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owlheartt · 15 days ago
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BESTIES!!!!! I finished!!!! Honestly I think this is my best coloring job in a while, I’m really happy with it!!!
Up closes and characters under cut!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1) Lila (belongs to me) and no name (belongs to @novae-viking (I know you gifted them to me but I wanna tag you anyway))
2) me!!! Like. That’s pretty close to what I actually look like
3) Jeff!!!! Also by me
4&5) Camilo Madrigal from encanto bc I love him
6) lemon girl!!!! Currently no name but concept came from a dress @novae-viking made and also @lunex-the-cat bc she’s for the Fruit House
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idleminds · 10 months ago
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sunflowerdales · 24 days ago
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Wait I never posted this fenhawke
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feralgecko · 3 months ago
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not even october and im already decorating for Halloween 🎃
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memes-saved-me · 10 days ago
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glittertomb · 28 days ago
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I guess I did a lot this month. I learned how to make a lot of gluten free dishes, I snuggled lots of cats and played lots of video games, I fed slope bunnies hot Thai food, I continued my surgery recovery, I sent a lot of snail mail, oh~~~ and how could I forget to post my bamboo holiday tree!!
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gayforcarstairsgirls · 3 months ago
When life gives you lemons (part 2)
Emma: stab them
Julian: paint them in secret
Kit: steal more
Dru: sell them to Kieran for a profit
Kieran: eat them whole
Mark: interrogate them
Ty: question why life is giving you lemons
Livvy: throw them at centurions
Cristina: squeeze them in your eyes so you don't have to look at the chaos of everyone else doing weird things with lemons
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sketiana · 6 months ago
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roughentumble · a month ago
okay so I've had this fic for a while now and I'm finally remembering to tell you!
so basically canon verse but a/b/o and Geralt invites Jaskier up to Kaer Morhen and Jaskier's heat unexpectedly sneaks up on him, by the time they're nearly to Kaer Morhen he can tell he's gonna go into full blown heat soon so he very awkwardly broaches the subject
and Geralt misunderstands and goes, "you want me to find you an alpha" and as much as it breaks his heart a lil and makes him really jealous he starts mentally preparing to ask around the keep to see if anyone's willing to help Jaskier through his heat, figures maybe Eskel's the best choice but Lambert would get the job done too
but then Jaskier's explaining that no, that's not quite what he's asking, he's asking if maybe, possibly, if there's any chance at all, that Geralt might help him through his heat - y'know bc he knows Geralt and is comfortable around him, not at all bc he's been pining for 15 years, no sirree
!!!!!! yesssss omg i love itttt
"i wouldnt feel comfortable in a place ive never been with an alpha ive never met," he says, "not that you have to! just... if you were willing. i would... i would want you."
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scarabteeth · 12 months ago
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verfound · 8 days ago
FIC: More Than a Checkbox on a Stupid List, ch 8/8 (MLB/Lukanette/Lemony Fresh)
Notes: OK PEOPLE LAST CHAPTER IT’S HAPPENING THEY’RE ACTUALLY GONNA DO IT! (If you listen closely, you can hear Luka sobbing in relief in the background. 😝)
Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7
More Than a Checkbox on a Stupid List
Chapter 8: The First Night. Home.
Six weeks.
Six weeks of cramped buses, close quarters, and hotel rooms. Six weeks of sold-out venues, TV spots, and screaming fans. Six weeks of whatever studio was available in whatever city they were in that day because Jagged had to get this idea down now. Six weeks of Penny hovering like a stressed-out mother hen. Six weeks of Fang not being the snuggle buddy Luka really wanted.
Six weeks of rushed phone calls, shoddy Facetimes, and too many texts. Six weeks of her voice sounding wrong because it was coming through a speaker. Six weeks of juggling time zones and missed messages. Six weeks of cursing the wifi. Of missing her.
Six weeks of falling asleep alone (bandmates passed out on his shoulder and crocodiles on his lap notwithstanding). Six weeks of missing her lips on his. Six weeks of missing the feeling of her skin, soft and smooth beneath his rough hands. Six weeks of missing her equally calloused hand in his own. Six weeks of cold showers after waking up from too-vivid dreams of her dark, wanting eyes looking up at him from…
(…six weeks of his hand being nowhere near as good as hers.)
Six weeks.
And then he was home.
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tourettic-brookstone · 10 months ago
With the help of Nya and Pixal, Zane pranked the Ninja by glueing everything in the monastary to the ceiling and vise versa
Master Wu included
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thebeatlephenomenon · 7 months ago
me five minutes after hearing one beatles song:
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chekhxvsgun · 4 months ago
what i wouldn’t give for crime boys to burst into singing hamilton mid lore 
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lemonade-juley · 5 months ago
Asking your teammates to put a bullet into your head during a zombie apocalypse not to stop you from turning, but to revive you with a difibrilator and you somehow managed not only get back up, but get back up better then you were, is peak video game logic comedy
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sehomes · a year ago
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cryptid-on-a-string · 3 months ago
Have I ever told yall about the time over the summer when my family stayed in a hotel for a few days on a vacation, except I always have a hard time falling asleep in hotels so for just hours on end I just paced around in circles in the middle of the bathroom and sang to myself The Wiggles Hate Each Other In Real Life
for hours,,,,,,,in the middle of the night,,,, in a hotel bathroom,,,,, singing about the wiggles beating each other up,,,,,,,
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absolutely-mendokusai · 6 months ago
I like how I can tell whenever a new BSD chapter is near because Twitter starts prayer circles for Chuuya to appear. Do you really want Chuuya to appear in the current state of the manga? Think about the risks.
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hunnyburns · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
gift for... @request-angel-baldi ..... you are her baby now. you dont have a say in the matter
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sobeautifullyobsessed · 2 months ago
Bad news - sprained my ankle 😔
On the bright side - at least it’s my left ankle instead of my right. So if I have to go anywhere, I can drive myself 🙂
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