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Warsan Shire. “Lemonade, Beyoncé.”

Então, o que você vai dizer no meu funeral, agora que você me matou?

‘Aqui jaz o corpo do amor da minha vida, cujo coração eu parti sem uma arma na minha cabeça. 
Descanse em paz, meu amor verdadeiro, o qual eu não dei valor.
A melhor buceta que, por minha causa, dorme longe.
O Deus dela está ouvindo.
Seu paraíso será um amor sem traição.
Cinzas por cinzas,
pó para as amantes’.

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Welp, so much chaos going on in the World 🌍 but yet I’m headed back to College classes next week. To be educated✍🏾 and black is important NOW more than ever. Let’s flashback to my favorite class that I’ve taken so far in College 🎓 #MusicAppreciation last year when my WHITE professor had us study the political, and social significance of my inspiration @beyonce’s #Formation ✊🏾music video from the #Lemonade 🍋 album. Fast forward to present day and we’re still dealing with police brutality, racism, and oppression in 2020! Everything that this video stood for, and represented. I am absolutely sick to my stomach at the mishandling of #GoergeFloyd and the senseless killings of black, and brown people in America. As an artist myself Beyonce you inspire me to use my art to create the future I want to see! I’ll be peacefully protesting today with the black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and countless others where #BlackWallStreet 💲once stood. Ok, now let’s get in FORMATION! #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #ICantBreath (at Tulsa Community College)

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Bobae coffee and tea:

I was very surprised by my matcha drink. First I’d like to say the message on my cup was super cute, the order was correct with all my requests and substitutions and I’ve never tasted matcha so delicate and smooth. The lavender lemonade was also perfectly balanced, it was not too sour or too sweet. Big fan so far and can’t wait to order again!

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3. A song that your best friend loves Possessed by Paul James - Hurricane

12. A song to listen to whilst you lie in a meadow Cocorosie - Lemonade

19. A song that you can imagine listening to in an abandoned church - Mister D. - Zapach Boga

Thanks for the ask! <3

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