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#lee minho x reader
seungisms · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, fingering, dumbification, soft-dom!skz
note: a ‘pillow princess’ is someone that prefers to receive sexual stimulation rather than give it - basically reader not having to lift a finger and the boys doing everything for her <3 @honeydh this one is for you *mwah* maknae line is longer than the rest cause i’m feral for them okay gn
Tumblr media
Chan buried his head deeper between your thighs, mouth softly working away at your dripping heat as his fingers intertwined with your own, loving the small squeezes you inflicted onto them each time his tongue fucked into your tight cunt. This man is absolutely in love with the sight of your angelic form relaxing into the plush pillows, submitting you body completely to him and allowing him to gently coax you closer towards orgasm, taking care of you in every sense. Since he’s a natural giver Chan will thrive knowing you love to receive; spends hours edging and overstimulating your overly sensitive pussy with the sole purpose of watching you become a drooling, needy mess beneath him. You arched further into his touch once he nipped teasingly at your bud, the soft whines tumbling from your kiss-bruised lips doing nothing but encourgaing him to prod deeper into you, unhinging his jaw slightly to devour your cunt whole. Each small tremble and twitch was met with a low hum, the sensation against your aching slit causing you to buck your hips further towards his face - begging for more and he was happy to give and give until you break.
“Just sit there and look pretty, angel. Let me take care of you.”
Gentle circles were traced along the outside of your sheer panties, soaked with arousal, legs spread wide open for the boy that was currently teasing your clit between them. Minho savoured the sight of you in his favourite state; fucked out and hungry for his cock. He thumbed the flimsy fabric of your underwear aside, chuckling lowly at the small whimper that fell from your pretty lips once the tips of his digits grazed against your folds. He loves taking the lead in everything he does and that’s no exception when it comes to getting you off - down on his knees and ready to please you as soon as you so much as throw a needy pout his way. Extremely willing and giving, demonstrated by the way his tongue was currently sucking on your drooling cunt, bringing you closer and closer to the edge with every flat swipe of his tongue against your clit. He’ll edge you until you’re reduced to nothing but a shaking, sobbing slut beneath him and he won’t stop until you’re completely incoherent and sensitive to his every touch.
“You like this sweetheart? You like being taken care of?”
Changbin is proudly and wholly whipped for his sweet pillow princess and gives into your every demand without a second thought. He’ll happily spend hours teasing your dripping pussy, thick fingers pinching and rubbing at your nub before fucking them into your tightness, spreading your hot liquids around and onto your folds - not once ceasing his pleasurable torment, loving how wound up and desperate you become for his cock. Although he absolutely adores the sight of you coming undone beneath him with the slightest graze of his touch, he quickly becomes bored of the one-sided fulfilment; opting for a position that’ll satisfy you both without you having to life a finger. Removes his digits from your core before shoving them between your lips to quieten your whines from the sudden emptiness, letting you taste yourself before slipping his cock into your heat, plush walls clenching snugly around him. His hips brushed slowly against your own, resisting the urge to coat your walls with his hot cum, waiting for you to find your own release first.
“Let me make you feel good honey.”
As much as he loves to deny it, Hyunjin is wrapped around your pretty little finger and will give you everything you want and more until you’re completely fucked dumb and on the verge of passing out - although he does like seeing you throw a little fit before giving in. Purposely prolongs your pleasure just to see you become the brat you truly are, rolling your eyes and huffing loudly as he continues to tease you; but once his fingers start to inch towards your core and you realise he’s finally giving you what you want you completely melt under his touch. His mouth practically waters once he finally exposes your glistening pussy, any previous thoughts of teasing you suddenly forgotten as he buried his head between your plush thighs, wrapping his plump lips around your core and pinning your wriggling hips to the bed, eating up every small gasp and mewl that you hiccuped out. His nose nudged against your nub, sucking your folds into his mouth and hungrily cleaning up the wetness that seeped past your tight hole - eating you out until you were pleased, throbbing and raw.
“Look at my princess, so pretty and needy.”
Despite being a pretty big pillow princess himself Jisung is always eager and ready to please you. He loves giving into your needs just as much as you do so expect to be constantly doted on and smothered in love. Incredibly generous while eating you out, places open-mouthed kisses against your core and devours your pussy whole, pulling away only to giggle softly at the sweet sounds of your sobs filling his senses, each drop of your wetness on his taste buds causing him to buck down against the bed, cock hardening as you wither and whine for his touch. His fingers swiftly fucked into your tight hole as he continued to lap up your juices, tongue tracing your velvety slit with a desperation that could only be satisfied by finally sinking deep into your heat - the throbbing of his thick length becoming too much for him to handle. Covers up the fact that he’s just as hungry to fill you up by tutting mockingly at your flushed cheeks and soft panting, hips fucking into your own at a painfully slow pace to watch you claw at the sheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as your pussy wrapped snugly around his cock.
“Look at you, so eager and happy to be used by me. You’re such a cutie.”
No matter how needy or bratty you’re being this man will drop everything to please you. Felix will adore you from head to toe, leaving light kisses over the soft skin of your stomach before pausing at your core, loving the slight gasp that slipped past your lips once his warm breath fanned over your aching cunt. His tongue softly prodded against your slit, teeth grazing your folds before suddenly sucking them between his lips, loving the incoherent mewls and cries you sounded out against him. He’ll eat you out unhinged desperation, huffing and groaning lowly against your cunt as his long fingers spread you apart to mouth further at your pussy, lapping up your sweet juices. Especially likes how fucked out and dreamy you become as he relentlessly overstimulates your spent self, clit puffy and raw yet he won’t stop until you’re unable to think straight; following his every order like a mindless whore, practically drooling at the thought of finally having him fuck you. Muttered praises will be sloppily uttered into your core, loving how well behaved you are for him, pressing your trembling hips into the mattress while messily nudging his nose against your nub, tongue pressing hard down on your pussy and dark eyes taking in every twitch and scrunch of your cute features - glassy, mascara stained eyes and glossy lips only making him want to give in and wreck you sooner.
“You’re so good for me angel.”
Taking care of you is practically hardwired into Seungmin at this point so he’ll spoil you until you’re shaking and begging him to stop, albeit while being a tad mean about it. Loves how receptive you are to his touch, gasping cutely when he so much as teasingly brushes past your core and pouting once he deliberately ignores your pitiful begs, your fussing cut short as he suddenly cups your heat - the sweet smile on his face doing nothing to ease you as he presses down hard on your desperate cunt, clenching around nothing at the slight pressure. He’ll slip his fingers past your folds just slightly, prodding into your dripping heat before withdrawing completely, teetering you on the edge of orgasm; your frustrated cries and glassy eyes only egging him on further. Eventually, he’ll give into your whines, pressing his lips to yours in an open-mouthed kiss before sinking into your heat, thrusting deep and filling you to the brim. He indulges you completely, manhandling and overstimulating you until you’re nothing but a whiny, sobbing, drooling mess trembling beneath him, happy to be used as his personal cum slut. He loves the dumb look that takes over you pretty features as he fucks into you, letting you feel every curve and twitch of his cock.
“Isn’t this what you wanted sweetheart?”
Jeongin admired your pretty form cushioned against the soft pillows, doe eyes staring up at him and hair framing around you like the angel you are; features contorted in pure pleasure as he fucked his fingers into your cunt, the wetness of your core coating his digits with every deep thrust. Being so used to having his hyungs dote and gush over his every move means he absolutely loves taking care of you, bringing you to the edge over and over again all the while ignoring the painful straining of his cock against his thigh, focusing solely on the soft begs that your fucked out form emitted. He also gets off on the sense of control he has over you, watching you mewl and twitch beneath him while unconsciously bucking your hips towards his fingers once he decides to tease you, gasping into his shoulder when he curled his digits deep inside your pussy, brushing softly against the edge of your womb. Super soft with you, nothing but love shining in his eyes and praises tumbling from his lips as he works your cunt, always happy to put your pleasure before his own.
“You’re so pretty.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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corruption-skz · a month ago
PLAYDATE || Lee Minho smut
Warnings:Dry humping,dom!Minho,virgin female sub!reader, corruption kink,humping naked on eachother?(please let me know if there's a name for this), kinda vaginal penetration(it's just the tip LOL), creampie, choking, praise kink,daddy kink
Tumblr media
You were hanging out with your boyfriend in his house when he suddenly had an idea "Hmm why don't we play a game?" Minho suggests
"What kind of game?"
He carefully lays you back on the bed getting on top of you getting an instant reaction from you "WHA-MINHO WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU" he just chuckles seeing your red cheeks "relax baby girl I'm pretty sure you'll like it" he starts stroking your sides "if you want to stop anytime you tell me okay?" You simply nod, curiosity getting over you to see where this is going.
He carefully spreads your legs seeing your panties under your skirt noticing there's already a wet patch on them but doesn't say anything yet.He starts undoing his belt before unzipping his pants lowering them on his knees.He gets closer to you,his hands grabbing your hips covering the gap between your bodies your covered entrance nearly touching his also covered dick making you breathe heavily.When he looked at you he swore he orgasmed right away,laid back wearing your t-shirt and your skirt your legs fully spread for him looking up at him so clueless,you were about to do something so filthy and you had the most adorable confused face,he fucking loved it.
"Okay here's how the game goes", he grinds himself against your folds earning a small whimper from you
"We will keep doing this", another grind and another whimper from you
"and whoever lets go first loses,okay angel?" You simply nodded as he kept grinding against you and instinctively you started grinding back at him making him let a low moan right next to your ear giving you chills.
You kept grinding on eachother ,you were feeling the tip of his head rubbing your sensitive clit making you lose yourself underneath him.He was feeling your wetness covering the base of his penis even through the clothes.
"Kitten why were you wet before we start?" He asked as he wrapped his hand around your neck.You blushed hiding yourself in the pillow beside you making him tighten his grip on your neck "don't be a brat now baby answer to daddy when he's talking to you"
"I-it happens sometimes when I'm with you"
God. He loved it.He loved the fact that he had this impact on your body and you didn't even know.He lowered his boxers revealing his boner and placing the head of his dick on your clothed entrance grinding inside you from over your panties making you widen your eyes and grab his shoulders
"you're being so good for me angel"
He pulled your panties aside rubbing his base between your entrance and his tip working magic on your clit.You just threw your head back nearly screaming trying to comprehend all these new feelings.The only thing on his mind was,if you are reacting like that from this,how will you react to the actual thing?He would love to find out,but not yet,he wanted to take his time with you.
Your body started shaking underneath him and he knew exactly what was about to happen.He started stroking your hair "Let go kitten",you desperately tried to keep it inside you,you didn't want to lose this game after all."Baby it's okay let go" and that was enough for you,you just couldn't hold back anymore letting go all over him.
A few moments later as he felt he was close he moved the tip on your entrance entering you slightly feeling you getting stretched even by his tip you winced
"Shhh,shhh just the tip kitten" he groaned before cumming, spilling his seed inside your tight virgin body.
He pulled his tip out, dressing himself and grabbing a warm towel and a new pair of panties for you, cleaning you up and the mess both of you made
"Thank you so much daddy that was amazing" he smiled feeling so proud knowing he was the only one to ever see you like that
"Your princess parts may feel a bit sore,but I want you to talk to daddy if you need anything" he said cleaning you between your legs with the towel before dressing you with your clean panties and coming beside you for cuddles.You couldn't speak,already exhausted all he earned from you was a loud yawn.
He chuckled watching your eyes half closed,already drifting to sleep
"I say we play again tomorrow and who knows? Maybe you'll win that one"
You nodded excitedly wrapping yourself around him falling asleep.
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hyuneluvbot · 27 days ago
how skz cuddle
pairing- stray kids x reader 
genre- fluff 
warnings- not rly a warning but none of the gifs used are mine, so all credits go to the original owners. i don’t claim these gifs. if the original owner wants me to tag them, or take the gif down please don’t hesitate to tell me about it! have fun reading :D
-also all of this is just how i view the members and what i feel like their habits are! if you don’t like what’s written pls scroll away <3
word count- 1.8 k
author’s note- i added too many personal feelings in this, cried twice while writing it, love that. i hope u enjoy <3
Tumblr media
-i mean we’ve all seen how he gives the best hugs, so it’s safe to say chan’s cuddles>>>>>>>>>>
-he’s a busy boy, so you don’t get to spend too much together during the day, but the moment he comes back home he wants to have you as close to him as possible :((
-sometimes feels very sorry for not being able to spend alot of time with you because of his schedule and that results in even more cuddles AAAA
-will nEVER go to sleep until he’s inquired you about how you spent your day to his satisfaction. 
-looks at you with ,,,,that’’’’ look oh you know what i’m talking about
-loves back rubs so so so much, i mean i don’t blame him, carrying the entire industry on his back must hurt 
-he’s usually the big spoon but sometimes he’s very tired and wants to be taken care of, which results in him being the small spoon *sobs*
-you hug his waist and put your leg over his and rest your head on his (very broad) back, he loves to be held onto, it makes him feel very loved and cherished :((((
-he’s usually a very mature and sought out person, but sometimes when things just get out of control, he rants about it as you hug him.
-when he’s with you he doesn’t feel the need to be this perfect, tough, ‘i have my shit together’ guy, he allows himself to let go of all the burden and find comfort in your presence and your touch. 
-you once got him a plushie and sprayed your perfume on it to hug if he missed you and you aren’t around, so sometimes when he’s tired in his studio he takes a nap while hugging it D:
-if you ever randomly just cuddle upto him, mans becomes a giggle machine with red ears and a racing heart ahhadhjasgdjs he’s so precious 
-i’m not crying you are 
Tumblr media
-2 kewl 4 cuddles :D
-“accidentally” hugs you sometimes, claims he has no control over his body, so you often find yourself just squished between his two arms, unable to move until he lets go. 
-neck kisses, lots and lots of neck kisses.
-likes to stare at you until you get the message he wants to cuddle. 
-when you’re already asleep, he gently scoots towards you and puts your head on his chest, wrapping his arms around you.
-only does it when you’re asleep because he’s shy :((
-also talks to you about how amazing you are when you’re sleeping
-“i don’t tell you this when you’re awake because, i get a little nervous ahahhahha”
-sometimes if you turn away from him in your sleep, he gets all whiney about it
-“noooo don’t let go of my hand, you’re so mean, i just want to hold you,”
-he pretends to still be asleep in the morning when you wake him up if it means he gets to hug you a little longer, loves it when you play with his hair :(((((
-when you have even the slightest trace of a frown on your face though, he seats you on his lap and feeds you your favourite food, then rubs your back until you fall asleep.
-“don’t get used to this, i hate cuddles,” *hugs you tighter and snuggles into your neck*
Tumblr media
-lives off of cuddling you and is not shy to hide it.
-“y/n y/n y/n, guess what time is it? binnie wants to snuggle o’clock,”
-makes that :] face and oh god how could someone ever refuse him 
-likes to cling to you throughout the day, even when he’s working and you happen to visit, his arms are around you some way or the other, and he guides you through his working process.
-so he’s like there just talking to you about how he writes lyrics or puts together all these different beats and his arm is around you and you’re leaning back against his chest and you’re, just, completely falling in love with him all over again? even if you don’t get what he’s saying, too many technical terms, you won’t ever dare interrupt, seeing the way he’s so happy talking about what he loves :(
-he’s just so talented and hardworking and you’re so proud of him, as you should be. 
-alternates between big spoon and small spoon.
-traps you between his (huge) arms and snuggles into your neck when he’s the big spoon but loves having you hug his waist when he’s the small spoon 
-i’ve never wanted to hug someone more than i wanna hug him i will cry
Tumblr media
-80% legs and uses it to his advantage when you’re cuddling, wraps all of his limbs around you and lays your head on his chest.
-sometimes lays on top of you completely and traps you under him.
-“hyunjin you’re heavy get off,” “shhh you talk too much,”
-very dramatic if you refuse to cuddle.
-“hyun i have to complete this assignment tonigh-” “you know what you might as well just date that assignment if you love it so much” huffs and walks away.
-“i’m done with it, we can cuddle now,” “i don’t cuddle cheaters,”
-such a drama queen we love to see it 
-when you visit him at practice he lays on your chest and takes a nap during breaks, doesn’t care if he’s all sweaty, says you signed up for this when you agreed to go out with him. 
-sometimes you’re both just lying together on the floor of the practice room, staring up at the ceiling and your legs are tangled together or one of yours head is on the other’s chest, and you just talk about anything that comes to mind, it’s moments like those in which you truly just appreciate the other’s presence. 
-he considers himself very lucky to have someone like you to talk to, someone who never judges him and accepts his flaws and mistakes as they are :(((
-i put in too many personal feelings here *chokes on sobs*
Tumblr media
-cannot stay still for the life of him
-so you have to be the one who wraps yourself around him to hold him in place
-talks to you every night with his head on your chest, plays with your fingers as he does so.
-loves it so much when you kiss the top of his head.
-is literal putty in your hands if you play with his hair :(
-when he’s had a bad day, he asks you to softly scratch his back, and ofc you can’t say no, how could you ever?
-he once got you both this giant hoodie so that the both of you could fit into it together, thinks it was so cute, you’d be so close to him all the time now :(
-kisses your collarbones when his head’s on your chest, also loves to fall asleep like that, so you just often end up falling asleep on the couch, but it’s comfortable so it’s okay 
-often tells you he sleeps the best when you’re close and hugging him
-“i like sleeping when you’re around, makes me feel warm and safe,”
-even if he isn’t hugging you, he likes to have his hands on you one way or the other, sometimes holds your hand as you’re sleeping.
-please let me smother him in kisses
Tumblr media
-loves hugging your waist from behind, so when you’re working, he makes you sit on his lap and rests his head on your shoulder, talking to you throughout the process of you working.
-sometimes even falls asleep like that, head on your shoulder; it’s not the most comfy but if it means he gets to have you that close to him he’s okay with it
-loves to rest his head in your lap because then he can keep looking at you and telling you just how beautiful you are to him :((
-tells you about his day as he lays on your lap; every single little detail from what he ate, to what he worked on today, what step in a choreo was giving him a hard time, and then proceeds to ask you about your day in a similar manner.
-he loves tummy rubs, gently places your hands on his tummy and when you understand what he means you move your hand in slow circles and he literally purrs, he finds it such a relaxing and comforting feeling :((((((((((((((( lix cat agenda 
-makes you sit on his lap and dry his hair, loves the feeling of soft scratches against his scalp after a hard day at work
-hugs your pillow to sleep if you can’t go to sleep with him :( what a cutie
-he’s such a fluffy little ball of sunshine and happiness i love him so much
Tumblr media
-“i will not cuddle you,” but is only refusing because he’s so nervous he feels like a middle schooler about to confess to their crush.
-surprisingly it’s pretty easy to convince him; if wrapping yourself around him and clinging to his side counts as convincing. 
-lets you use his arm as a pillow and wraps the other around around your torso. 
-sings you to sleep,, ahahahah y’all were waiting for this one
-as much as you like to hear his voice, he loves to hear yours too, so he lets you lay on him and rest your back against his chest, and you read a book to him.
-he was so shy and jittery to ask you for this at first, but ever since then, it’s a weekly activity.
-reading is something you both have always bonded over, this just makes it ten times better.
-sometimes runs his fingers through your hair, which you enjoy so much you sometimes fall asleep like that.
-“silly y/n, we were almost through with the mystery,” but nonetheless, puts the book away slowly and then just, fully wraps his arms around you and gives you a huge hug.
-“i’ll hug you like this when you’re awake too, soon, but i’m shy” mumbles into your hair
-just stares at you as you sleep, then takes you to bed.
-soft hours: open :D
Tumblr media
-he’s grown up on the receiving end of skinship, so he’s not very used to doing it on his own, it intimidates him. 
-it’s only because he’s very nervous and doesn’t want to do something that might push you away or make you uncomfortable, so he’s hesitant in his actions, but when he’s sure you’re okay he eases into it. 
-usually gives small hugs, and gets shy if you refuse to let him go, stands there shyly giggling with red cheeks and ears.
-also sings you to sleep because hello? his :( voice :( is :( so :( beautiful :(
-loves to lay his head on your stomach and have you play with his hair, talks to you about his day as you do. 
-it’s something he’s grown fond of doing over time, it’s just the right amount of skinship without overbearing either of you, and though he may not admit it, it’s his favourite part of his day, just being with you and feeling your soothing touch i’m devastated :(((
-if you break away from his embrace in the middle of the night, he unconsciously searches for you in his sleep.
-even if you just go to the washroom or go to drink water, you come back to find him trying to find you in his sleep, eyebrows creased, hand roaming around on your side of the bed.
-when you finally lay beside him again and his hand meets your body, he’s quick to pull you to his side again, hugs you a little tighter this time around.
-he just wants you close to him but is shy :(((
-i want to kiss his cheeks
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skzkkun · a month ago
on the tenth floor
Tumblr media
pairing: lee know x reader
warnings: smut, sub! (afab) reader, hard dom! lee know, light degradation (use of the petname 'slut'), spanking, nipple play, oral (m receiving), fingering, light slapping & choking, unprotected sex. as per usual, i didn't proof-read this (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )b
synopsis: After moving into her dream apartment, y/n is surprised to find her attractive neighbour knocking on her door asking to help her move in... (2.7k)
Tumblr media
You crashed onto your freshly made bed, way too exhausted to move after you had spent the entire day moving into your brand new apartment. Boxes and bags of both valuable and forgotten stuff littered the place, still packed up. It had taken you a couple of hours to drive up to the city, then an ungodly amount of time for the moving van to arrive with your belongings as you toured the city in the meantime. When you were reunited with your luggage, it took an embarrassing amount of time to carry it all up to your new apartment - you then realised that moving onto the tenth floor was a better idea in theory.
Turning your attention from your bedroom ceiling to the large window next to you, it was hard not to gasp at the skyline view of Seoul. I mean, hell that was the entire reason you wanted to move into this building. You saw the flickering lights of streetlights and the hundreds of rushing city-goers that the lights illuminated; you adored how you could see the city park from your room, it looked gorgeous in the sunset. Suddenly everything clicked in your brain: you were home. Granted you still needed to unpack, and call someone to fix your busted kitchen sink but… you could get used to feeling this comfortable for once.
With this calming atmosphere, you could have very easily succumbed to your fatigue while admiring the view. That was until a knock on the door boomed through the apartment, shocking you back onto your feet. You quickly moved from your bedroom, and down the corridor, to your front door - since you had moved in a few hours ago, the last thing you were expecting was a visitor.
You swung the door open to reveal an aloof looking stranger, “Oh hey,” he flashed you a smile. “I’m, uh Minho- I live next door.” You briefly glanced to where he pointed, to the apartment to the right of yours. Looking back to your neighbour, you realised that there was something instantly captivating about Minho. His brunette hair looked freshly tousled; his deep brown eyes were focused, almost intimidatingly so. “My roommate asked me to come over to check if you needed any help with moving in?”
Your cheeks flushed at the kind gesture, as a warm smile washed over your face. “Well, nice to meet you Minho! I’m Y/n,” You leaned against, the doorway, still looking up at the handsome stranger who lives next door. “And I appreciate that, but I finished bringing up all my stuff a while ago…” Your eyes widened, “I wasn’t a disruption was I? I’m sorry if I was making too much noise carrying my suitcases up all the stairs but-”
He cut you off with a laugh, causing your face to redden further, “No, no, it wasn’t a disruption at all but,” He wheezed, “but did you actually take the stairs? I didn’t think Chan was serious... Y/n we’re on the tenth floor and- You know there’s an elevator?”. If you weren’t so enamoured with his genuine laughter, maybe you would have been more embarrassed.
“You’re kidding... and you didn’t come to tell me that a couple hours ago? You’re mean.” You whined, covering your face with your hands as to hide your flushed complexion.
The laughter eventually died down as Minho spoke up again, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m very impressed that you hauled everything up the stairs by yourself- I’m not sure I could do it.” You failed to notice the slight blush on his cheeks as he looked away. “But if you don’t need my help, I should probably get going.”
Your facial features twisted into disappointment, sad to see the stranger leave so soon. “Oh, well-,” You racked your mind for an excuse to invite him in, “You don’t happen to be any good at fixing things, do you? My uh, my sink is completely broke and our landlord won’t do anything about it.” Your eyes were fixed on the floor, hoping that your excuse to keep his company wasn’t so transparent.
Minho was taken aback, secretly grateful that he could spend more time with you. He laughed softly, “I’m not exactly a plumber, but I think I know what the problem is- we had a similar issue with our sink when we moved in.” Your eyes locked with his as you smiled, thankful that your neighbour was so incredible “Lead the way, lovely.”
You opened the door wider, stepping aside to welcome him into your bare apartment. “Um, sorry about the lack of furniture and decor and... everything-” You shyly chuckled as you closed the door behind him.
“Oh yeah, I’m totally judging you right now.” Minho jokingly rolled his eyes, “Nah, It took me weeks to unpack. And another couple of months to decorate. Well, my roommate did the majority of the decorating - he just put up our curtain this afternoon, actually.”
You both walked to the kitchen, no need for directions as your studio apartment was arranged identically to your neighbours. Once reaching the kitchen, he got to work checking out the damage. He turned the facet; causing a spray of water to attack you both. Minho quickly turned around to apologise as you laughed brightly, for what felt like the hundredth time since you had met the man. He stilled, admiring your genuine joy as you looked back to him.
“Yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing…” Minho smiled shyly, taking a step back to ensure he wouldn’t cause any more damage “I, uh- I don’t know if can fix this, I’m not handy at all...” He glanced down, only now realising how soaked your t-shirt was. He coughed, wide eyes searching for anything else to focus on, “Oh fuck, uh... why don’t I leave?” The awkward tone in Minho’s voice was not lost on you, nor was the tightness in his denim jeans.
He took a few nervous steps away before you chimed in, eager to calm the thick tension. “Minho, it’s okay! Um, you got wet as well so, I could dry your shirt while you’re here…” You flushed, intensely aware of how exposed your chest was under the thin - now transparent - material. Your panties soon matched the wetness of your top as his eyes shamelessly checked you out, not that you were complaining.
“Well I can’t say no to that, I guess,” Minho smirked, as he slowly stripped off the wet button-up. It was impossible to look away from his body as he removed his clothes, the glint in his eyes proving that his teasing was intentional as your eyes scanned down his lean frame. “So, did you want me to keep pretending to know how to fix your sink?”
You smiled, taking his shirt from him as you looked away. He chuckled, “What? Now you’re shy?” Minho brought his hand up to your cheek, wiping a drop of water off your face. You pulled his hand off your cheek, moving his fingers to caress your lips as you took two fingers into your mouth. You sucked slowly, not once breaking eye contact with Minho as his arrogant smile faltered. “Oh, fuck…” He moaned lowly, eyes darkening as he looked at you in awe, “...your slutty mouth sucking on my fingers.”
You removed his fingers from your mouth, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not shy just...” You smiled, taking a slow step away from him, “Just thought you wouldn’t want to be the only shirtless one here,”. You tensed as you pulled the wet top over your head, hissing slightly at the cool air against your hard nipples.
Minho released a shaky breath as you carelessly threw your shirt behind you “So, is this something you do often?” He looked down at you as he closed the distance between you both, cornering you against the kitchen counter, “act like a fucking whore to get what you want?” His voice was noticeably deeper, matching the darkness in his eyes.
“Maybe it is,” You innocently giggled, not yet cowering to his dominance - despite how desperately you wanted to, “That’s not an issue- is it, Minho?”
“Well, I guess it’s just my lucky day that I’m what you want.” His eyes were cast down as his hand quickly moved up to your body, trailing up your sides. You flinched suddenly at the coolness of his fingers and he smirked, amused by your sensitivity. “God, you look fucking perfect.”
His hands caressed the sides of your tits as you whined, looking up at him. “Minho…” You gasped, “Please, just-”
He scoffed “Nope, you can’t start begging now - you started this, slut” His hand moved swiftly to grope your chest, fingers roughly pinching your nipples as you moaned. You would have been shy about how needy you sounded if your mind wasn’t clouded with desperation.
“Am I making your pussy wet already?” You nodded, biting your lip as you brought your own hand down to rub against his covered bulge. “Oh fuck” He moaned, “You really are slut aren’t you? I bet you’re desperate for my dick in your mouth, aren’t you kitten?”
You nodded, moaning as his fingers continued their assault on your breasts. “Well then, my pretty little slut,” his hands moved of your chest, bringing up to carefully pull on the roots of your hair, “get on your knees and suck my fucking cock.”
Kneeling on the cool tile of your kitchen, you looked up to Minho as he unzipped his pants just enough to free his impossibly hard cock. He brought his hand up to your head as he stroked your hair lovingly, smiling as his other hand came down to your cheek. His smile dropped as he slapped your cheek - not enough to hurt, but the shock was plenty to soak your panties further.
He chuckled darkly as the hand on your head forced your head towards his cock, “That’s it slut, take my cock.” He wiped his precum across your lips as you took his cock in your mouth. “Oh f- fuck, you fucking- you fucking slut. That’s so good.” Minho moaned out, as he quickly began bucking his hips, ruthlessly forcing his cock further down your throat. Your spit coated his shaft, flowing down your chin as you continued to look up, determined to not break eye contact while he fucked your throat.
Minho choaked out a moan, “Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so fucking warm - keep sucking my cock,” His eyes closed tightly as he began to whine, “Oh, you’re so good for me” You continued to suck his cock, hollowing out your cheeks to suck harder. “Shit, I walked in this place ten minutes ago and I’m now about to bend you over the counter and fuck your pussy.” You moaned around his cock as he continued to thrust into you; the wetness in your panties became unbearable.
With one last moan from him, Minho pulled you off his dick, “Ok- ok, fuck,” He gasped, desperate to catch his breath, “You almost made me cum, fuck I- I need to fuck you.” He took a shaky step back, bringing a hand down to help you stand, “Please, can I fuck you.”
Standing up from your knees, you only responded with a deep kiss. You wrapped your fingers in his hair, tangling your fingers in his locks as you pushed your body against his. He quickly regained his energy, pushing against you with equal intensity. While you were focused on his lips Minho worked to pull down your sweatpants; you step out of them as they fall to the floor. He quickly moves his hands into your wet panties “Fuck, your panties are drenched” He chuckled, feeling you moan against his neck, “You really are a fucking slut.”
Your hips rut against his hand as he roughly circled your clit. “Oh fuck, fuck- Minho please-” You begged, grinding your hips in a meek attempt to feel more of him. He brought his free hand back up to your cheek, giving you another light slap as you whimper.
“You’re such a desperate whore for me, baby.” He taunts, amused by how you’re panting already: unashamedly needy for him, “Ok, turn around and bend the fuck over.” He pulls his hand out of your panties and grabs your hips to turn you around, forcing you to bend over the kitchen counter. “Baby, your ass is amazing,” Minho growled, spanking the swell of your ass suddenly, “Do you like having your ass smacked like that?” You whimpered, nodding your head as you arched your back. “Yeah, sluts like you usually do.” He slaps your ass again, immediately starting to rub where it began to sting.
“Come on, get your leg up on the counter now,” He demanded, “I need to fuck you.” He brought one hand up to your throat, squeezing your neck from behind as he used his free hand to guide his cock into your heat, teasingly sliding his tip up and down your cunt before slowly pushing inside of you. Your unrestricted moans were loud enough to echo throughout your small kitchen - hell, Minho’s roommate could probably hear you from next door.
“Fuck,” Minho moaned, tightening his grip on your neck slightly, “your tight pussy is so fucking good, you’re so wet for my cock - such a good... f- fuck, such a good fucking slut.” He bent over, thrusting into you from a new angle, as he kissed behind your ear and down your neck to your shoulders.
“Fuck...holy shit..fuck...that’s it, kitten” He moaned lowly in your ear. You whined in response, desperately chasing your release as he continued to thrust into you roughly. “Do you want to cum already, kitten? Does my slut want to fucking cum on my cock?”
You could only whine in response, already fucked out from Minho’s unrelenting thrusts into your core. He laughs, “Aww, is my little slut fucked wanna cum so bad don’t you?” Minho only speeds up, fucking you harder onto the kitchen counter as your legs began to shake.
“Oh, s- s- shit, right there- Please, fuck that feels so good, sir,”. You felt your high crash over you as you came, feeling the wetness pool onto the counter below.
“Fucking tell me how hard you like it, slut” Minho begins to lose his rhythm, as he pulls his hand away from your neck, “Your pussy is clenching my dick so tight- Fuck, I can feel you cumming, baby” He moans out, “Oh fuck, s- such a good slut. Oh fuck...I’m going to cum, Y/n.” Minho growled, bucking wilding into you, “Do you want me to pull out and cover your ass in-”.
You practically screamed, as your entire body quaked from overstimulation “No, no p- please - cum in me please, oh f- fuck... please cum in me, sir.”
“Do you want me to cum in your pussy? Yeah? want me to breed you…” He started moaning louder, hurriedly chasing his own release “F- fuck, let everyone in this fucking building hear how much of a slut their new neighbour is.” Minho fucks his cum into you, his body shaking slightly from the intensity of his high.
After a few minutes of silence, he pulls out of you and quickly helps you off the counter. “Fuck, that was amazing.” He laughs, clearly still in a post-nut haze. “Let me... grab a towel” As Minho runs off, you finally come down from your post-orgasm high, suddenly hyper-aware of your nudity.
He returns a few moments later, clean towel in hand. “Here, let’s get you cleaned up- Oh, uh… sorry for tainting your kitchen by the way.”
You laugh, taking the towel off him to wipe yourself clean, “Oh, it’s ok- maybe next time we can find somewhere more appropriate.” Stunned by your blunt reply, he chuckles.
“Well, you know where to find me if you need anything else around your apartment fixed.”
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jade-ie-28 · 3 months ago
•you stop holding their
Hand w skz•
Genre~good ol’ fluff
Warnings~ teasing but that’s it
Tumblr media
♞ Bangchan ♞
Tumblr media
You and your loving boyfriend had decided to take a nice walk through the city, just spending some well deserved quality time together.
Walking at a comfortable pace, your hands tightly intertwined as Chan walked beside you.
You suddenly recalled a prank you’ve been wanting to try and quickly while he was looking else where slipped your hands away.
He immediately stopped and looked down noticing a very key part missing from his grasp, your hand.
“What is it my love? You need to rest?” Chan asked softly walking to you and cupping your face as you burst into gentle laughter.
“No just wanted to see something let’s continue love” you laces your fingers again this time all giddy as you two continued.
♘ Lee know ♘
Tumblr media
You and Minho had a very calm relationship both of you not big on public skinship, that being said Minho would never say no to holding your hand.
Minho would never tell you this but it was his favorite thing to hold your hand, only telling you ‘I hold your hand cause your a dummy and will get lost’.
Wanting to test his theory you stop and let your hand slip as he continued walking a few paces before stopping.
“What’re you doing?” His question leaves you with a smile as he raises his eye brows.
“Come here and hold my hand again” you say as he rolls his eyes “no we have somewhere to be” with that statement he quickly keeps walking.
You look down as you begin to start to catch up before noticing his boots on front of you as he circled back.
“Let’s go brat I don’t want you here by yourself” he mumbles grumpily, you smile as he puts you by his side and held onto your hand tighter.
♞ Changbin ♞
Tumblr media
You sat together in the booth in the bustling restaurant you on the inside and him on the outside.
Changbin was occupied by his phone, casually scrolling as you awaited your order.
His hand still held yours rubbing comforting circles with the pad of his thumb, you sighed and let your hand fall from his grasp.
“Hey baby what happened? You don’t want my hand?” He looked at you with a sad expression as you shake your head.
“No I love holding your hand just got bored is all” your answer made him relax as you put you hand back in place.
Changbin scooted over as he put the phone against the small trey in the middle of the table pushing a video on YouTube.
He gently brought your hand to his lips where he laid a gentle and sweet kiss you smiling in giddiness.
♘ Hyunjin ♘
Tumblr media
Sitting in the white granite tub, your back against Hyunjin’s chest as he took one hand to gently pull through your sopping hair.
The other kept a hold of your palm that rested on your submerged stomach.
You sighed and sat up to grab the conditioner for him to rub into your ends, you didn’t expect to find him pouting as he looked at his empty hand like a lost puppy.
“What’s wrong?” You ask gently he finally looks up “you let go of my hand” you burst into laughter.
“Your upset cause I let go of your hand? I was only getting my conditioner I would’ve been five Seo cars baby”
You put your hand back as he smiled “your so clingy and I love it” your comment made him blush as he cuddled into your chest.
“Time for me to wash your hair my sweet boy”
♞ Han ♞
Tumblr media
You had visited Han at the studio and you rolled an unused chair to his side, his pretty smile shown as you kissed his hand.
Intertwining your fingers he grinned and began to explain his new rap he was tweaking and creating.
With laughs and some help and inputs from you, you yawned and slipped your hand away to rub your eyes Han took to look at you quickly.
Not wanting to seem clingy he awaited your hands arrival into his but to his shock and surprise you never held his hand again.
Instead you leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder, his pout began fading once he looked down at you.
He kisses your head and took your hand in his again quickly kissing it.
“goodnight my sweet angel I love you”
♘ Felix ♘
Tumblr media
Your lovely and sweet boyfriend had planned our a whole week of visiting his family back in Australia once he got his off days.
So here you two were the day after you two landed you crashed at the hotel both exhausted and jet lagged but today would be all about him showing you around.
He quickly and easily drove through the familiar streets on the way to pick up his family for a showing you around get together.
His hand gripping the black leather wheel as his free hand gripped yours on the console you had gotten excited and removed your hand to hold the window.
“Woah! Lix look over there!” You point as he glances over and smiles, you look like a kid in a candy store.
You didn’t give your hand back though which irked him cause you always hold his hand in the car.
Sighing felix reached over and brought your hand to his side holding your hand on the gear stick intertwined.
“Hold my hand baby we always hold hands in the car you know that”
Finally happy as you smiled that pretty smile of yours and pulled into his parents drive way happy with the love of his life.
♞ Seungmin ♞
Tumblr media
An afternoon cuddle session with your boyfriend? Count you in absolutely.
You loved afternoon naps with Seungmin cause that’s when he really let his clingy side out, his body on yours.
You cheek pressed against his temple, your right hand coming up to run your fingers through his soft locks.
Your left hand intertwined with his and you smiled when you slither out of his hands grip only for him to pull your hand back.
“Mmmm baby stop moving your hand” his raspy voice mumbled against your chest as you dodge his hand again amused by his reactions.
Only this time he caught your hand and held it tight, tighter then he has before and pressed a kiss to your collar bone.
“Just let me lay with you and hold your hand cause I don’t get to and I love you and want to hold your hand forever” seungmin rambled randomly.
“Ok ok handsome I’m sorry just amusing is all no more we’ll go to sleep now I love you to”.
♘ Jeongin ♘
Tumblr media
Out in the park with your shy baby of a boyfriend you led him down the sidewalk and towards an old rustic blue bench.
You sat down and he smiled as you pointed out different things and explaining why you found them interesting.
Until an old friend of yours from school walking their dog noticed you an your boyfriend and started a catch up conversation.
Jeongin felt a little jealous I mean this was your guys date and this guy was ruining it, but he hated to seem clingy or desperate.
So jeongin seized your hand In his as you look at him, noticing him looking down and frowning you smiled and turned towards the man.
“Hey I’m im with my boyfriend right now and it’s our date night so maybe we can catch up later?” You ask as he nods and replies with a sure and a nice seeing you.
“You didn’t have to that” jeongin mumbles slipping his fingers away from you as you place a kiss on his cheek.
Re intertwining your hands you smile “of I course I did I’m with my baby right now and he deserves all of my love and attention”
Tumblr media
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hanqu0kka · 18 days ago
Safe Place
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Minho x F!reader
Genre: Fluff, a little bit angst
Summary: You woke up scared after having a nightmare, but Minho always knows what to do to make you feel better.
Warning: some swearing, mention of anxiety
Words: 1.400
Author's Note: Hey, how you guys doing? This is something I wrote in the middle of the night ‘cause I couldn't sleep. I hope you like it! English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any grammar errors. Let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
You woke up scared again. Your heart pounded in your chest, your ragged breath filled the quiet room, echoing creepily in the dark.
Calm down, it was just a dream, you repeated to yourself like a mantra trying your best to regain control of your body. However, as much as you tried to convince your brain that everything was fine, nothing seemed to work.
The choking sensation constricted your throat with invisible hands, making something so natural as breathing becomes the biggest challenge in the world. The air that you managed to get into your lungs made your chest burn. It was as if you were inhaling toxic gas instead of oxygen.
With shaky hands, you wiped the thin sheen of sweat that covered your forehead.
You needed to breathe.
You looked at the balcony in your room, noticing that it was pouring outside. Without thinking, you got out of bed and walked towards the balcony door. Your legs were shaking so badly that it was a miracle you didn't fall face down on the ground.
The rain was freezing, but you couldn't care less about it. The thick drops hit your face giving you a comfortable sensation at that moment. The rain has always had this effect on you. It was like all that water could wash away all your sadness, leaving behind only a pleasant sense of relief.
For the first time in the last few minutes, you finally could breathe.
“What the hell are you doing?”
You were so startled that you almost slipped on the wet floor. Confused, you stare at Minho, who was standing in astonishment at the entrance of the balcony. He was looking at you as if a third eye had magically appeared right in the middle of your forehead.
With all the anxiety caused by the nightmare, you had totally forgotten your boyfriend had decided to spend the night in your apartment because, according to him, "your bed was more comfortable than his". In truth, he just missed you but was too stubborn and shy to admit it.
You weren't sure how long the two of you stood there, staring at each other as if you were in some kind of hypnosis.
If you weren't feeling so cold, you'd probably laugh at how ridiculous that situation was: on one side was Minho, still with a sleepy face, trying to process if what he was seeing was real; on the other, there's you, with your soaked pajamas and wet hair, with dark circles under your eyes earned after sleepless nights.
It was like a scene from a low-budget horror movie where the good guy froze upon meeting the possessed being instead of running for his life.
The cold wind made your body shiver, and that was enough to make Minho break out of that trance and run towards you.
"Are you crazy?" He said seriously, while dragging you into the room.
When the balcony door closed, the heat quickly engulfed your body, making the shivers lessen.
Minho was worried. He opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, like a fish out of water. He was trying to make some sense of what just happened, trying to find the right words to say and not make things worse.
Actually, he was mad. He knew he shouldn't, you probably had your reasons for doing what you did, but the fact that you went out in the rain when it was so fucking cold pissed him off. You could get seriously sick, for God's sake!
Then, afraid to say something that would make him regret it later, he decided to act.
Gently, he led you to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower, helping you out of your wet pajamas. He left a set of warm clothes on the bathroom counter and went to the kitchen. While you were in the shower, Minho prepared a big cup of hot chocolate, one of your favorite drinks.
When you finished drying your hair, you found Minho waiting on the bed with an expression that gave away how distressed he was.
"Here, take this." He said, handing you the cup of hot chocolate. You softly smiled when you smelled the faint scent of cinnamon.
After you finished, Minho placed the mug on the nightstand and pulled you to lie down beside him. Minho's strong arms wrapped firmly around your body as if he was afraid you'd disappear at any moment. You let out a long breath as you felt his fingers trace your waist, drawing random patterns.
"I'm fine." You whispered, breaking the silence that had settled. You felt guilty for worrying him so much.
"No, you're not." He whispered back. "Who in their right mind would go out in the rain at this hour? Do you want to be sick? That's not good for your health!”
"I know. I just needed to breathe.”
Minho sighed deeply, trying his best to stay calm. You could practically see the gears turning in his brain.
"Was it another nightmare?" He finally said. You nodded. "Why didn't you wake me? You know I don't care.”
“I was so startled that I forgot you were even here. I'm sorry."
“You don't need to apologize, silly, you've done nothing wrong. I just… I got so worried.” He whispered the last part, resting his lips on the top of your head.
"I'm so so sorry, Min. I..."
"Stop saying that. I already told you, you have nothing to be sorry for." He said, rolling his eyes. “I told you to dream with me, but you just don't listen. I doubt you'd have any nightmare having my cute little face in your dreams.”
"Oh my God, how can you be so cocky?" You hit his chest, making him laugh.
"What? It's the truth."
"I hate you." You said jokingly.
"I'm glad we're on the same page, honey."
Minho smirked when he saw the annoyance on your face. He suddenly leaned in, pressing his lips on yours in a slow and passionate kiss, saying more than any words could ever say.
"Next time, call me." He said, looking deeply into your eyes. “Even when I can't be here, call me anytime. You're not alone, kitten. I'm here to help you with whatever you need.”
A warm sensation engulfed your body from inside out, making your heart flutter in your chest. This affectionate and protective side of Minho always has this effect on you.
“And no more going out while it's raining, dumbass. If you want to get wet, go take a shower.” He pinched your cheek, trying his best to look angry, but you could clearly see a subtle smile on his lips." If you catch a cold, don't expect me to take care of you."
You gasped dramatically, bringing your hand to your chest.
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Yes, I would."
"You're so cruel."
"Nobody says to you go out in this rain, especially when it's fucking freezing outside." You rolled your eyes. “Come on now, it's time for you to sleep. And there's no point in frowning.”
In a very mature way, you stuck your tongue out at him.
You snuggle in his chest, getting more comfortable. But even feeling extremely tired, you couldn't even for a second close your eyes and relax.
"I don't wanna have another nightmare." You whispered softly. His heart dropped. He wished he could protect you from all the evil in the world.
"You won't. I'm here, you're safe with me." He said gently, lifting your chin. “Listen, I got a plan. I'll find you in your dreams, okay? I'll be there by your side, protecting you from all harm. Nothing will hurt you while I'm around.”
"You promise?"
“I promise with all my heart, kitten. Now go to sleep before the boogie man pulls your foot.”
“I'm not five anymore, Minho.” You laughed out loud.
"Shii, you need to rest." He put his finger over your lips in a sign of silence. "Go, go, close your eyes. We have a date in your dreams, so you better not keep me waiting."
Minho smiled when he saw you close your eyes with an adorable smile on your lips. A few minutes later, your breath got heavier, and he knew you had finally drifted off to sleep. Minho places a soft kiss on your forehead, putting you closer to him.
"I love you." He whispered before falling asleep.
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lvlychns · 2 months ago
Right Here
Pairing: Lee Minho x gn!Reader
Summary: You’ve been having a rough time. Worried, Minho checks on you.
a/n: yes this is bc i’ve had a shit week let’s ignore that
Tumblr media
Tears streak down your face, tracing down the bridge of your nose and dropping into your lap. It was all too much. Just too much.
The sound of your front door unlocking makes you freeze in panic, and you sit rigidly still, not daring to make a sound. Your heart pounds in your ears, and you wish it would quiet down.
Your forehead furrows with confusion.
“Min?” you call back, and the sound of approaching footsteps fills your otherwise silent apartment. The door to your bedroom opens, and his peeks out from behind it. “What are you doing here?” you ask, regretting how harsh the question comes across.
He frowns. “You weren’t answering my calls or texts, I got worried.” He takes a few steps toward you, and you quickly turn away, not wanting him to know you’ve been crying.
Minho’s brows knit together in concern. Not believing your blatant lie, he makes his way over to you and sits down on your bed. Taking your hand in his, he pulls you toward him gently. You reluctantly turn your head, a pang of guilt sparking in your chest as surprise and worry flashes across his face as his brown eyes meet your teary ones.
“C’mere,” he says, taking you in his arms. You slump onto his shoulder, burying your face in his neck. “I’m here,” he says quietly, lifting a hand to rest it on the back of your head. “I’m here.”
“It’s all so much,” you manage to get out, feeling him nod.
“I know, love,” he replies, holding you tighter. “It’s ok to be upset. Let it out, I’m right here.”
You give up on trying to hold it back, allowing yourself to let go and sob into his shoulder. He just holds you, occasionally murmuring soft words of comfort or leaning back to wipe away some of your tears before tucking you back into his chest.
After several minutes, your tears subside, leaving you a cold, trembling mess in Minho’s arms. He runs a hand up and down your back, pressing a kiss to your hair.
“Do you want me to stay?” he asks quietly, and you nod, before pulling away to meet his gaze tentatively.
“Can you?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you,” you say quietly, heart soaring as he offers you a small smile.
“I’ll be right back, ok? I’m just going to change and text Chan to let him know I won’t be at the dorm when he gets home.”
You nod, smiling gratefully at him as he pads out of your room, closing the door quietly behind him.
You stand slowly, making your way over to your dresser and slipping into some pajamas before climbing back into bed, burrowing into the comforter.
Minho returns a few minutes later, wearing the sweatpants and t-shirt he keeps here and holding a glass of water, which he hands you as he gets into bed. You thank him with a small smile and drink it.
Setting the the cup down on your nightstand, you flip off your lamp and lay down. Minho’s hand finds yours in the dark, and he pulls you to his chest, wrapping his arms around you and intertwining your legs together.
You breathe him in, nuzzling into his neck with a faint smile.
“I’m right here,” he murmurs, and the words wrap around you like a second embrace, filling you with a warmth that spreads slowly through your chest and limbs.
“Thank you,” is all you can manage to mumble before your consciousness gently fades.
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freckledwinterfalls · 3 days ago
pretty pretty
*minho as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by anonnie:
WRITE ONE FOR SOFT AND FLUFFY LEE KNOW PLSS lots of cuddles and kisses and sweet talk like pure fluff that makes u get butterflies heheh
rated PG
warnings: slightly suggestive ig? he stands between reader's legs, but only in a fluffy way
word count: 0.40k
a/n: I hope this is what you were looking for, my lovely anonnie >//< <3
You felt like a little kid waddling into the kitchen with Minho’s sweater on. It was practically a dress on you, and it swallowed up your hands in its giant sleeves. You were feeling particularly cute and clingy this morning, and you stood patiently at the entrance of the kitchen, waiting for your boyfriend to notice you.
He was as beautiful as ever, even while bustling about with his spatula, making pancakes for breakfast.
He noticed your presence fairly quickly, glancing up at you with a smile.
“Good morning, beautiful.”
He walked to you as the batter sizzled in the hot pan, settling his hands on your hips and dropping a kiss on your lips.
“You look pretty today,” he whispered, nuzzling against your neck. The tiny, playful nibble he left there elicited a giggle from you, and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“It’s only your sweater,” you protested.
“Yeah,” he whispered, holding you close, “but you still look pretty. As always.”
He patted your bum, whispering, “Up, darling.”
So you hopped, wrapping your legs around his waist, and he carried you to the counter, sitting you there as carefully as though you were made from china.
“I love you,” you whispered, pecking his mouth softly over and over again.
A contented sigh slipped from between his lips as you kissed him, and his hands massaged softly at your bare thighs. “I love you, too.” Then, with a playful lick on the tip of your nose, he pushed out from between your legs. “Let me flip the pancakes, love.”
You nodded, even as your nose wrinkled with teasing disgust and your hand rose to wipe away the lick he’d left.
Happily kicking your feet, you simply watched as Minho hummed, turning pancakes and looking for maple syrup.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” he teased, one brow lifting as he strode back towards you.
You hummed contentedly, feeling complete now that he was in your arms again.  “Nothing.” You buried your face in his shoulder, sniffing deeply of his warm, clean scent, mixed with the delicious aroma of pancakes. “You’re just pretty, that’s all.”
Minho chuckled, the deep sound rumbling pleasantly in his chest. His hands rubbed soothing circles on your back as he softly left a trail of kisses from your ear to your forehead. “You’re prettier, angel.”
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
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pastelracha · 4 months ago
DANCERACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
Tumblr media
☾ Title : DANCERACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
☾ Pairing: DANCERACHA x reader
☾ Genre: smut, established relationship
☾ Warning : smut, +18, oral fixation. 
☾ Prompt: Request : Dance racha reacting to Y/n wearing their shirt after sex
☾ A/N: after 3RACHA reacting to their s/o wearing their shirt after their sexy moments, there is DANCERACHA, tell me if you want VOCALRACHA, hope you like it don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox
☾ Word Count: 0.455K
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No one touch this man if you wore his shirt after having sex with him, he would be demanding more, Minho never had enough of you, your taste, your moans, just you. Would legit be hard again in like 3 seconds, craving your touch, mouth, everything on his body. Imagining running his hands in your hair, giving him a head, our ass up in the air for him to watch, and moan about how beautiful you are, he was sure to see stardust every time you gave him a head. If he was horny, all he could think about was your mouth around his dick, and go crazy all day long for it to happen. But seeing you in his shirt was on another level, his perfume on your body, a proof you belonged to him and no one else, giving him pleasure was an all other level for the man. 
“Your mouth is mad of gold, doll’’
Hyunjin would find you looking so ethereal, with his paintings in the back. His own description of heaven, only wearing one of his button up shirt, looking like an angel. 
He would sneak a picture of you, for his own personal enjoyment, a souvenir, a treasure before taking a real good look of you, and finding you even more attractive, in your post sex moment, eyes glowing, and memories of his lips marking your skin. Wanting to mark you even more now, with a few candles lighting the room and dancing on his artworks. 
Wanting nothing more than hearing you moan and saying his name like a mantra, over and over. Running his hands on your skin, creating goosebumps on the soft skin, and tracing your curves with his tongue. “I want you over and over’’ 
Felix never felt more alive, than after having sex with you, he felt complete even more when you wore a piece of his clothing after it. Looking at you putting lotion on your legs, in nothing but his black shirt he was admiring you, wanting to feel you again. To him there was something messing with him whenever you were putting on lotion, something so erotic to him. Maybe the smell of spiced vanilla. 
The man would spend a real long time between your thighs if you let him, forever he always said. And there was nothing he wanting to do more at the moment than eating out, just to finish the night. 
The smell of your lotion, his perfume, and you natural smell, his nose right your clit, eating you out as if it was his last time doing it, giving you everything, almost making you go insane. 
“Want to eat you out baby’’
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crispy-chan · 7 months ago
a fairytale that lasts 𖤣 masterlist
Tumblr media
➥ a stray kids fantasy series
Tumblr media
❛❛ In which you embark or eight different journeys set in eight different fairytales with eight different princes. ❜❜
Tumblr media
about: each story is set in its own universe with its own characters. you can enjoy each of these stories as a standalone, or you can read them all together
genre: royal au, fantasy, fairytale au, fluff, angst, romance
warnings: language, bad historical accuracy, possible deaths, angst
note: there is no specific time or order of when I'll post this series. I'll be posting as I write. some parts of the plot may change if deem that it fits better.
disclaimer: © crispy-chan — all rights reserved. Do not copy, repost, or claim as your own.
Tumblr media
bang chan 𖥧 snow white 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!chan x f.reader
 — after the wicked queen orders her knight to kill you, you are forced to run away and seek shelter in the dark forest, starting your life from scratch. chan however is not prepared to let you go...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
lee minho 𖥧 sleeping beauty 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!minho x f.reader
— at birth, you are cursed by a witch who claims that you will prick your finger on a spinning wheel and and die. but not if minho can help it...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
seo changbin 𖥧 cinderella 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!changbin x f.reader
— enslaved by your evil stepmother and stepsisters, you find yourself wishing to attend the ball and meet the prince. with the help of a funky fairy godmother, your dreams might come true.... ⇥ read here
bonus: binderella (where the roles are reversed)
Tumblr media
hwang hyunjin 𖥧 little mermaid 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!hyunjin x f.reader
— after saving a prince's life during a seastorm, you find yourself bargaining with a sea witch to become human to attend his ball. things however don't go as planned...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
han jisung 𖥧 beauty and the beast
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!jisung x f.reader
— a witch disguised as a beggar arrives at the castle during a ball but after being denied stay by the arrogant prince, and thrown on the streets during a cold night, she uses her powers to curse him. until he finds someone who will love him for who he is on the inside, he will be imprisoned in the body of a beast...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
lee felix 𖥧 frog prince
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!felix x f.reader — after a witch turns him into a frog, the young prince must have his wish granted by another person in order to turn back into a human. luckily, you often tend to sit by the pond he lives in...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
kim seungmin 𖥧 robin hood
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!seungmin x f.reader
— displeased by the way the king handles the kingdom, the young prince finds himself siding with the mysterious robin hood, a nameless villager who steals from the rich and gives to the poor...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
yang jeongin 𖥧 little match girl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ prince!jeongin x f.reader
— strolling through the market on a cold christmas evening proves to be hard for the young prince. especially when he sees a familiar looking girl freezing on the streets with only a box of matches to keep her warm...
⇥ read here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: I may end up writing reverse character oneshots for the others too (like binderella - where I'll switch the roles)
as I said above, there is no post schedule, but I'll try my best to not leave you guys hanging.
⇥ this masterlist will be linked on my main one and each of the stories will probably be listed there too.
➥ go to main m.list | navigation
taglist: drop an ask or comment if you want to be added. (👑)
Tumblr media
 coming soon...
Tumblr media
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consort | minho
Tumblr media
pairing: lee minho/reader
word count: 8.3k
genre: romance, historical au, arranged marriage
“Nervous?” Minho asks, casually, as if completely unaware of what the two of you needed to do.
You bit your tongue, and held your head high.
“No,” you lied.
Tumblr media
this is my piece for the @binniesthighs anniversary collab, and a little out of hand. so, i’m just gonna throw this out there and then hide forever.
warnings under the cut!
warnings: swearing, period-typical misogyny, particularly in regards to sex, mild d/s dynamics, snarky minho, praising, *long, embarrassed sigh* fingering, oral (female receiving)
Tumblr media
“Marriages are matters of allies, claims, lands, treasure and prestige. They are affairs between families, not individuals. Instruments of policy, not passion.”
“The centre of power is the king. And no one is physically closer to the king than the queen.”
Tumblr media
Your marriage had been carefully negotiated from the moment you were born.
Your parents were ambitious, carefully attempting to navigate the world of the aristocracy, who eyed your family’s politicking with great contempt.
But all the contempt in the world couldn’t negate the fact that for all their blue-blooded heritage, the noblest families had been bleeding money for nearly a century. And your family – just a few generations removed from upstart merchants trading rags in the countryside – had become one of the richest in the nation.
And the public also happened to adore your family, thanks to their exorbitant generosity and their charity work. Your father had commented upon this once in your hearing.
“Who are they going to support? A gaggle of blue-bloods hiding away in their crumbling manors, or a family that was once just like them, a family that found their fortune through hard work and now gives back to their people?”
By sheer luck – or careful strategic manipulation, depending on who you ask – the Queen had taken a liking to your mother, and you had been raised with a certain amount of royal favour. And Felix, her golden child, her long-awaited son, had been a constant childhood companion of yours.
He was the second son, the spare. The child of an unpopular foreign queen, who married the king less than a year after the death of his beloved first wife. She was powerful enough to attract many new friends, but true allies were scarce – your mother was one of these very few.
A marriage between you and Felix had been on the cards since you were both infants. You had stolen his first kiss at the tender age of eleven while hiding in the stables, and when Felix turned thirteen, the engagement was made official.
And honestly? You looked forward to such a match. Felix was beautiful, inside and out. Kind-hearted, cheerful, a steadfast friend. He had no interest in politics. He rebuffed every treacherous noble that whispered in his ear of taking the throne from his older half-brother.
You looked at him, and you could picture a life free from petty disputes, from prying eyes and rigid courtly etiquette. You dutifully listened to your tutors as they walked you through proper royal protocols and elements of statecraft, but most agreed you almost certainly wouldn’t need to use these teachings in the future.
After all, it was Felix’s brother, crown prince Minho, who would inherit the throne. He was older by a few years, in perfect health and had a fiancée of his own. They would marry and have children of their own. It was certain.
And then, on the eve of your eighteenth birthday, the unthinkable happened.
The elegant, poised, perfect fiancée of Minho was struck down with a sudden grave illness. Rumours circulated the court of poisoning, of curses, of godly wrath, and all the prayers in the world couldn’t prevent her death.
You certainly felt compassion for the crown prince. Minho had been somewhat of a distant figure in your childhood – always locked away with advisors, learning how to be a king. You knew his tongue was sharp, his words quick and cutting, and he was always so…intimidating.
He wasn’t one to show his emotions. And yet, in the days and weeks that followed, you found yourself growing sympathetic.
“It’s shameless,” you murmur to Felix one day, watching as various ladies of the court simper over Minho. “Let the man grieve.”
Felix glances over at the scene, thoughtful. “It’s strange. I suppose they weren’t particularly close to each other. Not like we are.”
“Still,” you sigh. “They were engaged since, what? Birth? Infancy? Your brother probably spent his whole life expecting to marry this girl and…now he can’t. What does that do to a person’s worldview?”
Felix looks over to you, and smiles. “You have a good heart.”
“A soft one, certainly,” you scoff, trying to hide your smile when Felix gently takes your hand and pecks a kiss to your knuckles. “I wouldn’t last five minutes in that pit of vipers.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure. You’re clever. Cleverer than they like to admit.”
You fix him with an amused look, squeezing his hand. “Ever the charmer.”
“Naturally,” Felix grins, warm with affection.
And for just a moment, life feels so simple.
Tumblr media
Once Minho became an eligible bachelor, the court was set ablaze by a parade of young ladies vying for his favour. His father entertained dignitaries from all four corners of the world. His stepmother kept a watchful eye over the ladies’ chambers. You and Felix found yourselves accosted by a variety of women eager to know the crown prince’s itinerary, his interests, his type.
They were disappointed to learn that you knew about as much as they did. Future brother-in-law or not, Minho was an enigma to you. You don’t think you’ve ever had a conversation with the man, in all your years of knowing him.
Most of your interactions consisted of you politely treating him with the courtesy his title demanded, and him retorting with some sharp quip that had you biting your tongue to stay silent and respectful.
And then, one fateful morning you were summoned by your father for an audience with the king.
You arrived to find your father already weaving his deftly spun arguments, pointing out how much the people loved your family, how your tutors have praised you for your academic diligence, how familiar you are with the demands of royalty.
And you realised what he was doing.
“Any other candidate will have to be trained. Can you afford to wait for those years and years of education to be drilled into that young lady’s mind? When you have a viable alternative living under your own roof? One that the public will support? One that will appease the war cabinet crying out for a domestic match?”
The king eyed your father carefully, and his gaze soon shifted to you. His stare turned appraising, scrutinising you from head to toe in search of a weakness.
He apparently found none.
“I’ll take it under consideration,” he finally said, and your mouth went dry. “But Felix won’t be happy. From what I understand, he’s quite fond of you.”
You could picture his face, crumbling at the news, and you feel tears prickling at the corners of your eye.
The king was a shrewd man. He caught your expression in an instant. “And you? What are your own thoughts on this proposition?”
You should have raised your voice then. You should have objected to the match.
You swallowed.
“My duty has always been to my country, first and foremost. The decision is in your hands, Your Majesty.”
You’re a dutiful daughter. And you will serve your country.
And you will sacrifice.
Tumblr media
Two days later, as you sat in your chambers, poring over the writings that had seemed so trivial just a few weeks ago but had now become so vital to your future, your doors burst open.
You expected it to be Felix, alarmed at the news that your engagement had been broken off.
It was not Felix.
“You,” Minho said, and his tone is icy.
You rose from your seat, aware enough of etiquette to offer the briefest curtsey at his appearance. But there’s no mistaking the shock on your face at his sudden entrance. “Your Royal Highness.”
“Enough of that,” he spat. “I thought better of you than this.”
You blinked.
“I didn’t realise you thought of me at all,” you responded, because it was honestly the first thought that came to your mind. “May I ask why you’ve forced your way so rudely into my chambers?”
“Well, we’re to be married, apparently,” he retorted, and your eyes widened at the venom in his voice, the spite in his eyes. “At your family’s suggestion.”
This, of course, was not news to you – and Minho gathered as much from your reaction, as his gaze hardened.
You tried to keep cool, unemotional. “Reasonable points were made. I am technically the most suitable candidate.”
Minho laughed at this, and it was an ugly sound – mocking, dripping with disdain. “In what world is the jumped-up little pipsqueak constantly trailing after my brother suddenly my ‘most suitable candidate’?”
You bristled at his words, at the jab he poked at your family. Your hands gripped the edge of your desk, knuckles whitening as you tried to contain your anger. It rose so quickly in the face of Minho’s malice – like fire meeting ice. “I would have thought that someone must have explained it to you. But, should you need to hear it again, I’ll oblige.”
“No other woman in this court has the education that I have, nor the training needed to be a royal consort. Foreign relations are delicate, so a domestic match would be ideal in these circumstances. Your father isn’t getting any younger. No one knows which illness will be his last, so he wants to see your succession to the throne will be secure, which means time is of the essence–”
“And you would abandon my brother so easily?”
His words were like a punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of you. How very characteristic of Minho, to cut straight to the heart of the matter, to the topic most devastating.
But you would not be defeated. “Nothing about this has been easy for me.”
Minho cut you off with a laugh. “Yes, I’m sure it’s been so difficult to nod your head quietly like a good little girl, how sad for you–”
You found yourself pushing away from your desk with all your strength, storming towards that prince with half a mind to strike him where he stood.
“You think I want this? I’ve known you since I was a child, and this – this,” you spat, almost choking with fury as you gestured between the two of you, “is the most we’ve spoken! And every word out of your mouth has been to insult me. And you really think I want to marry you? You?!”
Minho’s eyes were fixed on you at this point, face as dark as thunder. If looks could kill, you’d be dead a thousand times over at his hands.
There was a bitter taste in your mouth, as you glared back, refusing to be the first to look away. “Quite frankly, you disgust me. Marrying you would be a duty, a sacrifice I’d make for this country. Nothing more.”
Minho’s lip had curled, exposing his teeth in almost a snarl as he took in your words. “The feeling is mutual.”
“Good. Now, I humbly request that his royal highness leave my chambers immediately, before I have to shout for my guards.”
Minho’s eyes gleamed, and he leant in, taking pleasure in how easily he could tower over you.
You stood your ground as much as you could, despite the height difference between the two of you. You were forced to tilt your chin up to meet his gaze, jaw tightening as he drew closer. You would not be intimidated, even if he came nose to nose with you.
It was a stalemate, and Minho was eventually forced to pull away. You found yourself almost disappointed, as there was no trace of defeat in his expression when he finally left.
You had to fight the urge to throw something at his back.
Tumblr media
You were going to have sex with this man.
As your wedding day – and wedding night – drew closer and closer, that surreal thought began to prick at your subconscious.
It didn’t feel certain until one afternoon, when your schedule was cleared entirely without your knowledge, leaving only one item on the agenda.
A visit from the infamous women’s physician.
She sat you down, graciously accepted the tea poured by one of your attendants, and proceeded to enlighten you on the details of your marital duties.
You had some prior knowledge of what sex would be like. You’d been taught what to avoid, what warning signs to look out for, which areas of your body were never to be seen by anyone other than yourself and your servants. You imagined that any talk about marital sex would cover the same talking points, but in reverse. Not about how to keep men out, but how to let one particular man in.
That was the talk you had expected.
That was not the talk you received.
Men, you were told, were virile, insatiable creatures. Minho – the crown prince, blessed by the gods, an idol among men – would be even more so.
You were informed which positions were common, which positions were useful in aiding conception, and which positions were…below your dignity, as a future queen.
It was rather daunting, to be given such a dry explanation of sexual relations – to be told what limb goes where and why a man would prefer such a method – and have to picture Minho of all people as your partner.
You were more than a little embarrassed by the end of the talk, but you were a diligent student, and you summoned the courage to ask just a few questions.
How could you best prevent any pain? Pain was inevitable, proof that you were sufficiently untouched. A hot bath might soothe your limbs afterwards. If your husband was kind, he would do his best to be gentle.
Your face had paled at that, because if there was one thing you knew to be true about Prince Minho, it was that he was not kind.
How soon after conception can a pregnancy be confirmed? Some women can intuit the growth of new life inside of them the very next day. For those who weren’t so lucky, a doctor can conduct certain tests to determine a pregnancy. As wife to a future king, you would be subjected to such tests every month – as a courtesy.
What happens if your husband does not want to have sex?
The women’s physician had laughed at this question, and reassured you that Lee Minho – as healthy and red-blooded as he was – would never voluntarily abstain from sexual relations.
All you could think about was Minho’s disdainful looks, the coldness of his actions – and you had to disagree. You imagine that Minho would very much wish to avoid sex with you, if only his position as crown prince and heir to the throne would permit him.
You left that talk a changed woman, unable to do much more than stare blankly ahead as you were escorted to your chambers.
Was that really what your future held? The crux of your existence, whittled down to a base physical act dictated by your husband – by Minho?
It made you angry, angry in a way you couldn’t describe with just words. Angry in a way that had you balling your hands into fists, knuckles whitening, every time you were forced to sit next to the man at dinner.
The worst of it was the dreams.
Some were patterned after the worst of your suspicions – Minho standing over you, lip curled into a sneer, looking down at you. You were always naked, always vulnerable, and he was always in control.
A few – very rarely – were about the pain everyone talked about. Being ripped in two, bleeding out in front of passionless eyes, Minho watching as you died in agony. Those were a little easier to handle upon waking, once the shock wore off. You had never encountered even a hint of a possibility of dying from sex, from either your talk with your women’s physician or the academic journals you pored over every day. Death from childbirth? Of course. But sex itself? No.
But the rarest – and the very worst – were the ones that fed into your most private thoughts. The ones where you dictated the pace, where Minho took control not because he was a prince and your husband, but because you allowed him to. The ones where Minho would follow your every movement with a fire in his eyes and a smirk on his lips. The ones that woke you with a cry in your throat and an ache between your legs.
Those were the dreams you tried your hardest to ignore.
Tumblr media
The wedding day itself was strangely anticlimactic.
You were decked out in a ridiculous amount of finery – a walking reminder of just how wealthy your family was. Your dress was almost impossible to walk in, every layer weighted down with threads of gold and silk. Rings gleamed on every one of your fingers, a cluster of jewels hung from your neck, a circlet rested upon your head so heavy with gems and metalwork that just turning your head caused a shooting pain to run down the back of your neck.
And yet, with just a few words exchanged and a blessing from Minho’s father, you were married.
Married to Minho.
You expected to feel some kind of change. Some shift in your being.
You felt nothing. Minho was stone-faced as he signed. He didn’t look over once during the ceremony, and you wish you could say the same. But your eyes traitorously drifted to the outfit he was wearing, the high-necked collar embroidered with gold, the blood-red cape draped over one shoulder.
You found yourself irritated, yet again, that someone so cold and petulant could still be so beautiful.
The wedding ceremony was, of course, followed with a feast. You were sat at Minho’s side, face aching under the strain of keeping a smile on your face while under the scrutiny of the court.
Before the first course even arrived, an attendant had already wandered over to your table with a smile. “Wine?”
You declined. You wanted a clear head tonight – even if it would be easier to soothe your nerves with some liquid courage.
Minho didn’t even attempt any pleasantries, any attempt at conversation.
Usually, his silence suited you just fine. You were far less likely to end up driving your fork into the hand of your divinely appointed future king when he kept his mouth shut.
But on a day when every member of the court had their eyes on the two of you, noting your every move, silence would have been a deadly mistake.
The only problem with this thinking was obvious. What on earth could you talk to Minho about?
You settled for some small talk.
“I don’t know how they managed to keep all of this so fresh,” you commented, helping yourself to the platters upon platters of seafood that made up one of the earliest courses. “Considering we’re so inland here.”
“Must have been…difficult.”
Minho ignored you entirely, taking another bite of his food.
Another attendant came over, with yet another pitcher in his hands. “Wine?”
You declined again, attempting to smile politely as you did so.
You missed the way Minho’s gaze flickered to the attendant, the way his jaw set as his eyes narrowed slightly.
Once the attendant left your table, you tried another subject of conversation. “This music’s quite lovely.”
“Felix told me you’re quite interested in music,” you said. “There was a composer you used to talk about, someone from overseas…”
You paused, waiting for Minho to name the composer you were talking about.
He didn’t.
You took in a deep breath, grip tightening on your cutlery as you struggled to keep your temper in check. “My apologies. I didn’t realise you wanted to sulk your way through this dinner–”
“I’m not sulking–”
“–like a petulant child. But at least I’m trying to make an effort here.”
“I didn’t ask you to,” Minho pointed out, glancing over to you. “It seems unfair that you’re now hounding me to reciprocate such an effort.”
“I’m just trying to make conversation!”
“You don’t need to.”
You were about to open your mouth to argue that no, you do need to try, because otherwise how else would your marriage escape this pit of awkward silence and mutual contempt, when yet another servant approached. “Wine?”
Your head snapped up.
Minho stood and turned to you, offering his hand.
He could do with just a touch less disdain in his expression, but it was better than nothing.
You took his hand, smile never wavering as you allowed him to lead you to the dance floor. It was only when you were far enough away from prying ears that you allowed yourself to mutter. “What is this?”
“If we keep sitting there, they’ll just keep hounding us,” Minho drawled in your ear, turning you towards him and pressing his hand into the small of your back. “My father seems to think our problems can only be solved if we drown them.”
“And you’re…unhappy with this?” You asked, but you phrased it more like a statement of fact. It was clear enough from his expression that Minho was not pleased.
“Am I unhappy with a crowd of attendants determined to get my wife drunk before the wedding night?” Minho retorted. There was a sharp edge to his voice, and it was strange to realise that for once, it wasn’t pointed at you. “Just a touch.”
You were unsure what to say – especially at his sudden mention of the night ahead of you – so you kept quiet.
His hand was warm, you noted, feeling his touch even through the layers of your dress.
Your dance was simple, slow. Minho was admittedly rather good at leading, and you found yourself easing into the steps without much thought.
You decided to at least attempt to commend him on this.
“You’re a good dancer,” you commented, as he effortlessly guided you through a spin.
“I know.”
Of course. Of course he knew. His confidence – bordering on arrogance – in his own talents wasn’t surprising.
What was surprising was his reluctant admission. “And you’re…adequate.”
You smiled politely, and immediately made sure to step on his foot.
Minho managed to swallow back a wince at the pain. “Maybe I spoke too soon.”
You tried again, only to find him smoothly evading your stomps as he led you through the next turn, and resigned yourself to defeat.
Instead, you found your eyes wandering to the crowd around you, slowly dwindling as pairs began to follow the two of you onto the floor.
“He’s not here.”
Your head snapped back to look at Minho, and for just a brief second, you almost feel guilty. Caught out. “What?”
“Felix. He left for the coast a few days ago,” Minho continued, sounding bored as he spun you. “Something about finish his education by the ocean. You know how good the sea air can be for the mind.”
Felix was…gone?
“They sent him away?” You asked, voice strained. Even you weren’t sure who you were referring to by ‘them’. The king? His advisors? Minho?
Minho’s eyes met yours. “It was his idea.”
His words were like a physical hit to the gut, and you stumbled – your first misstep since the dance began. Minho, to your surprise, caught you immediately, grip tightening to keep you from falling flat on your face.
The movement was sudden enough to send you brushing against his chest, and your hand clutched at his shoulder until you were able to right yourself.
“…His idea?” You finally managed to say, unable to believe his words.
“Is it really that surprising? Did you expect him to stay here and suffer watching you from afar?” Minho asked, cutting as always, one eyebrow arches. “Pining?”
“No,” you snapped. “I just…”
You trailed off, uncertain how to continue. There was an unmistakeable hurt in your voice, but the last thing you wanted was to show any kind of vulnerability in front of Minho.
You swallowed, trying to keep your voice level. “He didn’t say goodbye.”
Minho didn’t respond immediately. The two of you followed the beat of the music in silence, solemn.
But when Minho finally did open his mouth, you were surprised by his words. “Goodbyes can be…painful. Maybe it was for the best.”
There was something to his tone, an undercurrent of emotion that caught your attention, and had you speaking before you could stop yourself. “Did you…get to say goodbye?”
He didn’t bother to ask who you were referring to. Of course he knew.
“…No,” he admitted. “They didn’t know if the illness could spread, so I was kept away.”
You blinked. “Oh.”
What else was there to say to something like that?
“We weren’t particularly close,” he said, detached, as if he were merely commenting on the weather. With all his years of princely education, it made sense that Minho would have a better poker face than you. “But she seemed to have been a good person. Patient, soft-spoken, gentle.”
You smiled wryly. “So, everything I’m not?”
Minho met your eyes again, while he didn’t quite return your smile, there was an amusement in his look. “…Your words, not mine.”
A chuckle forced its way out of your mouth, quite unexpectedly.
For just a moment, the dread that had loomed so ominously in your mind ever since your father proposed this match faded.
For just a moment, you didn’t see Minho as an opponent, as an antagonist to your future happiness. He was someone that understood your situation – maybe the only person who understood your situation.
And then Minho sighed, glancing away, and his words shattered the moment. “That’s enough dancing for now. Father seems to have caught the hint. I’m going back to my seat.”
You stared at him, baffled into silence for a moment. “…But the song hasn’t even finished–”
“Then, feel free to dance alone until it does,” Minho interrupted you, coming to a halt right in the centre of the floor. He released your hands, and didn’t even attempt to offer a courtesy bow.
Instead, he just left you standing there, staring after him with ill-disguised fury.
Tumblr media
To your relief, your consummation would not have an audience. You knew this was a recent change to the centuries-long tradition of royal marriages - and you thanked each and every one of Minho’s ancestors who overturned such a rule.
Preparations were embarrassing enough. Your attendants stripped you of your ostentatious wedding dress, instead dressing you in thin silks and anointing you with perfumes. Your hair would be left natural, untouched.
You were left completely bare under your shift.
You wondered idly how Minho was preparing. What he was thinking. What he was expecting.
His chambers were empty when you arrived.
You dismissed your attendants as soon as you could, eager to be alone to collect your thoughts.
This was it.
This was where it would happen.
You ignore the bed entirely - freshly made, with soft, clean sheets, perfectly inviting were it not the site of every nightmare you’d had in the last month. Instead, you take a seat in one of the plush chairs by the fireplace, leaning forward to enjoy its warmth. Your silks were not made to withstand the drafty chill of a late autumn night.
You supposed they were made to be stripped from you as quickly as possible.
Plump, purple grapes sat in a bowl nearby. You considered trying some, but decided against it. You had barely been able to stomach more than a few bites of your wedding feast. Trying to eat now seemed impossible.
You would be fine, you told yourself. How many women had gone through this very experience? Too many to count. Every woman you had read about in your history books, every strategic marriage noted in the annals of diplomacy, each had a night like this.
Unfortunately, as much as you tried to reason with yourself, you couldn’t soothe the nerves gripping your stomach.
Deep breaths.
In. Out.
You could do this.
It was at that moment that the door swung open, and you bolted right out of your chair at the fright. With widened eyes, you stared as Minho made his entrance - without his usual entourage of servants, dressed in a simple white shirt and dove-grey breeches.
He took one look at you, and let out a sigh. “Of course you’re already here.”
In a strange way, Minho’s hostility actually set your mind at ease - far more than any niceties would have.
Then again, Minho had never been exactly nice to you. If he actually tried to be, you were fairly sure you’d just be unnerved.
“You say that like I had a choice,” you sniffed.
“Aren’t you a princess now?” Minho reminded you. He shifted his weight, hand coming up to fidget with the lace of his sleeve cuff. Of course his sleepclothes had lace on them. “You could have waited.”
“Why delay the inevitable?”
Minho eyed you for a second, before sighing again. “The inevitable. That’s one way to put it.”
You were about to respond when he starts walking towards you, and you can’t help but tense.
He pauses for the briefest of moments. And then turns slightly to reach for the grapes by the side of you.
“Nervous?” Minho asks, casually, as if completely unaware of what the two of you needed to do.
You bit your tongue, and held your head high.
“No,” you lied.
Minho raised an eyebrow.
You resisted the urge to scowl. Just a few moments around him, and Minho already had the upper hand.
Eager to prove just how not nervous you were feeling, you turned away from him and sat back down in your chair, leaning back in what you hoped was a carefree movement.
Minho noticed. “What happened to not delaying the inevitable?”
“I’m sure His Highness will allow me a few minutes to enjoy his fire.”
“And if he doesn’t?”
“As you said, I’m a princess now. I exercise my divine right to sit in front of this fire for as long as it suits me.”
To your surprise, Minho’s expression...warmed. It wasn’t quite a smile, but it was a little less than a scowl - and that was more than enough to catch your attention.
After a moment, he slowly approached you, and took a seat - not on the chair beside you, but on the floor, right in front of the fireplace.
You watched as he stretched his legs out, lowering himself onto one elbow. He plucked another grape from the small bunch he’d taken for himself, and popped it into his mouth.
You found it hard to drag your eyes away from him. You felt almost like prey, following every movement of the predator in front of you, anticipating the moment he turned around to strike.
“What did they tell you?” Minho asked, not bothering to turn his head to look back at you. “About what to expect tonight.”
What didn’t they tell you?
Your face flushed at the memory. The idea of reciting back the descriptions of positions to Minho, however dry they were, sounded like your own personal idea of hell.
So, you instead tried to keep it simple. “You’ll tell me what you want-“
“What I want. Of course.”
You continued, unsure how to respond to this interruption. “It will probably hurt, but I’ll be able to take it.”
You saw the way Minho tensed at your words, and this time he does turn to look you straight in the eye. “...They told you it will probably hurt?”
You paused. “Well, I...they said if you’re kind, you’ll try to be gentle.”
Minho blinked, and his expression turned thunderous. You couldn’t help but tense at his reaction, the way his eyes darkened with anger. “And you don’t trust me to do so?”
“I mean, have you ever been kind to me before?” You asked, tone bitter. “And now you’re so scandalised I don’t trust you?”
Minho blinked, momentarily thrown.
“I just...” you said, haltingly. “I just don’t know you.”
Minho’s expression didn’t change. “Know that I don’t force myself on women.”
His words are biting, scathing. But honest.
You eyed him carefully. “So, if I said I didn’t want to do anything tonight...”
“We wouldn’t do anything.”
You blinked. “...But when the officials question us tomorrow-“
“We lie,” Minho said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
You didn’t know what to say.
Of all the things to happen tonight, you weren’t expecting...this.
“Is that what you’re saying?” Minho asked.
An out.
Minho was offering you an out.
“I...” you trailed off, hesitating. “I don’t know.”
Minho rolled his eyes at you, and it’s a refreshingly familiar sight in this sea of confusion. “You don’t seem to know much.”
“I don’t know what to expect,” you corrected him, bristling. If there was one weakness you had, one sure-fire way to set you off, it was insulting your intelligence.
“Then, ask.” Minho said, simply. “Ask me.”
You froze. Ask? Ask him what?
You spluttered, turning away. “I’m not...I’m not going to-“
“If you can’t talk to me about sex, we are definitely not doing anything tonight,” Minho warned, resolute.
“You can’t blame me for being embarrassed!” You argued, temper flashing. “I just...what do you want me to ask?”
“It’s not about what I want,” Minho replied, and his words are...edged. There was something deeper there. “What do you want to ask?”
You bit your lip, torn. “I...OK, fine. Will it hurt?”
Minho considered this carefully, turning thoughtful. “...There might be some discomfort, yes. There often is for women when starting out. But not any kind of serious pain, not if the man is doing it right.”
“If the man is...” you repeated, confused. “There’s a ‘right’ way?”
“Yes. If the man knows how to pleasure a woman,” Minho said, completely shameless - in contrast to your flush of embarrassment. “That’s the right way.”
You swallowed. “...Do you? Know how?”
Minho’s lips curled into a smirk. “I like to think so.”
His words sent...something through your body, some indescribable feeling. The first sparks of...curiosity, maybe?
It set you on edge.
You realised, suddenly, that you had willingly surrendered the upper hand to Minho. He had manoeuvred you quite expertly, leaving you to rely on his every word.
It was with this thought in mind that you squared your shoulders, meeting his gaze with a new sense of confidence. “...Prove it.”
Minho turned silent, faltering for just a moment. “What?”
You rose to your feet, buoyed by this sudden reversal of power. You had a feeling you had completely contradicted Minho’s expectations, and you liked it.
Ignoring him entirely, you spun on your heel and crossed the room, coming to a stop at the bed. Swallowing down the last of your doubts, you turned back to face Minho, and sat on the bed. His bed. “You heard me.”
A beat of silence.
And then...
Minho slowly rose to standing, watching you with a brand-new expression. “...This isn’t a game.”
“Yes, it is. This is politics. Politics is always a game,” you replied, growing more and more relaxed as you stared him down. “And I’m winning.”
Minho tilted his head, eyeing you so intensely that you were almost worried he’d burn a hole right through you. “...This is how you want to do this?”
This was how you felt in control.
You nodded.
He still seemed to have reservations. “...If you want to stop, you tell me. None of this competitive shit. That’s my condition, before I agree to play.”
Yes, that was the perfect way to describe how you wanted this to work.
A game you could play. And win. And quit at any time if you wanted to.
“I’ll tell you,” you promised.
Minho paused, and once again, you get the feeling you’d defied his expectations. “...Good.”
He closed the distance between you in just a few steps, and his mouth descended upon yours.
Kissing Minho was easy enough. You knew how to kiss, you had some experience with it.
Both of his hands were cradling your face - although, perhaps ‘cradling’ wasn’t the right word to describe it. That suggested a gentleness, when in reality, he was firm, palms pressing slightly into the curve of your jaw, fingers tangling in your hair.
He was stood over you, which meant you had to follow his guidance as he firmly tilted your head back. When your lips parted, his tongue just barely brushed yours, and it sent a shiver through your body.
Unsure what to do with your hands, you settled for resting them against his hips, allowing your fingertips to slide just under his shirt.
He slowly pushed you back against the bed, still intent on kissing you, lips parting and reconnecting at the languid pace he set. You followed along willingly, back flush against the mattress, curious to see what happened next. This was the edge of your experience, the farthest you’d ever gone before.
Minho was now kneeling on the bed, one knee planted either side of you. He kept his weight off you, barely touching you anywhere that wasn’t your mouth.
And then, almost nonchalantly, he rested his hand on your leg.
It was strange - such an insignificant action, and yet every single one of your senses were focused on it, on the feel of him.
And the way he began to slowly slide it upwards.
There was no urgency, no desperation. You realised he was still gauging your reaction, waiting to see if you would reject this next move.
Your cheeks burned, but you made no attempt to push him away.
You just continued to kiss him, hands still on his hips.
Minho broke away from your kiss when his hand was just inches away from your core, choosing instead to press his lips to the soft flesh just under the corner of your jaw.
And then, you felt his fingers trail up the sensitive skin of your innermost thigh, and you couldn’t hold back your whimper.
Minho paused, lifting his head to check on you.
“K-keep going,” you told him, and you wince internally at your stuttering - if only because Minho’s grin widened the second he heard it.
“I’m sure you can ask nicer than that.”
“I wasn’t asking.”
“Don’t ask, don’t get.”
You huffed, face flushing again. Asking definitely didn’t feel like winning, but it was clear Minho wouldn’t go any further until you did.
So, begrudgingly, you relented.
“...Please. Keep going.”
Minho pressed a soft kiss to the corner of your jaw again, the action itself sweet enough, but his attitude very much the opposite. “As you wish.”
And he did, hand cupping your warmth.
It was...odd. Unfamiliar. There was a brief moment where his fingers brushed something sensitive, and it was enough to tease a moan out of you.
But then his hand travelled downwards, and there was an almost clinical probing of...there. It was invasive, and you hissed in pain as one finger finally breached you.
“...I-it hurts,” you confessed, hands dropping from his hips to curl into the sheets. “Is it supposed to?”
Minho paused, tensing. He glanced up at you with an unreadable expression. “You’ve never done this before?”
“Not yourself?”
Your face burned hotter. “Tradition specifically demands that a bride has to be untouched when she marries royalty. And I didn’t know if...well. Untouched.”
There was a long, drawn-out beat of dead silence. You were very determined to not look at Minho, for fear of his reaction, for fear of what you’d see when you look at what he’s...doing.
You felt him withdraw his finger - eliciting another hiss of pain from you - and instead placed his hand on your thigh.
Taking a deep breath, he ducked his head, and you watched him descend lower, and lower, until...
“What are you doing?” You asked, voice sharpening with panic, when his head stops at the apex of your thighs.
Minho paused, squeezing his eyes shut. “Please tell me you know what this is.”
You had some idea. Ladies whispered about it, when they thought you couldn’t hear. It was hinted at in novels you were forbidden to read. A kiss, but...lower.
You swallowed, and your whole body tensed. “I-I don’t think I want that.”
Minho looked up at you, expression unreadable. “It’s...a courtesy. Without it,’s more likely to hurt.”
It was still too much. Too embarrassing. Too exposing.
You took a deep breath, averting your eyes.
Maybe you could compromise.
“Th-the thing you did before, before the finger”
Your face felt like it was on fire. Maybe this really was hell.
But you persisted. “The thing you touched. That felt...good.”
Minho’s expression shifted, as if remembering, and you felt his hand slowly return to the spot, carefully swiping the pad of his thumb over it.
You inhaled sharply, as the sensation overtook you, and managed a sharp nod of your head. You didn’t trust your words.
Assured by your response, he tried again, varying his technique, experimenting with pressure and movements to discover what unravelled you.
You were soon panting, trembling under him, and moans were slipping so easily from your mouth.
You still felt some small traces of shame, acting like this, being like this in front of Minho. There was an element of fear, as if he would suddenly turn around and laugh at you, and reveal this had all been one big joke at your expense.
But he seemed sincere, as he watched for your reaction, eyes alighting when one particular swipe had your back arching up into him. And there was a bit of a thrill, seeing this distant, powerful man - a future king - working so hard to please you.
And then, as if he could read your thoughts, Minho raised an eyebrow.
“Are you still winning?”
You tried your best to summon a response, something calm and unruffled and pointed. But when he repeated that motion, the one that had you jolting your hips up into him, you were barely able to breathe out. “Y-yes.”
Minho actually laughed, but for once, it wasn’t cold or cruel. He was amused. Fond.
Carefully, his hand dipped down to try again, and this time, his finger slid in easily.
And felt...
It still felt odd, but there was a strange new sensation to it. Almost like a slickness, easing him in.
Minho hummed, grin widening again, and he pumped his finger in and out, once, twice.
You found yourself clenching around him, like your body was aching for more and trying to make do with what it had.
“Good girl.”
A whine slipped out between your lips at his words, drawing another laugh out of him.
“Of course you like praise.”
You opened your eyes - although you weren’t sure when exactly you had closed them in the first place - and you just about managed to focus your gaze on him. “Praise?”
“Being complimented. Being told you’re doing a good job,” Minho explained, and accompanied his words with another slow, almost lazy push back into you that had your legs shaking. “Like you are right now.”
“I...” you trailed off, voice shaky. “Doesn’t everyone like praise?”
Minho shrugged. “Some prefer the opposite.”
You frowned, confused at his words - so much so that, just for the briefest of seconds, you forget what his hand is doing. “The opposite? Like...being insulted?”
“Of a sort. Being degraded.”
He shrugged, and then suddenly, with no warning, curled his finger inside you. You moan again, the sound broken, shaky. Loud.
You gripped the sheets tighter, twisting them, as you murmured. “M-more.”
“More,” you repeated, and because you had the sense to know exactly what Minho was thinking, you tacked on a reluctant, “please.”
You weren’t sure exactly what you were asking - faster? Deeper? - but Minho seemed to take your request in a slightly different way than you were expecting.
Slowly, and very carefully, Minho eased in a second finger.
The stretch of it had you gasping, and your hands flew up to grab at his hips again. He went slow, careful, working you open until the pain subsided and the noises were back.
Back with a vengeance.
Minho noticed, and when he next curled his fingers, he accompanied the motion with another swipe at the sensitive part about that had you yelping, hips jerking clean off the bed and into him.
“There we are,” Minho breathed, his free hand curling around your hip. “I might be wrong, but I’m fairly sure that means I’m winning.”
You couldn’t form a response - you could barely form a coherent thought.
He did it again, and again, and the building sensations were enough to send tears prickling in the corners of your eyes.
It was just so...good. So new. So absolutely not what you were expecting.
“And you’re sure...” Minho trailed off, glancing up at you. “You don’t want my mouth on you?”
You hesitated, blinking at him through your daze.
Now that you knew what it could feel like, now that you had something to compare it to, the idea was...
A little more tempting.
You swallowed, and in the sternest voice you could muster, you answered. “If I don’t like it, you’ll stop.”
Minho’s expression turned sincere, sombre, for just a moment. “Of course. That will always be how this game works.”
You opened your mouth to press him on this, on this particular choice of words, when his head suddenly dipped and...
You sucked in a breath, practically tensing in shock as a ripple of pleasure crashed through you, setting you alight.
The whole act just felt so shameless, entirely devised to chase your pleasure and nothing else. You grasped at the sheets again when his tongue did...did something to your most sensitive spot, and when that wasn’t enough, your hand slipped down to latch onto his head, curling your fingers in his hair.
Minho hummed against you at the feel of your hands in his hair, and the vibrations were enough to send your eyes rolling back into your head.
Something was building up inside of you, stronger and stronger, like a wave about to crest.
Minho seemed to notice, as he increased his pace - increased his intensity. You were incoherent at this point, vision blurring, whimpering with each breath as it built and built and built and-
You felt Minho’s free hand, the one that had been resting on your hip this whole time, shift. Slowly, he began to trace circles into your bare skin - to soothe, to reassure, as you burned under him.
This quiet gesture, against the backdrop of his mouth and his fingers and your noise, was enough to push you over the edge.
You cried out, overwhelmed, sensations crashing over you, leaving you shaking.
Minho slowly eased off, drawing away from you, but the hand gently stroking your hip stayed.
You lay there, eyes closed, panting, sweating, twitching. “...W-what...I...”
“Finally. She’s speechless.”
You couldn’t argue that.
After a few moments, you managed to come round, eyes blearily opening again to look down at Minho.
He was still kneeling over you, hair mussed from where you had grabbed at it, cheeks flushed with exertion. Your face burned at the mess of his mouth, but his eyes were gleaming with delight.
“I trust that was sufficient enough proof,” Minho remarked, and it took you a second to remember how this all began, the proposition you had thrown at him.
The obvious answer was ‘yes’, but as you were slowly regaining your senses, you felt a certain reluctance to give Minho what he wanted.
He laughed, and you found yourself...growing fond of that increasingly familiar sound.
But when he stopped, his face turned sharp again, eyes still alight. “In that case, I’ll just have to do it again.”
“Again?” You repeated, voice hitching.
“That’s the beauty of women,” Minho commented. “You don’t have to stop at once.”
The thought of experiencing that again - as glorious and life-altering as it felt - exhausted you.
You opened your mouth to say as much, when your eyes fall onto the front of Minho’s breeches.
He was...
There was no better term for it.
Straining against them.
Right. That. In all your excitement, you had almost forgotten what was still to come.
Minho followed your gaze down, and as always, remained unflappable. “Ah, yes. That’s-“
“I know what that is,” you cut him off. That was the one area of this...experience that you had actually been educated on.
Minho raised an eyebrow at your retort, but said nothing.
You swallowed, eyes still fixed on him. There was a kind of curiosity in the back of your mind, almost scientific. “Can I...?”
You trailed off, but the way you raised your hand towards him was more than enough for Minho to understand what you were asking.
He nodded, slowly shifting his weight back, sitting on his heels. Allowing you better access.
Tentatively, you pressed your hand against him, feeling the way he tensed at first contact.
He was...warm. Solid. Your fingers stretched outwards and around him, digging into the fabric.
It was enough to make you panic, eyes darting up to look him in the face. You remembered the pain of just two of his fingers. The idea of this...
“It’s up to you,” he reminded you. “If you trust me enough now.”
You swallowed.
Did you trust him?
You stared at him a little longer, silent, indecisive. His face was calm, almost neutral, as he awaited your response.
And there was a part of you - newly-awakened, insatiable - that ached to see that composure falter.
Gently, still testing out the motion, you squeezed your hand around him. His reaction was immediate, one quick shaky inhale as his eyes widened slightly, and it was enough to bring a smirk to your lips.
“Alright,” you finally said, tilting your chin up to look him dead in the eye. “I trust you.”
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seungisms · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: the fluffiest of fluffs
note: danni writing something that isn’t straight smut for once dun dun dun :o
Tumblr media
Chan stilled the moment your plush lips pressed themselves against his own, words dying on his tongue and eyes widening before slowly slipping them shut, relaxing in your hold and responding softly to your unexpected kiss. He whined lightly once you teasingly pulled away, chasing after your lips, flustered and eager to keep your mouth on his. Definition of brain rot, whatever he was ranting about before he got a taste of your lips suddenly didn’t matter. He’ll stare after you in disbelief, ears red as you shot him a cheeky smile, dodging his attempts to cuddle you against his chest, knowing full well you’d spend the rest of the day being smothered in his doting.
“C’mon! You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”
Minho was quick and eager to respond to your kiss, a soft hum emitting into your mouth as he titled his head to keep you flush against him, not minding one bit that you just interrupted him mid sentence. He didn’t allow you to pull away, your plan to leave him flustered and stuttering backfiring as he kissed you sweetly, his pillowy lips melding perfectly against your own in a loving embrace. Expect to be relentlessly teased once he finally lets you go, fingers pinching your cheeks and mocking the pout that rested on your lips, grinning at the sight of your complaining figure shying away.
“You know, if you wanted to kiss me so badly you could’ve just said so.”
Changbin immediately swallowed his words the moment your lips pressed against his own in a chaste kiss, swiftly pulling away just as he began to respond, the boy following your movement before huffing loudly once you continued to deliberately avoid his lips. The small pout that sat on his soft lips was just too damn cute, almost making you just want to give in and finally smother him in your pecks but you couldn’t help but tease his him even further; leaning in to press another teasing kiss to the side of his mouth. Changbin whined when you ducked out of his grasp once more, the conversation from before long forgotten as you darted away from him, leaving your flushed boyfriend to curse after you.
“Ah, you brat!”
If he was in any way surprised or taken-back by your sudden affection he didn’t show it - hands gently craving your face to prevent you from pulling back, kissing you sweetly. Hyunjin thought it was extremely cute, albeit rude, your method of shutting him up, any concerns or worries he was ranting about before immediately being coaxed by the plushiness of your lips, each of you enjoying the others closeness. This man will not allow you to pull away from the kiss until he’s felt you’ve paid the price for your boldness; plump lips keeping you fixated in your spot, before proceeding to tease for the rest of the day, gushing over how adorable he thought it was that you couldn’t seem to keep your lips off him.
“You’re too damn cute.”
Jisung stilled up and gaped at you once you began leaning towards him, sentence trailing off with no real end when you pressed a teasing peck against his mouth, cutting off his words and effectively shutting him up for once. He becomes uncharacteristically timid during your kiss, used to being the initiator of skinship in your relationship so to say he was surprised by your unexpected kiss was an understatement - ears tinting red and mouth moving gently against your own. Avoids your eyes once you pull away, trying to play off how timid you’ve made him by opting to tease you instead, a slight waver in his voice while doing so.
“You really couldn’t resist me huh?”
Practically turns into a pile of mush the moment you kiss him - he wouldn’t even bother questioning your actions or returning to the previous conversation when you pull away from the swift peck, instead pressing another long kiss against your plush lips, savouring the small sighs and whimpers you let out. His absolute favourite pastime is kissing you, so he’ll use your plan to shut him up to his advantage; lips melding perfectly against your own and cradling you close to his chest drawing out the embrace until he was satisfied. Amusement shone in his dark eyes after you broke apart, chuckling softly at your flushed cheeks before leaving one last peck against your mouth; happy that he was finally able to fluster you instead.
“Can I finish what I was saying now?”
Seungmin was a tad annoyed that you had interrupted him but his irritation immediately ceased once he registered the soft pair of lips pressed against his own. He’ll softly reciprocate to begin with, becoming more passionate and heated the longer he kissed you. Pulls you flush against his chest and nips at your lower lip - your initial plan of leaving him hanging suddenly becoming irrelevant with every small swipe of his tongue and gentle caress. He’ll gently cradle your face while pulling away, leaving small pecks against your mouth while doing so, seemingly unable to get enough of your lips pressed to his own. Seungmin wouldn’t be able to remember what he was speaking of before, only wanting to feel the softness of your lips against his again and again.
“If I keep talking does that mean I’ll get more kisses?”
Someone please help this man cause he’ll go straight into windows.exe shutdown mode the moment you lean up towards him. Freezes up against you and doesn’t know where to place his hands, mind completely empty of whatever he was saying before; focusing on the softness of your lips moving against his own. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, gently playing with the short strands at the back of his neck - coaxing low groans from him - ensuring whatever remnants of the conversation beforehand no longer existed, the boy focusing solely on your pouty lips. A small whine sounded from his chest as soon as you pulled away, eyes still closed and chasing after your lips. He’ll for sure talk your ear off in future to gain more kisses.
“So being annoying is the best way to get you to pay attention to me? Noted.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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corruption-skz · 19 days ago
VACATION || Lee Minho Smut
• Requested: Yes
• Warnings: Dom!Minho,Sub!Reader,Fem!Reader,Virgin!Reader,Fingering,Oral(male receiving),vaginal penetration,creampie,unprotected sex, corruption kink,fluffy.
Okay guys I apologize in advance this is kinda cheesy,this smut turned out fluffier than expected but oh well,Minho is my bias and I have a soft spot for him 🥺
Tumblr media
You had been waiting for summer the whole year.The boys had their break finally and you'd go all together on vacation.
The vacation so far has been so nice, swimming in the pool with the boys, playing board games and at night you would sit all together beside the pool having late night talks about anything either gossiping or talking about the universe, literally whatever.
Tonight though,the conversation got kinda spicy and they all started talking about kinks and sex stuff making you crawl on your seat and blush listen to them talking.
"What are your kinks y/n?" Changbin asked you
You immediately started stuttering trying to figure out what to say
"I-I uhm I wouldn't know" you said in a low voice
"You mean you haven't had sex before?" Changbin asked you as you felt everyone's look pierced on you
"Aww that's so cute and precious" Chris said to lighten the mood trying to make you feel better,showing you there was nothing wrong with that.
You still felt a bit embarrassed as everyone was shocked,but you felt embarrassed especially for Minho.
You loved the boys very much but you always had a weak spot for Minho, something that you couldn't explain,you craved his attention too much and you wanted to be all over him constantly.
The conversation shifted, thankfully for you and soon enough you all returned to your rooms as it was quite late.
Minho laid down on his bed not able to get you out of his mind,he had always had a sweet spot for you as well.
This information made him only fantasize about him taking your virginity,making love to you and showing you what it feels like to feel pleasure.He would lie to himself if he said he couldn't have guessed it,you did seem pretty innocent and you would immediately blush if a sexual topic was brought up.
The next day it was a normal day, playing by the pool, eating,resting and when the night came Jisung suggested they would go out for cocktails.And most of the members immediately agreed, except for Minho.
"Why don't we stay here and watch a movie pup?"
He said booping your nose,and you immediately got butterflies on your stomach at the thought of being alone with him.
You nodded blushing "Yes!That sounds like a great idea"
The rest of the guys left leaving both of you alone in your room trying to pick a movie to watch with Minho insisting that you would watch a horror movie.
"Okay if we watch a horror movie you'll sleep with me tonight" you said to him
"That's fine by me" he said putting the movie on.
The whole movie you were literally clinging onto him hiding your face on his neck in any jump scare.
He was laughing at you poking your sides and tickling you trying to make you laugh a bit.
As the movie ended you turned the laptop off setting it aside and laid back trying to fall asleep but with no success.
"Minnie I can't sleep" you said Pocking him and he chuckled
"Come here pup" he said opening his arms for you as you laid there and he started stroking your hair
"Thank you" you whispered shutting your eyes
His fingertips traveled to the back of your neck making you shiver something he immediately noticed.
"Mm do you have a weak spot princess?"
You panicked not sure what to answer no? Yes? Maybe?
"Only if you're the one touching me" you said immediately covering your mouth,what the hell was wrong with you,why would you say that?
"Seriously?What if I do that then?" Minho leaned down pecking the back of your neck making a small whine escape from you.
He caressed your cheek looking at you clearly expecting you to speak up
"I-i have feelings for you minnie" you said looking up at him worried that he might leave from what he just heard.
He chuckled at your cuteness and leaned down kissing your lips as his hand was caressing your neck "me too baby girl"
"REALLY?" you said nearly yelling from your excitement and shock.
Minho just rolled his eyes "No I just wonder around kissing random girls I don't like for fun" he said in an ironic tone.
You slapped his arm "stop making fun of me!"
"You're literally asking me to tease you sometimes" he says holding you close in his arms kissing your lips once again.
You giggle and in the next minute you yawn resting your head on his arm shutting your eyes mumbling a small 'goodnight' to him before passing out.
The next few days passed by beautifully for you and Minho as you were all over eachother and him sleeping at your room was a common thing now.
Tonight you had him in your room again.
You were on the bed with him on top of you as you had a really intense make out session as his hand started massaging your thigh from under your dress making you moan into the kiss.
He interrupted the kiss looking at you in the eyes "can I make love to you?" He asked out of the blue making you widen your eyes "You can say no if you want of course"
"Please make love to me" you looked up at him with begging eyes.
He leaned down kissing you once again,the hand that was massaging your thigh getting dangerously higher making you tremble in anticipation "Relax angel, I got you" he said getting lower kissing your neck your nipples hardening and now being visible through the thin material of your dress.
He got lower then kissing your now visible nipples through your dress making you arch your back and desperately trying to take off that dress.
"Shh let me help you" he whispered lifting you up untying your dress from the back his fingertips tracing your skin.
You felt so soft and sensitive under his touch.
With a swift movement he too the dress off of you leaving you in your panties.Soon enough he took off his shirt as well.
You immediately leaned down kissing the a small scar that was visible on his tummy
"How can someone be so cute pup?" He said pinning you down kissing you.
His hand slipping your panties off placing his middle finger on your clit playing with it getting an instant reaction out of you,you arched your lower back biting his bottom lip making him moan as well.
"You may feel a tiny pinch now,so feel free to stop me" he said slipping his middle finger inside you swirling it around trying to stretch you a bit.
"How does it feel pup?" He asks kissing your hand
"I-it stings a little bit"
"hmm what if I do this?" He curls his middle finger inside you making you yelp
"Minnie do that again please" you begged and he happily obeyed watching your eyes roll back and your pretty lips moaning.
Soon enough he added a second finger making you gasp "e-eek Minnie t-too much" you complained and he immediately hushed you
"Give it sometime angel" he said trying to comfort you,and he was right.
Once you got used to it you started moaning again getting tighter and tighter around them.
Your face got buried in a pillow beside you as he started slowing down eventually pulling them out giving you a kiss "You did so good for me baby" he whispered on your lips,and you felt your ego being boosted by his praise.
He got up taking off his pants and your hand couldn't help but grab that strange thing that you were seeing on his boxers making him gasp.
You started massaging it through his boxers as Minho was trying not to cum right on the spot.
"Minnie why is it swollen?" You asked him curious
"Ugh that's what happens when I'm excited princess just like how you get wet" he tried to explain to you in the simplest way possible knowing all these things were new to you.
He laid back on the bed "Do you want to touch a bit more baby? Get familiar with it?" He asked trying to make you feel at ease with all these new things.
You nodded and kept massaging it through his boxers noticing that there's a wet spot on it "why is it wet here?" You asked tracing the wet spot along with his tip with your index finger.
Minho's body immediately jolted trying to stay calm for you and not to take you right then and there "That's what happens when we kiss too much sometimes,or when you let me touch you like you did earlier" you had such an impact on him and you had no idea and that's what it was driving him insane.
"Does it hurt?" You asked worried
"Not if we take care of it" he answered stroking your hair
You leaned down pecking his bulge making Minho widen his eyes and let out a loud moan "WOAH" he instinctively grabbed your hair,and that action only made you realize how much he liked what you did,so you repeated this action this time after you had lowered his boxers.
You kissed the tip looking up at him for approval
"Kitten could you take more?" He asked you,and you started taking more of him in your mouth trying to mumble 'like that?' around his dick
"Ohh fuck yes angel just like that" he said holding your head down trying to make you take more of him.
You started moving your head up and down sucking on his length as your hands grabbed his balls massaging them.
As much as he loved the feeling of your lips around him and the view of your pretty innocent face sucking his dick he had to stop you.
He grabbed your hair once again slowing down your movements and pulling his dick out of your mouth making you release it with a loud pop sound.
"B-but Minnie I thought you liked it" you looked up at him worried that he might has changed his mind.
"Oh god I love it baby girl,but I want to cum while I'm making love to you" he said caressing your cheek wiping away a few tears that left your eyes from your previous actions.
He placed you on top of him kissing you and massaging your back as you felt his dick underneath you teasing your hole.
"Can I stay on top?" You asked him feeling desperate to feel him already
"Sure baby girl just let me guide you okay?"
You nodded and he held his hands on your hips as he started lowering you slowly, slipping the tip in at first.
Desperation getting the best of you,you suddenly lowered yourself on top of him swiftly feeling really intensely like something 'popped' inside you making you wince and whine loudly.
"Shit!No baby girl wait!" Minho lifted you up slowly carefully not to hurt you more.
You hissed a little bit and grabbed his shoulders
"Shh kitten let me help you now hm?" As he lifted you up he laid you back on the bed,figuring out that it would be better for you like that because he would be able to control the pace and prevent you from doing anything clumsy again.
"we'll try with you on top next time okay?" You nodded letting him take the lead,as he slipped inside you slowly kissing your lips
"You're such a good girl baby" he said once he was fully in "such a good girl letting me take care of you" he said kissing your shoulder.
"Does it sting again love?"
"Mm a little bit but not that much" you said as your body was now getting used to his length.
Minho tried moving a little bit slowly getting really pleased seeing the way you were reacting. Your body was now craving the friction more and more grinding up against him.
"M-minnie can you please go faster?" You asked between moans.
He started speeding up wrapping his hand around your neck "You can't just keep doing that to me" he said moaning
"O-oh what do you mean minnie?" You asked confused
"Having that cute little voice and that innocent expression and calling me 'Minnie' like I'm not buried deep inside you fucking you right now" he said tightening his grip on your neck
His words made you moan and tighten even more around him
"Ugh Minnie it feels kinda tingly" you said not sure how you should describe it.
"Fucking hell" he mumbled to himself as he heard you speeding up even more "oh really kitten? Does it feel tingly? Will you let go around Minnie's cock? Claim me as yours as you coat it with your juices?"
You looked up at him shocked and very much turned on as you suddenly let go around his dick screaming his name "FUCK M-MINNIE"
His thrusts started getting slower and sloppier as he came inside you.
He pulled out laying beside you kissing your cheek and rubbing your thighs as he tried to bring you back from your high
"Come on pup, it's bath time" he said lifting you up carrying you to the bathroom
He turned on the water as you both stood underneath it washing yourselves off
"Uh Minnie?" You asked as he had you in his arms under the warm water
"Yes baby?"
"I love you very much" you said kissing him
"I love you too kitten" he said kissing you back holding you close.
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hyuneluvbot · a month ago
i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your lips
pairing- lee minho x reader
genre- fluff, best friends to lovers
warnings- reader skips meals because they’re super caught up with work, so if that might be triggering, please don’t proceed further. also a single curse word :D 
word count- 1.6k
synopsis- minho doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore, and today was just the push he needed, when he sees you giving attention to another male, he finally realises he can’t keep hiding his feelings.
author’s note- that synopsis was absolute crap. very cliché, bestf likes you, gets jealous and confesses. 
this is inspired by the song “i wanna be your girlfriend” by girl in red, specifically the lyrics ‘i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your lips; i wanna kiss you until i lose my breath.’ think i stumbled across an edit of minho on this song, which inspired this idea jdjdjdj ok bye. 
“why do you always end up skipping meals?” minho rolls his eyes for what seems like the hundredth time since you’d met him today.
“i was finishing this up, look it’s almost complete,” you quickly turn your laptop in his direction, showing him your progress. 
he scans whatever document you’d shoved into his face, but deems it uninteresting seconds later, opting to stare at you as you try to talk to him with your mouth full.
“don’t talk while you’re eating,” 
“ooh min your concern’s showing,”
“it’s because you look ugly,” he manages to pull a disgusted face.
‘of course you don’t look ugly’ he corrects himself in his head.
you never do, you never have; not in his eyes. 
he watches you as you eat the meal you’d pestered him to prepare for you, explaining how you lost track of time and forgot to eat.
it was true, well part of it was.
you weren’t going to tell him you wanted to see him with the excuse of food. 
when you’re done with your meal, you thank him and quickly pack up your stuff, getting ready to go back to the library where you were previously working in, when he stops you and tells you he wants to join you. 
“huh? but you’ll get bored there,” you say softly. 
“i’ve nothing better to do, plus i should keep a check on you so you don’t skip more meals,” he says, narrowing his eyes, almost as if he was convincing himself and not you. 
lies. he promised changbin and hyunjin he’d join in on the weekly movie marathon and karaoke night.
but oh well, they won’t mind. 
so before you try to protest more, he grabs your arm, tells you you’re wasting time and walks you to the direction of the library.
“min, can we get ramen after i’m done with work?” 
“tch, little piggy. you just ate and you’re already thinking about your next meal,” 
but despite his words, he still smiles, appreciating the effort on your part to prove to him you were true to your word and weren’t planning on skipping any more meals.
it’s silent for a while as you walk to your destination together, only making a stop at a nearby café to get some coffee and pastries as snacks while you work.
he waits as you place both of your orders, wanting to treat him as a thank you for the meal.
you start to make your way to him when you hear a voice call out to you.
“y/n, hey!” a boy approaches you.
minho quickly analyses the male.
almost as tall as him, fluffy curly hair, thick glasses, dressed in a black hoodie and matching joggers. 
the boy takes off his mask and smiles at you, his dimples on full display.
he quickly pulls you into a hug that you happily return.
minho’s stomach churns in discomfort, as a pang of jealousy and insecurity hits him.
he doesn’t care to pay attention to the conversation you both have, zoning out and only catching onto parts of it.
why do you look so happy with that boy?
why are you smiling at this boy like that? 
you only smile like that to him. 
you only hug him like that.
“i didn’t expect to see you here, when did you come back?” 
“just a few days ago, i’m leaving after my sister’s wedding, what’re you doing here?” 
“oh i’m just heading to the library with a friend, come say hi,” 
his head immediately shoots up as he sees you approach him with the male.
“min this is my friend minho,” “and min, this is minjun,” you giggle at the same name you refer to both of them with.
minjun offers his hand to minho, smiling, and it makes minho feel almost guilty for thinking of him as a threat.
he tries to push away his feelings and returns a tight- lipped smile, clutching his hand with his own, maybe a little tighter than he’d intended to.
minho sees you smile at him for trying to get along with minjun, and the sight of it eases his nerves a little. 
‘the things i do for you,’ he sighs and tries to initiate a conversation with the new male.
after what felt like hours of watching you smile and happily giggle with minjun; minjun receives a text and suddenly becomes alert. 
“shoot, gotta go, i’ll catch up with you later though,” he quickly pulls you in for another hug. 
“maybe we can hang out soon,”
“i’d love that,” minjun smiles and squeezes your hand, passing a small smile to minho before making his way out of the café.
minho watches him leave as you go back to pick up your coffees, shooting daggers to the boy’s retreating figure with his glare.
while you’re in the library working, you can’t help take note of minho’s behaviour. 
he’s been awfully silent this whole time, only replying to you with nods and blunt responses, sometimes not responding at all.
he’s usually a quiet person, but this is unlike him. 
he sits beside you, idly tapping one of your pencils he got a hold of on the table, and he seems in a daze, staring far away and not paying attention to his surroundings.
“y/n, who am i?” he suddenly asks you, making you tear your eyes away from your screen for a split second.
“minho. lee know. lee minho. min. uhh, cat boy,” you go on to list all the names you’d called him by over the years, only to get interrupted.
“no who am i to you?” he asks, his lips forming the smallest pout against his will.
“well, you’re my friend-”
you furrow your brows in confusion, now fully turning to his figure seated beside you.
“what do you mean no?” you ask him innocently.
“i don’t wanna be your friend,” he responds.
it came out harsher than he expected, because he sees a hurt expression flash across your face and it makes him feel extremely sorry in an instant. 
“oh,” you look away.
he contemplates on whether or not he should say it. 
he doesn’t want to lose you and your friendship.
but at the same time, he sure as hell doesn’t wanna lose you to another boy, especially not when he hasn’t even had a chance to love you properly, to show you how much you mean to him. 
‘say it’ the voice in his head chants to him, over and over. 
and so he does. 
“i don’t wanna be your friend because i want to kiss you,”
this makes you do a double take, your eyes widening almost comically, trying to comprehend if you heard that right.
“you what?”
“i want to kiss you; on your lips. also your cheeks, your nose. i want to kiss you everywhere,”
“if you’d allow me,” his previously harsh gaze softens as he looks at you before continuing. 
“why don’t you see? i’m in love with you, i’ve always been, i try so much but you never see me,” he finally lets out, almost whining.
“min, i- i never knew,” you stutter, overlapping your sentences. 
“well now you do. y-you should do something about it you know,” he concludes, his voice going down to a whisper and though he tries his best to appear confident, he still overlaps his words and stutters because of how nervous he is.
it’s so silent afterwards, both of you feel like you can hear just how fast your hearts are beating.
he doesn’t even look at you when you push your chair back, he assumes this is it. 
‘i should’ve kept quiet’
though he’s quickly pulled out of his thoughts when you take ahold of his face and lean down to capture his mouth with yours. 
he freezes for a few seconds before slowly relaxing into your touch, a small smile making its way to his lips.
then he pulls you down to his lap and sneaks his arms around your torso, holding you as close to him as your bodies would allow.
chests touching as you share sweet kisses; you sit there wrapped up in the other’s embrace.
you reluctantly pull away from him when you feel like you’re losing your breath, and disappointed, he tries to chase after your mouth with his own.
after you’re breathing somewhat normally, you slowly start to piece things together to why he was being so moody and why he admitted to his feelings now.
“were you upset because of minjun?” you ask him, trying to hold back your smile. 
his face instantly turns into one of annoyance before he starts to rant about the incident from the café. 
“you called me a friend, i’m not just a friend, and you know it! i’m a friend and he’s just minjun? wrong.” he pauses and refuses to look at you.
“you called him min! i’m min,” he huffs 
“but i thought you hated that name,” 
“it’s my favourite name out of all the ones you’ve called me,” he says in a low voice but you catch on nonetheless.
“you even hugged him like that,”
“like what?” 
“l-like you only hug me!” he’s clearly upset and it’s evident from the way he’s speaking to you.
“i’m always the happiest around you though,”
“you’re my favourite min,” you state, fondling with his fingers.
you finally crack a giggle at his expression.
round, wide eyes, rosy cheeks, lips pulled into a pout.
“w-what am i to you now?” he almost whispers, looking at you with the softest expression you’ve seen. 
wanting to play with him a bit more, you quickly kiss him again, for longer this time, not hesitant with your actions anymore, knowing he felt just the same as you did, and pull away to rest your foreheads together. 
“you’re my friend of course, best friend,” you smile cheekily.
he scoffs at that, should’ve seen that coming. 
“fuck you,”
“i love you too min,” you kiss his nose. 
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huihuiheart · a month ago
Kinktober D20: Not Your Average Vacation - Stray Kids
Kinktober 2021 Masterlist
Stray Kids Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dom! Chan x Switch! Female Reader , Dom! Minho x Switch! Female Reader, Dom! Changbin x Switch! Female Reader , Sub! Hyunjin x Switch! Female Reader , Sub! Felix x Switch! Female Reader , Switch! Jisung x Switch! Female Reader
Genre: Smut - Prequel to a series I’m considering making where you’ll actually get all the gritty details.  
Summary: Stress levels have been high among all of you lately, so what better way to resolve that than to go on a vacation. Of course there were always other methods for stress relief too.
Warnings: Dom/Sub themes, switch themes, implied smut, drinking, drinking games, being drunk, this is just a lead in, so you’re not going to be getting too many details.
Word Count: 634
“Two weeks of peace, it was long overdue.” Christopher leans back with a stretch as you chuckle at how dramatic the action is. 
“Yep and we’re already getting drunk on night one. It’s gonna make for quite an interesting vacation for sure.” You snicker, bringing your beer to your lips. Looking around the group, the youngest two had already having turned in for the night. They were staying in the same room, you being the only one with your own in the cabin you all had rented together for the next two weeks. Wanting to quite literally get away from everything for some time, someplace where you could relax without worrying about anyone popping up to ruin that for you.
“Well, we could always make things more interesting.” Jisung suggests, the smirk playing on his face wicked, screaming a warning of the trouble he could think up for the sake of entertainment, “We could play the lights out game.” 
“We don’t have any coins though, how are we supposed to play?” Changbin rolls his eyes, but whether at the suggestion or the fact that Felix has already excitedly rushed off to grab a bowl for the game that was suggested you aren’t quite sure.
“So we’ll use our keys. We’ll just have to turn the lights back on more often.” Jisung shrugs, not concerned at all despite the protests going up at his suggestion.
“That defeats the whole point of the game. It’s supposed to be anonymous.” Christopher shakes his head, but you’re already moving with a sigh knowing that some of them had their minds made up and there wasn’t gonna be much that could be done to change that now.
“It’ll just make it more fun, that’s all.” Hyunjin’s giggles are mischievous, letting you know he intended on adding to the trouble as he joins the little circle you’re all forming.
“Whatever they’re probably drunk enough at this point they won’t remember come morning. Besides it’s not like we can’t just use questions that’ll backfire on them too.” Minho joins as you all grab your keys. Felix sets the bowl in the center of the circle before running to switch the lights off.
“I’m asking first because it was my idea.” Jisung insists ignoring the sounds of disapproval while he thinks over what he wants to ask, “Do you kinda want to fuck away the stress right now?”
Despite his lack of subtlety or any building up to a question like that he was rewarded by a loud jingle of keys hitting the bowl. Most pretty easily admitting that yes, they would do that in a heartbeat. So the rotation started after Felix hit the lights and everyone grabbed their keys from the bowl again. The yes or no questions going around the room, revealing secrets while alcohol coursing through your veins.
“Would you fuck someone in this room?”
“Are you a switch?”
“Would you be down for a gangbang?”
“Are you hoping to get some on this trip?”
“Are you into being tied up?”
“Do you like marking?”
There was no end to dirty questions until it got too late and the alcohol was leading to exhaustion instead of just hiding away inhibitions. So Christopher spoke up, insisting everyone go to bed. The man who was the cause of trouble himself offered to help you. Jisung standing behind you to help you stand again and make your way to your room. Standing in the doorway you watch him for a moment.
“So you’re a switch?...which way do you lean then?” You ask leaning against the doorway until Jisung urges you further into the room to go lay down with a chuckle.
“Once you sober up I’ll let you come find out for yourself...well unless you get too shy on me again.”
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linoragi · a month ago
[ 11:09 am ] — “he’s not my boyfriend!”
“i’m not her stupid boyfriend!”
the other seven boys stared in confusion at the two of you. they literally deadass just caught the two of you making out on the couch and now, you deny that you and minho are in a relationship.
a groan escapes minho’s lips as he slaps his hand to his thigh out of frustration. “they just don’t get it.” minho says as he looks at you, having a fit in the pit of his stomach to bad mouth his friends.
“no,” you agree. “i mean, why would they?”
minho shakes his head as he stands up, ready to leave the dorms and so you stand up, knowing the two of you are going to hang out. then, the words that leave minho’s lips makes the boys even more confused.
“let’s go, baby.”
you fall back on the couch, covering your face as minho stops in his tracks, closing his eyes when he realizes his mistake. you sigh and when you see chan opening his mouth, you stand up to walk out, grabbing minho’s hand on the process as you both exit the dorms.
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hanqu0kka · 9 days ago
Pinky Promise
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Minho x F!reader
Genre: Fluff, drabble
Summary: You just wanted to stay in bed all day, but Minho had other plans. Why did he have to be so damn cute?
Warning: some swearing
Words: 600+
Tumblr media
"Look, they're going to cook Dwaekki." Minho chuckled aloud as he pointed at the phone screen.
You both were cuddling in his bed, watching some cooking videos on your phone. Minho's head rested on your chest, his arm gently wrapped around your waist while you absently stroked his hair.
"Stop being so mean." You said, tugging his hair lightly.
"Ouch!" Minho looked at you with a smirk on his lips. "Getting a bit kinky there, aren't we, kitten?"
"Oh, shut up!"
"Oh yeah, that's hot."
You sighed deeply, "Why am I even dating you?"
"Simple, because you love me, silly." He winks at you before turning his attention back to your phone.
Feeling too sleepy to think in a witty response, you just went back to caressing his hair. And to be honest, he had only told the truth. You really did love him.
Minho started to watch some confectionery videos, and you took that moment to close your eyes a little.
You felt so relaxed that you were taken aback when Minho suddenly raised his head and stared at you. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Get up. Let's cook," he stated. "I want to try this new recipe."
“But it's sooo comfortable here. We can cook later, okay?” You tried bringing his head back to your chest, but he easily pulled away.
"Come on! It's going to be fun."
He was staring at you in such a cute and exciting way that you just couldn't say no. You nodded, making him smile happily.
Minho jumped out of bed and dragged you into the dorm kitchen, causing you to nearly hit your hip on the edge of the table. You watched as he rummaged through the cabinets for the required ingredients, still trying to get rid of the sleep that seemed to dominate your body.
"Shit!" Minho frowned as he opened the fridge. "We'll have to go to the market first. The milk has run out and the flour we have won't be enough."
You whined, “What? Really? Now?"
“Yep! Stop being so lazy, not even my cats are lazy like that."
“But it's so hot outside. I will melt.” You argued.
Minho rolled his eyes, “No, you won't. You're not made of sugar, kitten.”
You were about to open your mouth to protest again, but Minho grabbed your shoulders, pouting cutely.
"Pleeeease!" He whined, gently shaking you. "I promise I'll let you have the biggest piece."
"Ha! The last time you said that, I didn't have a single piece 'cause you let Jisung eat the whole cheesecake all by himself!"
He waved his hand dismissively, “That's in the past. This time I promise you will get the biggest piece of the cake.”
"Oh, really? So pinky promise me.” You said, extending your pinky towards him.
"Are you serious? How old are you?" He scoffed.
You gave him a serious glare, raising your eyebrows as threatening as you could. He rolled his eyes again but laced his pinky finger with yours.
“Here, done. Are you happy now?" He asked sarcastically, forcing a cute voice.
"Very happy." You replied with a big smile on your face. "Now stop fooling around, Min. Let's go before it gets dark."
Minho shot you an indignant look, but before he could say something, you sealed his lips in a quick kiss.
"You're lucky you're cute." He muttered. "I don't know how I put up with you."
You glazed at him, smiling, "Simple... because you love me, silly."
You winked at him and walked towards the front door, grinning triumphantly when you heard him laughing behind you.
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lvlychns · 2 months ago
Pairing: Lee Minho x gn!Reader
Word count: ~800
Warnings: none
Summary: Minho falls asleep in your lap. You decide to capture the moment.
A/N: i am way too tired to proofread there's probably some mistakes here and there lol
Tumblr media
Quiet nights like this are your favorite thing in the entire world. Minho and you had curled up on the couch after finishing dinner, putting on the first cheesy rom com you could find and laughing to each other, teasing the characters when they did something stupid.
That had been a few hours ago, and now you sit leaned against the back of the couch, your boyfriend dozing with his head resting on your thigh. You smile down at him as he rolls over slightly, giving you a better view of his face.
He looks so peaceful when he’s asleep - when he’s awake, there’s always a grin or a frown or some other expression of the sort stretched across his face. Now, however, there’s simply a look of serenity as he snores quietly, the sound filling your otherwise silent living room.
Unable to help yourself, you bring a hand down and gently card your fingers through his hair, your cheeks warming as he smiles softly in his sleep. Your heart does somersaults in your chest as you look down at him.
Grinning slightly, you carefully reach over to the coffee table next to you and grab your sketchbook and pencil. Flipping to the first blank page, you take a quick glance at Minho before you begin sketching.
You start with his jawline, slowly making your way around in careful strokes, lighter than usual so the scratching of the pencil doesn’t wake him up. Small, wide U’s form his closed eyes, long eyelashes brushing against his sharp cheekbones, and you take particular care with his nose, making sure to get it just right. Next is his hair, slightly tousled from tossing and turning, with a slight wave to it from the product the stylist had put in it at a shoot he had earlier that day.
Finished, you take in your sketch. It looks a little bit rough because of the awkward position you had to draw it from to avoid waking Minho (forearms stretched over to the arm of the couch, sketchbook balanced between the sofa and your knee), but it’s him nonetheless. Happy with it, you smile, placing your pencil on the page and closing it to mark your spot. You set the sketchpad down on the table, cringing as it makes a noise a bit too loud.
You glance back down at your boyfriend, to find him staring back. You gasp slightly, startled. A grin stretches across his face.
“Am I really that handsome?” he teases, and you chuckle, running a finger along his nose and then resting your hand casually on his chest.
“You startled me,” you say. “I thought you were asleep. I’m sorry If I woke you up.”
“‘S okay,” he mumbles, words slurred with sleep. “What time is it?”
You glance at your phone, tapping the screen to wake it up. “10:19. We should probably go to bed soon, I have to go to work early tomorrow.”
“Okay,” he hums, shutting his eyes again for a moment before sitting up, swinging his legs around to rest on the floor.
“I’m gonna go wash my face and get ready for bed,” you say, pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek before standing up and heading to the bathroom.
Minho watches you with a small smile. He stands up slowly, stretching his back as he does so. The loud pop that comes from his joints reminds him that he needs to go to the chiropractor sometime this week. He starts to head to your shared bedroom, before realizing you left your sketchbook on the table. He picks it up, taking it to your room with him.
He tries to set it on the desk, but his sleep-fuddle brain messes up his depth perception, and he drops the book. It falls open, and your favorite pencil rolls across the room. Grumbling nonsense, he bends down, picking it up. He falters, looking at the drawing on the page it had opened to.
A smile spreads across his face as he realizes what it is.
Hearing the bathroom door open from the other end of the apartment, he picks up your pencil, marks the page, and places the now closed sketchbook on the desk before heading to the closet to find some pjs.
You enter the bedroom, yawning quietly as you make your way to the bed, placing your phone on your nightstand. You hear shuffling behind you, and then a pair of strong arms circle your waist.
“Hi,” you laugh, turning around so you’re face to face with your boyfriend.
“I love you,” he says, and you feel your face warm as he leans in, lips connecting with yours briefly. As he pulls back, you study his face, slightly confused.
“What was that for?” you ask, beaming. He matches your expression, tilting his head to the side in thought before smiling warmly.
“Just wanted to.”
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jsung01 · 6 months ago
“I didn’t say you could slow down, did I?” // l.m.h
Tumblr media
Genre; Smut
Word Count; 1.4k
Contains; dom!minho, femsub!reader, thigh riding, dirty talk, cum play, restraints, pet names, one good ass slap, small hints of degradation
Disclaimer; All of my writing contains consensual sex, even if not explicitly obvious!! Always ask for consent!
A/N; Requested <3, I especially loved writing this one! You guys have such dirty minds it’s awesome. I’m also trying to incorporate more kinks into my writing so I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You hadn't expected Minho to arrive home early. He had been at the studio all night, practicing for an upcoming performance, and he usually tended to stay later than the rest of the boys. Due to this common occurrence, you often didn't see him until very late when he would come home after a long day and cuddle up next to you for the night. 
Tonight, however, was different. Minho had gotten in an argument with one of the boys, and chose to storm out of the building rather than to stay any later than he usually did. 
Unknowingly to you of course, as you assumed he wouldn't be home until much later. It was for this reason that you decided to touch yourself to ease some of the sexual frustration that had been building up during Minho’s absences. You knew Minho didn't like this, however, and he would specifically warn you not to touch yourself while he was not around. What he doesn't know won't hurt him though, right? 
Much to your surprise, you heard the swinging of the front door, causing you to jolt upwards as you tried your best you cover yourself up with the blanket you had laying next to you. Minho scoffed as his eyes made contact with the sight before him.
“What do you think you’re doing?”, he snapped, although he was pretty sure he already knew the answer after seeing the way you frantically tried to cover yourself up.
“I wasn’t, I just-”, you didn't know how you could possibly justify what you were doing. How were you supposed to explain why you were laying down on the couch with your clothes off and your hand in between your legs? You couldn’t, especially not with Minho. You knew he could see through your lies better than anyone else. He had memorized the way you looked whenever you were horny, and more specifically, the way you looked whenever you were close to cumming.   
“I’ve had the worst day at the studio, and when I come home to see my girlfriend, I find out that she’s chosen to disobey my words? Didn't I tell you not to touch yourself when I’m not around?”, he stepped closer to you as he spoke. He sounded more frustrated than ever, and you grew tense at his sharp tone. 
You didn't know how to respond. You avoided eye contact as your head laid low, like a disobedient puppy who had just been caught tearing up their owners shoes. You shifted to cover yourself more with your blanket, embarrassed at what you had done. 
He reached one of his hands down to your jaw, tilting it up gently so you would have to look him in the eye. His features had become suspiciously soft within a matter of seconds.
“If you’re that needy for me that you couldn’t have waited a few more hours, then I’ll let you have me”, he said, almost tenderly. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused at his words and his expression. Was he not going to punish you? He had been so angry when he first came through the door, why was he suddenly being so nice?
Minho let go of your jaw before sitting himself next to you on the couch. He noticed the confused look on your face, and decided to give you a hint. With a slight smirk on his face, he nodded down towards his black jeans, the ones he often wore during rehearsals that always made his thighs look so damn good.
“What are you waiting for, princess, come here”, he smiled at you rather innocently, but you knew behind those innocent eyes held a cocky and rather aroused Minho. 
You couldn't hide the fact that you wanted him, and as much as you wanted him to touch you, you weren't about to deny the only chance you were going to get at having him. You picked up on what he wanted before swinging your leg over to rest on his thigh. 
“Good girl, now ride my thigh”, he relaxed his back on the couch, his arms swinging behind his head with a smug expression on his face. 
You braced yourself by placing your hands on his chest as you slowly began to move your hips. Instantly, you felt yourself become wetter at the feeling of your clit rubbing against his thigh. Although it felt a lot more satisfying than your own hand had been, you still couldn't shake the thought of how much better he would feel inside of you. As if he had read your mind, he spoke up.
“Don’t expect anything else from me, this is all your going to get for being such a naughty girl behind my back”
You whined quietly in response. Minho’s expression grew slightly cold at that, annoyed at how you had the audacity to complain when he was so nice in offering his thigh for you to get yourself off, instead of leaving you to handle things on your own.
“Stop being so ungrateful, you’re lucky I’m even letting you get off on my thigh, you don't even deserve that”, he rolled his eyes. “Now say thank you or you're not cumming at all tonight”
“Thank you, thank you for letting me ride your thigh, I don’t deserve this, thank you”, you responded quickly, worried that he would stop you and leave you to handle matters on your own.
He continued watching you, watching the way your hips stuttered whenever he would flex his thigh against your aching clit, to the way your eyebrows furrowed every time you lost your orgasm. He was starting to get frustrated at the way your hands kept rubbing up and down your shirt in a subtle attempt to feel as much of him as possible.
All of a sudden, Minho’s lips drew into a smirk as his mind thought of an idea.
Minho reached around his waist to pull off his belt he had been wearing before grabbing your wrists and tying them behind your back, preventing you from being able to move anything else other than your hips. 
You tried not to complain as you attempted to free yourself from the restraints, but it was no use. Now, you were helpless, unable to touch him at all. 
Minho loved this, of course. He loved having full control over you, being able to control how much pleasure you got. He watched the way your chest rose with each grind of your hips, and he knew that if he wanted to, he could cum simply at the sight of it. As stubborn as you were, he couldn’t deny that you were truly gorgeous. 
Eventually, you found it harder to make yourself cum without the support of your hands, and you began to slow down your hips as you grew tired at the countless failed attempts to reach your orgasm. 
Minho quickly reached around your waist to slap your ass hard once he noticed your hips slowing down. “I didn’t say you could slow down, did I, kitten?”, he asked.
You shook your head, trying your best to pick up your pace to please him. “Minho, I can’t cum, it’s not enough”, you cried. 
“I don’t care, either you cum on my thigh or not at all”
With one final sigh, you began to speed up your hips, desperately trying to reach your high. Minho soon took slight pity on you, flexing his thigh for a moment in order to help you out. That, and plus the fact that he really, really wanted to see you cum on his thigh. 
You threw your head back once you finally felt yourself cum, your arms involuntarily tugging at the restraints on your wrists even though you knew very well that there was no point.
You brought your head down against his chest as you felt your orgasm subside, feeling the vibrations of Minho’s cocky laugh against your forehead. 
“Tsk, look at the mess you made, so dirty”, he swiped his fingers over his pants before reaching up to place two of them in your mouth, making you clean up the mess you had made on his pants. 
“Good girl”, he smiled as he watched your lips wrap around his fingers. “Now, next time you think about touching yourself, what are you going to do?”
“I’m not going to touch myself”, you replied with his fingers still in your mouth.
He chuckled softly, “That’s right, kitten. Now, let’s get you cleaned up, hmm?”
Tumblr media
Tags; @anxiousbobatea​
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pastelracha · 3 months ago
SKZ with an older S/O
Tumblr media
☾ Title : skz with an older s/o
☾ Pairing: all members x fem!reader
☾ Genre: fluff, established relationship.
☾ Prompt: skz with an older s/o and how they see the relationship
☾ A/N: got this idea before sleeping, last night and yeah, the s/o being older by like something to 1 to 3 years older than the guys. I admit I wrote it like a bit fast but I wanted to give it a try, don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox
☾ Word Count: 1.126K
masterlist | ask or request
He wouldn’t mind a bit, I even think he would like it, cause you know he would have someone to lean on and relax a bit, telling you stuff he can’t really tell to his members. Really mature in the relationship you guys have, treat you like the goddess you are and deserve the world and he give it to you. It doesn’t matter to him that yes you are older than him, so what ? Love is love !  Still call you babe or babygirl no matter what. 
Still have silly moments with you, like dancing weirdly in the living room and stuff, you are now SKZ’s mom, all the guys look up at you for tips and stuffs. 
Feels like your relationship is really easy for him, you support each others, and it’s so natural between the two of you. 
LEE MINHO Minho just don’t give a damn that you’re older than him, he doesn’t even talk about it, you’re his girlfriend and he is your boyfriend nothing more nothing less. But also plays a lot with you, tease you or stuff but not too much, cause he doesn’t see the big deal of you being older. Makes you use the ugly snow filters but is really mature in the relationship, which really surprised you at first but now it’s normal. 
Love your mature side, but also when you turn silly with him. 
He just want to be comfortable in a relationship and if it means a older partner he doesn’t see why not, it’s his life and no one will have a word to say. 
SEO CHANGBIN Seo Changbin is another genre of relationship, he legit doesn’t give a f about your age, but use a lot of aegyo on you to get want he wants, a kiss, a hug, or anything, aegyo is his way to get to your heart. 
He is the cutest with you, cling to you like your shadow whenever it’s just the two of you, hug you like all the time, kiss you neck and stuff. 
Changbin is just a lovely bean, age doesn’t matter to him, if he loves you he gonna do it 100%, he just love the comfort you bring to his life, isn’t scared to show you the real him, trust you a lot, and relay on you a lot. 
Loves to have silly moments with you, but also thinks he is here to protect you no matter what you still his girlfriend and it’s his role to do that, at least to him. 
HWANG HYUNJIN At first I think, he was kind of scared of being immature net to you, he still young and yeah so he was over the top when you said yes to being his girlfriend, at first he was trying to be like the older guy in the relationship, but soon see you felt weird cause he wasn’t himself, and stopped. 
Get more mature, talk to you about deep stuffs, telling you are his getaway from all of his crazy schedules and loves being with you doing nothing. 
Reminding you how breathtaking you are everyday, and just show you he loves you a lot, loves to share his passions with you, and finally all his worries are out of the frame cause your relationship is natural and he really appreciate it.  HAN JISUNG Wasn’t worried about you being older than him, his feelings are important to him and I think he is at ease with you, all his anxiety isn’t on his mind if you near, and he feels good with you no need to pretend to be someone else or a few years older. 
He just feel good, and he find his place in the relationship, cause he wasn’t the one who asked you to date, you were the one, and he was more than happy about it. He get a lot of pressure at work being an idol isn’t that easy on him, and he’s happy you’re here to remind him he is human, and loved. Talk a lot to you about is worries and stuffs. 
He just see the relationship on the good side and love sharing his life with you, older or not he just doesn’t give a damn. 
LEE FELIX I see Felix as a really mature person so age isn’t a matter to him either. 
Calls you you nicknames, tries to get you close to his older sister cause why not, he just doesn’t care about what people says about your age and the fact that he is younger, he is just living his relationship the best he can. 
He look up a lot to the older members, so he is happy you get along together and he is just happy to be with you, isn’t scared to show you his silly side, and loves to bakes with you at crazy hours in the night. 
Isn’t afraid to show the world he loves you and your age doesn’t matter to him and it shouldn’t brother people who aren’t in the relationship you guys share. KIM SEUNGMIN Seungmin as the other doesn’t really says anything about you being a few years older than him, your relationship to him is the most important, you being older or not, he never understood why people make it so weird when the girl is older. To him you are just y/n his girlfriend. 
He is mature, and don’t feel that you are older, is just you and him really. 
He is used to hang out with older people, his members and stuffs, so he doesn’t see why he should matter so much, he just feel good with you and love spending time with you, it’s just normal and feels so natural for him. 
He is just glad he find you and he can be who he really is with you. YANG JEONGIN
For Jeongin, i also think at first he didn’t really know what to think cause he is the youngest and in the group is the maknae and kind of the center of the attention of his older members. But in the end if he really like you and after a talk with his closest friends, age shouldn’t matter. 
Overall for him it’s a normal relationship and he doesn’t really get why people are out there saying if the boy is older is ok but if the girl is older it’s weird. 
He is just happy to finally have someone he can share with, he is mature and just really happy to have find such a adorable person like you. Always saying age is just a thing and feeling are stronger than that, it’s his life and relationship and people don’t have their words to say.
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