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Today’s mental break:

- milk and lemon bath

- slightly boozy grapefruit juice (with lemon)

- not boozy green tea (with lemon)

- bougie flowers and lemon slices

- dramatic(?) lighting and $1 candles

- relaxing playlist of calming songs mixed with rain and ocean sounds

- lemon lotion / marula and jasmine sugar scrub / soft sponge

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Our heroine takes her life from the sewers and into Volkhard’s palace. There, she sees her daughter Ebba has the life she deserves while she works for Volkhard under his new deal. Warning! Does feature dark themes and murder.

Female Reader x Male Monster

Ebba and I leave the sewers that afternoon, making our way to the gates of the Volkhard Estate. Using the heavy key, I unlock the gate and it swings open, closing behind us once we walk through. The doors open as we come up the stairs, but there is no one there.

In the foyer, there is a portrait of what I can only imagine is Volkhard, in better days. He is tall and handsome with long, dark hair. Standing beside him is a young girl, maybe seven or eight. She has corkscrew curls of the same dark color. “Is that him?” Ebba asks breathlessly.

“No, love,” I say softly. “That’s not him.”

“There are my guests of honor,” Volkhard booms. Looking up, we see him standing above us on the stairs.

“Oh,” Ebba says in shock.

Volkhard descends the stairs to meet us. “It’s so nice to have you here.” He looks down at Ebba, who is staring at him with her mouth wide open. “You must be Ebba.”

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Jim glances over at you as you toss your stethoscope onto the bed, dropping down next to him after a long shift in med bay.  You throw a hand over your eyes to shield them from the overhead light and groan as your feet immediately start to ache now that you’re off of them.

“Long day?”

You nod, dropping your arm and turning your head to look at Jim.  He sets his book aside, shifting closer to you, reaching for the stethoscope separating you.  You watch as he turns it over in his hands and looks at it thoughtfully for a moment.  Eventually, Jim puts the ear tips in his ears and holds the diaphragm up to you, wordlessly asking permission to try it out.

You tuck your hands in against your sides, obediently giving him access to your chest.  You shiver when the fingertips on his free hand skim the hem of your tunic, surprised that he’s not just going to listen through your clothes.  You bite your lip, suddenly feeling a little shy at the prospect of Jim listening to your heartbeat, which has quickened a little in response to his ministrations.

The first touch of the cold instrument against your hot skin makes you suck in a breath, raising goosebumps along your chest and arms.  Jim flashes you a brilliant smile and holds your gaze as he pauses to listen, the stethoscope brushing the underside of your left breast.

“Your heart’s racing,” Jim murmurs.  “Are you having a heart attack, or are you just happy to see me?”

You roll your eyes as he waggles his eyebrows.  He shifts his hand, moving the stethoscope higher, tracing the outline of your nipple with it through the fabric of your bra.  He pauses again with his palm cupping your breast, the stethoscope placed just above it this time.  The weight of it on your skin and the knowledge that Jim can hear exactly what he’s doing to you mingle into a potent aphrodisiac and you find your hand unconsciously drifting to the front of your slacks, rubbing at your suddenly sensitive clit.

“Not so fast,” Jim orders, his free hand coming to rest on yours and effectively stopping your teasing.  “That’s my job.”

He pushes your hand away, his own hand going to work on the fastenings to your slacks.  You rest your hand by your side again, watching Jim intently, feeling just how hard your heart is pounding against the stethoscope.  You’re amazed it hasn’t deafened him.

You cry out as you feel your slack loosen and Jim’s fingers find your clit through the thin cotton of your panties.  You quiet down fast when you see him jump, the stethoscope having amplified the noise you made to uncomfortable levels.  You make a soft, quiet moaning noise instead and Jim responds with a teasing wink.

“I can’t wait to hear what your heart sounds like when I make you cum.”

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ANON YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I do this all the time— mostly because I’m trying to trick my brain into dreaming about 2D men, but also because?? I’m a sloot.

I can’t help but see Akaashi in this situation… just think about it with me for a sec 🤤


Akaashi is silent. Calm. Cooler than the breeze that drifts in from the window; deeper than the blackness of night that would swallow everything whole, if not for the faint glow of street lamps outside.

Your heart pounds with every painfully slow, hypnotizing drag of his legs across the room— it’s impossible to miss the way his sweatpants hang oh-so low on his hips, accentuating the alluring v-line carved into his pelvis. Reaching the end of your bed, Akaashi’s knee comes up onto the mattress; he’s all rippling shoulders and flexing biceps, crawling over your pulsating body. Silky raven hair, damp from the shower, invigorates your searing skin; bottomless ocean blues pin you to the fresh, luxurious sheets.

You can’t tear yourself away from his hungry stare, long, dark lashes fanning out to perfectly frame those bedroom eyes. Bracing a forearm beside your head, his free hand comes to rest on your abdomen— palm dragging up your bare body, blazing a trail of fire that combusts with every catch of his callouses on your skin. Akaashi stops to cup your chest, before finally sliding up to your neck, graceful fingers wrapping perfectly around it. You’re panting with anticipation, squeezing your quivering thighs together beneath him. Akaashi leans in, capturing you in a deep kiss, teeth dragging over your lower lip as he pulls away. You instinctively try to follow, but his hand on your neck keeps you firmly in place.

“Say my name, pretty girl?”

“ ‘kaashi…” you breathe, flushed from his deliciously oppressive presence. Akaashi’s eyes narrow in time with the gentle pressure on your throat.

“My name, sweetheart.”


A small smile forms on his lips as he releases your neck, brushing the hair out of your eyes with a hum.

“You’re always so good for me, baby.”

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Am I a sucker for more Killer content here? 😩 Definitely ~ 🙌🏻 let’s all enjoy some nasty things with that beautiful stallion 🥵

The dice said : 4 - 1

“lick genitals”


Killer :

She’s completely drunk, toddling in the dark alley with such a pathetic gait that Killer can’t help but look at her with tender eyes, his mask trapped under his arm, heavy chuckles leaving his own mouth. It’s not the first time they both end up in such a second state, but rarely he has seen her so outgoing and wasted, trying her best to pretend that she’s alright. She’s almost falling at each of her step, her fingers sometimes looking for something to hold in order to keep her balance. He doesn’t know if it’s because she keeps laughing like a wild creature, or because of the booze, but it’s the very first time he sees how attractive she could be. She’s… different than every other woman he has met before for sure ; after all, she has the temper to handle Kid’s whims, and the general mischieves of the crew. For a moment, his eyes peer down at her rear, looking at her lovely butt swaying beautifully, until she eventually meets the ground for good, falling over a wooden box she probably didn’t see. 

“Shit!” She rolls her eyes, as she tries to find a way to get back of her feet. “I think I had too much beer tonight. Help me!” 

She looks like a crying-baby right now, but it doesn’t bother the giant blond, while he squats down in front of her to press his index against her nose. 

“If only you had just beer, sweetheart. You should never try to challenge me on a drink contest. You have the size of a mouse, it was certain you wouldn’t handle it…” He scolds her gently, extending his fingers to grip her digits. Though, he doesn’t immediately pull on them, his eyes analyzing her features for a second. 

“What you looking at, handsome?” She says after a moment, biting her bottom lip seductively. 

Killer tries to ignore it ; it’s probably just a side effect of the booze, and she’s way too wasted to actually understand the meaning of her words nor the effect of her behavior. Though, despite his clear mind regarding the matter, Killer can’t help but feel that rush of blood going south, his blue pants slightly tighter than before. But he still doesn’t pull on her fingers, and she’s not getting back on her feet either. Her irises are just watching him with this intense lust gleaming in the back of them, until her stare drops on his lips. She’s… really that interested? He just swallow his spite, the heavy silence surrounding them like a veil. He knows that he wouldn’t be able to control himself if she allows him to unleash his nature ; it’s a part of who he is. Killer is a balance but passionate man, and with a higher level of alcohol in his veins, he knows that the reasonable side of his personality is probably deeply asleep right now. 

“You have pretty lips you know…” She whispers huskily, her eyes unable to leave his features. “Such a shame you hide them behind a mask almost all the time.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing, Name. Don’t tease.” He first answers with a serious tone, yet, the bulge under his pants is betraying his real emotions at the moment. “And you have a bratty mouth for someone who’s supposed to be shyer than this.” He snaps back, though, a smug smirk grows on his features. “You really don’t want to get up, do you?” 

She shakes her head, gently parting her legs just slightly, her skirt rolling up to reveal a bit more of her thighs, and her panties. Killer can’t ignore the signal ; and he doesn’t wear his mask to pretend that he’s not interested anyway. 

“Not before I get something from you.” She says in a soft plea, her voice breaking just slightly enough to provoke the beast within him. 

With a quick and impetuous gesture, he grips both of her thighs to pull her closer, her legs resting on his shoulders, while his hands disappear under her skirt to rip that piece of clothing she shouldn’t even wear anymore. He plasters her back against the nearest wall, her fingers immediately digging into his golden locks, while his mouth is directly plastered against her core, his hands groping her rear intensely. For a moment, he doesn’t do anything, just letting her going crazy and impatient as his warm breath is ghosting her clit. 

“What the fuck are you waiting for, oh my god!” She cries in frustration after a few seconds, as she grips his hair harder to illustrate her words. 

A soft laughter escaping his throat, Killer opens his mouth to finally begin to eat her out. Roughly, with expert twists of his warm tongue over her swollen clit, he makes sure that the whole neighborhood would be awake because of her whimpers, completely forgetting that they are both in the middle of the street, and that Kid and the rest of the crew could also bust them at any moment.

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