sure you were dehydrated from how much you'd been crying. You were ready to fall asleep in your old room and never move.
You had plans of sitting and feeling sorry for yourself for a little while. You wished you'd stayed somehow or that maybe you'd gotten a little longer to say goodbye but it was all too late now.
"Why are you so smiley? Did you get laid?" You questioned when you saw Hyunjin staring at you and smiling brightly in your direction. The only time he ever smiled like that at you was when he was going to tell you all of the gross details about his sex life and you weren't in the mood for it.
"Did you know that private jets get to destinations a lot faster than a usual flight?" The air went silent and you waited for him to tell you why he was telling you this completely useless piece of information.
"And you felt like giving me this information instead of helping me with my bags because?..." You trailed off but Hyunjin just stared at you with a smirk on his lips before a pair of arms wrapped around you from behind and you screamed. You jumped a little slapping at the arms but they gripped you tighter,
"Because a private jet is a much easier way of travel," A voice whispered in your ear, you span around so quickly that you almost knocked Minho over. He smirked back at you but you were still staring at him trying to figure out if you had fallen asleep on the plane,
"Minho?!" Your voice cracked before you looked over at the seat behind him to see Mina fast asleep. She was wearing what she had been in the airport earlier and she looked as though she was pretty tired from the flight over.聽
As soon as you boarded the plane Minho rushed to get on his plane as quickly as you had, he knew that the private jet would get to your home faster than any plane and he'd already called Hyunjin ahead of time to make sure this was okay.
"When? Why?" You didn't know where to start with your questioning or why you were even questioning it. All you cared about was that he was here with you finally.
"You think I was going to let you come back home alone?" He laughed softly as he held your face in his hands, running his thumb along your cheek as fresh tears began to fall.
"I thought I'd cried everything out on the plane," You mumbled completely embarrassed that you were crying all over again and he chuckled a little.
"I can't believe you're here," You rushed out opening your eyes and looking at him. You were a little afraid he was suddenly going to disappear if you took your eyes off him for too long.聽
"I wasn't going to let you walk away from me when I'd finally found happiness." He told you, pressing his lips to your forehead as you relaxed against him,
"But how...How did you even get here? Don't you need a visa to stay?" You shook your head a little at him,
"I'm on holiday, Mina and are spending a few weeks here while we figure out your visa issue." You let out a small and happy sigh at the mention of it. Minho was never going to give up on you. He knew that working in Korea was your dream and he was going to fight every obstacle that would come your way if he had to.
"You're never going to give up are you?" He smirked at you,
"Never. Yn...There's always time," He whispered before kissing you deeply, wrapping his arms around your waist as you snuggled closer to him. Hyunjin made a quick exit to go and make everyone something to drink leaving you and Minho enough time to talk everything over.聽
Tumblr media
It had taken months of fighting with your lawyer but your visa had finally been reinstated and you were permitted to work in South Korea again. There were conditions to it, of course, you weren't allowed to teach Mina in school and Minho wasn't allowed to donate any kind of money to the school but it was all easy to avoid. Not only that but the person behind the email had been found and prosecuted for taking indecent imagery without consent and sentenced to three years in prison. It might not have been much but you were happy the culprit was caught.聽
"I'm going to be late," You grumbled as Minho refused to let you out of bed that morning, his arms secured tightly around you as he complained about you trying to leave him. It was Monday morning which meant it was the first time after a full weekend together that you would be leaving him behind.
"You should have been at work hours ago as well, your employees are going to hate me," You told him as you kissed him one last time, moaning against his lips as he tried to pull you onto his lap and prevent you from going.
"They can suck it up, I don't want you to go to work if it means leaving you." You giggled a little before kissing him softly and pushing away from him, his eyes on you as he pouted out his bottom lip.
"I'll be back tonight...Mina and I are cooking you dinner remember?" He nodded and smiled at you. It was going to be nice to see how well your cooking lessons had been paying off and it reminded him of your first date together with a home-cooked meal.聽
"See, now let me go so I can get to work." You mumbled, sliding off his lap and rushing to get dressed before you were late, rushing toward the bedroom door before dating back to Minho and kissing him one last time.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @chiisaiblog @hanasonmi @sw33tnight @taestannie @sstarryoong @army24--7 @acciocriativity @scarletemeterio @kimahnjung98 @halesandy @aerastus @ethereallino @afternoonteabiscuit @itmehc @heeseunger24 @laylasbunbunny
Tumblr media
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Stray Kids Imagine: How They Cuddle
Prompt: How would the Stray Kids members cuddle with you
Requested? No
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 979
Warnings: None
Gender neutral reader. Gifs are not mine!
Disclaimer: This is a repost from my original blog, this is my own original work and not copied.
Stray Kids Masterlist
Other Groups Masterlist
Bang Christopher Chan
Chans cuddles would be very gentle but firm. He loves to hold you close to him and just enjoy the feeling of you in your arms. When he鈥檚 at home he would love laying down with you on his chest, playing with your hair as you both talk about your day or whatever else comes to mind. If you came to visit at work he would have you in his lap so you could hug him while he works. His free hand able to rub your back and hug you while he works. Always willing to give you hugs when you feel down, you always feel safe in his arms.
Tumblr media
Lee Minho
How Minho cuddles you really depends on how he鈥檚 feeling that day. Loves to curl up with you on the couch after a long day, just holding each other and either talking or watching something on TV. However, if he鈥檚 in a more playful mood you can bet he鈥檚 going to make getting affection from him difficult. Would constantly poke and tickle at you just to get a reaction or dodge your attempts to hug him only to drop in your lap a few minutes later when he鈥檚 tired. Needless to say, cuddles with Minho are never boring.
Tumblr media
Seo Changbin
Such a softie for you and your affection. Always hugging you close to him whether that be laying in bed together or him back hugging you while you work. He loves holding you as he feels like he can protect you when you鈥檙e in his arms. Would absolutely love if you were to gently stroke his arm or face with occasional kisses while cuddling. Though there are also times when he has a stressful day at the studio and wants nothing more than to curl up and feel your arms around him, stroking his hair and talking to him softly until he falls asleep. In conclusion, Changbin is a soft baby that needs all of your love an affection whether he admits it or not.
Tumblr media
Hwang Hyunjin
You are the one holding him 99.9% of the time. Hyunjin loves nothing more than coming home after a long day and just collapsing on top of you. Your chest is his personal pillow as he would nuzzle against you and listen to your heartbeat with his arms tightly around you. This gives you perfect access to play with his hair or rub at his back as he relaxes against you. In the chance that he is the one holding you, it would be the same position with the roles reversed, him laying or sitting back with you against his chest. Loves how close you feel to each other during these moments, especially if you haven鈥檛 seen each other in a while.
Tumblr media
Han Jisung
A very loving and playful cuddler who will cling to you any chance he can get. Would love back hugs or just curling into your side as you two watch movies or play games. Constantly playing with your hands and giving you cute little kisses while cuddling against you. Will randomly sneak up behind you and hug you while humming and swaying you both softly. Also loves laying with his head on your stomach if you two are laying down or napping. If you try to get up for whatever reason, expect him to cling to you and whine until you either agree to sit back down or convince him to let you go.
Tumblr media
Lee Felix Yongbok
Another very playful and clingy member. If you are in the area, you can bet Felix will be clinging to you. Will want to have you close to him as much as possible. He would snuggle into your side or be hugging you while dramatically nuzzling against you to get your attention. Would love to play games with you sitting in his lap, his head resting on your shoulder and occasionally kissing your cheek. Definitely the little spoon when you guys are at home, but would want to face you. He would lay facing you with one arm over your waist and your legs tangled together and you holding him while you two talk about whatever comes to mind before falling asleep together. Bonus points if you give him kisses while he鈥檚 falling asleep, be prepared for a large smile and tired giggles as he holds you closer.
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin
Seungmin wouldn鈥檛 be as affectionate as some of the other members but would still love to have you close to him. Likes sitting next to you so he could have his arm around you or will throw his arms over your shoulders. Will rest his head on your shoulder and just stay like that until one of you had to move. When it鈥檚 late and you鈥檙e both laying down he likes to hold you close with your back against his chest. His arm thrown across your middle keeping you pressed against him, occasionally leaving gentle kisses to your head as you watched movies or just waited to fall asleep.
Tumblr media
(You鈥檙e Changbin)
Yang Jeongin
Another one who would prefer that you hold him as it makes him feel warm and loved. If you鈥檙e taller than he is, he would love for you to back hug him with your head resting on his head/shoulder. If you鈥檙e shorter, he would love to cuddle while sitting or laying down so he could lean against you with your arms around him. Rub his back softly and play with his hair as you two are curled up on the couch and he will be putty in your hands. Jeongin feels safe in your arms, so please protect him at all costs.
Tumblr media
Requests for Stray Kids are open!
Any and all interaction and feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
馃Б + 馃暥
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Tumblr media
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饾櫒饾櫒饾櫅饾櫖 - 饾惉饾惄饾惈饾悽饾惂饾悹, 饾惉饾惍饾惁饾惁饾悶饾惈, 饾悷饾悮饾惀饾惀, 饾惏饾悽饾惂饾惌饾悶饾惈
Tumblr media
a series of connecting college au stories with different members of skz. Will most likely add the rest of the boys if their is interested. They can be read in the order below listed but you don鈥檛 have to read each on to understand the story.
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锝堬絹锝 锝婏綁锝擄綍锝庯絿
wc: 5.6k
鈫 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the only girl I would leave with and willingly let Changbin use my room to fuck someone all night.鈥
warnings: protected sex, dirty talk, names such as: (baby), begging, edging, soft dom jisung, dry humping, choking, jisung is a little obsessed with the mc neck, marking, jisung can be a little possessive in bed but he鈥檚 harmless.
Tumblr media
锝擄絽锝 锝冿綀锝侊綆锝囷絺锝夛綆
wc: 4.5k
鈫 I鈥檓 letting you know that I want you baby.
warnings: protected sex, dirty talk, begging, semi public sexual acts, oral (male receiving), size kink, spanking, edging, soft dom Changbin, dry humping, masturbation, names such as: (baby, kitten)
Tumblr media
锝傦絹锝庯絿 锝冿綀锝侊綆
鈾 I THINK I LIKE YOU (coming soon)
wc: 6k and counting
鈫 I鈥檒l be right here waiting for us.
friends to lovers / mutual pining
warnings: protected sex, dirty talk, names such as: (baby), begging, edging, talks about loss virginity, dry humping, it鈥檚 sappy they鈥檝e loved each other for years.
Tumblr media
锝堬綏锝侊綆锝 锝堬綑锝曪綆锝婏綁锝
鈫 鈥淒o you think your way of getting back at your father is by dating weird art kid?鈥
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk, begging, edging, dry humping, semi public sexual acts, names such as: (baby)
Tumblr media
锝岋絽锝 锝嶏綁锝庯綀锝
鈫 he finds his sweet escape when he鈥檚 alone with you.
friends with benefits / roommates au
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk, begging, edging, dry humping, names such as: (kitten, angel)
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changbeens 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
for @shmalll and @snug-gyu
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cosmic-railwayxo a day ago
Tumblr media
鈬 藯藦藡 [10:55pm]
The rain was violent, hitting the windows with a loud thud each time a raindrop fell from the sky, the sound echoing in the fairly compacted space. But you didn鈥檛 care nor could you be bothered right now, tuning out everything and everyone that wasn鈥檛 the man under you. Lee Minho was the only name in your heart, mind, and lips currently, invading all of your senses and never letting anything else steal your attention for more than minutes at a time.
Lee Minho was intoxicating and demanding, blunt and sometimes harsh yet he was still the kindest person you鈥檝e ever met with a softness that not many possessed. However right now, what you two were doing was far from 鈥榮oft鈥.
His plush lips were molding with yours in a heated kiss, one that managed to keep you both warm despite the coldness of the pouring rain just outside your little love bubble. Straddling your boyfriend in his car on a Thursday night wasn鈥檛 really how you planned your evening to go but you couldn鈥檛 complain, especially since his big hands were holding you so firmly, running up and down to caress every inch of your body and sending shivers down your spine. He was making you feel so good and loved, head spinning from all the pleasure he offered with each tender kiss on your lips, neck, and any exposed skin he could reach.
Unfortunately, not even his loving kisses could shake off the lingering anger his earlier actions caused.
Pulling away swiftly, Minho couldn鈥檛 help but groan and almost whine at the sight of the thin saliva string that still connected you to him. He could feel his blood pump loudly in his ears, pupils blown wide with arousal as he looked at you, mesmerized and even a little love drunk.
鈥淒on鈥檛 think this means I鈥檝e forgiven you,鈥 your voice was quiet, almost getting lost in the louder sounds from outside, 鈥淚鈥檓 still mad at the shit you pulled today.鈥
That seemed to have snapped him out of his trance, the meaning of your words reaching his ears and causing the man to roll his eyes in slight annoyance. The hold on your hips loosened and he started tracing comforting patterns on the covered skin without even realizing his actions.
鈥淚鈥檓 here now, aren鈥檛 I?鈥 he shot back, one blonde eyebrow raised as a challenge. Minho was nothing if not self-assertive, chocolate eyes boring into yours almost making you back down. 鈥淒on鈥檛 make a big deal out of nothing.鈥
Almost. You couldn鈥檛 back down now though, not when he had you waiting for him to stop fucking around with his friends for almost an hour and a half in a dumb coffee shop. He missed your date and made you look like a fool and for that, he was going to pay.
So with all the confidence you could muster, you leaned forward to hover above his face, the action causing Minho鈥檚 breath to hitch in his throat in anticipation. With half-lidded eyes, the man displayed an impressive amount of patience as he let you take the lead, his hold on your hips bruising again when your lips finally brushed against his ever so slightly. You were teasing him, not yet giving him what he wanted but still giving enough so you could manage to pull your next stunt.
Without breaking eye contact, one of your hands moved from his shoulders and made its way to his face and before he could process it, grabbed his face in such a way that made his lips pucker comically. Yet Minho was anything but amused.
You were though, the smirk on your face saying it all.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been a bad boy,鈥 you said, tone mocking as you pulled away with a fake pout, moving his face from side to side, 鈥淲hat makes you think you deserve any more kisses, huh?鈥
Minho was tough, with his leather jacket and expensive motorcycle but he was also just a man. A weak one that could never, ever say no to you. If anybody were to ask, he would always deny it but the truth was, nobody could ever make Lee Minho fold like this other than you.
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mintchanniemint 14 hours ago
i wish you鈥檇 write a comfort fic where reader is sick and minho鈥檚 random ass decides to check their temperature by kissing their forehead 馃
wordcount: 700
Lee Minho x reader
thank u anon!!!! it's really short but I hope you like it! It might become a proper fic if anyone would like to read it, ngl (or it might lead to me creating a specific Minho au and make it a series lmao)
beep鈥 beep鈥eep鈥
鈥淯h鈥 amazing, I鈥檓 sick.鈥漎ou grumbled, dramatically letting the tiny thermometer slip from your hand on the soft bed sheets covering you. You couldn鈥檛 move much, since you also lazily left your phone on the pillow right next to your head, the screen showing an ongoing phone call.
鈥淲hat else were you expecting after spending a whole day in the rain because you were too lazy to bring an umbrella-鈥
鈥淥h, I was pretty sure I called Minho, not my mother?鈥澛
You were able to joke before you started coughing. You groaned out of pain, you really didn鈥檛 think that you鈥檇 catch a cold because of a simple rainy day.
You replied with a faint 鈥渕h鈥, slowly nodding as if he could see you. A smile gradually painted your lips as you felt your cheeks getting warmer, not sure if it was the cold or the affectionate attention you were looking forward to getting soon.
Suddenly, Minho鈥檚 tone switched, making him sound more serious.
鈥淎lright, no need to ask once more, I鈥檓 on my way. Text me whatever you want me to buy you, 鈥榢ay?鈥
After the call ended, you made sure to text him, your fingers slowly tapping on the screen of your phone as you messily wrote a small list of things you needed, from ice-cream to that one soup Minho once made you a few months ago.
He joked about the exaggerated amount of typos in your message, to which you just replied with a sticker of a cartoon-styled cat with a cute pout.聽
鈥淥h look, the lazy ass that caught a cold.鈥
It was in moments like this that you were glad you got Minho a spare-key to your apartment. As your cold was getting worse, just the thought of getting out of bed to open the door felt unbearable.
In a few minutes, though, your tired eyes met with his pretty and teasing gaze, making it feel like refreshing air suddenly entered your room.
You groaned in response at his teasing remark, hiding your face under the blankets and turning around, doing your best to hide the smile, although your voice made you give yourself away as soon as you opened your mouth.
鈥淒id you bring everything?鈥漎our voice reached his ears in a muffled tone, as you let your face meet the soft pillow next to you.
鈥淚 did, I did. The ice-cream is in the freezer, I still don鈥檛 understand this sudden urge to get pudding- oh, today must be your lucky day somehow. I found all the ingredients for my super special, cool and lazy ass-proof soup. So, dinner is saved.鈥
You fixed yourself on the bed, now sitting comfortably with two pillows behind your back. You looked at him and slowly raised your arm, as if you were trying to reach him. He noticed as soon as he left a little bag of medicines on the bedside table and a smile bloomed on his soft lips.聽
Your hands met in what you called your 鈥渟ecret-not so secret- handshake鈥: a handshake you would change nearly everyday, sometimes it鈥檚 just a high-five, sometimes it gets even more complicated and ridiculous.
This time, though, it was simply your fingers brushing against each other, before letting them slowly intertwine.
Was it the cold getting worse? The attention being more than what you expected? Both? You really couldn't tell.
Your half-lidded gaze rested on your hands laced together, before you suddenly felt a soft touch on your forehead.
Minho leaned to give you a kiss on the forehead, and your cheeks felt even warmer than before.
You found yourself mumbling and tripping on your own words, not really knowing what to say, making Minho giggle at your reaction.
鈥淵eah, your cold is quite bad- but worry not! You鈥檙e in my hands now.鈥
鈥淭hat sounded like a threat for a second-鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare leave this bed!鈥
He looked at you with a dramatically exaggerated tone in his voice, before leaving another quick peck on your cheek and letting go of your hand.
You were left alone in your room, the distant sound of some chopping and sweet humming from Minho in the kitchen reached your ears before you allowed yourself to drift off and rest, your last thought being that you were lowkey glad that you forgot your umbrella the previous day.
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aworldwhichunderstands 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ 11:35 ]
"minho", you whined and wrapped your arms around him, snuggling closer just while sniffing him contently. he smelled good, like vanilla or homemade birthday cake. must be your lotion that he always stole...
"hmm?" he wrapped him arms round you and gently swayed you both. "what is it?", he asked, smoothing your hair.
"nothing...I just need a hug, okay?" "okay."
you rubbed your cheek against him and sighed. he laughed, shaking his head.
he knew you had a bad day at work, so even if he wasn't the biggest fan of well...skinship, it was ok. it was ok because it was you.
he patted your back as your eyes drooped. it had been a long, exhausting day for the both of you, so just sitting close and cuddling in the dark, felt like a remedy. no words were spoken but somehow you had comforted each other better. it was nice, such moments always healed you.
you sniffed minho again. "stop it. you're tickling me", he complained. you just shook your head, rubbing your nose against his and sniffed him some more. then he sniffed you back. it did tickle. "don't", you pouted. his eyes widened and mouth, eyebrows raised. then he narrowed his eyes. "so you can do it and I can't?" "yeah", you nodded confidently.
thus began the great tickle battle. coz minho was competitive and petty and cute, he started actually tickling you. "how about that?" you groaned while laughing.聽 "minho!" you tried to push him off while being unable to stop yourself from laughing. you couldn't push him off. so you started tickling him back. both of you laughing and groaning and yelling and then laughing some more.
because none of you would ever give up, you quickly stood up after awhile. shaking your head, chuckling softly. "that's it. i feel better already." minho smiled up at you. well his plan did work. maybe in the future, if you had kids, he'd tell them about the great tickle battle.
and while minho was lost in his thoughts, you picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at him. then quickly rushed towards your bedroom. you could hear him groan as he stood up and followed you. you laughed and fell back on the bed. in about a few seconds, a huge body fell back on top of yours, hugging you tightly. "you thought you could get rid of me, did you?" "never..."
Tumblr media
a/n: wrote this one suddenly...to no one's surprise. think I am outta my writer's block finally. and yes I am minho biased. thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated!
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Such a Needy Kitten
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings- afab reader, smut, thigh riding, sub reader, dom Minho, dirty talk, pet names (kitten, angel, slut, baby) degrading/humiliation? (please let me know if I missed anything <3)
Summary- dancing with Minho leads to desperate thigh riding
Word count- 672
Note- might make a part 2 were the reader gets Minho's cock idk let me know Enjoy Love~
Watching Minho dance felt sensual. The way his body moved so elegantly, the way the sweat rolled down his red hot skin and the way his breath quickened with every move reminded you of every time he made love to you. Despite how horny watching him made you feel, you obliged every time he asked you to come along with him to dance practice.
Tonight, Minho texted that he was going to be late, like he had done every day for the last week. Following the text, he sends a video of him dancing to one of their unreleased songs from their upcoming album. You quickly download the video and put it in your secret folder along with the plethora of raunchy photos of Minho and you or just Minho. This folder came in handy when Minho was away on tour and time zones did not allow for you to call when needy. You send him a text in response to the video
10:23-lookin' good love;)
10:26鈥攐h yeah? I bet I look even better in person
With that, you leave him on read, pick up your car keys, and leave. When you arrive at the practice room, you knock briefly before entering, feeling the breeze of the door closing behind you slightly lifting the front of your miniskirt before it quickly falls back down. You then strut up to Minho, who meets you halfway and embraces you.
"Eww, you're all sweaty," you chuckle, trying to lighten the tension that filled the room.
"Don't act like you don't like it when my sweat is all over you." He smirks, and you slap his chest. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you gonna show me your moves or what?"
"Well, I was thinking,"
"Uh oh," he smiles and continues, "I could teach you some dances?" He rubs the nape of his neck.
"Minho, you know I suck at dancing."
"I could help you!" You stare at each other until you buckle under his gaze. "fine."
After 30 minutes, you become accustomed to the process and the way Minho adjusts your body to the proper position. He takes your comfort as a sign to get closer to you, pressing his body against yours and staring at you in the mirror, whispering, "No baby, not like that, like this." He then puts his hand on your hips and drives them back to his before grinding them side to side on his now hard length. "Minho". You moan out.
"What baby, tell me what you want."
"You, Minho, please. I want you inside me."
"Awwww, such a needy kitten... no." He whispers in your ear before stepping away, making his way to the small black couch, and taking a seat while smirking brazenly.
"Come here, angel." You walk over to him and sit down on his lap, "Tell me what you want again."
"Your cock." He chuckles at you, making you feel even more humiliated, adding, "I bet you're soaking your panties right now aren't you?" "Yeah," you manage. "Pathetic," he mocked, "if you want my cock you're gonna have to cum on my thigh like the little slut you are."
You waste no time and shift onto his right leg, moving your hips quickly needy for his cock.
"Ah ah ah, too fast, kitten."
"Minho please."
" Would you like my cock, or not?" Your hips begin to slow down in response to his question.
After a few minutes of grinding, he begins to flex his thigh and force your hips down even farther. You start to feel a knot in your stomach, "Oh Minho."
"What baby."
"Can I please move faster?"
"Go ahead, baby." With his permission, you do just that.
"I want you to cum for me, kitten," he flexes his thigh again, "mmhh Minho."
"Do it, angel." With that, you toss your head back, your empty pussy clenching and your body shaking. You start seeing black, and you explode, cumming all over his thigh. You sigh and fall into Minho's embrace, "good girl," he coos.
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straykidsgallery 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
220814 Seoul E-prix 2022 - Hyunjin 馃摲 | 漏wave
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dreamescapeswriting 2 days ago
猹 Dear Dad聽猹 LMH
Tumblr media Tumblr media
猹 PAIRING: Minho x Reader
猹 GENRE: non-idol au, family au, daughter acting out for fathers attention, angst with fluffy ending
猹 Copyright: 漏 DreamEscapesWriting - August 2022
Tumblr media
The petty arguments had started weeks ago and neither you nor your husband could figure out what it was that was bothering your daughter so much. It just seemed that no matter what you were doing or trying to do she would pick a fight with her father and get an attitude problem with him. Minho was walking around the house with you as you tried to talk this thing out between the two of you. Only it was hard when you didn't exactly know what was bothering your daughter so much and you had no idea how to even ask her.
"I'm just saying, we should sit down with her and talk about it. Maybe there's something wrong at school," You told Minho as you walked into your daughter's bedroom to find it completely messy. You knew kids were supposed to go through the stages of pushing their parents away but you never thought it was going to be this hard.聽
How was it even possible that your 17-year-old daughter was worse than your twin toddlers that were going through their terrible two stages?
"Chan said to let her come to me, so that's what I'm going to do," Minho explained looking down at the bed as he tried to figure out if it needed to be made or stripped and have new sheets. You rolled your eyes a little, Of course, he was going to do what Chan told him to do, if his friend told him to jump off a bridge you were almost 90% sure that your husband would go ahead and do it.聽
"What about going to her, telling her that you know something is wrong and just-" You stopped speaking when you saw her journal open and on her desk, Minho's name was scribbled across it a lot and your eyes naturally began to read some of the words that were on full display. It was wrong on so many levels to invade your daughter's space like this but you knew that you needed to get to the bottom of all of this.聽
"What are you looking at?" Minho quizzed when he noticed you had completely neglected the conversation the two of you had been having with one another. When he looked over at you, you were bent down to get a closer look at something and he frowned, what could be so interesting to you in your daughters' bedroom?
"It's her journal." You trailed off, slowly peeling your eyes away to turn and look at your husband who was a little torn on what he had just heard you say.
"What?" He moved closer to you, his stomach twisting as he thought about looking inside of it. Wasn't it an invasion of privacy for the two of you to be doing this? Then again she was your daughter and not a legal adult as of yet...It would be as though you were trying to protect her in some kind of twisted way.
"Her journal is open," You explained to him as he glanced at the pages and back to you, trying to play it off as though he hadn't just seen his name written across the top of the page.
"So...your name is written on it...It looks as though she's written a letter to you in her journal," You stared over at your husband waiting for him to tell you that reading her journal was wrong...but she was only 17. The two of you exchanged a glance with one another before you picked up the book,
"We don't have to," You told him but he shook his head at you, he wanted to get to the bottom of this just as much as you did and he needed to read it. He could deal with your kid being mad about it later, right now he wanted to make sure his little angel was okay.聽
"Go and check on the twins...and distract her if she comes home early." Ava was at afterschool clubs so she should be okay for a couple of hours but you nodded, quickly giving your husband a reassuring kiss and heading out of the bedroom to check on your sleeping toddlers.聽
Dear dad...Minho,聽
Sometimes I hate that I was the firstborn, I hate that I'm old enough to understand what goes on within a family. To see and realise that I'm no longer your "little" angel anymore but I'm your burden...The one you don't want to be with anymore because I'm not cute and small like my little brothers.
I hate the fact that we're not close anymore, I remember when I was smaller you used to raise me up on your shoulders and let me watch the stars from up there. Now I'm barely even noticed at the dinner table.
Did I do something wrong to make you not love me anymore? I wish I could ask you, to get you to tell me the truth while you look at me. I just want you to look at me and tell me I'm your little girl.聽
I miss our times together.
The times before my brothers were born and you would take me for ice cream...or when you took me to watch my favourite ice skating show.聽
Why don't you love me any more daddy?聽
Entry after entry were all letters addressed to Minho, all ending in the same way. "why don't you love me anymore?" and Minho felt his entire world crumbling around him at the very thought of it all. How could your daughter think that he didn't love her anymore? Ava was the light of his world, his firstborn and the reason he loved waking up every day - besides you of course. There was only one thing he knew he needed to do now and that was to fix things and prove to his little girl that he still adored her.聽
Tumblr media
"What are we doing out here?" Ava asked as she got out of the car, watching her dad closely as he walked over to a picnic table that was on the edge of a cliff. It was the perfect night for a picnic under the stars and Minho had been in luck since there was supposed to be a meteor shower happening in less than twenty minutes. He hoped that it would be something to help break the ice with Ava,
"I thought it would be nice for the two of us to come out here tonight," She didn't seem too convinced that he wanted to come out here with her alone, after all the two of them had been fighting a lot lately. It wouldn't be all that surprising if you had been the one to force this on him and make it happen since her dad was always far too busy with the twins to notice her.
"Did mum put you up to this?" She mumbled while slowly sitting opposite Minho on the bench, her eyes taking him in as she felt kind of happy to be alone with her dad. It had been too long since they'd gotten to sit with one another...almost three years.聽
"No, I decided to spend some time with you, to catch up and find out what's going on with you." While he spoke he picked up a basket and placed it on the picnic table, displaying all of her favourite foods that had been packed inside.
After he'd finished reading the letters she'd written to him he decided to make all of her favourites and head out to a spot where the two of them could watch the stars together.聽
"There's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight too, I thought we could eat and watch it together," The smile on Minho's face only made Ava feel more uneasy about all of this. This was coming out of the left field and she hated that it was feeling too forced and surprising to her.
"Why?" She asked slowly, it was clear something was going on with him and she wanted the truth.
"Why what?" Minho questioned trying to play dumb throughout all of this. He'd hoped he wouldn't have to admit to reading her journal but it looked as though he was going to have to if he wanted her to stay with him.
"Why would you do all of this? You never really seemed to give a shit before," His mouth hung open hearing his little girl swear and he shook his head at her. There was no way he was going to let her get away with it under any circumstance,
"Language." He warned her before she slowly got up from the picnic table and turned toward the car,
"I'm going home." She huffed but Minho locked the car and shook his head. It would be too long a walk for her to walk home and he wasn't going to leave until everything was hashed out between the two of them.
"No, you're not. We're going to sit down together and talk this out Ava," The tone in his voice made her sigh as she turned around and headed back to the bench, looking down at the cracked wood before he began to speak.聽
"We saw your journal and I wanted to let you know some things," The whole world seemed to shift as she realised that he had read her journal and had probably seen all of the personal things she had been writing for years.
"You read my journal?!"
"Ava," Minho whispered as she began to cry, shaking her head violently at him as she tried to find the words to yell at him with. But it was hard, where did she even begin to start with it all?
"That's an invasion of privacy! That's wrong! You're not allowed to do that!" She cried out as Minho slowly got up and moved to the other side of the bench, sitting beside her as she shook her head at him.
"Hey, come here,"
"You're not supposed to read-" She stopped short when Minho wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to rest against his chest. Ava's small hands hit against his chest to try and stop him but he just held her, kissing the top of her head occasionally.
"I love you...Okay? I know things have been crazy with your younger brothers but I love you, Ava," She said nothing as he continued to hold her tightly in his arms, rubbing her back softly as he took in a deep breath. Everything he had been planning to say was suddenly gone from his mind as he held his crying daughter.
"In what world would a father not love his daughter? Huh...My little angel. I remember bringing you home from the hospital and how small your little hands were in mine..." He smiled at the memory,
"Or when you were a baby and couldn't sleep, I could put your crib beside my side of the bed and watch you all night long just to make sure you could finally drift off." Ava stayed silent, listening to him speak.
"Things are hard right now but I love you, Ava. You're my daughter, my little girl and you always will be. Even when you're 21 and don't want to speak to me or want to do something crazy...Or when you're trying to get a tattoo of some loser's name...You're my daughter," He said with so much conviction that Ava couldn't help but giggle a little,
"On your wedding day when I walk you down that aisle and refuse to let you go for a brief second...after that even. You're. My. Daughter." He pulled away and looked down at her, wiping away the tears that were streaming down her cheeks,
"You're my girl, okay? Nothing will ever change that." He told her as she took in a deep breath, trying her best not to start sobbing again.聽
"Even if I get a tattoo of someone's face?" She teased a little,
"Even when you refuse to tell me that I'm better than Uncle Chan," He teased her back, smiling as he wiped her cheeks and shook his head at her.聽
"I love you,"
"I love you too daddy," She whimpered a little, cuddling straight back into his chest as he smiled happily with himself.
"We're going to do stuff like this twice a week, we can do whatever you want." He promised her before she smiled and closed her eyes, she was just happy to have her dad back.
"Sitting under the stars is fine with me." She told him before he rubbed her back softly and quickly messaged you to tell you that everything was going okay.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @chiisaiblog @hanasonmi @sw33tnight @taestannie @sstarryoong @illicee @army24--7 @acciocriativity @scarletemeterio @kimahnjung98 @halesandy @aerastus @lost-leopard-beanie @ethereallino @afternoonteabiscuit @dhyanavati @itmehc鈥 @rubberduckieyourtheone鈥 @heeseunger24 @laylasbunbunny鈥嬄燖lovelychann鈥
Tumblr media
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mazeinthemiroh 2 days ago
Hi, how do you think stray kids would react to their s/o doing taekwondo and having a black belt?
stray kids reaction to their s/o having a black belt
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff? supportive boyfriends 馃檶 and a hint of crack, ofc
word count: 0.6k
warnings: cursing
author's notes: thanks for requesting anon! having a black belt is absolutely amazing and, being someone who can barely kick my feet above my head, i am an admirer of such sports! so those of you who are doing martial arts atm, that is super impressive.
Tumblr media
he would be so 馃槏 like he admires your talent so much. would take a sincere interest and ask you about your taekwondo journey, like when you started and why you wanted to learn it. and he would listen with rapt interest because he just loves to see your eyes sparkle about something you love <///3
lee know
he wants you to teach him. he'll probably invite you to watch his dance practices one time, and during his break he would be like "jagiiiiiii~ i'm boooreeedd" as he trudges up to you in a childish way "teach me how to do one of your taekwondo moves, yk, the one you did last time?" he likes learning things from you and also thinks its something you guys could potentially do together more often.
your hype man is super impressed. he is so proud of you because having a black belt is not easy?? it requires a lot of training and commitment to your art. he admires your consistency and passion for taekwondo it reminds him of his love for the gym 馃槏馃槏 seriously though, he totally brags about it to his friends on a daily. "did you know my y/n has a black belt and can whoop your ass? yeah, didn't think so."
he loves it and supports it. at first he would think about learning himself, but after watching one of your practices decided he would much rather watch you do your thing. he just stares in awe at how fluid yet meticulously your body moves, and he realises you are quite similar in that sense, as the way he dances resonates a lot with how you express certain moves in taekwondo. overall, he takes much inspiration from you.
probably hypes you up the most out of all the members. he's so loud and extra about it like he's made it his goal to be your cheerleader and no.1 supporter. goes to all your practices and events if he can manoeuvre around his busy schedule. he's your biggest fan, he's always like "oh try that move on me!" but you'll have to tell him that he might be very very hurt if you did that 馃拃
now you and felix are so couple goals because he is good at martial arts too. if i am not mistaken, he revealed in the past that he won medals in taekwondo when he was younger and reached third-degree black belt level. so when he finds out you share something he once did, he's ecstatic! watching you practice he would be reminded of certain moves, and he also sees how he can learn more from you.
he thinks its quite unexpected and he doesn't know too much about taekwondo to understand it at first. so he wants you to tell him about it. he's obviously interested in things you do so he will ask you questions about taekwondo. he will probably be the one to be the most concerned with your safety with regarding this sport, so he will always be there at every competition to make sure things are ok as well as support you.
he is impressed, but he's also one to try and test the waters a bit. when he finds out you're a black belt he will probably annoy you more just to tease you. if he sees you getting remotely annoyed he's like "what you gonna do? karate chop me?" "BITCH I DO TAEKWONDO-" he just loves seeing your reactions and at you. but he soon learns his lesson and lets just say he is scared to ever annoy you ever again.
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