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#legend of korra incorrect quotes
avatarfan11 · 5 hours ago
Lin: Do you want to know wat your gay name is?
Kya: Yeah, what is it?
Lin: Well, it's your first name-
Lin: (gets on one knee and pulls out a betrothal necklace) .... And my last name.
Kya, tearing up: Oh...
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avatarfan11 · 2 days ago
Kya: Do you want a hug?
Lin: No
Kya: Did you even hear what i said?
Lin: Yes
Kya: What did i say then?
Lin: Do you want a hug?
Kya: Well, if you insist-
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 3 days ago
Aang: I met this one guy like five centuries ago-
Katara: Aw, honey, not that many centuries ago
Lin, to Kya: Your parents are on a whole other level
Kya: :/
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avatarfan11 · 4 days ago
Kya: Lin! You're losing a lot of blood! Quick, what's your type?
Lin: White hair, teal eyes, dark red lips, beautiful smile.
Kya: Your BLOOD type, sweetie
Lin: Oh..
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 14 days ago
Suyin: So what are your interests?
Bolin: Your son in my room
Bolin: The sun and the moon, I mean! I'm interested in... astrology
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 16 days ago
Bolin: Do you not think there's an awful lot of lesbians about nowadays? It's wall to wall lesbians out there
Mako: Jinora, she's a lesbian
Bolin: Is she not a vegetarian, Mako
Mako: Sorry, you're right. Vegetarian, Jinora is
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 17 days ago
Tenzin: What's this?
Kya: My to-do list
Tenzin: Oh, that's great. I'm so glad you're starting to get more organi-
Tenzin: This just says "Lin Beifong"?
Kya: Yeah
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 17 days ago
Wu [rolls over]: Babe are you awake?
Mako [violently flops over]: Bitch what the fuck do you want?
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 22 days ago
Asami: If I absorb all the knowledge in the world, I will become the Ultimate Human and ascend to a higher plane of existence
Korra: I don't think it works like that?
Asami: I know but it helps motivate me to work
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 23 days ago
Mako: Urgh I'm so tired. I didn't sleep at all last night
Bolin: They say when you don't sleep it's because someone is thinking about you
Mako: Who the fuck was thinking about me at 3am?
Wu: [gay panic]
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annierecovers · 26 days ago
Narrator: here we have the beautiful couple
Korra: I really care about your feelings!
Asami: I really care about your feelings too!!!
Narrator: And over here, the disaster gays
Kya: You need to spend more time with me and less time in the Infirmary!!!
Lin: I wouldn't have to spend so much time in the Infirmary if you didn’t insist on fighting everyone who comes within five feet of us!!!
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 26 days ago
Jinora: Is it okay if I swear?
Korra: Yes, Jinora, you can swear
Jinora: F-
Korra: Go on
Jinora: I'm nervous
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 28 days ago
Korra [on the phone with Mako about Wu]: And you had sex how many times? Hmmm, that's technically not a bromance
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annierecovers · 29 days ago
Interviewer: How many children do you have, Chief?
Lin: Biologically, legally or emotionally? Because there's a difference
kinda stolen from this post
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annierecovers · a month ago
Kya (on the phone with Lin): Are you lonely in the lone star state? And are you wearing chaps?
Lin: Only in your dreams, Kya.
Kya: Oh not necessarily, I have photoshop.
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kyoshi-sei-naka · a month ago
Korra: Really, it's nothing
Asami: You got stabbed!
Korra: It'll be fine, I've been stabbed before
Asami: It's not like you can build up an immunity to stab wounds!
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kyoshi-sei-naka · a month ago
The Earth Queen: I invited you here because I crave the deadliest game
Korra, nodding: Knife monopoly
The Earth Queen: I was actually going to hunt you for sport but now I'm really interested in whatever knife monopoly is
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kyoshi-sei-naka · a month ago
Tonraq: The thing about youth culture is I don't understand it
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kyoshi-sei-naka · a month ago
Wu: I failed the safety test today
Mako: Why?
Wu: They asked me what steps I would take in the event of a fire
Mako: And?
Wu: Apparently "fucking big ones" wasn't the answer
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