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#lemme kiss
Helllooooo how’s it going? I haven’t checked Shawn blogs in a while, hope you’re doing well ♥️

Hiiiiiiii 👋🏼 all is good ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ likewise!

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i’ve looked at this one gif of enjolras for like ten minutes and my lips are physically tingling because i wanna kiss him so bad and im just lying in bed smiling and blushing i am SO IN LOVE WITH HIM IM A GODDAMN MESS HOW CAN ONE MAN BE SO GORGEOUS

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See the thought of someone smiling into a kiss while making out oH mAn that shit gets me like that's some cute stuff right there but also low-key hot ? I keep thinking about changbin doing it snfhamd brain stOb ~☄️

its cute if theyre smiling into the kiss, its hot if they smirk into it.

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