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Since Hobbits can be very sneaky, I often imagine Pippin making his way to Valinor.

Valar being mindfucked; Aulë, Gimli and Legolas high fiving him. We all know what Gandalf thinks.

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Notes: As requested by @eamesandbellamyaremyheaven and inspired by this absolutely gorgeous work… Sansa X Legolas ;)


Sansa figured out -quite fast -that trusting Littlefinger was a bad idea. She made him think she was going to do what he wanted, waited until he took her away from the Valle, them she escaped him.

It was probably not a good idea -she wasn’t like Arya who could fight for herself -but she tired of being used as a pawn by everyone around her.

She’d escaped Littlefinger and ran into the forest, and her only plan was to somehow get to her uncle Brynden. She admitted it wasn’t the best plan, but it was the only one she had; she couldn’t just wait around to figure out why Littlefinger was taking her to the North.

She hid in the forest, hiding if she heard any voice. Her food ended quickly, and she didn’t know how to hunt. There were still enough berries around to pick, but Sansa was starting to realize she might not get to Riverrun without help.

She’d managed to get a few coins that she was afraid to use or let people know she had them. If she were to be honest, she didn’t even know if there was a village near where she could get a meal.

She felt cold, scarred and miserable every single minute she was there, but she tried to hope for something. Anything.

However the gods had been nothing but cruel to her in recent times, so when a group of merchants accidentally found her, Sansa didn’t think it’d be good for her.

It wasn’t.

They grabbed her and tied her down, saying she looked too pretty to be just a peasant. As she denied many times being a lady -she thought they might want to ramson her -they lost their patience. One of the men slapped her face, the other asked if he could have her, since she wasn’t anyone important.

Sansa screamed her lungs out as she struggled on his grip. However one of his friends held her down and they teared at her clothes…

The first arrow seemed to come from nowhere. The other men didn’t even have the chance to grab their rusty swords, before more arrows came and they were all dead around her.

Sansa sat there, in stunned silence, clutching her clothes to her chest, painfully aware of how familiar this was to her. The same shame and fear and disgust, but she knew that this time, it wasn’t the Hound who’d saved her.

So who was it?

She heard a branch snapping and turned her head, just in time to see someone coming out from behind a tree.

She’d have called him a man, but it didn’t seem right. He didn’t look like any man she’d ever met before, and she’d seen beautiful men before. It wasn’t just that he was stunningly beautiful, there was something about him that was… Otherworldly.

She tried to scoot back, and he raised his hand. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” He spoke, his voice low and melodic.

“Who…” She licked her dry lips. “Who are you?”

He kneeled in front of her, still a bit far from her. “My name is Legolas Greenleaf, my lady. What is yours?”

Sansa bit her lower lip, not knowing if she should answer him honestly.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” He assured her. “But you should not be here.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “I don’t know how to get home.”

He brought his hand to his heart. “Then I’ll take you anywhere you wish to go, my lady. Just say the word.”

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I love me an elfy boi

  • Twink.
  • Like a major twink. King of the twinks.
  • Only ‘mildly’ in love with Gimli because enemies to friends to lovers is a Good Trope.
  • Flat-earther.
  • By elf standards, he’s surprisingly scrappy with how eager he is to jump in and defend his friends. Such as how he instantly defends Aragorn at the council of Elrond.
  • Has the androgynous aesethic I wish I had.
  • Modern AU Legolas would be an Instagram influencer. Probably has his own make up line. Does have flat-earther controversy tho
  • Likes fruit drinks. Would down a few WKDs in a modern AU. He’s an absolute lightweight tho.
  • He’s seen as the ‘innocent’ one amongst his friends but it’s mostly to do with the large difference between elven and human culture.
  • Hates how slow he ages. Watching his friends grow older as he mostly stays the same causes him a lot of grief.
  • Modern AU Legolas is studying for a literature degree.
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Author: @greenleafs
Requested: this is for the “diversity” prompt set by @tolkiengenweek
Warnings: mentions of sensory hypersensitivity, neuropathy/nerve damage & blindness
Notes: Obviously, these conditions may manifest differently for other people. This is based entirely off of my lived experiences with hypersensitivity and neuropathy and how I relate them to the characters. 

🌿 Legolas + sensory hypersensitivity


Originally posted by bloo-my

  • The average elf is already much more sensitive than a human, but Legolas is hypersensitive even by elven standards
  • To him, the world is so bright and loud in every possible way
  • It’s beautiful, sure, but it took him a long time to get used to 
  • Background noise was the bane of his existence growing up, but with literal millennia of practice he’s getting better and better at filtering it out
  • Legolas learned to use his hypersensitive hearing to his advantage 
  • There’s a reason why he’s such an excellent marksman - it’s hard to miss an orc when you can hear them coming long before they’re in your line of sight
  • He’s often tired and has a hard time focusing if there’s too much going on at once, but he tries not to show it
  • Sometimes, the taste and texture of food is so overwhelming to Legolas that he lives off nothing but lembas and water for weeks on end
  • He dislikes wearing clothes or shoes that haven’t been broken in yet because the sensation of “raw” fabric sets his teeth on edge
  • One of his favourite places to be is high up in a tree at dusk, when the world is finally quiet and the light is soft

🌿 Thranduil + neuropathy


Originally posted by eeveningpostcomics

  • Thranduil is a skilled warrior, but he’s taken a few hard hits in his time
  • Some of the more severe blows he’s been dealt resulted in nerve damage
  • His hands and forearms are often numb, but he can usually still control his movements if he really focuses his attention
  • Sometimes, however, Thranduil can no longer feel his hands at all and moving them becomes almost impossible 
  • The first time it happened, he was terrified he’d never be able to feel them again
  • It’s always a huge relief to him when sensation finally returns
  • Thranduil also experiences temporary blindness every so often
  • He knows it’s coming when the numbness radiates into his cheekbones and it unsettles him every time
  • He already permanently lost his vision in his left eye, and he worries that his right eye might follow one day
  • Thranduil is endlessly grateful for the days where he can move and see with little to no issues
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