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#lee know x reader
hyuukais · 2 days ago
Blame it on the Snow
First the snow wakes you up, but then it gives you reason to get back in bed.
Word Count: 408
Genre: Minho x reader, fluff
Warning: they smooch a little but it isn’t really suggestive
Author: december has arrived and i have so many ideas for cute holiday fics, now if i could only write them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
White paints the world outside. Flakes swirl across the canvas sky. They float down from the clouds, dancing in the breeze, before sinking into the icy ground cover. The snowstorm rolls over the city, with the morning dragging in behind it. Fractions of the snowy, sunrise glow spill past the bedroom’s drawn curtains. Somehow little gaps angled just right to allow tiny beams to puncture your sleeping eyelids. Cracking open your eyes past the lingering drowsiness of sleep, the presence of the low light tells you it’s far too early to be awake. A groan slips its way through your lips. Before you can turn around to flop back into the mattress, a glimpse of small flakes drifting outside catches your eye. The comforter falls from your legs as you make your way to the window. Frigid air and glass greet you along with the winter wonderland outside.
“Whoa.” It came out involuntarily, stunned by the majestic world of white.
A grunt from behind grabs your attention.
“What are you doing?” Minho sits up to look at you. His hair is skewed sideways against his forehead, eyes squinting.
“Min, it’s snowing.”
“Well, that means it’s cold, so come back and warm me up.” He spreads his arms out, inviting you to come cuddle him. Grabby hands poke out from under the sheets. A pout spreads across his cheeks as you chuckle at the clinginess he exudes. You’ve barely even made it back to the bed when he reaches for your waist and pulls you down onto him. Immediately, his arms find purchase wrapped around your torso to keep it pressed against him and his head tucked in the dip of your neck. You sweep back the curtain of hair covering his eyes, pressing a peck to his hairline.
“See? This is definitely nicer.” He hummed, “So warm.” Kisses littered the expanse of your neck, to your jaw, to your cheek, finally working up to land on your lips. The kiss is slow and soft. It erases your mind of the snowy morning wake-up call and eases sleep back in. In combination with the faint touch of Minho’s hands running up and down your back, lethargy settles into your limbs. He’s the first to pull away, a sluggish smile tugging at his lips. His eyes stayed closed as he’s ready to fall asleep again.
“Never wake me before 10:00 again.”
“Don’t blame me. Blame it on the snow.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
25 Days Of Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ LMH
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Minho xGN!Reader
GENRE: Fluffy, christmas drabble, prompt, christmas lover reader,
Song Suggestion for the day: The winters tale - BTOB
Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - December 2021
Check out the masterlist HERE
Tumblr media
For as long as Minho could remember he hadn't really been the biggest fan of Christmas. It wasn't as though he had something against the Holiday but he hadn't been into it, the Christmas Spirit was never really with him. While everyone around him seemed to get overly excited about the Holiday he just saw it as any other day except with presents and one large meal people seemed to eat even if they thought that they would burst.
People would call him a scrouge but it wasn't as though he hated the time of year, he loved the colder weather and darker mornings and nights. It was just that one day he didn't get as thrilled about. You on the other hand seemed to be the complete opposite of your boyfriend. You'd been excited since the first of November, begging to put the decorations up around your shared apartment until your boyfriend finally gave into you. Ever since then you'd been non-stop playing Christmas music and movies and it was getting a little tiring for Minho. Not that he would ever admit that to you. The boy would never want to do something that would upset you but after hearing the same four Christmas songs in a row or the same movie every night he was exhausted.
"Minho, I made Christmas cookies with Lix." You called out as the front door to your apartment opened, shutting a little harshly behind Minho who walked straight into the bedroom.
"Babe?" You called out wondering what he was doing, usually, he would come in and hug you. Telling you all about his day so you knew instantly that there was something wrong. So you wanted to do something to make it up to him. Getting up from the sofa you rushed into the kitchen to grab some of the cookies you'd been making to take them to him.
Tumblr media
Tapping on the door softly you waited for him to say something before you would walk right in. There was no use annoying him any more than he already was, you knew how to calm your boyfriend down. When Minho gave you a grunt of a "come in" you slowly pushed the door open to see him laying on the bed, back to you.
"What's up?" You questioned sitting behind him on the bed, the faint sound of Christmas music coming from the other room, the latest album you were blasting out making Minho feel worse for the way he was feeling. 
"Nothing," He whispered trying his best to sound as convincing as possible, sighing a little as he felt you shifting on the bed. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin the happy mood that you seemed to be in at Christmas. If Christmas made you this happy he was going to suck up everything he hated about the Holiday and deal with it, your happiness was everything to him.
"Liar," You whispered back, wrapping your arms around him from behind and cuddling into him. Minho felt his body melt into yours as you spooned him, running your fingers through his hair trying to get him to open up to you.
The two of you would usually tell one another everything but how could he tell you something he knew would most likely upset you? Something he knew you loved so much was annoying him and he was supposed to tell you?
"Is it the music?" You suddenly questioned kissing his shoulder softly and he nodded a little. Felix had told you he was surprised that Minho had agreed to all of the decorations, admitting that his hyung had never really been the biggest fan. Something you felt guilty for not having known sooner or you never would have done this.
"Lix said you weren't the biggest Christmas fan, you could have told me." You told him as he began rolling over in your arms so that you could be face to face with one another. A weak smile played on the corners of his lips as he reached up to cup your face in his hands, shaking his head. 
"Not when I can see how happy all of it makes you," He admitted but you shook your head this time, he couldn't put your happiness before his own.
"But it makes you unhappy." You spoke a little sadly, mad at yourself for not seeing this sooner but you'd been so excited you'd barely noticed anything.
"No, I just don't get overly into Christmas...You're slowly changing my mind." He chuckled softly, leaning down to kiss the tip of your nose as you felt your entire body heating up. It was true, Minho could slowly feel himself heating up into the Christmas spirit whenever he was around you.
"I can chill out on the music but I refuse to take down the decorations." You faked being stubborn as you folded your arms over your chest and stared at Minho who was already shaking his head at you and laughing. Placing another kiss on the tip of your nose,
"I would never dream of telling you to get rid of techno Santa Claus." He joked referring to the Santa Claus toy that you had sitting at the entrance of your apartment. Every time someone would walk by it the small toy would start playing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" but a techno remix that you and Chan had somehow managed to create together.
"Hey, don't bully Techno Santa, he's a cool guy." You laughed as he held you tightly against his chest, shaking his head at you as he kissed the top of your head.
"Keep everything, please? I love seeing how happy you get dancing around the apartment to the songs." He kissed your ear softly and you shivered, nodding your head. 
"I still promise to chill out a little, starting by turning off this album." You promised him attempting to get up but Minho already had a tight grip on you, keeping you pressed against him.
"I want to cuddle a little while longer and then we can go and eat some cookies." He whispered as you nodded your head, relaxing against him as he brushed his hands up and down your back softly.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa @justbangtanthingz @stillwithlix​ @lolalee24​ If you would like to be added or removed please let me know
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nightshade-minho · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
-Embers- (5)
— wc: 10k
Tumblr media
Who could it possibly be?
You sat up slightly, confused. Rubbing your eyes, you stood up shakily. Was it Felix, finally come to get you? Or Jeongin, perhaps?
Who in their right mind would venture out to you when the downpour was this heavy? You took in an anxious breath, slowly lifting yourself up.
As the knocking continued, you stood up and walked over hastily, deciding to open the door before it could get any louder and cause the dragons to wake.
Your hand closed around the handle, your heart slamming against your ribcage in fear, reminiscent of the raindrops falling against the stable walls.
Finally, you pulled the door open.
Your eyes widened as you stared at the last person you’d expected to see.
There he was, in front of you. His heavy, dazed eyes wildly searched your shocked ones as he tried to move forward. He was out of breath, soaked, distressed and...wounded?
"Minho, you-" Before you could say much more, Minho's eyes shut as he collapsed into your arms.
That was when you properly noticed the blood seeping through his shirt, staining the fabric a deep red. What the fuck-
Minho blinked up at your aghast face, wincing and swallowing as he clutched onto your shirt tightly. "Y-Y/n...please…” He begged, trying to suck in a breath, desperately failing.
Tumblr media
Dark. It was too dark, the night covered in pitch black silk, making it almost impossible to see. The moonlight was scarce, and the twisting branches of the trees making their way into the cold sky only made it worse.
He’d always taken pride in himself for how courageous he was. However, all that could be felt at the moment was intense, bone-rotting fear.
The blood dripping down his skin was a harsh reminder of how injured he was. The pain was horrible, unforgiving. Every step felt like knives digging into his feet.
And yet, he ran. Towards the one thing that felt right.
Tumblr media
To say you were shocked would be a devastating understatement. You stared at the man in your arms, vulnerable and injured. He coughed uncontrollably, looking up at you and staring into your eyes. The desperation within was evident.
Your heart was pounding. To feel his skin under your fingertips almost burned. You tried to form words out of the tangle of thoughts in your head, but no sound left your mouth. All you could feel was the rhythmic thump of your heart, and the panic coursing through your veins.
“W-what happened?” You finally brought yourself to ask, as he held himself close to you, his drenched body soaking your shirt as well. You couldn’t help how worried and distraught your voice sounded, the sight of him injured tearing what was left of your heart into pieces.
“I was attacked, Y/n.” Minho swallowed painfully, blinking. “I could barely see what it was.” He shook his head, inhaling deeply as he struggled to speak. “Dark. Small. Terrible...”
“A wolf..?”
“No. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There were two, I think. One took out a nice chunk of me.” He winced, letting out a painful grunt as he shifted a little.
You helped him down to rest against one of the hay bales. Minho groaned as he clutched his stomach, looking up at you and sighing at your expression. It felt as if there was an ocean ravaging the walls of his heart at the sight of your wet cheeks and red eyes.
“I’m going to show you now. There’s a lot of blood... You won’t faint or anything, right?”
“I’ve never fainted at the sight of blood.” You said, sighing, your voice still shaky with concern. “It’s like you barely ever knew me…”
The mention of your shared past together makes Minho shift a little. “Y/n, we need to talk...or rather, I need to. I need t-to- fuck- tell you what’s going on..” He winced at the pain, deciding that the wound was probably of foremost importance. Slowly, he started to roll up his shirt. You swallowed slightly as his abs came into view. Those definitely weren’t there before.
But then, your eyes widened for a different reason as you saw the gash in his stomach. Gasping, you bent down in front of him to inspect it closer, your eyes growing watery at the bloody, gruesome sight. “Oh m-my god, Minho-“
“Told you it was bad.”
“We need a first aid kit! There’s one around here somewhere…”
You stood up urgently, going over to the corner and finding the large box that was usually saved for the dragon-related injuries. All thoughts left your brain except the desperate need to help him, to save him.
You grabbed it, getting back to Minho’s side, you started arranging the items you would need next to you. “This might sting a bit.” You warned, eyes soft as he let out a grunt of pain.
You washed the wound, using water from your pouch. After applying the healing ointment, you wrapped the bandages around him carefully. Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as bad as it had looked.
Minho watched you intently as you treated him, occasionally hissing at the sting. However, his eyes were mostly focused on you as you dressed his wound, swallowing quietly.
Pretty. He’d always known you were pretty. However in moments like these, when you seemed to be lost in your work, you looked so breathtakingly beautiful that it almost hurt.
“Almost done…” A few minutes later, you sat up, frowning as you realized something. “Wait. won’t be able to train properly tomorrow if you’re hurt like this.” You cursed, before inhaling deeply as an idea swam into your brain. You looked back down at his soft eyes, noticing his stare on you but choosing to pretend otherwise. Every time his eyes looked into yours, a ton of butterflies would threaten to start a tornado within the walls of your heart.
“I’m going to accelerate the healing process, it should work.” You whispered softly after a while, humming. “I hope.”
Minho looked up at you, “Hm? How...Are you sure?” You could detect the shiver in his voice, his fear of not being able to participate in the championships. He couldn’t afford for that to happen..his father would kill him.
You nodded, standing up urgently. “I’m sure.” Your eyes travelled up, observing each dragon before your gaze stopped at one.
Walking over to the green dragon sleeping in the corner of the stable beside two other ones, you studied its unique form. Its body was a striking emerald green, her spikes pink and covered in vines, along with the occasional tulip blooms scattered across her body. She was absolutely stunning.
If Felix’s description was anything to go by, this was Flore.
It was the cute little freckles scattered across its snout that reminded you of its owner. She was just as pretty as him, too.
You wasted no time unlocking the door and climbing into the stall, your hand reaching out to stroke her neck gently, hoping it would be enough to wake her. You only needed a few seconds of her time- after all, she needed as much rest as she could get for tomorrow.
One large eye opened slowly, watching you as you pet her. You smiled at the dragon as she yawned, evidently enjoying your touch as she leaned closer to you.
Minho watched as you whispered softly to the huge green dragon, pointing over to him. He felt his chest tighten as the dragon nodded its big head in response to whatever question you’d just asked, offering you a soft, affectionate lick on your forehead.
He tore his eyes away for a moment as they closed, the pain was far too excruciating. And yet, it couldn’t even come close to the agony within his head, in his chest, in his very bones. All of the events of the past years swirled around in his skull, far too stubborn to fade. Why was it so hard to let go?
A minute later, he felt a soft hand stroking his forehead. His eyes opened slowly, his gaze falling on the shimmering green dragon scale in your hand. “Flore wanted to help.” You said softly, tilting your chin towards the already asleep dragon before tucking the scale behind a layer of bandages carefully, making sure it was secure. He never stopped gazing at you. You were biting your lip softly, your eyes filled with worry and confusion. His eyes landed on your lips.
He missed seeing you like this. You always did have that habit of sticking out your cute little tongue whenever you were concentrating on something.
“Last year, I read that a Terra dragon scale is one of the primary ingredients in a healing potion.” A healing potion was liquid and meant to be ingested. However, you hoped the same effect would happen here, even though it was an unconventional method. “I’m hoping it will work like this, it should..”
He couldn’t focus on the words leaving your mouth, his eyes still lost in the process of watching you.
You hummed once you were done. “There.” Your voice was soft, a smile on your face. “Tomorrow morning, everything will be okay.”
“Thank you. I already feel healthier than before, somehow.” He said quietly, voice barely above a whisper. You glanced up when you felt his eyes on you, your cheeks turning pink as you focused on his bandages once more. Minho tilted his head, a small sigh leaving his lips as he tore his eyes away from you, looking up at the sleeping dragon behind you.
Aeracus. Minho’s heart clenched at the sight. He’d really missed him...despite it all, he’d still been his owner. Besides, he reminded Minho of a simpler time..back when the two of you hadn’t been plagued with suffering and guilt.
Meanwhile, the silence was getting to you. You were still angry at him, but the fact remained that he was injured. You had to treat him with care, but all you could think about was the pain you’d gone through for the past days.
Betrayal. It was raw, still red hot. It hurt more than a knife to the chest, a feeling that felt like it wasn’t going to go away any time soon.
“I can’t believe her.” You mumbled finally, under your breath, the memory of the campfire emerging to the forefront of your brain. You were hoping Minho wouldn’t hear you over the loud snoring of the dragons...but he did. “All the things she said..”
Minho’s eyes widened a little. Oh god, the pain had almost made him forget about the disastrous events of the campfire. He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck. “I…don’t know how she..” He sighed, trailing off as his eyes looked away from yours. “Uh. Where she heard..” He wanted to explain, but the words were stuck on his tongue. Gritting his teeth, he closed his mouth and looked away.
Raising your eyebrow at his lack of response, you sighed and looked away. “Thought so.” You didn’t look at him. You just couldn’t. Soon enough, angry tears were pricking your eyes once again.
Your decision to stay silent was slowly melting away as the anger swirling in your heart grew. Before you knew it, the words ripped themselves from your throat. “You know what really happened that night. Were you really angry at me that I couldn’t convince my father of your innocence? That you’d defame me across every village, turn everyone against me?” Your voice was quiet but filled with hurt.
“It’s not.. like that. I’ve never been angry at you, Y/n, I’m well aware that some things are far beyond our control.” He cut across firmly. “I didn’t lie to her, it just happened to come out the way it did. She assumed a lot of things herself. The rumors..that’s all they are. Rumors.”
Right. She just assumed. Your heart felt like it was burning, like every last piece of hope within was crumbling away into nothing. That fateful could Minho let her believe that skewed version? After everything they’d been through..
Tumblr media
Wolfberries are poisonous. Everyone knows this. And yet, you’d read about how delicious they were, quite possibly one of the most delectable fruits in the land. Deadly sweet. They looked quite beautiful too..especially the one nestled in your hand. Small, purple and tear-drop shaped...the insides were supposedly periwinkle blue. You’d never seen one in the flesh before, until now.
You looked up when you heard Minho call out for you, gesturing you to come towards him faster. You nodded, eyes taking one last look at the wolfberry bush before you dropped the one you were holding, squishing it under your boot. Toxic, yet deceivingly beautiful...
“Babe?” Minho called out again, making you snap back to attention as you continued to follow him up the hill. It was a sunny day, your hand shielding your eyes as you squinted in his direction. “Minho..I’m not sure we should have come out this far.” You said softly after a while, looking around apprehensively. You walked faster to catch up with him, a tiny amount of fear filling your chest. The two of you truly did love to explore, but never before had you ventured out this far from the village.
Out here, even if you screamed, no one would hear. What if you happened to come across bandits, or wild dogs, or maybe even a rogue dragon? The two of you would truly be done for, if that was the case.
“Love, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here, aren’t I?” He said softly, pausing and turning around to reach you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close. “You know I will always protect you, baby star.”
You sighed softly against his warm chest, a reluctant nod following. Besides, his presence was all the courage you needed. Minho would do anything to protect you. Sometimes, you wished you could protect him too.
“Besides, I still haven’t shown you my surprise yet. Aren’t you curious?” He asked, emphasizing the last word with a smile as he knew just how inquisitive you were.
“I am..” You looked up into his eyes, leaning up to press a soft peck on his lips. He smiled, his hand stroking your cheek as he left a chaste kiss of his own on your mouth, teeth nipping at the soft flesh of your lower lip before pulling away.
Fingers intertwining with yours, Minho began to walk again, eyes trained straight ahead, leading you further and further away from the village. Somehow, you couldn’t get rid of that foreboding, uneasy feeling.
Soon, your eyes widened as you saw the entrance to a large set of stony caves come into view, jutting out from the side of the mountain. You frowned, looking up at Minho as he led you straight towards it, the grass crunching below his feet. The stone walls were glistening, a peculiar shade of teal that enticed you to go near it.
The closer you got however, the more familiar it looked. That was weird though, wasn’t it? You’ve never been here. And yet, you couldn’t shake the feeling that you’d seen this place before.
Minho looked back at you, noticing the fear in your eyes and humming as he pulled you close. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, star. It’s just a cave. Besides, we have Aeracus and Caeli to protect us, don’t we?”
“Hm? I thought they’re back at the stables for their grooming session-“
He simply smiled, looking up at the sky. You followed his gaze, eyes widening as you saw the two dragons fly closer, landing on the ground beside you. “I thought you said it would just be the two of us?” You giggled, stroking your windswept hair as you smiled at Aeracus.
“Mhm, but I thought it would be nice to have them guard the place, for some extra protection. I moved their appointments to tomorrow. Besides, we don’t want anyone interrupting us, now do we?” He raised an eyebrow, fingers squeezing your hand and making you giggle, cheeks flushing. “It’s our anniversary after all. I need to make sure you leave this cave tonight a.. satisfied woman.”
“ demon.” You smiled widely, pecking his cheek repeatedly, making him laugh as he let you attack him with eager kisses all over his face.
It had seemed like a good idea, at the moment. How could you have known any better?
Tumblr media
There was a long silence as Minho quietly took you in, heart beating as he tried to form words. The act was proving to be increasingly difficult, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from your sad gaze trained on the floor.
“Why?” You asked finally, voice barely a whisper. Why wasn’t I...enough.”
You sighed as you stared at the bandages, barely able to conceal the deep pain you were feeling. The words felt like they were stuck in your throat. Your voice was too soft, too quiet, almost as if you didn’t want him to hear.
“How...could you fall in love with someone else. Did your promises mean nothing?” You were almost musing to yourself at this point, slow tears running down your cheeks. You realized you were being too vulnerable. You didn’t want him to see you like this. The pain was intense and all consuming, it had wrecked you thoroughly. You knew there was no point in pretending you didn’t feel weak and pathetic. Still..
“But..never mind. I don’t care anymore.” You lied, biting your lip. “I just..hope you know how much it hurt. To see you in someone else’s arms, holding her and kissing her. Minho, I felt so... worthless.” You choked on the last word, feeling like you were falling apart before his eyes.
Several seconds of silence passed, your fingers wringing as the lump in your throat made its presence known. There were no more thoughts in your head. The soft words slipped off your tongue, like they’d been perched on the tip all this while.
“If..if the universe lets you feel even a little bit of the pain I felt, I’ll be the happiest woman in the world.” You mumbled after a while, trying to cover up your heartache with hostility.
The truth was, you did care. Maybe a little too much. In fact, he was the only thing you cared about in this whole damn world. Well, him and Aeracus. None of the words you uttered had any edge to them. They sounded as weak as ever, meaningless. And of course, you’d never wish any pain on this unbelievably beautiful man in front of you, you never wanted to see him hurt.
He swallowed, silent the whole time as he watched you. Each word felt like knives, sharp and cruel as they sliced into his heart. This was hard. He felt guilty enough about everything the two of you had been thrust into, about the part he’d played in all of it. All the misunderstandings and unspoken words between you turned the air thick, dense, filled with tension of all kinds- it was unbearable. He couldn’t stand this. There had been a time where keeping secrets from you just wasn’t an option. How things change.
Then again..
He did have you alone right now. He was dangerously close to coming clean. The heartache was starting to become too intense for him, and he wasn’t quite sure how much longer he could go through with it. Minho couldn’t look into your pain-filled eyes. The way your voice broke when you spoke, your shaky whispers and hurt was all intolerable.
You could do it, Minho. She’s right in front of you. What other chance would prove to be more perfect?
He knew he’d have to think this through, but with your beautiful face existing right in front of his, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his mouth shut. Especially with those tantalizing lips so close, and yet just out of reach.
When he finally spoke, you raised your chin to look at him, blinking softly. His voice was quiet, his fingers tapping on his thigh.
“I’m sorry. I promise you, I never lied about anything that happened that night. A rumor happened to get out of hand, that’s all. Gossip spreads across the villages like wildfire.” He said quietly, averting his gaze from yours. “I know you deserve better..” He whispered to himself.
You didn’t say anything. Even if you believed him, it didn’t give you a reason to be any less angry. He still abandoned you, fell out of love with you even after all his promises. Betrayed you. This was definitely the part that hurt the most.
You still remember how shaken you’d felt back when he’d returned. You’d expected a warm gaze of love, one that you’d hoped would relieve the ache that had built up each second he’d been gone. Instead, you’d received cold eyes and a guarded heart, one that had once been yours.
You sighed, feeling your heart pound. There was silence for a few minutes as you closed your eyes. All the sadness and pain inside you was starting to swirl around, turning into something a lot more rotten. Anger. Regret. Grief. All the pent up emotions were threatening to spill helplessly, and you could do nothing about it.
“So then, how is she? Better than me?” Your words were bitter, your throat aching as you could barely pick what words decided to make their way out of your throat.
He sighed, sitting up and breaking out of his thoughts on how he could tell you the truth. “Look, Y/n-“
“Answer me.” You said, staring at him. He swallowed at the malicious glint in your eyes- there was still pain, though. This time, overpowered with anger and torment. “‘Cause she must have been pretty fucking special for you to forget about me so easily. As if I never existed.”
“It’s not what you think.” He interjected, seeming too wrecked and conflicted as he clenched his fists.
“What do you mean? You love her and she loves you, isn’t that right? It’s almost like a fairytale.” You hum. “I saw how happy you looked together. It’s nice to hear you’ve found the one.” You mumbled.
He widened his eyes a little at your words.
Fuck that. You’ll always be the one for him. Deep down, he knows you know that too.
“I..mhm.” Minho coughed, still unable to make a choice. How was he supposed to know which decision was right?
“Mhm.” You hummed, not interested in hearing any more as his words only drove the stake deeper into your chest. Your heart was an ocean of sadness and pain, and it was difficult getting the waves under control enough for your face to be still. The urge to disappear was only growing. You wanted to escape, but you didn’t know where to. The only place you’d ever felt safe was in his arms.
The turmoil in your expression was so evident that Minho couldn’t help but swallow, chewing on his lips as he debated himself in his head.
Fuck it. The words were on the tip on his tongue. He’d always been a man of control, but some truths were just too hard to hide.
His eyes fell on your lips. You were biting them, nervous, plump flesh caught between your teeth.
In that moment, Minho knew. The right decision was whichever one would lead to him closer to those lips of yours.
“You must be looking forward to the weddi-“
He couldn’t. He just couldn’t let you feel like this anymore. He was tired of pretending.
“Y/n, stop!” He shouted, interrupting you and making your eyes widen a little.
“It isn’t what it seems like, it was just a fucking arranged marriage okay?! Fuck.” He glared, inhaling deeply after the words that blurted out of his mouth. “I don’t love her. I never did, never, please..I can’t take this anymore-” He scrunched his eyes shut, voice shaky as he realized the gravitas of what he’d just done.
You paused for a second, in deep confusion as you stared at him, his cheeks flushed and his chest heaving up and down. “What..? What do you mean?”
He looked up, biting his lip and grunting. “An alliance, that I was forced into. She’s in love, believe me. But I most definitely am not.” His voice was almost dark as he stared at the wall, his eyes traveling up to stare at his black dragon, swallowing before quickly looking back at you.
You tried to understand, your chest still tight as you looked up, eyes wide and vulnerable.“B-but why? I don’ love her-“
“Are you really that clueless?” He hissed, looking at you, his face right in front of you. When had he moved closer?
Silence followed as the words sunk into your brain. At the moment, you couldn’t quite comprehend anything, jumbled words floating about in your brain as you tried to make sense of it all. An arranged marriage? But the chiefs had said...
“You are so..oblivious.” He shook his head, running a hand through his hair as he sucked in a breath, staring at your dumbfounded features. “It shocks you didn’t notice. I always thought you were clever, too. I don’t. I don’t love her.”
You raised your eyebrows, using the back of your hand to rub your incessant tears. “What are you talking about, Min-“
“I’m talking about this. This.”
And in a second, a second that seemed to encompass all of eternity, Minho leaned forward, his lips crashing against yours.
The shock that coursed through your veins was immediate, powerful.
You would never have expected it in a million years- definitely not after the events of the past few days. Definitely not after having your heart broken into pieces, after having to see his lips on another girl’s and a ring on his finger.
Your breathing grew impossibly quicker, your heart pounding against your chest as he pulled you closer to him, kissing you roughly. Was this some sort of a dream? No, his lips felt too warm and soft and real to be one.
Everything about the kiss was insistent. It felt like he was trying to prove something to you. You could feel it, the desperation and pent up passion. Your body felt like it was weakening as each second passed. The tiny gasp you let out into his mouth made his heart jump in his chest. His mouth softly moved against yours, trapping your lips between his, massaging your lips with his own gently. Soft and wet, slow and passionate.
Minho pulled away for a little, his eyes searching yours as he groaned. He opened his mouth slightly, looking like he wanted to say something. He hesitated a little before he whispered under his breath. “You stole my heart a long time ago, Y/n. It feels like I don’t have one to give away to someone anymore, even if I wanted to.”
Your eyes filled with more tears at his soft words, goosebumps forming all over your skin. And in that moment, you almost felt like you were home again.
His hand on your jaw moved downwards, his thumb swiping across your bottom lip and tugging it downwards ever so gently before leaning in with his eyes closed, his lips claiming yours once more.
Everything in you was screaming at you, telling you not to kiss him back. But how could you not? You’d been waiting for his return, for years. He’s all you’ve ever known, ever since you were a little baby. You’d felt so hopelessly lost without him.
Feeling his lips against yours just felt...right. You’d missed this sensation so much, you almost felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest, leaving behind a burning hole in your ribcage.
So, you moved your lips against his, kissing him back with the desperation that had been trapped inside your chest all this while. The warmth, fierce passion pulsing between the two of you, was rushing straight to your head, gripping your body in its merciless clutches.
He pulled away finally, despite not wanting to. The two of you sucked in breaths as you stared at each other, swallowing and gasping.
“Fuck. You taste the same.” He growled, pulling you close to him once more, lifting you slightly and making you straddle his lap. The sudden position caught you off guard, your whole face turning red as you steadied yourself, placing your hands on his shoulders. “M-minho-“
“Mine.” He hissed, nipping at your neck and gently sucking on the sensitive skin. “You’re mine. All mine. Tell that Terra bastard to fuck off.” He muttered, gripping you so tightly your skin was likely to bruise.
“Why..“ You sniffed, your voice weak. “You’re playing with my emotions. How could you do this to me? How could you break my heart, ruin me, and then do this, say that. It hur-“
“I’m not playing with you.” He said, his eyes slightly wet as he cupped your cheeks with both hands, sitting up. “Y/n…do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment? I love you. I never stopped loving you, not for a second. It doesn’t matter if we spend a million years apart, I know I’d always feel the same way about you.”
You shook your head, the tears flowing steadily past your eyes as the pain, the heartache you’d felt for the past few days failed to fade away.
“Do you know…do you know how much it hurt? How much it ached? I waited for you all these years, only to see you come back with somebody else hanging off your arm. An elegant, beautiful heiress.” You sniffed, pulling away from him slightly. “She was all over you. Scratch that, you were all over each other. You defiled my mother’s room-“
“Your mom’s room? What?” Minho’s eyes widened, confusion taking over his features.
“Yeah…you didn’t know?”
“Of course I didn’t! I would never- fuck.” Minho shook his head. “Your dad offered us the room. That’s all I knew. I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize it.” He winced at the thought of that night. Every time he touched Jisu, all he could think about was your face at the door. How he wished he could have pushed the woman away and ran out into the hallway to find you, pull you close and hold you. You, you, you. And now that he’d passed the point of no return, he found himself burning up with desire for you, that he’d been harboring all these years.
You didn’t say anything, staring at the floor. The tears continued to run down your cheeks as you shook a little. “I felt so hopeless. Even now, I’m scared, Minho. Scared that you’ll fade away, turn into pieces, that I’ll wake up in my bed and this will all have been a dream. That I’d have to head out and see the one who meant the world to me hold another woman. He was all I had. I survived all these years, because there was hope that you were out there somewhere, waiting for me too. But then, I saw you barely glance at me, treat me as if I was nothing.” You sniffed. It was hard to speak.
“When I looked into your eyes, I saw nothing there. It was scary, Minho. I felt lost. It felt like my lover had died, and there was someone else taking his place. Someone who I knew nothing about, a stranger.”
There was pain in his eyes as he listened to you talk.
“I’m sorry. I know...I know I hurt you. It hurt even more to pretend like I didn’t love you anymore.” He sighed, flashes of bad memories echoing in his brain. “ go through what I did, you learn to act. To pretend, to tuck away feelings and emotions. It was hard, terribly hard. It took every ounce of strength in me to not scoop you into my arms as soon as I saw you, Y/n.”
You would be lying if you hadn’t seen chinks in Minho’s armor. However you had told yourself the longing you’d caught in his eyes was just your own helpless heart fabricating hope. Your imagination had always been far too wild.
“I know these are just words I’m saying right now, but I want you to know that I mean it. More than anything. I missed you. You were all I thought about, and all I wanted to do was feel you again. My know what he is like. Once he wants something, he just won’t stop..” Minho trailed off, frowning to himself before snapping back to attention. “And Jisu? She is nothing to me. Nothing more than someone who I am forced to love. She could never make me feel the way you do.”
You saw the sincerity in his eyes, and it tugged at your heart. Your eyes stung, the image of that woman was something you wished you could erase completely.
“You’ll be married to her’re still an engaged man. And even if our hearts belong to each other, the ring on your finger is not mine.” You whispered, staring down at his lap.
“Once the championships are over, we’ll probably never even see each other again.” Your voice was quiet, your eyes still avoiding his. You didn’t know if you could handle that, or even a second without him now that you’d felt his lips on yours again, his skin against your skin. The thought was excruciating. You’d lost him once. If it happened again, it would be sure to break you.
“See, that’s where you’re wrong.” Minho breathed in deeply, kissing your forehead as he tucked strands of your hair behind your ear. “We will have our happily ever after, I promise you.”
“Are you sure? What makes you certain?” You could see the sadness in his smile, even if he tried to hide it. Maybe he knew how hopeless it was, too. “It just seems like everyone’s trying to keep us apart. Our own fathers don’t want us together anymore. I don’t think they’d even approve of our friendship, after everything that happened.”
Minho scoffed as his lips slid lower, settling on your collarbone. “Not mine. He would have been alright with us, if your father hadn’t kicked me out for something I’d never done.” His tongue slid across your skin. “My love. You are everything I’ve ever been sure about. You’re mine..always.”
You stayed silent, unable to reply as he sucked harsher on you. Letting out a small whine, you squirmed as he suddenly pushed his hips up a little, causing a sensation that threatened to have you falling apart in his arms already.
It wasn’t long before you felt his solid bulge brush up against your clothed entrance, a gasp leaving your lips at the feeling. The thickness barely concealed in his pants continued to brush against your helpless core as his hips moved again.
“I missed you so much, pretty. I miss staring at the stars with you, I miss watching the fishes in the lake, I miss sneaking out with our dragons, I miss all the late night kisses and forbidden touches.” He whispered, hands sliding up to hold your waist. “I spent every waking moment thinking about you, Y/n. Even my dreams were filled with you.”
“S-so did I…” You said softly, still a little overwhelmed as he slid his hands up your shirt. Your heart felt like it was an ocean, waves crashing between your ribs.
“I knew we’d see each other again soon, though. You and I, we’re meant to be. That day, when I left the village..I told myself I’d come back for you. I wasn’t going to give up that easily.” He hummed as he pressed soft pecks on your heated skin. “Of course, I hadn’t expected Jisu. She wasn’t a part of the plan.” He sighed, momentarily closing his eyes.
The mention of that woman sent another wave of pain through you as you let out a small sniff, tears pricking the corner of your eyes. You trusted him. And yet, there was still some kind of hopelessness in the air that was hard to ignore. Minho never broke his least from what you remember. Some things were out of his control though. Maybe this was one of them. Unrequited love was somehow less painful than the idea of a love that burned so strong, and yet the whole world seemed to be against it.
He noticed your expression, sighing. “I’m sorry for mentioning her. I’ll make sure things work out. You just have to trust me. Can you do that?”
“You know I always have.” You whispered, soft eyes running over his face. There was just so much love brimming in your poor broken heart. And the familiar look in his eyes, the affectionate was healing the pieces in your chest, bit by bit. Your hands cupped his cheeks and pressing a featherlight kiss of your own on his nose, sniffing.
You noticed the way his cheeks subtly reddened as you did so, the butterflies inside you flapping their wings harder. “Good girl. My good kitten..”
He moved you off his lap, laying you down before climbing over you, taking in your wide innocent eyes. You looked like a little scared bunny, and he delighted in the shiver of your sensitive skin as he ghosted his fingers over you. You were his prey, and he was just about ready to devour you.
“That...Felix’s hands...all over you. It angered me. Doesn’t he know you’re mine?” He asked, the hunger and desire in his eyes making your lips emit a meek whimper.
“Am I?”
“Of course you are. You said I hurt you, but don’t you know how it felt to see you walk away with him, leading him to our special place? I know that’s where you took him.”
Your expression turned indignant as you whined. “Minho, you can’t blame me for that! There I was, thinking you were engaged and in love with someone else. What was I supposed to do? Felix...he was nice. He cared.”
He hummed. “, I’m sorry. I know how much pain I’ve caused you, and I’m prepared to spend my whole life making it up to you, princess.” He stared at your lips, using his thumb to stroke them, admiring the softness. It was something he loved about you...everything about you was soft. Soft, loving eyes. Soft lips, soft skin, and most of all, a soft fragile heart. He wanted to keep you safe and protect you, hold you close to him and make you his every possible moment. He wanted to love you deeply. It was what you’d done all these years. He felt terrible, knowing how much he’d hurt you, making you think your love and loyalty didn’t mean anything to him anymore. When in fact, everything about you meant the world to him.
Soon he was leaning down again, making out with you passionately. You moved your lips to his rhythm, the soft slide of his tongue and warm breath threatening to melt all your thoughts away.
You couldn’t resist him. Kissing him deeper, letting out a soft whine against his mouth as his lips pulled on your bottom one, his tongue brushing against yours softly.
His hands wandered all over your body, settling on your waist as he let out soft groans into your lips.
“I want you..” You barely knew the words leaving your mouth. It was like your heart and all its desires had taken your brain hostage- you no longer knew anything but the way Minho felt against you. It was all you needed, all you craved.
He wrapped his arms around you tighter, preventing you from squirming much further.
“Oh you do, now do you?” He chuckled, squeezing the sides of your waist just a little. “How do you want me, princess?”
“I just- I just want..” You trailed off, your cheeks dusted pink as you started to feel too shy.
He chuckled at your vague answer. “Alright, where do you want me?” His fingers ghosted over your waist, reaching up to cup your breasts, your nipples caught between his fingers. “Here?” He gently rolled your soft buds between his calloused digits, sending tingles through your body. You whimpered, your lips falling open softly as your eyes closed.
He leaned in to kiss your neck as his hand traveled downwards, circling your navel gently before reaching the top of your undergarments. His movements were slow and decisive as he slid his hand over your panties to rub your drenched folds gently, a soft groan leaving him as his fingers made contact with your sensitive heat. “Or here, maybe.” His fingers were slow as they slid up and down. He groaned, he could already feel how wet you’d gotten even through the flimsy, soaked fabric.
“Now, kitten, tell me.” His voice was firm.
You tried to gather up the words, your brain too fuzzy to work. “Everywhere..” you finally managed to say, your hips leaning into his touch, making him smirk.
“Can’t choose? Of course. My kitten is just as greedy as ever.” Slowly, he decided to pull the soaked fabric to the side, an audible groan leaving his bitten lips as he laid eyes on your pretty pussy after all these years.
“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, using his slender fingers to push apart your folds, his eyes landing on your glistening pink core. They turned darker, traveling slowly back to your face to meet your gaze. Lowering himself, you felt your cheeks turn pink as you closed your eyes, shivering and already a mess.
When you finally felt his tongue swipe across your folds, your eyes opened as a helpless whimper left your lips, his ears relishing that beautiful sound.
“More. I want to hear you moan.” Those words were accompanied with a soft kiss on your sensitive nub, his lips closing around it.
You couldn’t help but moan loudly as he sucked on your clit, pulling away to let the tip of his finger play with your bundle of nerves. He loved just how sensitive you were, how you reacted to his touches. It was nothing short of addictive.
“How does it feel, princess?” He asked softly, a teasing lilt to his tone as his thumb stroked your folds, slipping into your entrance. “I remember how it felt, the first time I touched you like this. To be the one who gets to ruin you, your innocent little face scrunched up in pleasure for the first time..pleasure that I’m giving you. Fuck.” Minho groaned, the bulge in his pants starting to feel suffocated as he watched your folds take him in. His other hand crept down to free his length, holding it in his hand as he stroked his dick in time with his fingers’ shallow thrusts, his eyes trained on your leaking, soft pussy. Each little thrust forced a small mewl out of your mouth, growing louder as his fingers reached deeper into your warmth.
Minho didn’t know how much longer he could hold himself back. He wanted to be deep inside you, filling you up and claiming you over and over again. His jaw clenched as you opened your eyes hazily, your gaze traveling to his cock. He noticed your heavy inhale, your cheeks turning redder at the sight.
“Mm, princess?” He asked, the corners of his lips tilting upwards. “Missed this?” He glanced down at his own length momentarily. “You were always such a little slut for my cock.”
You licked your lip softly, unable to tear your eyes away from the heavenly sight of him stroking himself. It only deepened the pleasure as you started to feel your tummy tighten up, your brain growing hazier as you felt the pleasure build up…
..until it was gone, fading away as Minho pulled his fingers out, your core throbbing in need. You let out a needy whine, looking up at him with teary eyes. You were just about to ask him why he stopped when his fingers gripped your hips, spreading your legs and fitting himself in between your thighs as he leaned down to capture your lips again.
“I want to make sure you can’t walk, ruin you completely. Claim you as mine.”
You gasped as he slicked himself through your folds, a shocked mewl escaping you as he slipped his head in.
Minho exhaled. “I want you to come apart on my cock. I want to..fuck- feel you.” As the first inch slid in, you could barely breathe. Deeper, his eyes flitted between your needy features and the place where the two of you were connected, his length disappearing into your core.
“M-minho…” You let out a soft whimper, his length stretching out your walls slowly as he pushed himself deep into you. It had been too long since you’d felt him against you like this. His lips were littering soft kisses along the expanse of your chest as he hummed softly, his hips barely moving as he waited for you to adjust.
It felt different, he felt different. And yet, all too familiar. He still smelled the same, you realized. Clean, like the ocean.
Minho pulled away from your neck to look into your eyes, his gaze piercing into your soul as he pressed a soft kiss on your nose. A single deep thrust followed, making you gasp. His eyes darkened at the sound, his grip on your hips tightening just a little.
Slowly, he began moving his hips. Minho watched your expressions carefully, your soft lips parted and eyes glazed over as his thrusts grew deeper and rougher. The little, delicate whimpers falling off your tongue made him groan louder, you looked so small and vulnerable beneath him. He felt himself starting to lose control, breathing heavier as his big hands grabbed your ass, sitting back on his haunches and pulling you to his chest, so you were on his lap.
“Your moans pretty, kitten.” He whispered, his eyes trained on your breasts as one hand travelled up your waist, making you shiver as you looked down at him. He looked so hungry. It almost scared you, how much this man seemed to be consumed by passion. All because of you.
He’d abandoned any thoughts of easing you into it as a needy whine left your lips, realizing he’d brushed against your sweet spot. Minho chuckled as his gripped your rear cheeks, pulling on them slightly as he forced you to bounce up and down on him, sliding your body down his shaft as if you were a doll.
“Pretty, pretty. My small little kitten.” He hissed as he felt your core tightly wrapped around him.
You couldn’t do anything but whine helplessly, his hands moving you as he grunted, capturing your lips with his own. He bit on your bottom lip, tugging slightly. He was overwhelmed by the feeling of your walls around him, so perfect, so tight and warm.
“It feels so good.” You managed to say, hands on his shoulders as you felt him impossibly deep inside you. He stared into your eyes as you spoke, his lips opening to capture yours in a desperate kiss. Minho started to buck his hips, pounding into your core, repeatedly against the spot he knew would make you scream the most. Your eyes widened as he did so, your mouth opening but no sound coming out as Minho clamped his hand over your lips. He couldn’t have the dragons waking up, or anyone happening to pass by hear.
Your eyes filled with tears of pleasure as the sensations inside you swirled into a tornado, building up deep within. It was more intense than anything you’d ever felt. His thick length, covered in your essence, his insistent thrusts and dark lust-filled eyes all proving to be too much for you as the high kept climbing. Minho tilted his head, watching your hazy eyes and realizing you were too close to your high.
He slammed you down on him, your hips flush against each other as he moved you in a circle, grinding you against him as the two of you let out simultaneous groans. His fingers crept down to rub your clit, flicking it softly and only contributing to your undoing.
It all happened too fast. Your eyes rolling to the back of your head as the white hot pleasure exploded, sparks taking over every inch of your body. Minho watched the beautiful sight, his breath shaky as he continued to fuck into you through your high. Your desperate mewls made him kiss your lips deeply, your drenched heat clenching around him was too heavenly.
A few more thrusts was all it took for him to fill you up, his hips still moving so he could push his warm seed deeper into you. It felt so good, to have him make you whole, every inch of you his.
“I’ve always dreamed of doing this to you..” He whispered as he slowly thrusted into you, making sure his cum was pushed deeper. “I’ve always imagined what it would be like to see you, with my baby inside your pretty belly. You’d look so..beautiful.”
His words were too quiet and your mind was too fuzzy to comprehend what he was saying. A soft moan disappeared into the air. You’d never felt more full than you had at this moment. His arms, strong around you, holding you like he was never going to let go. The two of you connected, as one.
He smelled the same. His skin felt as warm and soft as ever, his eyes still held the same twinkle.
The way he held you was different, though. Confident, his grip on your hips. His smirk, his strong eyebrows, his broad chest and dark gaze. The way he had claimed you as his, his thrusts deep and his kisses leaving you breathless. Even now, as his hands ran down your back and his length brushed deeper into your core, it was a far cry from the awkward teenage touches and fumbling in the dark.
It was a different Minho, and yet you could still see the whole universe in his eyes. The old softness in his gaze and warmth that you’d missed more than anything.
“I love you.” You whispered, blinking softly. Your eyelashes felt heavy, and your heart was still pounding in your chest. Butterflies were ravaging your insides as you looked at him, your cheeks pink, waiting for him to say something.
Staying quiet, he leaned in slowly. He kissed your lips softly, softer than ever before. Repeated soft pecks, each one placed on your mouth slower than the last.
Moving closer, he laid you down again slowly. His eyes were watching the way your folds hugged his cock tightly even as he pulled out, his tip finally leaving your soft core, soaked and open. “Your pretty pussy looks like it misses my cock.” He whispered, his tone teasing. Your cheeks turned pink, whining as you covered your eyes in embarrassment at his lust-filled words.
Minho wrapped his fingers around his length, stroking himself as he pressed the head of his cock against your throbbing core, pulling away and pushing slightly in again. “See? Look at the way you suck me in, so tight and needy. Are you that desperate for me?”
You peeked out from behind your fingers, cheeks still red as you nodded. Minho smiled softly at the adorable sight, pulling away. “Can you get on your hands and knees, princess? Ass up in the air for me, now.” He whispered.
You obeyed, turning around. Minho held your hips once more, making you raise your ass higher as his hungry eyes took in your soft pussy lips. His fingers pushed your lips apart, observing the white liquid leaking down your heat.
“I can’t believe how beautiful you are.” He whispered, thumb rubbing your core softly, pushing it back into your hole. “We can’t have you losing any of this, now. Keep it all in like a good girl.” You let out a soft moan in response.
He kissed your back before holding your waist and pulling you into an embrace, laying the both of you down onto the soft hay.
You rested your cheek on his chest, rubbing it against him softly. “I missed you.” You say softly, tears flowing down. “I really missed you.” You felt like those four words weren’t nearly enough to describe everything you’d gone through. With him gone, it felt like there had been an empty hole inside your chest. He was your person. Your home.
His voice was quiet as his hand idly stroked your hair, lips leaving a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere.”
“What about..” you swallowed, trying to blink back the tears. “Her..”
“Please...don’t think about her.” Minho sighed, wincing at the thought of the woman waiting in his bed for him. “I would rather pretend she doesn’t exist when I’m with you.”
“But she does. She’s real and hurts.”
Minho looked down at you, hands holding your cheeks as he leaned down to kiss you. “My little star.” He smiled fondly against your lips, tucking your hair behind your ear like he’d done countless times before. That nickname. It sent sparks of electricity through your chest. “She doesn’t matter. Like I said before..I spent so many years away from you, feeling empty and cold. Then, I saw you again. It felt like I’d found my heart, the one I’d lost all those years ago.” He whispered, his fingers slowly inching their way to your chest and pressing his palm over your heart. “It was here, all along. It never left.”
You felt an inexplicable warmth take over as you gazed into his eyes, slowly counting each star that lay within. He was beauty personified.
“I wish it didn’t have to be this way, that things were less complicated. But I promise you, we’ll be okay. Do you trust me?”
You trusted him. But you weren’t sure you trusted anyone around him. Definitely not her. She was in love with him too, and you’d happened to see the red hot jealousy in her eyes on more than one occasion. It almost mirrored yours, but you were more careful to hide your possessive nature.
You forced yourself to get rid of those thoughts, Minho’s scent lulling you into a soft, comfortable sleep. “Big day tomorrow baby..go to sleep.” He said softly. You yawned a little, snuggling into Minho’s side and pressing a small kiss on his chest, hoping it would convey the wordless love that hung in the air between you. You didn’t need words, the two of you never did.
His hand was soft as he caressed your back, making you feel protected. Minho waited for you to fall asleep, watching your soft breaths slow down. He stroked your hair and pulled you closer, feeling safe for the first time in a long, long while as you finally succumbed to a deep slumber. He sighed softly, kissing your forehead.
“I love you more, Y/n.”
Tumblr media
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matryosika · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing – lee know x reader
word count – 6.2 k
warnings – virgin!reader, dilf!minho, sir kink, corruption kink, dirty talk, breeding kink, masturbation (f and m), squirting, blowjob, creampie, unprotected sex
note – english is not my first language and i didn't read this before uploading, so i apologize for any mistakes made in advance!
Tumblr media
ever since he saw you walking into his office, minho knew you were going to cause him trouble.
it might have been your innocent looks or how you knew so much about everything and nothing at the same time, but he couldn’t help his attraction towards you. the way you talked, walked and moved bewitched him since the very first time you set foot into his office.
“i’m y/n, sir” you had said with both of your hands behind your back, bowing down politely to him, “thank you so much for this opportunity”.
and just like that, you never left his mind. he would never admit it out loud, nor to his work partners or himself, but he would often dream about you in his sleep. touching your soft skin, ripping those cute dresses from your body, teaching you all sorts of things he was sure you had never experienced before. however, as soon as the sun rises, he is forced to lock down all those filthy desires, only releasing them once he comes back from work, finishing his day by stroking himself to the thought of you.
“you wanted to see me, sir?” you questioned, your head slightly poking through his office door.
sir. it didn’t matter how many times you had used that title on him, he could never get enough of it.
“y/n, come in” he mumbled, leaving the sheets of papers he was reading on his desk. you walked in holding the strap of your purse on your shoulder, wondering what could possibly your boss need from you on a friday night. “can you please close the door for me?”
you did as you were told even though the task was rather pointless since the whole building had been empty for at least 30 minutes now, no noise or person could ever interrupt that little meeting between the two of you.
“is there something i can do for you?” you asked, walking slowly towards the two individual sofas placed in front of minho’s desk. he signaled you to them, a silent request for you to take a seat.
“your internship period is about to end soon” he mumbled, his whole body resting its weight on the comfortable leather office chair. “you are aware of that, aren’t you?”
“yes sir” you replied, swallowing hard in anticipation. you knew where this whole conversation was going, when you got the interview you were told that, based on your performance, there was a small possibility for you to move from an internship to a full-time job.
but you were simply not ready to hear the verdict from him.
“i had a meeting today, with my co-workers,” he continued, playing with his fingers as he penetrative gaze fixed on you. “we talked and evaluated your performance as an intern”.
you sat there in silence, tilting your head slightly as you waited for his response, but he didn’t continue on talking.
“they said very nice things about you, you should know that” he replied, giving you a soft smile that almost resembled a smirk, a twisted feeling growing up in your lower abdomen as the meeting continued, “but you already know that, at the end of the day, the only decision that matters is mine”.
you nodded slightly, setting your gaze on the hems of your dress in an attempt to avoid maintaining eye contact with him, your mind being too weak to even bear such a small action.
“and what do you think, sir?”
minho licked his lips slowly, his whole body burning at the image of you struggling to even look at him. “i think you are doing great” he finally responded, a small sigh escaping your lips as if you were holding your breathing waiting for his verdict “i would love to have you working for me”.
your eyes finally dared to take a look at him, and you gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen on you “thank you, sir”.
“don’t thank me” minho insisted, feeling shivers all over his body once your glossy eyes found his, “you did it all by yourself”.
you smiled again, feeling ten times more relieved than when you walked through his office. “is there anything else i can do for you or…?”
“do you have somewhere to be?” he inquired, a faint smirk appearing on his face again.
feeling sexually attracted to minho was nothing new inside of your mind, but you were too embarrassed about it to admit it. you were probably the youngest among the people working there, probably most unexperienced in life as well, so you spent the last six months trying to convince yourself that, if minho were to fuck one of his subordinates it was definitely not going to be you.
even so, you constantly found yourself squeezing your thighs together whenever he was around, your mind traveling to forbidden places and dreaming about your whole body being completely used for his own pleasure.
“not really” you answered, your heart pathetically racing at nothing but a trivial question “what about you?”
“what about me?” he let out a deep laugh, making you think that maybe your question was out of place. maybe it was but, to be fair, your mind was working in pilot mode ever since you dared to make eye-contact with him. “i’ll just go home, have a drink and work some more”.
“i’ll probably end up doing the same thing” you admitted “minus the drinking part”.
“you don’t drink?”
“it makes me sleepy”
“ahhh” minho hummed, nodding as a sign of understanding. “one would’ve thought that women in their twenties usually spend their weekends partying and drinking”.
“one would’ve thought that men in their thirties usually spend their weekends at bars or having expensive dinners” you counter-attacked. whoever heard that talk between you and your boss would’ve been weirded out, however, he always made sure to establish a relaxed work atmosphere with all his co-workers and subordinates, so this wasn’t really new to you.
“don’t get me wrong” he assured, his head slightly rolling to the back until it hit the backrest of his chair, “i do enjoy going out, but this has been a stressful week and i’d rather spend the weekend at home”.
“why don’t i-” you started talking, but your tongue didn’t seem to be connected with your mind. “why don’t i give you a shoulder massage?”. he tilted his head at you in confusion, both of his dark eyes fixing on the way your lips trembled after finishing that controversial sentence, “it sometimes helps”.
he thought long about your suggestion, but he couldn’t turn it down. not when you were basically putting yourself on a silver tray for him, even if that was not your initial intention.
but little did he know that, just like him, you went home every night thinking about all the things you were willing to let him do to you.
“go ahead” he finally gave in, his body tensing up instead of relaxing as soon as you left your seat to walk towards him.
you knew what you wanted, but you never thought you were going to be this close to get it. with that being said, and after he gave you permission to touch him, your mind went completely blank. you didn’t think he would agree to it, but now both of your hands were placed on his broad shoulders trying to release him from the burn out stress, your senses completely numb as you heard faint groans trying to escape his lips every time you stimulated his muscles.
“just like that” he sighed, rolling his head slightly back with both of his eyes closed. the rather sinful noises that were coming out of his lips made you reconsider your whole twisted act, but you couldn’t even begin to regret it. not when the soft fabric of his shirt was against the palms of your hands, his head tilted back with his soft lips parted, almost inviting you to place a kiss on them “your hands feel heavenly”.
and even though the context of the situation was not exactly sexual, you found yourself squeezing your thighs together while your hands rubbed against his shoulders, your tight cunt clenching around thin air and begging to be filled.
“sir…” you whispered, your exes admiring the grimaces of pleasure and pain reflected in his face “does it feel good?”
he let out a deep sigh before opening his eyes, his gaze feeling ten times heavier than usual and making your whole body tremble in its place, the pressure of your hands on his shoulder increasing as a couple of silent seconds passed by.
“what are you doing?” he bluntly asked, your whole body freezing completely from your head to the tip of your toes.
i should’ve think this whole thing through.
“i’m sorry” you panted, your anxiety almost eating you alive. in the heat of the moment, all you wanted was to approach him, but you failed to consider that maybe he didn’t want you in that way or, in the worst case scenario, that this could end up pretty bad for you. “i-” you stuttered, your hands abandoning his shoulders in order to walk towards your previous seat, ready to grab your purse and leave his office.
“did i tell you to stop?” his soft voice questioned again, your heart now racing at 1000 miles per hour. “keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his eyes admiring the fear and confusion plastered in your face.
you stood near his chair for a few seconds, your mind going blank and your whole body completely disconnected from your brain. however, you understood that this opportunity was probably going to be one in a million so, with all the fear in the world, your hands returned to its original place, his head rolling back again at the feeling of your warm touch.
“i asked you a question though” he mumbled while closing his eyes, his breathing getting heavier as time passed. “are you going to answer me?”
“i- i’m not… i’m not doing anything, sir” you answered, biting your lower lip as you continued on working on his shoulders.
“right” he sighed, one of his hands caressing the arms of the chair he was sitting on. a couple of minutes passed by in silence, your hands maneuvering his muscles while occasional groans and sighs left his mouth.
“well, y/n, that would be it,” he mumbled in between groans, his hands loosening the tie he was wearing while his body settled down on his seat “you can go home now”.
your hands withdrew from your body, the burning sensation of the shirt’s soft fabric getting imprinted in your skin. you looked at him for a few seconds, your mind battling between shooting your shot or picking up your things and leave his office.
however, shooting your shot was definitely a plan without steps. you wanted his attention and his desire but, other than that, you were not quite sure what you else wanted from him. a kiss? his touch? his words?
“sir” you whispered, looking at minho’s hands going through the paperwork on his table. his gaze lifted up slightly to find you again playing with your hands.
“yes?” he asked with such an endearing, yet intimidating, tone. you looked at him in silence and he did the same thing, licking his lips while his eyes traveled from your gaze to your mouth. “y/n, i can’t read minds, you need to use your words”.
and fueled by the way he looked at you, you took all the courage to speak up “can i stay a little longer?”
it was impossible for him not to smirk at your voice saying those 6 magic words while knowing the meaning behind them. he understood what you meant, but he also needed you to be completely clear about it.
“and what exactly do you want to do?” he questioned, standing from his seat as he walked towards you. “do you have any more questions about the meeting i had today or-”
“can i kiss you?” you asked, taking him by surprise. to be completely honest, never in your life you had felt more stupid than you did right now, standing in front of him with your rosy cheeks, your whole skin burning while both of your hands were behind your back.
you were twenty one years old asking for an older man to kiss you as if you were a teenager. you were going to be lucky as fuck if he didn’t laugh in your face at such dumb request.
“you want to kiss me?” he inquired again, his body moving too close to yours. the air that you were breathing finally mixed with him, your chest feeling heavy every time he tilted his head at mere centimeters from your face. “since when do you want to kiss me?”
“a while” you admitted, “i just want to know how it feels like”.
“you’ve never kissed anyone before?” he replied with a surprised tone in his voice, maybe too surprising for your own liking.
“no, i have” you were quick to answer “but i want to feel how it’s like to kiss you”.
“do you want to kiss me,” he continued “or do you want me to kiss you?”
“what’s the difference?” you asked, only to fall completely in silence once he pressed his lips against yours.
and only then, you understood the difference of what he meant.
his lips attacked yours slowly, parting them slightly to allow his tongue inside of you, licking and tasting every single place of your mouth. his hands, that were once inside the pockets of his black pants, were now resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer, feeling the heat of his body a hundred times more than you did before.
you couldn’t help but moan against him once you felt his teeth gripping your lower lips, the painful sting sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.
he was a good kisser, even better than what you had imagined him to be.
“what else do you want?” he questioned in between kisses, his shortness of breath covering your whole skin with goosebumps.
“do you want to do something with me?” you boldly ask, however, your voice never left its sweet and calming tone, something that drove him insane.
“there are a lot of things i want to do with you, y/n” he admitted, peppering kisses along your jaw and neck “but i’m not sure if i’m allowed to do them”.
“why not?” you sighed, one of your hands traveling all the way to his hair while you pushed his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
“i’m not sure what your limits are”.
“you can test them” you mumbled with broken words, your body trembling every time his teeth gripped your soft skin “it would be the first time someone does that”.
he stopped kissing you for a bit while his eyes fixed on yours for mere seconds. “you haven’t-”
“no” you replied without leaving him any more time to finish his question, even though you knew what he was going to ask “the most extreme thing i’ve done is kissing someone”.
he looked at you in awe, but it was different this time. you’d dare to say that your words excited him, but you could be wrong: maybe he liked experienced women, or someone who was not as immature as you were.
however, your doubts were all cleared out once a devilish smile appeared on his face.
“are you familiar with the traffic-light system, y/n?” he inquired, taking your hand and guiding you all the way to the leather chair he was sitting at the beginning of the meeting. he sat down with both of his legs slightly parted, one of his hands palming his lap for you to sit on. you licked your lips in anticipation as you placed both of your legs on each side of his thighs, sitting right on top of his growing bulge.
it was inevitable but, as soon as your hot clothed core made contact with his erection, you let out a soft moan earning a smirk from the man himself.
“say green if you want me to keep going, yellow if you are unsure and red if you want me to stop” he ordered, placing both of his hands on your ass while lifting you dress up “understood?”
you nodded, gasping as his nails digged into the soft flesh of your ass and thighs, the coldness of his rings sending sparks of electricity inside you, specially to your nipples that were painfully hard under your top underwear.
one of his hands traveled to your back as he pulled you in closer, kissing you for the second time in the night. however, this time it felt needier, hungrier. his lips moved faster than before and you were not quite sure if you liked this pace more than the slow, sensual one. but as soon as you felt his tongue grazing against yours, your mind went completely blank again. your hips involuntarily grinded against him, making you moan against his lips while he held you close to him.
“look, y/n” he muttered with a hitched breath, breaking the kiss from time to time “look how your body reacts under my touch”.
you moaned once again at his words, bucking your hips with even more eagerness once you realized that it came natural. he gripped your butt harshly once again, his hand moving away for a few seconds only to be replaced by the sting of a spank, making you gasp in pain. “color?”
“green, sir”.
he continued on kissing you while you rode his lap, receiving spanks from time to time while you moaned against his lips. “have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he asked, breaking the kiss completely.
you nodded with an accelerating breath, realizing how uncomfortable the clothes you were wearing felt against your sweaty body. “tell me about it” he pleaded, his hands gripping your hips while he guided your movements on his lap “tell me what you think about when you touch yourself.''
you gave him a hesitant look, always being too shy to say those kinds of things out loud. however, you were already too out of your mind and completing such a task was not going to be hard, specially when your dripping cunt was brushing over and over his erection.
“i think about you fucking me” you mumbled, bucking your hips on top of him “i dream about your voice telling me how good i feel around you, your hands touching every single part of my body”.
“is that what you truly want?” he questioned again.
“yes, sir” you replied “i want you to be the first man to fuck me”.
he couldn’t understand why, but your words only made his cock harder against his pants. he always dreamed about ruining you, using your body as he pleased. he dreamed about railing you to tears, making you unable to think or speak other than his name. but finding out that you were a virgin excited him in ways he couldn’t describe. knowing that he was going to be the first one to truly ruin you completely was something he never thought about but truly needed.
without asking any more questions, he lifted you from his lap, standing up as well in the process. he rested your body on his desk, lifting your dress over your arms to completely get rid of it.
“color?” he questioned while the tip of his digits caressed the hems of your underwear, watching the piece of clothing completely soaked once you opened your legs for him.
“green” you sighed, your heart skipping a bit as minho’s hands dragged your underwear along your legs and off of your body.
he took a step back to admire you completely, his gaze focusing particularly on your dripping pussy, thinking about how many times he could cum inside of his pants just with that sight.
“are you always this wet, y/n?” minho mumbled, licking his lips in despair, not being able to wait any more to take a taste from you.
“only when i think about you” you admitted, your knuckles turning white from how hard you were grasping the edge of his desk.
“you have a good mouth” minho admitted, kneeling before you and placing both of your legs over his shoulders, his hot breath now caressing your exposed cunt “can you use it to moan my name?”
you looked at him nervously, your legs fairly spreaded for him to dive in your cunt with his finger and mouth.
you had fucked yourself with your fingers before, but they were probably not as good as his. even though you were lubricated with your own juices, you were afraid to feel any kind of unpleasant pain
“i promise you it will feel good” he muttered against the skin of your thighs as if he was reading your mind, “if you don’t like it, i’ll stop”.
you nodded again, your head falling back instantly as soon as you felt his hot tongue rubbing against your bundle of nerves, not giving you any time to prepare yourself for such an intense sensation.
the sight of having him in between your legs was something that you were not going to forget, his cold gaze fixed on how your breasts bounced every time you moved or how the grimaces of pleasure ruined your innocent features. you moaned his name over and over, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his mouth against your throbbing cunt.
“fuck, sir-” you whined, arching your back as soon as you felt one of his fingers inside your pussy “fuck, fuck, fuck”
“does it feel good, y/n?” he groaned.
“god, it feels amazing” you gasp, your hips grinding against his face at a brutal pace “please don’t stop sir, please”.
“i won’t” minho’s deep voice mumbled “i won’t stop until you cum on my mouth”.
soon, you started feeling a familiar sensation on your lower abdomen and back. it felt like those times you touched yourself on your own, but ten times more powerful. both of your legs started to shake around him but he was quick to hold one of them in place with his free hand. “keep them open for me, baby” he ordered, “we are almost there”.
once he felt you were ready, he inserted one more finger inside you. his tongue collected the last taste of your scent before abandoning your clit, the thumb of his opposite hand that was holding your leg a few seconds ago replacing it.
“sir, i don’t think i’ve felt this before” you cried, the task of keeping your legs opened becoming way too hard for you to handle it.
“it’s going to be alright” he cooed with accelerated breath, his fingers curling up inside you while they hit that sweet spot repeatedly. “does this feel good?”
“it does” you whined, almost screaming. your hips bucked against his fingers aggressively as his thumb rubbed your clit in circles, driving you to the edge in almost no time. “sir, it feels weird- fuck”.
“i know, y/n” he panted, licking his lips at the sight of your wetness making a mess on his work desk. “just let go, baby”.
as soon as you felt the knot coming undone, you opened your eyes to find him in front of you. his veins popping up on his arms and neck, his swollen pink lips glistening with the mixture of his saliva and your arousal, his loosened tie and the painful erection brushing against one of your thighs was just what you needed to come undone on his fingers.
“that’s a good girl” he praised, his whole body ablazing at your attempt to keep your eyes on him and failing almost immediatly, your eyes going completely blank and empty as soon as you reached your first high. “look at you, y/n, already learning how to take my fingers”.
“minho-” you painfully moaned, the first time you ever referred to him by his name instead of the title you have him.
“keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his fingers abusing your throbbing cunt at a faster pace than before “keep on saying my name until you are done”.
“minho” you screamed again, your throat now completely dry “god, it feels so fucking good”.
“i know, baby” he mumbled, still curling up his fingers inside you and making your whole body shake under him "the way you are clenching around my fingers says it all".
and with only one more thrust of them inside you, your arousal took complete control of your body. however, this time was nothing like when you touched yourself on your own.
it was far from being the same.
his whole desk got covered with your juices, both of your thighs glistening with your arousal as minho's hand smeared it all over you. "oh my fucking god" you gasped, your eyes instantly falling at the mess you just made both on his desk and him.
"you did so, so well" he praised, his soaked fingers forcing themselves inside of your mouth. "look at you, taking your boss's fingers like this".
"i am sorry" you mumbled still with his fingers inside of your mouth, drooling all over them while your cheeks turned red, "i made a mess".
"why are you embarrassed, baby?" his soft voice ask, thrusting his fingers inside of your mouth while you sucked on them, "this is just the proof of how good i can make you feel".
"i didn't know it would feel this good" you panted, still trying to recover from the nerve-wrecking arousal you just had. "it felt better than when i do it by my own"
"of course, y/n" he mumbled while letting out a deep laugh, somewhat moved and aroused by your pureness. "i promised you i was going to make you feel good".
you looked at him and then lowered your gaze to his throbbing bulge, too evident for him to even try to hide it. "what?“
"can i?" you softly asked, your eyes fixed on his tight black pants.
"do you want to suck me off?" he asked, both of his hands unclenching his belt without losing any more time "have you done that before?"
you shook your head, standing up from his desk while minho's body sat down on the same leather chair as before. he didn't bother to take his clothes off, only freeing his painfully hard cock from his pants and underwear.
"come here, y/n" he ordered, making you kneel almost instantly in front of him. you licked your lips in excitement, curious about how it would feel to have your boss's cock stretching your mouth deliciously. "do you want me to teach you how to properly suck my cock, baby?"
you looked at him in the eyes and nodded again, your small hands instinctively traveling to his cock, touching it and stroking him slightly.
"open your mouth for me" he commanded, smiling at how quick you followed his order by sticking your tongue out. "come closer, lick the tip of my cock".
you flattened your tongue around the pink head, the taste of his pre-cum flooding your senses while you eagerly started to suck him off like a lollipop, moved by only your instincts.
"you have always been a quick learner" he groaned, his hands caressing your hair as he maintained eye-contact with you, his cold gaze getting you wet all over again. "keep on sucking me like that, all the way down baby".
after a few attempts, you managed to take half of his length inside of your mouth, hearing faint laughs as you failed to do so without tearing up or crying. "you look so precious like this" he moaned, "your cute eyes tearing up while having my cock halfway down your throat, drooling all over it".
"mhm?" you hummed having him inside you, sending waves of pleasure all along his body.
"mhm, y/n" he repeated, his hand slightly pushing your mouth even more on his cock. "give me your hand" he ordered, "and try to hold your breath for me, can you do that?"
you nodded giving him a last glance before closing your eyes, his hands forcing his whole length inside you making him groan against you. "that's my good fucking girl" he panted, repeatedly guiding your movements on his cock "such a big girl now, aren't you?"
you squeezed his hand and he took it as a sign to let go of you, breathing frantically as soon as you were able to catch some air.
"it's not that hard, is it baby?" he questioned, "you managed to take your first cock this well".
you gave him a soft smile with glossy eyes, his cock twitching almost instantly at the sight. "color?" he asked, his digits brushing your hand slightly.
"green, sir" you mumbled, looking at his cock and clenching at the imagination of how it would feel stretching your inner walls, "i want to".
"mhm?" he asked, getting off from his seat and placing your body over the messy desk, your whole body getting dirty with your fluids, "you really want me to be your first?"
"i have dreamed about this for months now, sir" you whispered, opening your legs and exposing your throbbing cunt for him once again, "i want to take you, even if it hurts".
"i'll make sure to make you feel good, y/n" he mumbled one of his hands opening the drawer to pull out a small, metallic package, "you don't need to be afraid, i will take care of you".
"actually, sir-" you intervened before he could open the condom, "i want to feel you completely".
having the package in between his teeth, he gave you a filthy look. almost as filthy as the image of his throbbing cock exposed, while still being fully clothed.
"are you sure?" he asked, hoping that the answer coming out of your lips was a yes instead of a no.
"mhm" you hummed "please, fuck me raw".
you didn't have to tell him twice before he threw the package away, his saliva-coated cock tracing your slit slightly, making your whole body shudder. "it might hurt at first, baby" he mumbled, his jaw clenched at the warm feeling of your slippery cunt against his length, "but once you get used to it, you are going to love having me inside".
you opened your legs even more for him, signaling that you were ready to receive him.
slowly, his cock entered your tight walls little by little, making both of your hands grasp for dear life on his desk.
"god, it hurts" you admitted, your eyes closing shut at the overwhelming feeling.
he wouldn't admit it out loud, but knowing that he was inflicting you pain turned him on in ways he couldn't explain. your cunt was tight, maybe to the point that it could make him cum in less than a minute or two, but he was determined to make you cum one last time before he had his sweet released.
"shhhh" he whispered, looking at how the tears started to prick in the corners of your eyes, "i know you can take me, y/n".
his length finally filled you up completely and he stood there inside you for a few seconds, giving you the chance to adjust yourself to his girth.
"your cock feels so big inside me, sir" you panted, still with your eyes closed as you tried to bear the pain. "it fills me up just fine".
"you have no idea how many times i've cum by thinking about you this way" minho grunted, both of his hands resting on his hips. "every night i touched myself thinking about you, about your pretty face covered in my cum, your pretty breasts bouncing as i pound you hard and your tight cunt clenching around me, making me cum inside you".
it was at his last sentence where he felt you clenching almost aggressively around him, biting your lip as your back slightly arched against the desk.
"you would like that?" he questioned, "you want me to cum inside you?"
and there it was again, the same feeling.
"don't tell me you have dreamed about that too" he whispered, his hips moving slowly only to slam his cock inside you again earning a gasp out of you.
"that's why i wanted it r-raw" you mumbled with broken words, the painful feeling suddenly becoming pleasure in a matter of seconds, "i fantasize about you filling me up with your cum".
and just like that, a spark ignited inside of minho's body.
he always felt attracted to your innocent and bubbly aura, how you managed to be sensual and sweet at the same time. he never thought about your sexual preferences or what you liked in bed, he just truly enjoyed the image of you being completely ruined by him, no matter what your likes and dislikes were.
but now that he had you in front of him, admitting to fantasizing about being breeded with zero sexual experience whatsoever… it made him realize that the only innocence you had was illustrated in your eyes and nothing more.
his thrusts began to acquire a faster pace, your cunt instantly adjusting to the size of his girth. he leaned on to be even closer to you, even though the position was rather uncomfortable.
"you fantasize about me breeding you?" he groaned, one of his hands finding your bundle of nerves to begin rubbing circles on it. "you are inexperienced and yet your whole body is demanding for my cum".
"breeding?" you inquired in between broken moans.
"mhm" he groaned, still pounding himself into you. "you want me to breed you, baby."
"i want you to breed me" you repeated like a person who just learned something they didn't before. "i've dreamed about that oft- fuck".
his thrusts accelerated every time you said those magic words as if they were some sort of key concept for him to lose his mind. "i want you to fill me up completely please" you cried, feeling how the stimulation on your clit was doing it's job, "i want you to cum inside my tight pussy, sir".
for him, it was heavenly to hear you talk about yourself like that. there was something compelling about being able to see you in this space, the lovely student y/n who worked hard and did everything right losing her mind completely about a crumb of his cock… that was something he will never forget.
"fuck, fuck, fuck" you moaned as his thumb increased the pressure on your clit, making your hips moving against your cock everytime he slammed it inside you, "minho-"
"use your words, y/n" he barely moaned, his words sounding like incoherent babbling at times.
"i am going to cum on your cock again" you warned wanting to close both of your legs around him but not being able to. "fuck, it hurts".
"keep on going baby" he ordered, his hips losing their pace "i know you can cum one more time for me, even if it hurts".
you opened your eyes and fixed them on him, tears of sweat streaming down his face as his cold gaze landed on your bouncing breasts every time he slammed his length into you.
one of your hands traveled to his tie, grabbing it in an attempt to get him closer to your body.
"are you ready to cum, y/n?" he questioned but, judging by how hard you clenched around him and how constant the grimaces of pleasure appeared on your face, he already knew the answer.
"i'm cumming" you chanted, your hips grinding pathetically against him, "god, minho, it feels so-"
"keep on going, y/n" he ordered, his thrust becoming sloppier every time your walls hugged his length. "scream my name, i want you to remember who made you feel this good for the first time.
"min-minho" you cried, your back completely arched from his desk "please breed me, please, please, please".
the desperate and needy tone of your voice begging for him to breed you at the highest point of your orgasm was everything he needed to reach his high as well, both of your legs instinctively closing around him to force his cum inside of you. with a few more thrusts and sinful noises, you started feeling a warm sensation on your lower abdomen, your walls painted completely white by no other than your boss.
"don't you dare waste any drops" he groaned, thrusting his leaking cum back inside you, "this is the reward good girls like you get when they learn how to properly take cock".
you looked at him with half-lidded eyes, trying to catch your breath. after a few moments, he withdrew from your cunt as a small amount of his arousal leaked out of you, quickly admiring the scene of your ruined pussy being marked by no other than him.
"will you reward me again in a future?" you panted still with your legs open, your hair and makeup completely messed up and your throbbing cunt leaking out minho's essence.
"only if you keep taking my cock this well, y/n".
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planetdream · 2 months ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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aboutapeachparty · 2 months ago
Stray Kids | S/O is sore the morning after their first time (gender neutral)
reaction | hyung line
genre ➸ romance
disclaimer ➸ This is a work of fiction. I don't own any famous character(s) - like idols - and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way.
Request:  Skz Hyung line reaction when their s/o is sore the morning after their first time? (Suggestive smut) (gender neutral) 🙏🏻✨
Tumblr media
When you wake up, you realize that something is wrong. Every movement hurt and your first urge was to get up, but you realize as you sit down that it didn't get any better. But because of your restless movements, Chan woke up. He slept on his stomach with his head turned to your side. When he opens his eyes, he smiles gently at you. "Good Morning." His voice was clear, but still calm. "Hey," you say, but you sounded a little pained with pain. It was immediately apparent to Chan that something was wrong and he immediately sat up. "Is everything okay? Do you regret it?" You had your first time last night and Chan was afraid he'd forced you to do something you didn't want. He wanted you, but he didn't want to overstep your limits. Did he push you to do something you didn't want? You immediately recognized his concern and you shake your head. "No, I have no regrets," you say softly and give him a gentle kiss. "But is there something?" You can’t lie to him. "Well ..." You start, but you were shy. You didn't want to burden him with your problems and in the worst case scenario he would feel bad too. "Come on tell me. You don't have to be uncomfortable." Clearly, Chan couldn't be fooled. "Well it feels sore here ... so down here." You point down at yourself and press your lips together. "Oh ...", Chan said and his eyes suddenly widened. And for a moment it became quiet between you. It was a little uncomfortable, but then Chan got up and got dressed. "Okay okay. You stay here and don't move. I'll go quickly and buy us breakfast." He packed panicked his things and looked for his wallet. "It's really okay, don't stress yourself." You try to calm him down, but he wasn't dissuaded. "No, I'll do everything for you today. I'm so sorry." Chan then kissed you and ran off.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch ..." You stumble back from the toilet and go back to bed. Minho was watching you with a big but evil grin. "Don't laugh like that, it's all your fault." You lie down next to him with a sigh and still feel the burning in your lower area. "But it was worth it, wasn't it?" He keeps grinning at you and you roll your eyes. "Let's see how long I'll be sore." You sigh and snuggle up in the covers again. "Sorry, I can't help it that he's so big." He winked and turned over to you. You roll your eyes, but you know that Minho wanted that confirmed. "Hmm right, I should find someone with a smaller dick." Now it was you who grinned and Minho looked at you with raised eyebrows. But then he smiled too and kisses the tip of your nose. "You will get used to him and then you will not want anything else," he whispered in your ear and you immediately get goosebumps. You look into his dark eyes and you miss the words. "But before that I can still be very gentle with you." His head bowed and his lips touched your neck, then your collarbone. His hands wandered over your body and you can feel your breath getting louder and louder. And Minho was just gentle ... very gentle.
"That was nice," whispered Changbin and starts playing with your fingers. He kissed every single one of your fingertips and he smiled gently. You smile too but couldn't answer anything.Your naked bodies were lying against each other and you liked that afterglow, but the sex had left you with after-effects on your body too. "Are you okay?" He asked and immediately noticed that something was wrong. You nod with pressed lips, but in reality you couldn't fool him. "What's going on?" He asked further and his look was suddenly so full of worry. Changbin could seem so tough and hard at times, but he was so soft with you here. "I'm just a little bit sore down there. It's not that bad." You smile and want to convince him that everything is fine. But Changbin immediately feels bad. "What? Did I hurt you?" He leaned over you and examined your whole body. "No, everything is really okay." You run his hair and look him in the eye. And the next moment he became calm too. His hustle and bustle disappeared and his pulse calmed down. "Really?" His dark pupils found themselves in your eyes and he looked like a small dog to you at the moment. "Yeah really. It's just so new to me. I have to get used to you." You wink and laughingly give him a kiss. "I'll be more careful next time," he promised you and snuggled up to you again.
Hyunjin still had a smile on his face even when he was asleep. He thought the night with you was just incredible. He was so happy and so full of love. And you had to smile too when you saw him like that. Of course you were happy and enjoyed the night with him, but you feel a little bit sore afterwards. And now in the morning it didn't get any better. When Hyunjin woke up, he smiled and the images from last night immediately came back to his head. "Good morning," he breathed and kissed you gently. "Hey, good morning," you say and stroke his hair. But his gaze changed, his eyes wandered to your lips and his body was suddenly above you. "What are you going to do?" You ask him with wide eyes and smile. "Same as last night," he whispered with a deep sigh and put his full lips on your neck. But it was clear to you that you could not make another round. Everything was still so sore. "Hyunjin ..." you say softly and put your hands on him. "Mhmm ... say my name again." He continued kissing your neck down to the base of your breasts. "Hyunjin ... it wouldn’t be a good idea ..." You push him away from you a bit and his look suddenly turned very sad. "Didn't you like it?" He asked, puzzled. "Yes ... but ... I'm not used to it and ... well ... it hurts ... here." You point to yourself and hope that he is not too disappointed. "Was I too rough?" He asked suddenly worried and his eyes went heavy. "No, not at all. It's just new ..." you say and kiss him gently. "Okay, then...cuddle?" He asked, his expression becoming so soft that you couldn't resist him. "Yes, I would love to."
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skzkkun · 28 days ago
MTL likely to 'win' no nut november
Tumblr media
pairing: OT8 x reader
warnings: just plain ol' smut ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ˋฅᐤ♪)
synopsis: if you don't know, no nut november is a kind of abstinence challenge !! and here are my thoughts on how skz would play the game !! also the moodboard is so irrelevant to the content, but its still cute <3 (1.0k)
Tumblr media
most likely . . .
i was really conflicted with minho ://
like, he’s probably the one who cares the least about the challenge (you would have to be the one to bring it up to him)
but he absolutely finds a voyeuristic thrill in seeing how you / the other members cope
huge fucking tease !!
when he gets you to lose-
and trust me, he will get you to lose
you better prepare for him to use that against you ;;
“is this what you wanted? such a fucking slut for your owner’s cock, you couldn’t even go a week without thinking with your cunt.” (꩜ㅅ꩜;)
“oh? kitty's gone quiet- can't speak, baby? my poor little fuckdoll, you wont need to speak if i’m playing with you like this, looks like you lost the little game”
he could probably go the whole month without touching himself tbh
as long as it meant he could still use you <33
(rest of the members below !!)
is it controversial for seungie to be this high, this feels controversial. . . (•́ㅅ•̀; )
your honor, hear me out !!
i feel like this man could go without cumming for a while
would he be tense?? absolutely. would he want to fuck you and get the game over with?? of course
BUT he is the best in the group at hiding this !!
and you know this bitch would tease tf out of you as well
imagine watching a movie together, and he starts to run his hand up and down your body while you’re snuggled into him.
without a doubt he’d start chuckling when you get whiny, and play innocent when you call him out : “i’m not even doing anything, puppy. . . you just like being my little slut don’t you?”
realistically, i feel like chan wouldn’t mind the challenge,,
he would 100% miss the intimacy of having sex w/ you — but much to your annoyance, he’s fine focusing on his work instead
♡ loves being able to focus on non-sexual affection !! ♡
but after a while he would start to get a little cranky. . .
ok,, maybe not being able to cum was getting to him more than he expected-
two weeks in, you finally get him to give up on the silly game !!
“c’mere, baby- please.”, he’d pull you onto his lap and have his hands all over you in an instant :0
the most passionate sex of your life !! “good girl, fuck you’re taking me so good. you were so good for me being able to not touch yourself for so long”
he’d probably be secretly competitive about it !!
i feel like changbin would immediately be pretty tense
he would channel his energy into working out
but that just turns you on more ꒰⑉♡-♡⑉꒱!
and see you turned on makes him horny. . .
so. much. eyefucking. >>>>
it gets to a point where you two get instantly needy as soon as you see each other ://
after he realised that jisung gave up a while ago, he’d stop caring about the game
he’d walk over to your apartment; when you open the door for him, he’d pull you into a heated kiss before you can even finish saying hello ;;
“princess, i need you so bad-” his hands would be all over you, groping your ass while he picks you up, “fuck, i don’t care about the game anymore, just please fuck me.”
he’s another member i was conflicted about tbh !!
it would surprise you how into the game innie gets
like lee know and seungmin, he’s more that fine not getting off — its the fact that he can’t touch you that's hard for him
as soon as he realises how desperate you become, he becomes so smug omg !!!
sends you pics were you can the outline of his hard cock in his pants
and hand pics >>
and dirty texts . . . >>>
this man is secretly a whore, don’t @ me <3
he folds after a couple weeks bc he misses touching you too much
not that you’re complaining !!
hyunjin would be so cocky smh (; -ㅅ-)
similar to changbin, he would focus on dancing to distract him
would brag to the others about how well he’s doing in the challenge
even though he’s so! fucking! needy!
he’s the type to try and tease you, trying to get you to lose the game first
but that backfires when he starts to get worked up ;;
hyunjin’s smirk would drop, and he’d look up at you with wide eyes while you straddle his thigh; as you begin to grind on it :(( he'd become so needy for you
he would actually go speechless; leading to you teasing him more <3
so dramatic, this poor baby would probably start crying if you teased him enough
lix would start the challenge so giggly and confident
after a couple days the regret HITS
he would get so desperate !! and whiny !!! and it's only the first week (ㅠ.ㅠ;)
you’d start to notice him getting more and more spaced out during the day — his mind fuzzy with the thought of getting off
of course you would start to tease him <3
:(( poor baby tries so hard to not touch himself :(( he just wants to be a good boy !! :((
he thinks he can get away with palming himself through his pants when he really wants relief
but he just cums in his pants (;•͈́༚•͈̀)!
this fool busts a nut immediately (-ㅅ-)
you two decided to have one last night of fun before the challenge began
rookie mistake </3
as soon as sungie wakes up, and sees the toys you two used the night before, the perv gets instantly hard and goes to jerk off (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
he’s the real genius of the group
bc now he can cum as much as he wants <33 !!
i just know that he wouldn’t tell the members how quickly he gave up until the final week skdbhsf
least likely . . .
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fawnlino · 3 months ago
sexy time with skz (hyung line)
—a study on stray kids' habits, kinks, likes, and/or dislikes during and after sex.
genre: smut with a hint of fluff
warnings: explicit sexual content, thigh riding, possessive themes, hints of degradation, hair-grabbing.
notes: these are all assumptions based on stray kids' real habits and personalities. some are also based on things they've mentioned before. also didn't proof-read so sorry for typos and wrong grammar in some parts.
[ maknae line ]
chan most likely dominates; knowing he’s a leader and likes to have control over things.
this sweetie though would rather not degrade you so a he’s more likely a soft dom.
he would discuss this topic with you; to make sure none of your boundaries are crossed and you feel extra safe. he would be shy to talk about his limits though, so his partner should really have a proper conversation with him.
he definitely has a praise kink (receiving). during kingdom we saw how he would get all shy when he’s being praised by his seniors. so if you tell him that he feels good or that he's doing well, it will push him more to the edge.
personally, he’s more into vanilla sex but he’s always up to trying whatever his partner wants (as long as he’s comfortable with it of course)
loves caressing your body; he would touch and kiss it as much as he can but not in hurry, would be slow and loving. a lot of squeezing too.
he would be too awkward to stare at you for too long but he would pause from time to time to take a good look.
loud. this man moans unconsciously, what more if he’s feeling good 😉
he would want cuddle afterwards; moving hair away from your face then gives you light kisses on your forehead as he praises you.
would sometimes clap after just to annoy you.
would also non-stop say "wow" afterwards.
this man is a lot to unpack and i’m gonna give a controversial take but i don’t think he’s the sadistic dom we (yes, i included) all want him to be.
i can see him as a switch; being a brat with both.
he loves teasing and seeing the other flustered so he would make his partner shy by staring at them for too long or when inside of them, he just stops moving during the middle.
a lot of breathy giggles.
when he doms, he makes sure you and other people know you're his. he would mark you up with hickeys and bite marks (in no where visible when you’re dressed) and makes you say his name a lot.
he can be possessive (seen when he talks to skz especially han, calling him 'his' every chance he gets) so he won't share you & won't let anyone see you during sexy time.
there’s most likely a lot of butt-grabbing and slapping. i mean he's the gimpo butt hunter for a reason.
would let you ride his thigh then shake it & tense it up from time to time. leeknow’s pretty oblivious to stays praising his thighs (he’s more aware of his butt grabbing) so he probably won’t do this often unless his partner asks.
when he subs, he would constantly piss you off lol. “I bet..” “watch me” “giving up?”
but when he starts to feel good, he’ll shut up and just enjoy it. you can tell cause his eyebrows would furrow and his mouth is just open.
oral fixation. this man never stops touching his mouth so he would constantly put it to use during bedroom time, he would either keep planting kisses on his partner or he's sucking on your fingers.
his moans would get high-pitched too.
afterwards, he’ll want you to rest your head on his arms (or his head on your arm). would not get all too cuddly or sentimental.
would probably talk about something random like the weather or food.
this man is a giver and he barely focuses on himself on the daily so he would most likely apply this in the bedroom too.
probably likes being on top to admire you completely so i think he's always pushing himself up to take a good look at you; maybe he's in a push up position or he's holding unto the headboard.
he will dom but he would do whatever he knows you’ll want.
likes to roleplay but when it takes too much time or either one of you is tired, he scratches all of that.
kinda like leeknow, he would tease you but he would give in and kiss you as a way of apologizing.
probably a slow kisser (but not bad) like he savors you. there’s no hurry in his kisses, no animalistic anything. deep and intense but slow.
his hands are always either on your waist, your ass, or the back of your thighs.
would always ask you to look at him.
his breaths are more like him sucking air in through his teeth.
he would barely sub but when he does, it still feels like he’s in control cause he will praise you nonstop.
won’t be able to degrade you. probably will try once in a while but would be really awful at it. “…you dirty…bitch”
would give you a massage & make (an order for) breakfast the morning after.
(hyunjin is literally everyone’s sex dream so i'll try my best not be biased)
hyunjin's very 'dramatic' and loud so he would let out the most adult film-like sounds you've heard. but they're not fake, it's genuine.
but when it gets intense and he's really immersed in the moment, his moans would just be deep grunts and his eyes would be pressed closed.
i think he's a switch but prefers being a sub. he likes being taken care of and being given attention to but he also likes being in control of things.
either way, he wants your full attention to be on him during this.
a lot of hair grabbing (both receiving and giving; he loves patting and ruffling his member's hair & recently, his new habit is twirling and playing with his hair)
despite him having such perfect lips, he would ask you to kiss him instead. he's fine with you marking him up and biting him. especially around his neck.
then he would be like "y/n went wild last night and just started biting me. i thought i was in a zombie apocalypse" to the members the next morning.
would initiate small talk but it's not so out-of-place or awkward. would end in both of you giggling about it.
a lot of cheeky remarks to annoy you but when you show a bit of annoyance, he would just smile at you.
your usual spicy time with him is most likely sweet but there are times when it gets rough and 'animalistic'
afterwards, he won't cuddle with you because he hates feeling hot. but would play with your hair, poke your cheeks, or just stare at you lovingly.
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chronosaurusnot · a month ago
Headcanon: skz in a party
warnings: +18 but not really any, suggestive maybe?
note: so i’m back after two rough months with a really soft headcanon! i actually wanted it to be kinda smutty at first, but i don’t know why it ended up being more about the kissing that anything else lmao. btw i’m already working on a smut that i’ll post as soon as i finish it, so i hope you wait for it cause i promise i’ll be really good (or at least i’ll try lol)
as always, i’d like to clarify that english is not my first language, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, and feel free to give me suggestions, cause i think it’ll be cool if you like any part of this thoughts and want to give me ideas for smuts out of them!!
he is the one to organize the night with the guys, asking for a vip table and everything, and probably will stay there the whole night.
he is the humble popular boy, everyone wants to be with him and he will be nice with all of them.
but he already has the eye on you; you are his goal of the night.
he will get close to you by playing the nice guy and saying silly stuff to get your trust. after a chat he will offer you a drink, and here is when i drive CRAZY
we all know he has the most beautiful hands and this bitch knows his power. so he will take his wallet off his pocket and play? with it to get your attention to his hands. “what do you wanna drink sweetheart?” he’ll literally buy you every drink you want. not because he wants to get you drunk but because he wants to show you how a big pleaser he is.
after a drink he’ll be like “can we dance?” and he will be suuuuch a teaser. he’ll get closer and closer every time, holding you by the waist. and just when you feel you are about to kiss or something, he’ll be like “i’ll go to the bathroom, i’ll be back”.
but when he’s back he will kiss you just like that. a goood and long kiss, while the rest of the night is full of soft touches and teasing.
type of kisser: the soft and slow one, full of soft touches on your waist and back, his other hand always on your cheek, neck or hair. he can read the timing so well, he just know when to use his tongue, when to bite your lip, when to heat it up.
Lee Know
he is that kind of guy who enters the party at the last minute cause he don’t wanna get attention. but with his look that’s impossible, so everyone looks at him as he gets in the place, eyes rolled back to play like he doesn’t care.
but the most important part is, he also goes with a target for the night. and as soon as he sees you, you become his goal.
his plan is to pretend like he hasn’t see you cause he loves to play the hard to get, but he’s dying to get your attention.
and you notice he also loves the way you try to avoid him by the way he smirks when you look away after he catches you looking, so you wait for him to come to you.
after watching you from the distance, he finally gets to you. “do i have something on my face, sweetheart?” he teases you with a smirk on his face. and you can tell he’s dying for you to tell him how you’re feeling because of him.
if you follow his play by being a little bratty, he’ll be even more into it.
while dancing he would be soo gentle, getting closer and closer to you in every step.
he’ll turn you around all of the sudden, “for how much longer you’re gonna keep teasing me, honey?” he says to you while caressing your lips.
type of kisser: depending on his mood basically? like i feel he doesn’t have a type actually, but i just know he’s a big fan of kissing in front of people, just to brag to yourself how you pick him up among the rest of the people. and loves any kind of touching...
yes i’m gonna say he’s the cool rich boy who goes to parties the whole time, im sorry.
but hear me out, he’s just so humble and sweet with everyone. he’ll have the vip table with his friends, and will pay for that one friend who has no money cause he just wanna have fun with them.
we all know he is a really flirty man, so that’s even worse in parties. he’ll check up on everyone he finds attractive. but as soon as he sees you that’s over; and he won’t give up until you’re his.
he’s really confident about himself, so he’ll go straight to you. “how are you princess?” he’ll keep casually chatting with you, with a smirk on his face. he’ll also ask with who you came with, you know to see if one of your friends could be with one of his, he likes to play the cupido lmao.
he’ll ask you to dance and you won’t even know how it happened but you are sooo close to him. your bodys so close, he’l tease you so much to give you a kiss cause he wants to see you desperate.
type of kisser: sweet and soft at first; hard and rough as the night goes on. he has no hurry, could be all night long with slow kisses cause he pays more attention to touches. so… he’ll caress you sweetly at first, but then he would touch you more and more.
we all know he’s the cool boy who everyone looks at during the whole night. he could be dancing and laughing with his friends till he gets sleepy, cause he just wants to have a good time.
but when he goes to the bar to get some drink, that’s when he pays attention to his arounds. and there he finds you looking at him, smiling back with a smirk.
i just know he is soo into looking and exchanging smiles and guilty looks from the distance, so he’ll take his time till he finally gets you.
“i was actually waiting for you to come to me, sweetheart”. he’ll introduce to you just like that but with a sweet tone in his voice and face. and such an intense look.
yes, the whole dancing is full of teasing and constant eye contact. he’ll get so close to your body and then all of the sudden we will get a little apart, enjoying you frustrated and confused face. but after that, he’ll hold your waist to get you close to him to kiss you all of the sudden.
type of kisser: the surprising one, who kisses you when you least expect it. so soft and slow, he just knows how good his fluffy lips must feel. i feel like he’s the type to smile after the first kiss, but in a hot way if you know what i mean. a fan of holding you by your neck and hair; and if you touch his, you’ll drive him crazy.
he loves to party and its the clown of the group, but we already know how shy he actually is.
when he sees you, he can’t keep his eyes off of you. and when you notice, he gets sooo shy and cute.
he’ll keep looking at you and smiling, and you can tell he isn’t gonna take the first step, so you get to him.
he’s aware he looked like a coward, so he’ll go in a joking way “you couldn’t wait for me, princess?”. and it’s so cute to see him play the cool guy when it’s so obvious he’s really nervous.
but that attitude disappears after a couple minutes, and you can’t really understand at what moment he’s become so confident ?? smirking at you, talking in a flirty way, getting closer to you as the time goes by.
he’ll dance with you if you want to, but he just prefers to talk and flirt with you in that kind of way. and when he feels confident enough, he’ll play the “i can’t hear you well, the music is really loud, do you wanna go somewhere more calm?”.
type of kisser: he’ll play with your hair so much before kissing you, holding your face and neck with both of his hands. he likes wet kisses and loves to receive soft touches from you. but when things get heated up, he’s the most touchy one. i mean, that’s why he’ll always ask you to go to a place where you can have more intimacy.
i feel like he’s a mix of hyunjin and jisung. the cool pretty boy who everyone looks at, very confident about himself, but as soon as he sees someone he likes he gets super shy.
he loves to be dancing, and when he notices you’re looking at him he smiles at you. but as soon as you invite him to come over he’ll get so shy about it that you could see him gaining strength to make the first move.
“would you dance with me, honey?” he’ll say to your ear with his deep and soft voice, making you shiver. he was looking all shy, but as soon as you start dancing there is no space between the both of you.
his touch is so soft and hot at the same time, he just knows what he’s doing. one hand will always be holding your waist, and the other one will go changing places. if you’re a little shy, he’ll take your hands and place them around his neck, smiling with a mix of sweetness and desire for your touch.
type of kisser: so so so soft and sweet at first; slow and steady. so much tongue, but in such a pleasing way. his hands always moving to caress different parts of your body. and when it gets heated up, that’s just worse: prepare yourself for a lot of touching cause this man has no shame in being seen.
he gets miscarried as the shy boy cause he is calm, but he is actually really confident. the kind to be quiet and dangerous.
as soon as you look back at him he’ll go to you, and offer you a drink. he pays attention to every gesture you make, and uses the chat to try to analyze what kind of person you are; what you seem to be into. also aware of his pretty hands, so if he sees you looking at them he’ll find the way to keep you staring.
he’ll chat with you in such a flirty way. he’ll find always the right moments to praise you and tell you how pretty you are.
before kissing he’ll get closer to you by touching you in ways that make you believe he’s just about to do it, but it’s actually just more and more teasing.
type of kisser: slow and rough, just so so hot. one hand always on your neck, finding the way to show you who is the one with the control over the whole situation.
he’s the kind to play confident but he’s actually so so shy.
he has his eye on you since the beginning, but he’ll take his time to come talk to you.
he’ll get to you offering you a drink, to later on ask you to dance.
he’s desperate for your touch, smiling at you when you hold his neck for dancing, taking that as an invitation for his touch.
a fan of holding your waist, getting you closer and closer to him. you can feel how nervous he actually is, but at the same time he looks so hot. cause, after all, he’s letting no space between you two.
type of kisser: soft and sloppy, but he gets the rhythm. his problem is he over thinks the whole thing, so instead of letting go in the moment he’s firstly worried about what would you like the most. but after those thoughts vanish, he’ll kiss you so good you can keep going forever. also really aware of his pretty hands, using them to hold you by your neck most of the time.
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freckledwinterfalls · 19 days ago
SKZ when their s/o is afraid of haunted houses
rated G
warnings: n/a
a/n: yes, this was inspired by the new SKZ Codes :,) also, I'm going to make a version where s/o is NOT afraid of haunted houses (*cough* mostly bc I'm personally not afraid of them *cough*), and when I do, I'll link it here <3
Tumblr media
oh please, I just KNOW this man wants to be the big, strong, brave boyfriend for you
He wants to be the kind of guy who you'll feel safe with, who will comfort you when you scream, who will make you feel protected, who you can cower behind as you go around the corners
he's too busy being terrified himself ;-;
Like c'MON, Chris, aren't you the buff one in the relationship-🧍🏽‍♀️
He tries SO hard to be brave that it's kind of funny
Until he starts getting irritated at you for screaming
"Can you not scream, you're making me even more scared!"
He tries to be brave enough to let you hide behind his arm, but then he makes you let go so he can put his hands over his ears
"It's less scary if I can't hear the noises!!!!"
So you're reduced to clinging to the back of his shirt, waddling along behind him with your head hidden in his shoulder as he clamps his ears closed and sings loudly all the way through the haunted house 💀
other members under the cut!
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
Spoiler alert: he's the only member of the hyung line who isn't a coward 💀
In fact, he's actually the perfect boyfie to take into a haunted house 🥺
He holds your hand and lets you hide your face in his shirt
He coos at you when you scream, saying things like, "Don't be scared, baby, he's wearing a mask, see?"
He shows you where you can see the outline of the mask protruding from the actor's face, and it's a little bit comforting
He looks around all the corners for you and tells you when to expect someone jumping out at you 🥺👉🏼👈🏼💕
The room with the strobe lights really terrifies you, though, bc it hurts to keep your eyes open
And it makes you feel a lil woozy and dizzy
And there are creatures dressed in black dancing towards you as the lights flash on and off and you're screaming until you're hoarse-
But Minho's just shielding his eyes from the strobe lights and clicking his tongue bc they're such an inconvenience 🙄
So annoying bc they kinda hurt his eyes :/
So yeah, boi is the perfect manz to take into a haunted house 😔🛐‼
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
another low-key coward 😐
He's not as bad as Chris thank God but only by a little
Every time one of the actors jump scares you from around a corner, he legit bellows 💀
He clings to you just as much as you cling to him 😭
Bin, you're a beast why are you scared-
As you walk through the halls, he tries to hype you up or maybe he's just trying to hype himself up
"Don't worry, they're just props, they're not real they're not real they're not real-"
Might have been convincing if his voice wasn't shaking 😭😭
Every time you shriek, he bellows again, even if he didn't see the thing that scared you 😭😭
But when you come out this kid has the audacity to say, "See, that wasn't so scary 😅"
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
He's not scared at all 😌
Until you reach the first corner-
"There's something around that isn't there 😰"
"Probably," you whimper, clutching his arm
"Maybe we should go back-"
But then you start trembling because there are all these people behind you and giving up now would be so embarrassing 😓
So then you're both inching forward around the corner, already flinching-
And there's nothing there 😌
So Hyunjin starts getting cocky, saying stuff like, "Oh, this isn't that scary 🙄 This'll be easy 🤌🏻"
Cue a mummy lurching out from behind a curtain and making Hyunjin collapse 😭😭
He's shaking just as hard as you the rest of the way through
You're clinging to each other and practically speed running it to get out as fast as possible 😔
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
Okay but for real this time, this kid does not get scared 🧍🏽‍♀️
Not e a s i l y anywayz
He thinks it's kind of cute how you're trembling as you walk inside 🥺
"Aww, don't be scared, baby," he says in a normal voice. "It's just people in masks and costumes."
"It's still scary, though!!!!!"
He laughs at that, pulling you along.
Every time you come to a corner he says sm like: "Okay, around this one there's probably gonna be a clown, so when you see it, just compliment its makeup."
Sure enough, there's a clown and you shakily say, "I like your lipstick-"
And the actor kinda gets in your face for a second, smiling at you gruesomely, and you clench your eyes shut
But because you quipped at the clown, it wasn't as scary as you thought it was going to be so *cue you making heart eyes at your boyfriend 😍😍*
The jump scares don't startle him bc he thinks they're sooo predictable 😌🤌🏻
But they DO scare YOU, and when you squeal, he kinda coos and holds you tighter
When you finally come out of the house, he says, "See? That wasn't so bad! I watch a lot of scary movies, so I know what to expect 😌💕"
Jisung: 1, Haunted House: 0
He steps out of the door, chattering proudly about how well you did and it's okay, it's over now, and then a zombie starts sprinting at him from behind a tree and this kid BOLTS 😭
Jisung: 1, Haunted House: 1
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
But unlike his aussie bro, he doesn't even try to be brave for you 😭
He's too busy whining 💀
"Babe, why are we doing this???? You know I don't deal with scary things well 😭😭 Is it too late to go back?"
*jumps* "AUURGH WHAT WAS THAT 😰😰😰"
"Lix, we're not even into the house yet 😦"
How are you going to survive-
Answer: YOU DON'T
Every time you go around a corner, he's practically sobbing and clinging onto you like a little koala 😭
Naturally, without someone to make you braver, you degenerate into an even more timid, trembly mess
At one point, a clown lurches at him and he screams, breaking into a heavy sprint down the hall
But he pulls you with him by the hand, so you're just stumbling after your shrieking boyfriend in the dark 😩
And neither of you will ever forget how he almost passed out on top of you when another clown revved a chainsaw at him 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
he's not that scared 😌
I mean, yeah, he's nervous about going into the haunted house, but not SCARED
I think he's one of the most normal out of all of the members when it comes to walking through the haunted house tbh 😬
He lets you cower behind his shoulder, and he wraps his arm around your torso and whispers comforting things in your ear 🥺🥺🥺🥺
"It's just a person in a mask, see?"
Kind of teases you a little bit whenever you jump in the air and shriek
He obviously wasn't expecting that banshee to appear out of the shadows, but when she screamed full blast, he startled SO hard 💀
Naturally, him being afraid only makes you more scared, so now you're screaming too 😭
His defense mechanism is, like, telling the monster to square up 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
He didn't think it would be that bad 💀
Bc when he went through the haunted house with Han, he wasn't all that scared, right?
Jeongin was only brave with Han because Han lent him some bravery 😔
Every time you jump and squeal, his nerves get a little more high-strung
So a third of the way through, he's wrapped both arms around you, squeaking about how he doesn't like this -- it's too scary
"Aaaaa why do they have to make it so dark~ 😰"
"There's something around this corner, I just know it 😨😨😨"
"Why did I agree to this~ 😩"
"Where is Hannie hyung when I need him???!!!! 😭😭"
His grip on your arms whenever you scream tightens until it's painful 💀
By the time he comes out, he's laughing non-stop, but it's a laugh made of pure nerves and anxiety 😔
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡
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corruption-skz · a month ago
PLAYDATE || Lee Minho smut
Warnings:Dry humping,dom!Minho,virgin female sub!reader, corruption kink,humping naked on eachother?(please let me know if there's a name for this), kinda vaginal penetration(it's just the tip LOL), creampie, choking, praise kink,daddy kink
Tumblr media
You were hanging out with your boyfriend in his house when he suddenly had an idea "Hmm why don't we play a game?" Minho suggests
"What kind of game?"
He carefully lays you back on the bed getting on top of you getting an instant reaction from you "WHA-MINHO WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU" he just chuckles seeing your red cheeks "relax baby girl I'm pretty sure you'll like it" he starts stroking your sides "if you want to stop anytime you tell me okay?" You simply nod, curiosity getting over you to see where this is going.
He carefully spreads your legs seeing your panties under your skirt noticing there's already a wet patch on them but doesn't say anything yet.He starts undoing his belt before unzipping his pants lowering them on his knees.He gets closer to you,his hands grabbing your hips covering the gap between your bodies your covered entrance nearly touching his also covered dick making you breathe heavily.When he looked at you he swore he orgasmed right away,laid back wearing your t-shirt and your skirt your legs fully spread for him looking up at him so clueless,you were about to do something so filthy and you had the most adorable confused face,he fucking loved it.
"Okay here's how the game goes", he grinds himself against your folds earning a small whimper from you
"We will keep doing this", another grind and another whimper from you
"and whoever lets go first loses,okay angel?" You simply nodded as he kept grinding against you and instinctively you started grinding back at him making him let a low moan right next to your ear giving you chills.
You kept grinding on eachother ,you were feeling the tip of his head rubbing your sensitive clit making you lose yourself underneath him.He was feeling your wetness covering the base of his penis even through the clothes.
"Kitten why were you wet before we start?" He asked as he wrapped his hand around your neck.You blushed hiding yourself in the pillow beside you making him tighten his grip on your neck "don't be a brat now baby answer to daddy when he's talking to you"
"I-it happens sometimes when I'm with you"
God. He loved it.He loved the fact that he had this impact on your body and you didn't even know.He lowered his boxers revealing his boner and placing the head of his dick on your clothed entrance grinding inside you from over your panties making you widen your eyes and grab his shoulders
"you're being so good for me angel"
He pulled your panties aside rubbing his base between your entrance and his tip working magic on your clit.You just threw your head back nearly screaming trying to comprehend all these new feelings.The only thing on his mind was,if you are reacting like that from this,how will you react to the actual thing?He would love to find out,but not yet,he wanted to take his time with you.
Your body started shaking underneath him and he knew exactly what was about to happen.He started stroking your hair "Let go kitten",you desperately tried to keep it inside you,you didn't want to lose this game after all."Baby it's okay let go" and that was enough for you,you just couldn't hold back anymore letting go all over him.
A few moments later as he felt he was close he moved the tip on your entrance entering you slightly feeling you getting stretched even by his tip you winced
"Shhh,shhh just the tip kitten" he groaned before cumming, spilling his seed inside your tight virgin body.
He pulled his tip out, dressing himself and grabbing a warm towel and a new pair of panties for you, cleaning you up and the mess both of you made
"Thank you so much daddy that was amazing" he smiled feeling so proud knowing he was the only one to ever see you like that
"Your princess parts may feel a bit sore,but I want you to talk to daddy if you need anything" he said cleaning you between your legs with the towel before dressing you with your clean panties and coming beside you for cuddles.You couldn't speak,already exhausted all he earned from you was a loud yawn.
He chuckled watching your eyes half closed,already drifting to sleep
"I say we play again tomorrow and who knows? Maybe you'll win that one"
You nodded excitedly wrapping yourself around him falling asleep.
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changbinsgirlfriend · 3 months ago
okay so it’s 2am and i was reading imagines for skz and i saw like a ‘what it would be like to bath with stray kids’ thingy and i was like oh cute, turned out it was smutty and as a borderline asexual with no sex drive i was kinda sad so i decided to make my own :)
( by the way this is no hate to the author and i know that lots of people enjoy smut, i just personally am i fluff fan. so i hope you all enjoy this! <3 )
chan — okay so it’s so chill. like he would light some candles, turn the lights off and set up whatever show you guys are watching together on your laptop so you can watch it in the bath together. he’ll sit behind you with you between his legs and your back pressed to his chest and he will be super soft, giving you a massage and kissing your shoulders and whispering really sweet things in your ear like how much he loves you and how proud he is of you.
and as we know from when he washed felix’s hair, he is very good at what he does and would so have you lie back and give you a whole head massage while washing and conditioning your hair (and trust me i work at a hair dressers it is not as easy as it looks 😧). he would also so try and braid it while it’s soaking wet. just loving the closeness of it all.
lee know — okay so i love lee know i really so, but i feel like he would be so fucking annoying if you tried to bath with him. like he would complain that it’s uncomfy and how much he hates having baths and that you two should have showered together. but eventually with a lot of persuasion he will mellow out and relax in the tub. you can definitely speed up this process by playing with his hair and putting on some chill music.
i also feel like he’s so tried to bring sooni, doongi or dori into the bath with you guys and it was literally a traumatic experience because like, it’s a cat in water and since then you refuse to bath with him. all in all, probably stick to showers with lee know.
changbin — changbin, my angel, the loml. baths with him are everything. i know that he isn’t usually a bath person, but for you. he’s willing to sacrifice an hour of his days because it makes you so happy. he also begins to secretly enjoy these baths, but only with you <33 so, he’s a big bath bomb fan i just know it, you guys probably have a stock of them for you weekly baths and know so much about them that the members definitely tease binnie. so yea, you set the vibes, the bath bomb in, soda to the side and a movie set up to watch. it’s literally the softest date ever that is so intimate and private but feels perfect for the two of you seeing as you can’t really go out much due to the (then) dating ban.
as for in the bath, i think it depends on the mood, sometimes he will sit behind you like with chan. but other times he likes you actually sat on his lap, your face pressed to his neck while you play with his hair and he can just hold you, his face pressed to the crown of your head planting kisses along from the crown to your lips. massages are a big yes on both sides, you both deserve them and the oils from the bath bomb makes it feel even better. he also has definitely sang to you in the bath a couple times when telling you about a new song he was working on and you ask to hear it. okay so as always, my changbin one is so drawn out but i will drag myself away and onto the next. would anyone be interested in my making this a full length drabble tho??? let me know <33
hyunjin — i’m torn between baths with hyunjin beings super romantic or the most messy experiences you ever have. but i’m gonna go with romantic because i’m in a fluffy mood. so he loves a good bath, so when you get involved it just gets even better, and the bath in the dorm is quite big or that’s what hyunjin and chan said, so i’m laying you two could probably sit side by side, still close because i mean, you gotta cuddle. and he has his head on yiur chest and yiy are just playing with his hair, stroking it, twirling it, twisting it idc you are in heaven because his hair is gorgeous. and he definitely lets you wash it and his shampoo is definitely like ross scented he just gives me that energy.
anyways, baths for you guys are reserved for chill nights only so you are high probably exhausted. eyes heavy and limbs stiff, so the water helps you both relax and just enjoy some time together when you can. lots of kisses, on the lips, on cheeks, him trailing down your neck, but never making it anything more than it was, just showing your love for one another through gentle caresses as you murmur quietly about everything and anything.
han — again, idk how i think baths with han would go. i feel like he would sit there for like two minutes and proceed to get really bored and start complaining. so if you want him to sit with you, you better have some entertainment planned or he’s gonna be climbing out in seconds. also, he seems like the type to bring food into the bath. like you guys would just bring in snacks and chill eating crisps and stuff because one why not and two it keeps jisung distracted.
if he’s feeling sleepy tho, he would definitely be down for cuddles in the bath, like you sideways over his lap with your arms around his neck and he will have his hands on your waist or under your thighs keeping you in place even though you had no intention of moving in the first place. all in all, sleepy han is cuddly han.
felix — ah, lee felix is a dream. truly. he loves bathing you you sm it’s his favourite thing in the world. and he makes it perfect. candles, check. your favourite bath bomb, check. bubbles, check. face masks and hair masks, check. a playlist of all your favourite music, check. maybe even some sneaky champagne. it’s like every pre teen girls sleep over but with your best friend/boyfriend. so yes, a classic pamper night with felix that usually happens on a sunday. this bath session can take from like an hour to five depending on how far the spar treatment goes but you absolutely adore every second.
sitting on his lap while applying face masks on one another. trying to kiss even when your skin is tight and giggling uncontrollably the whole time. helping each other wash them up with a wet cloth even though they could do it themself. omg i want a pamper night with felix rn ahhh. he also takes this time to praise you the entire time, literally showering you in compliments until you are red in the face. he just loves to treat you and make you feel special. you guys also have hundreds of bath photos together (appropriate of course 🙄) that you adore sm and probably have e v e r y w h e r e.
seungmin— okay so hear me out, acapella in the bath. his voice is fucking beautiful, pair that with a bathroom because they always have the best acoustics, you just booked yourself a free day 6 live performance tbh. and seungmin isn’t so big in pda, so i feel like i’m the bath he is more comfortable, having you sit beside him and holding hands, tracing his hand up and down your arm or along your sides. even having a little tiny make out session maybe.
but yea, sweet little singing moments, maybe him even teaching you a few harmonies (this is very self indulgent because i love to sing even if i’m terrible 😍) but if you tell anyone about these soft moments with him he will block you on everything. he also so brings out pet names during this time, like usually he tried to stick to your name, especially around other people. but in the bath, he’s throwing out angel and making you 🥺
jeongin — i.n, my beloved baby bread. so he is so shy about bathing with you so it’s probably only happened a handful of times because he’s very shy about being intimate with you with his things around even though even they know better than to interrupt you in times like this. but sometimes when he craves that closeness he will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom where a hot bubbly bath is drawn and instantly your heart just flutters because he’s so mf sweet and for what.
so for how you guys sit, i’m seeing sitting in opposite sides of the bath with just your feet touching so you can be face to face. occasionally leaning across to kiss each other sweetly while you talk. (if you have seen friends when monica and chandler bath together this is how i’m picturing it). so he probably isn’t big on cuddles in the bath but i think he would love washing your hair. he finds it really fascinating and also loves when you return the favour. i can also see baths for you guys just being and excuse to get some privacy, often gossiping about the members and giggling while you soak.
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
Stray Kids Reaction - They Compare You To Their Ex [Request]
Tumblr media
Ex’s name - Areum (I always use this name 😶🤡)
Your hands held onto the small bag of food that you had in your hand, waiting for Chan to open the door to his studio. This morning you'd woken up alone again this morning and you doubted Chan had eaten yet.
"Y/n? Are you wanting to speak to Chan?" Felix asked from across the hall, glancing over your shoulder you nodded at the fellow Aussie. 
"I'll let you in," He offered coming closer, 
"No, that's okay Chan doesn't like it when I-" You didn't have a chance to finish your sentence as Felix had pushed the door open. Chan was working with headphones on which had explained why he hadn't heard you knocking. 
"Y/n?" You smiled and waved at him, Felix was gone now and of course, to Chan to looked as though you had just let yourself into the studio. 
"I thought I told you to always knock," He didn't mean to sound as angry as he did but he'd barely slept and he didn't have time for this right now. 
"I did but you didn't-"
"So if I didn't answer why did you walk right in?!" He raised his voice a little making your breath catch in your throat as you looked at him. Barely having any time to explain that it hadn't been you that had opened the door. 
"Seriously?!" He asked as he stared down at you, 
"Areum would always respect that I needed space and would never bother me at work." There it was. The fact that he had compared you to his ex made you feel sick.
"Well if Areum was so perfect why did you end things?!" You yelled back at him waiting for some kind of explanation or an apology but he just scoffed as he looked at you. The simple look made you feel as though you were an inch tall and meant nothing. 
"Who knows? Clearly, I was wrong to do so." Staring at one another neither of you said anything for what felt like an eternity. Realising that he wasn't even going to say sorry for what he had just said to you, you simple threw the bag of food down onto the table. 
"Fuck you," You said assertively as you began making your way out of the building. Chan made no attempt to come after you, all he did was slam the door and sit down at his desk.
Grumbling something as he opened up the bag of food, inside there was a tub. You must have spent most of the morning cooking for him since there was freshly made food inside. 
I know you hate it when I bother you at work, I know you haven't eaten anything but those stupid Oats. So Changbin and I made jjajangmyeon for you. Love you ~ Y/n
Your note made Chan's stomach sink thinking about what he had done. It wasn't as if he wanted to compare you to Areum, he just wanted you to realise he needed space but the moment he said it he had regretted it.
"Is Y/n still here?" Chan questioned as he walked into the dorms, Changbin just pointed over at the bedroom door where your suitcase was standing. You'd come back in such a rush you'd just began to pack. 
"Y/n please," Chan breathed as he walked into his room, shutting the door and standing in front of it so you couldn't leave. 
"Please what? Help you get back with Areum?" You mumbled picking up some more of your clothes and throwing them into an over the shoulder bag. 
"No, I was angry I didn't mean it-"
"But you did. You said you'd made a mistake breaking up with her. So I'm making this easy, I'm leaving. Go and find her." You snapped at him, turning to face him. He could see the anger in your eyes as he sighed a little, attempting to pull you closer to him but you shook your head. Stepping out of his grasp,
"You said what you said-"
"I was stressed and tired." He mumbled. It was always the same excuse whenever the two of you would have an argument. He was stressed, he was tired, he just needed some time to himself.
"You always say the same thing and I always forgive you," You said calmly this time, but it wasn't a good calm. It spooked Chan with how calm you were being during all of this.
"If you let me explain...I can make it all go away," You blinked at him, saying nothing as you waited for his explanation but he said nothing. 
"You compared me to your ex and said you were wrong for breaking up with her, there's nothing to explain." You mumbled to him, finally past the point of wanting to fight this out.
"But I was being an idiot. I- I just wanted the space she would give me at work...I want you to respect that I need space while I'm at the studios and that I need time to myself." His voice broke as he stared at you,
"You could have spoken to me about it...You could have asked me before straight-up comparing me," Tears were in your eyes but you didn't want to cry, not right now. 
"I know and I'm sorry...If I ever have a problem in the future I will speak with you first." He whispered, taking your hand in his, running his fingers along your knuckles as you let out a small sigh. 
"I still think I should go home for a couple of days...Give you some space,"
"But you'll be back right?" He rushed out as he looked at you. A small smile played on your lips as you nodded, leaning forward to kiss him softly. 
"I'll be back, I promise." He nodded at you, still not obsessed with the idea of you leaving but he respected that you needed a little time away.
In the future Chan was more open to you coming to the studios sometimes, bringing him food and making sure he was taking care of himself. 
Tumblr media
As soon as Minho walked into the apartment he wished he hadn't. There was laundry still not washed, the floors were mucky and it looked like no one had dusted in months. 
"What the fuck?" He grunted to himself, walking further into the house and rolling his eyes. He'd been gone for a couple of days working from the dorms and studio and this was what he came home to? 
"Shit, you're home." You rushed over to him, trying to distract him but he had already seen everything and there was no hiding it. 
"You could have made an attempt to clean it, this is disgusting Y/n." He grumbled picking up the laundry basket and heading into the linen room to go and clean it all up.
"I picked up a couple of extra shifts, I thought I would have time to clean before you came home." You quickly explained but Minho was having none of it. 
"Fuck, even Areum kept the place cleaner than this." It was like a shot to the heart, being compared to his cheating ex. 
"She probably kept it clean so you couldn't find out she was slutting herself out." You spat at him storming off to the bedroom and slamming the door behind you.
Minho grunted as he slammed the washing machine door shut and began to tidy up around the apartment. Not saying anything wrong with having just compared you to someone he hated.
"Are you just never going to speak to me again?" Minho questioned the next morning as you got up to have some breakfast. You'd kept the bedroom door locked all night making him sleep on the sofa but you knew you would have to see him at some point. 
"Maybe." You mumbled looking at him and then over at the kitchen, going to make yourself something to eat. Minho rolled his eyes at you, he still hadn't seen as what he said was wrong. 
"You don't get it, do you?" You asked as you came back into the living room, he looked at you with tired eyes.
"You compared me to the one person in the entire world that you hate...And saw nothing wrong with that?" He swallowed the lump in his throat as he realised how much it had hurt you to hear him say it. 
"I didn't mean to compare you...I was just saying-"
"That someone who cheated on you, made you feel like shit was better at cleaning than me." You folded your arms across your chest, staring at him as he nodded his head. It wasn't as if he could deny saying it to you when you were both standing there, 
"I've been taking extra shifts, but I still try to make sure I keep everything tidy." Sitting down beside him, you tried not to be as angry as you had been the night before. You had said something just as harsh as he had, 
"I'm sorry," He breathed out as you leant your head on his shoulder, his hand not daring to move to yours so you locked it with your own. 
"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said what I said." You told him, giving his hand a small squeeze and smiling up at him.
"How about, we go out to eat? My treat." He offered as you nodded at him, getting up from the sofa and folding the bedding he had used the night before.
Tumblr media
It took you a long time to get into a style of clothing that you eventually started to like. Trying to dress more confidently in yourself and show the world who you wanted to be. You came out of the bedroom, brushing down the outfit you were wearing for the night and smiled at Felix. It was something he had helped you pick out that morning for a date with Changbin, 
"You look great right, Changbin?" Felix asked making Changbin look up from his phone. His eyes landing on your body but the second he stared at you, you felt sick. There was a look of disgust plastered across his face as he looked you up and down again. 
"Areum would never wear something like that," The whole of the dorms seemed to stop. Minho stopped cooking and Chan looked up from his laptop, none of the boys wanting to believe what they had just heard fall from your boyfriend's lips. 
"What?" You questioned, your voice shaking a little as you stared at him. His eyes were back on his phone as he shrugged his shoulders.
"Areum would never come on a date looking like that," He said it so nonchalantly as if this was the normal thing to say to his new partner.
"So what? This is about what Y/n is wearing." Felix seemed angry as you backed away from them all, making your way back into the bedroom and breathing heavily. That was one thing you never thought Changbin could and would ever say to you. How could he have acted so calmly about it too?
"Are you stupid?!" You heard Felix yell as you quickly took off the clothes, changing into something completely different. Something that was comfy so you could crawl into bed in. You never wanted to go outside of this room again, it would be far too embarrassing to leave and have them all look at you.
"Y/n...I'm sorry," Changbin said for the one-hundredth time as he sat on the bed with you. You were sitting up and staring in front of you, you hadn't even said a word to him since he walked into the room half an hour ago.
"I didn't mean for it to sound harsh," He looked at you but you didn't dare look at him, you knew if you did you would most likely start crying.
"Then how had you meant for it to sound? Because it sounded as though you were comparing me to your ex and making me feel disgusted in myself." You mumbled looking down at your hands. 
"I meant...I meant it in a good way I really did." You scoffed, did he expect you to believe something so stupid?
"You gave me a filthy look and said-"
"I know but I meant it in a good way. I was looking at something on my phone. I was distracted." You looked at him and for the first time, you could see just how sorry he was about what he had said.
"I'm sorry...You really did look beautiful Y/n." He whispered as he took your hand in his, you smiled weakly feeling your body heating up. 
"Can we stay in tonight?" You questioned, laying your head on his shoulder. Not having the energy to want to go out for the night and have a large meal. Just staying in the dorms and having take out was enough for you. 
"Sure. I'll order all your favourites," He whispered pressing his lips against your cheek.
Tumblr media
"There you go again!" Hyunjin yelled as you stared at him in disbelief. He'd just told you that he and his ex would be dancing close together on a new project he was working on. Not his idea but he was still being forced to work with her and closely too. The dance they would be doing was something slow and sensual and you had every right to react the way you had. 
"There I go again what?!" You snapped at him, feeling your chest heave as you stared at him. 
"Being dramatic! God! Even when I had to do dances with other people Areum would never be this dramatic about it!" You scoffed at him shaking your head at the thought of it.
"Then maybe you should go back to her!" You cried back at him, he scoffed at you as he ran his fingers through his hair. Getting more and more frustrated as time went by. 
“You’re just being a child! We have one dance together-”
“Where she’ll be grinding against you, running her hands all over your body! Can’t you see why I’m being like this?!” You questioned him as he stared back at you in silence. On the one hand, he could but on the other, he couldn’t. You knew that this was his job and this was something he would have to do at some point.
“You wouldn’t care if it was someone else,” He told you as you nodded your head,
“If it was ANYONE else I wouldn’t give a shit! She’s your ex!” You cried out again, not being able to see why he didn’t see this as a bigger deal than it was. 
“I’m over her,” He whispered calmly to you, walking over to you and pulling you into his chest. 
“I am a professional and what I have to do with her is nothing more than work to me.” You said nothing as he continued to talk to you, 
“I am in love with you Y/n. Just because I have to do this with her doesn’t mean its going to bring any old feelings back...Its only you that I care for, that I love.” He whispered before kissing you deeply. Your arms falling behind his neck and bringing him closer to you as you smiled happily against his lips.
Tumblr media
Jisung spat the food back out onto the plate in front of him as you bit your lip. Racing to get him a bottle of water and something to wash his mouth out with. 
"I followed the recipe, I did everything right." You defended yourself but Jisung was too busy gargling the water as if he had just tasted something that was going to kill him. Spitting water into the sink and coughing as you took a bite from the food. It wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be, sure it was a little salty but that was it. 
"You're being dramatic, it's not that bad." You felt a heaviness in your chest as you looked at him, 
"It tastes like something died in that pot Y/n! Why would you ever give me something like that?!" He gagged dramatically making you feel even worse about it as you cleaned up the food, 
"Areum could cook better than that," You froze as you held the plate at the dishwasher, staring over at him as he began to wash his mouth out with more water. 
"Areum could cook better than that." He mumbled at you, staring at you as you put the plate down.
"Areum was a chef! Of course, she could?" You stared at him shaking your head, not believing that he would even say something like this to you. 
"I haven't tried this before and I wanted to make your favourite meal. I'm sorry it's not as amazing as a fucking chef could make it." Yelling was dumb but you didn't care, so was being compared to his ex.
"Y/n." He whispered realising now that what he had said was probably harsh but you ignored him, finishing cleaning up as he walked behind you. Wrapping his arms around you and sighing a little.
"No. You go and eat with her," You tried to push him away but he tightened his grip around you, 
"Y/n, please. I didn't mean it the way it came out, it was nice...just-"
"Not nice," You finished as he nodded his head, kissing your shoulder softly. 
"This weekend I promise to stay home with you. I'll help you learn whatever recipe you want." He suggested as you nodded your head a little, turning to look at him as you smiled weakly. 
"I'd like that. Maybe Felix can help too?" He nodded at you, kissing your shoulder as he promised he would clean everything up and order you both something to eat.
Tumblr media
Ever since landing in Australia, you had been nervous about meeting the rest of Felix's family. You hadn't been this nervous until Felix decided to drop on you that his family absolutely adored Areum and would always ask about her. Since then you had been doing everything that you could to try and make a good first impression but it came across as though you were trying too hard. 
"We're going to dinner," Felix said as he came over to you at the front door of his parents home, you smiled happily. Relieved that they were still willing to have you go with them to dinner after being a stuttering mess in front of them. 
"Cool, I can go and get my things from the hotel," You tried to explain but Felix shook his head at you, 
"No. Me and my family are going to dinner, you should go back to the hotel." You didn't feel so bad thinking that he just wanted to spend some time alone with his family so you nodded. Kissing his cheek and excusing yourself to use the restroom before you headed out. 
"You really should try and repatch things with Areum. She misses you." You froze in the bathroom hearing his father speaking with him, 
"She's such a nice girl, I don't know why you broke up." You did. She cheated on him, multiple times but he'd never told his parents because he didn't want to ruin the way they saw her.
"Y/n is nice too but she tries too hard, you could do better." His sister said as you felt your chest beginning to sink, you could have thrown up if it wasn't for them being right outside of the door. 
"Areum was good with you guys, I know how much you loved her," Felix said as he looked at the door you had opened. You looked down at the floor as you bowed, making your way out of the house before anyone else could say another word to you.
"I thought you were going to dinner." You grumbled as Felix walked into the hotel room, you were laid on the bed facing the window watching the sunset when he came in. Saying nothing as he cuddled up to you from behind, 
"Don't. You should go and spend time with your family. I'm sorry they don't like me." You tried to get out of his grasp but he tightened it on you as he shook his head. 
"I was going to defend you too them before you walked out," He whispered pressing a kiss on your ear but you didn't move, you laid there staring out of the window. 
"I told them what Areum did. I told them what she was like and I told them that you were nervous because of me." You sighed a little, rolling over so you could face him.
"Lix...I-I wanted them to like me the way they liked her," Your voice broke as he looked at you, cupping your face in his hands and nodding at you. 
"They will...Tomorrow we'll go back and we'll do it again, without me pressuring you." He whispered to you, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. 
Tumblr media
Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous whenever he was with someone pretty, it wasn't that you didn't trust him you were just unsure of things sometimes.
"I was just wondering where you were," You whispered as Seungin shook his head at you, pacing around the dance studio.  You'd come to meet him for lunch and found him with someone else, someone so pretty you felt a little insecure about him standing so close to them. 
"You're acting so jealous. You chased that poor girl away. She was just asking me to show her a move again," You looked down at the floor. Maybe you had overreacted a little but it didn't stop your thoughts from racing. Whenever your ex would be that close to someone it was because he had slept with them.
"Areum never used to get this jealous." He mumbled what he thought was under his breath but you'd heard him as clear as day. Staring at him and swallowing the lump that was beginning to build up in your throat. 
"Y/n." He called out as you began to walk toward the door ready to leave. 
"What? You're sorry you compared me to your ex?" You questioned putting your hand on your hip and raising your eyebrow at him, 
"I didn't mean to,"
"Oh? You just happened to say that?" You were angry and had every right to be. Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous sometimes. It wasn't an excuse but you were trying to work on it, you were doing what you could.
"Y/n I didn't mean for it to come out, I was just upset." He whispered as he reached for your hand but you didn't give it to him. You just pulled away and folded your arms over your chest,
"I know she never got this jealous but Seungmin-"
"I know, I'm sorry Y/n. I'm sorry." He trapped your body between him and the door, looking down at you with a weak smile. It was only a little bit of trust you needed to give to him and you were both working on it. 
"I know you were cheated on before, I'm sorry if it seemed like it was happening again." He whispered, kissing your nose softly as you looked at him, smiling weakly as you nodded at him. 
"I'm sorry...I should trust you and I do...Fuck I do but I just-" You had no time to say anything else as Seungmin crashed his lips against yours. Smiling against you as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him as close as you could get him.
Tumblr media
"Even when Areum was busy she would make time for me." You froze in the doorway of the dorms looking at Jeongin. He had his back to you as he spoke to the boys about how upset he was with how busy you had been lately. 
"Innie..." Felix attempted to warn him but he continued to rant on about it. 
"No. Y/n is always too busy to spend time with me, their always working or at home. I just want to see my partner." You walked up behind him, giving him the gift bag you had gotten that morning. 
"I've been busy because I've been doing overtime." You said calmly, looking at him as he had wide eyes.
"I work for my money unlike someone else we know who used you for your money," Jeongin said nothing since he knew that you were right. That was what Areum had been doing but he seemed to magically forget that when he decided that he was going to compare the two of you together. 
"I wanted to get you a present, something you've wanted for a while." You pointed at the bag and he blushed even more, remembering that you told him how much overtime you had been doing. 
"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings,"
"You didn't." You told him as you shrugged your shoulders, how could you be bothered about being compared to someone that never worked for anything in her life. 
"You got him the new PlayStation?" Felix asked excitedly as he peaked into the bag, you smiled as you nodded your head. Jeongin's eyes snapped back at you as he gave you a questioning look. 
"I knew how badly you wanted it so I put in extra-" You giggled as he almost tackled you down to the ground in a tight bear hug, repeating over and over again how sorry he was and how thankful he was.
"I promise that I won't do as much overtime anymore, I just really wanted to do this for you." You whispered as he shook his head at you, 
"I shouldn't have been so needy." He kissed your lips softly before pulling you and the bag toward his room, not giving the boys a chance to even look at it as he raced to get it set up.
Tumblr media
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STRAY KIDS / you never ask for help
Tumblr media
warning: these are long! it’s all fluff and some suggestive themes in changbin’s part (only if you squint, really)
requested by anonymous.
Tumblr media
↣ chan
Chan sometimes struggled with interpreting social cues the right way, so he preferred it when you were direct with him. The problem was, you were only direct with people when there was absolutely no other way around it. Like asking if someone could move, please, because they are blocking your path in a café, and you’re holding a scalding hot cup of coffee that is starting to burn your fingertips.
When you finally reached your table, in your haste to put the hot cup down, you ended up splashing some of the liquid on your hand. Chan heard you hiss and immediately asked what was wrong.
Sitting down, you gave him a pained smile and replied through clenched teeth, “nothing. I’m okay.”
But you were hiding your hand in-between your thighs, irrationally hoping that the harder you squeezed your hand into the chair, the less pain you’d feel.
Chan squinted his eyes. “You burned your hand, didn’t you?”
“Ah,” you exhaled. You could feel yourself begin to rock gently back and forth as you waited for the pain to recede. “A little. But I’m good, really. Don’t worry about me.”
He did not think it was possible for him to misinterpret this moment, so he stood up and extended a hand for you to take.
“Come on,” he said. “Let’s put some iced water on it first. You don’t want it to get worse.”
You looked at him and tried to resist, “really, I’m fine—”
“Please,” he insisted. “I don’t even have to go into the bathroom with you if you don’t need my help, but you have to do something.”
The pain seemed to be intensifying – the harder you tried to make it go away, the more terribly it stung. Finally, you exhaled heavily, and nodded, taking his hand with your healthy one, and standing up.
“Okay,” you said, clenching your other hand into a fist behind your back. You were afraid to even look at it at this point. “Okay, I’m going.”
“Tell me if you want me to come with you,” Chan asked, not wanting to get in your way or make you uncomfortable, but also really not wanting to stay behind when the right thing to do would be to come with you.
You bit your lip. “I—it’s nothing, though. So, you shouldn’t bother—”
“Because I’m coming,” he said, squeezing your hand, “if it’s up to me.”
His determined eyes were waiting for you to reply, so you managed a weak nod. And that was all the permission he needed, as he placed his other hand on your arm and guided you – quickly – to the bathroom at the back of the café.
↣ lee know
You had invited him to hang out later tonight to celebrate you moving in to a new apartment. Minho wanted to help you speed up the moving process, but he knew better than to ask if you needed him to lend you a hand. So, he just showed up to your place four hours early.
“You’ll have to sit in my room while I finish unpacking my books,” you told him, not exactly mad to see him again, but definitely a little frustrated because now you were going to feel bad about not keeping him company. And you already had so many things to worry about before tonight. “Your own fault, really. I clearly said eight o’clock.”
“It’s fine,” he replied, chuckling at your attempt to be dismissive. He followed you to your bedroom, “I don’t mind waiting.”
Minho knew you’d die and come back to life before you asked him for help, so he decided to experiment a little. He sat down on your office chair and, literally, just waited.
You came in a few minutes later, stumbling over the threshold, the pile of books in your arms so big, you could barely see over the top. Minho didn’t budge, but his eyes followed your ever move in case he needed to drop this experiment and save you from killing yourself after you tripped over a loose wire or something.
Finally, during your third trip with the books, you huffed. “Go make yourself some coffee. Don’t just sit there, watching me. I feel bad about—”
“Hey, I’m just waiting,” Minho said, throwing his hands up defensively. He thought he was finally getting to you, and he couldn’t help the small smirk that appeared on his lips.
“I won’t be done for a while,” you replied, putting the books down onto the shelf and exhaling loudly. Your back was already starting to give up on you, so you tried to bend backwards with your hands placed on the small of your back. But the stretching didn’t help. “You can order something to eat if—”
“No, I’m not waiting for that,” he said, spinning around in your chair.
You frowned. “What are you waiting for, then?”
He stopped spinning to give you a triumphant look. “For when you’ll stop being so stubborn and just ask for my help.”
You watched him, impressed. You supposed this might have actually worked – you probably would have asked him to help you eventually. Just because you’d feel too awful about abandoning him like this for so long.
But now you knew that this had just been a plot.
“Alright,” you said, wiping your hands on your jeans and heading for the door of the room. “Well, keep waiting, then. I have things to do.”
Minho sat there for a minute, his eyebrows raised. Despite clearly looking like you could have used some assistance, you still insisted you were fine on your own.
“Very well,” he said then – to himself, since you’d left the room to pick up more books – and stood up. It looked like the experiment had failed, so, he had to return to what he usually did – using force.
He walked into the living room so quietly, you flinched when you turned around with a new pile of books. Using the element of surprise to his benefit, Minho grabbed the books from your arms and turned back to your bedroom.
You watched him go, stunned. “Hey—!”
“I’ll finish this,” he cut you off, his tone firm. “You go sit down. Make us coffee.” Then, because you still stood there, shooting disapproving daggers into his back, Minho turned to look at you over his shoulder and proceeded to chastise you, “please, my throat is so dry, I can barely speak. Who treats their boyfriend like that? Honestly.”
↣ changbin
It honestly came as a surprise to him at first. The fact that someone could be so impossibly stubborn when they clearly needed help? Unheard of.
And even now, as he watched you pace around your room in an attempt to be in two places at the same time – since you had to deliver a package to a client, but also attend a mid-term at your university – Changbin was still in awe. The solution was so obvious!
And yet you continued to pace, your mind churning out various possible scenarios – some of which weren’t even remotely realistic – even though he was right there.
“Hey, uh…” he started to say, not quite sure if you’d already decided that he’d be completely useless to you in this situation, or if you hadn’t even realized that you could ask him for help. “I could maybe deliver that package for you?”
“No, no, it’s okay. You don’t even know the address, I’ll just have to—”
“You could,” he continued, just as slowly. This was still a fairly uncharted territory for him, “text it to me. Then you’d have one less thing to worry about before your exam.”
You stopped pacing. Changbin felt his heart rate pick up when you looked at him, which was nothing new. He always felt suffocated by all the tiny, aggressive butterflies whenever your eyes met. But this time, he thought he could finally help you out with something, and that felt like a whole new level of exciting to him.
“It—” you started to say, but then stopped yourself. For that one, fleeting second, you looked like you were actually considering his offer. “No, it’s fine, really. I don’t want to burden you with this, it’s my problem. Thanks, though.”
He groaned and rolled his eyes before he realised what he was doing. This blatant expression of frustration surprised you and you continued to watch him.
“I’m here to help,” he explained himself. “Right here. And I don’t mind. If anything, I want to help. So, use me. Please.”
You felt your eyebrows lift at the last past of his sentence, and even Changbin himself brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose, squeezing it as he turned sideways – not wanting you to see his face warm up.
“That… I could have phrased myself better,” he admitted. “B-but you know what I mean. Send me the address, I’ll deliver it.”
Sighing, you placed your hands on your hips and forced yourself to accept this – if you couldn’t find a better alternative by tomorrow, you’d have to take Changbin’s offer.
“Alright,” you said, finally. He exhaled in relief. Jumping ahead before he could gloat about you giving in, you teased, “but don’t you forget that you explicitly gave me permission to use you.”
“I won’t,” Changbin said, smiling now that he saw the playful glint in your eye. He added with a wink, “really, please do.”
↣ hyunjin
He was the kind who, after learning that you weren’t used to asking for help, tried to find subtle ways to help you without you realising. Most often, those were small things – not even really helpful in the true sense of the word, but, he hoped, they made your daily tasks more bearable.
You wouldn’t let him help you plan a surprise birthday party for a friend, even though you also had to study for exams? That’s fine, he’d come to your place anyway, and clean your floors, wipe the dust, load up your dishwasher. He’d do as much as he could, really, to make sure you had less things to worry about once you were finished with your work.
And he was especially helpful on the week of your final exams.
He brought you coffee that first morning of the week, knowing that he’d just saved you fifteen minutes, which you would have had to spend at the campus café, choosing, buying, and waiting for your coffee. Then he walked you to class, quizzing you from the flash cards you’d made – once again, knowing how much you appreciated being able to put all your time to good use.
“I know what you’re doing,” you said when he took off your coat inside of the building, wanting to save you a trip to the coat room.
“I hope you do,” he replied with a grin, “otherwise it would seem as if I were trying to steal your coat.”
You snorted and gave him a look. “You know what I mean. I’m aware of everything you’ve done to help me.”
Hyunjin shrugged. He wasn’t doing this to extract gratitude from you. He was doing it because he genuinely wanted to make this easier for you. “It’s nothing—”
“And I appreciate all of it. Truly,” you interrupted before he could properly dismiss his effort. “I like to do things myself, you know me. But… I really, honestly, don’t know how I would survive without you.”
He looked away, suddenly feeling uncomfortable when faced with genuine appreciation for all that he’d done.
“Please,” he said. His cheeks were a gentle shade of pink. “I’ve barely done anything.”
“No, you’ve done a lot,” you disagreed. “Thank you for always having my back while I do my thing. I don’t even know how I could repay you. I love you.”
He always got flustered whenever you told him you loved him, so you were much more used to showing your feelings instead of speaking about them. But some moments – such as this one, right here, in the lobby of the biggest building on your campus – required words.
“Well, that’s exactly how you repay me,” Hyunjin said then, taking a step closer to press a soft kiss to your lips. “I love you, too.”
↣ han
Truthfully, he’d assumed you were doing it on purpose at first – not asking him for help, so he could be a gentleman and offer it himself. So, rising above this perceived pettiness, he did. And you turned him down. He tried again another time – and you turned him down yet again.
“Why won’t you let me help?” he asked finally as he watched you balance yourself on the edge of a full-on breakdown as you battled three impending deadlines. “Do you think I’ll make this worse or something?”
“No,” you replied, your face in your hands – you’d been in this same position for about five minutes now; trying to come up with the best strategy to make sure you did not fail any of your classes. “I can do it myself, you don’t need to help.”
“It’s not the need to help you that I’m talking about,” Jisung said. “I want to. But you won’t let me. I mean, really, let me at least print out your notes for you. It’s not that hard.”
You tossed your hands away from your face and threw them over your head in a frenzy. “Exactly! It’s not hard, so I should be able to do this myself! And yet, I’m just sitting here completely uselessly.”
He flinched to see you move so unexpectedly, but he was more worried about the panic in your voice. He knew you were anxious, but he hadn’t realized just how far down the edge you were.
“W-well, you’re doing a ton of other things, too. You’d obviously be able to do it if you weren’t so busy,” he reassured you, careful not to make this worse. “So, let me—”
“I should have started working on this ages ago,” you spoke, attempting to take deep, calming breaths – that sounded more like you were angrily panting – as you searched for your notebook, lost among all the papers on your desk. “So, if I was stupid enough to get myself into this mess, now I have to be the one who finds my way out of it.”
“I’ll be fine.”
You weren’t fine right now – that much was clear as day – but you definitely would be, because Jisung wasn’t going to go anywhere. Not until he was absolutely, without-a-single-doubt convinced that you weren’t going to burn out because of this.
Approaching your desk, he grabbed your laptop and carried it over to your bed before you could even react properly or, worse, snatch the laptop back from him. “Hey, what are you—”
“I’m emailing your notes to myself,” he said. “I’ll get them printed for you at the library while you work on your presentation. And, I might as well grab you the books you need for your paper since I’ll be there anyway. Is there anything I’m forgetting?”
You sighed. “Jisung, please just let me—”
“Is there?” he asked firmly.
Surprised because you’d never heard him use that voice with you before, you swallowed. “No. That—that’s all.”
“Perfect,” he walked back to you and placed the laptop in its’ previous position. Then, after pressing a quick kiss to your temple, he headed for the door of your room. “I’ll be back soon. You get as much of that presentation done as you can. I’ll review it with you when I’m back.”
↣ felix
He didn’t even give himself an opportunity to realize that you never asked anyone for help. He just went ahead and helped you whenever you looked like you needed it, refusing to leave even if you insisted you were fine on your own.
He was confident enough to trust his judgement when it came to you needing someone’s assistance, and he thought that he – as your boyfriend – was the best someone for that.
Unfortunately, sometimes he took this too far. Like the time you decided to throw a small dinner party for your closest mutual friends, and Felix cheerfully informed you that, contrary to what was previously agreed on, every single one of his bandmates would be able to make it, after all.
“That…” you looked at him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. He was watching you with the same exact expression on his own face, except he seemed happy about it. “That would mean that over a dozen people will be here tonight.”
“Yeah!” he nodded. “Oh, it’ll be amazing. It’s been ages since we’ve all been together like this, hasn’t it? What are we thinking of cooking?”
Felix wasn’t usually this excited about having many people over, but you had to admit, you really hadn’t seen your friends in a while, so, in this case, you sort of shared this sentiment with him. However, you were also growing more worried by the second.
“Well, I was thinking of cooking lamb. I got the meat and everything,” you said. “But now I think it’d be best if we just ordered pizza or something.”
“No, come on, let’s cook!” he encouraged, excited. “I’ll help. But this is a new hoodie, so let me get an apron.”
Now, you knew your boyfriend had good intentions; he was a sweetheart, no one doubted that. Most unfortunately, however, you would not, exactly, call what Felix did in your kitchen “help”.
Sure, he was a good cook – a great one, really. But, problem was, you weren’t half bad yourself. Except, you considered food to be something meant to consume – while having a pleasant conversation with friends, for example. Felix, on the other hand, saw food as art. As something that would be the center of all conversations tonight.
And, of course, he insisted you’d have no problem cooking enough show-stopping food for over a dozen people in less than four hours.
“Felix, I’m really going to need you to stop it with the lemons,” you asked, after your boyfriend spent the past fifteen minutes making decorations for the serving plates, “we can’t use any of the juice if you keep cutting them into—” you stopped speaking when you turned your head and saw that he’d already inserted the knife into the last lemon. “Nevermind. Guess we’ll just use store-bought sauce.”
Another half an hour later, you could already feel an upcoming headache, but Felix insisted you had plenty of time left. Had you allowed it, he would have attempted to cook a whole turkey, and even make the stuffing from scratch.
Granted, you weren’t doing all the work yourself, but, honestly, if you had been cooking alone, you would have chosen different recipes, which would have taken much less time. And it wouldn’t have made your kitchen look like a warzone. Really, when you lifted your head, you realized in horror that curly strands of lemon peels were hanging on the ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp!
Your dinner would have been less fancy, sure. But it would have still been a dinner.
“This looks wonderful,” Felix announced once you brought the last plate to the table in your living room. “You did a great job planning the menu.”
You sighed, already exhausted enough for one day. “Well, you did a great job making sure we actually stuck to it.”
“I know,” he smiled, proud. “Aren’t I the greatest boyfriend?”
“You would have been even greater if you’d left me and my kitchen alone,” you replied and then responded to his shocked face by quickly pecking his cheek with your lips. “Sit, now. We should taste it before everyone gets here.”
↣ seungmin
He never admitted it, but constantly being excluded from your plans when you could have clearly used his assistance, hurt him. He felt like he was a nuisance to you and that’s why you didn’t want him to help.
It sucked especially much when you had so many errands to run, you couldn’t make time for him. He didn’t want to distract you from your work or somehow imply that you had to drop everything and come see him whenever he came calling. He just wanted you to know that he was here, free, and eager to be near you, watching or listening or doing whatever you needed him to do.
“I could help you out,” Seungmin offered on the phone, “or keep you company, at least.”
“No, really, there’s no need for you to be stuck doing this on your day off,” you replied, crossing the street to get to the next place on your checklist. “It’s not fun.”
It wasn’t about it being fun to him. He just wanted to spend his free day with you, even if it meant the two of you would be paying the bills and picking up dry-cleaning. Actually, especially if you’d paying the bills and picking up dry-cleaning – this sort of everyday activities may not have been special at all, but getting to do them with you would have been exciting.
“I just feel like we haven’t seen each other in a while,” he tried a different approach. He wasn’t trying to guilt-trip you since there was as much guilt on his part, as there was on yours. You were both busy. “Maybe I could get you coffee, at least?”
It had worked. Not his words – but maybe them, too – but, rather, the sound of his voice as he’d said it. It sounded like this was his one last attempt to see you – like he was trying to grab the last straw. He was likely exaggerating, but on the off chance that he did actually feel like this was his last shot, you were too scared to say no.
“Okay, yeah,” you agreed. “Coffee sounds nice. And I’d love to see you.”
And so, Seungmin brought you coffee. And then ended up tagging along for the rest of the day, opening doors for you, carrying your groceries, and being very determined to prove that he could be very useful in any sort of crisis.
“You know, you didn’t have to do any of that,” you told him when, at the end of the day, the two of you were finally sitting on the couch in your living room, completely wiped from the day’s activities. “It was already good enough that you were with me.”
‘Good enough’ didn’t sound like a compliment to his sensitive ears, but he decided to take it for now. He’d just have to make sure you got used to him being around and contributing to getting your errands done.
“Well, call me next time, then,” he said. “I’m always available for you.”
↣ i.n
He understood. There were all kinds of people in the world – some of them simply preferred to do everything themselves. That was fine.
You were one of those people. That was fine, too.
And yet, whenever Jeongin watched you heave boxes up the stairs all by yourself, he couldn’t help but feel absolutely awful, just standing here, doing nothing. But he already knew – from unfortunate experience – what would happen if he tried to help: you’d yelp, “no!” and break into a run, the heavy boxes in your arms all the more heavier when you moved faster.
Which was why, his solution to both of your problems – because he considered your constant need to do everything yourself to be a problem, especially in terms of how utterly useless it made him feel – was to gently guide you away from the sort of environment where you’d have to be doing any kind of work.
That meant constantly keeping you on your toes with dates that, he insisted, required no prior preparation whatsoever.
“You just have to show up,” he’d tell you. And if you would insist that perhaps another time would be better as you didn’t think you’d have enough time to do your make-up before your date that night, he’d always say, “if you want, you can do your make-up when you get here. But you’ll look nice, either way. Just come.”
And you came, always.
This time, it was a picnic on the riverside, in a park that the two of you considered a discovery of your own. There were never many people around – likely because the area was hidden from the main road by trees – so it was a nice, semi-private spot just for you and him.
It felt like you’d walked into a Pinterest feed when you saw that Jeongin had even brought a wicker picnic basket, filled to the brim with various snacks, sandwiches, paper cups, and glass bottles of lemonade.
“Oh, hey!” he called out after he noticed you. You’d meant to say hi to announce your arrival but, truthfully, this view had rendered you momentarily speechless. “Don’t be scared, this isn’t all the food I’d brought. I also got your favorite cupcakes.”
Still unable to make a single noise, except watch him in awe, you perched down on the striped, red blanket on the grass. You looked up to see that the trees perfectly covered the hot afternoon sun so that it wasn’t shining directly into your eyes. And the soft breeze from the river nearby made the heat of the day much more bearable, too.
You finally opened your mouth to speak. “Jeongin, this is—”
“Here, try this,” he cut you off, refusing to give you the opportunity to fluster him with words of appreciation. He took out a white, swirly meringue from the plastic box and passed it to you. “It’s not homemade, but I tried some at the store and they’re great.”
You allowed him to put the delicacy into your mouth, and it really was great. In fact, all of the food that he’d brought was great – although you weren’t sure if that was an objective judgement of the quality, or if it was just the atmosphere here that made everything taste wonderful.  
Either way, once you’ve managed to finish half of the contents from the basket – your hearts wanted more, but your stomachs strictly refused; those frail bastards – you lied down on the blanket for a minute. Jeongin had passed all the pillows to you and rested his head on your thighs instead.
“This is cliché, isn’t it?” he asked, almost shy now. He wasn’t running out of ideas for your dates – not yet, anyway – but he wanted to try everything, and he knew you might have different opinions about different things.
“It absolutely is,” you nodded, happy and on a sugar high. “But it’s the best of its’ kind.”
Jeongin grinned. “Because of the cupcakes?”
You shook your head, smiling at him with all the love that dwelt for him in your heart and your lungs and your stomach. “No. Because of you.”
He’d never been happier to hear that. He may not have been able to figure out how to help you with your tasks, but he definitely figured out a way to make sure that, at the end of every busy day, you were finally able to relax.
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matryosika · 5 months ago
wreak havoc
pairing — dom!chan and hard dom!minho x reader
genre — smut
word count — 7.3k
warnings — idol!au, make-up artist!reader, dirty talk, threesome, creampie, oral sex (m and f), rough sex, face slapping, humiliation, degradation, daddy kink, sir kink, spit/drool kink, slight knife play, deepthroating, overstimulation, unprotected sex, piv, use of pet names
note — here it is finally, i am not sure how i feel about this but PLEASE let me know in my asks what you do you think! i didn't read this before uploading so i apologize for any mistake, and please remember that english is not my first language!
[minho, 9:41 pm.] i need you at the dorms
your whole body freezed instantly after reading the message minho left on your phone seconds ago. tonight you were supposed to met chan at the dorms because, except for him and felix, the rest of the group was allegedly in their hometowns visiting their families. as unsteady as you were, you wandered around the complex looking for chan’s or minho’s car and, to your surprise, those were the only ones you could find in the parking lot.
you swallowed hard, your heart beating at a higher rate than before. this could only meant two things: either they both caught the little game you were playing or it was just a big misunderstanding.
but, deep down, you already knew the answer.
[you, 9:42 p.m] i thought you were going to be at gimpo by now.
you sat down on the sidewalk right outside the parking lot, meditating your actions and trying to come up with a decent answer as to what was happening right now. there’s no way minho could’ve tell, right? you and chan were already too careful not to get caught by the staff or the employees of the company.
[minho, 9:43 p.m.] something came up. i had to stay.
you sighed as you pressed your phone against your chest. this was a set up, definetly. and unfortunately for you, you were already outside of the dorms because you were supposed to meet chan there. if minho had already caught you, it would be better to talk it through right now before your job could get jeopardized.
with trembling legs you stood up from the sidewalk fighting the urge to start running away from the building, only to be interrupted by the ringtone of your phone again.
[chan, 9:44 p.m.] did you already forget the way to the dorms? or are you just enoying the sight of the parking lot, princess?
you looked around again, but no trail of chan. they were messing with you and you could tell but, from your position, there was not much you could do. you had fucked up and you needed to take full responsibility of your actions even if it meant that the fun had to be over. you made your way to the elevator trying to come up with a plan or excuse to tell the both of them.
“yeah minho, i forgot to tell you that i have been fucking with your bestfriend too this whole time” you mumbled to yourself in a sarcastic way “that doesn’t sound right”. you tried to recall how exactly you ended up putting yourself in this position, but you couldn’t really get to a conclusion.
you worked with chan, as you were his personal make-up artist, and you started to sleep with him about a year ago too. first it was casual and, even though the relationship didn’t progress to anything affectionate, it later became something “sexually exclusive”. or at least that was what chan thought.
not even a few months later after chan and you started to have a secret affair, minho was introduced into the equation. with him, things were a bit more complicated than with chan, but that only made them better. both of them were good lovers, and they treated you just right. it was just too easy for you to have two sexual affairs at the same time because you knew you were being careful enough. you trusted yourself, you knew that you could handle them both and that you could end up things with one of them whenever you felt like it. but truth is, that day never came. they were both intoxicating, they were both everything you were looking for but with separate essences and you couldn’t get enough of them.
the elevator arrived to the floor where the dorms were located and you could swore that the sound of your heartbeats was loud enough to be heard from a distance. you knew you got caught and that wasn’t precisely the thing that made you the most nervous anymore. it was the fact that both, chan and minho, were exactly the same type of men: jealous and possessive.
you could sense that things were going to be hard. but isn’t that more fun?
with faint knocks on the door you warned whoever was inside that you had arrived, your hands clinging to the strap of your purse as your knuckles turned three shades paler than usual.
no one responded.
you knocked once again, this time louder. you could notice how hard you were trying to hold your breath as a result of how nervous you were but, in your last moments alone, you tried to put yourself together and follow the plan you had already created in your mind: deny everything. even if they weren’t going to buy it, even if the three of you knew already that you had been fucking with the two of them, you needed to test their patience. you needed to push them to their limits because that was the only way you were going to be able to escape their little interrogation session.
however, your plans were immediately screwed up as chan opened the door with a warm smile “I thought you already forgot the way here” he joked as his lips traveled all the way to yours, crashing into a quick but chilling kiss. you licked your lips immediately after chan withdrawn from them, capturing a faint taste of alcohol.
you left your purse on the couch as soon as you walked into the dorms, unsure of what to say or how to start a conversation. “where’s felix?” you asked.
“he ended up going with jeongin to busan” chan replied, walking towards the kitchen and looking right back at you as a way of ordering you to follow him. and you did. “are you hungry?”
“not really” you mumbled, almost as a whisper. with careful steps you followed him through the dining room and into the kitchen where you found the figure of minho standing by the stove making dinner.
"y/n" minho said giving you the coldest gaze you had ever received from him. chan had always been good at concealing his feelings, but minho's facial expressions sold him every damn time: he was angry and he couldn't hide it as good as chan.
"what is this?" you immediatly asked with a defensive tone, walking towards the corner of the kitchen cabinets. you looked at minho who had a faint smirk plastered on his face, and then at chan who was standing right by the door playing with the rings he was wearing.
"what do you mean, princess?" chan inquired with a fake empathetic tone on his voice, almost as if he was enjoying the sight of you being slightly uncomfortable "minho is just making some dinner"
"are you sure you don't want some, y/n?" minho mumbled without even looking at you "you are always so hungry"
"i am fine" you replied, annoyed. you didn't like where this whole thing was going and you were definetly not going to tolerate passive-aggressive attitudes from them.
"how about a drink?" chan asked while walking towards one of the pantries, grabbing a glass to prepare the beverage. you didn't give him an answer but he still poured you some wine, handing you the glass carefully as you gave him a confused look. "try it, it might help you losen up a bit."
you took the glass and drank everything in a matter of seconds, earning a grin from chan who didn't part his gaze from you at any time. "i am fine" you replied to his last comment, pushing the glass on the table further away from you as soon as you emptied it.
your gaze fixed into minho's back and then into chan again, who was still looking at you. you were not afraid, but you were definetly confused and curious as to what was going on behind those perverted minds. "i feel like i'm losing my time here" you complained, crossing your arms.
"we can't even spend quality time with you now?" minho teased, carrying the dish he prepared into the kitchen counter as his cold gaze mocked you "are we only worthy of your time when we are using you?"
a spark of electricity traveled around your body as you found chan smirking at his comment. you expected minho to know that you had been fucking with chan too and visceversa, but it never strucked into your mind that they both knew probably way too much by now.
"what did you told him?" you turned to chan, who had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he leaned into the door frame.
"just a few details" chan replied, unapologetic "you know, like how we have been fucking for over a year now and how we were supposed to be sexually exclusive. those kind of things"
your gaze diverted to minho who was resting his hands on the kitchen counter as he looked back at you. his dark hair was wet and pushed back as if he had just got out of the shower a few moments ago, leaving his forehead completely clear. he was wearing a black sweater with the sleeves rolled back and good lord, that look of anger in his face made you feel things you weren't supposed to be feeling right now.
"well" you responded, instantly giving up. you had changed your mind, you were not going to deny it. they caught you and you fucked up, so there was no point in trying to prove them wrong. the most important thing here was your job, and as long as you could keep it you didn't really cared about anything else "i guess you were going to find out eventually"
chan let out a soft laugh that almost sounded genuine. "is that really everything you have to say, y/n?" he inquired, approaching you closely "i know you are so much better with words, or have you forgotten how well you do when you are begging for me to ruin you?"
your whole skin got covered in goosebumps at chan's audacity to say something like that in front of no other than his best friend. his best friend who you have also begged to countless times.
"what else do you want me to say?" you inquired, your gaze looking back and forth between the two men standing in front of you "i have been playing with the both of you and i have been caught, so i am guessing the fun is over"
"over?" chan asked, his lips slightly approaching the crook of your neck as his hand guided your chin for you to stare directly at minho.
minho was not happy with the scene and you could tell, just like chan wasn't happy about the fact that someone else had claimed you his. your body squirmed into chan's touch as you felt his teeth gripping and sucking at the sensitive spots on your neck, realizing that he was trying to mark you in any way he could. your head fell slightly back as your eyes closed shut, whining and letting out faint cries every time chan kissed your skin. "i have barely touched her and she is already a whining mess for me" chan mumbled against your neck, a statement that was directed towards minho "isn't that cute?"
"i thought you should've known by now" minho said in a mocking tone, leaving the counter to approach the opposite side of your body. his hand traveled all the way to your chin were chan's fingeres were resting a few seconds ago. minho caressed your lips with his thumb as you slowly opened your eyes "that she is nothing but a needy slut"
chan's lips withdrew from your neck as his digits pushed a strand of hair behind your ear "god, don't tell me you are jealous" you said to minho, a faint chuckle leaving your lips. "that's just too pathetic".
and, as expected from him, your trail of thoughts was interrupted by his hand against your left cheek, earning a painful whine out of you.
"not as pathetic as you are" minho grunted, his right hand traveling all the way to your neck as he pressed the sides of it with his fingers. a strangled cry escaped your lips when you felt his grip on the spots were chan had previously marked you, the mixture of pain and pleasure making your underwear completely damp. "one cock just wasn't enough even for a cumslut like you, was it?"
"you were just too good for me to let you go, minho" you replied with broken words, a twisted smile appearing on your features as minho's hand choked you harder.
“it’s such a shame we can’t say the same about you, princess” chan interrupted as you felt him dragging a pointed object along your right arm “you are so evil, how could you do this to us?” he continued, mocking pain in his words. as soon as you felt his harsh grip on your body taking you away from minho, you knew you were in deep trouble.
the pointed object that was dragging across your arm a few seconds ago was now touring your whole abdomen and chest, your breath hitching any time chan pressed the knife against your bare skin. “you should’ve thought this whole thing twice”
without a warning, chan ripped the first buttons of your dress with the help of the blade. “what kind of woman is willing to ruin a friendship in exchange of a few moments of pleasure?” minho asked, enjoying the scene of how your body trembled any time chan pressed the blade against your exposed breasts. “only a slut like her” chan was quick to answer.
“you are both acting like you didn’t enjoy every second of it” you dared to add, feeling chan’s gaze drilling a hole into your soul as the knife was being dragged along your abdomen “you two fucked me so good that it was impossible for me to cut ties with any of you”
“so greedy” minho mumbled, licking his lips “yet you have the two of us in front of you and you are already shaking in fear” as soon as minho finished that last sentence, chan was done ripping every single button of your dress and leaving you only in your underwear: a pair of laced black lingerie.
“look at her” chan demmanded to minho as his hands removed the ripped dress off of you “isn’t she gorgeous?”
a faint blush appeared on your cheeks as you felt intimidated by the fact that you were almost naked in front of the two men who had permission to ruin you anytime they wanted. “how I wished you were only mine” chan whispered into your ear “why did you have to go and fuck someone else, huh?”
“I guess you didn’t fuck her just right” minho intervened, his left hand guiding your face so his eyes could meet your gaze “did he, kitten?”
chan chuckled under his breath as his eyes traveled from your head to the tip of your toes, admiring your half-naked body. “she kept on begging for me to fuck her even when she was fucking with you” as soon as your eyes turned to chan when he started talking, minho gripped your chin harshly as he demmanded for your gaze to fix on him once again.
“tell him how good I fuck you” the black-haired ordered, his eyes touring around the aroused features on your face “tell him how good this cock fills you up”
“don’t force her to lie, minho” chan intervened with a cocky smirk on his face “I have had her on her knees begging for me to use her body, I guess she does know who owns her”
minho made a grimace of disgust as his fingers traveled to your clothed core that was, painfully, dripping wet. he traced your slit over your panties, a grin appearing on his face as his digits got coated with your own fluids “is this getting you on, kitten?” he teased, the same digits now dancing around your lips and threatening to get inside of your mouth “I mean I knew you were a slut, I just didn’t know how much”
before you could even reply, your tongue instinctively licked your essence from minho’s fingers, earning a soft grunt from the man himself. “see?” minho inquired, his eyes turning to face chan that was standing next to you, both of his hands resting on the kitchen counter. “I told you it wasn’t going to be hard to convince her”
“what?” you asked, now facing chan who was slightly tilting your head towards you. minho’s fingers left your mouth as a string of saliva connected them, making the bulge in his pants twitch painfully due to the sight.
“do you think you can take us both at the same time?” chan mumbled, his tongue slightly poking one of his cheeks. the question was made as a form of degradation, but you immediately understood that he was, actually, asking for your consent.
even though your legs were already shaking in fear, you licked your lips at the question “I can try” you whispered, minho’s grin growing wider.
“god you are so easy” he groaned, pushing you slightly towards chan’s body where your back met his chest “I knew you were dripping wet from the moment you walked into the dorms”
chan attacked your neck once again, whereas minho crashed his lips into yours. the feeling of minho’s bulge on your lower abdomen and chan’s erection on your ass only made you grind harder against the two of them, feeling how you clenched around nothing at the desire of being used and ruined by the two of them at the same time.
“I’m easy?” you mumbled in between kisses, feeling chan’s breath moving around your neck and nape “I haven’t done anything and you two are already fucking hard”
chan’s hand gripped your hair, breaking a kiss between you and minho as your head fell slightly back “watch your fucking mouth” he spitted, his teeth nipping slightly at your earlob.
“here I thought I was about to lose my job” you added with broken words, minho’s hands resting on your face as his lips brushed slightly against yours, teasing you “I didn’t think you two were down to share me”
“don’t be confused kitten” minho intervened, one of his hands cupping your face while chan left faint kisses on your jawline “i would never share you with anyone” you couldn’t see chan but, by minho’s gaze, you could infere that they were both looking at each other. “i am only down to prove that he can’t fuck you like I can”
chan let out a deep chuckle and it almost sent chills down your spine. you knew chan and minho separately, and you dared to say that you even knew chan better because of all the time you had to spend working with him. but tonight, he was almost unrecognizable. the unsettling thought of the both of them being competitive, jealous and possessive only made your core ache. “go on, keep on talking” chan mumbled, his lips getting closer to your ear “at the end of the day she knows who she truly want to get on her knees for”
your whole body trembled at his words and started getting hotter by the second, drops of sweat starting to form on your forehead and nape. the despair of things going painfully slow only made you more frustrated.
“fuck” you cried, feeling your heartbeat on your throat “please”. chan’s body took a step back from you, the feeling of emptiness almost making you curse under your breath. “please what?” he asked, mocking your frustration.
you licked your lips and exhaled deeply, not ready to submit that easy for the two of them. chan watched you in awe at the lack of response, fidgeting with his ring fingers as your gaze fixed on his veiny hands. as soon as chan noticed that you were not going to say a word, he signaled the door of the kitchen “after you”.
it didn’t took you long to find yourself only wearing your panties and on your knees on top of chan’s bed, the two men standing in front of you as if they were witnessing an erotic show “is this what you two had in mind once you found out I was playing with you both?” you asked with a mocking look in your face “god, you both are so needy”
chan licked his lips as he was used to receive a bratty attitude from you in bed every now and then. however, with minho things were different. he loved control, he loved to control every single inch of your body because it belonged to him and putting up a bratty attitude was never something you would bring to the table, specially because he made it extremely easy for you submit. getting such a reaction from you was something fairly new, and he didn’t like it… to say the least.
“do you really want to go there?” minho grunted while he painfully gripped a fistful of your hair, making you hiss as your head was forced to fall back. “trust me, y/n, chan being here is not going to stop me to treat you how you fucking deserve”
minho’s grip on your hair started to dissapear slowly, as his eyes fixed on yours. his hand traveled from your scalp to your cheeks, cuping them. “open” and without any other order or word, you parted your lips slowly for him, slightly sticking your tongue out. you could try and act all bratty, but your body and mind selled you out every time: you were naturally a submissive for him.
he spitted into your mouth as minho watched how part of his own fluids dripped on your chin and onto your breasts “it’s good to know that you are at least following orders” he mumbled before withdrawing of your body, his bulge painfully pulsating at the sight of your face drooling all over the place.
"you know, you should teach her better" minho added, facing chan "or you don't know how to control her properly?"
chan smiled while he licked his bottom lip, watching you and minho in awe "you really think i can't handle her?" he asked as minho shrugged his shoulders. "you should see how cute y/n looks when she is on her knees begging for me to forgive her whenever she fucks up"
your cheeks turned bright red as the older bragged about how much of a submissive you were for him too "isn't that right, princess?" chan asked.
"god" minho chuckled "you get on your knees for almost everyone who promises you a crumble of pleasure". you knew that minho was a degrader, a hardcore one. but tonight his words felt way different because you knew that there was true anger lingering in his speech. "laid on your forearms and open your legs" minho ordered as he got on the bed, placing himself behind you in the same posisition you were. however, his legs went over yours forcing them completely open: if you wanted to close them, you were not going to be able to do so. "all yours" he mumbled once he felt your back completely pressed against his chest.
chan approached your body focusing his gaze on your clothed core, looking how your inner thighs were glistening because of your own fluids "you are really enjoying this" he whispered, laying down as he placed his hands on your hips.
a gasp escaped your lips as you felt chan's cold fingers dancing around your underwear, slightly pushing them to the side to catch a glimpse of the own mess you created . "you know the rules" chan mumbled, smiling at how your body automatically squirmed under minho's arms as soon as you felt his breath against your pussy "if you cum without permission, we stop"
"wouldn't it be more fun if we didn't?" minho asked, as his arms caressed yours, ocasionally touching your abdomen and breasts. "if she cums without permission then the punishment would be an orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until she can't take it anymore"
a mockingly evil smirked appear on chan's face "unlike you, i am not a fucking sadist"
"but you should see how pretty she looks while she begs for me to stop" minho pouted, his fingers stroking your hair.
chan looked at minho and then at you "you know your safeword" he mentioned before his swollen lips made complete contact with your core.
"shit" you cussed under your breath, chan's tongue tracing your slit as he evaded the spot where you needed him the most on purpose "chan"
"mhm?" he hummed against the skin of your inner thigh, making contact everywhere but your clit.
"fuck" you moaned as soon as you felt his tongue slightly brushing against your bundle of nerves, only to whine after the lack of sensation.
"ask him nicely" minho whispered while his hands touched every part of your body "sluts like you don't deserve things that easy"
your eyes instinctively closed as your head fell back on minho's shoulders. chan's lips felt good, but the soft bites and marks he was leaving along your thighs were a bit more painful than usual. because you were focused on the mixture between pleasure and pain, you completely ignored minho's words and it wasn't until you felt him aggresively pulling your hair that you knew you had screwed up. "i said ask him nicely, y/n"
"chan" you whispered, making eye-contact with the man between your legs that was nipping on the skin of your thigh "please"
"please what?" he asked almost immediatly "what do you want, princess?"
a cluster of frustration started to form inside your guts. you loved dirty talking, but only when you were not the one speaking. it made you extremely embarrassed to say the things you truly wanted out loud, and the both of them knew this. needless to say, it didn't stop them.
"please touch me, chan" you whispered, moaning every time minho played with your hardened nipples. "please, please, please touch me"
chan smiled against your thighs as his long fingers toured your skin, finding in a matter of seconds your pulsating clit "do you need me to touch you here princess?" he asked as you quickly nodded. "like this?"
a strangled moan left your lips as soon as you felt his digits touching you and your body unconciously tried to close your legs that had been forced open for a while now, but minho's legs were stronger "don't move" minho ordered.
the whole situation got you extremely worked up in a matter of seconds so, naturally, your whole body was ten times more sensitive than usual. chan's fingers worked on your clit as his tongue licked all your fluids whilst minho kissed your neck and played with your breasts, pinching your hardened buds as his teeth and lips marked any space of skin he could find.
this was probably what paradise felt like.
"look at you" minho cooed "you are such a mess".
you emitted a high-pitched cry when you felt two of chan's fingers inside you as his tongue focused on your clit. as soon as he started to curl up his fingers and brushing that sweet spot that drove you insane, you knew that you were not going to be able to hold your orgasm at all.
"fuck chan" you whined, your hands traveling all the way to your back to hold minho's hair as your hips slightly grinded against the man in between your thighs "i-"
"are you close, kitten?" minho teased "are you really about to cum after barely 3 minutes?"
chan's pace on his finger and tongue went faster after hearing your whimpers as if his only mission was to make you break the rules. "you can't cum yet though" minho grunted on your ear, the vibrations of the sound of his voice traveling through all your body. "and you are not going to break the rules tonight, right?"
your gaze instinctively fixed on chan's eyes that were glued to your body, admiring every single inch of naked skin. the way he looked at you was the last thing you needed for the knot on your stomach to start coming undone "i can't hold it"
"you can't hold it kitten?" minho asked, both of his arms hugging you tighter to hold you in place "no?" he pouted. with tears streaming down your face, you shooked your head desperately. you tried to answer with words but you couldn't even articulate a single sentence. "i bet is hard, isn't it kitten?"
a painful whimper escaped your lips as chan's roughness on your core increased.
"being a filthy slut hungry for pleasure and not being able to cum must be tough" minho growled into your ear "but someone like you doesn't deserve what she is having and yet we are being so good to you"
he knew what he was doing. humiliation and degradation mixed with dirty talk always worked to send you on edge, and the way chan was working on you had you condemned to break the only rule you had agree to. "you are nothing but a fucktoy, you know that kitten?" minho asked.
"yes sir" you moaned, your legs trying desperately to close but minho's body was way stronger than yours. the way minho talked and chan's lips doing wonders on your core was enough to put you on edge. you couldn't even ask for permission because your mind was already too busy trying desperately not to cum but still, you failed. "i am sorry"
those were the last words you were able to put together before your whole body started to tremble agressively on minho's embrace, crying and whining while you reached the highest point of your orgasm. as much as you wanted to close your legs, minho kept them completely spreaded for chan.
"rules are rules kitten" minho whispered into your ear while chan kept eating you out as if nothing had happen. the overstimulation started to become pain in a matter of seconds but it only turned you on even more. knowing that they were the ones causing you pain ignited something inside you that you couldn't understand, but you were determined to take it all.
"you are doing so good" chan praised, his swollen lips leaving your core, his tongue being replaced with his digits that were now rubbing your clit as minho's fingers made their way to fucking your cunt. "but a good slut like you can take more, right?" he asked as his body climbed into the bed, his lips desperately looking for yours to give you a glimpse of your own taste.
"fuck, it hurts" you moaned with broken words, feeling minho's breath close to your ear "it hurts so much"
"and yet it still gets you on" minho groaned into your ear as soon as he felt your juices coating his fingers "don't you just love when i cause you pain, kitten?"
another strangled cry was heard and this one was accompanied by a growl. the pain felt good when you remembered who were the ones inflicting it and that only made you eager to take it even more.
"it feels good" you whispered against chan's lips, feeling how minho's fingers curled inside you as chan's digits rubbed your clit in slow, circular motions "god it feel so fucking good"
you soon started feeling the knot again, but this time it felt way more intense than your first orgasm. the way your toes curled up and the way your nipples were painfully hard only indicated that you were close to approaching your high for the second time in a row and you couldn't help but feel embarrassed at how little time it took the both of them to ruin your mind completely.
this time you didn't have to ask for permission or try to hold your orgasm since this was part of your punishment. however, the sensations you were getting were a bit more painful and you couldn't help but cry at the feeling of your incoming orgasm.
"look at her" chan mumbled to minho "it's just her second orgasm and she can't even take it without being a crying mess". minho let out a faint chuckle as his gaze focused on your tears, licking his lips and trying hard to control himself from fucking you dumb completely at that exact moment "she looks so pathetic" minho groaned.
"god minho" you moaned, letting out whimpers every time his fingers touched your sweet spot "please don't stop minho, please"
minho held you tighter as chan kissed your lips, his fingers working sloppily against your clit because of how wet you were. it didn't took you long to reach your second high, crying against chan's lips as soon as you felt your own fluids dripping out of your throbbing cunt. "look at the mess you made on my fingers, y/n" minho mumbled, causing the interruption of the kiss. your gaze fixed on the bed sheets that were soaked with your own juices as well as minho's digits and, in a matter of seconds, minho's wet fingers were aggressively pushed into your lips as you unconsciously sucked on them. he had no other choice but to moan at the sensation of your mouth, his hips involuntarily grinding against you as soon as he saw you drooling on his hand "fuck you look so pretty like this"
before you could say or do anything, you found your eyes glued to chan's naked figure at the edge of the bed. "turn around and get on your knees" he ordered, spitting on his hand to stroke his cock slowly. you did as he asked, removing your soaked panties and tossing them to the side of the bed leaving your dripping core was exposed to his eyes. "i can't believe how wet you are" he growled, teasing your entrance with the tip of his cock and dragging your own juices all over his length "does it turn you on? the idea of us using your body as if you were nothing but a mere object?"
you didn't answer to his question with words but, instead, you moved your hips slowly against his cock indicating that you were ready to take him completely. chan scoffed as his hips thrusted deep inside you, causing you to almost scream to the unexpected movement and the accumulated overstimulation you had received preciously. "my pretty princess, you can barely take one cock" chan pouted "do you want to act like a big girl now?"
your whole body was extremely weak but you still managed to keep it on all fours for him, melting at the feeling of his harsh grips against your hips "i am a big girl, chan" you replied.
"really?" he asked with a deeper voice "then why don't you act like one, huh? why don't you take my cock without whining and crying?"
you were almost about to answer his question when you felt minho's grip on your scalp making you face directly at his hardened cock in front of you. "big girls can take two cocks at the same time right?" he mockingly questioned, not giving you even a minute to prepare yourself for the stretch that his cock on your mouth could cause.
as soon as you started to gag, a devilish smile appeared into his face. "aren't you a big girl?" he asked as he pulled you by your hair and taking his cock away from your lips. the way chan was pounding deep inside you and the way minho was abusing your throat had you seeing stars "if you are good enough to be playing around with the two of us, then you are good enough to suck my cock properly while you are getting fucked by him, right kitten?"
with a loud moan you nodded, feeling how good the stretch provided by chan's cock felt inside your cunt "right there daddy" you mumbled against the tip of minho's cock before his hips slammed it inside your mouth once again. you couldn't help but whimper while his cock used your mouth, causing waves of pleasure to travel all over minho's body who was harshly gripping a fistful of your hair as he deep throated you.
"you just came here to wreak havoc" chan grunted while he sloppily pounded deep into you "i know how bad you enjoyed wearing those cute dresses and short skirts to work, i know you loved how much i kept staring at your body every single time you were around". minho withdrew from your mouth as one of your hands started to stroke his cock that was now lubricated with your own saliva "you are always ready to take our cocks, aren't you?" he continued, your moans becoming louder and louder each time his hips met yours.
"yes chan" you cried, your hand losing its rhythm on minho's cock as soon as you felt chan's digits on you clit "you both fuck me so good"
"but who fucks you better, huh kitten?" minho questioned, his eyes focusing on your face completely fucked out. your ruined make up, your messy hair, the way your cheeks and nose were all red because of how roughly he was using your mouth and the sight of saliva all over your lips and chin made his cock twitch under your hand.
"i can't-" you whispered, automatically shaking under chan's touch "you both are good, fuck"
"no one can fuck you like i do" chan grunted while he kept his aggressive pace in your cunt "the way you beg for me to ruin your pretty body betrays you, y/n"
there it was again. the stupid knot threatening to come undone fueled by some dirty talk. "yes chan, you fuck me so good" you pathetically moaned and continue stroking minho's length. "god you both fuck me so good i can't decide"
"if you can't decide" minho hissed, his hands caressing your hair and cheeks "then let us ruin you completely whenever we please". those words and the implicit promise behind them sent you to paradise, immediately making you clench around chan's cock and earning a moan from the man himself. "you would love that, mhm?
"yes sir" you panted, losing your breath every time chan's cock slammed into you "i would love for the both of you to use me"
"you are such a good girl, y/n" chan growled as his cock twitched inside you "if you weren't that good, i wouldn't even think of sharing you with anyone". his pace lost rhythm and, soon, you felt how he pulled his cock out of you slowly "do you want to finish her now?" he asked to minho with a devilish smirk.
minho got up from the position he was and a few seconds later the stretch of your walls appeared again. only that this time, he flipped your body completely so you would be laying on your back. chan exchanged positions with him, and now his cock was the one who was brushing against your lips.
minho's cock felt good inside you, just like chan's. the thought of all your fluids mixed up together only turned you on even more, your nipples hardening as an immediate reaction.
"does it feel good kitten?" minho asked as he felt you clenching around him "tell chan how good it feels to have my cock inside you baby"
with teary eyes you looked up to chan, whose cock was already parting your lips and threatening to abuse your mouth "it feels so good daddy" you whimpered.
"mhm princess?" chan asked, slowly slamming his cock into your warm mouth "does being filled by your two holes feel good?" you nodded eagerly as your loud moans were repressed against chan's cock, your own taste making you clench once again on minho.
one of your hands traveled all the way to your clit as the other one rested on the base of chan's length, rubbing circles against your hardened bud that only made the knot in your stomach tighten up more. "you are being such a good slut for us, y/n" chan moaned, looking at how your needy eyes fixed on him as you continued on sucking him off "why don't you let us use you like the good cumslut you are, mhm?"
minho's movements were starting to lose rythm and you knew that he was getting closer to his orgasm, just like you. for a moment, the pleasure became too overwhelming that you found yourself getting distracted by the feeling only to recieved a sharp slap on your cheek by chan "are you too fucked out already to suck me off properly princess?" he asked, and you shook your head as you continued to take all of his cock knowing that you were definetly more close to your orgasm than you thought.
your mouth left chan's cock for a moment. "i am cuming again" you whined, feeling their eyes glued on you as you started to tremble under their bodies. "god, it feels so fucking good"
"cum all over my cock" minho demanded "show chan how obedient you are, kitten"
and so you did, you came undone on him as loud moans and cries left your lips.
just as you were on the highest point of your orgasm, chan came too. your face, neck and breasts were soon covered by his fluids, listening to the sweet sounds of his moans as he reached his arousal "you are such a good slut for us" chan praised, his breathing completely accelerated.
the sight of your pretty face ruined with cum and tears all over it only made minho lose his senses, so it didn't took him long to cum inside your cunt too, thrusting slowly but deeper to make sure your body capture every single drop of his arousal. after he was done, he took his length out of you as he witnessed the scene of his fluids leaking out of you "you really have earned the title of cumslut tonight, kitten"
you gave him a faint smile as you tried to stabilize your breath, taking into account that your whole body was starting to ache due to the rough session of sex you just had experienced.
however, there was something that still worried you.
chan approached you with a clean towel and some tissues to clean you up, and even then you were grateful for how good he took care of you even after you clearly had disappointed the both of them.
"look" you whispered, looking at how chan approached the trash can to throw the used tissues "i fucked up and i am sorry"
"shhhhh..." minho hissed "let's not do that"
"i just-"
"we are not mad" chan intervened "as long as you want to keep fucking with the both of us, we don't really mind"
"you are just too good for us to resist you, kitten" minho added, his figure standing on the edge of the bed "and you are a big girl, you can keep on satisfying the both of us right?"
the two of them gave you a reassuring look, sighing in relief at the fact that not only you got to keep your job, but you also knew that the fun was far from being over.
"so, are you staying for dinner?"
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planetdream · 5 days ago
this post contains: fluff ! sfw physical touch ! kissing
💌 i previously did this love language series for txt and now i’m doing it for skz bc i love them <3 i hope u enjoy !
Tumblr media
CHAN ... always has a hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. big, big hugs that warm you up but also take air from you. likes straightening out your clothes or hair if it’s a mess. soft touches, always — even if it’s a squeeze at your thigh, he’s very gentle. likes to give you massages because you’ve been very stressed lately and that’s no good :( plants kisses on your cheek when you’re sleeping. loves taking baths with you.
MINHO ... “acts” like he doesn’t like being in your space but would die if you moved the smallest bit away from him on the sofa. drapes his legs across your lap. pinches your cheeks so much and for what? holds onto your hand quite frequently, just to feel the softness of you—his thumb tracing circles against your flesh. grabs your chin to make you face him, doesn’t say anything just looks at you, and then goes about his business. will grab you and rub his face against yours.
CHANGBIN ... likes to have you lay your head on his lap and vice versa. really likes to play with your hair or even the seams of your clothing, and loves when you do the same to him. he likes it when you’re standing between his legs or beside him, your hand playing in his hair while his arms are wrapped tightly around you. doesn’t even want to let you go when you hug, either. not when you feel like you’re meant to be in his embrace forever. does this thing where whenever he itches, he scratches that area on you, and ALLEGEDLY it “works”.
HYUNJIN ... kisses all over your skin—especially your cheeks, neck, and tummy. has to be holding hands or playing with your fingers despite being attached at your hip. because wherever you go, hyunjin also goes. likes to hold you and smell your hair because your hair products smell so good—likes to help you wash and style your hair, too. applies lotion to your legs after a shower. let me emphasize: KISSES
JISUNG ... falls asleep on you frequently because you bring him so much peace and comfort. you two could be in the middle of a movie and you’ll suddenly hear soft, shallow sighs from him as he’s resting his head in your lap. “sungie, are you sleeping?” “no, just chilling”—yeah he’ll be in a deep sleep in about 4 minutes. and when he falls asleep on you he does not let you go. likes to compare hand sizes. lets you paint his nails. loves when you sit on his lap.
FELIX ... is undoubtedly the king of skinship. he's always cuddled into your side. likes when your legs are draped over his, that way he can draw things (usually hearts) onto your skin. holds your hand at any time—on the couch, in the car, while napping, you name it. needs a quick kiss before either of you two leave the room, even if only for a few seconds. always wants to be underneath you or close to you in general. if you’re wearing a hoodie 8/10 times he’ll try to crawl inside and go to sleep on your chest.
SEUNGMIN ... needs to just be in your personal bubble because why not? isn’t even speaking to you, just has his head resting in your lap <3 what are you gonna do about it? oh? you kissed his nose? yeah, minnie is very shy now >.< if you're not next to him when he falls asleep he will wake up and find you, warmly wrapped in a blanket to cuddle. 9 times out of 10 has his hand on your high when he's next to you.
JEONGIN ... literally tickles you so much it’s not even funny. doesn’t matter the occasion, his arm is going to be around you—it’s like muscle memory at the point. will literally pull you away from a conversation you're having with one of the boys to cuddle with you in his room. kisses you every chance he gets—needs at least five long kisses before you leave. loves holding your hands and playing with them.
Tumblr media
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jl-micasea-fics · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊: Breeding kink
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Lee Know
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, explicit sexual content, themes of pregnancy, unprotected sex, cumplay and mild degradation, breeding
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Kinktober contents list | Kinktober prompt list
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © October 2021 by jl-micasea ​
Tumblr media
Maybe you were being crazy.
It wasn't a stretch to say you felt that way, what with your boyfriend's tendencies at the best of times. He was enough to drive you there and then some.
Normally, you could deal with it.
Dismiss his weird little comments and his passing remarks as nothing more than Minho being Minho, and go about your day.
But today... you simply couldn't shake off this one.
Much like all his other annoyances, this too, had been a remiss little statement he'd made over your favourite television show the night before. Out of completely nowhere.
"I think you'd look great pregnant. Heavily pregnant, you know? I wonder how it'd feel to fuck you like that..."
At the time, you'd done what you did best. Rolled your eyes at him and ignored.
But now, you found yourself standing before the floor length mirror in your bedroom, a small scatter cushion squished up and shoved beneath your shirt, presenting a rather rotund appearance.
A pregnant appearance.
Your hands on your hips, your lips pursed in confusion and mild satisfaction, you began to wonder just the same thing as Minho had done.
What would it feel like to be fucked like this?
"... Y/N?"
Minho's voice had you shrieking in fright, you turned to see him leaning against the door frame of the bedroom, loosening the tie around his neck.
"B- Baby, hey. I didn't hear you come in, why didn't you call-"
"What the hell are you doing?" He interrupts.
You glanced down at yourself, then back at him, feeling your cheeks heat in furious embarrassment as you frantically yank the cushion from under your shirt, tossing it back to the bed.
"N- Nothing! I wasn't doing anything, I was just... Warming myself up. I got cold."
"Warming yourself up?" He drawls, stepping into the room. "And you didn't think to... Oh, I don't know. Put on a hoodie, or turn on the heating. No... You decided to cram a pillow under your clothes."
Your heart begins to pound as he adopted that sultry swagger he did when he was after one thing, and one thing only.
He always got it.
You laughed nervously, taking a step back as he approached you, undoing the top few buttons of his crisp suit shirt.
Even after a long work day, with his caramel hair swept back and the perfect planes of his chest just visible beneath the thin fabric of his clothes, he looked fucking immaculate.
The very picture of a man that knows what they want.
"You haven't by any chance been thinking about what I said last night, have you?" He asks quietly.
"No, I just-"
"Because if you had..." he mumbled. "Well, I'd have to tell you hard I get thinking about filling you full of my cum and watching your tummy grow with my seed inside you."
You choked on any retort you could give, slotting easily into his arms as he wound them around you, pulling you into his embrace.
He closed the distance between you, pressing his lips to yours in a kiss far too tender for what he'd just confessed to, and indeed, you found yourself cursing out your desires for being able to picture nothing but what he had just described.
"Would my baby like that?" He asked against your lips. "To be fucked until she's good and full with all my cum?"
Your eyes rolled back into your head with delight as he slid his lips down the expanse of your neck, nibbling and teasing, raising goosebumps across your skin.
"Talk to me, sweet thing-"
"Y- Yes..."
More of a breath than an actual spoken word, but Minho accepted it all the same.
He directed you to the bed, turning you in his arms and holding you flush to his front as he repositioned you.
Sinking to his knees, he brought your jeans down with his descent, smothering your rear in soft kisses before he caressed your cheeks with both large hands, moulding you into submission.
"Going to fuck you so deep, baby..." he groaned, tilting you forwards over the bed and unclasping the belt from around his waist.
Tight anticipation ran through your veins as you heard the tell-tale sound of a zipper coming undone, and before you could chance to prepare yourself, you felt the tender stretch.
Your stomach flipped with excitement as he entered you slowly, carefully, his girth and length offering more than a sensation of fullness to your greedy, tender walls. A groan of utter satisfaction left you as he began to move, his hands firm in the curve of your hips, his motions ever controlled.
"I'll breed you so fucking good," he hissed, his biceps flexing with the movement. "Stuff you with my seed over and over again..."
"M- Mhm, yes, please...."
"Yeah? My innocent whore wants to be used, does she?"
"I do... I want it so bad, Minho... Fuck me until I can't walk, until I'm big and full with your load."
"Dirty little frothing cocksleeve..." he moaned. "Fuck, you feel like heaven around me, baby."
His motions picked up as he began to lose himself in the moment, and indeed, all you felt in the throws of that passion with him was the unrivalled desire to carry his babies. To feel the beginnings of a life he put inside you, to give him that gift and make him so, so proud of you.
Your hands pressed indents to the mattress, your knees knocking against the bed frame itself, sure to be red raw in the morning.
Yet Minho was nothing if not true to his word.
A gentle slap to your rear caused you to tighten around him, the resulting hiss that slipped through his locked teeth attesting to his struggle to keep himself together.
Each thrust was more fluid than the last, each one inching you closer to that place of utter bliss as he held still for but a second when he filled you to his base, only to retract to the tip and repeat the action.
Over, and over, and over again... His grunts of desire become more frequent, his grip on your hips harsher as he flipped you to your front, lifting you to the bed proper.
Spreading your legs as far as he could reasonably get them, his darkened gaze was utterly transfixed to the sight of his cock pumping your hole, and as he began to tremble helplessly, beads of sweat forming down his neck, you knew him to be desperately close.
"Please..." you whimpered, clinging to the bed sheets beside you. "Please cum inside me, baby..."
"I..  I'm cumming, oh fuck-"
His complexion burnt and breath ragged, you felt his warm release flood you, felt his tension dissipate as he continued to gently fuck his substance deeper.
"M- Mhm... my god, baby. Look at all the cum you take," he praised. "You milk my cock so well, you greedy thing."
You watched him in awe as he retracted himself from you, only to dip his finger to the mess he'd created as it slipped from you, trickling between your cheeks.
He slicked his finger in his substance, collecting it neatly before he penetrated you with his sodden, sticky digits, putting all the precious seed back where it belonged.
"My little breeding bitch... You don't waste a drop of this now, okay?"
"Good girl," he muttered, licking his lips deliciously. "Now then... let's see about rewarding you."
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jiminbbyboy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m going to do 8 days of Stray Kids one shots. I already have some reworked from older writing I’ve done in the past ready to go. I also have some other ideas I would love to post.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Featuring: Han Jisung x f.reader
↳ He was the boys next door with a heart of gold and she was a girl who had learned to love herself but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to let someone love her.
Warnings: angst, fluff, smut, and self conscious feelings.
Tumblr media
feat: bang chan x f.reader
fake dating au
↳ She had to attend her estrange fathers wedding, and didn’t want to go alone. Chan offers to go as her fake boyfriend so she doesn’t have to face the wedding alone.
Warnings: 3rd person reader insert, angst, fluff, smut, and self conscious feelings.
Tumblr media
featuring: Yang Jeongin x f.reader
↳ She didn’t believe in love until she met him. He wanted to break down the walls she built up around her heart.
warnings: none, pretty fluffy maybe a little angst.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Seo Changbin x f.reader
acquaintances to lovers au
↳ there an air of innocence to him. Curiosity leads to both you discovering more and more about yourself.
warnings: smut, sexual self discovery.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Lee Felix x f.reader
established relationship au
↳ He tries to show he would be an amazing wedding date, and show why he’s the perfect guy.
warnings: cussing, smut, explicit sexual content, body insecurity, body worship
Tumblr media
featuring: Lee Know (Minho) x f.reader
rich boy au
↳ Your mother ask for Minho to be your date to a charity event and you get to spend a lot of time talking about the past and the what they want in the future
warnings: smut, angst, cussing
Tumblr media
featuring: Hwang Hyunjin x f.reader
college au
↳ Hyunjin drinks too much and some how always ends up knocking on the girl who lives across the hall door. They have fallen into a routine of her taking care of him.
warnings: mentions of alcoholism, cussing, angst, sadness
Tumblr media
featuring: Kim Seungmin x f.reader
↳ His voice was sweetest thing she had ever heard. Everything he did seemed to captivate her.
warnings: some cute fluff, oral both male and female receiving, and then unprotected sex
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skzkkun · 2 months ago
on the tenth floor
Tumblr media
pairing: lee know x reader
warnings: smut, sub! (afab) reader, hard dom! lee know, light degradation (use of the petname 'slut'), spanking, nipple play, oral (m receiving), fingering, light slapping & choking, unprotected sex. as per usual, i didn't proof-read this (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )b
synopsis: After moving into her dream apartment, y/n is surprised to find her attractive neighbour knocking on her door asking to help her move in... (2.7k)
Tumblr media
You crashed onto your freshly made bed, way too exhausted to move after you had spent the entire day moving into your brand new apartment. Boxes and bags of both valuable and forgotten stuff littered the place, still packed up. It had taken you a couple of hours to drive up to the city, then an ungodly amount of time for the moving van to arrive with your belongings as you toured the city in the meantime. When you were reunited with your luggage, it took an embarrassing amount of time to carry it all up to your new apartment - you then realised that moving onto the tenth floor was a better idea in theory.
Turning your attention from your bedroom ceiling to the large window next to you, it was hard not to gasp at the skyline view of Seoul. I mean, hell that was the entire reason you wanted to move into this building. You saw the flickering lights of streetlights and the hundreds of rushing city-goers that the lights illuminated; you adored how you could see the city park from your room, it looked gorgeous in the sunset. Suddenly everything clicked in your brain: you were home. Granted you still needed to unpack, and call someone to fix your busted kitchen sink but… you could get used to feeling this comfortable for once.
With this calming atmosphere, you could have very easily succumbed to your fatigue while admiring the view. That was until a knock on the door boomed through the apartment, shocking you back onto your feet. You quickly moved from your bedroom, and down the corridor, to your front door - since you had moved in a few hours ago, the last thing you were expecting was a visitor.
You swung the door open to reveal an aloof looking stranger, “Oh hey,” he flashed you a smile. “I’m, uh Minho- I live next door.” You briefly glanced to where he pointed, to the apartment to the right of yours. Looking back to your neighbour, you realised that there was something instantly captivating about Minho. His brunette hair looked freshly tousled; his deep brown eyes were focused, almost intimidatingly so. “My roommate asked me to come over to check if you needed any help with moving in?”
Your cheeks flushed at the kind gesture, as a warm smile washed over your face. “Well, nice to meet you Minho! I’m Y/n,” You leaned against, the doorway, still looking up at the handsome stranger who lives next door. “And I appreciate that, but I finished bringing up all my stuff a while ago…” Your eyes widened, “I wasn’t a disruption was I? I’m sorry if I was making too much noise carrying my suitcases up all the stairs but-”
He cut you off with a laugh, causing your face to redden further, “No, no, it wasn’t a disruption at all but,” He wheezed, “but did you actually take the stairs? I didn’t think Chan was serious... Y/n we’re on the tenth floor and- You know there’s an elevator?”. If you weren’t so enamoured with his genuine laughter, maybe you would have been more embarrassed.
“You’re kidding... and you didn’t come to tell me that a couple hours ago? You’re mean.” You whined, covering your face with your hands as to hide your flushed complexion.
The laughter eventually died down as Minho spoke up again, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m very impressed that you hauled everything up the stairs by yourself- I’m not sure I could do it.” You failed to notice the slight blush on his cheeks as he looked away. “But if you don’t need my help, I should probably get going.”
Your facial features twisted into disappointment, sad to see the stranger leave so soon. “Oh, well-,” You racked your mind for an excuse to invite him in, “You don’t happen to be any good at fixing things, do you? My uh, my sink is completely broke and our landlord won’t do anything about it.” Your eyes were fixed on the floor, hoping that your excuse to keep his company wasn’t so transparent.
Minho was taken aback, secretly grateful that he could spend more time with you. He laughed softly, “I’m not exactly a plumber, but I think I know what the problem is- we had a similar issue with our sink when we moved in.” Your eyes locked with his as you smiled, thankful that your neighbour was so incredible “Lead the way, lovely.”
You opened the door wider, stepping aside to welcome him into your bare apartment. “Um, sorry about the lack of furniture and decor and... everything-” You shyly chuckled as you closed the door behind him.
“Oh yeah, I’m totally judging you right now.” Minho jokingly rolled his eyes, “Nah, It took me weeks to unpack. And another couple of months to decorate. Well, my roommate did the majority of the decorating - he just put up our curtain this afternoon, actually.”
You both walked to the kitchen, no need for directions as your studio apartment was arranged identically to your neighbours. Once reaching the kitchen, he got to work checking out the damage. He turned the facet; causing a spray of water to attack you both. Minho quickly turned around to apologise as you laughed brightly, for what felt like the hundredth time since you had met the man. He stilled, admiring your genuine joy as you looked back to him.
“Yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing…” Minho smiled shyly, taking a step back to ensure he wouldn’t cause any more damage “I, uh- I don’t know if can fix this, I’m not handy at all...” He glanced down, only now realising how soaked your t-shirt was. He coughed, wide eyes searching for anything else to focus on, “Oh fuck, uh... why don’t I leave?” The awkward tone in Minho’s voice was not lost on you, nor was the tightness in his denim jeans.
He took a few nervous steps away before you chimed in, eager to calm the thick tension. “Minho, it’s okay! Um, you got wet as well so, I could dry your shirt while you’re here…” You flushed, intensely aware of how exposed your chest was under the thin - now transparent - material. Your panties soon matched the wetness of your top as his eyes shamelessly checked you out, not that you were complaining.
“Well I can’t say no to that, I guess,” Minho smirked, as he slowly stripped off the wet button-up. It was impossible to look away from his body as he removed his clothes, the glint in his eyes proving that his teasing was intentional as your eyes scanned down his lean frame. “So, did you want me to keep pretending to know how to fix your sink?”
You smiled, taking his shirt from him as you looked away. He chuckled, “What? Now you’re shy?” Minho brought his hand up to your cheek, wiping a drop of water off your face. You pulled his hand off your cheek, moving his fingers to caress your lips as you took two fingers into your mouth. You sucked slowly, not once breaking eye contact with Minho as his arrogant smile faltered. “Oh, fuck…” He moaned lowly, eyes darkening as he looked at you in awe, “...your slutty mouth sucking on my fingers.”
You removed his fingers from your mouth, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not shy just...” You smiled, taking a slow step away from him, “Just thought you wouldn’t want to be the only shirtless one here,”. You tensed as you pulled the wet top over your head, hissing slightly at the cool air against your hard nipples.
Minho released a shaky breath as you carelessly threw your shirt behind you “So, is this something you do often?” He looked down at you as he closed the distance between you both, cornering you against the kitchen counter, “act like a fucking whore to get what you want?” His voice was noticeably deeper, matching the darkness in his eyes.
“Maybe it is,” You innocently giggled, not yet cowering to his dominance - despite how desperately you wanted to, “That’s not an issue- is it, Minho?”
“Well, I guess it’s just my lucky day that I’m what you want.” His eyes were cast down as his hand quickly moved up to your body, trailing up your sides. You flinched suddenly at the coolness of his fingers and he smirked, amused by your sensitivity. “God, you look fucking perfect.”
His hands caressed the sides of your tits as you whined, looking up at him. “Minho…” You gasped, “Please, just-”
He scoffed “Nope, you can’t start begging now - you started this, slut” His hand moved swiftly to grope your chest, fingers roughly pinching your nipples as you moaned. You would have been shy about how needy you sounded if your mind wasn’t clouded with desperation.
“Am I making your pussy wet already?” You nodded, biting your lip as you brought your own hand down to rub against his covered bulge. “Oh fuck” He moaned, “You really are slut aren’t you? I bet you’re desperate for my dick in your mouth, aren’t you kitten?”
You nodded, moaning as his fingers continued their assault on your breasts. “Well then, my pretty little slut,” his hands moved of your chest, bringing up to carefully pull on the roots of your hair, “get on your knees and suck my fucking cock.”
Kneeling on the cool tile of your kitchen, you looked up to Minho as he unzipped his pants just enough to free his impossibly hard cock. He brought his hand up to your head as he stroked your hair lovingly, smiling as his other hand came down to your cheek. His smile dropped as he slapped your cheek - not enough to hurt, but the shock was plenty to soak your panties further.
He chuckled darkly as the hand on your head forced your head towards his cock, “That’s it slut, take my cock.” He wiped his precum across your lips as you took his cock in your mouth. “Oh f- fuck, you fucking- you fucking slut. That’s so good.” Minho moaned out, as he quickly began bucking his hips, ruthlessly forcing his cock further down your throat. Your spit coated his shaft, flowing down your chin as you continued to look up, determined to not break eye contact while he fucked your throat.
Minho choaked out a moan, “Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so fucking warm - keep sucking my cock,” His eyes closed tightly as he began to whine, “Oh, you’re so good for me” You continued to suck his cock, hollowing out your cheeks to suck harder. “Shit, I walked in this place ten minutes ago and I’m now about to bend you over the counter and fuck your pussy.” You moaned around his cock as he continued to thrust into you; the wetness in your panties became unbearable.
With one last moan from him, Minho pulled you off his dick, “Ok- ok, fuck,” He gasped, desperate to catch his breath, “You almost made me cum, fuck I- I need to fuck you.” He took a shaky step back, bringing a hand down to help you stand, “Please, can I fuck you.”
Standing up from your knees, you only responded with a deep kiss. You wrapped your fingers in his hair, tangling your fingers in his locks as you pushed your body against his. He quickly regained his energy, pushing against you with equal intensity. While you were focused on his lips Minho worked to pull down your sweatpants; you step out of them as they fall to the floor. He quickly moves his hands into your wet panties “Fuck, your panties are drenched” He chuckled, feeling you moan against his neck, “You really are a fucking slut.”
Your hips rut against his hand as he roughly circled your clit. “Oh fuck, fuck- Minho please-” You begged, grinding your hips in a meek attempt to feel more of him. He brought his free hand back up to your cheek, giving you another light slap as you whimper.
“You’re such a desperate whore for me, baby.” He taunts, amused by how you’re panting already: unashamedly needy for him, “Ok, turn around and bend the fuck over.” He pulls his hand out of your panties and grabs your hips to turn you around, forcing you to bend over the kitchen counter. “Baby, your ass is amazing,” Minho growled, spanking the swell of your ass suddenly, “Do you like having your ass smacked like that?” You whimpered, nodding your head as you arched your back. “Yeah, sluts like you usually do.” He slaps your ass again, immediately starting to rub where it began to sting.
“Come on, get your leg up on the counter now,” He demanded, “I need to fuck you.” He brought one hand up to your throat, squeezing your neck from behind as he used his free hand to guide his cock into your heat, teasingly sliding his tip up and down your cunt before slowly pushing inside of you. Your unrestricted moans were loud enough to echo throughout your small kitchen - hell, Minho’s roommate could probably hear you from next door.
“Fuck,” Minho moaned, tightening his grip on your neck slightly, “your tight pussy is so fucking good, you’re so wet for my cock - such a good... f- fuck, such a good fucking slut.” He bent over, thrusting into you from a new angle, as he kissed behind your ear and down your neck to your shoulders.
“Fuck...holy shit..fuck...that’s it, kitten” He moaned lowly in your ear. You whined in response, desperately chasing your release as he continued to thrust into you roughly. “Do you want to cum already, kitten? Does my slut want to fucking cum on my cock?”
You could only whine in response, already fucked out from Minho’s unrelenting thrusts into your core. He laughs, “Aww, is my little slut fucked wanna cum so bad don’t you?” Minho only speeds up, fucking you harder onto the kitchen counter as your legs began to shake.
“Oh, s- s- shit, right there- Please, fuck that feels so good, sir,”. You felt your high crash over you as you came, feeling the wetness pool onto the counter below.
“Fucking tell me how hard you like it, slut” Minho begins to lose his rhythm, as he pulls his hand away from your neck, “Your pussy is clenching my dick so tight- Fuck, I can feel you cumming, baby” He moans out, “Oh fuck, s- such a good slut. Oh fuck...I’m going to cum, Y/n.” Minho growled, bucking wilding into you, “Do you want me to pull out and cover your ass in-”.
You practically screamed, as your entire body quaked from overstimulation “No, no p- please - cum in me please, oh f- fuck... please cum in me, sir.”
“Do you want me to cum in your pussy? Yeah? want me to breed you…” He started moaning louder, hurriedly chasing his own release “F- fuck, let everyone in this fucking building hear how much of a slut their new neighbour is.” Minho fucks his cum into you, his body shaking slightly from the intensity of his high.
After a few minutes of silence, he pulls out of you and quickly helps you off the counter. “Fuck, that was amazing.” He laughs, clearly still in a post-nut haze. “Let me... grab a towel” As Minho runs off, you finally come down from your post-orgasm high, suddenly hyper-aware of your nudity.
He returns a few moments later, clean towel in hand. “Here, let’s get you cleaned up- Oh, uh… sorry for tainting your kitchen by the way.”
You laugh, taking the towel off him to wipe yourself clean, “Oh, it’s ok- maybe next time we can find somewhere more appropriate.” Stunned by your blunt reply, he chuckles.
“Well, you know where to find me if you need anything else around your apartment fixed.”
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gdaychan · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
relationship habits with the skz boys
pairing: ot8, gender neutral reader genre: headcanons / reactions, humour, established relationship  wc: 700  warnings: suggestive in chan’s (dirty jokes? but they’re bad) 
a/n: lmao who would you put up with 
Tumblr media
bang chan  Chan has big wholesome boyfriend vibes but he is also the type to make a dirty joke out of everything. That’s the true milestone in your relationship. He goes from pure-bred gentleman to the goof that waggles his eyebrows whenever you eat even mildly suggestive-looking food. Half his jokes aren’t even that good, just shit like “your jeans would look even better on my floor”. You then have to remind him, “babe, it’s our floor” like he doesn’t know you’re dating. 
lee minho  Minho’s favourite boyfriend privilege is (surprise surprise) that he can embarrass you in public without mercy 24/7. If you’re out together and meet people he knows, he introduces you as either his cat-sitter, stalker or personal scribe. He’ll call out to you in public and call you “my caramel waffle” or “lobster thermidor”. Around either of your friends he’ll stick to the classics like “my beloved” or “tight buns”. Only in private will he lovingly whisper “panini head” and kiss you goodnight. 
seo changbin  Hold your breath (really). Changbin is a gross gross man and a yucky boyfriend. When he’s walking around he very deliberately waits until he’s passing right in front of you to fart and he doesn’t bother airing out the bathroom after he’s spent thirty minutes in there on burrito night. He wakes you up by cutely nuzzling your cheek, and then traps you under the blankets in a classic dutch oven. A true romantic. 
hwang hyunjin  Hyunjin is a thief. He steals all your shit. You have to start buying twice as much shampoo and body wash once you’ve been together for a while because suddenly everything he used to use is trash compared to whatever you smell like. And yeah, I bet he steals your clothes too. If you have oversized sweaters he’ll wear them, and even if your clothes don’t fit he’ll still put on that hot crop top and make you waffles. 
han jisung  Absolutely gropes you out of nowhere. Jisung is the sweetest, clingiest, most touch-starved boyfriend ever. If you stand up from the couch he’ll feel up your thighs and beg you not to go. Trying to get out of bed before him? Your boyfriend is now an octopus and you practically fall out onto the floor because he’s literally twirled himself around you. He’s worse in public, and literally sticks his hands up your shirt under the guise of “needing to warm his hands up”. 
lee felix  Food is a love language and Felix invented it. He already loves baking, and tries to bake something he knows you like at least once a week. What’s new is that he starts branching out more and tries to get better at cooking so that between your busy schedules you aren’t surviving off leftovers and take-out. He gets in the habit of waking up before you to pack you a lunch box before work/classes. And he always leaves a little note with a doodle inside. 
kim seungmin  Seungmin has no sense of personal space, and it’s the most obvious in the bathroom. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and he needs to pee, he’ll leave the door open and just continue, no problem. If you’re in the bath after a long day he’ll come in with his dinner and just sit on the edge with his feet in the water. He definitely just barges in and pulls open the shower curtain to ask you which paprika you usually put in the curry, ignoring your scream and the fact that your soul just vacated your body via your asshole. 
yang jeongin  Jeongin is the king of ootd’s, so get ready to be included. He loves buying you things, and he gets everything in a pair to match. If you’ve planned out your outfit he’ll check what it is before deciding what to wear so that you can look as good as humanly possible next to each other. Before you meet up for an outing he sends you a full body pic so that you can coordinate—and if you saw it and didn’t wear the pair of matching shoes he got you then he’ll sulk for like an hour. 
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