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defleftist · 9 hours ago
Hot take: If business owners are having a hard time attracting workers because they can’t afford to pay workers a living wage then their business deserves to close down.
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stormesandshowers · 2 days ago
You can always tell when I’m in a mood because I go on Facebook & share leftist memes to stir the pot
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the-spectre-of-communism · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
might just devote my blog exclusively to the onion headlines
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decolonize-the-left · 15 days ago
Reminder that Indigenous People's Day is on Monday!
Remember to show your support by posting about it!! Let us see your support! Let us know you care and haven't forgotten us!!
You can also do that by:
donating to indigenous charities & causes
shopping at indigenous businesses (our jewelery is gorgeous and it's ABSOLUTELY ok for you to wear if bought from Indigenous ppl)
educating yourself about the Indigenous cultures around you
donating to Indigenous people
supporting the landback movement
Don't forget our southern cousins either, they were the first of us to feel the affects of Columbus's many abuses
Bring attention to the ongoing affects of colonization so that we have support when we make and demand better!
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arguablysomaya · 8 months ago
hmmm. not to be a communist on main but you deserve more than just necessities actually
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tankism · 2 months ago
The fact that thousands of Jewish families across the United States are being forced to decide whether to send their children to their first day of school or observe their religious practices is just more proof that antisemitism is culturally Ingrained and that westerners never cared about diversity or considering religious and ethnic minorities. Having one of the most important school days on one of the most important Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah) is so tone deaf, especially with the increasing amount of antisemitism and violence against America’s Jewish community this year.
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anarchistfrogposting · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
you can bring attention and sympathy to your protest without incriminating the individuals and groups attached to it. keep your friends and allies safe. don’t film riots.
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Response for when the far-right pick a fight by spewing ignorant divisive bollocks, then claim that they're being 'bullied', or 'cancelled', or 'oppressed' or 'silenced' when other people argue back or criticise them for said bollocks.
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msaudriana · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inclusive language is for everyone!!
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haqqandsuch · 2 months ago
White queers are very very capable of being agents of white supremacy
This means white enbys, white trans women, white transmen, white ace and aro people. White whatever the fuck else. All very capable of being agents of white supremacy.
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decolonize-the-left · 12 days ago
We aren't doomed. Not yet.
So whenever y'all are done crying and are ready to get back up and keep going:
Nobody is going to save us except for us.
Companies won't stop making plastic as long as someone is buying
Ag farming will continue to be destructive as long as it's supported, start growing local and buying from local farmers instead if you can (some will even deliver to your door)
Corporations won't stop laying oil pipelines unless we start Immediately demanding ALL infrastructure to switch to resuable/sustainable energy. (cars, businesses, government buildings, private homes, etc)
Profits will always come before people as long we keep accepting "it's too expensive" & "it's too complicated to fix" as excuses for pausing progress
The best way to make a difference is by starting in your own community. Ex: Clean up your local parks & rivers, garden with plants native to your area to help (& bring back) your local pollinators & ecosystems
Look at your local native community and back their movements. For example the local tribe here is the Umatilla and they're trying to get the dam removed as it's affected the salmon runs which has negatively impacted the salmon, the Umatilla people, and the local fauna that have relied on a free running river for millenia.
Settling for less is unacceptable. Our futures are not to bargained with.
Caring about your survival is not an extremist belief, do not be gaslit into believing it is. Do not be gaslit into believing better isn't possible.
Caring about your future is not radical. Caring about the planet is not radical. Caring about natural disasters is not radical.
This is us trying to meet our most basic needs for survival: a healthy planet that isn't trying to kill us.
All of these needs have to be normalized even in social circles, not just in political circles. Talk about it in friend groups. Bring it up on posts about climate change, bring it up with influencers/celebs/orgs/politicians who pride themselves on #GoingGreen & #ZeroWaste. Argue for these points when someone starts to settle for less. We can not continue settling.
Things will get better and can be better if we just put in the work for it, I promise
There is still time and there is still hope
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bobbiegalore · 9 months ago
My ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD sister has to do her mandatory school work remotely from home because of lockdown. Tonight, my mum and I discovered that the app she has to use for class contains
Let me repeat that: microtransactions being put into an app that my little sister needs to use to receive her school assignments and participate in her education.
Basically, this is an app where the teacher uploads assignments for kids to do and every kid has a little monster that they use as an avatar in the virtual classroom. You can unlock new skins and customise your monster but it costs REAL MONEY.
Kids don’t need this kind of peer pressure. They already have to deal with these god damn transactions in all of their video games. They don’t need this in their VIRTUAL CLASSROOM APPS.
My sister does not need to spend money customising her in-app classroom avatar. She is trying to do her maths assignments. She is a CHILD.
Why are microtransactions being put into TEACHING APPs that children are using for MANDATORY WORK during a PANDEMIC????
Abolish capitalism and all of these god damn parasites hurting our kids. Holy hell. 😡
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