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Wanna Run..???
Wear Dri Fit, Tight Fit,
Coolant /Full Length
Dry Fit fabrics move sweat from your skin for quicker.
evaporation - helping you stay dry , comfortable and focused on the task at hand.
51/1,St,Michael’s Road
Colombo 3

#drifit #dryfit #leggings #tightfit #womensrunning #sportswear #runningpant

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I’ve been wanting to cut up some tights or leggings for a long time, and I finally got to s today! My old dance leggings have a giant hole in the knee from wear, and my new pair of leggings finally came, so I was able to cut up my old pair—super exciting

I’m not great at taking pictures, but I did my best :)

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These leggings didn’t magically give me an ass. I’m offended

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A real trad man would take leggings away from the roastie to bring back the mens hosiery.

If you aren’t wearing meggings, you aren’t trad.

@crownedpatriot2 @jooshcraft @uncle-beanbag

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