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fullcravings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Strawberry Donuts with Lemon Glaze
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ebayfriends · a day ago
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plistommy · 2 days ago
Billy and Steve had been getting closer after the whole 4th of July happened, especially after Steve had started to help Billy with his recovery and it had brought up deeper feelings for both of them as they spent more days and nights together.
And now after dancing around their feelings for four total months, they had finally confessed.
And it had led them to where they were now, which was in Steve’s bed with both of them shirtless while hesitantly exploring each other’s bodies as Steve leaned down to kiss Billy softly for the first time.
Billy’s body still felt sore after everything, but he slowly moved his arm down Steve’s waist the best he could and pulled the other closer to him which made a happy moan escape from Steve while he himself slowly dragged his own hand down Billy’s chest, over his scars.
”Are you… are you sure you’re not hurting?” Steve had panted out after breaking away from the kiss.
”Yes, Harrington.” Billy had murmured back deeply as he laid down on the bed again so he could look up at Steve better with a small smirk on his face.
Steve had given him a nod after a moment and then gotten on his knees to remove his sleeping shorts while Billy pulled his own underwear down to free his already hard and leaking cock.
He hadn’t felt attractive in months. He had gotten paler and his body was full of healing scars that sometimes still hurt like a bitch - especially if he tried to work out - but the way Steve’s big brown eyes had taken his naked body in with such a softness and the way his eyes had almost turned fully black after seeing his cock had made him feel good.
Like himself again.
(And even a little smug too, which he hadn’t felt in a while.)
Billy had given his lap a small pat which made Steve slowly move so he’d be sitting on top of the other’s thighs with his legs spread open and once he got on top of the other, he had to bite back a moan when Billy’s hands grabbed his thighs and squeezed them roughly.
”Now… get yourself ready and ride me, Steve.” Billy had demanded roughly.
And that’s what Steve did. And continued to do it after two rounds because it all just felt so good and right.
The sex wasn’t anything rough or hard that Steve would’ve expected from the Billy that he knew a year ago.
It was soft, intimate and loving and they had held hands the whole time without taking their eyes off of each other as Steve had bounced up and down on Billy’s lap.
It was their first time together.
A time that they’d never forget and a time that changed everything.
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honeyed-obscenities · 2 days ago
Tie It In, Part 3
Part 1
Part 1.5
Part 2
Sexy times ahead. I've never written any sort of threesome before so I'm hoping I did a decent job, and that the combo of these three is satisfactory. Sort of another bridging chapter with some smut to tide y'all over
Synopsis: A few days after your date with Bo and both the twins are needy.
Contains threesome, male receiving oral, general sex, dirty talk, creampie, deepthroating and some choking/gagging.
This post and my blog are not for minors! 18+ ONLY
Follow my AO3
-Continued beneath cut-
Tumblr media
“Not today,” Vincent grumbles. He holds you tighter but his gaze is locked firmly on Bo.
“Ain't that a bit rude? Ya didn't even ask 'em if they mind,” he smirks.
You flush hotly. You don't want to be caught in the middle of an argument but you're liking the attention. You can't help it. Vincent's holding you tight against his lap and feeling his dick swell beneath you is affecting you more than usual with the addition of Bo watching only a few feet away. He takes a hand off you to make a single decisive sign. “Mine.”
“You said you were okay with sharing,” you say quietly, not angry or pushing one way or another but more to try and clear up why he's being so possessive suddenly. He'd come in while you were watching an old show and lifted you up and out of his seat without a word. You'd thought he just wanted his spot but he wants more than just that. You aren't complaining but Bo had come in just before anything happened and now...
“Need you today,” he breathes, shifting in a purposeful way to grind against your ass.
You give Bo an apologetic look and hope your blush isn't too apparent. “Maybe another time, Bo.”
“Y'all're just gonna fuck soon as I leave.” He grips over the crotch of his jeans, leaning over his chair with a charming grin. “You can take more'n one dick at a time, can't ya, sweets?”
You twitch and grow hotter at the suggestion knowing Vincent can feel the effect the idea has on you. You meet his eye, a little anxious and more than a little questioning. He nods minutely and speaks just loud enough for Bo to hear. “Mouth... only.” It's an order and a warning not to take more than he's given. He glances at you to confirm you're okay with the deal as well and you nod.
Not for lack of trying but you haven't yet done anything explicitly sexual with Bo. It's only been a few days since your date and the near opportunity you'd had in his truck but in the days since you've had a number of heavy makeout sessions in various places around the town and he's detailed everything he'd like to do to you though he hasn't made good on any of it. You suppose this would be a good place to start. Something... controlled. Vincent has been agreeable, for the most part, but you know he's not completely sold on the idea of you being with Bo in every sense of the word. Aside from how hot this is it might serve as the way to bridge that gap.
Vincent doesn't waste any time placing you where he wants in his lap, your back pressed to his chest and legs spread outside his thighs. You feel exposed by the position and Bo's raking gaze as Vincent's hand trails down your front and into your shorts. He dips a finger into you and cants his hips upward to match how you arch against him.
“Looks like someone's eager,” Bo grins, stalking closer.
“Wait,” Vincent growls, stopping Bo in his tracks. You smile, faltering when Vincent scissors another finger within you.
“I-I think you're the eager one,” you tease. “Can't wait to be inside me?”
Bo snarls, not moving closer but leaning in a way that makes it feel like he's looming over you. “You've got a fuckin' mouth on ya.”
“I think he's too excited, Vinny. Are you sure you want to let him have me?” You gasp and whine when he thrusts his fingers into you harshly. He hums in consideration and you'd half think he was truly rethinking things if it weren't for the eager press of his cock just below where his fingers enter you. “Mmm, I think he's gonna make you wait, Bo.”
“Waited this long,” he grits, palming himself through his jeans. You can see the outline of his dick, most certainly near if not the same size as Vincent's. That fact is nearly comforting. You've had enough practice taking Vincent you don't have to worry about how you'll manage.
Vincent brings his free hand up to your mouth, urging your lips to part and sliding his fingers over your tongue. You suck obediently, keeping your eyes on Bo's as you lick between Vincent's large fingers. You're drooling along the digits, excess spit trailing down your chin and darkening your shirt. Clearly Bo doesn't seem to mind the mess of the show as he grips his cock harder through the denim and stares intently at the sight of your tongue flicking along his brother's fingers. The stud in your tongue glitters in the dim light of the lamp nearby.
Both of Vincent's hands retreat and you whine in protest to the loss of both equally. When he rucks your shorts down quickly you lose balance, tipping forward with a panicked drop to your heart. You catch on something solid and look up to Bo as he holds your forearms firmly in place. He smirks down at you and shifts just a slight bit closer to rub his clothed cock against your cheek. "I know I'm a charmer but you ain't gotta fall for me like that," he snickers.
Vincent huffs at the line, maneuvering your legs to slip your shorts off completely before setting you down pressed to his now exposed dick. You hold back a needy whine at the contact, clutching at Bo's shirt and pulling him closer. The rough drag of denim on your cheek and the blazing hot stiffness of his cock just beneath is so tantalizingly close yet so far. It feels dirty being so needy for him while Vincent is pressing against you, teasing your entrance while you rub whorishly against Bo's dick.
"Hurry the fuck up, Vin, your pet's gettin' needy." Vincent doesn't seem to mind following the order, holding your hole open as he slips inside and savors your loud moans. As many times as he fucks you you're still sated by the feeling of his length filling you to your limit and he never fails to flip that switch in your brain that turns you into a drooling mess the moment he's inside you.
Bo shifts his hold on you and wastes no time undoing his belt and jeans with one hand, holding your gaze as your eyes glaze over while Vincent rocks into you. He shoves his pants down just enough to escape the confines of his boxers, sucking in a tight breath when you immediately press your mouth to his base and pant open mouthed against him. He's less trimmed than Vincent but you frankly couldn't care less at the moment, saliva pooling in your mouth faster with each second he's not occupying the space. He shifts back, letting you keep yourself held up with the grip on his shirt and holding your chin before shoving a thumb into the wetness of your mouth. The angle he holds you at gives you a good chance to look him over. He's not quite as thick as Vincent with a gentle curve to the left, the swollen head blushed dark. He groans and squeezes the base of his dick at the feeling of your tongue, a thick bead of precum gathered at the tip. You whine around him, suddenly desperate to taste the clear droplet as it slips down the head of his cock slowly. He holds your mouth open though you're not inclined to resist doing so and guides himself into the heat of your mouth, moaning loud as he slips in further than he would've thought you could take him.
"Fuck," he grunts, burying his fingers in your hair and pushing you further down on him. You typically have trouble taking Vincent so deep but the relaxed state being filled puts you in makes it easier. Still, by the time you've swallowed most of his dick tears are running from your eyes and you can feel your throat twitch in protest at the large intrusion. You're not sure which excites him more but virtually all tangible thought leaves your head once he starts fucking your mouth in earnest and Vincent shifts you on his dick. You're being used as a cocksleeve from both ends and its possibly the easiest thing to fall in love with that's ever happened to you. There's no reason to think, no reason to try and please them- your body is responding to the stimulus automatically. Squeezing at a thrust angled in just the right way, gagging and choking and letting out moans, keeping your grip tight on Bo's shirt and your body limp to make it easy to use you how they want. "Your mouth was made for suckin' dick, huh, baby?" Bo moans, moving one hand out of your hair and opting to hold your throat instead.
You hum affirmation around him, enraptured with the new feeling of pressure in your throat as he presses to feel himself move within you. Maybe it's just the lack of oxygen but you're on cloud nine as he squeezes your throat lightly and holds your head firmly against him.
"Shiiiit," he drawls lowly. "Might just have to warm my cock in that pretty mouth of yours for a bit, sweetheart. Gonna make me cum if I keep fuckin' you like this." He stays in place and soon you're coughing around him, unable to breathe past the intrusion. Your vision starts to black out at the edges and you pat desperately at his stomach to beg for relief when he pulls out suddenly. You cough and gulp in air, thick bubbles of spit reinforced with precum coating your tongue. "Fuck, Vince, you've got this one well trained."
You whine, throat sore and cheeks buzzing from oxygen deprivation. You yelp weakly when Vincent swats your ass, one stroke swift and decisive, and kneads the flesh gently to soothe the sting. "Suck," he growls out, thrusting into you and pushing you further towards Bo.
You look up at Bo with vision blurry from tears. He smirks, fingers tightening on your throat once more to grip and guide you closer. "You heard him, baby. Open for me." You obey, sticking your tongue out and letting the heavy head of his dick rest on the soft muscle. "Don't worry. I'll go hard so you won't have to wait for me to cum down that throat. Better swallow it all or else." Despite the threat he doesn't put any force into the words. He knows as well as you that you don't need encouragement on that front.
He wasn't joking at all- the pace he sets is only describable as brutal, face fucking you with such force he's doing almost more work than Vincent to move you back and forth along his cock. Bo swipes a thumb through the tears on your cheeks, hooking the digit in the corner of your mouth and pulling. You whine in protest at the extra stretch but it only seems to excite him. “Bet you could fit us both,” he mutters, smirking at the minute widening of your eyes at the suggestion. “Tight fit but you could do it, baby. I know you can take it.” He punctuates 'take' with a deep thrust, holding himself in your throat for an extra second until you gag around him before pulling back. “Ready for me?” You hum and he chuckles darkly. “Yeah, better be. I ain't waitin'.” He fucks into you fast, breath hitching and growing more shallow until he thrusts in as far as your throat allows and you feel the hot pulse of him on your tongue, bitter molten liquid flowing into you just close enough for you to taste him.
Vincent groans behind you, gripping your hips and leaning forward until his chest is pressed to your back. He thrusts in hard, the angle just right so it makes you moan- or attempt to, anyway. The noise catches around the cum still dripping into you and you cough, the thick seed blocking your airways until it's clear you can't breath and Bo pulls out quickly. You cough again, a trail of cum leaking from your nose and mouth and joined by ample drool when Vincent thrusts again. He sets his own torturous pace and fucks into you like it's the last thing he'll ever get to do, pulling you back up to a sitting-adjacent position and cumming deep inside you. As is usually the case his cum leaks out around his still throbbing dick, aided by gravity and how utterly fucked out you've become. When he pulls out completely Bo immediately places his hand beneath you to plug your hole with two thick fingers, grinning as you cry out at the fresh intrusion. He eases you out of Vincent's hold and pulls you into his arms, one locked around your shoulders and the other hooked under your thigh as he fingers you. His fingers squelch in the mess of you and Vincent and you flush hot at the noise. You're oversensitive but can't imagine asking him to stop.
“You really do take dick like a sex toy,” Bo chuckles, cutting off any protest you might have with a curl of his fingers. You're not sure you mind the jab, anyway. Given your boneless state you're inclined to let him have the win just this once. He removes his fingers despite your protests and brings his hand up to your mouth, coating your lips in Vincent's cum and swiping up the mess he left behind before you open your mouth and suck the digits clean, the taste of the brothers combining on your tongue. “Messy lil slut.” He grins at Vincent. “Ain't so bad havin' some help, huh? Just lookit how nice your lil pet feels. Probably let ya do anythin' ya wanted to 'em right now. Isn't that right, sweets?” You hum, still licking gently at his fingers though the mess is long gone now.
You gasp as an arm loops around your waist and pulls you up and backward. Before you can think you're in Vincent's arms and pressed against his chest, moaning into the warm planes of his pecs beneath his soft sweater. “Mine,” Vincent grits with a tone of finality and you melt into the rumble of the word.
“Alright, alright. I've had my fun today. All yours. Don't blame me if our lil pet here wants more from me later, though. Got a taste for two now- our sweet pretty slut.” You blush harder at the words. Well, word, really. Ours. You hide your grin in Vincent's sweater but you think he knows you're more than a little pleased. He's not going to let you off easy for that enjoyment, but you know he doesn't really mind as he holds you with his usual gentle loving softness. Sharing might not be so difficult if it ends this nicely for all of you.
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theamazingbard · a day ago
sex pollen valskier nonsense, harassed out of me by @rebrandedbard rated: m
The musicians found at the annual bardic competitions would frequently and openly brag about how talented they were, but few wouldn't resort to cheating to win a title.
Which is probably how the drinks were spiked with what one might call a love potion. Which ever hack decided on spending their money on such a trick should have listened to their mage better, as nearly everyone is suffering from an unnatural lust induced fever.
And, as luck would have it, is Valdo Marx, troubadour of Cidaris trapped in a room with?
None other than Jaskier himself.
"You stay over there. As far away from me as humanly possible!" Sweat has started to dampen his fringe, sticking together in thorn shaped spikes to match his rose tinted cheeks. "I want nothing to do with you!"
As if that were ever in question. Jaskier has made sure to remind Valdo at every given opportunity that they are not, and were never, anything more than the worst of enemies.
And he can't be positive, but Valdo is sure that Jaskier has made attempts on his life. As it is, there have been enough attempts on his heart.
"I have no intentions of throwing myself at you, Julian."
The name is a lowbrow, but the assassination rumors dull the guilt he might have otherwise felt.
"Good. Don't-- don't look. Look at the window, or something. Just--! UGH!" He throws his hands in the air before frantically unbuttoning his doublet.
Valdo stares anyway, understanding the desperation Jaskier is feeling at the moment. His own shirt is clinging to his chest. A shame, really, as it had cost a month's earnings.
When Jaskier is finally bare-chested, Valdo does turn. He is not the horrid beast others make him out to be. The rustling of fabric continues, and after, a breathy sigh of relief.
Valdo can picture it: Jaskier's pants 'round his thighs, cock in his hand, head thrown back in pleasure. It's a sight he's seen many times before, and denied almost as many.
A moan, low and drawn out, like a song meant only for him.
(These fantasies have lead to long nights of bitter composing, a bottle of wine always within reach.)
He is only a man, not meant for the world of magic and sorcery. (Of monsters and witchers.) So he, too, rids himself of his garments. Being far past shame, he grips himself and allows his mind to give into the foreign made lust.
This does mean, unfortunately, that his imagination continues to conjure dreams of their coupling once again. If ever there was an occasion, would this not be it?
Jaskier has always given into the easy pleasures. Seeking kisses from those who would give them.
Valdo could be willing.
(He will not debase himself again.)
Perhaps, though, the potion throws reason out the window for anyone infected.
If that is the case, then there should be no reason to feel shame when he turns around.
"I said face the wall."
That tone of voice.
Valdo moans and does as he's told. (No one else is allowed.)
Jaskier's legs frame his own, and his hands pull Valdo flush against his chest. Slowly, he drags his fingertips up Valdo's sensitive chest, before pulling at his nipples.
It seems Jaskier remembers their times together as well. Interesting.
"Please," He finds himself panting.
"You don't come until I say you do." He grinds against Valdo's ass. "Understand?" Those clever digits trail downwards once more, only this time, they grip his cock just this side of too tight.
"I, ah," He squeezes his eyes shut. "I understand." Valdo grips Jaskier's toned thigh, nails digging into the soft skin, sure to leave marks for a few days afterwards.
This is not the slow pace that Valdo has wanted, nor the tenderness he's yearned for, but it's the fuck he needs and he'll take it.
It's all terribly un-poetic.
Valdo trembles against Jaskier. Heat builds and builds and builds and Jaskier doesn't relent, does not give him the permission he needs. "I'm--"
"Say my name." Jaskier's husky voice against his ear will haunt his poems and songs for ages. "Say my name and come."
The name tastes like the cure to the spell, and Valdo can only just picture a world where he can leave the bardic competition a free man-- but it lasts mere moments. The heat does not disappear, the lust remains. Like it always does.
Jaskier turns him around, so that Valdo is sitting in his lap, legs folded under him. He can feel Jaskier's cock against his own. He leans in to press his lips to Jaskier's, intending to steal the salt from the wounds his words will later inflict.
Jaskier pulls back and denies him. "I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to leave this room for a week."
"And I'll still take first place." Valdo retorts.
Whether or not the prize is worth it remains to be seen.
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blackberreh-art · a day ago
Ah, I ain't meaning those steamy steamy pics, I meant those more "appropriate" and "censored"?
Smutty pic anon.
pfft so you mean the censored ones that lead to my patreon? hmm
These 'sfw' versions of prowl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and then all of these lmao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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acocktailmoment · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Apple Cider Sangria !
2 1/2 c. apple cider
3/4 c. brandy
1/2 c. fresh clementine or orange juice
1/4 c. fresh lemon juice
1 1-in piece fresh ginger, peeled and very thinly sliced
2 tsp. orange bitters
4 clementines, thinly sliced
2 apples (Pink Lady, Honeycrisp or your favorite), very thinly sliced pomegranate seeds
1 750ml bottle Prosecco or other dry sparkling wine
Pomegranate seeds, for serving
In a large pitcher, stir together cider, brandy, clementine juice, lemon juice, ginger and bitters. Stir in clementine and apple slices (you can refrigerate this mixture for up to a day).
When ready to serve, add Prosecco. Serve over ice with a few pomegranate seeds, if desired.
Courtesy: Good Housekeeping
Photography: Mike Garten
This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. A Cocktail Moment is not affiliated with any individuals or companies depicted here.
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Tumblr media
not to be dramatic but i’m gonna walk into the ocean.
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magicalgirloftheday · a day ago
Tumblr media
✧・゚:*Today’s magical girl of the night is: Lemon from Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution!✧・゚:*
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sirbeepsalot · a day ago
Besties: When Liam was a Very Important Man
If you are new to Besties, this is basically a TRR AU where Drake and Liam are super best buds and kinda almost too involved in each others’ lives in the most adorable, naive way you can imagine.
Summary:  On the way to pick up dinner, Liam stops at EuroTree to pick up some fun stuff for later.
Pairing: Liam x Robin (OC), Besties A/U
Rating: NS*W and lemony. 🍋 Besties is more humor-smut vs. smut smut. ​
wc: 1000
Liam and Drake belong to Pixelberry. This is my submission for @smut-tember​‘s Smut-tember 2021 Week 4 prompts. Terms are in bold and I’m using the following characters: Stacy (ILITW), Liam (TRR), and Sam, MC, and Carter (TNA).
Tumblr media
“I don’t know, Stacy. Carter is kinda cute!” Robin said as she settled onto the sofa. “Sam is hot, but he’s a cheater. You can rely on Carter.”
“If that’s what you like --”
“No, girl, you asked who I would BANG other than Sam! It’s hard --”
“Just like his body. Ooh, coming back from commercials.”
The best friends chatted each week when their favorite show, The Nanny Affair, was on. It was pure trash, making it the ultimate brain bleach.
“Hnngg,” Stacy breathed. “You can see his man meat through those pants!”
Robin hummed her agreement. “I wonder if he has a veiny pecker or a smooth pork sword?”
“I wish they would show us his member. I doubt we’ll get pubic hair. You know he waxes.”
“If I was single, I don’t think I’d care. I’d be like, ‘come suckle my melons while I touch your secret place.”
Stacy giggled. “Where’s that?”
“His puckered hole.”
Her friend howled with laughter, and Robin joined. “I mean, if he wants to get into my meat pocket and fill it with baby gravy, I’m gonna hit his love tunnel.”
Sam leads Anna from the gala and onto the balcony. His eyes roam her body; a fire burning in them sets her meat curtains on fire.
“Here it comes,” Robin said, picking up her water. “Time to quench my thirst.”
“I don’t believe you. Liam is always waving his love stick at you!”
“True, but --” Robin paused when she heard the door open. Liam came in with a smile on his face after completing another fun day at the theatre.
“Hey, love,” he said, kissing the top of her head. He smelled moist, as if he had spilled butter on himself. He then glanced between the television and phone. “Hi, Stacy!!”
“Hi Liam!” she hollered.
“Liam, I’m watching my show. Do you want to go find dinner? We can spend time together once this and Witness are over.”
Stacy groaned. “You still want to watch that?”
“It’s a train wreck. I can’t not watch it.”
Sam stands up, his lips covered in Anna’s love juice from chomping her snatch. Her legs spread, revealing her hymen. Anna gasps as Sam reveals his trouser snake. 
“I had no idea this was the situation we were dealing with!”
“Trust me, it’s the perfect size.”
Liam giggled as the obscured love bags, holes, and sticks of the nude lovers mashed together. He knew it was fake, and that made it funny. He grabbed his wallet and set out to find dinner.
Robin’s words, “we can spend time together,” started a thought train he was unable to extinguish. As he debated dinner options, his eyes fell upon the EuroTree up the block.
Liam came home as Witness was finishing, and Robin was ending her call. The scent of chicken filled the air.
“That smells go --”
“Here you go,” Liam said, handing her a small baby doll with one eye that was permanently open. She took the doll and looked up to ask about it, but he was already gone.
“Just stay there a second!” he called from the bedroom before running past her and out the door. 
Robin looked at the doll and frowned. She was hungry, and he gave her a toy instead of a drumstick. Outside, she heard a thud followed by a giggle. “Can we have dinner? I’m hungry.”
A moment later, Liam burst through the door, and Robin had to do everything she could to keep from snorting. He had clearly stopped at EuroTree to pick up supplies for role playing. Thick gold glasses sat perched on his nose. Under his lip, he sported a stick-on “porn” ‘stache. A cheap-looking clip-on tie hung from his ill-fitted button-up. A gold sheriff’s badge on his chest and a foam sword through his belt completed the look.
“How was my child while I was at work, Nanny?” Liam commanded as he puffed out his chest and put his hands on his hips. “Did you behave?”
Robin picked up the baby and looked between it and Liam, and then it clicked. “Yes, Mr. Boss.”
“Please, call me Mr. Bossman.”
“Of course, Mr. Bossman. I just put kiddo to sleep.” She paused as she motioned to his outfit. “Are you in the business of giving mustache rides?”
“I’m a powerful CEO of … uh … business. This is my penthouse. I am rich, and you want to … heh … with me.”
“I see. So the badge and sword are for …?”
Liam looked at his accessories and thrust his hips at her, making the sword jiggle. “To show you how important I am.”
Robin strutted to him before running her hands down his chest. “Well, I hope you’re hungry. I made a chicken dinner.”
“Really?” Liam asked in awe.
Robin nodded. “Let’s feast.”
Liam unfastened his belt, allowing his pants and sword to fall down before running to the table. “Let’s grab your fun bags,” he said, ripping the packages open. He stuffed a drumstick in his mouth before patting his lap. “Coom aw meh.”
She sat, leaning against his chest before feeling greasy chicken skin moisten her skin. Before she could say anything, Liam jammed the leg into her mouth before suckling her neck. Her mouth took in his man meat, and she moaned around the huge mouthful. 
Liam groaned as his ding-a-ling firmed like a baked biscuit before flapping his hand at the table for another bite. Taking the hint, Robin stood, grabbed the mac’n’cheese, and straddled him.
“Such an important man needs to have his needs satisfied,” she cooed, holding a forkful of macaroni to his lips. 
Liam eagerly slurped her creamy offering into his mouth and swallowed. “My food needs or kissy needs? WHAT ABOUT YOUR NEEDS, LOVE?!”
Robin looked up at him as she swallowed his rich noodle. “You’re everything I need.”
Perma tags: @ao719​​​ @bbrandy2002​​​ @burnsoslow​​​ @dcbbw​​​ @gkittylove99​​​ @iaminlovewithtrr​​​ @jovialyouthmusic​​​ @katedrakeohd​​​ @kingliam2019​​​ @queenrileyrose​​​ @rainbowsinthestorm​​​ @sweatyrysconnoisseur​​​ @twinkleallnight​​​ @bebepac​​​ @marshmallowsaremyfavorite​​​
Besties: @princessleac1​​​ @txemrn​​​ @thegreentwin​​​ @tessa-liam​
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tallysgreatestfan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Glimpse of the Janai/Amaya fanart I just published on my smut twitter (@ TallysFan)
Link in reblog
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aurorepeuffier · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i tested my new oil pastels
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honeyrolls · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pompompurin Pancakes
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michi0no · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What looking for a pronoun pin turned up and my immediate reaction.
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amphibianaday · a month ago
How about a lemon frog? :)
Tumblr media
day 644
lemon frog (cousin of purple frog), lemon frong, and lemon axolotl
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