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R.I.P.  Cloris Leachman  Born: April 30, 1926 Died: January 26, 2021

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Devin The Dude- Still Rollin’ Up: Somethin’ To Ride With(2019)

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Stranger in Moscow: rare restored photo + animation

I finally created this and, OH GOD, he looks incredible… 🖤 I tried to make our Angel smile again!  I hope it will please you.

P. S. But still, please do not delete my watermark, I will be very grateful to you.

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The Tale of Nobody


There was once a town way out in the wild west

Where everyone wasn’t the very best

But then one day, everybody’s fate changed

When a newcomer showed up named Nobody.

She was a spotted hyena who been through alot

She has been in more incidents than there is spots on her back.

One day, she came into a battle against a snake

The snake thinked he can destroy the town’s flank

The snake told the nobody “You are a nobody”

and nobody spoke “Nobody is Nobody” and killed him.

What some powerful words I’ll say

she even gave me her name

And this kids, was the story of how I met your mother

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Red Rose, Blood Moon


Welcome to Chapter 6! This is an original story inspired by the tale of  Red Riding Hood. I would like to say a special thank you to my best friend and co-author Olivia ( @asunshinepuff​ )for joining me on in writing this world onto paper. 

CW: This chapter contains mentions of drunks, blood and traps. You have been warned.

This story contains only original characters created by Olivia and myself. For those of you who want to be tagged, feel free to send an ask to me or Olivia on her blog. If you have any questions, theories, or curiosities about any of our characters or how the story will progress, send them to the ask box!

I hope you enjoy! Now without further adieu!

Chapter 6: The Golden Doe

Her eyes darted from the drunk man staring up at Red with terror filled eyes, to the blooded coated blade that laid on the wooden floor of the tavern, and finally to Red who wouldn’t look away. 

“What was that racket?” The voice of the old woman called out from behind the counter. 

The woman’s voice was enough to break Rosabella from her spell of shock. Rosabella bent over, quickly picking up the blade, she looked at the frozen drunk and cleaned it on his shirt before placing it into its sheath. She placed herself between the old man and Red, holding her hand out to push him back if it came to that. 

Her sapphire eyes locked hard onto his ice blue ones. And she felt it,She couldn’t move, her heart began to beat erratically, the hair on the back of her neck rose. His gaze was intense, his presence radiated authority and dominance, it demanded respect. She felt the need to run, to lower her gaze in submission, she had never felt this way before. She had felt his presence before, it drew attention to him of course, but it wasn’t at this magnitude, it felt different too. He only continued to stare at her, but not. As if he wasn’t looking at her rather through her, at the old man. 

“Red please, stop it. NOW.” She growled out. 

Finally, her voice reached him, Red’s gaze finally snapped away from hers to kitchen doors. The old woman had just walked out from the kitchen doors. He blinked slowly, trying to gather his bearings. The old woman looked down to the old man, she kicked him harshly. 

“Silly old fool, go home.” She muttered. 

Rosabella quickly grabbed Red’s arm, “Pardon madam, but I am afraid we must be going,” She tugged Red along, he only looked at Rosabella in hesitation, “now,” she stressed. The old woman tried to reason with them to stay since their meals were nearly ready, but Rosabella insisted they leave.

He didn’t fight her this time. She led them to any alley, looking over her shoulder. No one seemed to notice them. Red eyed her skeptically. 

“No one noticed us.” He spoke as if he expected it.

Rosabella took a deep breath before she looked back at him. 

“Are you a warlock?” 

“Firstly, I am not overly fond of witches. Second don’t ever compare me to witches. And Thirdly, no, I am not a warlock .” He all but snarled out at her.

She rose a brow at his clear distaste of the topic. “Well what are you then? And why such distaste for witches, I happen to know one.”

His eyes narrowed in suspicion, he stepped back from her. “I don’t appreciate you berating me with offensive questions.” He turned away. Walking out of the alley onto the open street. 

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