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how do you rate my lego

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Did they really set it up for there to be a big emotional moment that stops Cole being a ghost and turns him back human,, just for them to not do that????

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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
#art #love #fun #s #lego #actionfigures #collector #actionfigurephotography #hasbro #collectibles #outfy @outfyinc (at Brooklyn, New York)

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Vehículos Lego a tamaño real en las calles de Roma.
Es un proyecto digital del fotógrafo italiano Domenico Franco.

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Originally posted by thegroovyarchives

WE ARE LIVE! And tonight we’re going to be doing something a bit different, and we’re going to do some live LEGO building and it’s going to be great! We’re gona chill out, have some good vibes, and just really enjoy the hell out of this. Some COME ON DOWN to BRICK town as we Stick and Stack this LEGO attack and… and… and it’s just going to be great, trust me :D

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