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26. Mirio Togata

          Theme: Incubus

          Kinks: Wet dreams, somnophilia, non-con, rough sex, breeding

Yeah. I don’t know how male orgasms work, so this will probably be inaccurate. I’m not that big into actually having sex and I’m not in a comfortable level with my male friends how orgasms feel for them. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Very OC Mirio. And you know what else? He’s canonically 18.


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Mirio’s your next door neighbour. One night, he catches you… not studying for your midterms. 

Characters: Mirio Togata x f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!), aged-up characters, college au, masturbation, being caught masturbating, implications of sex. Mentions of studying/midterms/headaches/related tension.

Notes: There’s a tag floating around AO3 called “U.A. is a University” which fits this AU better than anything. Quirks, hero program, all of the above- just make it college.

This is just a very quick little drabble that I’m launching into the world so I can play catch-up! Tomorrow, everything will be back on schedule, and I will be uploading #26 on the actual 26th. The prompt for “today,” the 25th, was “Caught Masturbating.” So I did that.

This one’s definitely not as graphic as my other work; there’s a lot more left up to implication. But it’s a quick little read, so I hope you’ll like it 💖 

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You try not to do this very often, but the stress has reached its peak.

Midterms have been especially brutal this year. You’ve got a tension headache like an iron band around your temples. Your shoulders are drawn constantly taut. It feels like you haven’t had a proper night’s sleep since Halloween.

You don’t know how to fix the fact that you’re failing Calculus. But you do know how to ease a little bit of anxiety. And you know what’s going to soothe your headache long enough for you to fall asleep.

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I did it! Here’s all three of them, now including Mirio! I will say it was a hard choice between mirio and Nejire but I only wanted to do three (limited on time here) and I needed more male illustrations for my body of work. I didn’t forget Nejire! I might draw her another time

Please don’t repost my art! If you like it, consider reblogging it!

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You’re leaving for college in the morning. Tonight, you want to give Mirio something to remember you by.

Characters: Mirio Togata x f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!), Quirkless AU, first-time sex, car sex, pre-college angst, lots and lots and lOTS of fumbling and fluff

Notes: Both characters in this story are eighteen years of age. I don’t write underage characters in nsfw situations!!! That being said, this is not proofread. It’s so soft and so messy and all over the place but then again, so is losing your virginity. Today’s (yesterday’s) prompt was “First Time.” 

EDIT: nobody asked but the title is inspired by Bob Seger bc I’m a walking m e m e 

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Mirio’s beat-up little Subaru kicks up a cloud of dust as you race around the winding turns of a bendy country road.

You’ve been in this passenger seat a thousand times. Tonight, it feels different.

It’s just before eight, but the late summer sun is already sinking rapidly toward the trees. The days are growing shorter already- it feels like you’ve been chasing the evening sunlight since the Civic Holiday. The first time you noticed the sun setting before nine P.M., you burst into tears.

You’re not ready for the changes that Labour Day will bring.

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You get home from a particularly icy commute. But Mirio’s got a surprise for you. 

Characters: Mirio Togata x f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!) aged up characters, winter weather, bubble baths, reverse cowgirl (sort of?) vaginal fingering, fluff

Notes: This is not proofread at all, sorry guys! I fell behind a little on my writing so I finished this exactly 30 seconds ago. Going to try and get ahead over the weekend so I can give you some edited stuff to finish up! 💖 Today’s prompt was “in the shower/tub,” and I cannot imagine anyone better suited to bathtub sex than Mirio. 

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The city is a flurry of wind and damp snow and you’re stuck in the middle.

After standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the rush-hour train as it crawled through the blinding winter evening, you’re more than ready to be home. Of course, it’s a ten-minute walk from the train station to your apartment building- fifteen, since you’ve got to shuffle your way home with your nose tucked in against the wind.

By the time the elevator doors open on your floor, you’re frigid. There’s no jacket that could have prepared you for that wind. It was one of those unfortunate days, too, where the weather was mild all afternoon before taking a gloomy turn around rush hour. Your heart sank as you packed up your desk for the weekend at the mere thought of stepping out in the cold.

And the weather did not disappoint.

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