radfemblack · 10 hours ago
Goldman applied her ideas about free love consistently to women and men, homosexuals and heterosexuals. Her advocacy of homosexual rights earned her opposition even from some within the anarchist community, who believed such an unpopular position would only heighten hostility toward the anarchist movement. As usual, Goldman was as ready to defy her own comrades as her political adversaries.
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aristocat98 · 2 days ago
the 4 horsemen of internet apocalypse (gentrification, consumptionism & loss of anonymous and counterculture character) are: facebook, tiktok, netflix, spotify
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katsanarchist · 9 months ago
I hate Fallout fans so much you don't even know
Tumblr media
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brendanicus · 2 months ago
One of the absolute biggest failures of the US/Western "left" is the fact that most people are only capable of being anti-imperialist in the abstract and/or in hindsight. "Of course invading Iraq was bad!" people will say. "Of course invading Vietnam was bad! Of course the US lied about Iraq in the 90s to initiate the Gulf War!" (and Vietnam in the 60s, and Iraq again in the 2000s). But when it comes to what the empire is doing now people get fucking goldfish brains and are incapable of critically analyzing any new information. You see, we just have to stay in Syria to save the Kurds and defeat Assad. We just have to go to war with China if they try to reunify Taiwan to protect democracy. We should have stayed in Afghanistan to protect women and girls. Or people will try to both-sides it and say "well of course US imperialism is bad, but [insert Official Enemy State here] is just as bad if not worse!". Then when the empire makes its move and inevitably it kills thousands of people and makes the world objectively worse, then people will say "oh I guess it was bad after all", and the "anti-imperialists" of 20 years from now will pat themselves on the back for remembering that bad thing the empire did and knowing it definitely was bad.
All of this is supremely useless. If anti-imperialism means anything it means stopping the empire before it ever even starts, and if it does start, doing any and everything possible to sabotage and defeat it.
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xoxo-ren-xoxo · 2 months ago
"I don't want to read leftist theory it's all written by old white men" FANON IS RIGHT THERE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I understand not wanting to read theory because it's exclusive, elitist, or just plain hard to understand, but I'm begging you to please give Fanon's work a read if you can. Especially if your argument for not reading theory is the quote above.
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tankism · 5 months ago
The fact that thousands of Jewish families across the United States are being forced to decide whether to send their children to their first day of school or observe their religious practices is just more proof that antisemitism is culturally Ingrained and that westerners never cared about diversity or considering religious and ethnic minorities. Having one of the most important school days on one of the most important Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah) is so tone deaf, especially with the increasing amount of antisemitism and violence against America’s Jewish community this year.
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Capitalism only values nature by how it can be exploited.
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freegan-life · 10 months ago
Leftists, I want y’all to destroy the idea of “laziness” yesterday
Motivation, patience, and energy are limited resources, especially for people with executive dysfunction, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities.
Next time you want to assume you or someone else is being “lazy”, consider the actual reasons behind why there is not enough in them to do the thing.
Left to their own devices, free people are naturally driven to improve their lives and the lives of others,
Right wing arguments’ foundations depends on the assumption that humans are naturally selfish, evil, and “lazy”, and must be controlled by higher powers and punished when they don’t contribute enough (with the insistence that certain groups of people are more deserving of being controlled and punished than others)
Next time you notice you or someone else is struggling to accomplish something, don’t assume “laziness”, instead ask yourself: am I tired? Depleted of patience? In a bad mood? If I keep pushing myself through this, will it really be worth the distress?
Maybe what you need is rest, someone to talk to, mental health support, or to just be safe, with all your needs being met. Maybe we should eliminate “laziness” as an easy explanation and instead consider our needs first.
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s-ilenthills · 9 months ago
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anarchistfrogposting · 9 months ago
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you can bring attention and sympathy to your protest without incriminating the individuals and groups attached to it. keep your friends and allies safe. don’t film riots.
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radfemblack · 2 days ago
The investigations of Bachofen, Morgan and others seem to prove that the social suppression of women coincided with the creation of private property. The contrast within the family between the husband as proprietor and the wife as non-proprietor became the basis for the economic dependence and the social illegality of the female sex. This social illegality represents, according to Engels, one of the first and oldest forms of class rule. He states: “Within the family, the husband constitutes the bourgeoisie and the wife the proletariat.”
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haqqandsuch · 5 months ago
White queers are very very capable of being agents of white supremacy
This means white enbys, white trans women, white transmen, white ace and aro people. White whatever the fuck else. All very capable of being agents of white supremacy.
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bobbiegalore · a year ago
My ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD sister has to do her mandatory school work remotely from home because of lockdown. Tonight, my mum and I discovered that the app she has to use for class contains
Let me repeat that: microtransactions being put into an app that my little sister needs to use to receive her school assignments and participate in her education.
Basically, this is an app where the teacher uploads assignments for kids to do and every kid has a little monster that they use as an avatar in the virtual classroom. You can unlock new skins and customise your monster but it costs REAL MONEY.
Kids don’t need this kind of peer pressure. They already have to deal with these god damn transactions in all of their video games. They don’t need this in their VIRTUAL CLASSROOM APPS.
My sister does not need to spend money customising her in-app classroom avatar. She is trying to do her maths assignments. She is a CHILD.
Why are microtransactions being put into TEACHING APPs that children are using for MANDATORY WORK during a PANDEMIC????
Abolish capitalism and all of these god damn parasites hurting our kids. Holy hell. 😡
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brendanicus · a month ago
I’m convinced the apex of imperialist propaganda about foreign countries, and the direction it all inevitably moves towards, is the totalizing of those countries’ populations, cultures, and governments into a single homogenous mess that can’t be extricated from one another. What imperialist propaganda really wants you to think and works effortlessly towards achieving is making any cultural artifact, symbol, meme, expression, visibility, etc. from the targeted country immediately trigger a negative reaction in your brain because it’s the “bad county”. Hence why nowadays Chinese people can’t publish a fucking TikTok without Anglos in the comments bringing up the CCP, racist Winnie the Pooh jokes, social credit scores, etc. - all of it done ironically enough by the same people who claim to “hate the government and love the people”. Of course the country that this has been done must savagely to is the DPRK, which in most Westerners’ minds isn’t so much a country as it is a cartoon villain that most people just want to see erased from the earth. DPRKoreans aren’t “people” in Western imagination so much as they’re NPCs who sometimes populate the photos and videos we occasionally see of their homeland. The Western imagination about China is rapidly reaching that level of totalization and dehumanization as the new Cold War propaganda against it heats up.
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aristocat98 · 2 months ago
NFT is just white men rediscovering deviantart and being pretentious about it. additionally it’s proof that any silly shit can be treated “seriously” when men do it instead of teenage girls. I get it, you want to sell digital art but like, muskified 
edit: I have been informed it’s usually not even that and actually they rediscovered picrew
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muffinlevelchicanery · a year ago
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Comrade Attenborough
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gothhorns · 9 months ago
When we talk about why we hate landlords, we need to tie gentrification into the conversation. We can't just assume people understand why renting is bad, because renting is insanely normalized. Everyone knows someone who rents, which is precisely why we should be talking about this more.
When someone asks, well why do you hate landlords? We say: Because of gentrification. Because we are losing housing as we speak. Because when poor neighborhoods are renovated and re-valued, they run poor and middle class people out of their homes, their communities, and then sell back to us the properties that were already ours. We say, because it's why we have homelessness. Because when we adjust incomes for inflation, housing continues to get pricier and pricier and if it doesn't stop, none of us will have housing.
There will be a point when rent is too expensive for any of us lower, middle-class, working-class people to afford, and we are reaching that point, and landlords telling us nicely that we can pay them insane amounts of money for houses and communities that were ours 10 to 20 years ago is the most shameless scam that we have ever normalized and it needs to go.
Our wages are getting smaller. Our costs of living larger. It really is an encroaching problem, and it doesn't stop if you're a homeowner, it doesn't stop if you're a renter. It will get worse, and if buying a home is expensive now, be assured that your children will not be able to buy or rent in the coming decades.
This is a problem that concerns the vast majority of people painted as an issue that only influences minorities because we were the ones who were hit first. Why do you think those in minority groups are always the first to become advocates for these issues? First it's us, but then it's you.
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icecoldham · a year ago
If you think decolonization and returning the land to indigenous sovereignty and stewardship is a bad idea not only are you NOT a communist, you're a fucking white supremacist and you're a coward. I am so fucking tired of white "leftists" who are too lazy to put in the fucking work on themselves. If you seriously think returning the land = indigenous ethnostate I have nothing to say to your racist ass. Decolonize your fucking mind already.
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midwesternmarxist · 8 months ago
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