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jamesvanriemsdyk · 26 minutes ago
this movie pisses me off so much lmao like we just went through a whole movie where the entire plot was the government was corrupt and now they wanna sign away their lives to the fucking government okay baby i see how it is
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raspberryroo1312 · an hour ago
Mental Health Tips <3
1. Overthrow the government, abolish money, and guillotine the billionaires.
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lawschoolbimbo · an hour ago
need more people to follow, please reblog if you vibe with any of the following!
*buffy the vampire slayer
*criminal minds
*existential dread but like fun
*comedy (john mulaney, bo burnham, that kinda crew)
*true crime or anything like that ig
*jewish memes
*lgbt (bi) memes or fun content
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je-ne-suis-perceivable · an hour ago
There are two types of cats:
Leftist anarchists who eat the rich
Monarchists who fully support the feudal system
No, I will not be exanding. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.
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anarchy-baby · an hour ago
AntiCapitalist May Day Montreal!
Tumblr media
Please show up and show your support. Copy/Paste from the CLAC Montreal website (Translated from French):
The pandemic we are mired in precarizes everyone and highlights serious injustices. The stimulus passed by the leaders is an economic stimulus which is not addressed to us. It is not addressed to the artists and other people who don’t make enough profit to merit the right to exist. It does not concern sex workers, whose existence itself is still criminalized. This stimulus ignores handicapped people, the marginalized, those with mental health issues. The stimulus they talk about, it is for the oil companies, the Bombardier corporations, the party friends like Guzzo, but it is not for us. To let the governments save us from the crisis they created themselves through the constant cuts to healthcare and through their "snowbird" lives, would be to accept death. What we need to stimulate is not the economy, but the struggles for our rights and the end of capitalist exploitation.
Show your support at Jarry Park on May 1st at 4pm! Wear a mask!
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harriisonford · 3 hours ago
every time i see one of you bitches romanticizing authoritarianism it makes me want to buy a cattle prod
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official-mutti · 6 hours ago
What will happen to this blog when Mutti leaves office? Is it handed over like @ bundeskanzlerin on every other social media? Will you call it BundesBaerbock?
The Kanzlerin is dead, long live the Kanzlerin
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irrigos · 9 hours ago
my way too long fic is over 80k words right now and i just need to everyone to know that the chapter im currently working on is titled “leftist infighting”
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skulls-and-snakes · 18 hours ago
I don't understand how Christians can be capitalists or love the existence of rich people when [Matthew 19:16-24].
I don't understand how Christians can hate communism when [Acts 2:42-47].
And how are they so judgemental when [John 8:1-11]?
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firstdegreeliberty · 18 hours ago
I keep feeling that a book like Eric Norden's "The Ultimate Solution" would be looked at as Nazi propaganda if it were made today, with Norden branded as a racist pining for the days of concentration camps.
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leftistcentral · 18 hours ago
Realizing my favorite YouTube commentator is anti-capitalist is ❤️❤️❤️
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