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#left alone

Everyone has people around them. And they listen. Tell. Teach. Encourage. Correct. Help. Support… Care.

But most importantly they’re only a call away if not closer. They’re always there for them and they appreciate everything they get for their help. 

Everyone can talk to someone. Not about everything though… but they’re still able to. It comes so naturally for them, they might not even consider not having these blessings in their lives.

Do you know true loneliness? Were you unlucky enough to see its true hid-in-the-dark face with those cold, shineless eyes?

Maybe someone saved you right away - for others, it took longer but they eventually freed themselves from these old, frost-bited chains.

Those? No. I said these - I know them well. I’ve lived my entire life with them wrapped tightly around my body and I don’t have the key for the lock that has given me only slavery and pain. 

Everyone thinks I’m just silent - a strange being who needs to be alone because solitude’s the only thing I’ve ever known. Everyone thinks I’m comfortable this way. They think I’m fine because they’re fine. Everyone thinks I’m okay because they’re never lonely enough to consider what it really means.

But I’m not everyone.

I’m not okay.

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Does anyone who has borderline has the same problem, that your fp has always been a teacher or therapist? I‘m so ashamed and it hurts like hell to be dependent on someone who is unaproachable. All my life I had and still have feelings for someone who will never feel the same for me and isn‘t even allowed to. It just hurts.

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It’s funny..

When i get asked about you, I’m unsure how to answer?

Besides “yeah they’re doing good” or “not heard from them, so i dont really know” …depending on my mood and feelings towards you on the spot.

-It’s not hard to reply, or even just say hi.

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I hate falling in love. I know that they won’t feel the same way about me, so I’m only going to get hurt. And what I hate the most, is still having hope they’ll fall for me too.

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I feel abandoned. Like I got left behind. It seems like everyone is moving on with their lives. Whenever I talk to people I feel like a burden. I’m scared to tell people how I feel because no one really seems to care. It hurts telling people my problems now. I feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time. I feel as if I’ve been left to rot in a hole. I’m just another face in the crowd.

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