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The more I think about it, the more I believe that CW/DC would be absolutely STUPID not to bring Lena/Katie into Batwoman/have her move to Gotham in S6, even just for a few eps for the same of “crossover” value

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To Whom It May Concern

It catches her quite by surprise. On a Wednesday, of all days. Well actually, surprise is an understatement. It really was more like she got hit by a ton of bricks. 

Kara has a favorite park bench. It’s the one under the sprawling oak tree, right across from the chess tables. She loves it because it’s shady, it’s far enough away from the noisier side of the park, and it lets her observe people without drawing attention to herself. One day, at lunch, she hears a peculiar heartbeat. It isn’t particularly loud, but it stands out to her for some reason, and as she begins to listen intently, it drowns everything else out. Its rhythm is strong, steady, beautiful, even. As Kara listens, she feels something bloom in her own chest. Something like warmth, like freedom, like coming home. And when she snaps out of it, the heartbeat is gone. It’s a strange experience, to say the least, but not at all unpleasant. She writes about it in her journal later that day. 

The professor was talking about the concept of space-time and the beings caught in it. Kara was enthralled by the idea of such an unbreakable bond, an immeasurable force. It wasn’t just romantic. It was something more. It went beyond the heart, it probably went even beyond the soul. It made her think if she will ever find something like that for herself. 

She hears it again, that same heartbeat from weeks ago. This time she tries looking for the owner, but a Supergirl emergency keeps her from doing just that. She starts going to the park more often, in hopes of finding that heart, and perhaps, oh perhaps more importantly, whom it belongs to. 

Was it even possible to pine for someone you hadn’t even met yet? 

She’d read stories, epic tales, poems, and legends from her world and many others, and she realized its transcendence. How beautiful it was for two beings to be connected by some invisible, inseparable tie. How wonderful it might be if, after centuries and universes of separation, they found each other again.  

The next time Kara hears it, she’s doing rounds near the city limits. She tries to home in on the sound and soon she’s following a car driving away from National City. She’s about to swoop in on the vehicle and finally know who this person is who owns this heartbeat that keeps finding her and at the same time keeps eluding her, but just then her phone rings. It’s Winn. Crap. Game Night. And she was hosting. Double Crap. And now that she was so close to finding out. Figures. She follows the sound until it fades away, committing it to memory, etching it into her heart, then heaves a frustrated sigh and flies back home. 

She’s distracted and they lose, badly. Alex knows that something is up (because of course she does) and asks if she’s alright. Kara says she’s just tired, thankful when her sister doesn’t push. She wraps the party up before ten. She lays in bed and has half a mind to figure out where that car was headed, but it’s late and she has to meet with Clark early the next day about some Luthor business or whatever. She falls into a fitful sleep, punctuated by weird half-dreams of willows and glaciers and stars. 

She’s too cranky to notice it when she and Clark walk up to the building. Too cranky to notice it when the dark-haired woman walks into the room, too grumpy to notice it when Clark starts speaking with her. Then the woman reaches out to shake her hand in introduction and Kara is too annoyed to– There it is. That familiar cadence. And it’s coming from the person standing right in front of her. 

“Hello, I’m Lena Luthor.”    

“It's… It’s you.”

“Yes,” Lena answers with a mildly amused sort of expression. “It's… Me.” 

Kara barely hears it over the sound of her own heart thundering in her ears. She almost misses the proffered hand as she extends her own to shake it, her gaze transfixed. 

Lena Luthor has the greenest eyes she had ever seen. 

The interview passes by in a blur. Kara won’t remember half of it. What she will remember is Lena’s heartbeat, along with that low-pitched voice and melodic lilt, soothing her, distracting her. Ensnaring her. 

Clark sounds far away when he finally asks “so, Miss Luthor, with L-Corp now under your supervision, what can we look forward to?”

Lena smiles at the both of them, “what do you know about Quantum Entanglement?" 

Clark answers her with something about Einstein or that dude with the car named after him. It completely slips past because Lena is positively beaming and Kara is absolutely mesmerized. 

"Well, when you see what we’re doing with them,” Lena was looking directly at her now, her eyes holding her captive, “it’ll blow you away." 

Kara doesn’t flinch, even as her breath is stolen. She holds Lena’s gaze and with absolutely no resistance, lets herself be taken. "I can’t wait." 


Sunlight filters in through the gap in the curtains, the rays illuminating a bunch of dust motes. Kara watches as they float around lazily, drifting apart, then colliding, then drifting away again, but always coming back towards each other. It reminds her of one particular Wednesday. 

“You’re up, course you’re up,” comes a bleary voice from under her chin. 

“And a bright good morning to you as well,” Kara says in mock offense. A sleepy chuckle bubbles up out of Lena, and Kara can’t help but plant a kiss to her temple.

“What were you thinking about?” 

“Remember when you asked me about Quantum Entanglement?” 

“Yeah, you gave me your best goldfish impression.” 

“I knew what it was.” 

“Yeah? But why didn’t you say anything?” 

“You know how you once told me that you used to know all the words to Email My Heart?” 

“Oh god, don’t remind me,” Lena says as she shuts her eyes in embarrassment and buries her face in Kara’s shirt. 

“And that they practically vanished completely from your memory because you hadn’t heard it in so long? That’s kinda what happened back then. The first time I’d heard of Quantum Entanglement (we didn’t call it that) was in auridhrinn– that’s like 4th grade Earth school. Logically, it shouldn’t be possible, but then the teacher showed us pictures of it: two particles, across universes, basically being two parts of one whole. I thought it was beautiful.”

“And then?” 

“And then, I guess I forgot about it. Until I heard your heartbeat in the park and then you mentioned working with the technology during our interview that day. Then I remembered. I remembered everything.”

“OK, back up. The park?” Lena says with as much incredulity as her un-caffeinated state would permit her. 



“I feel like there’s a story there.” 

“Get me some coffee, maybe we’ll talk.” 

Kara chuckles and kisses her hair, "deal,” as Lena snuggles back into her side. Neither of them says anything for a spell, and Kara feels herself drifting back to sleep when Lena suddenly rears her head and makes a cartoonish face. “Is it science? Is it magic?” she enunciates playfully. Kara laughs as a wave of affection takes over her heart and permeates her chest. The light is hitting Lena’s eyes just so; sparkling isn’t nearly a good enough word for what they’re doing, and she momentarily gets lost in them. Green and blue and flecked with gold. Like willows. Like glaciers. Like stars. 

Kara tenderly cups her cheek and brushes her thumb against her warm skin. “It’s you and me, Lena. You’re my particle.”

Lena looks down at her fondly and then adorably scrunches her nose. “You’re so sappy in the morning.” 

Kara smiles against her lips. “Only with you.”


Lena would go to the park, too, Kara later learns. She hadn’t moved into the city just yet. She was taking in the surroundings, discreetly laying the groundwork for her company, for when she eventually would relocate, rebrand, start over. She’d ‘kind of just sit there’ and 'disappear’ into the city for a bit, and would think over what it was about this place that made her so sure this was where she was supposed to be. Kara then stumbled (Hey, I sauntered, Babe, jabbing at her with the drippy piece of pancake stuck to her fork) into her life and she started to wonder if moving here just 'made business sense’ or if it was something more. Turns out it was a bit of both. 

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I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that Liked, Reblogged and Followed me over the last month.

This was the first time I have done anything like this and while it was a lot of work to get everything out on time it was fun putting it all together.

It’s been great and I hope I can take what I’ve leant from all the GIF making this month and continue to make much more.

Also, I am amazed at the pieces (art/fic) others have put out. You are all fantastic.

For anyone interested here is my Supercorptober playlist.

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There was something about the silence of the night. Throughout the day, even when she was alone in her office, she was always surrounded by sound. Whether it was cars honking in the streets below or people outside her door or even the typing of her own keyboard there, there was constantly sound surrounding her.

But at night that sound faded away. The cars went home, she left the office, and there was a certain peace to the night sky that she never found when the sun was out. At night no one wanted anything from her. Very rarely did she get calls from past working hours anymore unless it was an absolute emergency.

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Requested by Anonymous

Pairings: Lena Luthor x Reader

Tags: Fluff, Embarrassment, Pining, Happy Ending, Cheesy Dialogue, Humor 

You’re wondering how you made it to this age. You were horribly clumsy and there had been a couple times when you’d almost break your neck walking on a flat surface. You weren’t a smooth talker, you weren’t suave. You couldn’t attract a damn fly, let alone, a person to save your life. So, when you saw your boss for the first time ever, you cursed both fate and irony. Lena Luthor was gorgeous. She was beyond gorgeous actually and you couldn’t find an adjective that did her beauty just. No matter how many times you tried and failed to not awkwardly stare at her, you managed to do just that. The first time you had seen Lena, she was dressed in a crisp, black business suit. There wasn’t a wrinkle in sight. Her hair was pulled into a tight bun and she rocked her black high heels. You couldn’t stop yourself from eyeing her smooth, lean legs and visions of her stepping on you hijacked your brain.

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Hey all, here’s me dropping a random story.

that’s all. <3



Mmm,” Lena hums. She likes the smell of Kara, something gritty about it. It’s not really clean, but it’s also not boys after football practice; it’s like unshowered but sophisticated. She’s also wearing tight, dark jeans and an old t-shirt, and there’s a glint in her eyes so sharp it almost seems dangerous. “Depends on the day, I s'pose,” Lena finally slurs, smiling too wide.

Kara grins at that. “I’ll count myself lucky I caught you today, then.”


lena has the wildest night of her life, a venom + terminator mash-up.

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Supergirl writers could’ve easily made Lena and Kara fall in love. There wasn’t anything stopping them. They had countless opportunities to do so and didn’t. I kind of fell out of love for the show because they gave us everything… but nothing at the same time☹️

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