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When #BoycottSupergirl trended after the compulsory heterosexuality of 5x11, episode 5x18 was being filmed. The show had the opportunity to rewrite this episode, and episode 20. To think that this is the best parts of two episodes combined after rewrites is tiresome. The show will never get better with the current show runners. I joined in 4B because of the momentum with Supercorp as screen chemistry that strong is rare. I binged all four seasons before watching season five in real time. The patterns I’ve noticed are:
The first few episodes are good, and the last few episodes are good, and there is this huge chasm of stagnation inbetween
Priority of development is given to new characters over existing ones
Priority is given to men over women
Tokenism (the Trans episode was timed for the GLAAD awards rather than International Women’s Day)
Surface treatment and hand waving of important plot and character moments
Seasonal themes and episode plots are met by writing out of character

Add to that the choice to spend money on Kara’s wardrobe rather than the CGI this season, focusing on plot rather than character, lying about the season’s focus, and we have the mess that is season five. I thought season two was the worst, but this surpasses it. It’s no wonder the audience has left in droves and the demo dropped. They tried to kill Supercorp and it killed the show in the process.

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If Supercorp doesn’t happen, I hope they at least give Kara a better LI than William. I’m sure he’s a very nice person IRL, but as an actor? That dude makes Ruby Rose look like an Oscar winner. I’d rather see Mon-El come back, which is a thing I never thought I’d say. Mechad, Jeremy, anyone who can emote at all.

Also, if we can’t have Supercorp, I want a spin-off for Katie with a Lena-Andrea-Sam love triangle & occasional guest appearances by Rachel Skarsten.

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Am I selfish for wanting Katie to leave this fucking show? If yes, then I am.

I would rather her leaving, having no contents of her for a long damn time, than her name being dragged down the mud with them. She can use her free time to look for and join better projects, where her talent will be more appreciated.

Lena was provened again good in S5, she could leave too. Who tf know they might recycle the storyline of “is Lena good?” again in the next season and do her dirtier than last time, or even throwing another man to her?

At this point, just leave while you’re still at the good position, people still love Lena.

Lena deserves better than that. Katie deserves better than that.

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Part Two to Crushed.

Request for Anon 

Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader

Warning: Death, grief 

Time stood still, everything changed. Life didn’t feel like it was yours. You were numb. Just numb, no crying now, no screaming or sobbing. You laid in bed at night and just stared at the wall.

You had been sleeping with Lena ever since the accident. For both of your sakes. She couldn’t sleep either, Jack’s death effected her tremendously. Jack was her first love, and ultimately the love of her life. She wished she had admitted that before this happened.

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How in the hell is that idiot William getting himself kidnapped and shot considered romantic and something he did for Kara? Lena literally stood in front of a kryptonite dagger for Kara. Im not a huge Supercorp shipper but William is a fool and I honestly think he’s hiding something. Lena has referred to Kara as someone she loves and it’s pretty obvious that they have an undeniable connection. I don’t know I just feel like if William the witless wonder is a viable romantic partner then Lena Kieran Luthor sure as hell is!

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*sighs in supercorp*

We need to stop talking about superforced.

Supergirl is going to be gone for a long time. This season barely managed to survive. They need people to keep talking about the show one way or the other until it comes back, and people sure as hell are not going to talk about how great it was. There isn’t much positive to talk about but there are a lot of complaints. They know most of the fandom don’t want superforced. They know we hate it. And that is exactly why that article exists. When people already hate it, then even a single gossip article with a very vauge quote and blocking some people on SM will have people talking. Mission accomplished.

Let’s get one thing clear, that article means nothing. There will be more like it. There will also be more about supercorp. They want us to talk about him, so let’s not do that. Let’s ignore him, let’s ignore superforced. Let them publish a million articles, it wouldn’t change the fact that superforced is super forced. Let’s only focus on supercorp, or dansen or Brainia. Kara’s forced heterosexual love interest No. 5 doesn’t deserve our attention.

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I think I’m going to slowly detach myself from Supergirl from now on. Clearly they don’t give a single f*ck about their own show, about their own characters and their own audience. And amount of anger and distaste I have for this show is not good for my mental health. So… from now on it’s only fics and fan arts, which I am forever thankful for. “Good luck” to them with ratings and viewers with this attitude.

P.s. Of course I still support and love Katie and Melissa.

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Supercorp/The Corpse Bride AU

Kara inherits the old ancestral house in Argo when she turns twenty-eight. 

She’s never been there before, never even heard about it – until she learns about the provision in Alura’s will two weeks after she announces her engagement to Mon-El, and the crusty old executor of her mother’s estate tells Kara that the house is hers, should she want it.

But only if she gets married there, like Alura and all the women in her mother’s family were.

Two weeks into planning the wedding at the elegant old house, surrounded by family and friends who are rushing about to get everything ready for her special day, Kara’s still not sure she made the right decision. 

She’s always been curious about her mother’s family. Even when Alura was still alive, before she was adopted by the Danvers family, Kara never heard much about the Inze family. She knows vaguely that they were well-to-do, but since they moved to Metropolis when Kara was a baby, she never had much of a connection to Argo. Even less when her parents died, and she’d had to move to Midvale.

It’s a beautiful house, Kara thinks. Elegant furnishings, exquisite moldings, and vast open windows to let in the light. It’s warm and open and inviting. She couldn’t have found a more perfect venue for her wedding, even in National City. No wonder the women in her mother’s family always chose to get married here.

But apparently, this wasn’t the only tradition her mother had neglected to share before her death. The antique necklace now hiding in Kara’s pocket is apparently another heirloom Kara has never heard of – passed down from bride to bride in the Inze family in a generations-old tradition that started almost two hundred years ago. Eliza had suggested that she make it her “something old” at her wedding. 

The wedding that she isn’t even sure about.

It’s not that she doesn’t love Mon-El. They’ve been together for years. It’s just that…. things aren’t always so peachy between them. And marriage, well, marriage is so permanent. At least it is for Kara.

And for her parents too. It’s been so long, and while it hurts a little to think about them, one thing she always remembers about Alura and Zor El is that they were so in love. They filled their home, and Kara’s life with their love for each other, and their love for her. Married for fifteen years, and they were devoted to each other until their last breath.

Is that what she and Mon-El really have?

And all of these new things that have been shoved at her since finding out about her mother’s family. Looking through this house that is somehow disconnected, yet a part of her, seeing the legacy that her family left behind…. It feels a little  like she’s cheapening it by going through with a marriage to someone she can only get along with for short periods of time before everything inevitably devolves into an argument.

Kara goes for a walk to clear her head. She’s been doing this a lot lately, and a small part of her feels that if she walks far enough, she can leave this whole mess behind.

There’s a trail she’s been following for the past week that she’s found she likes a lot. It’s deserted and a little overgrown, but there’s a sort of tranquility to it as she walks slowly, dried leaves crunching under her boots.

She’d found the graveyard last week, and she’s been going there every day. It’s really old, the tombstones are nearly crumbling with age, and there’s something….. melancholic about the place. Something sad.

But Kara doesn’t mind. She feels a strange sort of calm here. It’s quiet here, no one’s fussing over Kara about venues and flowers and seating charts that she really couldn’t care less about.

She walks over to her favorite grave, an old tombstone she’d found when she first got there, covered with vines and leaves until Kara had brushed them off and found the name ‘Lena Luthor’ carved into the crumbling, weathered stone. 

She’s visited the site ever since, feeling that vague sense of melancholy again. This person had died almost two hundred years ago. Whoever this Lena Luthor was, she was the same age when she died as Kara is now. For some reason, that makes her inexplicably sad.

Today, she comes bearing a few flowers from the arrangement Eliza had been draping over the church pews. Kara had been planning to place them at the old grave, to brighten things up a bit. 

But before she can approach the familiar tombstone, she hears a quiet sobbing sound. She sees a pale figure kneeling beside the grave, and at first, Kara thinks she’s a mourner. Though why another person would be there mourning someone who had passed two hundred years ago, Kara doesn’t know –disregarding the fact that that’s what she’s been doing every day for the past week.

“Hello?” Kara keeps her voice quiet to avoid spooking this other mourner. “I’m sorry to bother you. I’ll leave you to it, but I just wanted to make sure – are you okay?”

The sobbing stops as Kara comes closer, and the pale figure rises. And Kara’s jaw drops, as the light reveals that the pale figure is actually a woman – a very stunning, ethereally beautiful woman…. who is dressed in a bloodstained wedding dress.

What the fuck?

And not just a little bit of blood. The whole front of the dress has been dyed red with blood. And Kara can see where her dress has been slashed open to expose torn, jagged flesh, and Kara gags a little bit.

Before Kara can cry out – in confusion? Fear? Panic? Before she can even think to make sure that the other woman is okay – there’s no way she is, not with that much blood on her dress – the other woman turns, and her eyes fix on Kara’s, piercing her where she stands. 

A slender hand reaches out, fingers trembling, and pearl-like tears slip down her pale cheeks. 

“Kara…?”  Her voice is soft and tremulous, and Kara is frozen, watching her trembling, bloody hand reach out to touch her face. 

It never does. Kara can see those fingers brushing her face, but she feels nothing. As if the woman in front of her isn’t real. “You’ve come back to me….”

The shock of it breaks the spell. Kara stumbles in her haste to back away from those bloody, outstretched fingers. The other woman steps forward, murmuring her name again, and Kara finally manages to make her legs work. She scrambles to her feet and runs away, nearly missing the trail in her fright.

In her haste, she drops the white flowers she’d brought and crushes them into the dirt with her boot.

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