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#lee know smut
hyunsuks-beanie · a day ago
Hyunjin NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Mellow speaks: And the main guy for today is Hyunjin!! This one's an NSFW, and while I had quite a bit of fun writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it too!! Keep the comments and opinions coming!
A = Aftercare
(What they’re like after sex)
The moment you're you're having sex, this boy will collapse in your arms (under you or on top of you depends on which position you're in), and will refuse to let go until at least 10 minutes later. He insists on keeping his dick buried inside you, and when he does pull away, he would want the two of you to have a bath together, so that he can cuddle you and show you some love. Once you're all cleaned up, he will be all for going to bed immediately, and will love to have his arms around you as you slip under the duvets, snuggling your head into his chest as he intertwines his fingers with yours, talking about sweet nothings as you slowly fall asleep.
B = Body part
(Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Hyunjin knows his legs are extremely beautiful, and seeing as how much he uses them, be it to nail the choreographies or to show you a good time, it's only natural that he's come to love his legs the most. Nothing turns him on more than to have you riding his lap, feeling your core rubbing against his thighs, and be loves how he can use his legs to make you see stars, and also to just sit you down on his lap as he cuddles you.
When it comes to you though, while he loves every inch of your skin, nothing can compete with the love he has for your neck. There's just something about the dips in your skin that make him keep coming back to place kisses and hickeys there, whether you're having sex or just cuddling and watching a movie. He loves the idea of having your neck all to himself, of being the only one who gets to kiss you near your sweet spot, and of being able to show off the fact that you're his by marking you.
C = Cum
(Anything to do with cum basically)
This guy has a massive breeding kink, and will jump at any chance he has to fuck you without a condom. He knows it's not always possible, and while he eould never force you into anything, he thrives off the thought of having his cum along with your seeping out your core.
Other than that, he also loves to cum on your butt, and whenever he's taking you from behind, he makes sure to pull out just in time so that he seed can hit your soft behind. He just really loves how fucked out your hips look once he's done with them.
D = Dirty Secret
(Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He loves the idea of being choked, especially especially when you take control and wrap your hands around his neck as you ride him. Chokers are his weakness, and the tighter the pressure around his neck becomes, the closer to his edge he moves.
His kink is not really a secret since he's shamelessly obvious about it, and you've learnt how to use that to your advantage. The fastest way to get him riled up is to wrap your hands around his neck when he isn't expecting it, and you can be found doing the same at all times, be it as you give him a hug after a long day at work, or massage his back after he comes home from practice.
E = Experience
(How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to you, so you can say that he does have all the basics down and has at least some prior experience. But he's also very open to experimenting in the bedroom, and even though he doesn't really know what to do whenever you're trying out something new, he's a fast learner and soon enough, he's using every new kink of yours to his advantage.
F = Favourite Position
(This goes without saying.)
There is nothing Hyunjin loves more than to have you lower yourself on him, his hands playing with your boobs as he watches them giggle when you move up and down his length, leaning down every so often to place a kiss on his lips or his neck, or even just to wrap your hands around his throat.
Other than that, he loves taking you from behind, be it tabletop or doggy style or anything else. He just lives for the idea of having his dick enter you from the back as your bent over for him, your cute butt popping out and inviting him to spank you.
G = Goofy
(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
He tries to be serious and focus on pleasuring himself and you, but his goofy self breaks through very often, mostly through whines and pouts when you don't give him what he wants. If he's the one in-charge, then you can expect him to be more in the moment, brows furrowed as the only thing going through his head is showing you a good time. But if you're the top/dom, then he will not pass up on any chance to be a brat and annoy you, partly in hopes of being punished.
I = Intimacy
(How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Hyunjin lives to show love to every part of your body, and he makes it a point to tell you how beautiful you are or how well you're doing for me. "So ready for me, babe," and "I'm so lucky to have you," are regulars you hear often, but he still never fails to leave you a blushing mess every time in says anything like this.
While he can clearly make out from the way your face contorts in pleasure that you're having a good time, he still enjoys asking you about the same. Expect to hear him ask "Enjoying yourself, love?," fairly frequently, even though he already knows the answer.
J = Jack Off
(Masturbation headcanon)
While ideally, he would like to have your lips around his length, when he finds himself getting horny without you in sight, he just locks himself up in the washroom and jacks off to the thought of your body. The secret folder he has on his phone, full of pictures of you not wearing an inch of cloth, really helps him in moments like these, which are fairly common during practice.
When he feels himself getting hard, he likes to send you a photo of his member, just to rile you up for what's to come.
K = Kink
(One or more of their kinks)
As I said before, he has a massive choking kink. He just loves having your hands around his throat, gagging him softly as your cores slap against each other.
He also is a huge enthusiast of sex at public places, and every time you go out with the boys, he makes it a point to tease you to the point where you end up pulling him into a washroom cubicle, begging for him to take you.
Mirror sex is another one of his kinks, and he just thrives off the idea of having you look at your reflection as his hands work their magic on your clit while his dick enters you from behind.
L = Location
(Favourite places to do the do)
Hyunjin isn't one to pay much heed to where you are while you have sex. If he wants you, he'll take you then and there, no ifs and no buts. Still, he likes keeping things in the bedroom, your loud moans bouncing off the walls as the mattress dips under your weight.
As I said before, he loves teasing you when you're in public, and it never fails to amaze him just how easily you get worked up by the slightest effort on his part. He is well aware of the fact that despite your attempts at keeping concealing how horny you are, you end up being pretty obvious, thanks to the way you start stumbling over your words and go red in the face.
The car isn't his ideal place place go all out, but he loves having you under the steering wheel, giving him a blow job as his hands entangle themselves in your hair.
M = Motivation
(What turns them on, gets them going)
Hyunjin doesn't need much to motivate him to turn you into a mess under him, and it's pretty easy to turn him on. The simplest of acts on your part, from exposing your neck by tilting your head while you laugh, to wearing his sweatshirt that's three sizes too big on you and pairing it with nothing but his favorite set of lingerie on you, are enough to get him worked up.
As I've said before, the fastest way to get him hard is to choke his throat as you grind on his lap, and he'll have you pinned against the mattress (or the floor/wall) in no time.
If he's topping, then nothing gets him riled up more than to have you behave like a brat. Something about it just fires him up to have you begging for him to let you cum.
N = NO
(Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Sado-masochism, hands down. Hyunjin just doesn't like the idea of hurting you in order order pleasure you, and the same goes for him too.
O = Oral
(Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
He is an absolute sucker for oral, both giving and receiving. He loves getting his hands entangled in your hair, tugging on it as he you give him head, hollowing your cheeks while swirling your tongue around his girth. He typically likes to have you move your lips fast, the vibrations pushing him towards the edge.
On the other hand, when he's the one giving you oral, he loves being slow and lazy, his tongue exploring your core as he laps up your juices, keeping the pace just enough to get you worked up, but sloq enough enough keep you hanging.
He also is a big enthusiast for face-sitting, and just lives for the idea of having tongue inside you as you ride his face.
P = Pace
(Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
It depends on his mood, really. If he's in a good mood, then he'll take his time showing love to every part of your body, hitting spots inside you that even you didn't know existed. He loves to takes things slow, just lying there with his cock inside you as he whispers sweet nothings and dirty secrets into your ear.
On the other hand, if he's stressed out or if you're being a brat, then he will not shy away from unleashing the beast, choking and spanking you as his length tears your insides apart. He loves being rough with you, seeing your face contort in pleasure as he thrusts in and out of you at a fast pace.
Q = Quickie
(Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He loves to take his sweet time with you, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's opposed to the idea of quickies. While he definitely prefers proper sex over a quick fix, he sees the latter as a way to keep things heated till you have time to yourselves.
Whenever he goes out of his way to tease you, then it's safe to assume that he wants to have a quick one with you. But do know that once you're alone with him (preferably at home), then you're in for a long night.
R = Risk
(Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
A huge enthusiast of taking risks and experimenting, he just wants to learn more about your kinks so that he can use them to his advantage. Choking, bondage, sensory deprivation, window sex, you name it, he's down for it.
Heck, he's even down for a threesome or perhaps even more. Just the possibility of having someone else tease you even though they know you belong to the person who's just sitting there, watching, is enough to send him off.
S = Stamina
(How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He can typically go for at least two rounds, not including foreplay. When he does cum heavily into your mouth though, he may sometimes last only one round. Then there are also days when he can go for as many as three rounds, the only thought on his mind being to ruin you.
U = Unfair
(how much they like to tease)
Hyunjin lives for teasing you, he just enjoys the idea of having you on your knees for him. The shit-eating grin on his face when he has you where you wants you has you wanting to slap him and wanting him to spank you, at the same time.
His favorite place to tease you, without a doubt, is in public, when there are eyes on you and you can't do anything but bite your lips to stop a moan from leaving your lips. He especially loves it when you're out with the boys or with your friends, and will not-so-discreetly run his hand up and down your thigh before ghosting over where you need him the most, pulling away just when you thought he would give in.
He also loves to get you all hot and bothered before he even reaches home, sending you a picture of his member that randomly got hard during practice (most because his mind wandered off to you). He just loves it when you're waiting for him on the floor as he enters the house, ready to take his pants off.
He doesn't do so often, but sometimes, he will start the foreplay early during the day, before leaving you hanging as he rushes to practice. Safe to say that on such days, you don't even let him enter the house before pouncing on him.
V = Volume
(How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He has always been a loud one, and even inside the bedroom, he's typically the one letting out moans and groans. To be frankly, they sound like music to your ears, escaping his lips as you give him head or ride him.
When he's the one topping though, those moans are rather easily replaced by deeper grunts, as he hits the spots inside you he knows drive you over the edge. He also often coos at how adorable you look all fucked out.
X = X-Ray
(Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
It's Hyunjin we're talking about, and he most definitely is more than satisfactory. I mean, you have seen those photos, right? Yeah, let's just say that whenever you two have sex, you're too sore to walk the next morning.
Y = Yearning
(How high is their sex drive?)
Hyunjin's sex drive is pretty high, and he just can't keep his hands off you. He often is the one to initiate things, signaling that he wants you by rubbing his hands over your arms, or suddenly dipping his face into your neck and leaving a trail of kisses.
Even when you're the one who takes the lead, he's pretty quick to catch on to your hints, and soon enough, he either has you pinned under him, or hovering over him. But there are times when all he wants is to have you begging for him to touch you. During moments like these, he likes to tease the hell out of you until all you can think of is him inside you.
(… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Hyunjin usually tries to stay awake for as long as he can, just so he can cuddle with you and talk to you. But since he's often already tired from practice, he often does end up falling asleep the first. And you have absolutely nothing against it, just enjoying the view in front of you as you watch him sleep peacefully before drifting off to dreamland yourself.
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hyuckvanqel · 2 days ago
bestfriend!minho always imagined having you like this; sitting between his legs, your eyes, big n’ sweet, staring up at him while you’re hands folded neatly in your lap, waiting for his cue. and he does have you — his precious lil best friend, looking to him to show her how to make him feel good.
“pretty girl,” he muttered, reaching a hand out to your face, stroking his thumb along the crest of your cheekbone, his hand large enough to cup around your jaw, fingers sinking into your mouth. “look s’cute, baby.” he coos, letting your head rest against his thigh, smiling at the way your eyes slide shut contentedly. 
and he loves how you chase after his fingers when he pulls them from your mouth, how your half-lidded eyes gaze up at him with that haze covering them. he leans down to your eye-level. “you sure you wanna do this? we can stop at any time.”
he’s soft with you. his voice, his touch, his gaze, everything is so gentle. he likes the way it makes you’re cheeks burn, how you fumble your hands in your lap, not entirely sure what to be doing with yourself. “i wan’ it — i wan’ to, minnie! i wan’ to so bad. promise.” your blubber, nodding your head along with your heads almost desperately. cute.
minho leans back on the faded fabric of your couch, hand moving to pet down your hair. “okay, baby,” he starts, cooing at the way you shuffle closer to him, hands itching to touch him. “gonna be a good girl for me? gonna make me feel good?” 
and he loves the way you nod along with him. “i will — promise. please lemme make you feel good, minnie. tell me how to make you feel good.” 
he internally coos, letting you rest your head against his thigh, kissing and mouthing at the skin, dragging your lips to his knee, shooting a shiver down minho’s spine. alongside how you still use that sweet pet name for him, even when you’re about to take his cock down your throat.
 he swallows the taunts that bubble on his tongue, the teases and degrading pet names. he wants to be gentle with you, he wants to treat you softly. you’re not just any girl. no, you’re the sweetest girl he knows. he wants to take his time with you, make sure you feel safe with him. “don’t worry, pup, i’ll take care of you.” 
and if taking care of you meant training you to be drunk on his cock, well, he'll do just that <3
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peachyunjinnie · a day ago
❝MAKE ME STOP❞ lmh ― s.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
― summary:
you finally get to meet minho's parents after his proposal at a family dinner but minho has a different idea of what will satisfy his hunger.
fiancé!minho/female!reader | smut | 802
↬ content warnings: clitplay, teasing, fingering, creampie, cumplay, praising, choking.
a/n: requested by anon, i hope this is good for you ;) enjoy!
→ blog masterlist
Tumblr media
"We are so happy to finally meet you in person. The way our little Minho has talked about you is absolutely amazing, he is drooling over you." Mrs. Lee was saying as Minho was just avoiding everyones eyes and his cheeks were getting a pretty shade of pink.
"I am really happy to be here too. Really? What has he been saying about me?" I asked and was very curious on what he has been talking about. His father laughed and grinned at little Minho hiding his face.
"It sounded like he was describing his best friend and lover. His soulmate. My son really loves you." Mr. Lee was proudly looking at his son and I could see the admiration he had for his Minho.
I looked at Minho and noticed the little glare to his dad, he was way too embarrassed. I've never seen him that way before and it made me fall all over again. My hand found itself to his and automatically we intertwined our fingers together tightly.
I took a sip of my wine and we continued to talk about casual themes, when I felt his hand on my thighs slowly sliding up and leaving a trace goosebumps behind it. I was feeling my face turn red and my anticipation for the night growing.
"So Y/N how are your parents doing? We saw them at the mall the other day, so lovely." Mrs. Lee asked politely with a warm smile on her face.
"O-Oh they have been doing great." I had to breathe for a second to get my mind together but all I could think of was his hand still sliding up and now reaching my area. He started to massage my crotch and I lost it.
While Mr. and Mrs. Lee were talking about my parents and how they could maybe go out and grab a drink together I excused myself to go to the restroom, Minho following me instantly.
"Oh honey, your face is completely flushed, are you not feeling well?" Mr Lee asked and Minho directly said that he'll be taking care of me, and that I was feeling sick before we came. I had no thought inside of my head only Minho and his hands being everywhere.
"M-Minho-" He pushed me into the bathroom and locked it. Excitement filled me up, the burning sensation of what is about to happen, any second.
I got silenced by a wild and hungry kiss, his lips telling me more than he could ever say, The need, the thirst and the lust. He sat down on the toilet seat and I immediatley sat on his lap, grinding myself on his growing bulge. I would be lying if I say that I have been this horny before. The soft lips being everywhere now, on mine, on my neck, on my jawline. Everywhere.
I tried not to moan loudly, but as he bit my collarbones slightly I couldn't help myself but to arch my back and rolled my eyes.
"You're mine." He purred into my ear and licked my earlobe as he let his hand get it's way on my neck, gently squishing my windpipe. I couldn't get a single word out, my hopeless shrieks of pleasure making minho chuckle.
"What a good girl you are." "You're doing so well for me." Praises after praises.
He let me go to get the air I needed desperatly. He pushed his croth upwards, meeting my clit in an illegal way.
"Ride me, princess." He breathed out as I got out from his lap as he unbuckled his pants revealing his length. I blushed hard as I straddled him again feeling his dick in the sweetest spots. He kept his hands on my mouth, knewing I would be a moaning mess.
"Minho that's t-too much, please stop." I whined through his lips, my eyes watering from the stretch.
"Make me stop." He smirked as he pushed himself deeper, filling me completley. I rolled my eyes and concentrated not to make one single sound.
He thrusted into my heat and mercilessly hit my G spot again and again.
"Baby, you're so sensitive." He moaned and thrusted deeper and harder. Filling the bathroom with rhythmic slaps. I couldn't keep it in and came undone, the knot in my abdomen bursting. I shrieked and he thrusted harder and faster, cumming inside of me. He growled into my ear as I felt his semen inside of me.
"I love you." He smiled at me, his eyes showing nothing but pure affection.
"I love you more, Minnie." I chuckled as I stood up.
"Turn around for me, princess." He said, knowing what he wanted to see I turned around and showed him my abused and tortured folds, dripping in his cum.
"You're mine and only mine."
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chanscoffee · 20 hours ago
I want to sit on Minho’s lap in a room full of all the boys while I’m wearing a skirt with no panties 😈
it was movie night at the dorm, meaning there was no schedule to go to today or any work you needed to do, which was nice.
the boys had all gathered in the room, minus minho and you, and took theis spots on the couches and floor, looking through their selection of movies. you and minho were still in his bedroom, trying to make yourselves look at least a little decent before going out in front of everyone. you threw on one of minho’s shirts and pulled your skirt back down, not bothering to search for your now ruined panties. minho slid grey sweats up his legs and tossed a hoodie on before running his fingers through his hair and calling it good.
you sighed and followed minho out of the room, walking to the living room where the other boys sat and argued over what movie to watch. minho took his spot on the couch and he patted his leg, motioning you to come sit on his lap. you took a seat and felt minho’s still hard cock on your cunt. you took a deep breath, before letting out a sigh. you had just had minho inside you no longer than fifteen minutes ago, but it obviously wasn't enough for either of you.
jisung got up and switched off the light while chan put the disc in the player.
“minho,” you whispered, low enough that only he could hear you. “please touch me.”
“in front of all the boys? hm, what a dirty girl you’re becoming…” he murmured in your ear. but he did. he made sure no one was watching before sticking his hand up your skirt and made quick work of your clit before stuffing his fingers inside you.
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slutbinnie · 15 hours ago
kinktober 08: double penetration (soobin/seonghwa/minho)
a quick disclaimer - obviously i don't think soobin and seonghwa are dating or ever were and i don't actually ship any idols. i'm a degenerate, not a fucking weirdo. not sure if i needed to say that, but just in case.
in terms of content warnings - soobin gets called a slut and a whore and at one point seonghwa slaps him. if any of that isn't your thing, maybe skip this one!
<3 thx again for 100 followers, y’all. enjoy. 
when seonghwa first brings it up, soobin doesn’t actually realize who he’s talking about.
see, his first thought when someone says “minho-sunbae” is minho-sunbaenim from shinee, so soobin fucking chokes on his iced coffee when his fuck buddy asks about someone called minho-sunbae potentially joining them in the bedroom.
“no! oh my god, no,” says seonghwa quickly once soobin recovers enough to explain his reaction. “not choi minho-sunbae, lee minho-sunbae. from stray kids.”
soobin has to think about this for a moment. he’s met stray kids a few times through his gig as music bank mc, but he really only knows their stage names. finally, a gorgeous face with teasing almond eyes and perfect cheekbones flashes through his mind.
“lee know-sunbaenim?” soobin clarifies, and the tips of seonghwa’s ears flush.
this makes way more sense, seeing as ateez has been working with stray kids on that mnet show for the past couple weeks. soobin had had a feeling that flirtation would happen - it always does - but he never would have guessed that seonghwa would actually want to act on it, let alone include soobin. 
he wants to include soobin. they want to include soobin. the thought sends a shudder down soobin’s spine. 
“um,” says soobin, nervously sipping his coffee again as he gathers his thoughts. he doesn’t want to seem too eager. 
“so, i think i would want to hang out a couple times before we do anything. but, um.” he stutters, tongue feeling thick in his mouth as seonghwa smirks at him. “i wouldn’t mind. him joining us. sunbae is very. handsome. not as handsome as you, hyung, but - “ 
he’s cut off by the gentle press of seonghwa’s lips to his, and he melts, whimpering as he lets seonghwa’s tongue slide into his mouth.
“i’m going to tell him how flustered you got,” murmurs seonghwa, pulling away and pressing his forehead against soobin’s. soobin swallows another pitiful sound. “he’s going to lose his mind. big leader soobin, cheeks all pink and stuttering over him.”
it’s difficult to find times that work for all three of them, but when they do, soobin thinks he might be in love. minho is a tease, for sure, but he’s somehow simultaneously very tender. he and seonghwa are constantly tripping over each other’s words awkwardly, which makes soobin giggle and both of them blush. it’s all very fumbling high school romance, and sometimes soobin forgets the initial reason he and seonghwa started meeting up with minho. 
the last time they meet up without fucking, minho simply leans up and bites down on soobin’s earlobe in lieu of a goodbye, dragging his teeth down slowly and then winking at them as he walks away. 
it’s kind of weird, but it’s so very minho and therefore one of the hottest things soobin’s ever experienced. seonghwa makes fun of him for his reaction, while he’s pounding into soobin against the door of his mc dressing room. soobin cums extra hard imagining the two of them degrading him at the same time, a cruel smile twisting minho’s pretty features. 
when he goes back out to film an interview, arin raises an eyebrow at him, but says nothing. she never has to. 
a few days later, seonghwa texts him the usual booty call: “the dorm’s empty.” soobin’s out the door in less than five minutes. 
“be safe,” yeonjun calls absently as soobin practically sprints past him, not looking up from his video game. he’s used to this by now. “don’t forget we have rehearsal at 9!” 
soobin makes it to the ateez dorm in record time, catching the front door as it’s swinging shut behind san and jongho, who are just leaving. they giggle like they know a secret, but otherwise just wave at him without a word. 
when soobin knocks, minho answers the door. soobin blinks, surprised. stray kids is currently in the middle of promotion, so he hadn’t expected minho to be free for at least another month. but now he’s here, smirking up at soobin, in a tight black t-shirt and gray sweatpants that leave little to the imagination.
“gonna come in, or are you just gonna stare at me all night, soobinnie?” minho’s question cuts through soobin’s daze and he swallows, trying to focus. 
“sorry, hyung.” minho’s head tilts, eyes narrowing, and before soobin realizes what’s happening, he’s grabbing soobin’s shirt collar and dragging him inside, closing the door and slamming soobin back against the door. 
“hmm, i don’t think ‘hyung’ will work for tonight.” minho’s tone is deceptively light, like he could be telling soobin about the weather. “i think you’ll need to choose more carefully.” 
soobin’s head spins, breathing already ragged. this is already better than he could have ever dreamed, and minho hasn’t even touched him properly.
“sir,” he gasps. “i’m sorry, sir, it won’t happen again.” minho nods approvingly, and lets go of his collar. 
“seonghwa’s in the bedroom,” he says conversationally, like nothing happened. “shall we join him?” soobin nods, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste to follow minho to seonghwa’s bedroom.
seonghwa’s already setting up, lube, condoms, and water bottles on the nightstand. his white button-down is fully unbuttoned, showing off the toned chest soobin loves so much. he smiles warmly at soobin, holding his arms out. soobin shyly slides into his embrace, leaning down for a kiss.
seonghwa licks into his mouth, nips his lower lip, and soobin whimpers, gripping his shoulders tightly. minho makes an appreciative sound from the doorway, and soobin feels his knees buckle despite himself. seonghwa laughs into his mouth, catching soobin’s elbows to hold him up. 
“already so desperate, soobin.” it’s not a question, and hot embarrassment floods soobin’s body. he tries to hide his face in seonghwa’s shoulder, but his hyung grabs his chin and turns him to face minho, tucking his chin into soobin’s shoulder. 
“don’t be rude to our guest,” seonghwa murmurs. “he wants to see your face, baby.” soobin meets minho’s amused gaze and feels like he’s going to burst into flames. the humiliation is getting him hot, though, and his cock is already starting to take interest. 
“remember what we talked about, soobinnie?” seonghwa asks, sliding a hand down to soobin’s ass and squeezing hard. “does that sound nice for tonight?” soobin takes a second to remember, brain already a little hazy, but then a memory flashes clear as day. he nods furiously. 
“yes, please,” soobin breathes. “want it so bad, i’ll do anything.” 
minho huffs a laugh, eyes still fixed on soobin’s. he looks perfectly unaffected by all this, a stark contrast to how disheveled soobin feels already. 
“anything, hm?” minho pouts mockingly at soobin. “baby’s gagging for it, isn’t he, hwa?” seonghwa laughs softly in soobin’s ear, making him shudder. 
“he usually is,” seonghwa purrs. “drags me into his dressing room at music bank every chance he gets because he just can’t wait.” soobin whines, squirming in seonghwa’s grip, but his hyung holds him firm. 
minho stalks closer, reminding soobin uncannily of a cat as he stares at soobin unblinkingly. he crowds in close to soobin, and holds up two fingers. soobin opens his mouth obediently, and minho presses them in, soobin’s eyes drifting shut as he starts to suck. 
“you’ve got your little pet trained well,” minho says appreciatively, and seonghwa hums in agreement. “my puppies bite.” 
soobin briefly wonders how many members of stray kids minho’s got under his thumb, but quickly loses that thought as minho slides in a third finger. drool runs down soobin’s chin obscenely and he’s grateful seonghwa’s holding him up, because he’s dropping so fast that he doesn’t think his legs would support him much longer. 
minho tugs his fingers out of soobin’s mouth, leaving the younger gasping for air. 
“what do we say, soobin?” seonghwa asks softly. 
“thank you, sir,” soobin whimpers, voice already wrecked. he feels like he’s floating, being tugged along helplessly by his hyungs. 
minho meets seonghwa’s eyes, and they share a tiny nod. then seonghwa’s letting soobin go, and he flops gracelessly onto the bed, crying out in surprise. 
“strip,” purrs minho. “gonna prep you, baby. though i’m sure your hole is greedy enough to take at least one of us right now.” soobin’s fumbling at his shirt before minho’s even finished his sentence, trying to move fast enough to not be punished. he gets on his hands and knees without being asked, his hard cock brushing his stomach, and a hand slides down the curve of his ass with an appreciative sound.
“so well trained,” minho repeats, almost reverently. “may i?” 
“of course,” seonghwa answers. “you’re the guest of honor, after all.” soobin hears the wet sounds of kissing behind him, and a shiver runs down his spine at the image his mind conjures up. then a slim finger, coated in icy-cold lube slides into soobin’s hole and he moans, whiny and high-pitched. 
“sorry it’s so cold,” says minho, not sounding sorry at all. “couldn’t wait to warm it up, you just looked so enticing.” he hisses the last word, punctuating it with another finger, and soobin’s arms give out underneath him. he barely catches himself on his elbows, and seonghwa laughs.
“poor baby, he can’t even keep himself upright.” 
minho curls his fingers, and when he finds soobin’s prostate, soobin almost screams. it’s so much already, and it’s only foreplay. minho smacks his ass, hard, and soobin realizes foggily that he’d been thrusting back, trying to fuck himself on minho’s fingers. 
“stop moving. you’ll take what you’re given, baby, and nothing more,” minho growls. the world is spinning a little too fast around soobin, and as minho slides in a third finger, just a little too soon, he’s scrabbling at the sheets trying to ground himself in something, anything. 
the burn and the pleasure soon meld together until soobin can’t tell which is which or even which direction is up as minho fucks a fourth finger into him. he feels wetness dripping down his cheeks and realizes he’s crying, tears squeezing out of the corners of his eyes. 
minho whips his fingers out of soobin and soobin cries out, the sudden emptiness leaving him reeling. seonghwa’s hand wraps around his throat, a familiar and grounding sensation, and pulls soobin up onto his knees. 
“baby’s crying already and we’ve barely done anything,” seonghwa coos, and soobin closes his eyes, the humiliation catching painfully in his chest and spreading downward in a wave of heat, making his cock twitch. seonghwa’s hand closes tighter for a split second, the air squeezing from soobin’s lungs and forcing his eyes open, glassy and unfocused as he fights for air. he’s not stupid enough to try and touch seonghwa, though; his arms dangle uselessly by his sides.
“look at me, whore,” seonghwa snaps. “you’ve been so good so far, don’t ruin it for yourself now.” the grip around soobin’s neck loosens and he sucks in air, doing his best to keep his eyes open and focused on seonghwa. it’s hard, though - his eyes are sliding in and out of focus.
“poor baby’s already fucked stupid,” minho laughs derisively from the end of the bed. “can’t even get his eyes to work right anymore, can he?” 
despite seonghwa’s previous cruel words, he’s gentle as he maneuvers soobin into position, keeping his hand on soobin’s throat to keep him from floating too far into subspace. they end up with soobin on his hands and knees over seonghwa, who’s on his back, and minho behind them. seonghwa runs his hands up and down soobin’s shaky arms comfortingly.
“here we go, pet,” minho’s voice is also gentler now, as he slicks up seonghwa’s cock and guides it to soobin’s entrance. “deep breaths, you’re doing well.” the head of seonghwa’s cock presses into soobin’s hole and he slides down, the familiar stretch and burn eliciting choked moans from his wrecked throat. 
“fuck,” seonghwa groans, throwing his head back onto the pillows. “fuck, so tight. so perfect, soobinnie.” soobin can only whine in response, words failing him as he bottoms out on seonghwa’s cock. the lube bottle clicks softly again behind him, and minho slides closer to them. 
“ready, baby?” minho asks, and soobin nods furiously. 
“words, please.” this smack to his ass is soft, more of a tap than a hit, but soobin still gasps.
“m’ready, please just do it. want you both in me, please, please,” he babbles, words slurring together. seonghwa pulls his head down for a kiss, cutting him off by sliding their lips together. when soobin feels the finger slide in alongside seonghwa’s cock, stretching him further than ever before, he lets out a sound he’s never made before, a guttural moan that he can’t seem to stop, only cutting off when he needs air. minho’s slower this time, more careful, and seonghwa stays as still as possible. 
soobin, though, just wants them to hurry up. seonghwa’s fingers dig painfully into his hips to keep him still, murmuring about how he needs to stay still or he’ll hurt himself. 
“don’t care,” whines soobin, trying to wriggle in his hyung’s hold. “want it, don’t care if it hurts, please, sir please fuck me - “
seonghwa slaps him across the face, not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough to get his attention. “i’m talking to you, not him. he’s busy right now, being so good to you to make sure you don’t tear, and you’re making it so hard for him. is that how we treat our guests, soobinnie?” 
tears well up in soobin’s eyes, and he shakes his head, shame welling up in his chest. he really wants to be good, but it’s just so hard. 
“words, baby,” seonghwa says. 
“no,” sniffles soobin. “m’sorry, hyung. sorry sir.” 
seonghwa tugs him down into a hug, wraps his arms around him, strokes his hair. he raises a finger to tell minho to wait a moment.
“color?” he murmurs. 
“green, hyung,” soobin says, trying clumsily to wipe his eyes. “m’being bad?” 
“no, baby, you’re doing so good,” seonghwa says softly, helping soobin clear the tears from his face with sure hands. “we just need to keep you safe before anything else, okay?” soobin nods, settles into his hyung’s arms, and seonghwa signals to minho to keep going.  
minho slides a second finger into soobin, and soobin’s mouth drops open. it does hurt, and it takes longer for the pain to melt into pleasure than usual, as his body tries to reject being stretched open so far. but eventually, minho’s got three fingers sliding easily alongside seonghwa’s cock and soobin’s moaning into seonghwa’s throat, his hyung stroking his hair to keep him calm. 
minho withdraws his fingers, and soobin feels the bed shift as he gets into position behind him. 
“ready, lovely?” minho drops a kiss on soobin’s shoulder, and soobin takes a deep breath. 
“yes, please, sir,” he breathes shakily, and minho slides in, ever so slowly.
seonghwa hisses, nails digging into soobin’s shoulders. minho groans deep in his throat. soobin moans, high-pitched and loud. the sensation of both cocks sliding against his walls, being so full and stretched out, is almost too much to bear. soobin can’t think, can’t breathe, can’t move.
“fuck, baby,” says minho, voice strained as he bottoms out inside soobin. “fuck, so tight. even with two cocks inside you, your slutty little hole is so tight.” soobin whines, tears forming in his eyes again. minho pulls out halfway and slams back in, and soobin’s gone. 
seonghwa starts to thrust too, and he and minho quickly find a rhythm as they pound into soobin’s hole, moaning gutturally as their cocks slide lewdly together inside of him. soobin’s on fire, the pleasure from his hyungs’ cocks slamming into his prostate and the burn from being stretched so wide combining to send his mind into the clouds. from far away he can feel that he’s sobbing, crying out his hyungs’ names and begging for more, more, more.
a hand wraps around his untouched cock, and twin whispers in his ear tell him to “cum for us, baby, so good, so beautiful.” soobin’s back arches and a scream tears through his throat as his orgasm slams into him. he clenches down on his hyungs as the pleasure rushes through his body so hard he thinks he’ll shatter into a million pieces, bones and joints melting into flames as the ecstasy overtakes him. 
when soobin opens his eyes, he’s been cleaned up and is wearing clean clothes, with seonghwa and minho curled into him on either side. 
“did you guys finish?” he asks, wincing at how raspy his voice is. 
minho looks pained, and opens his mouth, but seonghwa cuts him off. 
“yes, we did, baby,” he says soothingly. “you did so good, but you passed out for a little bit. you feeling okay?” soobin nods, shifting slightly. the pain isn’t as bad as he thought it would be.
“i think i’ll be okay to dance tomorrow,” he muses, and minho cracks a smile, seemingly despite himself, and leans over to press a kiss to soobin’s cheek. 
“you take two cocks and cum so hard you pass out, and the first things you think about are whether we finished and whether you’ll be able to dance tomorrow,” he whispers, shaking his head. “your priorities are insane.” soobin wrinkles his nose and sticks his tongue out at minho.
“rude! see if i ever let you inside me again,” he teases, and minho’s eyes narrow with mirth.
“oh, you will,” he says airily, nipping at soobin’s collarbone. “i think you’ll be begging for it.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
Kinktober ~ 15
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Minho x Fem!Reader
GENRE: Fdom, Blow Job, Rules Oral, Cum denial, No Touching, Teasing,
Tumblr media
Pushing the door open you frowned when you noticed that no one seemed to be home. The dorms were never this empty so it felt weird to be here when it was.
"Babe?" You called out walking into the kitchen and smiling when you saw your boyfriend Minho's bag and shoes by the door, it meant you weren't as alone as you thought you were and you were relieved. Being here alone always felt odd to you, you felt as though you were snooping around despite the boys telling you how welcome you were.
"I'm going to start cooking your dinner soon, is there anything you want?" You called out but there was no answer. He was in the living room because you could hear his heavy breathing and mumbles as he spoke to himself.
"Babe?" You began walking toward the living room and sighed as soon as you saw him sitting there. Eyes glued to the screen as he hit buttons on a 
controller, completely clueless knowing that you were even standing there. Had he even heard you walking through the door. 
"You're gaming...of course, you are." You mumbled sitting down beside him and raising your eyebrows, either he was completely oblivious to everything around him or he was playing dumb and wanted to scare you. 
"If you're going to scare me it won't work." You cooed but his eyes never even left the screen, even when he took a drink from his cup his eyes were glued. Scoffing a little you shook your head at him,
"I could seriously strip in front of you right now and you wouldn't even know it. You're always too invested in that bloody game." You mumbled looking at the screen, it was some new RPG game that he and the boys were playing all of the time. Even at the studios or dance practices since you could get it on your phone, switch or any device humanly possible. 
"I'll be done in a minute." He said as he glanced at you for less than two seconds. That seemed as though that would be the only attention you would be getting from him in a long time.
"You'll be done in a minute? Good, I'll go cook your dinner, I'll make your favourite and have it ready for you in an hour." You promised, making your way toward the kitchen again. Wanting to make sure that he and the boys had a big homemade meal to eat after having a long day at the studios...and gaming.
Tumblr media
The food was cold and Minho's head was still in the game you began cleaning up what you had used to eat and shook your head at yourself for even believing he would finish. 
"I'll be right there baby. Just this last round baby," You mocked to yourself, padding through the living room and in the direction of his dorm you. You'd been waiting for ages for him to finish his game, almost three hours, pretty soon the boys would be back and all of his attention would be on them. Taking in a deep breath you sighed to yourself, 
"Just this last round my ass," You grumbled going through the clothes that you had lined up in Minho's wardrobe. If he was going to ignore you then you were going to teach him a lesson and get the attention you craved. There was one thing Minho could never resist you in. The one outfit that drove him completely balls to the walls insane whenever he caught you wearing it. As soon as you found it you began preparing yourself.
Standing in front of Minho and the TV you titled your head to the side to look at him, 
"Sweetie!" You giggled as you looked at him, his eyes flicked from the screen to you and the controlled dropped to the floor. Minho rushing to get up but you weren't going to let him get up that easy. No. Where was the fun in that?
"Nuh-uh, No moving. You're going to sit there and play your dumb little game while I tease myself in front of you." You breathed out as you sat down beside him on the sofa, kissing up and down his neck as he let out some small shallow breathes. 
"Y-Y/n, what are you doing?" His voice cracked a little as he felt your lips on his skin, his cock already beginning to get hard because of the dress you were wearing. He'd picked it for you months ago and now you were using it again him.
"I made a nice little dinner for us both to enjoy and you've let it all go to waste," You said in a disapproving tone, tutting a little as he let out a small whimper when you sucked on his neck. Making sure to leave a faint mark that could easily be covered by a little make-up.
"Now I'm going to tease you until you're bursting to cum all over my face," You bit down on his ear and he whimpered some more, hips bucking at the thought of it all. 
"Why? W-Why would you tease me?" He looked at you with pleading eyes. You knew just how much he hated to be teased but this was easy. Teasing was so easy.
"I told you, you let your dinner go to waste...Because Payback is one hell of a bitch baby," You smirked at him getting up from the sofa and standing in front of him again. Running your hands down the sides of your dress you lent forward a little to expose your breasts to him,
"I know you like this dress...It's the one I wore to your Christmas party," He remembered it, how could he forget it when it was one of the best nights of his life. 
"I-I remember," He whispered as he watched you running your hands up and down the velvet fabric, smirking as you caught him staring down the front of it. 
"The one where you took me into the bathroom and fucked me senseless?" He groans as you smirk a little, knowing that he remembers it well. 
"Just like then...." You leant forward, making sure to whisper in his ear,
"I'm not wearing any underwear," You breathed out before sitting down on the floor directly in front of him. Spreading your legs slowly so that he could see every part of you, every part of you that was usually his to explore but now it wasn't.
Running your fingers through your folds you whined a little, rolling your head back as you began to tease your own clit.
"I haven't touched myself like this in so long," Moaning out his name you rolled your hips up, smirking as you caught him staring at your hands. Picturing the way he would do this to you, the way he would touch you.
"I'm so wet baby...I've been thinking about you all day." You whined as Minho itched to be close to you, desperate to be the one that was making you moan like that. 
"Y/n." He warned but you ignored him, continuing to rub your clit with your thumb,
"I wanted you to come in from work," You let out a moan as you pushed two fingers into yourself, exaggerating just a little as you moaned. 
"Eat dinner with me and fuck me over the kitchen table," You whimpered at him,
"Your first day off in three weeks and you didn't even give me a kiss when I came in...just sat right on that game and paid no attention to me," You pouted as he began to try and touch himself but you playfully slapped his hand away from his pants.
"No! You are not allowed to touch yourself. Do you understand me? No touching yourself or me," You smirked before hearing a ding on the TV. Your head turned and you smiled bigger than before
"Oh? The boys are online!" Turning to look at him you knew that meant all of them were sitting at work playing the game, 
"Join their party and play a game with them." You titled your head to the side and Minho shook his head,
"I don't want to." Laughing a little at him you shook your head, 
"That wasn't a suggestion baby," You got up from your space and knelt down in front of him, running your hand down the crotch of his pants making sure to apply a little pressure where his hard cock was. 
"It was an Order...I want you to join their party while I blow you," Minho grumbled as he sat back on the sofa watching as you slowly took off the dress. Leaving it to hit the floor as you knelt back down in front of him.
"Join their party baby," You cooed, slowly taking him out of his pants and looking at him, his eyes never leaving yours as you put the head of his cock against your tongue. 
"Do it," You whispered as he finally grabbed the controller and microphone, joining the rest of them while you set to work on him. Pumping him in your hand as you watched him, his eyebrows knitting together as he did his best to sound fine,
"Yeah...A-Are you guys coming home soon?" His voice cracked as you licked from the base of his cock to the tip, running your tongue over the slit and smirking up at him.
"You're so fucking hard for me baby," You whispered low enough so that only he could hear but he sent you pleading eyes, begging you to take him into your mouth instead of teasing him with the idea of it.
Sliding your head down you began to bob your head slowly, taking him to the back of your throat and gagging just a little. You knew just how much Minho liked to hear you struggle around his cock. 
"S-Shit," He whined as you continued to move your head, the game quickly leaving his mind but you shook your head around him, pointing at the screen behind you as his character died. 
"They've got no idea how good I'm making you feel do they?" You smirked as you locked eyes with you as pumped his cock in your hand, running your thumb on the senstive underside of his dick and giggling a little. Minho growled at you as he muted his mic, staring down at you as he attempted to thrust back into your mouth. 
"P-Please Y/n," He moaned out as you shook your head, tapping the head of his dick on your tongue, 
"Tell me...does it feel good with my lips around you? Do you like it when I choke on your big cock?" He moaned out as you began to take him all the way to the back of your throat once again, enjoying the noises that left his mouth as you bobbed your head up and down. 
There it was, the little hip stutter he would do right before he was about to come so you pulled off him. Slowly moving your hand up and down as you smirked,
"I can feel you twitching...You're so close," He nodded at you, biting his lip as he watched you taking him back into your mouth, swirling your tongue around him as you glanced up at him. The game completely disregarded as he began to thrust his hips upwards to meet your mouth, grunting and moaning your name as loudly as he could. 
"That's it baby dump your load down my throat...Give me your sticky load while all your mates question why you're so quiet," You giggled as you took him back into your mouth, moving as fast as you could around him, using your hands to massage anything that you couldn't fit until you felt it. His eyes widened and he began to move around underneath you so you pulled away, moving yourself away from the sofa and smirking at him. Sweat dripping down his head as he looked at you confused.
"Oh...You're not cumming right now," You smirked, wiping the corners of your lips as you shook your head. Bending down in front of him to pick up the dress you had left on the floor. 
"Y/n...Fuck off, finish what you started." He moaned out as he looked at you, watching as you began to walk towards his bedroom. Your hips swinging that little extra since you knew that he would be watching you closely. 
"I'm going to bed baby, goodnight." You breathed out as you shut the door, climbing into bed and counting down the minutes until you knew he would follow you into the bedroom.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ 
Tumblr media
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hanjisbun · 2 days ago
hi !! how r u lola ? idk if uve seen it or not but i was wondering what was ur opinion of skz and sir kink ?? who’d be into it <3
hello val my love!!!!! i'm good ♡ how are u? also yessssssss sir kink............. i definitely think changbin, chan, and minho would definitely be into the sir kink...... i can see hyunjin and jeongin dabbling into it a little too... changbin's the type to grab you by the jaw and ask who's fucking you so well, and you’d better reply with sir, the way it slurs off your lips definitely sends him headfirst into orgasm <3 i can definitely see chan loving it, but he wouldn't enforce it super harshly into the bedroom, but when you do call him sir, he immediately melts („ᵕᴗᵕ„) minho would love to be called sir, he especially loves it when you places a pretty collar on you and with pleading eyes you politely ask for him to fuck you, slurring "yes, sir" to everything he says with a lovely fucked out expression..... hyunjin loves to just use the sir kink randomly, cooing about how pretty you sound calling him sir~ and jeongin would be the same as well!!!! it definitely gives him more of a adrenaline rush, loving the way you obediently refer to him as sir after he gags you with his cock ♡
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screechingstay · a day ago
imagine just stressing over work/school and minho comes home all happy, but sees you crying cause you're tired but you have to finish it and he just sits next to you, helping you get it done and then he helps you get ready for bed and you two cuddle the whole night <3
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multifandomfantasies · a month ago
stray kids’ secret dirty fantasies (18+)
Tumblr media
warnings: hard kinks for some members, described fantasies mention somnophilia (dubcon), pain kink (hair pulling, slapping, scratching, slight choking), knife play, humiliation, praise kink, overstimulation, orgasm control/chastity, traditional gender roles as a kink, slight breeding kink.
this is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only.
bang chan
he realizes it the first time you take a nap on the sofa of chan’s studio. the moment his eyes fell on your sleeping form - face smooth and relaxed against his favorite pillow, chest rising and sinking slowly, your lips slightly parted like petals of a rose in bloom - chan’s thoughts run wild. sure, he has known about somnophilia for a while, he definitely remembers occasionally getting off on a clip of a tired sub getting used while drifting off to sleep, but he never got how some people could go crazy over it. not until now. a deep sigh leaves you as you turn into a more comfortable position, mouth opening ever so slightly and before he can think about it chan runs his thumb over your lower lip carefully. his breath gets caught in his throat when you don’t react, not even a shadow of irritation passing over your calm face. you trust him, chan realizes and he feels his heart squeeze as well as his cock swell, you trust him to look out for you and care for you that you can allow yourself to be entirely vulnerable. chan runs his thumb over your pliant lip again and imagines his hands trailing further. would you get wet enough for him if he touched you oh so softly in secret? would you gasp the same way you always do when he pressed his thick cock into you for the first time? maybe it would be the feeling of him burying himself inside of you completely that would have you waking up. chan can envision you so clearly, bleary eyes looking up at him as you squirm from the unexpected intrusion. “it’s just me, babygirl,” he’d whisper to you. “just relax and let me take care of you, yeah?” he imagines your arms and legs wrapping around him like you’re inviting him in, then your body slowly going limp as his gentle thrusts rock you back to dreamland. chan gets pulled from his imagination when you - the real you in front of him - stir again, eyes fluttering open to meet his intense stare. “what is it?” you ask, puzzled by the way he’s staring at you. chan shrugs. “nothing, baby. you just looked so cute i couldn’t stop staring at you.”
lee know
minho knows you’ve always suspected how kinky he is and there have been a lot of open conversations and long nights of exploring some of his favorite fantasies together. but somehow minho still can’t get himself to share his interest in knife play with you. he keeps catching himself thinking about dragging the dull, flat side of the sharp object along your skin. would goosebumps bloom on your skin wherever his blade touches you? if he cut your panties off of you, would he find your pussy wet for him? would you looks at him with lust in your eyes? disgust? fear? it’s the thought of the latter that makes minho’s cock throb in the confines of his jeans. all attempts of stopping are thrown to the side now. minho presses the heel of his palm to his aching erection as he lets his thoughts run wild. would you beg him to actually use the knife on you? or beg him not to use it - promising you’d let him do whatever he liked? and would be be willing to hold a knife to his throat and whisper cold, hard threats into his ear with your sweet voice, if he asked you to? surprisingly it’s this thought that makes minho cum, soiling his boxers with his release. by the time he’s cleaned up minho has made up his mind: he has to talk to you about this.
the first time you had sex with changbin you asked him to touch himself for you, so you could see how to make him feel good. you honestly didn’t think too much about it, but changbin felt like he just got gut-punched. he was so embarrassed, but he couldn’t deny the hot flush of arousal rushing through his body when he rid himself of his pants and boxers and immediately felt your eyes fixated on his hard cock. his ears turned a cute shade of red, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he played with himself for you, the humiliation of being watched while masturbating settling in his stomach and adding on to his arousal. greedy for your reaction he couldn’t stop himself from mumbling about how much he’s been thinking about fucking you and how he needs you to sit on his dick now before he cums in his hand. “fuck, you’re shameless,” you told him, scrambling over to settle in his lap. changbin felt like his nerve endings just got electrified. yes, he was shameless, he was a pervert, he loved the feeling of you humiliating him and you saw right through him from the start. but after this first time nothing like that happens again. you don’t realize what it was that got him so frenzied - probably writing it off as nervousness for your first time together. it hasn’t been too long, you’re still exploring the feeling of each others bodies, not playing with any roles or kinks yet - but already changbin wishes you could see how much he needs you to push his limits again. he wants you to purposefully embarrass him this time. changbin needs it so bad, he’s ready to show you how desperate he is for you to treat him like the pitiful pervert he is.
it’s no secret that hyunjin likes it when you play rough. there’s no use trying to hide it with the way he gasps and moans when you pull at strands of his hair or dig your nails into the skin of his back. but you still don’t know how much hyunjin truly gets off on you inflicting pain on him. when you run your fingers through his hair he can’t help but wish you would replace your gentle grip with a more vicious one, twisting and tugging at his roots until his eyes are brimming with tears and he can’t do anything but move exactly the way you want him to. he wishes you would grab his jaw with unyielding hands, nails digging into his soft cheeks so hard he can still feel the phantom of your touch afterwards. whenever he feels your fingers trailing down his back he can’t stop thinking about how your they would feel wrapped around his throat or mercilessly pushing down on his tongue until he has to fight his gag reflex and starts crying for you. and even out of the bedroom, hyunjin can’t stare at your hands for too long without imagining their red imprint on his face, his hot tears spilling down his stinging cheek as he begs you to hurt him more. he’s unsure if his fantasies are too intense for you. despite having an open mind, would you want to use up your precious energy to satisfy a depraved masochist like him? so hyunjin reserves this part of him for his alone time and settles for rutting his aching cock against a pillow, his own hands in his hair, his desperate cries of “i’m your painslut, i’m your painslut” ringing through the empty room.
jisung’s usually very vocal about what he wants and needs in bed. no matter how kinky or unusual his fantasies get, jisung is never too shy to show you something he saw in a porn video or heard another member talk about. it doesn’t matter if he’s domming or subbing, jisung is always running his mouth, letting you know just how to get him there. that’s why he can’t quite explain himself why he seems to be unable to tell you about his praise kink. maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to ask you to call him a good boy, he wants to deserve it. it’s so hard for him to follow rules though, even when he is in a submissive headspace he’s trying to tease you and rile you up to make sure you’re going to give it to him harder. and he loves getting roughed up and punished because of this, but most of the time he can’t help but wish he would have obeyed you just a little more, just so he can hear those two words - “good boy” - fall from your lips. little does jisung know that you already figured out this adorable fetish of his a long time ago - it’s kind of hard to miss with how he keeps asking you “do you like this? how does it feel for you? does it feel good, baby?” or the way his hips kick every time you even begin to whisper the word “good”. you already have started purposefully sprinkling in praises for the smallest acts of obedience, just to see jisung trying to hold back a desperate whine. how clueless he is makes abusing your newfound power even more fun than it is already is.
you’ve dabbled in orgasm control a bit, usually with him in your lap and your hands moving up and down his leaking cock, slowing down whenever he got close a couple of times before finally granting him that big orgasm that makes his eyes roll back in his head from the bliss of releasing all the pent up frustration. but this is not enough for him. felix wants to be able to last longer for you even when he gets his dick inside of you. despite you telling him it’s cute that he always cums so easily for you and you’re more than happy with him getting you off with his fingers and his mouth, felix just wants to be a good fuck for you - to satisfy you not only with his fingers, tongue or sex toys but to be able to make you cum with his cock as well. he knows he can, he just needs more time! so felix practices with his fleshlight, gripping the toy with both of his hands as he fucks it with sloppy, irregular thrusts. he tries to imagine you telling him to stop when he gets close, pulling out with a frustrated groan, hips jerkily humping into the air as his cock seeks the friction of his toy. he manages to hold off once, maybe even twice, but usually his brain immediately wanders to you telling him it’s okay, you know he gets overwhelmed, he can just let go for you now. because you’re so good to him. you always know what to say and how to touch him, whispering soft praises in his ear and guiding him through his high whenever the feeling of your soft, warm walls has him cumming in mere minutes again. he loves the way you take care of him but, fuck, sometimes he wishes you would just put him in chastity, lock his needy cock away in a cage so he can focus on purely giving pleasure to you. but bringing this up to you, sincerely begging you to not let him cum because he just can’t help it if you don’t take full control of his body? he can’t imagine anything more pathetic. so he doesn’t let himself do that, not yet. he’ll prove he can be good for you by finishing his own training first.
he loves all the cute and domestic aspects of your relationship. he loves texting you good morning and good night, loves holding your hand when you go grocery shopping, loves eating your homemade food when he’s come down with a cold. both of you have busy schedules though, so you can’t be with each other as much as you’d like. seungmin knows the two of you have all the time in the world to build your relationship more and he absolutely adores the independent person that you are. but sometimes, when he’s alone in another hotel room, with his hand on his cock and you on his mind, seungmin imagines your wedding night. he imagines you finally letting him fuck you raw, begging him to breed you. he imagines you waiting for him in his favorite skirt and an apron when he comes home from work every night. he imagines you being a good, pliant housewife who bends over and let’s him use you whenever he needs to relieve stress, whimpering for his cum. seungmin swears he loves your relationship just the way it is, but there’s something about that image that makes his orgasms so much more intense.
he’s not quite sure when it started, but jeongin knows he has an obsession with overstimulation. there’s really no denying it when he finds himself searching up those videos every day, fascinated with clips of desperate girls being rubbed and licked and played with until they’re squirting and crying only to then get touched some more. it seems so intense, so obscene to watch someone to be forced to let go like this, that jeongin feels his throat drying and the beginnings of a hard-on forming in his pants when he just thinks about it. is it really possible to give someone so much pleasure that it seems like their mind breaks? to make someone cum over and over again until they can’t think or speak or stop drooling? would he be able to do that to you if you let him try? one time, in a random surge of confidence jeongin had let his fingers brush over your clit after both of you already came, rubbing one, two, three messy circles against your throbbing bundle of nerves before you pushed his hand away. however he hadn’t missed the surprised sound you made at that first touch, your pussy suddenly clamping down on his softening dick that was still buried inside you and making both of you shiver with sensitivity. jeongin keeps replaying that moment in his mind, imagining what would have happened if you had just let him keep on touching you. but he has to consider that so far the two of you have had sex only on a handful of occasions. and you having to show him how to make you cum the first couple of times before he got the hang of it has him questioning whether or not he would be able to really get you to that point of overstimulation without your guidance. no, he decides, he has to wait until he knows your body better before suggesting this type of thing. for now it will remain his secret fantasy.
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matryosika · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing – lee know x reader
word count – 6.2 k
warnings – virgin!reader, dilf!minho, sir kink, corruption kink, dirty talk, breeding kink, masturbation (f and m), squirting, blowjob, creampie, unprotected sex
note – english is not my first language and i didn't read this before uploading, so i apologize for any mistakes made in advance!
Tumblr media
ever since he saw you walking into his office, minho knew you were going to cause him trouble.
it might have been your innocent looks or how you knew so much about everything and nothing at the same time, but he couldn’t help his attraction towards you. the way you talked, walked and moved bewitched him since the very first time you set foot into his office.
“i’m y/n, sir” you had said with both of your hands behind your back, bowing down politely to him, “thank you so much for this opportunity”.
and just like that, you never left his mind. he would never admit it out loud, nor to his work partners or himself, but he would often dream about you in his sleep. touching your soft skin, ripping those cute dresses from your body, teaching you all sorts of things he was sure you had never experienced before. however, as soon as the sun rises, he is forced to lock down all those filthy desires, only releasing them once he comes back from work, finishing his day by stroking himself to the thought of you.
“you wanted to see me, sir?” you questioned, your head slightly poking through his office door.
sir. it didn’t matter how many times you had used that title on him, he could never get enough of it.
“y/n, come in” he mumbled, leaving the sheets of papers he was reading on his desk. you walked in holding the strap of your purse on your shoulder, wondering what could possibly your boss need from you on a friday night. “can you please close the door for me?”
you did as you were told even though the task was rather pointless since the whole building had been empty for at least 30 minutes now, no noise or person could ever interrupt that little meeting between the two of you.
“is there something i can do for you?” you asked, walking slowly towards the two individual sofas placed in front of minho’s desk. he signaled you to them, a silent request for you to take a seat.
“your internship period is about to end soon” he mumbled, his whole body resting its weight on the comfortable leather office chair. “you are aware of that, aren’t you?”
“yes sir” you replied, swallowing hard in anticipation. you knew where this whole conversation was going, when you got the interview you were told that, based on your performance, there was a small possibility for you to move from an internship to a full-time job.
but you were simply not ready to hear the verdict from him.
“i had a meeting today, with my co-workers,” he continued, playing with his fingers as he penetrative gaze fixed on you. “we talked and evaluated your performance as an intern”.
you sat there in silence, tilting your head slightly as you waited for his response, but he didn’t continue on talking.
“they said very nice things about you, you should know that” he replied, giving you a soft smile that almost resembled a smirk, a twisted feeling growing up in your lower abdomen as the meeting continued, “but you already know that, at the end of the day, the only decision that matters is mine”.
you nodded slightly, setting your gaze on the hems of your dress in an attempt to avoid maintaining eye contact with him, your mind being too weak to even bear such a small action.
“and what do you think, sir?”
minho licked his lips slowly, his whole body burning at the image of you struggling to even look at him. “i think you are doing great” he finally responded, a small sigh escaping your lips as if you were holding your breathing waiting for his verdict “i would love to have you working for me”.
your eyes finally dared to take a look at him, and you gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen on you “thank you, sir”.
“don’t thank me” minho insisted, feeling shivers all over his body once your glossy eyes found his, “you did it all by yourself”.
you smiled again, feeling ten times more relieved than when you walked through his office. “is there anything else i can do for you or…?”
“do you have somewhere to be?” he inquired, a faint smirk appearing on his face again.
feeling sexually attracted to minho was nothing new inside of your mind, but you were too embarrassed about it to admit it. you were probably the youngest among the people working there, probably most unexperienced in life as well, so you spent the last six months trying to convince yourself that, if minho were to fuck one of his subordinates it was definitely not going to be you.
even so, you constantly found yourself squeezing your thighs together whenever he was around, your mind traveling to forbidden places and dreaming about your whole body being completely used for his own pleasure.
“not really” you answered, your heart pathetically racing at nothing but a trivial question “what about you?”
“what about me?” he let out a deep laugh, making you think that maybe your question was out of place. maybe it was but, to be fair, your mind was working in pilot mode ever since you dared to make eye-contact with him. “i’ll just go home, have a drink and work some more”.
“i’ll probably end up doing the same thing” you admitted “minus the drinking part”.
“you don’t drink?”
“it makes me sleepy”
“ahhh” minho hummed, nodding as a sign of understanding. “one would’ve thought that women in their twenties usually spend their weekends partying and drinking”.
“one would’ve thought that men in their thirties usually spend their weekends at bars or having expensive dinners” you counter-attacked. whoever heard that talk between you and your boss would’ve been weirded out, however, he always made sure to establish a relaxed work atmosphere with all his co-workers and subordinates, so this wasn’t really new to you.
“don’t get me wrong” he assured, his head slightly rolling to the back until it hit the backrest of his chair, “i do enjoy going out, but this has been a stressful week and i’d rather spend the weekend at home”.
“why don’t i-” you started talking, but your tongue didn’t seem to be connected with your mind. “why don’t i give you a shoulder massage?”. he tilted his head at you in confusion, both of his dark eyes fixing on the way your lips trembled after finishing that controversial sentence, “it sometimes helps”.
he thought long about your suggestion, but he couldn’t turn it down. not when you were basically putting yourself on a silver tray for him, even if that was not your initial intention.
but little did he know that, just like him, you went home every night thinking about all the things you were willing to let him do to you.
“go ahead” he finally gave in, his body tensing up instead of relaxing as soon as you left your seat to walk towards him.
you knew what you wanted, but you never thought you were going to be this close to get it. with that being said, and after he gave you permission to touch him, your mind went completely blank. you didn’t think he would agree to it, but now both of your hands were placed on his broad shoulders trying to release him from the burn out stress, your senses completely numb as you heard faint groans trying to escape his lips every time you stimulated his muscles.
“just like that” he sighed, rolling his head slightly back with both of his eyes closed. the rather sinful noises that were coming out of his lips made you reconsider your whole twisted act, but you couldn’t even begin to regret it. not when the soft fabric of his shirt was against the palms of your hands, his head tilted back with his soft lips parted, almost inviting you to place a kiss on them “your hands feel heavenly”.
and even though the context of the situation was not exactly sexual, you found yourself squeezing your thighs together while your hands rubbed against his shoulders, your tight cunt clenching around thin air and begging to be filled.
“sir…” you whispered, your exes admiring the grimaces of pleasure and pain reflected in his face “does it feel good?”
he let out a deep sigh before opening his eyes, his gaze feeling ten times heavier than usual and making your whole body tremble in its place, the pressure of your hands on his shoulder increasing as a couple of silent seconds passed by.
“what are you doing?” he bluntly asked, your whole body freezing completely from your head to the tip of your toes.
i should’ve think this whole thing through.
“i’m sorry” you panted, your anxiety almost eating you alive. in the heat of the moment, all you wanted was to approach him, but you failed to consider that maybe he didn’t want you in that way or, in the worst case scenario, that this could end up pretty bad for you. “i-” you stuttered, your hands abandoning his shoulders in order to walk towards your previous seat, ready to grab your purse and leave his office.
“did i tell you to stop?” his soft voice questioned again, your heart now racing at 1000 miles per hour. “keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his eyes admiring the fear and confusion plastered in your face.
you stood near his chair for a few seconds, your mind going blank and your whole body completely disconnected from your brain. however, you understood that this opportunity was probably going to be one in a million so, with all the fear in the world, your hands returned to its original place, his head rolling back again at the feeling of your warm touch.
“i asked you a question though” he mumbled while closing his eyes, his breathing getting heavier as time passed. “are you going to answer me?”
“i- i’m not… i’m not doing anything, sir” you answered, biting your lower lip as you continued on working on his shoulders.
“right” he sighed, one of his hands caressing the arms of the chair he was sitting on. a couple of minutes passed by in silence, your hands maneuvering his muscles while occasional groans and sighs left his mouth.
“well, y/n, that would be it,” he mumbled in between groans, his hands loosening the tie he was wearing while his body settled down on his seat “you can go home now”.
your hands withdrew from your body, the burning sensation of the shirt’s soft fabric getting imprinted in your skin. you looked at him for a few seconds, your mind battling between shooting your shot or picking up your things and leave his office.
however, shooting your shot was definitely a plan without steps. you wanted his attention and his desire but, other than that, you were not quite sure what you else wanted from him. a kiss? his touch? his words?
“sir” you whispered, looking at minho’s hands going through the paperwork on his table. his gaze lifted up slightly to find you again playing with your hands.
“yes?” he asked with such an endearing, yet intimidating, tone. you looked at him in silence and he did the same thing, licking his lips while his eyes traveled from your gaze to your mouth. “y/n, i can’t read minds, you need to use your words”.
and fueled by the way he looked at you, you took all the courage to speak up “can i stay a little longer?”
it was impossible for him not to smirk at your voice saying those 6 magic words while knowing the meaning behind them. he understood what you meant, but he also needed you to be completely clear about it.
“and what exactly do you want to do?” he questioned, standing from his seat as he walked towards you. “do you have any more questions about the meeting i had today or-”
“can i kiss you?” you asked, taking him by surprise. to be completely honest, never in your life you had felt more stupid than you did right now, standing in front of him with your rosy cheeks, your whole skin burning while both of your hands were behind your back.
you were twenty one years old asking for an older man to kiss you as if you were a teenager. you were going to be lucky as fuck if he didn’t laugh in your face at such dumb request.
“you want to kiss me?” he inquired again, his body moving too close to yours. the air that you were breathing finally mixed with him, your chest feeling heavy every time he tilted his head at mere centimeters from your face. “since when do you want to kiss me?”
“a while” you admitted, “i just want to know how it feels like”.
“you’ve never kissed anyone before?” he replied with a surprised tone in his voice, maybe too surprising for your own liking.
“no, i have” you were quick to answer “but i want to feel how it’s like to kiss you”.
“do you want to kiss me,” he continued “or do you want me to kiss you?”
“what’s the difference?” you asked, only to fall completely in silence once he pressed his lips against yours.
and only then, you understood the difference of what he meant.
his lips attacked yours slowly, parting them slightly to allow his tongue inside of you, licking and tasting every single place of your mouth. his hands, that were once inside the pockets of his black pants, were now resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer, feeling the heat of his body a hundred times more than you did before.
you couldn’t help but moan against him once you felt his teeth gripping your lower lips, the painful sting sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.
he was a good kisser, even better than what you had imagined him to be.
“what else do you want?” he questioned in between kisses, his shortness of breath covering your whole skin with goosebumps.
“do you want to do something with me?” you boldly ask, however, your voice never left its sweet and calming tone, something that drove him insane.
“there are a lot of things i want to do with you, y/n” he admitted, peppering kisses along your jaw and neck “but i’m not sure if i’m allowed to do them”.
“why not?” you sighed, one of your hands traveling all the way to his hair while you pushed his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
“i’m not sure what your limits are”.
“you can test them” you mumbled with broken words, your body trembling every time his teeth gripped your soft skin “it would be the first time someone does that”.
he stopped kissing you for a bit while his eyes fixed on yours for mere seconds. “you haven’t-”
“no” you replied without leaving him any more time to finish his question, even though you knew what he was going to ask “the most extreme thing i’ve done is kissing someone”.
he looked at you in awe, but it was different this time. you’d dare to say that your words excited him, but you could be wrong: maybe he liked experienced women, or someone who was not as immature as you were.
however, your doubts were all cleared out once a devilish smile appeared on his face.
“are you familiar with the traffic-light system, y/n?” he inquired, taking your hand and guiding you all the way to the leather chair he was sitting at the beginning of the meeting. he sat down with both of his legs slightly parted, one of his hands palming his lap for you to sit on. you licked your lips in anticipation as you placed both of your legs on each side of his thighs, sitting right on top of his growing bulge.
it was inevitable but, as soon as your hot clothed core made contact with his erection, you let out a soft moan earning a smirk from the man himself.
“say green if you want me to keep going, yellow if you are unsure and red if you want me to stop” he ordered, placing both of his hands on your ass while lifting you dress up “understood?”
you nodded, gasping as his nails digged into the soft flesh of your ass and thighs, the coldness of his rings sending sparks of electricity inside you, specially to your nipples that were painfully hard under your top underwear.
one of his hands traveled to your back as he pulled you in closer, kissing you for the second time in the night. however, this time it felt needier, hungrier. his lips moved faster than before and you were not quite sure if you liked this pace more than the slow, sensual one. but as soon as you felt his tongue grazing against yours, your mind went completely blank again. your hips involuntarily grinded against him, making you moan against his lips while he held you close to him.
“look, y/n” he muttered with a hitched breath, breaking the kiss from time to time “look how your body reacts under my touch”.
you moaned once again at his words, bucking your hips with even more eagerness once you realized that it came natural. he gripped your butt harshly once again, his hand moving away for a few seconds only to be replaced by the sting of a spank, making you gasp in pain. “color?”
“green, sir”.
he continued on kissing you while you rode his lap, receiving spanks from time to time while you moaned against his lips. “have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he asked, breaking the kiss completely.
you nodded with an accelerating breath, realizing how uncomfortable the clothes you were wearing felt against your sweaty body. “tell me about it” he pleaded, his hands gripping your hips while he guided your movements on his lap “tell me what you think about when you touch yourself.''
you gave him a hesitant look, always being too shy to say those kinds of things out loud. however, you were already too out of your mind and completing such a task was not going to be hard, specially when your dripping cunt was brushing over and over his erection.
“i think about you fucking me” you mumbled, bucking your hips on top of him “i dream about your voice telling me how good i feel around you, your hands touching every single part of my body”.
“is that what you truly want?” he questioned again.
“yes, sir” you replied “i want you to be the first man to fuck me”.
he couldn’t understand why, but your words only made his cock harder against his pants. he always dreamed about ruining you, using your body as he pleased. he dreamed about railing you to tears, making you unable to think or speak other than his name. but finding out that you were a virgin excited him in ways he couldn’t describe. knowing that he was going to be the first one to truly ruin you completely was something he never thought about but truly needed.
without asking any more questions, he lifted you from his lap, standing up as well in the process. he rested your body on his desk, lifting your dress over your arms to completely get rid of it.
“color?” he questioned while the tip of his digits caressed the hems of your underwear, watching the piece of clothing completely soaked once you opened your legs for him.
“green” you sighed, your heart skipping a bit as minho’s hands dragged your underwear along your legs and off of your body.
he took a step back to admire you completely, his gaze focusing particularly on your dripping pussy, thinking about how many times he could cum inside of his pants just with that sight.
“are you always this wet, y/n?” minho mumbled, licking his lips in despair, not being able to wait any more to take a taste from you.
“only when i think about you” you admitted, your knuckles turning white from how hard you were grasping the edge of his desk.
“you have a good mouth” minho admitted, kneeling before you and placing both of your legs over his shoulders, his hot breath now caressing your exposed cunt “can you use it to moan my name?”
you looked at him nervously, your legs fairly spreaded for him to dive in your cunt with his finger and mouth.
you had fucked yourself with your fingers before, but they were probably not as good as his. even though you were lubricated with your own juices, you were afraid to feel any kind of unpleasant pain
“i promise you it will feel good” he muttered against the skin of your thighs as if he was reading your mind, “if you don’t like it, i’ll stop”.
you nodded again, your head falling back instantly as soon as you felt his hot tongue rubbing against your bundle of nerves, not giving you any time to prepare yourself for such an intense sensation.
the sight of having him in between your legs was something that you were not going to forget, his cold gaze fixed on how your breasts bounced every time you moved or how the grimaces of pleasure ruined your innocent features. you moaned his name over and over, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his mouth against your throbbing cunt.
“fuck, sir-” you whined, arching your back as soon as you felt one of his fingers inside your pussy “fuck, fuck, fuck”
“does it feel good, y/n?” he groaned.
“god, it feels amazing” you gasp, your hips grinding against his face at a brutal pace “please don’t stop sir, please”.
“i won’t” minho’s deep voice mumbled “i won’t stop until you cum on my mouth”.
soon, you started feeling a familiar sensation on your lower abdomen and back. it felt like those times you touched yourself on your own, but ten times more powerful. both of your legs started to shake around him but he was quick to hold one of them in place with his free hand. “keep them open for me, baby” he ordered, “we are almost there”.
once he felt you were ready, he inserted one more finger inside you. his tongue collected the last taste of your scent before abandoning your clit, the thumb of his opposite hand that was holding your leg a few seconds ago replacing it.
“sir, i don’t think i’ve felt this before” you cried, the task of keeping your legs opened becoming way too hard for you to handle it.
“it’s going to be alright” he cooed with accelerated breath, his fingers curling up inside you while they hit that sweet spot repeatedly. “does this feel good?”
“it does” you whined, almost screaming. your hips bucked against his fingers aggressively as his thumb rubbed your clit in circles, driving you to the edge in almost no time. “sir, it feels weird- fuck”.
“i know, y/n” he panted, licking his lips at the sight of your wetness making a mess on his work desk. “just let go, baby”.
as soon as you felt the knot coming undone, you opened your eyes to find him in front of you. his veins popping up on his arms and neck, his swollen pink lips glistening with the mixture of his saliva and your arousal, his loosened tie and the painful erection brushing against one of your thighs was just what you needed to come undone on his fingers.
“that’s a good girl” he praised, his whole body ablazing at your attempt to keep your eyes on him and failing almost immediatly, your eyes going completely blank and empty as soon as you reached your first high. “look at you, y/n, already learning how to take my fingers”.
“minho-” you painfully moaned, the first time you ever referred to him by his name instead of the title you have him.
“keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his fingers abusing your throbbing cunt at a faster pace than before “keep on saying my name until you are done”.
“minho” you screamed again, your throat now completely dry “god, it feels so fucking good”.
“i know, baby” he mumbled, still curling up his fingers inside you and making your whole body shake under him "the way you are clenching around my fingers says it all".
and with only one more thrust of them inside you, your arousal took complete control of your body. however, this time was nothing like when you touched yourself on your own.
it was far from being the same.
his whole desk got covered with your juices, both of your thighs glistening with your arousal as minho's hand smeared it all over you. "oh my fucking god" you gasped, your eyes instantly falling at the mess you just made both on his desk and him.
"you did so, so well" he praised, his soaked fingers forcing themselves inside of your mouth. "look at you, taking your boss's fingers like this".
"i am sorry" you mumbled still with his fingers inside of your mouth, drooling all over them while your cheeks turned red, "i made a mess".
"why are you embarrassed, baby?" his soft voice ask, thrusting his fingers inside of your mouth while you sucked on them, "this is just the proof of how good i can make you feel".
"i didn't know it would feel this good" you panted, still trying to recover from the nerve-wrecking arousal you just had. "it felt better than when i do it by my own"
"of course, y/n" he mumbled while letting out a deep laugh, somewhat moved and aroused by your pureness. "i promised you i was going to make you feel good".
you looked at him and then lowered your gaze to his throbbing bulge, too evident for him to even try to hide it. "what?“
"can i?" you softly asked, your eyes fixed on his tight black pants.
"do you want to suck me off?" he asked, both of his hands unclenching his belt without losing any more time "have you done that before?"
you shook your head, standing up from his desk while minho's body sat down on the same leather chair as before. he didn't bother to take his clothes off, only freeing his painfully hard cock from his pants and underwear.
"come here, y/n" he ordered, making you kneel almost instantly in front of him. you licked your lips in excitement, curious about how it would feel to have your boss's cock stretching your mouth deliciously. "do you want me to teach you how to properly suck my cock, baby?"
you looked at him in the eyes and nodded again, your small hands instinctively traveling to his cock, touching it and stroking him slightly.
"open your mouth for me" he commanded, smiling at how quick you followed his order by sticking your tongue out. "come closer, lick the tip of my cock".
you flattened your tongue around the pink head, the taste of his pre-cum flooding your senses while you eagerly started to suck him off like a lollipop, moved by only your instincts.
"you have always been a quick learner" he groaned, his hands caressing your hair as he maintained eye-contact with you, his cold gaze getting you wet all over again. "keep on sucking me like that, all the way down baby".
after a few attempts, you managed to take half of his length inside of your mouth, hearing faint laughs as you failed to do so without tearing up or crying. "you look so precious like this" he moaned, "your cute eyes tearing up while having my cock halfway down your throat, drooling all over it".
"mhm?" you hummed having him inside you, sending waves of pleasure all along his body.
"mhm, y/n" he repeated, his hand slightly pushing your mouth even more on his cock. "give me your hand" he ordered, "and try to hold your breath for me, can you do that?"
you nodded giving him a last glance before closing your eyes, his hands forcing his whole length inside you making him groan against you. "that's my good fucking girl" he panted, repeatedly guiding your movements on his cock "such a big girl now, aren't you?"
you squeezed his hand and he took it as a sign to let go of you, breathing frantically as soon as you were able to catch some air.
"it's not that hard, is it baby?" he questioned, "you managed to take your first cock this well".
you gave him a soft smile with glossy eyes, his cock twitching almost instantly at the sight. "color?" he asked, his digits brushing your hand slightly.
"green, sir" you mumbled, looking at his cock and clenching at the imagination of how it would feel stretching your inner walls, "i want to".
"mhm?" he asked, getting off from his seat and placing your body over the messy desk, your whole body getting dirty with your fluids, "you really want me to be your first?"
"i have dreamed about this for months now, sir" you whispered, opening your legs and exposing your throbbing cunt for him once again, "i want to take you, even if it hurts".
"i'll make sure to make you feel good, y/n" he mumbled one of his hands opening the drawer to pull out a small, metallic package, "you don't need to be afraid, i will take care of you".
"actually, sir-" you intervened before he could open the condom, "i want to feel you completely".
having the package in between his teeth, he gave you a filthy look. almost as filthy as the image of his throbbing cock exposed, while still being fully clothed.
"are you sure?" he asked, hoping that the answer coming out of your lips was a yes instead of a no.
"mhm" you hummed "please, fuck me raw".
you didn't have to tell him twice before he threw the package away, his saliva-coated cock tracing your slit slightly, making your whole body shudder. "it might hurt at first, baby" he mumbled, his jaw clenched at the warm feeling of your slippery cunt against his length, "but once you get used to it, you are going to love having me inside".
you opened your legs even more for him, signaling that you were ready to receive him.
slowly, his cock entered your tight walls little by little, making both of your hands grasp for dear life on his desk.
"god, it hurts" you admitted, your eyes closing shut at the overwhelming feeling.
he wouldn't admit it out loud, but knowing that he was inflicting you pain turned him on in ways he couldn't explain. your cunt was tight, maybe to the point that it could make him cum in less than a minute or two, but he was determined to make you cum one last time before he had his sweet released.
"shhhh" he whispered, looking at how the tears started to prick in the corners of your eyes, "i know you can take me, y/n".
his length finally filled you up completely and he stood there inside you for a few seconds, giving you the chance to adjust yourself to his girth.
"your cock feels so big inside me, sir" you panted, still with your eyes closed as you tried to bear the pain. "it fills me up just fine".
"you have no idea how many times i've cum by thinking about you this way" minho grunted, both of his hands resting on his hips. "every night i touched myself thinking about you, about your pretty face covered in my cum, your pretty breasts bouncing as i pound you hard and your tight cunt clenching around me, making me cum inside you".
it was at his last sentence where he felt you clenching almost aggressively around him, biting your lip as your back slightly arched against the desk.
"you would like that?" he questioned, "you want me to cum inside you?"
and there it was again, the same feeling.
"don't tell me you have dreamed about that too" he whispered, his hips moving slowly only to slam his cock inside you again earning a gasp out of you.
"that's why i wanted it r-raw" you mumbled with broken words, the painful feeling suddenly becoming pleasure in a matter of seconds, "i fantasize about you filling me up with your cum".
and just like that, a spark ignited inside of minho's body.
he always felt attracted to your innocent and bubbly aura, how you managed to be sensual and sweet at the same time. he never thought about your sexual preferences or what you liked in bed, he just truly enjoyed the image of you being completely ruined by him, no matter what your likes and dislikes were.
but now that he had you in front of him, admitting to fantasizing about being breeded with zero sexual experience whatsoever… it made him realize that the only innocence you had was illustrated in your eyes and nothing more.
his thrusts began to acquire a faster pace, your cunt instantly adjusting to the size of his girth. he leaned on to be even closer to you, even though the position was rather uncomfortable.
"you fantasize about me breeding you?" he groaned, one of his hands finding your bundle of nerves to begin rubbing circles on it. "you are inexperienced and yet your whole body is demanding for my cum".
"breeding?" you inquired in between broken moans.
"mhm" he groaned, still pounding himself into you. "you want me to breed you, baby."
"i want you to breed me" you repeated like a person who just learned something they didn't before. "i've dreamed about that oft- fuck".
his thrusts accelerated every time you said those magic words as if they were some sort of key concept for him to lose his mind. "i want you to fill me up completely please" you cried, feeling how the stimulation on your clit was doing it's job, "i want you to cum inside my tight pussy, sir".
for him, it was heavenly to hear you talk about yourself like that. there was something compelling about being able to see you in this space, the lovely student y/n who worked hard and did everything right losing her mind completely about a crumb of his cock… that was something he will never forget.
"fuck, fuck, fuck" you moaned as his thumb increased the pressure on your clit, making your hips moving against your cock everytime he slammed it inside you, "minho-"
"use your words, y/n" he barely moaned, his words sounding like incoherent babbling at times.
"i am going to cum on your cock again" you warned wanting to close both of your legs around him but not being able to. "fuck, it hurts".
"keep on going baby" he ordered, his hips losing their pace "i know you can cum one more time for me, even if it hurts".
you opened your eyes and fixed them on him, tears of sweat streaming down his face as his cold gaze landed on your bouncing breasts every time he slammed his length into you.
one of your hands traveled to his tie, grabbing it in an attempt to get him closer to your body.
"are you ready to cum, y/n?" he questioned but, judging by how hard you clenched around him and how constant the grimaces of pleasure appeared on your face, he already knew the answer.
"i'm cumming" you chanted, your hips grinding pathetically against him, "god, minho, it feels so-"
"keep on going, y/n" he ordered, his thrust becoming sloppier every time your walls hugged his length. "scream my name, i want you to remember who made you feel this good for the first time.
"min-minho" you cried, your back completely arched from his desk "please breed me, please, please, please".
the desperate and needy tone of your voice begging for him to breed you at the highest point of your orgasm was everything he needed to reach his high as well, both of your legs instinctively closing around him to force his cum inside of you. with a few more thrusts and sinful noises, you started feeling a warm sensation on your lower abdomen, your walls painted completely white by no other than your boss.
"don't you dare waste any drops" he groaned, thrusting his leaking cum back inside you, "this is the reward good girls like you get when they learn how to properly take cock".
you looked at him with half-lidded eyes, trying to catch your breath. after a few moments, he withdrew from your cunt as a small amount of his arousal leaked out of you, quickly admiring the scene of your ruined pussy being marked by no other than him.
"will you reward me again in a future?" you panted still with your legs open, your hair and makeup completely messed up and your throbbing cunt leaking out minho's essence.
"only if you keep taking my cock this well, y/n".
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fullmoonstranger · 24 days ago
PervBf!StrayKids | Drabbles
warnings: straykids as your perverted boyfriends. smut under the cut.
This is written with my amazing friend @kagomekirigiri! She's lovely and she claims to be an innocent lil bean but we all know she's not lol (mwa i love you lots)
anyway, enjoy! we enjoyed writing this, so we hope you guys enjoy reading our perv!skz agenda :D
Tumblr media
Chan is all about visuals. Any physical way to mark you as his, any view that he knows only he can see, it completely sets him on fire. The sight of you in one of his hoodies, the sleeves covering your precious hands because you’re smaller than him and he needs to protect you, uuugh it runs a shiver down his spine every time he sees it. And hickies. Hickies everywhere on your body. It gets to a point where even if you stand still and calculatedly wear an outfit that covers it all, you’re still only a centimeter or two from showing a DOZEN different love bites. His favorite sight of all is the place where you two connect when he’s pounding into you. The sight of his dick pistoning in and out of your sopping pussy is enough to make him blow his load. It’s also enough for him to immediately firm up again, eyes trained on his release oozing out of your tight entrance as he rearranges your guts for a second time (then a third time, then a fourth). Pervert Bang Chan certainly gets off on acting innocent and soft in front of everyone but when he comes back home to you, his dick instantly gets hard and sometimes, just sometimes, he would make you wear clothes that don’t cover the pretty dark purple love bites when he senses his members getting too chummy with you.
The Dom King who wants to be a Sub Prince. Deeply turned on by the idea of you taking control and having him submit to you, but is way too prideful to ever admit it. So he tries to subtly set you up to take the reins like it’s your idea. Pins you to the wall and leaves rough dark hickies on your neck, when you complain that they’re visible he asks “What are you gonna do about it?”. He barely sleeps that night from the glare you gave him in return for that. He gets really into it whenever you make out while you’re in his lap, but even more so because he can imagine you digging your nails into his scalp and pressing down on him with a harsh order not to move. Purposely fastens the handcuffs he uses to bind you to the headboard loosely, then proceeds to edge you for hours in hopes that you’ll break free and TAKE the pleasure he’s denying you. Pervert Boyfriend Lee Know actually loves making you angry and slapping your ass in front of the boys just to see how you would react. And best believe that he would get hard when he sees his members hiding their hard ons when you whine at your ass getting smacked in front of them. Because he knows you will definitely spank him back home and there’s nothing more appealing than that to subby Minho.
Changbin is a perverted boyfriend who loves it when you hold his arm because that man is buff af. And he loves loves loves your boobs. He wouldn't ever tell you, but he gets hard everytime your tits squish against his arm!!! Most of the time he would purposely squish his arm onto the side of your boobs. Waiting in line for food together? Oops squish. Walking at the park in the evenings? Mmm squish. He just loves your tits so much, one time when you wore a deep neckline dress that revealed A LOT OF CLEAVAGE he just makes you sit on his lap while he shakes his legs because when he thinks about your tits bouncing, he also automatically thinks about your pussy too, so wedging his shaking leg between yours gives him a good feeling of your pussy. Oh and he would playfully just unhook your bra in public (yes, he finds it easy, he’s had a lot of practice as a boob connoisseur) and would act like it’s an accident, his big hands would immediately palm your tits from behind, telling you to stay still as he tries to hook your bra up again. And of course Changbin would act like he can’t hook them back together for a few times just so that he can feel your tits up in public as you whine and whimper. Once he finally shows mercy and hooks you back up, his hands instead fall to your hips as high thigh flexes underneath you. You’re both so riled up, you can cum from just this friction before the other members notice, right?
We all know he loves his hair. And he loves it even more when you play with it. Caress it, tug on it - anything. Literally anything! He would innocently tell you to braid his hair and you would do it, not knowing that he had his hands inside his pants, wanting to feel himself - literally feel - himself get hard under that flimsy pillow he places on his lap. He would never tell you about it though, he just loves touching himself when you're playing with his hair innocently. But when one day you were searching for his hair tie and you lifted the pillow because you wouldn't believe it when he said he didn't hide it, you were beyond shocked to see Hyunjin with one hand in his pants with the hair tie tied around the head of his cock over his pants. Guess that's why you always receive the hair tie from him all wet and soggy, which he would usually blame on his dog. Looks like Hyunjin needs to find another way to fulfill his perverted hiding needs…though, if you want to scold him by harshly pulling on his hair and calling him a pervert, he’d make the prettiest noises for you.
Say it with us, folks: HE WANTS TO BE CAUGHT! He is doing the bare minimum to hide it, but it’s more like edging himself for that glorious moment when you see him in one of his “guilty pleasures”. Totally an underwear stealer, especially if that means you have to go commando for a day or two. Definitely spends at least two rehearsal breaks per week with your panties wrapped around his throbbing cock, while his other hand is clutching one of your bras to his face for him to sniff and lick. Touches himself whenever he gets hard, which is WHENEVER YOU DO ANYTHING. Waits until you’re not looking, but only just barely. Considers you looking at the screen while you two watch a movie to be “not looking”. Definitely jerks it in the shower and “accidentally” leaves the door slightly open just in case you hear his needy moans. When you finally do catch him you better call out sick for work the next day because he’s pinning you down and having you in every position until the sun comes up. And if you go to work the next day with his cum in your cunt? He’ll love you forever.
Felix ties romantic love and sexual love together. So it’s not as much that he’s a closeted perv, it’s that he’s an oblivious one. Holding your hand and watching ducks at the park make him so happy and giggly! They also make him rock hard. If you wear a new sundress, especially one he helped you pick out, his freckles cheeks will turn the prettiest shade of pink and he’ll kiss you on your cheek and tell you that you look like a princess. He’ll ALSO ask in the same breath if you can give him a titfuck while you wear it once you two are home. Be careful never to compliment his baking, it’s such a loving and intimate experience that it’ll have him eating you out for hours. Pervert Boyfriend Felix just wants to be sweet, hold your hand and then place it on his dick, there’s really no in between with this guy.
Seungmin never considered himself to be a pervert. Even at this moment as he's watching you shower and jerking himself off everytime you hiss when your hand comes in contact with your nipples, he still doesn't consider himself as a pervert. He's your boyfriend and you've told him that he can do absolutely anything he wants with and to you, so this is obviously just normal boyfriend things, right...? (Seungmin is in denial). He would come back from work, all tired and ready to just pass out but gets worked up when he realizes that you're showering with the door unlocked. And what's more intriguing is that the past owner had a big window installed in the bathroom, so that they could watch the view but Seungmin knows that they were into some kinky shit and he loves it! He loves it too much because you go standing in the tub to shower, stark naked and the whole fucking neighbourhood can see you but you don't fucking care. And that's so hot to him, makes him cum in record time. But Seungmin being Seungmin, he would scoldingly act like he wants you to close the window blinds yet he’s the one who would break the string everytime the both of you fix it. When you invite him to shower with you one day, resulting in him fucking you right up against the glass, you find the blinds completely destroyed in the dumpster the next morning.
Out of everyone, I.N is the most unpredictable. He's always so smiley and sweet, listens very well to his hyungs (ofc with occasional teasing) but overall he just doesn't seem like someone who would be into perverted stuff. But that's definitely untrue because ever since he became a legal adult, he just does not need to care anymore about his child-like innocent image. This man is now an A+ certified DILF wannabe. Just look at him!!! As a boyfriend, his number 1 ritual is cumming on the outside of your pussy every morning. Yes, you heard right!! I.N doesn’t have that much experience and sometimes he can get a little too shy to ask you when he's needy but he found out that you didn't mind him cumming on you the first time he did it. So now, every morning, he would watch you sleep, push up the fabric of the shirt you're wearing so that your bare pussy is exposed to him and he would jerk off until his warm loads of cum land on your cunt. Bonus points if you wake up from it, his perverted mind just loves seeing you all groggy but then gets all shy and happy when you realize he just gave you his cum.
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planetdream · 24 days ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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peachychxn · 21 days ago
[ vanilla ] - skz reactions
↳ pairing — skz!member x gn!reader publish date — 26 . 07 . 2021 warnings — nsfw, suggestive, daddy kink, dirty talk, humiliation, pet names, exhibition, face sitting, bondange prompt — when you randomly call them "daddy" note — oh mah gosh, I wrote this yesterday but I forgot to save it ugh- anyways enjoy :D
Tumblr media
⌗ b. chan
he obviously wont admit that it does something to it at first
but when you randomly go up to his ear and say "daddy" in the most seductive tone possible
he'd be so shy, he'd try to hard his noticeable hard-on, but the moment you tease him you're in trouble
"ooh~ little channies shy~"
"oh really?"
he comes over to you lifting your head up by your chin "say that name again and we'll see whose shy darling"
⌗ l. minho
you feeling needy would come over to him and whisper that sinful name into his ear
his first instinct would be a judgmental face and be like "what the fuck are you doing"
when he sees you get embarrassed from what you decided to pull, he would smirk
"oh you like it don't you? such a needy slut"
new kink unlocked humiliation
he'd tease you about it to the point he'd have to fuck an answer out of you
⌗ s. changbin
you weren't very open about intimate things in this relationship, so when you call him THAT name he's shocked
he would bite his lip to hide a smile
but when he sees you becoming shy he'd retort so you aren't uncomfortable
"aww you look so cute when you're shy~" he'd pinch your cheeks
"and for the record I quite like that name"
soft sex with binnie unlocked :D
⌗ h. hyunjin
you guys were on a trip in the hotel room when you unpacked the toys you brought from home
"would you like these chains on me daddy?"
shy baby hyunnie~
he'd smile with his adorable eye smile and bite his lip
"yes, yes I would"
yes this was inspired by red lights-
⌗ h. jisung
you were accompanying your very hardworking boyfie in the studio
you would notice him struggling while writing the lyrics
so being the good partner you are suggest to relieve that stress
"daddy would you like me to help you?"
makes on :o face then turns it into a mischievous one
"yes daddy would like it if you would suck him nice and dry"
⌗ l. felix
he was drinking water and you started fantasizing about him
he literally looks so hot gulping down water
"can't wait to sit on your face daddy~" you pat his shoulder as you walk past him winking at him
poor boy choked on his water
regained his conscious and realized what you said
can't hide his smile for the rest of the day
⌗ k. seungmin
minho pt.2
when you say it to him in public he'd give you a disgusted look and you'd laugh seeing his reaction
under that façade he's blushing unbelievably
but what you don't know won't hurt you right?
when you guys go home oh its over for you
he slowly brings up the topic and fucks you against the kitchen counter when you say it again to tease him
⌗ y. jeongin
you guys were out for dinner when you had your and on his thigh while the waiter was taking your order
he didn't think of it much but when you whispered daddy in the middle of him talking making the waiter giggle
he go so embarrassed by that
"why would do do that?" "do what?" "call me daddy IN PUBLIC"
"ohhh~ well you looked cute all embarrassed"
he pinned you to his car when you were about to get in
"oh I'll show you cute get in the backseat"
Tumblr media
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chanscoffee · 21 hours ago
do i have a praise kink? yes. do i hide it? no. do i ever imagine soft dom minho whispering sweet things into my ear while fucking me from behind? also yes.
your face had been buried in the pillow for what seemed like hours. your back arched and ass on full display as minho pulls himself out to the tip before sheathing himself back inside you. “you’re taking me so well, angel.” minho groaned.
he brought his hand up to your neck, holding you down as he leaned forward. “look at you, taking my cock like the good little slut you are.”
“mhm, ‘m yours…” you moaned between your teeth.
“good.” minho trailed his hand down your back as he sat back up on his knees. “i’m gonna fuck you nice and open now, okay kitten? gonna make you messy, just how i like to see you.”
“yes, sir.”
and he did just that. you were a mess by the end, your sentences incoherent as minho released on your back, working through his orgasm by slowly fucking you.
minho had cleaned you up and laid next to you. “you did so well for me, love.”
“i did?” you looked over at him with soft eyes.
“mhm, so well. you looked so pretty taking me like that. i can’t wait for next time.”
“i love you,” you sighed blissfully, cuddling into his chest.
“i love you even more, love.” he kissed your forehead and you two lulled to sleep.
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seungminyoongi · 24 days ago
Skz React: You Try Being Dominant in Bed. NSFW.
Tumblr media
Contains: Stray Kids x Gn!Reader with female honorifics/pet names. I didn’t use talk of female anatomy so it could be as open to all as possible. Dom and Sub Skz. Daddy Kink. Mentions of rough sex. Light degradation. Dumbification? Maybe? Praise kink. Some elements of Crack humor.
A/N: Thank you so much for your patience with this request and for sending one in! Jisung’s made me cackle. Smut is under the cut. Enjoy! <3
Chan: Chan would be sweet about it, finding your attempts absolutely adorable. “Yeah, angel? Is that what we’re doing tonight?” He’d ask, enjoying how you looked above him. “Yes. I have decided.” You’d reply, tilting your chin up. He couldn’t help it, letting out a laugh as he cupped your cheek, thumb smoothing across the soft skin. “I love you so much, but you can’t intimidate me in the slightest.” And before you knew it the roles were reversed, Chan claiming his rightful spot, teeth nipping at your neck. His breath fanned across your neck, catching your ear. “Wouldn’t you prefer moaning like a whore for Daddy?” He’d tease, voice lower with more authority. “Fuck.” You’d curse, shutting your eyes as your hands grabbed onto his shirt. “Yes. Please.” You couldn’t help it, his way with words made it so easy to want to listen. “That’s my girl.” His praise your reward for behaving.
Minho: This man wouldn’t even give you a chance. The moment your eyes gave away that you were going to attempt to take over, he’d stop you in your tracks, wrists above your head as he pinned you against the wall. “You have two seconds to wipe that thought from your mind.” He’d warn, knee wedged between your thighs, pressing against you. “I wasn’t thinking about doing anything!” You defended, lying through your teeth. “I’m not an idiot, love. I know when you’re planning something.” You ended up just huffing in response, finding the position you were in incredibly hot. “Now, are you going to be a good kitten and let me do my job?” He’d question, pressing his knee further against you. A gasp would fall from your lips, nodding. And even though you never got to fully try it, you did get to find out that mildly pissing your boyfriend off made for an exciting night.
Changbin: Changbin I believe, while it not being his forte to listen, would be encouraging. He figures that everything deserves a shot, so he allowed you to take charge for a night. He’d coach you, filling you in on things to say and what would turn him on the most in these newfound positions. It would be fun, sometimes surprising yourself with forcing a particularly loud moan out of your boyfriend. “Fuck. Please do that again.” He’d groan, trying his best to not just flip you over and fuck you into the mattress. He’d actually find it hot, seeing you so confident and happy trying something new. So he made it a point to make it happen more often, self-restraining so you both had a good time. And fuck, did you look good above him.
Hyunjin: Hyunjin would love it. I believe that he is a very easy switch. That being said, all it takes is your hand pushing on his chest, forcing him to fall backwards onto the mattress for him to already start getting excited. “Wha—” He’d question as your hands took hold of his wrists, your legs on either side of his hips in a straddle. And it’s like an instant light switch, his eyes softer than before, wide and gazing up at you. His breath would start to stutter, chest rising and falling in an unsteady, anticipatory pace. “Are you going to be a good boy for me?” You’d ask condescendingly, pushing down any nervousness you had and replacing it with confidence. “God, yes.” He’d whisper, his pretty, plush lips parted to let out a shaky breath, already forming a bulge in his jeans. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you, Jinnie baby.” Your question would make Hyunjin whine, hips pushing up against yours, desperate for some sort of friction. “Please, I’m yours. Do anything you want. Just fuck me.”
Jisung: Jisung would humor you. He’d let you have your fun for a night, but it wouldn’t come easily. He’d become a total brat, a smug grin on his face every time you said a command, making you repeat yourself just because he could. “What was that, baby? You want me to what?” And it took everything in you not to chew him out for being such a little shit, but your knowledge of the power he secretly held over you prevented you from doing so. “I said strip.” You’d have to repeat with a sigh. “What’s in it for me?” His eyebrow would raise, a challenging look directed towards you. “For fuck’s sake, Jisung, you’re the biggest pain in my ass I’ve ever experienced.” But he’d end up doing it, encouraging you when you felt like it was hopeless. It was a win for the both of you: You got to experience being in charge, and he got to teach you a lesson in how infuriating brats could be. And you swore, if you heard him mock a “Yes ma’am” one more time, you were going to jail.
Felix: Felix would be pleasantly surprised. His eyebrow would quirk up when your sass turned into straight commands. “On your knees, pretty boy.” He knew he fucked up deep down, pushing your buttons until you got like this. He’d never seen it before, and his curiosity had gotten the best of him. “You think I’m going to do that so easily?” He’d feign confidence, his whole body craving listening to you. And when your eyes never changed from that same darkness that got him so flustered already, there’d be some silence. Your stare makes him absolutely crumble, slowly sinking to his knees. You’d lace your fingers into his hair, tugging his head back as you leaned down to meet his eyes, your intimidating laugh making his body shiver. “I can promise you this isn’t a joke.” And in that moment, if he didn’t regret pranking you on a day you were particularly stressed out, he definitely did now.
Seungmin: While I believe he is a hard Dom, he would be so annoyingly slick about it. You’d muster up the courage, worried about the consequences all day until you finally just did it, now straddling your boyfriend on the bed. “I’ve decided it’s my turn today.” You’d say with as much fake confidence as you could. And he would completely take you by surprise, not immediately snapping like you expected. Instead, his gaze would darken, hand coming up to brush some hair gently out of your face. “Is that right, angel?” He’d speak so gently, touch soft and warm. You’d nod, eyes already turning soft. “You don’t seem so confident in that. Are you sure?” He’d ask again, tone containing a sprinkle of condescending in it. He knew he had you wrapped around his finger when you crumbled, not able to respond as his thumb traced your bottom lip. “You’re my good girl. You want me to take over, don’t you?” His stupid smug smile, even from below you he held so much power. You nodded “Yes...” And it was game over, instantly flipped over and wholly realizing the consequences of your actions would be just as severe as you expected.
Jeongin: Probably nothing in the world would make Jeongin harder than you taking charge. He had tried before to get you to do it, attempts at being a handful to make you snap just hadn’t worked. And he had such a soft spot for you, utterly worshipping the ground you walked on. You caught on one day, noticing why he did the strange things he did like giving you sass for no reason and then immediately backing off. Finding him on the couch, a smug grin on your face, you approached with purpose. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, gaze soft and full of love. “Hey, princess, you coming to join me?” He’d ask, a soft smile on his face. And all of that changed instantly when your hand grabbed his jaw, forcing his head to look up at you. You felt his entire body go limp in your hold. “I was planning on using you a bit differently tonight.” You needed to work on your dirty talk, but it did the job when he nodded frantically, mouth falling open with stuttered words. “Y-yes ma’am. Please do.” And you swear you’ve never seen him move so quickly to the bedroom in your life.
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feliix · 4 months ago
skz scenarios : when they’re in the mood
Tumblr media
⤖ genre: smut (18+ only), fluff aspects
⤖ warnings: explicit & implicit sexual content
⤖ a/n: this drabble was written based on requests I have received! I am still accepting other requests like this one as well as mtls, if you’d like to suggest something for me to write let me know here♡
Tumblr media
~ nsfw under the cut ~
chan always shows that he’s in the mood by leaving touches that linger behind. each kiss would last a little longer than usual and his fingertips would never leave the surface of your skin until you know just what he wants. a satisfied smile sits perfectly on his lips as he watches you get worked up from his small movements, just the way he likes it.
minho clenches his jaw, showing off his perfect jawline with small veins protruding on his neck. his eyes visibly darken, drinking in each of your features with such fervor while he sizes you up. he isn't able to keep his hands off of you for very long, always finding his hand gripped to your thigh and inching its way upwards with each heated kiss placed to your lips.
you can tell when changbin is in the mood by just the look in his eye. his gaze noticeably darkens and you can feel the sexual tension radiates off his muscular frame. his body language turns into a series of fidgets and adjustments, the physical sensations from his growing need for you taking control of his movements.
its clear when hyunjin is needer than usual by the tone of his voice. the pitch of his voice deepens and the last syllable in each of his words always ends in a whine. the adams apple in his throat bobs with each harsh swallow that slowly trails down his neck.
jisung often pouts when he’s needy for your touch, his frame shrinking closer into your body as his face buries in your neck. he’d rather mumble about how badly he wants you into your ear than look you right in the eye and say so; only for him to pull away and laugh at how flustered you’ve become from his filthy words.
felix isn’t always good at communicating what he needs, so he would keep making small advances until you take notice. it starts with innocent kissing, leading to more tender touches. the build up is the most important part for him, worshipping over ever new inch of skin that becomes exposed as you lead up to the act.
seungmin becomes very tense when he’s in the mood. he may not come out and say it to you, but the frustration evident on his face makes it easy to tell. his fists grip into small fists and each of his movements become more rash. but as soon as your hands find him he instantly relaxes, knowing how good you always manage to make him feel.
jeongin needs to feel your touch when he's in the mood, doing anything he can to feel the contact of his skin on yours. whether its drawing small circles on your arm with his fingertips or snaking his arm up your shirt, you know he’s needy when he’s more touchy than usual.
Tumblr media
this work is copyright 2021 @sungiest, all rights reserved. do not repost, translate, or rewrite on any platform without permission.
Tumblr media
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eightlee · 2 months ago
awkward sex moments with stray kids.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nothing serious i was just bored but 18+ only.
accidentally put castaways on the sex playlist. 
(do i need to elaborate)
until he got a cramp 
he’s fucking you against the cupboard
yes, there’s some suspicious sounds of cracking and creaking 
but both of you were too high and horny to think about it
and a moment of silence for the cupboard door everyone. 
it breaks and you are pushed into the cupboard, changbin on top of you as both of you try to grasp what the fuck just happened. 
you yanked his hair too hard 
and some strands of his dried crispy blonde snaps just like that
leaving you with a small bunch of his hair in your hands
0/1000 never again. 
it’s been awhile since you got to meet jisung in person 
and you have just noticed how much gains his arm has had
you’re gawking over it and he suddenly picks you up bridal style, walking to the room
“i’ll show you what i can do with this arms baby-”
his foot is interrupted by the leg of the bed as he stubs his toe against it
and both of you fall onto the bed with a thud and the loudest scream
the mood is the most vanilla thing that could possibly happen
he’s slowly thrusting into you, pecking soft fluttery kisses onto your lips
until you accidentally graze on his ticklish sides with your foot as you wrapped your legs around him 
and his weight falls flat onto you, arms that once supported his weight gives into the sudden tickle. 
the two of you end up laughing for a good 3 minutes before continuing
gave you a judgmental look because he thought you farted
turns out he never knew what queefs were. 
his phone just wouldn’t shut up, the annoying ring tone ripping though the heated atmosphere.
it was his mom, again and again
the both of you gave up trying to ignore it 
he finally picks up the call to find out she just wanted to know why the fuck his brother wasn’t attending extra classes again. 
a/n: will not be writing for the next few weeks because of finals but i’m practically addicted to this app and slightly fomo so i’m still pretty active <3… but not as much! i was half crying when castaways suddenly played as i was doing this.
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hanjisbun · 2 days ago
thinking about being pressed up against the practice room mirrors, the rough drag and pull of minho’s cock hitting all the right spots in you as he gently rubs circles into your clit, murmuring “c’mon kitten, come for me, you wouldn’t want the others to walk in and catch us, right?” and the way you clench around his cock and moan over the thought of being caught definitely sends him spiraling (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
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multihoe-net · 2 months ago
office snack - lmh
Tumblr media
summary: You’re really trying to be a good employee, but Lee Minho, who has noticed your lingering stares, would rather have you being good for him instead.
pairing: Lee Know x female reader
genre: smut
warnings: dirty talking, dom minho, semi-public sex, fingering, choking, blowjob, cum eating, tons of teasing, unprotected sex (wrap it up).
word count: 3.4K
Tumblr media
Everyone has a guilty pleasure in life. Some in the chocolate bars, or that song you’re embarrassed to admit you listen to. To you, that’s Minho. He’s in a superior position than you, which makes him nothing but your boss. He’s known to be very diligent with his job, but he’s also nothing but an obnoxious tease when it comes to women.
That isn’t surprising considering how attractive he is physically, and to that, you could also add the intellect, discipline, and why not? the elegance.
Every single woman that has been around him has tried to hit on him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a client, a secretary, an associate... He has the same effect on all of them, in higher or lower positions, he’s just that charming. His cockiness and stern face often attracts the attention, especially because he knows how much people like him. He would flirt casually if he happens to like one of the victims, but just as fast as he flirts, he pretends like nothing ever happened.
And of course, you’re not an exception to that.
Here’s the thing. You’ve been struggling since the very first day because of him, always looking exquisite and untouchable with his half unbuttoned dressing shirts and big elegant suit jackets. His collarbone and part of his chest are always exposed, with chain necklaces hanging from his honey colored neck. You always try your best to do your tasks correctly, but it’s been a while since Minho started noticing your stares whenever he’s around. Your mouth half agape and mind drifting away to God knows where, he finds amusement in you being long gone enough not to notice that he has caught you with your eyes on him more than once.
He has such an effect on you, that despite the lack of sleep, you manage to look the best that you can each morning.
This day in particular, you arrive earlier at the office. You feel sleepy and the three cups of coffee you have already drank don’t seem to be of help.
Minho arrived shortly after you, and you thought you could avoid him for at least a couple of hours until the boss arrived, but instead of that, he apparently decided that your desk was going to be his first stop.
“Hey.” He says, snapping his fingers in front of you and pulling you out of your trance. Clearing your throat and feeling the blush covering your cheeks, you try to pretend like nothing happened, failing terribly. “The boss said he needs this paperwork for tomorrow morning.” He adds, pointing to a pile of papers now placed in front of you.
You blink a couple of times before you nod.
Paperwork again? What an exhausting motherfucking task. It makes your head ache in anticipation just to know you’ll have to be glued to your desk for the rest of the evening. Like, seriously? You’re not being paid enough to spend so much time sitting on a fucking chair and dealing with those numbers that seem to be endless. And on the other hand, why does he have to tell you that? Like, your boss could’ve called you and you would have been in his office in a minute. But no, he had chosen to send Minho, and what the fuck is he wearing? What’s with those perfectly styled chocolate strands of hair? What’s with those pink lips that he keeps wetting with that demonic tongue? As if you haven’t been having a shitty day already, he appears out of nowhere looking like the perfect definition of handmade by the gods. What a fucking prick, always behind your back checking on whatever the fuck you do, with his hands in his pockets and his strong cologne filling your nose, and that stupid, defined chest of his that-
“Are you even listening to me?” He asks again, cocking a brow with his arms folded over his chest. You mentally slap yourself, how can you be this stupid? You were getting lost in him, again.
“Yes, I’m sorry.” You apologize. “I’m just a little tired, that’s all. I’ll get the work done in time.” You quickly say, gathering folders and papers before standing up to go and get some copies. Minho doesn’t move an inch, but you can feel his piercing gaze following your moves.
“Hm. Yes, you better.” He agrees, as his lips curl upwards in a smirk you don’t get to see. “You sure you’re fine? You look tense.”
You look back at him from over your shoulder, forcing a smile as your heart thumps inside your chest. “Yes, don’t worry. I’ll let you know if I need something.” You roll your eyes afterwards, he’s having fun with the mess he’s creating.
With that, you’re quick to turn on your heels, walk around your desk and past him, leaving the office with him nodding the moment you glance at him one last time.
As you as you get on the elevator, you let out a sigh of relief. Seriously, what’s wrong with you and that throbbing feeling between your legs whenever he’s around? You better put your shit together before you mess up your work.
Tumblr media
That’s how a few hours went by. Luckily, Minho stopped walking around you long time ago and you were able to focus properly. You already have half of your tasks done the moment you find yourself starving. Standing up from your desk, you decide to take a break and grab something to eat now that the rest of the employees have left the cafeteria, which means a bit of quietness and time to be on your own for a little bit. Walking through the hallways, your mind is still filled with numbers, equations and statistics you wish could forget, stressing you out and you could say that even making you dizzy. Deep in your own thoughts, you’re about to enter the cafeteria, but before you can process what’s happening, a hand grabs you by the wrist and drags you into one of the empty conference rooms.
With a yelp, your back collides with the wooden door now closed behind you. Strong, veniny hands gripping on your waist and a strong chest pressed flush against yours. You know that scent, you know that chest, that skin, it’s him, and you confirm it as soon as you look up to be met with his amused, yet dark expression.
“Minho, what the f-”
“I didn’t allow you to speak, did I?” He barks, interrupting you. A smirk plastered on his face as soon as you obey and close your mouth. You feel intimidated by the beauty of the face that’s inches away from yours. Your breath hitching in your throat at the same time you feel your heartbeats ringing in your ears. What the hell is happening?
He moves his right hand painfully slowly to graze his thumb on your cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear in the process. He’s being cocky, he knows perfectly well what he’s doing, and you don’t know yet if you hate it, or love it.
“I’ve been noticing your struggles recently.” He purrs, voice breathy and a few octaves lower. “Seems like I’ve been giving you a hard time lately, hm?” He asks rhetorically, the pads of his fingers running down your jaw and neck. You gulp.
“I– I don’t know wh–”
He gives you a warning look and you get the hint, shutting the fuck up, because obviously, he holds that power over you.
“You know… You’re really pretty, kind of my type if I dared to say.” He speaks again, sending shivers down your spine. “If you want me to fuck you that badly, you just could’ve asked.” He continues, still with that smirk on his lips as his hand goes south. It touches the burning skin of your thigh, meeting the hem of your skirt as his fingers play with it. You tense under his hand, and he watches all of your reactions, loving them. “This is such a tight skirt. You shouldn’t be showing off this amount of skin so carelessly, don’t you think?” Then his hand moves up quickly and cups your clothed core, fingers pressing on your middle with two of his digits, making you gasp. “I won’t complain, though, it makes everything easier. I would never refuse to this pretty little thing you have here.”
You take a deep breath through your nostrils, teeth sinking on the soft flesh of your lower lip as you struggle to mantain eye contact with his dark, lustful orbs. Fuck. He’s so hot. Your mind is spinning just by his dirty words.
He drags his fingers deliciously up and down, the wetness making the fabric almost stick between your folds as he, once again, cocks a brow while looking at you.
“Soaking. What a delicious little slut you are. I’ve barely touched you, baby, how are you supposed to handle my dick if you can’t bear with my fingers?”
Minho licks his lips, moving his hand to slide it under your panties and running his middle finger between your damped folds, making you moan and throw your head back. He hums and let’s out a dark chuckle, he’s really enjoying teasing you.
He teases your entrance with his finger, making you grab on his wrist and squirm under his touch. He finally pushes his digit in, curling it upwards and pumping it in and out of you with ease. He leans in and nibbles on your lower lip, pulling on it and ghosting his mouth over your cheek, trailing kisses down your jaw and your neck, hot tongue running over your soft flesh.
A particular thrust of his finger makes you choke a desperate moan. Your arousal takes over you and you decide to tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling on the roots and bringing his face up to clash your lips with his in a hot, sloppy kiss.
Minho continues working his fingers in you, adding another digit as you hum in his lips, tongues meeting feverishly, heads tilting and deepening the kiss. He engulfs your mouth and makes you weak in the knees, the taste of his chapstick becoming intoxicating and the traces of mint on his tongue, addictive.
You find confidence with him being distracted by the kiss, so you move your hand to gently but firmly squeeze his hard dick over his pants. Minho grunts at the pressure, unconsciously bucking his hips against your hand. You apply a bit more of pressure, dragging your hand up and down to give him a taste of his own medicine.
He pulls back from the kiss, panting, lips red and swollen as he stares at you with a dark gaze. He moves his hand away from your core, lifting his fingers and showing you the way they’re coated with your juices. The illuminance of the lights in the hallway let you see the way they glisten as he moves them, the salacious sound of squelching seeming louder than it actually is. Minho keeps looking at you and brings his fingers to his lips, licking them clean and slow without breaking eye contact. You still try to catch your breath the moment he let’s out a breathy, almost inaudible chuckle, bringing his hands to his belt, starting to unbuckle it.
“Testing your luck today, I see. Let’s find out if you’re this daring when I’m balls deep inside of you.”
Unzipping his pants and pulling them down to his ankles along with his boxers, his cock going free, slapping his lower stomach. Thick and juicy, angry red tip leaking pre-cum that just happens to make your mouth water. You look down at it and bite your lip before you lock eyes with him again. He wastes no time before he places both of his hands on your shoulders and pushes you down on your knees in front of him. His hand wraps around his shaft at the base, pumping it a few times as his free hand takes a hold on your chin, squeezing your cheeks.
“Open up.” He demands, and you comply.
Parting your lips, he’s quick to start rubbing the head of his cock against your tongue, meeting the insides of your cheeks as the feeling makes his own teeth to bite on his lower lip. He lifts your hair up in a ponytail with his hands and just stands in front of you with the most demonic stare you had ever seen.
“Suck it.”
That’s when you put your tongue to work, swirling it around his shaft and hollowing your cheeks at the head. Minho groans, pushing himself further down your throat as he starts thrusting his hips against your mouth. You bob your head, trying your best to breathe through your nose to stop yourself from gagging too much, drool running down your chin and tears brimming in the corners of your eyes.
“Fuck, that’s it, baby. Such a warm and pretty mouth around my cock.” He grunts, pulling back briefly to let you breathe. You wrap your own hands around him and start toying with his balls, licking the underside of his dick and all the way from the base to the head before you wrap your lips around it all over again. Minho throws his head back when you let him take control of the situation, fucking your throat good and mercilessly. “Such a good slut for me, taking me so well with that little mouth. So p–pretty, aren’t you?” You hum around him, eyes glued to his blissful face. The sounds he makes and the way he looks are so pornographic that only force you to press your legs together, needing some kind of friction. You can’t help but gag around him while you keep pumping whatever part of him that can’t get into your mouth, which almost sends him straight to his peek as a moan escapes from his sinful mouth.
He pulls back before he’s able to reach his climax. His chest heaving in long pants as he helps you up by your elbows. His mouth finds yours once again, kissing you desperately as he drags you to the table behind the both of you. He lays you down on your back against the wooden surface without breaking the kiss, hands moving to almost rip your dressing shirt open and cup your clothed breasts with his hands, squeezing and gaining a moan from you.
He moves his lips to kiss on your neck, hands roaming down to find the zipper of your skirt to pull it down with your panties. Your hands clumsily push his suit jacket off his shoulders and start unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. He pulls back and gets rid of it, standing in all his naked glory in front of your hungry eyes. His toned abs go in perfect sync with the thickness of his thighs. His body is a masterpiece and you are willing to worship every inch of it.
A thin layer of sweat runs down his temples, he brushes his hair back from his forehead and smirks at you, cheeks flushed and lips swollen. You swear you could cum by just the way he looks.
“What do you want, princess?” He asks, spreading your legs and standing right in between them. “Would you rather cum from my fingers?” He asks, running a single digit between your soaked folds. “Maybe my tongue?” He continues, leaning down to leave a single drag of his tongue all over your slit that makes you mewl in desperation. He hums in satisfaction, licking his lips. “Or my dick, maybe?” He asks again, grabbing his shaft and rubbing the head of his dick between your labia. Staring at your vulnerable, desperate state, he waits for your answer.
You pant in arousal, flushed cheeks and nails gripping on the edge of the table. You moan loudly until he takes a hold of your face, forcing you to look at him.
"Use your words, angel."
“Your dick, please. I want your dick!” You whine, clawing your nails on his forearms. “Please fill me up with your dick and fuck me until I lose consciousness. I need you. I need you so much, Minho.”
He smirks satisfied with your response. He leans in to kiss you again, aligning himself with your entrance.
“As you please.” He mutters against your lips before he finally eases himself in you.
You let out a moan at the delicious stretch he offers you. Staying still for a couple of seconds to let you get adjusted to his size, his fingers are already placed on your hips and your thighs around him. He leaves a few more kisses on your clammy neck, and then starts moving his hips.
“Shit.” He curses under his breath, nails digging on the skin of your hips as he thrusts smoothly. “So tight, fuck. You feel so good.” He groans, quickening his pace.
You become a moaning mess, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and nails running down the skin of his back. Eyes rolling back, you buck your hips to meet his thrusts. Minho moans, moving his hand up to wrap it around your throat, applying the enough amount of pressure to make you lightheaded.
“M–Minho, fuck!” You cry out, he squeezes your throat a bit tighter, and you feel the wetness dripping between your connected bodies.
“That’s right, kitten. God, you're so fucking hot, losing your mind by having my dick pounding into you. Say my name. Repeat it so you won’t ever forget who’s f–fucking you this good.”
You tangle your fingers in his locks again, making him groan in both pain and pleasure. You feel the coil in your stomach forming, but it’s long gone the moment he pulls out of you.
You open your eyes and frown, confused. Minho doesn’t say anything, he just grabs your waist and flips you around. Your feet meet the ground, but he pushes you forwards until your cheek is pressed against the table.
He pushes his dick back into you, his thrusts becoming something near animalistic. His hands get a harsh hold of your butt cheeks, the sound of skin slapping filling the previously quiet room and turns it into a sinful place. You press yourself against his hips and he grabs your hair to pull your head back. You start clenching around him, desperate moans emitting from his mouth at the tightness.
“Fuck Minho, I’m close!” You moan. His hand moves to find your clit and starts rubbing on it fervently, your back arches and you bite your lip trying your best to stop yourself from screaming. Your walls keep spasming, and you feel his dick twitching in response.
“Cum around my cock babe, let it go.” He mutters, the pet name making you clench again. "F–fuck. So good. This pussy was made for me."
And that’s all it took for you to finally find your climax. You choke out a moan, legs shaking and about to give up. Luckily, Minho holds you and doesn’t let you fall. When you collapse on top of the table, he pulls back and pumps his dick a few times before he lets out a throaty groan, spurts of cum falling on your lower back.
Both panting and trying to catch your breaths. His forehead is resting against your shoulder until he’s able to stand up straight and look for some tissues in the bathroom. You get up from the table the moment he’s back, gently cleaning all of the mess he has made of you.
He puts his clothes back on and helps you do the same, knowing that you’re way too weak to do it on your own. When you’re fully dressed, you think he’s about to just leave and pretend like nothing ever happened, but he doesn’t.
Instead, he tucks his hands in his pockets and looks at you with a gentle smile. There seems to be no traces of the previous looks he had given you. He’s glowing, his eyes are sparkly, and that makes your heart race.
“So...” He says.
You smile, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“So...” You repeat. “I better go, I think. The boss is going to kill me. I need to finish that ridiculous amount of paperwork.”
You start to make your way to the door, but he stops you when he grabs your arm. You turn your head and he scratches the back of his neck. He looks nervous, something uncommon in him.
“I’ll help you finish it and tell him you were helping me out with some stuff... With one condition.”
You roll your eyes and turn around to fully face him, folding your arms over your chest.
“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”
Minho quickly shakes his head, stopping you again when you’re about to leave.
“That’s not it.”
“Then what?”
“I’ll tell him that if you... Go on a date with me.”
You frown, waiting for him to tell you that he’s joking. Someone like him wouldn’t want to date you, right?
However, he seems to be serious and waiting for your answer.
You smile at his hopeful eyes, your heart swelling and stomach flipping. He looks so sweet and different from his usual bratiness.
You’ve liked him since forever, so you just nod.
And the brightest smile appears on his face.
You nod again.
“Yes, you idiot.”
He steps forward and cups your face in his hand, pressing his lips on yours in a tender, unexpectedly sweet kiss.
“Then it’s all settled up.” He says when he pulls back, forehead against yours. “You’re mine now, kitten.”
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hyunsuks-beanie · a month ago
First Time
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut
Word Count: ~2.7k
Hyunjin x virgin! fem bodied! reader; unprotected sex (Y/N on the pill); corruption kink; cream pie
A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this. It was really fun to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it!! PS. The song Oh Mami really had me want to include a corruption kink, so here we are lmao
"But I really wanted us to have the perfect day together," you pout, leaning into your boyfriend's side, as the both of you look out the window. Hyunjin had been insanely busy for the past few weeks with preparations for the comeback, which had forced the two of you to settle with late night FaceTime calls and text messages. Today had been his first day-off in forever, and you had wanted to go out on a nice little date with him. Nothing too fancy, maybe just a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, followed by a picnic near Han River.
But the weather had other plans, as it had been raining non-stop since mid-day, ruining any chances you had of going out. And seeing this had definitely taken a toll on your mood, so now it was up to Hyunjin to make you feel better. Luckily though, he knew just the perfect way to do so.
Smiling, he says to you, "It's okay babe, we can always go out some other time. For now, how about we make some popcorn and watch a movie while cuddling?" You look at him sideways, sighing because you know he's right. He's with you regardless, and you don't want to waste the moment by being sulky. "Hmmm, sounds like a plan, minus the cuddling, of course," you giggle. He fakes a gasp, holding a hand to his chest in mock horror, "You dare reject cuddles from the Hwang Hyunjin?," he exclaims.
"Don't be dramatic Hyun, Minho rejects your cuddles all the time," you counter, before turning around and hugging him. "Touche, but you don't have that privilege, since you are my girlfriend," he replies slyly, picking you up and carrying you over to the couch. Placing you atop it, he walks over to the TV, trying to select a movie that the both of you would enjoy. He finally settles on a handful of DVDs, including Harry Potter, Disney, and a few horror movies. Setting Peter Pan into the DVD player, he walks back over to you, sitting down on the couch and pulling you into his side.
The movie goes by with a lot of laughs and small kisses thrown in between, as the two of you get cozy in the warmth of each other's arms. At the end of it, you pop into the kitchen to heat up some popcorn, only to have Hyunjin come up behind you and hug you from the back. You giggle at his cuteness, making him hide his face in your neck. "I missed you," he mumbles against your skin, making you bite your lip and go quiet at the sudden intimacy.
You try to hide it, but your boyfriend is quick to catch on to the change in your demeanor. To test his theory, he places a soft kiss at the nape of your neck, and just as he had expected, he hears you gasp.
Hyunjin would be lying if he said he hadn't thought about taking you to bed, but he didn't want to put any undue pressure on you, seeing as how you were still innocent. Still, sometimes he couldn't help his thoughts, and dreamed about what it would be like to finally give you a taste of the pleasure you have been saving up on, all these years.
You, on the other hand, had never really felt the need to go all the way in any of your past relationships. It's not like you didn't want to, but rather, it was the timing that was never right. But having him kiss you like that right now, you can't help but feel a little something change inside you, though you can't really place it. A simple act on his part has made the temperature of the room go up by at least ten degrees for you, but you decide to shrug it off, thinking that you had misread his intention.
So, all you do instead is turn around and place a gentle kiss on his lips, before walking back to the couch with the bowl of popcorn in your hands. What you don't notice, though, was a small sigh escape his lips as he watched your retreating figure.
You settle back down on the couch, handing the movie you chose over to him. "A horror flick?," he says, quirking his eyebrow, "Think you'll be able to handle it?" Rolling you eyes, you mutter, "As if the both of us don't know exactly who is the scaredy-cat in this relationship," making him glare at you. Putting the DVD in the player, he comes back over to you, tugging on your arm as a way of beckoning you over to sit on his lap. Shaking your head, you throw your legs over his lap before climbing over completely.
Hyunjin would soon realize what he mistake he made asking you to sit on his lap, and he would be thanking that very mistake.
Barely twenty minutes into the movie, your boyfriend is clinging to you for dear life, too afraid of the jump scares in it. While you definitely find it cute, you can't deny the fact that you're having trouble finding a suitable position to sit in because of him sticking to you like gum. So it's not a surprise that you keep moving around on his lap quite a lot, and neither is it a surprise that Hyunjin soon finds his eyes going big at the feeling of you rubbing against him.
He tries to hold it back, afraid of what you'll think. But it seems like gulping and biting down on his lip don't work, as soon enough, you notice something rubbing against the back of your leg, and now it's your turn to be surprised. Turning around to face him, you can't help but brush against his bulging member, and looking at your innocent eyes staring at him is too much for Hyunjin, making him let out a soft moan as he throws his head back.
Hearing that beautiful sound escape his full lips, you feel a knot forming in the pit of your stomach, as wetness pools between your legs. Biting your lip, you pull his face back up again, placing a soft kiss on his lips. He kisses you back, wasting no time in deepening it, as his hands move to sit around your hips. Your own travel to his hair, as you lick his bottom lip, asking for permission. He gladly lets your tongue enter his mouth, lazily wrestling it with his own.
You stay that way for a while, just soaking in each other's embrace, but you can't let go of the thought of finally taking it further with him. You have made out with him many times before, but had stopped short just as things started to get hotter. This time though, you want to do it, and you trust him enough to be gentle to you.
Gulping hard, you pull away from the kiss, only to mumble against Hyunjin's lips. "I want more," you whisper, making his blown out pupils turn dark. But your boyfriend still manages to hold himself back, knowing how special it must be to you. He kisses you again, and then again, before finally asking, "Are you sure, love?" Seeing your nervous expression, he gently caresses your cheek and adds, "As much as I love the idea of being the one to show you how amazing you are, we don't have to do anything unless you're ready."
Looking at him with eyes filled with love and gratitude, you simply nod your head, making Hyunjin smile as he places his lips back on yours. He gets up from the couch, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carries you to the bedroom, never breaking the kiss.
Gently placing you on the bed, he climbs over you, forcing your mouth open with his tongue. When he pulls back, you notice a dark expression on his face, one that you have never seen before. Truth be told, Hyunjin's mind is in overdrive at the mere thought of finally ruining your innocence. He's lost track of the number of times he's jerked off imagining how pretty you would look when he has you a writhing mess under him. Now that his fantasies are close to becoming a reality, it's like he's become a whole different person.
His hands move under your top, roaming up your sides before coming to rest right under your boobs. He gently lifts the cups of your bra up, massaging your breasts. The new feelings makes you let out a moan, which is nothing less than music to his ears. His lips move from your own to your chin and down to your neck, as he leaves a trail of kisses near your sweet spot, before digging his teeth into your skin as he leaves a hickey.
Moving his attention to your throat, he continues to bite and suck on your skin, as his hands carry on with their ministrations on your boobs. "Hyu-Hyunjin, wanna t-take it off," you moan out, making him smirk against your skin. "As you say doll," he replies, taking off your top and bra in one swift movement. He gapes at how gorgeous you look, making you bring your arms up to shield your body, suddenly shy. "No no no, let me see," is all he says, pushing your arms away.
His mouth dives into your breasts, sucking and licking on your nipples. Arching your back in pleasure, you place your hands at the helm of his T-shirt, tugging on it. He understands your signal, and pulling back, pulls it off him, revealing his toned body to you. You can't stop your hands from roaming all over his body, as he continues showing some love to your boobs.
The wetness between your legs keeps growing with every touch he places on your skin, which feels like it's on fire. You push your thighs together in the hopes of not coming off as too needy, but Hyunjin stops you, and pushes your legs open wider. Pulling your track shorts down, he mutters under his breath, "So beautiful, and all for me," before smirking.
Hyunjin leaves a large lick on your pussy through the thin fabric of your panties, making you let out a whimper. Smirking against your core, he mutters, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to taste you," before hooking his fingers in the sides of your underwear and pulling it off.
Spreading your legs wider, he licks you again, sending waves of pleasure through you. He lips circle around your clit as he sucks on it, only to have you entangle your hands in his hair, tugging on them. Grunting, he moves a finger inside of you, as his tongue continues to torture your clit. Pushing further in, he curls his finger into a hook, making you scream. "Fuck ahh Hyunjin- it f-feels sooo good." He only smirks, pushing another finger into you. He continues to push and pull his fingers into your core, feeling you tighten as you edge closer to your climax. The knot in your stomach continues to grow as your moans keep getting louder, and soon enough, you know you won't last long. "I-I'm close," you manage to mutter out somehow.
Hyunjin speeds up his fingers, as his tongue laps up near your clit faster, and within minutes, you let out a scream as you cum all over his fingers. Lapping it all up, Hyunjin brings two fingers up in the air, both shining with your juices. He shoves them into his mouth, sucking on them as he finally gets a taste of you. Seeing you look at him, he smirks, "Want a taste babe?," before moving over to give you a kiss on your lips.
Pulling back, it's now time for him to take his own shorts down, but your hands stop him. He looks down at you, making you shyly say, "I wanna taste you too," looking down. He can't help but coo at your cuteness, replying, "Today is about you love, you don't have to do it." Shaking your head, all you say is, "I want to," before placing your hands on his waistband and pulling his shorts down. His hard member pops out, making your eyes go wide at how gorgeous he is.
Slowly, you take his length into your mouth, unsure of how to go about it. Closing his eyes in pleasure, Hyunjin says, "Teeth," making you graze his member with your teeth. He lets out a hiss, hands traveling to your hair as he pulls on them, guiding your head up and down his dick. You hollow your cheeks out, sucking on him while bobbing your head along his length. You swirl your tongue around his girth, making him throw his head back in pleasure as he lets out a deep moan. "F-faster, Y/N," he moans, making you speed up his pace. Soon enough, his vision blacks out as he feels himself twitch, cumming into your mouth. You almost gag as his seed shoots into your mouth, but manage to take it all in, swallowing. You swirl your tongue around his length again, before pulling away, remaining connected to his member by a string of saliva.
Seeing you still look so innocent and beautiful while doing something so dirty nearly makes Hyunjin lose his mind. It takes everything in him not to bend you over right there and completely wreck you, but he stops himself, knowing he needs to be gentle with you today. "Next time," his mind tells him, as he moves closer to you, pushing you back onto the mattress. Suddenly his eyes go wide, as he says, "I don't have a condom." Luckily for him though, you giggle and say, "I just had mh periods, so we're good."
Unable to wait any longer, he aligns his dick next to your entrance, looking up at you. His eyes silently ask you for permission, and you can't help but feel your heart swell, seeing him being so gentle with you despite his fantasies. "Ready, babe?," he asks, making you only moan in response. He wastes no time in pushing into you, making you scream his name. He continues to move in and out of you, as his lips move to capture your again in a kiss that is soft and hot at the same time. His hands move back to your boobs, while your trail all along his back, leaving nail marks in their wake. He pulls away from the kiss, moving his lips to your neck, as you continue to moan his name out like a mantra.
He pushes deeper into you, hitting your G-spot. It makes your eyes roll back, as pleasure spreads throughout your body. You feel yourself reaching your second orgasm of the night, as the knot in your stomach starts growing back again. "H-Hyunjin, faster," you moan, making him speed up his pace. Soon enough, his movements, combined with the feeling of his lips on your body, pushes you over the edge, making you cum all over his dick. The stimulation sends Hyunjin's dick reeling too, as he cums inside your core.
Pulling away, he can't help but marvel at how beautiful you look, wrecked at last, with his juices seeping out your pussy. He gets up to grab a towel and clean you, before kissing your forehead as he drapes a sheet over your naked form. He quickly gets in as well, pulling you closer. "Thank you for today, Jinnie. You were so nice to me," you smile, making him kiss your lips softly. "Thank you for trusting me love," he smiles too, before adding, "How about we cuddle to sleep for a few hours, and then I run us a bath?" "Sounds good," you yawn, "and how about we do it again later? I really enjoyed it."
Needless to say, Hyunjin hardly gets any sleep, unable to control his excitement.
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