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God I can't believe I have the guts to ask this but Hope and 97?

97) “I think you forgot to lock the door, that means anyone could walk right in and see you like this.”

Having werewolf senses meant that Hope could hear most of what went on in school. She had learned to tune out most of the noise so that she wouldn’t be distracted, but one thing she always enjoyed listening in on was you. Hope knew that you’ve been feeling very horny for the last few weeks, and she was the last person to complain. In her opinion, you were phenomenal in bed, to say the least, and her tribrid stamina meant that you two could go on for several rounds before you called it a night. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be close to you today as Dr. Saltzman had roped her in to his office with an assignment. That meant having to leave you to your own devices for several hours on end.

Four and a half hours into being on your own, you finally couldn’t take it anymore. You found Hope’s favorite strap on and a bottle of lube in the bedroom drawer and laid down on the bed ready to busy yourself until Hope was ready to come back. The moment the tip went inside of you, you couldn’t help but let out a little moan. After a second, you remembered that Hope’s werewolf hearing could pick up on your voice, so you decided to be a little louder. You slid the strap on a little deeper and moaned louder. It felt so good to finally get something inside you, but not nearly as good as actually having Hope on top of you. It didn’t take long for you to get yourself to the edge, and your moans got louder as you felt yourself almost about to come.

You were so close to the climax that you didn’t hear Hope come in until you were done. When you opened your eyes, your girlfriend was standing at the foot of the bed. “I think you forgot to lock the door, that means anyone could walk right in and see you like this.” You were still so horny that you couldn’t even bring yourself to blush.

“I’m glad it was you and not anyone else.”

“Well, don’t stop there. Let’s see how many more times you can come before you’re done.”

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Lol anti-Jasie fans really acting like they’re doing something by pointing out the age gap, as if TVDU doesn’t have TONS of age gap ships that people unconditionally love. 10 years between a human and vampire is nothing. It’s not like Jade was hanging out regularly with Josie when Josie was a kid. They barely knew each other. This is the first time they’ve interacted in 10 years.

it’s just toxic fans who stan a really really (as of the current circumstances) TOXIC ship and they can’t accept that so they take it out on jasie, which even kaylee said it’s very very healthy. you’ve said the rest for though, anon. nuff said 💅💅💅

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