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#legend of zelda

i’ve been playing twilight princess for the first time in years and here are some things i’ve done because breath of the wild has ruined me

1. frantically button-mashed after jumping off a cliff, trying to find my paraglider (i’ve done this multiple times, this game is surprisingly forgiving about fall damage)

2. tried to cut down a tree

3. tried to climb a tree

4. tried to climb many other things

5. tried to run and just end up rolling or pulling out an item

6. tried to use Z for my bow

7. tried to throw things with B and just end up dropping them to pull out an item

8. ran my horse into literally everything because i can’t slow down? it’s just full speed or nothing?? help

anyway i’m having a blast

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This is dumb but like, more Zidon?? If you get the chance/if you want to! I found out about it recently and I'm going crazy already. I can guarantee I will go even more insane if there b more

I havent been on tumblr hardly at all, but thanks alot! I actually have two versions of him (evil sidon and more shark boi sidon) and i wasnt sure which one you ment so i drew both. Thanks for the love!!

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Oh my goodness alright so uh okay I’m so embarrassed ahhhhh so um if you’re okay with it, could we please get a scenario of reader tending to Revali’s wounds? Please and thank you, I love the way you write them sm.🥺🥺💕💕

A/N: This has been sitting in my inbox for so long I’m so sorry! I forgot how much of a sassy mister Revali is, so this was refreshing to write. Thanks a bunch!

            “By the Goddesses,” Rea groans, “you idiot. What have you done to yourself?”

             Revali harrumphs, gracelessly sliding down the wall of the inn, his talons cutting into wood, the head wound not quite gushing blood, but streaming. Beyond that, there is a gash over and into his right shoulder, jagged like the attacker wriggled the blade about like a distressed dotard.

              “I thought you were going for a walk.”

              “I did.” Revali groans. “Now quit scolding me and-and come over here.”

              “Surely Mipha could—”

              “Mipha,” Revali snaps, “is busy looking after Link whom I’ve no patience for in my current condition. I find pity a truly tiring emotion to weather.”

              “You could’ve just said no.”

              Rea fetches a bucket, escaping Revali’s withering gaze for a moment to collect water from a nearby stream. She totters back inside, and grabs a rag, dropping it into the bucket and dampening Revali’s feathers. He doesn’t say much, nor does he elaborate on who or what caught him off guard. In cleaning the wound, it does appear to be superficial, and removing the crusty blood is the more tiresome task. The shoulder gash is what unnerves her some.

              “I don’t suppose you could tell me the type of blade. Do I have to worry about poison?”

              “It was a rusty blade, songbird.” Revali complains. “We have an ointment for that. Can you manage a needle and thread?”

              “If I say ‘no’ are you going to be a jerk about it?”

              “Why would I–?” Revali huffs. “I realize I’m hard on you, dearest, but I’m not about to berate you for lack of womanly talents.”

              “Just making sure.” Rea searches her pack for her medical kit, retrieving a ball of thread and a needle. She moves towards the lantern near the entrance, sticking the needle inside the flame but not too long so the metal is red-hot. “I am pretty good. Provided you don’t squirm too much.”

              “I shall endeavour not to.” Revali rolls his sides, cleaning the gash himself. “Do your worse, seamstress.”

              “We are just full of sass, aren’t we?” Rea smirks, pushing the needle through one part of Revali’s flesh, pausing to check his expression, and then poking the needle through the other side.

              There are no words spoken, Revali’s pride is an excellent muffler, and as the sewing continues, Rea is startled to realize she has never seen any amount of scarring on Revali. Part of her is terribly curious to peek however she can, and yet the responsible part of her resigns herself to helping him only.

               She pulls the skin together, once again checking Revali’s face for any signs of discomfort, before cinching the stitch. She ties it off with nimble fingers, mussing the short feathers to further hide the scar.

            “Would you want to bandage it?”

           “At night, perhaps. When it isn’t in use.” Revali relents, attempting to be responsible himself.

            “Hmm. Fair.”

            “What? No passionate argument?” Revali folds his arms over his chest, expression pinching in brief pain. “I’m surprised at you.”

             “If I were to harry you for every stupid thing you do, Revali, I’d lose my voice and then my mind.”

            “Don’t be so dramatic.”

            “Monkey see, monkey do, dearest.”

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Legend of Zelda lore: In the Sacred Realm rests a mysterious artifact that has the ability to grant the wish of whomever should touch it. The royal family of Hyrule has been tasked with guarding this holy relic by the goddesses, who decreed that only the pure of heart may posses its golden power.

Legend of Zelda lore: The royal family has established an unbroken rule over the land under the auspices of the divine blessings of the deities from which its princesses are descended. The Triforce has thus been hidden and kept safe from evil interlopers who would seek to claim its magic.

Legend of Zelda lore: Under the benevolent rule of the royal family, the people of Hyrule live simple lives just as their ancestors did before them, untroubled by the outside world and free from the wicked influence of forbidden magic. Only a select few still know the secrets of the ancient temples, for only those chosen by the goddesses are allowed to claim their power.

Meanwhile, Ganondorf: T̻̣̖̼͍͉̝a͉̹͖̫͔̪̮k̹e̟͍̪͎͖ b̩̹͖a̻͎̝̭̜c̺̗̮k͉̫̭̣ t̤͕h̲̲̩̱ḙ̬̰̲̦̮̜ m͖͈̣̰͍̫̦e̫͕͇̗̳̩̣̠a̬͕̭͕ͅn̖ͅs̲͕͉̙̥͉̠͙ͅ o̫͓̩̝f͉̰̝͈̳͍̖ p̱̹̯r̭̟̖̤͍̘o͙̬͓̗̫̻̻̱ḓ͍͔̯̖̹̼u̖̩͍̫̤͖c̺̗̮ț͔͎̹̪͍i̜̲͈ͅo̜͍̤̩͓̲̬ͅn͖͍͈͔̪͖͔

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