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prole-log · 2 months ago
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freegan-life · 6 months ago
Leftists, I want y’all to destroy the idea of “laziness” yesterday
Motivation, patience, and energy are limited resources, especially for people with executive dysfunction, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities.
Next time you want to assume you or someone else is being “lazy”, consider the actual reasons behind why there is not enough in them to do the thing.
Left to their own devices, free people are naturally driven to improve their lives and the lives of others,
Right wing arguments’ foundations depends on the assumption that humans are naturally selfish, evil, and “lazy”, and must be controlled by higher powers and punished when they don’t contribute enough (with the insistence that certain groups of people are more deserving of being controlled and punished than others)
Next time you notice you or someone else is struggling to accomplish something, don’t assume “laziness”, instead ask yourself: am I tired? Depleted of patience? In a bad mood? If I keep pushing myself through this, will it really be worth the distress?
Maybe what you need is rest, someone to talk to, mental health support, or to just be safe, with all your needs being met. Maybe we should eliminate “laziness” as an easy explanation and instead consider our needs first.
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haqqandsuch · a month ago
White queers are very very capable of being agents of white supremacy
This means white enbys, white trans women, white transmen, white ace and aro people. White whatever the fuck else. All very capable of being agents of white supremacy.
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skunkmemther · a month ago
Jeff Bezos donated $200M of his roughly $200B wealth pool upon (unfortunately) arriving back on Earth
Doing the math, 200M as a percentage of 200B is 0.1% of his wealth
0.1% of MY wealth is $1.40
If I donated $2 I would be donating more of my wealth than he donated of his.
Jeff Bezos needs to have his assets seized immediately
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guerrillatech · 29 days ago
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prole-log · 2 months ago
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deathadvice · 7 months ago
Hi I’m only using this tumblr to beg for $.
My wife just had her wisdom teeth pop through and shes the only source of income for us. Her work gives her little hours and once she’s able to get an appointment (god knows how long thats going to be) shes going to need time off to recover.
I am mentally ill and have been fighting with the therapy firm (forgot to input my insurance at the start of my sessions and then tried to collect 1500), unemployment services (being harassed by management isn’t a good enough reason to quit, unsafe working conditions regarding covid, did not meet 25% reduction in hour threshold, did the math and it was like 23.5) and my previous landlords who stole our deposit (due to water damage from them power washing the building)
I don’t know how much more I can take and I don’t want to leave her all alone. I need $ to pay rent, buy food, feed my cat, pay the internet bill (which is already two months late) AND go back to therapy. They cut me off due to the outstanding balance and I’m losing my mind. I am already in debt like $3000+ from dropping out of college and getting a concussion that sent me to the ER a couple years ago and ever since then my life has been a downward spiral only exacerbated by the global crisis. I hate that my life is s fucking sob story but Please for the love of god help us live.
Cashapp $gutjune
Venmo @bigmargaret
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anarchistfrogposting · 6 months ago
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it’s toothbrush stealing time, comrades
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theskepticalwitch · 14 days ago
Spotlight: Texas Abortion Law
This quite obviously has nothing to do with my blog, but because of my platform, I feel the need to talk about this as this is a very serious topic that means a lot to me.
The Texas Abortion Law prohibits abortions before most women realize they are even pregnant, at only 6 weeks of pregnancy.
This law bans abortions once cardiac activity can be detected. When a woman realizes she has missed her period, she is already four weeks pregnant. This would leave the woman only 2 weeks to not only recognize that she was pregnant, but make the difficult decision of either maintaining the pregnancy or obtaining an abortion.
This law does not make any exceptions for rape or incest.
This law will affect everyone! It allows abortion providers to be sued, as well as anyone who helps a person obtain an abortion, whether it be driving them there or providing financial assistance for the abortion.
The people most affected by this bill will be teenagers, low-income people, people of color, and undocumented immigrants.
What can you do?
Spread this information. Get in contact with your state's representatives and tell them that you will not stand for this infringement on Women's Rights, Women's Healthcare Rights*, and Human Rights. Organize or go to local protests. Educate yourself on what's going on.
I have no idea if we can make a difference, but we have to at least try.
*afab people who do not identify as women may receive the same healthcare as cis-women still.
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cemeteryshrooms · 6 months ago
💖👉🏻typed in a way to please alg0r1thms👈🏻💖
Is there anyone at all that can h3lp us with m0n3y right now?? We're down to our last d0llars and have 4 kids to take care of. We're okay on f00d but its been extremely difficult to keep up with necessities and self care items for them, as well as my cat needing his insulin. We have no inc0me right now because we're high risk. My doc literally warned me not to work. Idk what else to do I've tried everything. If anyone at all can h3lp, we'd really appreciate it 💖 I can provide any proof if needed! 💖 Thank you 💖
Paypal - Cashapp
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crimsonwride · 2 months ago
mutual aid request signal boost
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TEXT ID: Mutual aid request. A nehiyaw youth is strugging due to a student loan repayment getting automatically withdrawn putting their account in the negatives. They have received minimal support and need funds for groceries and survival. There is no way to reverse this withdrawal and financial stress is extremely difficult during this already very stressful time.
Please contribute funds if you are able and if not please share this post!
Send EMT/paypal money to
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