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#legend of zelda

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Link Storming Hyrule Castle

Actually started this one years ago (2018 I think)

Finally went back and finished it. Wanted to get it done on time for the anniversary, but nope

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I cannot describe how excited I am for LoZ Twilight Princess to come out on the switch

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Legend of zelda nsfw preferences (more hcs and stuff) - twilight

  • Twilight can get 100 % love feral or any type of relationship feral and will attack you with whatever type of feral he is at that time.
  • He can be agressive but mostly he is strong (in my opinion his grip on you will be the hardest to break along with deity’s)
  • Overprotective normally for good and a bit bad reasons it just depends on the situation
  • He can get easily feral once he fully turned on
  • Tries not to make any contact with blood on you but if he does there will be 100% chance that you will not be able to escape until he’s completely done going crazy on you,it also depends which area he’s doing it at on you.
  • He’s one of those agressive dom types but it’s a fair chance about it
  • Like I said he is a dom and mostly 98 percent dom. But for sure he isn’t a soft dom at all
  • He’s the one that will mostly likely to try make you stay for however long and will mostly proceed/make it work so yeah it will work
  • He’s the one that Normally doesn’t give up because he’s also almost a serious type of a dom
  • He does his best to make you enjoy every bit of your stay either by pleasure in some type of way or something more enjoyable for you that you like to make you stay.
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AU where everything else is the same except all the boats on the Great Sea can talk. The King of Red Lions isn’t special.

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Zelda Month - 35 years of adventure in the great wide somewhere

Zelda Month - 35 years of adventure in the great wide somewhere and creating the archetypal video game quest #Zelda35th

By Neil Merrett

Between the time when a Pac-Man was king, and the continued rise of the brothers Mario, there was a game previously undreamed of. And unto this, the character of Link, destined to define a brave new era for roleplaying games for generations. Here, as chronicler, looks at how this saga has retained relevance. Let us tell you of the days of high adventure!



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I drew Link in the gorudo out fit!!! Also I definitely misspelled that :(

Im like.. years late to this game but im having a LOT of fun with it ! I feel a level of gender envy I’ve never felt before in my life. I am now projecting onto Link and he genderfluid to me :)


Also SIDON! The theme music is so good!? And how he acts and he’s so nice and nsjsjsjs wow I think he and Link would be cute together

Ok goodnight ALSO click for better quality tumblr butches it

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AU where everything else is the same except instead of calling the spirit tracks land “New Hyrule”

Tetra names it “Dryrule”

Historians refer to the flooded Hyrule as “Wetrule” from that point on.

Daphnes isn’t happy about it either.

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Skeb commissioned picture has been delivered. Thank you for your request.

I’m looking forward to your requests!

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I tried a new art style out today and ended up really liking it! Also, SS Zelda! What could be better?

(I’ll post this on my deviantart eventually)

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Look, they might not be the closest friends, but Siv would definitely protect xylophone with is life.



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Here’s the first design for the misplaced heros au. Its four as the hero of legend


Ignore the sketch marks

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My late tribute for the 35th anniversary for the Legend of Zelda also doubled as practice for lighting/coloring/texture, etc.

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Time: What comes before 47?

Legend: AK.




Time: Well I was gonna make a pun, but you did better.

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