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#lego ninjago

(I’m taking this as Generalshipping sorry boys)

Gnskgnd If they would Sentry would tell him “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight” and Cryptor would try and not be moved by those words because he’s stubborn but eventually gives up and asks to be forgiven

If Mindroid causes more chaos between that Cryptor would be angrily sitting there on the couch while other Nindroids walk by and go “Oh, general kicked you out?” And he’d angrily tell them to shut up

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Mindroid is a mechanical mystery alright-

Idk much about how robots are made and how THESE specific robots are made but yeah you’re right, overlord wouldn’t care enough to make new molds, Pixal was under the influence of the overlord.

From what I can see about the nindroid drones (who didn’t appear in the show, good that they didn’t because man they look bad) and nindroid warrior, he seems to be a mix of both, having the drone’s clothing while still having a mask, like the warrior.

Idk how Mindroid was created but he’s an accidental child not in the sense you think so he’s just there now, forever in the hearts of the fandom even though NO ONE TALKS ABOUT HIM

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Chen, returning to the departed realm after the preeminent got destroyed:

Samukai, Kozu, Cryptor, Morro sitting at a table together:

Samukai: Guess someone finally decided to join the crew of dead villains

Kozu: How the heck are you even a villain

Morro: What are you even supposed to be

Cryptor: Looks like a skinny snake man in a dress to me

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Garmadon definitely had a goth phase just look at him

** and he most definitely stanned Brian Molko

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Morro is definitely that type of emo that calls anyone who dresses slightly different that the traditional emo style posers but he also secretly thinks scene kids are hot despite calling them posers

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fugnc it………………………

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All the nindroids at Borg Tower(Excluding Sentry and Cryptor) can be classified as Himbos and I’m just-

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Artbreeder Ninjago Headcanons

top: Cole, Garmadon, Jay
Middle: Zane, Harumi, Kai
Bottom: Lloyd, Skylor, Nya
Singled out: Pixal (Humanized)

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And the master of hugs. ◡‿◡


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Are you implying Lloyd too, would be a pet? Or that Wu is so bad at parenting the chicken takes over?


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Nindroids fake crying to Sentry about how Cryptor threatened to stab them and Cryptor making it worse for himself by saying “Well i didn’t do it”

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