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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I could really give less of a damn about politics at this stage in life but can we just get humble and down to earth people in office? Or do good folk naturally not seek office and leave it for the vermin of humanity to infest and corrupt?

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Capital poses an existential threat to humanity which has to be destroyed as soon as possible. If we can acknowledge this, we then need to sober up and come to grips with the fact that social democracy is ultimately just a compromise and we cannot afford to compromise as a class in the context of looming climate catastrophe. We will see fire and fury like the earth has never seen before and capital will fuck us over in ways we couldn’t even begin to comprehend at this time if we do not ensure our interests as a class. Remember that Coronavirus is only just a dry run next to climate change and with the entire basis for capital being self preservation and a narrow, shortsighted, survivalist mindset, capital will work their hardest to ensure their own survival at the expense of everyone else.

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“What’s more painful? Being left at the altar or being a mistress?”

“Do we really have to compare? Because there’s no comparison. Can’t we just agree.. that we both got hurt? That’s it. End of story. Period.”

-Exes Baggage. Dan Villegas

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The oligarchy is inevitable kids

Every political system is an oligarchy, in history of humanity, always have a special group in power. When you understand this, you will become an anarchist, a fascist if you are right wing or socialist/communist if you are left wing. Democracy liberal is control by the bourgeoisie that owns the parties; is the oligarchy most stronger today, the aristocracy is still alive, specially in Europe, they own a country like Lienchestein but not is powerful like when was ours masters.

Then, you learned that also exists oligarchy in nazi-fascism and communism, a military or bureaucrat oligarchy; after that, you must be wise to know that the game is not about put “the people in power”, but put the best oligarchy to the people in power.

Any person that thinks that can eliminate the oligarchy need make more journey in politics hell, like me.

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