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#lemony scenarios


Another installment of the Naruto characters and dry humping, wink wonk. Also, this. This got long ahahahahahaha, I need help.

For Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji, please click here~

Now it is time for Shikamaru, Gaara, and Kakashi!


tags/warnings: oral, public sex, dry humping, sexual themes, intercourse, breeding, creampie, handjobs

if you are not of age, PLEASE DO NOT READ.


>Admin 𝕋


  • You were only supposed to go to the Kazekage’s office to cheer Gaara up, since he had been a little down lately.
  • You were supposed to be there for a short time, seeing as he was extremely down but, Gaara he–he wanted something more.

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Um hello. 👋 just want to say I love how you write KNB characters. So good!!! Can I request Kagami and Kyoshi with a girl who is nervous about intimate activities? Maybe she’s a virgin? Your choice. The longer the better! 😉 I love reading your stuff and I love the emotional depth you give to the characters. NSFW please. 😁

Thanks for waiting doll!

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*crashes into the as box at full force* I WANT TO WEAR HIRUMA’S CLOTHES PLEASE. And then get railed 😉. F!reader please, thank you!

Don’t we all?

Also, my surgery is tomorrow so I will be away for a while.  It will depend on how I feel when I start posting again, probably about a week or so <3

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Oh man, after those headcanons how could I not request a Beast Mode Makoto (Tachibana) scenario? Maybe he’s feeling a little insecure after going to a work party with his gf and seeing how popular she is? Thanks so much for this amazing blog!

Thank you so much! <3

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Hope I'm catching the ask box in time! Could I request short scenarios or hcs with Kise, Aomine, and Akashi reacting to accidentally doing something embarrassing during sexy times with their s/o?

And so we begin with the new batch!  Not going to lie, I had a hard time figuring out what Akashi might do that is embarrassing… Shout out so my husband for giving me ideas lol

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