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Hey can anyone help me with this?

I’m looking for a comic from a couple years back, probably 2015 or so. It was posted on one of those listicle sites like Dorkly or CollegeHumor, and it was about the video game characters you’ll date in your life (or something). I remember it ended with Legend of Zelda being The One and Mario, Final Fantasy, and Sonic all getting referenced

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I’m still losing my shit at the fact that Kohga and Sooga set up a little home shrine for Calamity Ganon’s spirit. They even presented Posessed!Egg Buddy with offerings of bananas like Ganon was a Hungry Ghost who needed to be fed. (I mean, they’re not wrong, given that Ganon’s corporeal body hasn’t eaten anything in millennia. He’s probably going to be absolutely ravenous when he breaks out.) Do they burn incense and pray in front of the shrine? What do they ask for when they pray? Do they ever just talk to him? Can he hear them?

It just really strikes me, how respectful they are of Ganon even if they’re not 100% sure about who he was and don’t have Astor’s knowledge of the mechanics of how his powers work. Because most of the time, Ganon isn’t really treated with much respect, especially in death. His memory is erased or spat upon. If he leaves a body behind, it’s left in the field for the crows to peck at. If he leaves behind nothing but ashes, they’re unceremoniously dumped into the ocean. This little shrine, as goofy as its offerings are, is a lot more than anyone’s ever done for him after he’s dead and (mostly) forgotten. Sooga even bows and apologizes for speaking out of turn, even though he’s not sure if Ganon can actually hear him.

I’m very interested in what’s going to happen in the canon timeline when Ganondorf actually comes back. Is that respect going to hold? Will Ganon himself notice/remember what they did for him?

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