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looselipssinkshipsmeme · a month ago
Tumblr media
Loose Lips Sink Ships Is Officially Released from Service
A huge thank you to everyone who left prompts, posted fills, beta read, cheerled, commented and were generally part of the LLSS family over the last two years. It's been an amazing voyage, and we're very grateful to all of you. Once we get all the boxes ticked, the prompt section of the meme will be going to read only. However, you will still be able to leave fills, should the desire strike, and the AO3 collection will remain open. Here's our final round up of fills, as well as the standings in the points game: New Fills this Issue fade to stardust by @vintagelavenderskies BAND OF BROTHERS, Renee LeMaire, Wishing on stars A Promise of Everything by @muccamukk BAND OF BROTHERS, Donald Malarkey/Joseph Toye, Don gets hit with sex pollen somehow, and begs Joe to fuck him. Joe has a very difficult time resisting everything he's ever wanted. (How it ends up to the author!) He Once Went Back Alone by @arwen88 BAND OF BROTHERS, Edward Shames/Thomas Peacock, The one where Tom goes back to the US without Ed. In the Woods by @arwen88 BAND OF BROTHERS, Floyd 'Tab' Talbert/Richard Winters, Taking a stroll in the woods for a 'hunt'. But Dick doesn't even check if his gun is loaded or not, only wanting to spend some time alone with Talbert. They Call That Love by @impala_chick GENERATION KILL, Brad 'Iceman' Colbert/Nathaniel 'Nate' Fick, There's more to you than your worst self. Sweet Tooth by @arwen88 BAND OF BROTHERS, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters, Lewis is seriously worried Dick might be having a break down and wants to take care of him Marking the Occasion by @impala_chick BAND OF BROTHERS, Denver 'Bull' Randleman/Johnny Martin, Johnny gets a tattoo while on leave in England, the night before D-Day. And boy, does Bull approve. Field Maneuvers 3milesup has 1 point! anthrobrat has 2 points! Colonel arwen88 has 69 points! Second Lieutenant churchkey has 3 points! First Lieutenant fiorediloto has 11 points! Captain impala_chick has 18 points! Second Lieutenant lt_aldo_raine has 6 points! masongirl has 2 points! Lieutenant Colonel muccamukk has 55 points! Second Lieutenant paintstroke has 4 points! partypaprika has 1 point! skyearth85 has 2 points! Second Lieutenant slightlytookish has 5 points! First Lieutenant thrillingdetectivetales has 15 points!
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gendryw4ters-blog · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what WOULD we do without renee?? she’s an angel and i love her. wanted to keep her soft and fun and sweet and also! wanted to end these list shenanigans on a bittersweet high. we’ll meet again guys. promise <3
listen here
disclaimers/infodump under the cut
ive done one for all of the main (and some of the minor) easy company guys, and will do ships/forgotten men (im only human after all) upon request once they’re all up!! they’re based moreso on aesthetics/moods than deeper lyrical meanings, and by no means am i suggesting that they’re all 100% correct- in fact criticisms/opinions/suggestions would be muchly appreciated!!
good GOD we’ve done it lads. we’re through. this is the end of the list. it’s not the end of lists forever, but its the end of this particular ride. it’s been a wild one hasnt it? maybe im biased idk. but!! this (for me) has been so much fun and like, i honestly cant thank you all enough for sticking by through it all and for the support and lovely feedback and the help with some of the lists (looking at you @ruinsrebuilt and @snowmedics for that last point)
literally like. i wish i could express how much i appreciate each and every one of you, it means the world that you’ve enjoyed these. i hope you’ve enjoyed these, like, that’s all i ever wanted- for people to find these and think “oh god yeah” or “mm maybe not but the tunes are still banging” or whatever else they made you feel. youre all wonderful and i hope you know it <3
ANYWAYS renee. renee is beautiful. i love renee.
i hope you enjoy!!!! and have a wonderful day! love, niamh <3
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readingloveswounds · a year ago
My Great Big Reading List
Here it is! These are the books that I’m trying to read this summer - in the future, some of them could be part of an exam reading list, but that is to be fully and officially built at a later date. I do not necessarily anticipate finishing this list in its entirety, but it’s got a whole lot of fairly different works on it.
I made it along a couple themes, just to narrow down my choices - very generally they were violence, war, bodies, and identity. I also added some that I was just interested in (see a few in the 18th and 19th centuries).
Not all of these have been easy to find online or in paper!
A final warning because Saint-Cyr and de Sade are both on there - be careful with those two books and be sure you want to read them prior to doing so - looking at their descriptions and being aware of de Sade, they deal with a lot of brutality. These aren’t really the kind of thing you’d read on a whim.
***Note that while reading over the summer before grad school is great, there is no actual requirement for doing so in most cases (in the US, at least as far as I know).***
La Chanson de Roland Lancelot (Charrette) - Chretien de Troyes La Folie d'Oxford - Béroul Erec et Enide - Chretien de Troyes La Mort le roi Artur - (from the Vulgate-Grail, I think?) Aucassin et Nicolette Le Livre du voir dit - Guillaume de Machaut La Prison amoureuse - Jehan Froissart Le Livre de la cité des dames - Christine de Pizan Le Petit Jehan de Saintré - Antoine de la Sale Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles Le Charroi de Nimes
16th Century
Les Tragiques - Agrippa d'Aubigné Discours des misères de ce temps - Pierre de Ronsard Histoires tragiques - Francois de Belleforest Abraham sacrifiant - Théodore de Bèze Lepante - Guillaume de Salluste du Bartas la "Monomachie de David et de Goliath" - Joachim du Bellay Porcie - Robert Garnier La Rochelleide - Jean de la Gessée Illustrations de Gaule et Singularitez de Troie - Jean Lemaire de Belges Discours de la servitude volontaire - Etienne de la Boétie Médée - Jean de La Péruse Pantagruel - Francois Rabelais
17th Century
Oeuvres poétiques - Theophile de Viau Le cid - Corneille Andromaque, Phèdre, et Britannicus - Racine Contes - Charles Perrault Les Aventures de Télémaque - Fénelon La Mort d’Achille, La Mort d'Alexandre, Coriolan - Alexandre Hardy Dom Juan - Molière
18th Century
Le Diable amoureux - Jacques Cazotte Le Paradox sur le comedien - Denis Diderot La dispute - Pierre de Marivaux L'Esprit des lois - Charles Louis de Secondat Montesquieu Pauliska, ou la Perversité moderne - Jacques-Antoine de Reveroni Saint-Cyr* Aline et Valcour - Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade* L'emigré - Gabriel Senac de Meilhan Paul et Virginie - Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Memoires du Comte de Comminge - Claudine-Alexandrine Guerin Tencin Traité sur la tolerance - Voltaire
19th Century
Atala - Chateaubriand La Chartreuse de Parme - Stendhal La fille aux yeux d'or - Balzac Lorenzaccio - Musset Le Dernier Jour d'un condamné - Victor Hugo La Sorcière - Michelet Carmen - Merimée La Morte Amoureuse - Gautier Les fleurs du mal - Baudelaire Les Diaboliques - Barbey d'Aurevilly Boule-de-Suif / Mademoiselle Fifi - Maupassant Les Chants de Maldoror - Leautreamont Igitur - Mallarme
20th Century
Cahier d'un retour au pays natal - Césaire Traversée de la mangrove - Condé Les Bonnes - Jean Genet Antigone - Anouilh La femme de Job - Chedid Nedjma - Kateb Yacine Le Cimetiere marin - Valéry La route des Flandres - Simon Stèles - Segalen La condition humaine - Malraux La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu - Giradoux Le dimanche de la vie - Queneau
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ddnsports · a year ago
Breaking News: NHL Legend Henri Richard Dead at 84
Tumblr media
NHL legend and Hall of Famer Henri Richard has died, He was 84.
The Montreal Canadiens announced his death Friday morning on their official website.
Via Canadiens:
Born in 1936 in Montreal, Henri spent his entire 20-year NHL career with the Canadiens. He was the only player, along with teammate Jean Béliveau, to accomplish this feat. Prior to making the jump to the NHL and joining brother, Maurice, with the CH, Henri starred with the Montreal National, recording 55 points in 49 games in 1951-52. He moved on to the Montreal Junior Canadiens where he would wear number 9, winning the scoring championship two seasons in a row.
Henri made his NHL debut with the Canadiens in 1955-56, recording 19 goals and 40 points in his rookie season and winning his first Stanley Cup. His first five seasons with the club concluded with a Stanley Cup championship. Henri is one of 12 players on the Canadiens to have been a member of the five consecutive Cup-winning teams, an NHL record, along with teammates Dickie Moore, Jacques Plante, Jean Béliveau, Doug Harvey, Bernard Geoffrion, Tom Johnson, Claude Provost, Jean-Guy Talbot, Don Marshall, Bob Turner and his brother, Maurice. In his 20-year career, Henri Richard etched his name on the Holy Grail 11 times, an NHL record that is unlikely to ever be surpassed.
A tenacious player with incomparable determination and perseverance, Henri did not let his size dictate his play and he went on to lead the franchise in games played (1,258) and ranked third in Canadiens history in assists (688) and points (1,046). His 388 career goals in the regular season (including 53 game-winning goals and 47 on the power play) rank third among centermen in team history, surpassed only by Jean Béliveau and Jacques Lemaire. In 1973, he became the ninth player in NHL history to reach 1,000 career points.  
A gifted team player, a generous teammate and a born leader through his work ethic, Henri Richard was driven by team success and still had his fair share of individual accolades and honors. In 1974, he was the recipient of the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, which is awarded annually by the NHL to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. He was also the recipient of the Joseph Cattarinich Award as the Canadiens' Player of the Year in 1969 and 1973.
Henri Richard played in the NHL All-Star Game on 10 occasions. He was a First Team All-Star in 1958 and a Second Team All-Star in 1959, 1961 and 1963. He was also voted MVP of the 1967 NHL All-Star Game.
A reliable contributor to the Canadiens' offense during the regular season for two decades, Henri Richard was equally effective in the playoffs. In 180 postseason games, he recorded 49 goals and 129 points. He made his presence felt by tallying his first overtime goal - the Stanley Cup-clinching marker - in Game 6 of the 1966 Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. In the 1971 Stanley Cup Finals, Richard scored the game-tying and Stanley Cup-winning goals in Game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks to secure the club's 17th Stanley Cup.
Following his stellar career, the long-time captain received several tributes and honors. A man of few words, he was humbled when he received a long ovation at the Forum on December 10, 1975 as the Canadiens raised his number 16 to the rafters. Four years later, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, before entering the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame in 1991. In 2017, Henri Richard was named one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players" in history as part of the League's centennial festivities. Towards the end of the 20th Century, he was named as one of the Montreal Canadiens Ambassadors alongside his brother, Maurice, Jean Béliveau, Guy Lafleur and Réjean Houle, representing the organization at public and corporate events.
Henri Richard is survived by his beloved wife Lise, his children Michèle, Gilles, Denis, Marie-France and Nathalie, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, as well as thousands of hockey fans who enjoyed watching the "Pocket Rocket" play in a Montreal Canadiens jersey.
The family would like to sincerely thank the staff at CHSLD Résidence Riviera for their wonderful care. They demonstrated incredible professionalism and humanity. The family would also like to thank the public for their heartfelt condolences and kindly requests that its privacy be respected during this difficult time.
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californiaslots275 · 9 days ago
Antony Lellouche Poker
Tumblr media
Bio of Antony Lellouche Like so many others, Antony Lellouche entered poker full time as a result of the poker boom. Unlike so many others, he has found enormous amounts of success, to the tune of more than $2.3 million. Born on February 24, 1981, Antony Lellouche hails from France and claims Paris as his home.
The line up of Kevin MacPhee, Antony Lellouche and Davidi Kitai looks like it is going to produce a lot of action, and here is the first of many pots between the three. Kevin MacPhee raised to 4,300 on the button, and both Lellouche and Kitai called in the blinds. The flop was and all three players timidly checked. Not so on the turn though!
Partypoker MILLIONS UK Fest: January 4-12, 2020 Main: January 8-12, 2020 Hilton Hotel Prague, CZE.
Antony Lellouche - 14th Place Antony Lellouche has been on a roller coaster the last ten minutes and now that ride has come to an end as it ran into the deadly dance of Scotty Nguyen and Randy Ohel. The last hand of Lellouche's tournament saw him, Nguyen and Ohel commit 54,000 preflop as the dealer spread out a flop. WPT Career Highlights Value Rank; Career Earnings: $96,853: 1,891: Cashes: 5: 760: Final Tables: 1: 2,465: Titles: 0: 12,608.
WPT Omaha Cup: Victory of Antony Lellouche
Tumblr media
Last weekend, the Omaha Cup launched officially the beginning of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris 2011. The poker room of the Aviation Club de France has been the meeting point of enthusiasts of this variant of poker. And they were 65 players who registerd to be part of the field of the € 5,000 buy-in tournament. The tournament brought together top players like Tristan Clémençon who reached the 7 th place at the end of the final table, Roger Hairabedian, Basil Yaiche, Ludovic Lacay, Patrick Bruel, Hugo Lemaire, Sorel Mizzi, Jason Mercier, Freddy Deeb and Jeff Lisandro. And the competition was full of action within the two days of competition.
Ranked in place of chipleader before the start of the final table, Antony Lellouche won the victory after a deal between the last three players. Indeed, after the elimination of Michael Fratty, Tristan Clémençon, Michael Zovik, Juha Villi and Pascal Leyo at the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th place, a deal was concluded between the three players in competition who were Lellouche, David Kitai and Vadzim Kursevitch. So in the end, Antony Lellouche was entitled to the first place with a prize of € 99,480 while David Kitai was awarded the runner up spot and the second prize of € 65,520. The third prize amounted € 43,680. The game continues at the Aviation Club de France because in fact, the main event began on Monday, September 5.
Thursday, 08 September 2011
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Antony Lellouche Poker Games
All trademarks and copyrighted information contained herein are the property of their respective owners.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lellouche: / Rodawig: / Forrest: / - folded
Tumblr media
Eric Rodawig's completion was called by Antony Lellouche and Ted Forrest. All three checked fourth street and Lellouche bet his pair of kings on fifth. Forrest folded, Rodawig raised, and the the rest of Lellouche's chips made their way into the pot. He showed under, while Rodawig tabled for a pair of aces.
Sixth street gave both two pair. Rodawig caught the to make aces up. Lellouche was dealt the for kings up.
Antony Lellouche Poker Game
Rodawig's seventh-street card was the , giving Lellouche a chance to fill up. However, he flipped over the and is out in ninth place.
Tumblr media
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telecomload412 · a month ago
Nhl 04 Rebuilt For Mac
Tumblr media
NHL 2004 Official Downloads Links to the 2014-2015 mod download, Season 96/97 & 97/98 Mods, PNHL v2, v3, Canadian Hockey League Mod, and Vintage Hockey Builds 1 & 2 16 Topics. Welcome to the best hockey game ever made. Got any questions or concerns about NHL 2004? Message the page and I will help in any way I. Jun 02, 2008 NHL 04 Rebuilt. I've used a mac for the past 5 years and really missed gaming on the PC/the next gen consoles seem.
The longest-running hockey franchise in video games returns to home computers with a more robust Dynasty Mode, redesigned color commentary, a new fighting system, and full support of the right analog stick for both deking and checking. Budding General Managers can help upgrade their team's rink, practice facilities, coaching staff, and front office with experience points earned by winning games. As players spend more and more points on upgrades, the team will gradually increase its attributes and will be more likely to attract other free agents and draft picks to the city.
Another enhanced feature is the fighting engine, which is no longer a button-mashing substitute for boxing. Players will be able to chain moves from a grappling position, offering more strategic possibilities during encounters instead of rewarding those with quick reflexes. The collisions that often lead to fights have also been juiced up with more dramatic camera angles and new motion-captured animation. To help maintain its position as the best-selling hockey series, NHL 2004 fixes a number of presentation issues and promises a more realistic experience with computer players individually reacting to in-game situations rather than preset strategies.
Players who grimaced at NHL 2003's humorous approach to color commentary will be pleased to hear that Don Taylor has been replaced with ex-NHL player Craig Simpson, who offers a more traditional take on analysis. In addition to all 30 NHL teams from the 2003-2004 season, NHL 2004 offers 20 national teams as well as an international league composed of 39 teams from Germany, Sweden, and Finland. As with other EA SPORTS releases for 2003, players will be able to track personal ratings and unlock special features using saved games from each of the publisher's sports titles. Both the PlayStation 2 and PC versions of NHL 2004 have the added benefit of online play for head-to-head competition along with chat support.
NHL 2004 is a must-have game for rookie hockey fans and purists alike. There are a number of reasons for this, but the key ones are pretty compelling. In addition to some welcome gameplay tweaks and AI improvements by new developer Black Box, NHL 2004 also ships with a beefy new dynasty mode where Glen Sather or Bobby Clarke wannabes can micromanage their favorite teams for a full twenty seasons. Throw in some impressive new player animations, graphic upgrades, multiplayer enhancements, and a retooled fighting system, and there are more than enough goodies here to justify the upgrade.
The gameplay improvements probably won't be popular with the arcade crowd or anyone else who actually preferred the slapstick commentary, dramatic camera work, and double-digit scores featured in NHL 2003. NHL 2004 delivers a much more authentic representation of the fastest game on ice and this is reflected in its tight checking action (low-scoring games are now the norm) and truer-to-life gameplay mechanics. Defenders clutch and grab at speedy forwards with the same brutal degree of effectiveness they employ in the real NHL, and as a consequence, it's no longer possible to run up the score on opponents by executing stock one-timers, play after repetitious play. True hockey fans have detested the 'trap' since Jacques Lemaire foisted it on us it with the New Jersey Devils in the mid-'90s, but like it or not, it's part of the game and Black Box has taken pains to model this in NHL 2004. Although this new close-checking AI is still several notches from perfect -- games can still be won with suspicious momentum shifts or goon factor defensive tactics -- it's nevertheless a significant improvement on past versions.
Also complimenting the game's new sim-like presentation are upgraded control options and an all-new fighting engine. If your gamepad is appropriately equipped, you can now direct two-button touch-sensitive passes and control the direction of your hits and bodychecks with the game's new 'Bruise Control' feature (the decision to fight is now left entirely up to the player). If you do decide to drop the gloves, however, the new fighting system offers an entertaining diversion that should appeal to enforcers and speedsters alike. As with past versions, the configurability of NHL 2004 is extensive and everything from the overall AI difficulty to puck elasticity and friction can be set with a series of easily adjustable sliders.
The graphic upgrades in NHL 2004 are subtle -- last year's game was one of singular beauty -- but the results are impressive nonetheless. Complementing the superb rink detail and authentic player representations are convincing new motion-capture animations (player's bodies now skate and maneuver much more realistically) and some terrific new 3D crowd renderings that react and celebrate just like their real-life counterparts.
The audio is also quite solid throughout, with completely overhauled and re-scripted commentary from perennial play-by-play man Jim Hughson and freshman color commentator Craig Simpson (thankfully, the cornball scripting that turned respected Canadian sportscaster Don Taylor into an embarrassment of Geraldo Rivera proportions last year has been dropped). This new broadcasting tandem adds energy to the proceedings, but on the downside, they also let erroneous calls slip out every so often that bear little relation to the on-ice action. The rest of the game's auditory environment -- from the ricochet of booming slapshots to the high-energy 'EA Sports Trax' background music -- is equally first-rate.
Tumblr media
With close to 90 updated and licensed team rosters to select from -- 20 international teams and 39 new elite European squads supplement the game's 30 NHL franchises -- there's no shortage of player personnel in NHL 2004. What really adds to the game's depth, however, is its new dynasty mode. Assuming the role of GM, you can now draft or scout player prospects and negotiate contracts with your team's veteran and rookie talent while simultaneously adjusting ticket prices, upgrading team facilities, negotiating TV contracts, and even furnishing your office. It's a remarkably immersive experience that can be played either as a standalone RPG exercise or as an absorbing compliment to the core game.
Factor in NHL 2004's noticeably improved multiplayer environment -- where refreshingly lag-free Internet matchups can now be played on the EA Sports online pay service or alternatively through a peer-to-peer, LAN, or conventional multiple gamepad connection -- and the decision to trade up becomes even more clear.
Tumblr media
But then again, if you're a PC hockey game fan, you've already gone out and downloaded the damned thing, haven't you?
People who downloaded NHL 2004 have also downloaded: NHL 2005, NHL 2003, NHL 2002, NHL 07, NHL 06, NHL 99, NHL 2000, NHL 2001
Download NHL 19 for Mac OS:
NHL 19 is a popular sports hockey simulation video game. Among the innovations in the game there are updated controls Creative Attack, allowing more competently perform movements and maneuvers in interaction with hockey players. Also present NHL Threes, arcade experience with fast gameplay and designed for co-op and multiplayer.
Release Date: 14 September 2018 Developer: EA Vancouver Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: Sports, Simulation
Like most new EA Sports games, NHL 19 will make use of the Real Player Motion technology. Several different skaters were motion captured, and EA Sports have overhauled the animations to make them fluider, and more realistic and authentic. Movement in the game will place a heavy emphasis on both, size and skill, and animations will flow into each other better than in previous games. In addition, NHL 19 is also making use of a new physics system that reworks the in-game collisions. Hit tracking has also supposedly been improved.
One of the biggest additions NHL 19 brings about is the World of CHEL, which is being described by EA Sports as an evolution of the EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL), as a hub mode of sorts that consolidates all position-locked multiplayer modes, the progression that is tied to them, as well as customization of custom created players. NHL ONEs is a major part of World of CHEL. In this new game mode, three players will play against each other 1v1v1 free for all with no rules, limitations, and stoppages, and the matches will be held on outdoor ponds in four different locations.
Tumblr media
Minimum System Requirements:
• OS: Mac OS 10.9+ • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5 • Memory: 4 GB RAM • Storage: 30 GB
Nhl 04 Rebuilt For Machine
NHL 19 Mac Download Free Game for Mac OS X + Torrent!
Tumblr media
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depositpulse584 · 6 months ago
How To Bet On Melbourne Cup
Tumblr media
Simply pick the runner that you think will finish 1st in a race. You can choose to place a Tote Win bet where the price will continue to fluctuate up until the race start or a Fixed Odds bet where your price is. Bet on the 2020 Melbourne Cup. If you are a new customer, you can JOIN NOW or download the TAB app on your Android or iOS device. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. If you open an account on Melbourne Cup Day, your account is available for use all year round.
Melbourne Cup Day
How To Bet On Melbourne Cup Odds
How To Bet On Melbourne Cup Winner
Bet365 - T&Cs apply : Sports betting | Unibet - T&Cs apply | Gamble responsibly | Commercial content | T&C apply | Please play responsibly | 18+
Check out our how to bet on Melbourne Cup guide for a full overview of the Melbourne Cup 2021. We’ll provide our best betting tips, how to pick a winner, a preview of the 2021 race, which this year, will be run on Tuesday 3rd November at 3 pm.
Betting on Melbourne Cup 2021
Billed as the ‘race that stops a nation’, the race this year is more exciting than ever, there are many tips and trends to take into account before betting on the Melbourne Cup. You can see a full list of our key Melbourne Cup Betting trends and stats below.
Read our Melbourne Cup Betting Guide for more tips.
Editorial credit: Neale Cousland /
For example – did you know that 13 of the last 14 Melbourne Cup winners had raced in the last four weeks? While 12 of the last 14 successful horses came from stalls 5 or higher.
The best place to find a winner is by using ‘how to bet on Melbourne Cup’ form guides provided by bookmakers or online websites. Otherwise, if you’re not a racing or betting expert, almost every news or sports website in Australia will provide a betting preview of the race.
The form guide can be tough for a beginner to read but the best method for picking a winner on the Cup is looking at the distance record. The Melbourne Cup is a long race and the best winners are known for their records over the distance. Also, another betting tip is to look for previous runners in the race as they will be more experienced.
A good example in recent years is Who Shot The Barman who finished third in 2014 and fifth in 2016.
You can also look at which horse last ran, or had its prep race ahead of the Melbourne Cup. Why? Well, a staggering 13 of the last 14 winners raced at one of these four Australian tracks before heading to the Melbourne Cup – Geelong, Flemington, Caulfield or Moon Valley.
Melbourne Cup Betting Tips
You can also try some exotic bets such as quinella that can be a lot of fun and also extremely profitable if you get it right.
However, many bookmakers will increase these place terms to 5th, 6th or even 7 places – so be sure to shop around!
Melbourne Cup Bet Types
Here is a list of the most popular betting opportunities for the Melbourne Cup 2019:
1. Win betting – The most basic Melbourne Cup betting type, simply pick the winner. In general, the win odds for the Cup are inflated as it’s a unique race with more International runners than usual. As well as a large field of around 22-24 runners. For example, the 2015 winner (Prince of Penzance) paid winning odds of around $80.
2. Place betting – A place bet is for the first, second or third runner in the race. This is the best bet type for an outsider as the odds will provide value.
3. Quinella – The Quinella is the selection of the first two runners after the post, in any order. Picking just two options will provide the best odds but will be a harder bet to win.
4. Exacta – Similar to the Quinella, the Exacta is also the first two runners but it must be picked in the exact finishing order.
5. Trifecta – The trifecta is the most popular betting option as it provides massive odds if successful. A boxed trifecta is the best option as it allows a choice of multiple runners. Whereas a fixed trifecta means the runners must finish in a certain order. The odds will be increased but a fixed trifecta is a very tough bet.
6. First Four – Select the first four runners on your Melbourne Cup Betting slip and get huge odds if successful.
Melbourne Cup Betting: Bookmakers Sites
BookmakerDetailsVisit Sites
Check bookmaker site
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Visit operator’s website
Check bookmaker’s siteComing soon >>
Melbourne Cup 2021: Race Info
Date: Tuesday 3rd November at 3 pm
Track: Flemington Racecourse
Distance: 3200m
Conditions: Handicap
Prize Money: TBA
First Run: 1861
Melbourne Cup Betting Trends
These are the key Melbourne Cup betting trends for winners from the last 14 years:
14/14 – Had won a Group class race before
13/14 – Had raced within the last 4 weeks
13/14 – Raced at either Geelong (2), Flemington (3), Caulfield (3) or Moon Valley (5) last time
13/14 – Won 8 or fewer races before
12/14 – Winners from stall 5 or higher
Tumblr media
12/14 – Winning distance – 2 lengths or less
10/14 – Had raced within the last 2 weeks
10/14 – Aged 5 or older
9/14 – Drawn in stall 9 or higher
9/14 – Aged 6 or older
9/14 – Won by an AUS-based horse
9/14 – Raced at Flemington Park before (6 won there)
9/14 – Placed in the top 3 last time out
8/14 – Horses from stall 10 or 11 placed
8/14 – Returned 12/1 or shorter in the betting
8/14 – Won by a 6-year-old
Tumblr media
7/14 – Placed favourites
6/14 – Had won over 1m7f or further before
4/14 – Had won just once before
4/14 – Won last time out
3/14 – Winning favourites
3/14 – Had raced in a previous Melbourne Cup
2/14 – French-trained winners
1/14 – English/Irish winners
The average winning SP in the last 14 runnings is 19/1
Past Winners of the Melbourne Cup
Remind yourself of previous winners before you enter your Melbourne Cup betting slip
YearWinnerJockeyTrainerRace Time2018Cross CounterMarmeloA Prince Of Arran3:21.172017RekindlingCorey BrownJoseph O’Brien3:21.192016AlmandinKerrin McEvoyRobert Hickmott3:20.582015Prince of PenzanceMichelle PayneDarren Weir3.23.152014ProtectionistRyan MooreAndreas Wohler3.17.712013FiorenteDamien OliverGai Waterhouse3.20.842012Green MoonBrett PrebbleRobert Hickmott3.20.452011DunadenChristophe LemaireMikel Delzangles3.20.842010AmericainGérald MosséAlain de Royer Dupre3.26.872009ShockingCorey BrownMark Kavanagh3.23.872008ViewedBlake ShinnBart Cummings3.20.402007EfficientMichael RoddGraeme Rogerson3.23.342006Delta BluesYasunari IwataKatsuhiko Sumii3.21.472005Makybe DivaGlen BossLee Freedman3.19.172004Makybe DivaGlen BossLee Freedman3.28.552003Makybe DivaGlen BossDavid Hall3.19.902002Media PuzzleDamien OliverDermot K. Weld3.16.972001EtherealScott SeamerSheila Laxon3.21.08
Melbourne Cup History
The Melbourne Cup is most known as the race that stops a nation in Australia. The race is run on the first Tuesday in November and is apart of the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, Australia. It was first to run in 1861 at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.
The Melbourne Cup is a 3,200-metre race and is the richest horse race in the world at the distance. It’s officially a public holiday in Melbourne and the race attracts International exposure for Australian racing.
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In 2015, the first female jockey won the race (Michelle Payne) and well-known Victorian trainer, Darren Weir finally won his first Melbourne Cup race. Makybe Diva is known as the greatest runner at the Melbourne Cup after winning in three straight years from 2003 to 2005.
After Almandin won the 2016 Melbourne Cup, Lloyd Williams became the most successful owner at the Cup with 5 wins since 1981.
The late Bart Cummings is easily the best trainer in Melbourne Cup history with 12 wins from 1965 to 2008. The next best is 5 wins between Etienne de Mestre (1800s) and Lee Freedman.
Melbourne Cup Stats
Also note, horses that had their prep runs at the Aussie tracks of Flemington, Geelong, Caufield or Moon Valley last time out – 13 of the last 14 winners raced at one of those four tracks before winning the Melbourne Cup.
Despite being run over two miles the draw has played a big role too. 12 of the last 14 winners came from stalls 5 or higher. Taking the draw stat a bit further, 9 of the last 14 winners came from stalls 9 or higher.
Next up is to note the age of your fancy. Why? Well, even though we saw a 3-year-old winner in 2017 it’s actually worth noting that 10 of the last 14 winners were aged 5 or older.
Considering the competitive nature of the race the market leaders haven’t done too bad, with three of the last 14 favourites winning (21%) – with the most recent being Fiorente back in 2013.
The jollies also have a good record of being placed with 50% of the last 14 finishing in the top four.
Finally, look for horses that finished in the top three in their most recent race (9 of the last 14), plus had won at the Flemington track in the past – 6 of the last 14 winners had tasted success at the Aussie course previously.
Melbourne Cup Form Facts
In 2017, young Irish trainer, Joseph O’Brien won the amazing £2.25 million first prize to win the race for the first time, while he, in fact, led home and Irish 1-2-3 as Dad, Aidan O’Brien – trained the second (Johannes Vermeer), with the Willie Mullins-trained Max Dynamite in third.
In 2018, Cross Counter, a four-year-old gelding from Appleby’s stable in Newmarket, England won the 2018 Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse.
However, it’s generally the Australian-based yards that hold sway in the race – they’ve won 9 of the last 14 runnings.
For example, ALL of the last 14 Melbourne Cup winners had at Group Class level in the past, while a massive 13 of the last 14 winners had raced in the last four weeks. Plus, if you want to take this trend a bit further then 10 of the last 14 winners raced in the last two weeks.
Melbourne Cup Day
For example, ALL of the last 14 Melbourne Cup winners had at Group Class level in the past, while a massive 13 of the last 14 winners had raced in the last four weeks. Plus, if you want to take this trend a bit further then 10 of the last 14 winners raced in the last two weeks.
How To Bet On Melbourne Cup Odds
For British citizens: The Grand National and Cheltenham Festival
How To Bet On Melbourne Cup Winner
For the British citizens, the Grand National which takes place at Aintree Liverpool remains a top for betting experts, check on! Meanwhile, for the latest on the Cheltenham Festival, go to
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Have you ever needed to make a note to yourself or to someone else and picked up a small piece of paper on which to jot the message?
These are rarely meant to be saved or archived.
They are usually important, though, in that they preserve information that you might need in the short term.
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The ancient ostracon functioned essentially the same purpose.
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The term “ostracon” (singular; plural is ostraca) is defined by Liddell and Scott (1264) as an “[1.] earthen vessel… 2. fragment of such a vessel, potsherd… esp. the potsherd used in voting…: hence… the danger of ostracism…” A verbal form developed to refer to “banish (esp. from Athens) by potsherds, ostracize…” (Liddell and Scott 1263).
In ancient Greek society, if the citizens deemed it necessary to ostracize another citizen of Athens (in particular), they would vote on the action.
Plutarch (ca. 46-120 AD), narrated the procedure relative to ostracizing Aristides from Athens:
“Each voter took an ostrakon, or potsherd, wrote on it the name of that citizen whom he wished to remove from the city, & brought it to a place in the agora which was all fenced about with railings.
The archons first counted the total number of ostraka cast.
For if the voters were less than six thousand, the ostracism was void.
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Then they separated the names, & the man who had received the most votes they proclaimed banished for ten years, with the right to enjoy the income from his property” (Lives, Aristides 7.4-6).
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Plutarch lived several centuries after these legal proceedings to ostracize Aristides (which occurred ca. 482 BC),
but Herodotus (8.79), writing in the fifth century BC, no more than decades after the procedure,
      confirms that Athens had indeed ostracized Aristides.
They had allowed him to return, however, to help defend Greece against the Persian invasion of ca. 480 BC at Salamis.
Several ostraca bearing Aristides’ name were retrieved from a well in the Athenian agora (see above).2
Background Context
The writing itself might be just words and/or numbers, but could include drafts of sketches/drawings (Peck 621). Usually in ancient Israel and Syria, they reflect verbal communications of some kind. Ostraca are rare in Mesopotamia until near the end of the Babylonian empire when Aramaic began to be the dominant language of the region (Lemaire 190). 3
More formal writing surfaces of papyrus, parchment, and leather were expensive. Broken pottery pieces, however, were plentiful and were convenient writing surfaces for ad hoc data that one did not intend to archive. Usually the messages were written on one side of a sherd from a larger vessel, the gentle curvature of which provided a more convenient surface. The smoother, outside of the vessel was the typical surface, but some messages would use both sides of the sherd.
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Ecclesiastes 9:5 | ⁵ For the living know that they will die, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 & have 𝐧𝐨 𝐟𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝—because the memory of them is #forgotten
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Being ad hoc inscriptions, most ostraca consisted of letters and messages, records of temporary record-keeping, bills and receipts, practice documents, and sometimes random names and lists. These tend to reflect the reality of people’s lives. They usually do not promote some official political tenet, but the reactions and/or perspectives of the individuals involved in the creation of the documents. Hence, they provide valuable insights in the ways people actually lived and thought.
       Admittedly, the larger contexts of what prompted        the creation of the documents may remain elusive.
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What Some Companies Are Saying About Back-to-Office Plans: Live Updates Here’s what you need to know: Some big employers are making plans to call employees back to the office, but others are waiting.Credit…Gregg Vigliotti for The New York Times At one point the target was the start of 2021. Then it was bumped to July. Now September is the new date that many companies have circled on the calendar for bringing back office workers who have been working remotely for the past year. Maybe. Companies are wary of setting hard deadlines, recent reporting by The New York Times found. Some corporations are reopening offices in the spring, and many are saying they will remain flexible, staging returns over several months and planning to allow some workers to continue to work from home. As nerve-racking as it was last year to be abruptly torn from their desks, many people find the prospect of returning distressing. Here is what some of the country’s biggest companies are telling their workers. IBM IBM, which employs about 346,000 people, hasn’t set a strict timeline for when its U.S. workers will return to the office. It expects about 80 percent of its employees to work with some combination of remote and office schedules, depending largely on role. JPMorgan Chase The bank, which has more than 20,000 office employees in New York City, has told employees that the five-day office workweek is a relic. The bank is considering a rotational work model, meaning employees would rotate between working remotely and in the office. PricewaterhouseCoopers The consulting firm, which has about 284,000 employees, is set to open one office in each of its major cities in May, and all of its offices in September. Even when the offices are formally reopened, PwC will allow some workers, depending on their job, to work remotely at least part time. Walmart Most of Walmart’s 1.5 million employees work at the retail giant’s stores, and a vast number have continued to go in to their workplace throughout the pandemic. It said on March 12 that it would start bringing workers back at its Bentonville, Ark., office campus no earlier than July. Its global technology employees will continue to work virtually “for the long term.” Wells Fargo At Wells Fargo, 60,000 employees have worked at bank branches and other facilities during the pandemic, but 200,000 more have worked remotely. The company told its staff in a memo last month that it had set a Sept. 6 return-to-office target and was “optimistic” that conditions surrounding Covid-19 vaccinations and case levels would allow it to keep it. GameStop said it would sell additional stock, up to 3.5 million shares, to finance its move online retailing and to support its finances.Credit…Carlo Allegri/Reuters Wall Street is poised to begin the week on an upswing, with futures pointing to a 0.3 percent rise in the S&P 500. Asian markets also gained in the wake of Friday’s U.S. jobs report, which marked a bigger-than-expected surge in hiring last month. The Nikkei index in Japan rose 0.8 percent, to its highest level since mid March, and the Kospi index in South Korea gained 0.3 percent. Stock markets were closed for holidays in China, Hong Kong and much of Europe. Digesting the jobs report The Labor Department on Friday reported U.S. employers added 916,000 jobs in March, the biggest jump since August, and the unemployment rate fell to 6 percent. The news exceeded expectations, and the gains were broad based, with hiring in the hospitality, retailing and transportation sectors all rising. Adding some uncertainty to the bullish numbers is a rise in coronavirus cases in the United States after weeks of decline. But as Ben Casselman reported in The New York Times: “Few economists expect a repeat of the winter, when a spike in Covid-19 cases pushed the recovery into reverse. More than a quarter of U.S. adults have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, and more than two million people a day are being inoculated.” Bonds and oil Yields on 10-year Treasury notes, which have been on an upward trajectory since October, have stabilized over the last few days. On Monday the yield was down slightly to 1.71 percent. Oil prices fell. Brent crude, the international benchmark, fell 1.9 percent to $63.40 a barrel, and West Texas Intermediate slipped 1.8 percent. Traders have been adjusting their positions since last Thursday’s decision by OPEC and its allies to slowly relax curbs on output. Those controls were put in place in response to the sharp decline in oil demand during the pandemic. Companies GameStop said Monday that it would sell up to 3.5 million additional shares to “further accelerate its transformation” and to strengthen its balance sheet. The struggling bricks-and-mortar retailer, which found itself at the center of a trading frenzy in January, is aiming to become more of an online operation. Additional shares would dilute the ownership of its existing investors — and GameStop’s shares fell more than 10 percent in premarket trading. Air France on Monday is expected to announce it has accepted a government-backed refinance package. Aid for the struggling carrier has been the subject of talks between French government and European Union officials, and on Sunday Bruno LeMaire, the French finance minister, said the basic terms of a deal had been reached, Reuters reported. Shaundell Newsome of Small Business for America’s Future said changes were needed throughout the banking industry to improve outcomes for Black owners.Credit…Bridget Bennett for The New York Times The government’s central small business relief effort, the Paycheck Protection Program, has made $734 billion in forgivable loans to nearly seven million businesses. But minority-owned businesses were disproportionately underserved by the program, a New York Times analysis found. “The focus at the outset was on speed, and it came at the expense of equity,” said Ashley Harrington, the federal advocacy director at the Center for Responsible Lending. The aid program’s rules were mostly written on the fly, and reaching harder-to-serve businesses was an afterthought. Structural barriers and complicated, shifting requirements contributed to a skewed outcome, The New York Times’s Stacy Cowley reports. In the program’s final weeks — it is scheduled to stop taking applications on May 31 — President Biden’s administration has tried to alter its trajectory with rule changes intended to funnel more money toward businesses led by women and minorities. But those revisions have run into their own obstacles, including the speed with which they were rushed through. Lenders, caught off guard, have struggled to carry them out. “Historically, access to capital has been the leading concern of women- and minority-owned businesses to survive, and during this pandemic it has been no different,” Jenell Ross, who owns an auto dealership, told a House committee. The United States is particularly important to the world economy because it has long spent more than it sells.Credit…Scott McIntyre for The New York Times The United States and its record-setting stimulus spending could help haul a weakened Europe and struggling developing countries out of their own economic morass. American buyers are spurring demand for German cars, Australian wine, Mexican auto parts and French fashions. And many Americans have spent their stimulus checks on video game consoles, exercise bicycles or other products made in China. The United States’ comparatively fast recovery involved a little bit of luck — new variants of the virus have just begun to push domestic infections higher — and a large policy response, including more than $5 trillion in debt-fueled pandemic relief, The New York Times’s Jeanna Smialek and Jack Ewing report. “When the U.S. economy is strong, that strength tends to support global activity as well,” said Jerome H. Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve. But some hazards lurk. The slow pace of the European Union’s vaccination campaign will probably hurt its economy. Poorer and smaller countries, facing severely limited vaccine supplies and fewer resources to support government spending, are likely to struggle to stage an economic turnaround even if the U.S. recovery increases demand for their exports. Chocolate is Britain’s second-largest food and drink export, after whiskey.Credit…Tom Jamieson for The New York Times Small British chocolate makers emphasizing ethically sourced ingredients and bespoke batches became big sellers in Europe in recent years but have been nearly impossible to find there since January, David Segal reports for The New York Times. “We have customers complain to us all the time, ‘Why can’t I buy my favorite British chocolate?’” said Hishem Ferjani, the founder of Choco Dealer in Bonn, Germany, which supplies grocery stores and sells through its own website. “We have store owners with empty shelves.” “We have to explain, it’s not our fault, it’s not the fault of the producer. It’s Brexit,” he said. Chocolate is Britain’s No. 2 food and drink export, after whiskey, according to the Food and Drink Federation. Chocolate exports to all countries hit $1.1 billion last year, and Europe accounts for about 70 percent of those sales. In January, exports of British chocolate to Europe fell 68 percent compared with the same period the year before. The trade deal struck late last year with the European Union has not saved British companies from a maddening, unpredictable array of time-consuming, morale-sapping procedures and from stacks of paperwork that have turned exporting to the E.U. into a sort of black-box mystery. Goods go in and there is no telling when they will come out. Source link Orbem News #BacktoOffice #Companies #Live #plans #Updates
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