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grassy-gnoll · a day ago
Tumblr media
AND YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY HUMANS; WHICH, BY THE WAY, ARE NO LONGER PERMITTED IN MY STUDY. Posted @withregram • @critfailmemes Where my Avatar fans at . #wangshitong #legendofkorra #avatarthelastairbender #tomelock (at The Library)
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nerdycanible1 · 4 days ago
Kya's Confusing
A small one shot. It be one sided love, have hurt and of course broken hearts. But of course a sexy Lin Beifong and a sexc Kya Water Tribe.
I hope you enjoy OwO
Lin suddenly leant in and kissed Kya, her hands clasped around her shirt tightly. Kya had frozen under her touch and Lin had her eyes squeezed shut.
The feeling of finally being able to tell Kya she liked her and the way her heart raced when she kissed her all felt perfect. She could feel Kya grab her shoulders and Lin's heart raced wondering if Kya was going to deepen it.
Slowly Kya pulled away from the kiss pushing Lin away slowly. Lin opened her eyes, her eyes dark and her face flushed. It took her years to finally tell her and what more perfect way to tell her then under the cherry blossoms on the island.
Kya looked at her and several emotions flashed over her face. Surprise, shock confusion, hurt, pain and even a small bit of... disgust. Lin swallowed roughly as she saw Kya slowly peel her hands away as she pressed a hand to her own lips.
"Kya?" Lin asked with a tremble in her voice. Her heart was pounding and she began to feel anxious. She would have thought Kya would have kissed her back or even smile but now she saw millions of things fly through Kya's mind. "Kya." She said more firmly.
Kya flicked her eyes to Lin finally seeing her again and she watched Kya rub the back of her neck. "Lin." She grimaced as she felt her eye brows furrow together. "I'm sorry but... I-I don't feel the same way."
Lin could feel her eyes water and she clenched her jaw lightly. Her gut twisted and fell to the ground, her heart constricted and her breathing began to grow heavier. "W-What?" Lin said with a choked voice.
"Lin, I've met someone on the road. I-I'm sorry but I can't." Kya watched as Lin's lower lip wobbled. She reached out to touch her but Lin stepped back and wiped her tears away hastily. "Lin-" Kya began.
Lin shook her head and held her hand up. Embarrassment, rage, anger, hurt flashed over her face. All emotions Kya has never seen before.
"It's fine." Lin said clenching her fists. "Really." Kya watched her best friend break and she reached out again and Lin smacked her hand away. "Please just go." Lin said as her voice cracked.
Kya swallowed roughly not knowing what to do. Torn between comforting her friend or running away from this awkward encounter. Just how did she not notice Lin's crush on her? With one last look at the woman Kya turned and left.
Lin's mind began to race as well as her heart. Just where did she go wrong? She thought that Kya had liked her. All the hand holding, the late night talks, the drinks and the secrets, even the soft look in her eyes as they stared at each other? Just everything. Lin felt her tears continue to come and she growled as she hated it.
A sob slipped slipped through her lips as she didn't expect this to happen. She thought-- just why couldn't-- why didn't she see this coming?! Lin sat on the ground and stared off towards the ocean and at the setting sun. Her heart was ripped out and destroyed.
All she can see in her mind was Kya's face of disgusted face and how her words echoed through her mind. The way she looked at Lin with pity. Lin hugged her legs and sniffled as her fingers were pulling at the grass.
After hours and hours of thinking and replaying everything in her mind she began to notice that they were friend things to do. She never saw the way Kya would pull her hand away after a couple seconds, or the way she would stare at the ocean with dreamy eyes.
Lin shouldn't have ever tried. The sun was down and the moon up, the moon only half filled so everything was relatively dark. She sighed heavily as she wiped her tears away and shook her head. She shouldn't have never listened to Saikhan.
After awhile she could hear the crunching of footsteps coming and the vibrations of their footsteps through her fingers. "Hey." Bumi said carrying a tray filled with food and tea, even a small candle.
Lin didn't look up as she turned her head and faced away from him. She didn't want to see the pity in his face. "H--Hey." Her voice cracked. She coughed lightly to try and clear it out.
Bumi sat down next to her and smiled softly. "Beautiful moon ain't it? Kinda looks like half a pizza if you ask me." The sounds of him pouring tea made Lin slowly look at him.
He was in his uniform, probably meaning he'd leave in a few hours. His jaw line to kill for, the straight teeth he had not to mention his handsome face was sure a lady killer.
His smile friendly and inviting and his hair brushed back but wild in the back. He was rather a goofy and a comforting man.
Her face on the other hand was different. Her jaw softer, her nose small and face shape fox like. Her eyes puffy and red but still holding the sharp look all Beifong's have.
"You always say the moons pizza." She said as she took the offered tea. She held it in her hands as she stared down into the cup, feeling her eyes water once more. "Was I the only one that... didn't know she had someone?" Lin asked softly. "I thought... I thought she liked me too."
Bumi looked at her and sighed softly. "I didn't even know she had a girlfriend." His tone deep but true. It held hurt for his friend. "I always assumed she liked you."
Lin sniffled and wiped her nose as she sipped her tea. "I thought so too." She murmured. "She was my best friend." Lin whispered. "Aren't I supposed to know important things like that?" Lin asked took another drink.
Bumi began to pile Lin's plate up with food and handed it to her. "I don't think she was ready yet." He reached over and gently squeezed her knee. "Please don't hate Kya." He said softly. "I don't think Kya would live with herself if you did."
Lin stared at him and then at her food. A small sad laugh left her lips as she shook her head. "I could never hate her." Lin whispered. "She's my friend."
She looked up at him and gave him a watery smile while tears slid down her cheeks. "I'll always be there for her." Snot began to glide out of her nose as she began to break and she covered her mouth. "Why couldn't she like me?" She cried.
Bumi immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "I don't know." He whispered into her ear. "I just don't know."
Lin stared at the ring in her box as she ran her thumb over it. The ring obviously being larger than her actual size. Years ago she was going to ask Tenzin to marry her but of course that relationship didn't work out.
Lin was currently in her office looking over paper work. She sighed softly as she placed the ring back and stood up. She stared out the window and looked across her city.
After years of heart break Lin called it quits and gave up on dating. It was no biggy really. She loved her job, loved scaring rookies and jailers and even liked the Avatar gang.
They were growing on her. She would listen to Korra's relationship problems, Asam's new inventions and thoughts about the city, Bolin's random chatter and even Mako's awkward moments.
These kids were all under her watch and she had a soft spot for them. She looked at the picture she had of all for of them, they were her responsibility. Even if she didn't want it in the first place.
Lin looked at the time and furrowed her brows seeing that it was 4 o'clock. She swore she didn't have anything planned but her instincts told her other wise.
She furrowed her brows and walked to her desk to look at her calendar. Then her eyes zeroed in down at the date and she could see the familiar scrawl of Kya.
The message, "Don't forget our date! 4:15 p.m. sharp!"
Lin could feel herself panic for a second seeing that it was 4:05 now and traffic was heaviest during rush hour.
She cursed under her breath and gathered her papers and rushed out. She locked her door and placed the papers down on Mako's desk. "Take care of these." She ordered as she hurried out.
How can she forget that Kya was back in town and most likely wanted to go out fo a drink with her?
Upon arrival she realized she was 15 minutes late. She only hoped Kya didn't leave with some floozy. She entered inside, was met with the waiter and soon was brought back to Kya.
Kya looked bored and appeared to be on her fourth cup. "Kya?" Lin called as she thanked the waiter and sat.
Kya perked up and smiled as she waved. "Linny. I didn't think you were coming." She said looking away from the woman she was obviously ogling.
Lin nodded and sat down as she placed her coat down. "Sorry. Was working." Lin said as she flagged down the waitress.
Kya snorted and rolled her eyes. "When are you not working?" She mumbled. It appeared Kya was a bit too relaxed due to her drinks, meaning Lin would probably have to drive her back to the temple.
"Sadly that's what people do when they have jobs Kya." Lin grabbed the clip in her hair and pulled it out. Her hair soon flipped down and unfurled and soon her curls were free.
Kya looked her up and down, going unnoticed by Lin whom was currently looking at the menu. "Sorry for not being employed at the moment cranky pants." She giggled and crossed her leg, her foot sliding up Lin's leg.
Lin gave her a weird look and scooted her legs back a bit to give the woman with longer legs more room and then looked back at the menu. "Did you order yet? Think I'll get the teriyaki beef and misu soup. Maybe even dumplings."
Kya frowned feeling Lin pull her legs away. "I didn't order yet. You can order me something." She said as she hand reached over and began to play with Lin's fingers.
Lin let her be and felt Kya intertwine their fingers together. Lin read over the menu and nodded as she looked up at the waitress.
Lin smiled at her and pulled her hand away to point at the menu. She made the waitress blush and Lin laughed softly. Kya could feel the jealousy burning inside of her. She's been flirting with Lin for months now. Lin soon nodded and soon the waitress was walking away.
Lin looked over and watched as Kya pouted. She raised her brows and looked at the waitress and then behind her. "What? Something on my face?" She asked as she rubbed at her face.
Kya sighed and shook her head. "Nothing's on your face." Kya said holding her hand out to Lin.
Lin looked at it and furrowed her brows. "How drunk are you?" Lin asked looking at the cups. "Did you order a strong drink or something."
Kya huffed and grabbed her hand. "Noooo... hold my hand." Kya whined.
Lin rolled her eyes and intertwine them again. She grabbed her drink from the same waitress and the waitress placed down a paper with her number and Lin blushed. And before she could grab it, Kya grabbed it and placed it in her mouth.
"What the heck Kya." She snapped. Kya began to eat the paper and stuck her tongue out.
"Oh please you'd thank me. She probably wanted a one night stand." Kya said rolling her eyes.
Lin frowned and pulled her hand out of hers. "You don't need to be a jerk." She muttered. She grabbed her soda and angrily sipped it.
Kya stared at her and sighed softly. "Sorry. Want me to ask her for her number for you?" Kya began to raise her hand and Lin grabbed her hand to stop her.
"Its fine Kya. Just numbers." She looked at her and crossed her arms. "So how have you been? I've heard you went to the Fire Nation to see Izumi. Is she okay? How is she?"
Kya waved her off. "She's fine, just said shes tired of the meetings and such."
She smiled up at Lin. "So how about you Lin? Any girlfriend or boyfriend?" She prodded.
Lin rolled her eyes and waved her off. "You know me." She mumbled. "Not looking forward to dating and such. I find it useless. After all I'm 54, I should start looking forward to retiring or something." She muttered knowing she won't be retiring soon.
Kya beamed at the news and smiled as she gently squeezed her hand. "Anyone you have your eye on?"
Lin furrowed her brows, she just told her she wasn't looking for a relationship but she felt her eyes wonder over to the waitress. "Well if someone didn't eat the paper I would've been seeing someone tonight."
Kya tightened her hold on Lin's hand and clenched her jaw. "Well sorry. I'll be sure to ask her."
All throughout dinner it was Kya asking Lin her favourite colour, her favourite hobby to do now, how was she and the kids. All sorts of things. By the end of the night Lin and Kya were stuffed with the delicious food and both buzzed, well Kya drunk.
Lin and her were stumbling to Lin's apartment since both were too drunk to drive and Lin not having the energy to deal with Tenzin.
She plopped Kya on the couch and groaned as she stretched her back. She bonded her armour off and stumbled to her room to change and get ready for bed.
She began to brush her teeth in the bathroom and mindlessly brushed them. Suddenly a pair of arms snaked around her waist and kisses began to align her neck. Lin jumped startled and quickly turned around to be met with the pout face of Kya.
"Kya?" She asked with furrowed brows. She pressed a hand to her neck and watched as Kya grabbed her and tried to kiss her again. Lin frowned and pushed her face away. "Kya." She snapped.
Kya paused and looked at her hurt. "What are you doing? You're drunk. Go back to bed." Lin said as she tried to fix her shirt.
"I don't want to." Kya huffed. "Please Lin let me kiss you." Kya whispered as she reached out to her.
Lin smacked her hand away, her eyes flashing in anger. "I'm not going to tell you again. Go to bed." Kya tried to fight the pain she felt knowing the only reason Kya is trying to kiss her is because she's drunk and doesn't know what's she's doing.
Kya placed her hands on her hip and glared at Lin. "No." She said clearer this time. "Can't you see I like you Lin?" She stepped forward and pressed her agssint the counter. "I've liked you for awhile." She said with a smile. "You don't know how hard it was watching you flirt with her tonight." She whispered.
Lin watched as anger and hurt flash over Kya's face. A red hugh over her nose and cheeks meaning she was buzzed. Lin grabbed her hands and pushed her away.
"You don't know what you're talking about Kya." She grabbed her hand and began to lead her to bed trying not to blow a fuse at her friend who didn't understand what she was saying.
Before Lin could pull her out of the bathroom she felt Kya pull her hand out of Lin's. "I know what I talking about!" She yelled. "Lin you have no idea hoe long I've been having these feelings. You're all I think about, I can't get you out of my head. The way my heart races when I see you, can't you feel it?" She whispered.
Lin furrowed her brows and shook her head. Her heart began to speed up as she began to feel overwhelmed. "Wait Kya hold on-"
"Lin I love you." Kya stressed as she shook her head. "I want to spend my life here with you." Lin tightened her hands on her door frame, the metal slowly warping under her hand. "Lin I-"
Kya didn't understand as suddenly the door was tore wide open and splinters of wood flew all over the place. "Get out." Lin growled. Her face in anger, her eyes closed and her scowl on full display.
Kya jumped and she shook her head. "Lin I don't understand." She whispered. "Didn't you like me-"
"Agni! Kya!" Lin said looking up at her. Her eyes watered but were filled with rage. "What's not to understand Kya?" She breathed still trying to control her temper.
She looked up at her. "That was more than 3 decades ago." Lin said with a strained voice. "Over 30 years ago!" She pressed a hand to her chest, splinters in her finger tips along with small cuts from the metal.
"Don't you remember?" She snapped. "I kissed you, you looked at me as if I'm gross and then tell me you don't like me!" She laughed breathlessly and shook her head.
Kya winced and stepped forward and tried to touch her. Lin smacked her hand away and stepped aside. "Please Kya just... sleep before I hit you." She clenched her fists. "I can't deal with you when you're drunk."
Kya looked at her sadly and stood her ground. "I was a kid Lin. I thought that I met the love of my life." She breathed. "Surely you can't hold that against me."
Lin looked at her and looked away. "You're not the only to say you loved me and you won't be the last." She whispered. "Can't you see I'm tired?"
"Lin please, let me prove to you how much I've changed. I swear I love y-"
Lin reached over and covered her lips. "Stop saying that." She grabbed her arm and began to pull her towards the couch. "Go to bed before I toss you out on the street." She pushed her down on the couch.
Kya gripped onto her hand before she was able to leave. "Give me a chance." She whispered hoping Lin could give her it.
Lin didn't look back at her and closed her eyes. "Goodnight Kya." Lin's voice thick with anger and sadness. And with that Kya let her go and watched as the woman tiredly walked to her room. Tossing the door into the bathroom and closing her bedroom door behind her.
Kya swore to the spirits she'd try her absolute best to be there for Lin. She had to be.
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nerdycanible1 · 6 days ago
The Smol Thief
A small one shot of the Colossus x Kuvira XD. I believe this is just cute. This one is based off the prompts I posted a few days ago. Have a prompt you want send me an ask or a dm or tag me. UwU Enjoy
@ravensbug is the one that asked for this prompt owo
Mena would often let Kuvira stay in her cart. Her bed of course was big enough for the both of them, she had a nice private cart and no one would bother them for they would fear to get Kuvira mad or worse. Get Mena angry, after all, who in the right mind would want to mess with that giant woman.
At first it was just a shirt missing, she barely even knew about it. She would often lounge about in regular tshirts or even tank tops. Mena then would have Kuvira show up with a night bag and the next morning she'd be gone to do her work.
The next thing she knew is that her probending shirt was gone and she swore she just washed it. She then shrugged it off and thought the couch or even closet ate it up.
And soon she began to notice her shirts were coming up missing. She could have sworn she had put them in her drawer. Mena was clueless, she had no idea where they could've gone.
Just the night before they took a shower together and she let Kuvira narrow a shirt since she forgot an extra one but other than that, where in Rava's name could they have gone?
No matter how many times shes asked Kuvira, Kuvira said she didn't know. While wearing a shirt she stole from her girlfriend.
Kuvira sat on Mena's lap and they stared lovingly into each others... eye(s). Everntually Kuvira kissed her lips before she lifted the others shirt and crawled inside. She wrapped her arms around her waist and nuzzled into her chest.
Mena laughed and rubbed her back and kissed her head finding Kuvira cute during times like these. She held her close and soon she felt Kuvira taking her shirt off and stealing it for herself.
Eventually they've planned to have a night at Kuvira's flat due to Baatar being busy or some jazz like that. Mena was lifting her couches up and searching for her shirts and boxers. She wanted to be comfortable. She looked through the cushions, her closet, under her bed.
Sadly she needed to go shopping for flowers so she might as well buy some new shirts and boxers. Upon arrival to her girlfriends house she saw Kuvira in her shirt. Her shirt going to Kuvira's thighs. Mena would've been lying if she said she didn't eye her girlfriend hungrily.
As Mena was getting comfortable she asked where she could store her bag for the time being and Kuvira said the closet. She soon opened it and saw her girlfriends small clothes and smiled before she saw the small dresser drawer pulled out a bit. Inside Mena saw a small glimpse of her favourite probending shirt.
She pulled the drawer out and soon found a whole drawer filled with her shirts and her boxers. She raised her brows and saw the countless shirts she thought was missing.
"I've made the tea, ready fo-" Kuvira stopped when she saw Mena holding up four of her shirts along with the drawer open. Kuvira's cheeks tinted pink but she didn't break.
"Mind telling me why my missing clothes are here?" Mira asked with a smirk. She was surprised she didn't think Kuvira the suspect yet. How big of an idiot was she?
Kuvira smiled as she walked over, pulled her head down and kissed her lips. "I have no idea what you mean." She purred attacking the others lips.
Just as Mena sat her guard down Kuvira grabbed the shirts and ran off. "Kuvira!" Mena yelled. The chuckles of Kuvira rang throughout the house and Mena began to chase after her.
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nerdycanible1 · 6 days ago
the last one from domestic, kyalin pls 😊
Thank you for your ask. I written it this morning but couldn't post it till now. I hope you don't mind my crappy writing. I hope you enjoy qwq
Lin inhaled the lightly air, the chilling autumn air already signaling that it was beginning. Lin took one last deep breath of the air and soon pulled out a cigarette. She lit it and soon she inhaled the sweet and addictive taste of the pollution.
She was invited to a sleepover with the girls and Suyin was already passed out from the alcohol she was sipping and Izumi talking to Kya. Everything was supposed to be a peaceful night but for some reason the police officer was restless.
Her mother forced her to take 2 weeks off to rest her nerves. Listening to the soft lapping of water at the shore was something she never quite got used to. She missed the sounds of cars, the twinkling of lights and as odd as it was the different smells of pollutants and food.
Lin could still see the scene before her, a homicide that was a mess. It shaken Lin to her core seeing the younger woman, a girl near the age of her sisters. Lin's fingers twitched as she didn't want to think anymore more of it but of course that didn't work.
Suddenly the sounds of the sliding door being opened signalled Lin to snuff out her cigarette. Lin was ready to snuff it out she heard Kya's voice. "You don't need to put it out."
Lin turned her head to see the waterbender and she furrowed her brows. "Wheres Zumi?" She asked softly.
Kya smiled and walked towards her and draped herself agaisnt the railing. "She went to bed 2 hours ago."
Lin's brows furrowed and looked at the moon and then inside to see it dark inside. "I... the lights were just on though." She mumbled thoughtfully. She looked down to see she smoked 4 cigarettes.
Kya could see Lin start panicking and she pressed a hand to her lower back. "You're okay Lin." She said softly. "What's on your mind?" She said rubbing her back.
Lin swallowed roughly and sniffed the cigarette out and pinched the bridge of her nose. With a heavy sigh she brushed her fingers through her curls and looked back out to the moon.
"Something bad happened Kya." She brushed her fingers through her hair to try and get a grip of herself. "I usually am okay with all kinds of cases. Thieves, accidental crashes, homicide." She whispered the last part.
"I'm usually fine with them but... with the way Su's being. The constant rebelliousness... the way she sneaks out at night."
Kya watched as the nervous woman began to ramble. The job appeared to be breaking Lin's emotions and brain.
"The homicide... was a bad one. A drughead killed a girl just because she didn't have any on her. It was a mess." Lin gripped her tighter and inhaled the salty air.
"What if.... what if that happens to Su? Then there would be nothing I can do." She breathed. "She no longer listens to me. Chief doesn't do anything... what am I to do?" Lin looked over at Kya with tears in her eyes. "Not to mention the fact that I just... I feel so weak. Upon seeing the damn girl I froze. I couldn't do shit. I was taken out of there. No doubt everyone is going to start talking about me." She blew out a breath and sighed.
Kya sighed and pulled her in for a hug and hugged her tightly. "I want to tell you what I've learned on the road this past two years." Kya leaned more against Lin as she felt Lin grip onto her.
"There will always be bad guys. Always be bad people in the world to do bad stuff. And there will always be people like you Lin. People that will protect others." She inhaled gently and cupped her cheek.
"And then you have the drifters. Or people that are trying to figure themselves out. Lin... Suyin is a teenager. A girl trying to find what she wants in the world." Kya could feel Lin's jaw tense, she knowing Lin wouldn't like this at all.
"Suyin is going through tough shit. Just like you are. You remember how hard you pushed yourself just so you can be the best that you are. You used to wake up at the crack of dawn to work out, to try and please your mother."
Lin growled softly and tried to step put of Kya's embrace. But do to Kya's holding she was trapped. She never knew Kya was this strong.
"Suyin is trying to find herself. She's scared can't you see? I admit she's a brat but what can we do? The more we try to control her the more she will try and break free." Lin sighed and pressed her head into her shoulder.
"Suyin isn't that girl you saw. Suyin wouldn't let anyone touch her. Suyin would beat their ass. You know why?" Lin looked up searching for the answer in her eyes.
"Why?" She asked softly feeling a bit better having Kya be by her side.
"Because Su was able to take you down." Kya laughed.
Lin growled and pulled out of her hug and crossed her arms. "Not funny." She grumbled hating Kya now.
Kya chuckled and wrapped her arms around her, ignoring Lin's pushing away. "Kya I swear if you don't let go of me now I'll-"
Kya leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her lips. Lin's lips tasted of tobacco, and the alcohol she drank a couple hours ago. Kya pressed her agaisnt the railing as she gripped onto her hip.
"You would never let anything happen to Su." Kya murmured against her lips. "Lin Beifong wouldn't allow it."
Lin blushed in the kiss and closed her eyes. After the kiss she sighed and leaned into Kya. Her fingers fingers her dress and holding onto her, preventing her from leaving. "Thank you Kya, I really needed that."
Kya rubbed her back and cuddled her Linny. "The kiss or the talk?" Kya said cheekily.
Lin laughed and rolled her eyes. "Don't push it." She snorted.
"Worth a shot." Kya mumbled kissing her temple.
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nerdycanible1 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So a brief summary about her. Shes 6'8. As tall as P'Li. Secondly, she a soft giant to certain people. She protects Kuvira at all costs.
She tolerates Baatar Jr. at best. UwU shes slowly stealing Kuvira from Baatar. After the huge battle she had her right arm blown off. She was dying but thankfully the healers got to her.
She was put in prison, she only got out to join the military guard. Or something like that.
Hope you enjoy. Al art is mine. If reposted give credit. Love you babies
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queen-korraa · 23 days ago
Korra went from:
Hello ma'am Your daughter
nice to meet To calls me
you mommy too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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youkothelastavatar · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Next up from the fire nation is: Prime Minister Uyaku, Firelord Mairok and Princess Iyune 🔥🔥 Prime Minister Uyaku is the 27th prime minister of the Fire Nation. She leads with an iron fist but is also very well liked among fire nation citizens. Although the fire nation has an electable leader their monarchy is still the strongest level of government. But they are weakening everyday, as many fire nation citizens feel like they should not be ruled by a monarchy. Firelord Mairok has been the reigning firelord for nearly 20 years, since the death of his mother, Firelord Aruka. He was a respected leader, but as many know, he has been sick for many years. Since he fell ill, Akizan has been preparing each day to take the throne after his father passes. Princess Iyune is Akizan’s younger sister. Unlike a previous fire princess, Iyune is kind, gentle and quite shy in fact. She was born a bender but chooses not to train or fight (much to the dismay of her father). She is not comfortable with her bending abilities and the idea of fighting makes her sick. Although her family wishes she was different, they are less concerned with the second born.
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rainygrayclouds · 26 days ago
The term “war crimes” really needs stop being thrown around when it comes to cartoon villains and the people that work for them. Not all of the “bad guys” committed war crimes. The major villains? Yes. The people who worked for them? Maybe, the answer requires research. Rant done.
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youkothelastavatar · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Thought I would start off the fire nation characters with Youko’s brother Haoh!!
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nerdycanible1 · 29 days ago
Anyone wanna make a house on Minecraft with me? qwq I want friends and I wanna build stuffs on creative.
I play on the PlayStation. If interested my user name on the PlayStation is Nerdycanible.
I need more friends 😭
Also here some arts
Tumblr media
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youkothelastavatar · a month ago
Tumblr media
Here’s the Fire Nation. This one was pretty hard to write without spoilers or writing too much😅😅. But here’s some of the basic info on the fire Nation!
Note: Man this term is kicking my butt! I did find time to watch Raya and the Last Dragon on the weekend though. I really liked it but the story felt incomplete and a bit rushed but what I will say it it looked PHENOMENAL!! it was so beautiful and it got me excited to add some Southeast Asian culture/characters into my story😏😏 Also I just reached 200 followers!! Thank you all so much for supporting my story I feel so honored! I will likely do a q&a soon for any questions about characters, the story, the world etc.😊😊
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samanthadoodles · a month ago
Tumblr media
#PrincessMononoke 🏹 #LegendofKorra AU
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shera-of-terra · a month ago
Today I made a Desna & Eska edit! I honestly like their duo, and how they always have each other’s back. I wish I had a twin lmao😅 ~ ~ Dm me if you need anything or just talk! Follow @shera_of_terra for more content! ~ ~ *Hashtags* #atla #atlaedit #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelastairbenderedit #avatar #avataredit #tlok #tlokedit #thelegendofkorra #legendofkorra #legendofkorraedit #korraedit #tlokdesna #desnaandeska #twins #fypシ #avatarthelegendofkorra #avatarlegendofaang #fanedits #waterbending (at Southern Water Tribe)
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samanthadoodles · a month ago
Tumblr media
#HowlsMovingCastle 💫 #LegendofKorra
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