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japan: is a dom who likes a brat partner.  he relishes all the opportunities he has to punish them when they act out.  the bigger the brat, the better for him; he gets off on the process of bringing them into submission; the obedience after the fact is only fun for a little while.

finland: is a dom who likes a brat so long as they communicate openly and honestly about their needs, setting clear boundaries beforehand.  he likes brat play so long as it’s just play, and not real.

canada: is a fantastic brat.  mattie knows how to be the perfect mix of naughty, impolite, and rude.  he excels at garnering harsher punishments for himself from his dom.

romano: is a dom who sometimes struggles to get out of that mindset with a brat.  his domineering and coarse behavior might continue past the sex, and his brat might have to pull him aside and snap him out of it.

turkey: is a dom who purposely gives vague orders so that it’s easier for his brat to bend the meaning and ‘get it wrong’.  he’s punishment-happy and likes to find reasons to discipline his brat.  

china: is a dom who excels at bringing brats into submission.  the brat persona he’s not crazy about, but he gets off on the ultimate obedience after the fact; addressing him as ‘sir’, following his every command, and making it up to him for how they’ve behaved.

germania: is a dom who relishes in the ultimate submission of his brat at the end of the day.  he gets off on knowing that whatever he wants, they’ll give him.

france: he’s a dom that’s experienced in dealing with brats.  he has a podcast in which he offers guidance on brat play.

bulgaria: he’s a fantastic brat, though new to the scene, so he’s still working up the confidence to be super naughty and petulant.  he really likes being disciplined and subjugated by his dom though.

germany: is a dom who feels it’s really important to establish that he’s safe to sub for beforehand, so he often won’t engage in brat play until he’s in an established relationship.  he prefers playful, teasing brats to more aggressive, snarky ones.

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ecuador: his are super sensitive, and while he’ll probably work his way up to clamps and stuff eventually, for now, his partner’s nails and teeth are more than enough to make him writhe.

lithuania: likes to tease and pinch at his partner’s nipples, often fixating on them during foreplay.  he has a habit of being just a bit too rough with them, pinching them enough to make his partner yelp - which he also gets off on.

 russia: his nipples are also really sensitive; he ‘dislikes’ when his partner goes near them because of how easy it is to get a reaction from him.  his nipples are his sexual achilles heel; he tries to avoid letting his partner know just how much he enjoys attention there.

belarus: she likes when her sexual partners pay attention to her breasts as she considers them some of her best assets, all pert and perky, with dark, little nipples.  she’s constantly guiding her partner’s hands and mouth back to her bust; only trusted partners get to use clamps on her though

spain: he likes when his partner rakes their nails across his chest and catches his nipples.  any pleasure garnered from how sensitive he is here, drops straight to his rigid cock.

greece: he feels like his partners often neglect this part of him, so those who take the time to stimulate him here are aptly rewarded with a rare, full, heracles moan.

prussia: likes the use of clamps a lot and even some light electric play.  he only likes his nipples stimulated if there’s a little pain with his pleasure.

hungary: likes to pay attention to her partner’s nipples.  her favorite position includes riding them or topping them in some way, as her nails scratch and tease wickedly at them beneath her.

america: he really likes nipples.  rather than do anything too rough, he prefers to use his mouth, kissing, sucking, and lapping at them as his lover’s fingers catch in his hair and hold him so close he can almost hear their heartbeat.

italy: his hands go to his partner’s chest first when things get heated, tunneling beneath their clothes to cup their breasts or tease their nipples.  he doesn’t know why he likes them so much, he just finds them sexy.  if his partner is shy about them, he finds it all the more endearing.

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*My Tik Tok for you page is full of characters that I’m slowly starting to simp for and the fanart and animation of Sero is *chefs kiss* so here we are, I thought of the dance scene at Missy’s house on Step Up 2 when I wrote this. Trigger warning; drug use, spanking, spitting, cum play, masturbation, throat fucking, Quirk use, I might have went overboard with this. Word count 3.6K*


Seeing Sero dance with his hands on her hips you felt the surge of jealousy pump through your veins, “What’s the matter, miel?” Your head snapped up to see Sero’s mom looking at you with a cup in her hand, her soft brown eyes studying your features before she turned to look to see her son dance closely with Aika, her brown hair blew in the wind as he dipped her, his hands dangerously low on her back.

“Oh, I think I ate too much. Would you mind telling Sero I had to go home?” You stood up from your chair crinkling the plastic cup in your hand before throwing it away, “Sure enough dear, hope you feel better. See you tomorrow?” 

Tomorrow is the Sero’s Annual Summer dance they throw every year at the end of summer, everyone is invited so it becomes a huge event and since you and Sero have been best friends for a long time you were invited every year but this year he invited Aika, a girl he met when him and his family went on a trip and of course, she had to live in the next town so she hung around a lot lately. “Oh, if I feel better, yes, thanks Mrs. Sero!” 

She cocked an eyebrow and pulled you into a warm hug that almost brought tears to your eyes, “You don’t have to call me that, I told you to call me Jade, miel.” 

She let go of you and watched as you glanced back at Sero who was now guiding Aika to grind against him, a sob caught in your throat but you pushed it down not wanting to let it surface and walked down the small stone path to the alley way where you sagged against a wall letting the tears escape your eyes, “Why are you crying?” Sero asked poking his head around the wall, his face twisted in concern. “Nothing, I just don’t feel good.” The lie was easier than what you thought, he titled his head forward a bit, “Why are you lying?” He came around the wall looking good in a plain black shirt and jeans that hugged his well formed body from years of being a Hero, it was no use trying to get out of this because he knows you just like the back of his hand which is currently a problem. 

“Who said I’m lying? I think I’m just going to start my period.” 

Usually guys would cringe in disgust but Sero reached out for your elbow which you jerked away, confusion and hurt clouded his handsome face. “I got to go but I’ll see you tomorrow.” Without letting him get another word in you walked out of the alleyway and down the sidewalk where you could still hear the faint sound of music and laughing as you walked towards your apartment not far from the Sero Household. As soon as you shut the door you shed your clothes and walked to the bathroom starting a bath, something you needed after a day like this seeing Aika paw Sero, mentioning how he could tie her up with his tape, something you’ve thought plenty about but there’s way you could tell him that. Her hands roamed his body basically groping him in front of everyone, then their dance, so intimate that it made you ache. 

As soon as you sunk to your shoulders in the water you heard your phone ding but it would have to wait while you slowly washed your body, your fingers stroked your folds while your eyes screwed shut thinking of Sero on his knees bending over the bathtub with his hands between your legs instead of your own, thrusting two fingers inside you rubbed your g-spot but it wasn’t enough, you want more, need more, you ached for Sero. 

Bucking your hips you didn’t care if the water sloshed over the tub and on the floor as your climax slowly built low in your stomach spreading like wild fire until you were consumed and cumming on your hand while chanting Sero’s name over and over again until your voice was hoarse. Feeling ashamed afterwards you got out of the bath drying off and cleaning up the water on the floor but the throbbing between your legs didn’t ease. Groaning in frustration you looked at your phone to see it was a notification that Sero updated his profile picture, being curious and arsoused you opened up his profile to see a picture of him and Aika, his hand slung around her waist possessively while his lips were pressed against hers in a deep kiss. 

A roll of nausea hit you quick, dropping your phone you sat on the edge of your bed while silent tears choked you, “Oh, my God.” You sobbed holding yourself tightly trying to erase the image behind your eyelids then your phone started ringing, Sero’s contact picture smiled up at you from the floor. If you didn’t answer it he would come over and wouldn’t leave until he knows for sure you’re okay so you picked up the phone and answered it, “You never texted me when you got home so I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” He softly noted, you sniffled and wiped your tears away, “I’m sorry, I came home and got in the bath. I was about to make dinner and go to bed.” 

“Is there anything you need me to bring by? I can go to the store.” 

Why does he have to be so fucking sweet? 

“I appreciate it but I got everything I need here, I’ll just see you tomorrow.” 

He sighed not ready to give up but he didn’t want to argue, “Okay, feel better. My mom says hi.” 

You heard giggling and knew Aika was probably hanging onto him, “Tell her I said hi.” 

When you hung up you put your phone on the bed and changed in your pjs when your phone rang again, this time it was Mina. Sero called her as soon as you hung up because he knew that you could talk to Mina about your menstrual issues, a lie but it’s better than the truth. “Sero called me and wanted me to check in, is everything okay?” 

“Mina.” You sobbed sitting back on the bed, “What happened?” She asked softly already knowing that you were probably upset over Sero, “He brought Aika to the get together and,” You wiped your eyes and took a deep breathe, “he uploaded a picture of them kissing and put it at his profile picture.” 

“Oh, honey. I love you and as your friend I’m telling you that you need to say something to him, you’ve loved him these last two years and watched as he got into relationships while you stayed single waiting for him but you never make a move so tomorrow we’re going to get you all dolled up and then you can finally tell him how you feel.” 

Her words felt like a huge punch to the gut even though she spoke the truth, not telling him was the best option all because if you did tell him then he turned you down then the friendship would crumble so you would lose him as a friend and be even more heartbroken so you suffered, “What if he doesn’t love me like I love him?” 

“We’ll get to that bridge if it comes, okay? I’ll be over tomorrow at three so be ready.” 

After an hour long conversation you felt a bit better so you played some music while cleaning your apartment then you scoured your closet looking for a dress that would wow Sero, “Are you kidding me?” You growled picking through your clothes until you finally found a baby blue strapless maxi dress with a flowing skirt, and a V cut that accented your cleveage and a large slit up the side. 

This has to be the dress that gets his attention.  

You grabbed white leather cork wedges throwing them next to your door before cleaning up the mess of clothes. After eating dinner you curled up on the couch watching a rerun of some movie until your eyes drooped shut falling asleep on the couch until loud banging woke you up, “Come on!” Mina yelled still pounding, “Jeez! Hold on!” Getting off the bed you wiped away the drool from your mouth. 

How cute. 

When you opened the door you saw Mina and Momo standing there dressed to the nines, “Did you just wake up?” Momo asked taking in your appearance, yawning you leaned against the door frame slowly nodding your head trying to wake up. Mina pushed her way in walking straight to your bedroom, “What are you wearing?” She asked when you trudged in the room, “That dress with those shoes.” 

“If that doesn’t get his attention I don’t know what will.” Momo commented running her fingers over the fabric. “Let’s get to it.” Mina demanded looking at Momo who pulled out her makeup bag while Mina shoved you on the edge of your bed, she and Momo went to work swiping makeup on, “Do I have to have all this?” 

“No, you have natural beauty my dear but if Sero doesn’t take you upstairs you can bet someone will.” Mina replied with a smile applying mascara while Momo brushed your hair, finally after an hour you stood in the mirror with an open mouth as you twirled around, “I don’t even look like me.” 

“You look beautiful, are you ready?” Momo asked looking at Mina who was swiping some lip gloss on her lips. She slipped the tube in her purse and walked out of the room, “Let’s go get you laid!” 

It felt like you had a rock sitting in your stomach as you were sandwiched between Mina and Momo who kept you from turning back, your heart thrummed in your chest when Mina opened the door to Mrs. Sero’s house, “Oh Dios mío, you look absolutely maravillosa!” Mrs. Sero crooned when she saw you, a gleam in her eyes told you all you needed to know when she pulled you into a crushing hug. “I’m so glad everyone could make it! Everyone is out back along with food and drinks, enjoy.” 

“I can’t wait to see his face.” Mina squealed clapping her hands together when she practically kicked the back door open, loud music floated around the large back yard, along with a huge crowd of people in the middle of the dance floor they put in, two tables lined with food and drinks were on the side and tables and chairs were set up haphazardly. Large fairy lights strung from tree to tree as did random decorations, suddenly you felt at home and trailed behind Mina who grabbed your hand pulling you to the dance floor, “Did you see him?” She asked leaning in, you scanned the crowd smiling at everyone but didn’t see Sero, “No.” 

“You look beautiful!” Kirishima gushed when he came over to the both of you, “Thanks, Kiri.” 

“Do you know where Sero is?” Mina asked completely forgoing any other conversation, you jabbed her in her ribs but she ignored you. “Yeah, he’s upstairs smoking, do you two want to join?”

Mina looked at you with a devious grin, you could see the wheels turning in her head but before you could shake your head she grabbed your hand and pulled you all the way upstairs to Sero’s old bedroom where he sat in the chair in the corner with Bakugo who sat on the bed and Denki on the floor, heavy smoke hung in the air settling over everything like a cloud, Sero coughed when he saw you walk in and couldn’t help himself but to stare at you and how stunning you looked in that dress, a dress he’s never seen before. Kirishima walked in and sat next to Bakugo, who took a drag from the blunt before passing it to Denki. “I need your help,” Mina said looking at everyone but you and Sero, “let’s go.” 

Sero stood up but Mina stopped him and whispered something that you couldn’t catch, he sat back down looking confused. “I want to go dance!” Denki exclaimed getting up while laughing, “Would you dance with me?” He asked raking his eyes over you, “Of course, my little Pikachu!” You teased looping your arm in his, the both of you left the room leaving Mina standing there with an open mouth, “Seriously?” 

Denki spun you around the dance floor, when he pulled you against him you could smell the sweet scent of marijuana, he looked at you with bloodshot eyes and a silly grin, “I didn’t know you could dance.” He teased holding you close moving your hips along with his, “I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” You replied with a wink, throwing his head back he laughed and spun you out of his arms only to send you into Sero’s, he held you against him looking at Denki, “Mind if I steal her?” 

“Nah, man, I’ll find you later.” 

Being this close to him had your senses going wild and your cunt aching, he smells so good and oh God, he feels even better under your touch, “Let me show you how it’s done.” He whispered spinning you, he danced with you around the dance floor gathering everyone’s attention, “I’m sure everyone has told you this already but you look magnificent.” He drawled in your ear, paired with that accent you started to pull away because it was going to be too much, you can’t do this anymore but he didn’t let go of you, instead his hand drifted until he was cupping your ass, “Sero-” 

“Listen to me mi amor, what do you say we have this dance and go upstairs to talk?” 

You gulped and nodded your head, “Yes.” It felt like someone had stuffed cotton in your throat when he looked at you, when the song was about to end he dipped you while one hand hooked one leg over his waist and his other splayed on your back, his stare left you breathless when he picked you back up as everyone clapped, lifting your dress you bowed slightly and waved at everyone. Sero drug you back upstairs to his bedroom where he shut and lock the door, “What about Aika?” 

“What about her?” Sero asked sitting on his bed, you stood by the door playing with your dress, “Oh, you saw the picture? It’s not anything, I meant to kiss her cheek but she turned at the last second then begged me to put it as my profile picture, we aren’t dating.” 

You sagged against the wall hearing the news, “She’s not the one I want to be mine.” 

Your hear raced, “Who is this other girl?” 

Sero stood up and walked over to you, he put a hand above your head and grabbed your hand with the other bringing your knuckles to his mouth leaving small kisses. “You.” 

Not wanting to waste anymore time you crashed your lips against his, the kiss soon became wet and teeth gnashing when his tongue slid into your mouth drawing moans from you which he ate up, his cock strained in his pants hearing you pant against him, grabbing your waist he walked you over to the bed where he laid you down never breaking the kiss until he was breathing heavily, the cloud of marijuana dissipated leaving only a tinge of the smoke but you felt a small high buzzing in the back of your skull. Sero’s hands roamed all over your body feeling you melt under his touch, his lips left yours and trailed down to your jaw and neck, his moans turned into growls when his mouth was between the valley of your breasts, “Can I go further, mi amor?” He asked huskily, “Yes, please!” You whined softly burying your fingers in his hair as he pulled your dress over your breasts and moaned when he didn’t see you wearing a bra, his warm mouth was on your nipple sucking making the pleasure echo in your core, “Sero!” 

He pinched the other erect bud rolling it between his fingers, your cunt was clenching at this point and leaking, soaking your panties. He moved his mouth to your other nipple while he placed his hand between your legs pushing your dress up to your hips so he could stroke your cloth covered pussy, “You’re so wet.” He stated mesmerized, moving the wet sticky fabric to the side he slowly added two fingers inside curling instantly before rubbing your g-spot over and over making stars burst behind your eyes. “Fuck, Sero! That feels so good, please don’t stop!” You begged, “You’re so fucking tight.” He praised before slipping his tongue back in your mouth, your hands clawed the soft blanket beneath you as your orgasm washed over you, your walls fluttering around Sero’s thick fingers. 

“I want to taste you so bad, can I?” He asked slowly moving down your body with kisses, “Don’t ask just do it, I need you Sero.” 

He chuckled and pulled your dress off then your panties which he flung somewhere but you didn’t care especially when he attached his open mouth to your cunt sucking and tasting like this was his last meal, his hums vibrated against you. All of a sudden you felt something sticky wrap around your wrists, opening your eyes you saw his tape binding them together, “Put them above your head.” 

Obeying him you put your wrists above your head and succumbed to the pleasure that his mouth was giving you tipping you into another orgasm as your body jerked against him, when he came back up he looked at you, his pupils blown with lust, “Open.” He whispered harshly, opening your mouth he dripped the cum and spit in your mouth, something you never thought about doing until now and Sero makes it hot. “My turn.” You sat up and looked down at your wrists, Sero laughed and removed the tape throwing it to the floor, you switched positions so now you were on top kissing him while he ran his hands over your exposed skin, you ground against him but before it got to far you moved down until you were kneeling on the floor, he scooted to the edge and sat up to look at how sexy you look with a lusty face and swollen lips, you made quick work of removing his cock from his pants, gently gripping the base you pumped up and down earning a few grunts. Pre-cum beaded from his head which you lapped up, Sero threw his head back when you engulfed him in your mouth deep throating him. 

His fingers tangled in your hair soon he became rough with his grip bobbing your head up and down on his cock, drool coating him making it easier to throat fuck you, his soft pants and moans filled his bedroom as you continued working your mouth on his cock while fondling his balls in your hand cupping and gently squeezing, “Oh mierda si chupa mi polla.” He moaned picking up the pace of the thrust of his hips losing himself in the pleasure until he shot his hot load of cum down your throat which you swallowed, “Shit, mi amor.” He gasped when you came back up, in a quick motion he had you on your hands and knees looking at your glistening cunt, “I don’t have a condom.” He said wanting to bury himself so deep inside of you, “I-I don’t have one either, I’m clean and on birth control.” 

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitating because if he went in raw there was no way he would stop until you were covered in his cum inside and out or would the friendship be the same if he had you this way, so intimately. “Sero!” You begged wriggling your hips which he grabbed sheathing himself inside of you, “Slow! Slow! I- oh fuck!” You cried biting the pillow, Sero’s long thick cock hit every nerve setting your body on fire, per your wishes he thrust in slow letting you feel every ridge and vein of him as your walls cried. When he was buried to the hilt he slapped your ass before slowing pulling out, he picked up the pace with each thrust until all you could hear was his flesh slapping against yours, his thighs hitting the back of yours, his fingers dug in your hips briefly leaving to slap your ass switching back and forth as he rutted into you, heavy moans and pants could be heard from the doorway as well as the bed creaking with how fast he was going, “Your cunt hugs me so good mi amor, I’m going to get addicted.” 

“Whatever you do, don’t stop!” You sobbed as tears welled in your eyes and he didn’t either until you creamed around his cock three times feeling your walls quiver with each orgasm finally pulling him into his own, hot cum sprayed your insides. While holding your hips he felt his cock twitch filling you up more until he pulled out, cum oozed from your spasming hole pushing his seed out covering your cunt in the white fluid. You fell on your stomach trying to catch your breathe, “What does this mean?” You asked when he laid next you, “What do you want it to mean?” 

“I want to be yours.” 

He rolled to his side and kissed you, “Consider it done.” 

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Maybe not into PDA at the office (he’s got a reputation and the team can’t see him being soft) but I can totally see Albert gently grasping your hand and bringing it up to gently kiss the top of while looking into your eyes (respectfully) and giving a small smirk if you start blushing furiously still holding you hand lol.

He’s very tall, he needs to bend down to kiss or be kissed by you. He’s proper and in complete control so it’s a distinguished semi bow with one arm behind his back and the other pressed to his chest or on you/holding you somewhere.

In the morning if he’s just woken up that’s when he’s the closest he’s gonna get to sappy/mushy. He definitely wakes up before you and will roll over to plant a kiss on your forehead gently to not wake you and catch him being ~soft~, but firm enough because he actually cares and is in a good mood to see you with him safe in his bed.

Basically your options are gentleman light kissing or like possessive deep dominant kissing. I don’t think there’s a compromise. It’s go big or go home on his whim.

EXAMPLE: takes your chin in his gloved hand and turns so your neck is exposed for him. He’s gonna leave a hickey in the crook of your neck and proud of it, a marking that he was here. 

When he wants your attention he’ll pinch your chin between his thumb and index finger- drawing it upwards so your neck is craning to look at him in his smug confident gaze and he leans in just enough that you can reach him on your tiptoes to kiss you deeply. 

You wanna French Albert ?? Good luck fighting that tongue war cause you’re not winning lol. It may not start out like a competition. But if you initiate tongue- Albert’s gonna assert dominance. 

Treating yourself to rough sex? Albert is aware of his strength and being in total control of any facet of life, you can trust him to give safe but good choking. What does this have to do with kissing?? Think about it. On hand pinning both your wrists above your head, the other pressing lightly but firmly- slowly getting tighter and tighter as his tongue wrestles yours down and around actually taking your breath away?? Nice. 

Or even the brunt of his fore arm over your throat holding you against the wall as he claims your mouth until you’re light headed with pleasure?? Then taking you to bed.also nice. 

He won’t kill you- if you need to breathe he can take a hint-tell when you’ve reached your human limit and oblige. He lets you pick the safe word.

After the particularly spicy kisses (if it doesn’t lead to sex, he’s just trying to get you riled up and needy) he’ll smirk before he walks away to finish any work or busies himself while you process what just happened lol.

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“Don’t treat me like a princess”


Originally posted by trickingperson

Were you being selfish? Anyone would give their right arm to be with someone who treated you as gently as Rex.

His touches were comforting. His words were kind. He took care of you.  With him there was never a doubt in your mind he loved you and thought you the most precious thing in the universe. 

The problem was, you weren’t sure if his care came more from the love of you or fear of breaking you.

He told you about his werewolf nature fairly early in your relationship.  He only let you see him change once, but only after months of asking him again and again.  He made it clear he wanted to keep that half of himself separate form you.  Why, he never said, but his actions told you easily enough. 

He didn’t want to hurt you.  It would be considered noble, if not for the fact it meant he still didn’t fully trust you with all of himself.

Every full moon he retreated from you, only for him to come back as the moon waned away.

He treated you like a princess when he came back as if to make up for lost time, and frankly you were getting tired of it.

You weren’t some breakable glass doll.  You were a living, breathing person who could make decisions on their own.

The full was a few days away and like clockwork, Rex had hidden himself away in the spare room. 

You knocked on the door.  You weren’t sure if he was going to let you in, but you at least had to try.

To your surprise, he actually answered.

“Y/N? Something wrong?”

You didn’t say anything.  Instead you answered by throwing your arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep, passionate kiss.

A low rumble came from deep in his chest as he instantly kissed you back.

You had never heard him make that sound before.  It sent a pleasant shiver down your spine and straight between your legs.  What you would give to hear him make that sound again.

His hands ran up and down your body.  Only thing keeping his touch form your bare skin was a sleep shirt and a pair of panties. 

He seemed to appreciate it as he hand soon rested at the swell of your ass and gave it a tight squeeze.

You pulled back to breath, but the moment your lips parted the spell seemed to break.

Rex held you at a slight distance, with a quiet worry in his eyes.

“You should go back to your room,” he said, his voice strained, but still gentle.

You shook your head.  “I don’t want to.  I want you.”

He let out a breath.  His grip on your tightened as if at war whether to pull you close or push you away.  “Y/N…”

“You won’t hurt me,” you said.  “I trust you.  Do you trust me?”

He paused, his honey eyes staring at you intently for any signs of doubt.  Finally, reluctantly, he nodded.

You stepped forward, once again closing the gap between you.

Rex met your kiss, as he pulled you into the room.

The kiss was sweet, but you could feel the tension building it Rex’s body.

You tried to deepen the kiss, but he only pulled away, insisting on light caring touches.  On any other night it would be enough to melt you, but you wanted more.  You needed more.

Rex sat on the edge of the bed, guiding you down with him so you straddled his lap. 

Finally you had the advantage.  You rolled your hips down on his growing bulge.  He gasped only to be silence by your kiss. 

To your delight, he started to meet you, thrusting up as his grip tightened on you skin.

You pulled away from his lips and attaching yourself to his neck. 

“Y/N, you have to slow down,” he warned though a pleasurable moan. “I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself if you keep doing that.”

“Who said I wanted you in control?” you countered.

Rex gripped your hair and pulled you away from his neck to look at him.

The hunger in his eyes combined with the wonderful twinge of pain was enough to make you moan.

“What do you want then?” he asked, his hot breath playing against your lips. 

You swallowed, just managing to form sentences.

“I want you to let go,” you whispered.  “I want you to do whatever you want with me.” You reached out, cupping his cheek with a smile.

“Just, don’t treat me like a princess.”

The low rumble in his chest came once more before he claimed your lips in a desperate kiss.

He then lifted you up and pushed you down on the mattress beneath him.

It was as if he had suddenly grown in size.  The broadness of his shoulders and strength of his arms, stood out as golden eyes stared back down at you.

“Be careful what you wish for princess,” he said, his voice almost a growl.

You smiled. You rather doubted you would regret any of this.

Kinktober 2020 Masterlist

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Dio x Reader x Jonathan: “We adore you.”


Well, let’s start off where you three met.

Your house is not far from their rich humble abode. You live in a village that’s semi-rich But is always shadowed by the villas that surround the village limits, especially the Joestar mansion. You’re a year younger than Jonathan and Dio but you are in the same grade as them since you started school early. You even go to the same school as them, but you only have one class where they’re both present otherwise, you rarely see them at all.

But the thing is, you haven’t really talked to them…just seen their faces.

One day at school though, you finally got to talk to them, more like they talk to you.

You’re outside on your 30 minute break from school when you see him, Dio Brando,leaning against a tree, sitting with his legs crossed, reading a book from one of his classes. You smile at him, a faint blush appearing on your cheeks. You lean up against the other side of the tree, looking up at the beautiful clear blue sky. Dio hears you sigh gently, making him look behind him to see you. He stands up, going over to you, holding out a hand.

“Dio Brando.”

You look at his hand and then up at him to see him blush slightly when he looks into your [Y/E/C] eyes. You shake his hand gently and smile sweetly.

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N].”

“Aren’t you in English class with Jonathan and I?”

“Yeah! Why do you ask?”

You smile brightly. He shakes his head at your cuteness, putting his hand to his side.

“Just wondering.”

“Okay then. It’s nice to meet you, Mr.Brando.”

“Just Dio, [Y/N].”

“Well, see you later, Dio.”

You walk away from him, mentally screaming because you didn’t expect the conversation to be short.

Then when it came to after school, you go back to the tree to see if Dio was going to be there, but instead of Dio, it’s Jonathan who’s holding a basket full of grapes, looking at them curiously. You blush again when you look at him, seeing him in his attire that makes him look like a proper British gentleman. You go over to him, smiling sweetly again.


He looks up at you and smiles sweetly, standing up.

“Hello. Sorry, Umm I guess the girl I defended a few days ago gave me a basket of grapes…”

“Oh. Well that’s nice of her.”

“Yeah. Anyways, what’s your name? I’m Joestar. Jonathan Joestar.”

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N]. I’ve already met Dio a few hours ago in the exact spot you’re in.”

“You did? I bet he was just as cold and stubborn…”

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s just…I think Dio is trying to ruin me…”


You frown greatly, putting your hands together. Then, you see him smile sweetly at you and bow slightly.

“Would you like to hang out with me, [Y/N]?”

“Sure! It’s a bit lonely out here…”

“I could say the same.”

You two chuckle before you two sit beside each other, getting to know each other and eating grapes.

When it gets to sunset, you see Dio pass the both of you without looking back. You smile up at him, waiving at him.

“Hi, Dio!”

He flinches and stops walking, looking back to see you and Jonathan just hanging out underneath the tree with Danny, Jonathan’s dog, lying beside him. He nods his head and just continues on his way, walking back to the mansion.

“I can’t believe that she’s with him! She saw me first…what is it that’s so special about Jonathan?…” He thought as he was walking, having his hands in his pockets.

Jonathan kissed your hand gently and stood up, helping you up as well. He whistled at Danny and Danny quickly got up and rushed to Jonathan, circling around him a bit. Jonathan crouched down to pet him gently, smiling brightly. You smile brightly as well, petting Danny too by his back. Danny licked your face which made you laugh and try to push him away gently.

“Danny! That tickles!”

Jonathan laughs as well, being tackled by Danny as he also licks his face.

“I love you so much, Danny. Nothing will tear us apart.”

Jonathan wipes his face with his handkerchief and gently wipes your face with it too, chuckling gently and also blushing deeply as you giggle slightly. You kiss his cheek, watching as he stands back up.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Make it home safe, okay?”

“What about you, [Y/N]? It is a bit unsafe.”

“I’ll be fine, Jonathan, really.”

“If you say so. See you tomorrow.”

“See you!”

You rush off to your house, which is in a nice neighborhood and a bit small compared to the others. You go inside and quickly go upstairs, skipping out on dinner, which you completely regret when you wake up the next morning. Your stomach rumbles loudly, which makes you go downstairs to eat some leftovers your parents put on a plate for you. You quickly get dressed after and grab your things you need for school, going out the door.

During the 30 minutes of break from school again, you go back over to the tree to see Dio leaning against it with his arms crossed, looking up at the same sky as yesterday. You sneak up behind him and put your hands on his eyes, giggling.

“Guess who?”


He chuckles and blushes when you kiss his cheek.


He turns around to look at you, hugging you tightly. You squeal and giggle more, hugging him back.


“It’s Nice to see you again.”

He smiles slightly, pulling back from the hug. You smile brightly, looking into his ruby crystal eyes.

You two sit together under the tree just like you did with Jonathan, holding hands, getting to know each other, and laughing at jokes you both make.

When it gets to close to going back to school, you smile at Jonathan as he comes over and sits beside you, which makes Dio groan in annoyance.

“Hi, [Y/N]. What are you doing here with Dio?”

“I just wanted to get to know him more. Why?”

“You shouldn’t be around him. He’ll only give you bad luck.”


“Why were you with her in this exact spot yesterday then, Jonathan?!”

“Because she came over to me!”

Then they start fighting, both verbally and physically over you. You break them up before they start bruising each other or actually wrestle around. They growl at each other, holding your hands. You giggle inside your head at their jealous ways but on the outside, you pull away from their grips and walk back to the school. They look at you in shock and then glare again at each other then they rush over to you, escorting you to your next class, trying to be more of a gentleman than the other.

Stuff like that happens for the rest of your guys’ childhood, either both of them or one of them escort you to classes, take you home, help you with your lunches, etc. But they’ve never kissed you on the lips, just the cheek or on the nose.

When they go to college for their degrees, you get accepted at another college that you’d like and you’re almost there to getting a bachelor’s degree in Education. When you hear that they’re having their Rugby game (Football here in America), you decide to surprise the two by going to the game. You go to the game in [Y/F/C] Victorian dress and the shoes in the time period to match. You sit on the far end of the bleachers, cheering them on. When they win the game, you get up from the bleachers and rush over to them once they’re done doing interviews. You see them smile at each other and act brotherly, making you smile brightly and go over to them.

They gasp and look at you with their brightest smiles, hugging you tightly.


Jonathan pulls out of the hug and so does Dio, both of them still keeping on their smiles.

“[Y/N]! You came to see us?!”

You giggle, nodding your head.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Dio can’t help but look at your chest that shows your cleavage a bit, blushing darkly as he looks away. Jonathan just wraps his arm around you, leading you out of the field and towards their mansion. Dio growls jealously, rushing over to you,holding your hand.

“I thought you said we could share.”

“Sorry, Dio. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Sure you couldn’t. Keep to our agreement.”

“Okay Okay!”

You giggle and blush when they get to the mansion.

Dio opens the door for you while Jonathan helps you inside their humble mansion, making you blush more when you feel Dio’s hand on your ass as he shuts the door. He smacks it lightly, smirking slightly at you. You guys get to the room that’s in between Dio’s and Jonathan’s. Jonathan opens the door and you go in, looking around the room as he shuts the door and Dio stands by the wall close to the bed.

“So, we’ve decided that you’re going to be staying in your own special room.”

Jonathan smiles, crossing his arms as he sits on the comfortable chair by the desk in the corner.

“O-Oh! So is this my room?”


“Well Thank you both. But how can I make it up to you two?”

Dio smirks, going over to you slowly while Jonathan just sits there, wondering what he’s about to do. You blush darkly when he pins you to the wall, looking into his now lustful red eyes. Your breath hitches slightly at his devilish smirk.

“Well we did just win a game…and we are in need of a break…”

“Y-You don’t mean-”

He presses his lips to your neck, at your sweet spot, a moan escaping from your mouth. He sucks and lightly bites it, a groan that’s muffled comes out. You grip his golden blonde hair, moaning more, tilting your head back. He makes a dark hickey at your neck and then kisses your cheek, chuckling as his fingers touch the top of your dress.

“Maybe you can…let us celebrate?”

Jonathan quickly stands up and goes over to him, having enough of him being on you. This makes him ungentleman like, something that you thought would never happen with the precious angel.

“You’re not doing it right, Dio!”


Dio raises an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

“You dont even know what a girl likes. Especially [Y/N].”

“I do know what she likes! I just did it!”

“Then I’ll help you…”

Jonathan pulls you close to him, his hands gripping your hips roughly. You squeak lightly and blush darkly when he crashes his lips to yours, his eyes closed so you can’t see how much lust he has in them. You kiss him back almost immediately, closing your eyes as well. This makes Dio smirk again, going towards your back. He kisses the back of your neck and touches the ribbon that keeps your dress tight and stay on. He slowly unties the ribbon and lets your dress fall to the floor as Jonathan pulls back from the kiss and from you to get a good look at you.

When he does, you’re only in a tight strapless corset, a garter, white lace stockings that are clipped to the garter, and your heels. You blush your darkest with him licking his lips sexily, only wanting you more.

Both of them now crave for your attention, your body, you. Just you and you alone. They would have beaten each other to a bloody pulp if you were still in your dress. Now there’s only one thing on their minds: making love to their crush.

You feel two pairs of hands roaming their hands up and down your body and a pair of lips tickle your lower back with light pampered kisses. You turn around slowly to see Dio crouching down, looking up at you with a loving smile. He stands back up to put his hands on your cheeks to caress them and press his lips to yours with gentle care. You kiss him back gently, your heart beating faster as you close your eyes again. Jonathan roams his hands up your back to the zipper on the back of your corset. As Jonathan, very slowly, unzips your corset, Dio looks into your eyes, pulling back from the kiss slightly to bite his lip.

“You’re really sexy, very sexy.”

He whispers softly to you, his hands going down to your corset, to where your breasts are hidden. He plants kisses down your neck and chest, blushing deeply when Jonathan finishes taking off your corset, letting it fall on top of your dress.

“I love you, [Y/N].”

Jonathan whispers into your ear, groping your breast gently.

He plants a kiss on your shoulder then makes a line of kisses down your back slowly and lovingly. Dio gropes your other breast and says the same thing Jonathan said, rubbing your nipple with his thumb. You moan softly, wrapping your arms around Dio’s neck. You can’t help but love them for sharing you, giving you all this pleasure that you thought could only be a dream.

“Dio…Jonathan…I love you guys too.”

You moan more as Jonathan crouches down to take off your heels, putting them gently beside you guys. Then he stands back up and they pull away from you to take off their shirts at the same time.

Your blush is like the color of a tomato. Their toned muscles, their perfect skin,their loving ways, their sexiness…you don’t deserve these handsome perfect men. The way they talk, the way they love…hell, just looking at them makes you want to fangirl or even push them up against the wall to touch their bodies.

Then they take off their pants and kick them away, going back over to you. Dio is now at the back and Jonathan is at the front of you. You decide to turn up the heat by kissing Jonathan deeply and pressing him to the wall. He flinches and groans into your mouth, kissing you back. You can already see that he’s growing hard by the bulge he shows through his underwear and you moan when you feel Dio press his body against yours which makes you press yours against Jonathan’s.

You’re moaning, they’re groaning, they thrust their pelvises against yours, they’re kissing you all over your upper body, sometimes they give you hickeys on your neck or your chest and they just want you even more.

You look at Jonathan as he crouches down again and pulls your lips close to his lips. He kisses your inner thighs and rubs you through your panties slowly. Your legs start to shake slightly as you moan again, putting your hand in his hair. He rubs you more with his palm, chuckling sexily when you slightly cum on your panties.

“You came too early, [Y/N]. Guess you’re as horny as us.”

Your breath hitches when he pulls his hand away and through your panties, he starts to lick you slowly, tasting the fabric of them and the liquid that’s on it. You gasp loudly and grip his hair gently, biting your lip. Then you gasp again as Dio is also crouched down, kissing your asscheeks, humming loudly. He kisses down your leg slowly, smirking brightly with his finger tugging at your stocking. He kisses back up your leg and unclips your stockings. With his teeth, he slowly brings them down to your ankles and,with his hands, he slowly lifts up your legs to take them off and toss them aside. Jonathan takes off your panties slowly, looking up at you with his angel smile which immediately turns into a smirk. You blush darkly at the both of them, being completely naked now.

They pull away from you, only to have Dio bring you over to the double bed.

“The fun really hasn’t started yet. Lay down on your side.”

Jonathan takes off his underwear and climbs into the bed with his smirk still showing. You lay down on your side on the bed and immediately Jonathan presses his chest to your back. You squeak, growing wide eyed when Dio also takes off his underwear and climbs into bed.

“Are you ready?”

They say together, looking down at you. You nod your head, looking into Dio’s eyes. He gives you a passionate peck on your lips before he slowly goes inside you, which you gasp loudly at and it turns louder when Jonathan goes inside your ass, both of them groaning loudly.

You’re moaning and they’re groaning again as they’re thrusting into you slowly. Jonathan has your leg up halfway in the air. You claw at Dio’s back when they pick up the pace and get to the same rhythm. Dio and Jonathan groan and moan loudly as they go faster into you.

You moan their names out loudly and claw at Dio’s back more.


They look at each other for a moment and then at you, smirking.

“We’d thought you never ask, [Y/N].”

Jonathan slams his dick into you hardly and Dio follows. You tilt your head back to gasp as loud as you can. They continue this rhythm for about a minute, loving the way you make such sweet noises. You grip at Dio’s hair and you scream out their names, reaching your climax. You’re forced to ride out your climax because they’re not at theirs…not even close.

They do get there eventually though and they pull out. They look at your face and you look at theirs. You see sweat coming down from their foreheads and panting heavily, their eyes not as lustful as they were before. You give them a peck on the lips before you finally relax and lay down on your back, looking up at the ceiling.

“We love you…so much…”

They say in unison, both of them caressing your cheeks and giving you loving slow kisses on your breasts, your neck, your cheek, and then your lips. You smile weakly, looking at their bright smiling faces.

Jonathan covers you up and kisses your forehead with his soft lips. Dio looks at Jonathan and then back at you.

“We adore you. We just want to give you the best. For now, we’ll let you rest. I think we sucked all the energy from you.” He chuckles lightly, combing his hand through your hair.

They go underneath the covers and watch your chest rise up and down slowly, seeing that you’ve already fallen asleep. They kiss your cheeks again before they too fall asleep with one arm wrapped around you.

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