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game-ofthe-company · an hour ago
Watching LOTR Fellowship extended edition for the first time and loving it!!!
But I’ve realized something
Frodo and Sam are close to Aragorn and also Gandalf
Merry and Pip are close to Boromir which leads Pip to grow close with Faramir
Thus saving Faramir
Aragorn and Legolas were already close friends and Legolas grows close to Gimli leading Gimli to grow close to Aragorn
Merry being mistreated in Rohan leads him to be close with Eowyn and end up saving her
Which in turn Eowyn and Faramir meet because of Merry and Pippin
My thinking honestly just 🤯
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hannah-deserved-better · an hour ago
Drizzt crossover fics update
I don't know if I am going to be able to get to my round of chapters this week because I am busy preparing for mine and my husband's trip this weekend. We are going to Montana for our wedding anniversary and so I have a lot to do this week. I've managed to get a paragraph started in each fic but I am probably going to blow off the rest of the week of writing. But I have the chapters planned out and thought I would share the summary of what I have planned for them. Each fic is getting really interesting. All three of my fics are 9 chapters and 16,000 words long at the moment.
Tumblr media
In my "Companions" fic, my four fandom crossover involving Drizzt, Kenshin, characters from Supernatural, and from Middle Earth, the bad guys are plotting and planning against Drizzt and the angels who are making their way to Sundabar while the dwarves and the Winchesters travel through the Underdark towards Citadel Felbarr to meet with the dwarven king. Jarlaxle finds himself in the middle of the schemes of four plotting drow houses who all want to find and kill the renegade Drizzt for their own house's gains. (ao3: Wattpad: FFN:
In my "Fathers and sons" fic, my fic that takes place on Middle Earth and is a crossover between Drizzt and Tolkien, Thorin is trying to make it to the shire when his nephews both get really sick. His only hope is to make it to the shire and hope that the hobbits will help him. (ao3: Wattpad: FFN:
In my "Do'Urden" sons fic, my Drizzt and Tolkien crossover that takes place on Faerun, the company is making good time on the main road from Silverymoon to Waterdeep. But when they are ambushed by ogres and Dinin is wounded, they make a risky decision to enter the High Forest and seek the help of elves. The High Forest is not welcoming of visitors and there are more than just elves there, and it's not even certain that these elves, who are weary of visitors, will help them. But they are Dinin's only shot.  (ao3: Wattpad: FFN:
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samepagezines · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
In celebration of JRR Tolkien's 130th birthday Anniversary, we would like to introduce an Anniversary Calendar!
Please fill our our Interest Check so we can celebrate the wonderful world and characters created!
Interest Check here!
@zinesubmissions @zine-scene @fandomzines @zinesunlimited @anizines @atozines @faneventshub @zineapps @zinefans @zinefeed​ Thank you for the boost! \(≧▽≦)/
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thranduils-hairtie · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Imagine being an elve in mirkwood. Youre in the royal guard and fought side by side with legolas and thranduil at the fight of erebor. Legolas and you were a couple, but you decided to help the dwarfes in their miserable situation, and thranduil banned you for that crime. So you break up with legolas and go.
60 years later at the adventure of the rings. He meets you in Lothorien again and old feelings come up.
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this-is-evelyn · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
🌸Orlando Bloom🌸
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thranduils-hairtie · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
The love you give
Part 7
Legolas stands next to two of your pack in the woods. Than we can see two elves in armour coming our way with Allan, our friend who we thought was dead. I spy over them from up in the trees. Only legolas knows about this. I do this incase they bring him somewhere else, outside the woods. You are going to follow them incase that happens.
But right now, the exchange is happening. Legolas looks up trying to search for you. He catches a glimps of your blond hair, that is to see next to the green leafs. But only if you really search for someone up there. Your people dissapear and the elves bring a horse out of the bush. "Right..he is still a prince after all..", you mumble to yourself and imediatly shut up, as you remember that elves have stromger senses than normal humans. But tgey didnt seem to noticed me. You release a breath you were holding. "I hope everything goes alright..i cant loose him". After a last look over his shoulder he swings on the back of the horse and ride off with the others of his race. And from there on you follow them.
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You know how it was a really popular filmmaking trend back in the early 2000s to have your characters dancing to a popular song during the end credits?
Yeah well now I wish Peter Jackson had the entire Fellowship dancing to YMCA during Return of the King’s end credits, simply because that’d be iconic and make the post-trilogy pain go away ☀️
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At Legolas’ “coming of age” coronation:
Thranduil, sitting with Legolas in the carriage riding through the kingdom: part of being a Royal is displaying elegance, as in upholding the thousands of years of dignity our—
Legolas, leaning out the carriage window:
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lxst-in-outer-space · 21 hours ago
He’s Gone | Thranduil
chapter five : feelings
Tumblr media
❛ pairing | thranduil x oc
❛ story type | multi
❛ description | thranduil and alvena grow closer only to pull away once more, but after year away from her son and her king, the elven princess can’t deny her feelings any longer and neither can he.
❛ warnings | none
The feelings that came from growing so close were odd. For Thranduil, it felt like a breath of fresh air when Alvena entered the room, her bright, blue eyes always twinkling when they landed on him - her beauty amazed him. Her silver-blonde hair was always kept loose and brushing her upper thighs, a simple tiara made of silver rested on her head as a reminder of her station, and her pale features always seemed lively even when she was heartbroken.
More than her beauty was her caring attitude and wise council. Whenever a wanderer came in search of shelter, Alvena fought to have the traveler given hospitality if only for a short time. One occasion she even openly fought with the king’s advisors, leaving Thranduil in awe of her courage. She also liked to send supplies to cities in need outside of Mirkwood, taking delight in making preparations. Some started to call her the Queen of Mirkwood, even if it was never to her face, but Thranduil heard and had no qualms about it.
She always had helpful things to say as well. When dealing with Bard of Laketown - the newfound leader of his people - or the Dwarves under the mountain, her words always brought him comfort and reassurance in his decisions or gave useful criticism that never seemed chastising.
But Thranduil was afraid.
He had not felt this way since his wife was alive and in some way, he felt as though he was betraying her for loving another - for even feeling for another something that was far from innocent and platonic. Even worse than that it was his son’s wife, the mother of his son’s child, his grandchild. He couldn’t help it.
Every brush of the hand, every gentle smile, every sweet word - it brought him even closer to the inevitable.
He was in love and he didn’t know how it was possible. That was why he had gone to Alvena’s mother, Galadriel, for advice. She only told him that the Valar worked in mysterious ways, but if he loved Alvena - truly - and she loved him, then they could not ignore it, no matter what the circumstances.
For Alvena, it was different. She had always been fond of the king, but while married to Legolas, it had always been a platonic love, more of an admiration. Her romantic feelings had always been for Legolas, to whom she was faithful to until the moment he decided he could leave her. She had never even glanced at another elf in her time married to him or even before.
When she was left by her husband, however, with his child growing in her womb, there was only Thranduil to provide her with the comfort she needed and so longed for. He was the one who held her hair back when she wretched up her food, he was the one who had dresses tailored to fit her changing body, and he was the one who held her hand when the birthing pains overtook her.
At first she had believed her feelings were because of that love he had shown her, because he was there when no one else was, but as time went on and her heart healed, she realized that it was not. It went far deeper than simple feelings for the man who had saved her from herself.
For a time, the pair separated themselves from each other, avoiding spending extra time together like they used to. They were only in each other’s presence when advisors, other elves, or Earendil was around.
Alvena even departed the Woodland Realm for a year to visit her parents, dear friends in Lothlórien, and her niece and nephews in Rivendell. When she returned, things were different.
Having spent a year away from her son, he was excited to see her, waiting at the entrance of the kingdom, holding Thranduil’s hand. She had arrived when she expected to, the sound of “Amil!” filling the air as the heavy wooden doors open.
“My son!” Alvena had called, kneeling down and opening her arms. In the five years since his birth, Earendil had grown into a wonderful elfling, “Come here!”
As soon as the child was in her arms, she was standing up and twirling him around, pressing kisses to his silver hair. When she finally stopped spinning, she continued to hold him in her arms, “I have missed you, my sweet.”
“I have missed you, Amil!” Earendil cried, wrapping his small arms around her neck, “Can I come with you next time?”
“Of course you can, my son,” Alvena smiled, pressing a kiss to his plump cheek, “Did you behave for your grandfather?”
“I did,” Earendil said proudly.
Alvena kept her smile but raised an eyebrow. Her eyes went to Thranduil for the first time and the twinkle he adored so much appeared in her eyes. She watched as he walked over to her, bowing his head as a greeting. She curtsied slightly before taking his hand in her own, “It is good to see you again, Thranduil.”
“And you,” he replied softly, “Now you must be tired. I will have someone bring your things back to your room. I will visit later.”
Her heart fluttered slightly as she nodded her head, allowing herself to be led back to her room. For a long while she talked and played with her son before allowing one of his caretakers to lead him back to his room for bed.
A sigh left her lips as she slipped into the warm bath her maids had prepared for her. It was exactly what she needed after traveling. As her companions left her to her own devices, she did not notice the door creaking open until a bang startled her. Her eyes flew open to find the elvenking standing at her doorway, face neutral but lips slightly parted from the surprise, “Forgive me, Vena. I will come back later.”
“No,” Alvena protested before she could register what she had said.
A moment passed.
She breathed.
She stood up.
°➶☽∘ ✾ ∘☾➴°
❛ author’s note | if you’re having trouble finding it, here is the full story: he’s gone
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I have gotten my sister obsessed with Legolas.
And my sister has considered Orcs her children because she literally has initials that spell it out. 😂
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blxckfirex · a day ago
Im writing a Legolas fan fiction happy pride
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himbo-bagginss · a day ago
Based on this post that @tolkien-fantasy posted! I've decided to do my own version because i couldn't help myself. Thank you for inspiring me :) i hope you don't mind that i joined in!
Tumblr media
First of all, he's into gingers so we're already off to a good start there. He's tall but I'm 5'5 (taller in shoes) so i think it's good enough for me, but height doesn't really matter.
He's the oddball of his people and i completely feel that energy and respect it. He gives off ambivert energy as well so i think that we would both have good vibes together.
Honestly you'd probably catch the two of us stargazing at 3am and talking about the theories of the universe together (or just about what the stars look like).
We would definitely braid each others hair, even though mine can be a frizzy/curly mess at times. I would leave flowers in his hair just to see how long it takes him to notice its there.
Letting him teach me how to fight/use weapons because im utterly clueless (but I'd still try to beat him up to prove him wrong). I'm also left-handed so that should be fun.
My eyesight is TERRIBLE so you best believe I'm not seeing anything clearly past my own arm-length. He would most likely tease me about this and flaunt his good sight and hearing. “watch out for that rock,” “shut up i can see it.” cue me still managing to trip over the rock anyway.
He doesn't get exhausted quickly so if he wants to keep walking you best believe I'm climbing on his back. I feel like i would most likely try to carry him at some point just to prove I'm strong enough to do so (I'm definitely not but oh well). He would probably act like I'm his own personal rucksack. Smh.
Listening to each other talk for hours and hours about things we're passionate about, and letting him speak in his mother-tongue even if i have no idea what he is saying.
He'd be such a wise friend/partner to have, especially if you're going through some sort of crisis. He's lived long enough to know enough, maybe.. not everything but I'm sure he would have something worth hearing.
Gosh there's so much i could say about this but i think I've already said enough so let's move on..
Tumblr media
He's honestly so god damn ADORABLE and he reminds me so much of myself.
We could both be introverted and write stories of our adventures together.
I'm definitely taller than him but i would definitely live with him at the shire, although I'd make sure we got a bigger bed to share at the least (or we could sleep on the floor?).
His love language is definitely through food and we would have plenty to eat and enjoy. Honestly i would learn how to cook for him just to make him happy.
I'd probably pick him up just to see his reaction, but each time would allow me to have a kiss or a much needed hug so I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much.
I can imagine the two of us sitting underneath a tree on a beautiful summers day, my head in his lap as he hums and sings whilst petting my hair and watching me fall asleep.
The two of us adopting Frodo and making sure he's the happiest little hobbit in all of the shire.
Honestly our wedding would initially be small but knowing Gandalf and the other Hobbits, they'd probably end up throwing a big party for it since there's not much else to do.
The two of us making each other our own rings to wear.
Making each other our own handkerchiefs with each others initials on it because why not?
Cuddling by the fireplace on cold wintery days, covered in blankets and reminiscing on our younger days together.
Overall i think this would be so adorable, but it's hard to visualize. Bilbo is such a sweetheart and although he prefers to be alone and undisturbed (except for party business) we could make something work.
Tumblr media
Not me being head over heels for this absolute perfect specimen. I would honestly do anything for this woman.
Galadriel would be such a good friend/partner, not only is she empathic but she's also just a really kind person and would definitely comfort me and try to make me feel better if i were to ever get upset.
She would definitely respect my pronouns (although i don't mind being referred to with any pronouns, i prefer they/them) and would have robes made for my taste so i don't feel too feminine or masculine on certain days.
The two of us living together in Rivendell before going to the Undying Lands to spend the rest of our life together happily.
The two of us would make a power couple for sure but she'd be so happy to call me her partner. I just know it.
Not me already writing love songs for her. She'd probably find it really romantic even if i can't sing or play my guitar well.
Going on dates together, walks through the woods, holding hands and kissing under the moonlight.
Honestly she would be so protective of me and although I'm clumsy and can't fight for dirt, i would do anything to protect her and make sure she's safe and happy.
Teaching me her mother-tongue because she wants me to understand what she calls me and what the other elves say.
Honestly i think this relationship would be so endearing, wholesome and pure.
I'm into older women, so i would definitely flirt with her (respectfully) whenever i got the chance.
Our wedding would be so beautiful and elegant and I'd love every single moment with her for sure.
Tumblr media
I'm a simp for this man. WHERE IS MY SIMP CARD?
No but for real. The things that this man makes me feel should be illegal. He's literally perfect.
Knowing me, i would most likely annoy the living hell out of him and i would enjoy every moment of it.
He's such a romantic soul, and he'd make sure to treat me with only the upmost respect and honour.
The two of us getting drunk on wine, talking about our childhoods and past together and bonding over our emotional problems.
I'd comfort him about his facial scars and his insecurities, he deserves to have only the best kind of love.
He's definitely a drama-queen and I'm here for this. The two of us would be dressing up and wearing similar robes because that's just how the dynamic would work.
He's the best hypeman, and he would definitely be incredibly vocal about his compliments. “Have you seen how beautiful they are?” “Aren't they the most perfect person you've ever seen?” and this would be completely returned. You best believe i would boost this mans ego to the point where he'd believe he could do anything.
We would both be protective of each other and PDA is definitely something i can see happening frequently.
The wedding? Out of this world. Knowing him it would be a major celebration that lasts for at least a week. Partying, celebrating and all of that good stuff.
Making me a crown to match his own because he's just that extra. And i would happily wear it.
The two of us would definitely be happy in Mirkwood and keep to ourselves as much as possible.
Tumblr media
My reckless little angel. Oh what i would do to give him the biggest hug of his life.
Let me tell you, he is definitely not afraid of taller people and this is especially good for me. My short prince.
He'd be such a confident friend/partner to have, and he'd definitely be flirty at any given moment. Even when he probably shouldn't be flirting— he does.
His charm and charisma are definitely hard not to fall in love with. He seems like such a fun person to be around and our drinking games would be a sight to see for sure.
Knowing him he would try to carry me, but I'd end up carrying him instead. He'd just love being in my arms because it means he gets to see my face up close and not need to put in so much effort to kiss me.
If he wants a kiss he'd probably pull me down to do it or climb onto something just to grab me and kiss me.
He would show me off to his friends, especially the other dwarfs just to make them jealous (although i don't know why they would be jealous of me but I'm not complaining).
The prank wars would be INTENSE but you best believe me and Kili would work together just to prank the others at any given opportunity.
Kili giving me his rune-stone as a promise so I'd never forget him or feel that he's gone (if he's away).
PDA is definitely in the cards and you better believe we're holding hands at any opportunity we get.
Our wedding would probably be amazing yet messy, dining in the halls of Erebor and everyone partying until they can't move. I'm not familiar with dwarf courting, but I'm sure I'd learn enough of it along the way.
Overall Kili would be such a funny, sweet and interesting friend/partner to have. Even if we didn't have romantic feelings for each other, the two of us paired with Fili would be an amazing combination and it would be a friendship that would last a lifetime for sure.
All done!
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ask-legolas · a day ago
Tumblr media
Colour of the Week: Red. 
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Legolas: Which way did they go?
Aragorn: Well based on the direction of the wind, the broken sticks in the corner, and the slight disturbance in the dirt, I'd guess they went left
Gimli: You could really figure it out from that?
Aragorn, holding up his phone: No you idiot they sent me a text
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mimilind · a day ago
Cat of the Fellowship: Chapter 23
Tumblr media
Chapter 23:  Who is the mysterious wizard, and what does he want with them? The company learns many things about the past, present and future.
Links to the story:
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verecunda · a day ago
Yeah!!! :D
Tumblr media
I mean, GOD, these two are everything. On the big dramatic world-shaking level, you've got two members of races that have hated each other for millennia who form this unexpected but profound bond that mends relations between their peoples and even bends the whole rules of their universe. (How was Gimli allowed into Valinor? The power of love or something? Who knows? WHO CARES? YOU DID IT. YOU CRAZY SONS OF BITCHES, YOU DID IT.)
Then on the purely personal level, they're just so much fun. They go exploring together! They keep a running tally of baddies they've killed! They take the piss and slag each other off and look after each other all the time. (Aragorn must've felt like such a third wheel during that hunt across Rohan.) In sum: they're amazing.
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