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It was #Aaliyah鈥檚 20th Anniversary in August & #Bratz turned 20 in May, so I thought it would be dope to create my first #AaliyahXBratz moment /.\ 馃枻
#20thAnniversary #AaliyahHaughton #BratzDoll #Passion4Fashion
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linkeduniverse-prompts2 days ago
Wild: Guys, I don鈥檛 think this is a good idea.
Legend: I don鈥檛 want to hear that from you, Wild.
Wild: The fact that you ARE hearing this from me is saying a lot on how bad this idea is.
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yoga-onion21 hours ago
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Sumerian Mythology - The earliest deities of ancient Mesopotamia (55)
The Ninurta Myths Lugal-e - The longest Sumerian epic
It is one of the longest works ever written in Sumerian, with 726 lines in full.
The title Lugal-e means "O king!" and comes from the poem opening phrase in the original Sumerian. In this case, Rugal (king) refers to the god Ninurta (Ref). Ninurta's Exploits is a modern title assigned to it by scholars. The poem was eventually translated into Akkadian after Sumerian became regarded as too difficult to understand, around the time of the reign of King Gudea (22nd century BCE).
Second only to the goddess Inanna, Ninurta probably appears in more myths than any other Mesopotamian deity.
The ancient Mesopotamian myth beginning Lugal-e ud me-l谩m-bi nir-臒谩l 聽(=Sumerian for 'Storm of King Melam, the incomparable god Ninurta'), also known as Ninurta's Exploits.
The great epic consists of three parts: the first part, which is an epic telling of the warrior-god and god of spring thundershowers and floods, his deeds, waging war against his mountain rival 谩-s脿g (鈥淒isorder鈥; Akkadian: Asakku), the second part tells how Ninurta then used the defeated stones to build mountains as restoration of the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for irrigation and agriculture; finally, Ninurta returns to Nippur from war in his 鈥渂eloved barge鈥 Ma-kar-nunta-ea and afterward judging his defeated enemies, determining the character as well as use of "the army of the stone warriors", and is celebrated as a hero in the third part.
This myth combines Ninurta's role as a warrior deity with his role as an agricultural deity. It is a major bilingual epic dating from the second half of the third millennium BCE.
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銉嬨儗銉偪銇瑭 銉偓銉兓銈ㄣ溿偡銉ャ儭銉笺儷鏈闀枫伄鍙欎簨瑭
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timopepperbag18 hours ago
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Bettie Page 馃尮
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whencyclopedia2 days ago
THE legend of Lady Godiva is based on real events, according to a startling new discovery 鈥 but the facts were distorted right from the start, during the heroine鈥檚 lifetime. Several months ago, a student found a medieval manuscript in a cellar beneath Queens鈥 College, Cambridge.聽
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partonnews17 hours ago
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Dolly Parton photographed by Harmony Korine for W Magazine, October 2021聽
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coolthingsguyslike7 hours ago
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The Chain end up in Lorule near the Treacherous Tower where all but Legend get captured. With his friends' freedom as the prize, Legend must complete the Advanced level, 50 floors of rooms full of monsters, alone.
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speakspeak19 hours ago
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Timeless Cool: David Bowie
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beverlyhillsgang19 hours ago
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timopepperbaga day ago
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Raquel Welch 馃尮
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ajinthealleyway11 months ago
Television Legend
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I'm curious about everything. Even subjects that don't interest me.
Alex Trebek 1940鈥2020
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thegrwtha month ago
One year ago today, we lost a very special soul. Rest in peace.
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