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femaleheroes · 2 days ago
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Whose middle finger can it be?
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searidings · 2 days ago
that post of Kara with the wine glass punching the alien makes me now wonder that since her identity has been revealed if she has been making supergirl saves in her sweats and tank tops, giving the population of NC a Lena Luthor esque horny heart attack
(inspired by @battenthecrosshatches' incredible art. batts, thank you, and i'm sorry)
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supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 12 Jan
yes i WILL document each and every time i see supergirl in nc. and if each glimpse of beefy biceps and kryptonian quads puts me one step closer to my inevitable death by gay heart attack? so be it. it's supergirl's world. i'm just thirsting in it
supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 9 Feb
SIGHTING: supergirl battled some kind of acid-spewing slug on concordia & 12th  today honestly idc what monster it was she was wearing her anti-kryptonite suit and BOI—
supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 9 Feb
those hips those shoulders those THIGH HIGH BOOTS WHEN I TELL YOU
supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 9 Feb
sappho forgive me i am overcome with longing and cannot weave
supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 9 Feb
if whoever designed supergirl's anti-k suit didn't intend for her to be homoerotically tugged closer for a kiss by her little stomach handles then why does it have little stomach handles hmmmm
supergirl owns my ass @sapphicsupergirlsightings • 9 Feb
check and mate
read the rest here on ao3
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finished this jetpack lena sketch
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lucy-westenra-apologist · 2 days ago
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Spare hand in marriage, ma’am?
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illegally-luthor · 3 days ago
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would die for her
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sun kissed
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bicuriousraccoon · 2 days ago
Supercorp is iconic in its own special way.
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The wasted potential is making me shake in anger 😭
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arayala-art · 2 days ago
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gotta be my fav bts meltie pic
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incorrect-supercorp · 6 hours ago
Metallo!Lena: *Kisses Kara softly*
Kara: Lena! We are supposed to be enemies!
Metallo!Lena: Shit, you're right.
Metallo!Lena: *Kisses Kara aggressively*
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femaleheroes · a day ago
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supercorpclown · 2 days ago
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Cwsg really said they weren’t wives yet made them ready to die for the other…..soulmate behavior
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the-ladies-of-dc · a day ago
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From mlevi_art
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urijahreigns · 2 days ago
spot the difference
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it's the same image
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janusa · 19 hours ago
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KARA & LENA per scene ⤵ 2.03 “Welcome to Earth.”
"It's good to see you again, Ms. Danvers."
"Well, if I'm calling you Lena... "
"Kara, it is."
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morgan-xd · a day ago
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juskru · 2 days ago
Ugh we're almost at the end of season 6 😫
Go leave a big thanks to mlevi_art for sharing the feast with us ❤
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Whose *🖕* is this? You have one guess 😂
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And off to work we go.
Shit, I'm gonna be late.
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sprqpointintern · a day ago
"We tapped that ass all over this house"
Check out my other Supercorp videos here
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supercorpkid · 2 days ago
Gone Rogue
Part 3 – I came to bargain.
Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader, Alex Danvers x Niece!Reader
Word Count: 2100.
Warnings: angst. Violence. Lots of blood.
“You came to bargain.” His laugh sounds like a bark, and you can see it on his face he is clearly not believing you. “How many people are outside that door right now?”
Your blood is boiling inside you. You think about everything he put you through, just because he wanted to know Supergirl’ secret identity. You thought you might be afraid of him, but you’re not. He is tied to the DEO table, looking smaller and a lot less terrifying without the kryptonite to back him up. So the only thing left inside of you for him, is anger. You try to hold it inside you, because you know what you’re supposed to be doing here. You need names and information, so you can’t simply rage on like you’re feeling you should.
“I don’t know.” You pull the chair and sit down heavily. “Too many to count.”
“Because you’re just a child.” He mocks. You agree with your head. Put your feet up the table and cross your arms.
“Mhm, yeah. That’s why there’s so many people outside that door. Because I’m a child.” You stare him down. Don’t even blink. Now you can see all of his features. Definitely not terrifying anymore. “Not because you’re a sociopath that used war crime methods on an underage girl.”
There’s no retort to what you say. You give him a bitch grin. There’s a long pause. An almost defining silence, considering who’s company you’re in. You wonder if he is trying to come up with ways to hurt you, but you don’t want to be the first one to break eye contact or speak first.
“You know what I want.” He throws himself into the chair, looking way too comfortable for someone who’s being interrogated. “Supergirl’s real name. Then I’ll give you everything. Locations. Organization members. And how did I get a hold on all of that Kryptonite.”
“It’s funny that you think even here, while tied to a table, in a secret facility, that you have the upper hand.”
It’s not funny, to be fair. But rather distressing that he is not even a little scared of what any of you can do, when you literally have powers enough to break him into pieces.
“Oh. But I do, Superkid.” He says with a grin. You want to slap it out of his face. “Because you need information, and you can’t hurt me.”
“I can’t?” You finally put your feet down on the floor, narrowing your eyes at him.
“Well, you could if you want to. But Supers don’t kill, and-” He rolls his eyes. “Anyways, we both know the supers moral ground is so high, they would rather die than kill someone.”
“Yeah.” You stand up. Move closer to him, looking way deep into his eyes. You’re not scared, you’re not proud of making out alive. You’re just 100% mad and you’re about to show him. “Supergirl and Superman don’t kill. But guess what, Rebel? I’m neither.”
You kick him in the chest and watch him flying to the other end of the room, table, and chair along with him. All three of them hit the wall then fall loudly on the floor. You turn around to the door, break the lock, and bend a metal inside both handles, making it impossible for anyone -except Supergirl- to come inside.
You turn to him, to his shocked expression on the other side, trying to get out from his cuffs, and come closer slowly. “And I don’t fucking care about the information you have. All I want to do is to end your life.”
You punch his face so many times; When you pull your hand away from it, you can’t even see his face from all the blood in it.
“And guess what else? I might be a kid, but I’m also a Super, which means there’s no one outside this door. No one to save now.” You kick him to the other side of the room again. Somehow the chair and table don’t accompany him. You probably broke the cuffs at some point. “Not so tough now without the Kryptonite on your hands, are you?”
“Wait, wait! I’ll tell you!” He yelps while you move closer.
“Too late. I don’t care anymore!” You clench your fists. And in that moment, you can’t tell if you’re trying to trick him into believing you don’t really care, so he can give you the information; or if you want to end him so badly, you actually do not care anymore.
“It’s an old Cadmus facility! And the place is overflowing with kryptonite.” He yells while you move closer again. You hold him by the collar of his shirt.
“Oh, are those going to be your last words? Are you sure?” His feet are no longer touching the ground, and he tries to kick himself free. You give him a wicked smile, before throwing him against another wall.
“The-The organization! I’ll tell you!”
You laugh, maniacally. Can’t stop it from bubbling inside you and coming up, no matter how much you know it’s wrong. This isn’t you. This isn’t something you would normally do. This laugh, you have never even heard before. It’s too evil. Too much like his, even. You want it to stop, to stop this whole fake scene before it gets out of hand, but then again, is it really fake?
“That’s it? That’s all it takes to break a super villain? Where’s the superhuman strength and durability you promised me?”
You kneel in front of him, so you can look directly at his face.
“Come on, where’s the guy that was kicking me in my stomach three days ago? Are you only a villain when your opponent is defenseless?”
He tries to stand up. Falls on his bloody hands.
“You know what’s really funny, Rebel? I haven’t even used my powers yet. You know, the ones that could actually destroy you in a matter of seconds, and you already gave up.”
He gets up this time. Grabs you by the collar of your supersuit, looks directly inside your eyes. “I’ll give you the name. It’s what you need, isn’t it?” He spits blood. “I’ll give you the name, and you prove to Supergirl you’re not a child.”
You smile to yourself this time. No, you’re not faking. You are so going to kill him.
“Weak last words. But don’t worry, no one will ever know them besides me.” You raise your fist, and he flinches. You like the feeling of being on the other end.
“You can’t kill me! What will they say when they see that a Super can kill? They’ll be afraid of you!”
“Oh, you really don’t you get it, Rebel.” You punch his face, and he falls back on the floor. “You’re not important.” Another punch. “You never were.” Punch. “You think someone, anyone, is going to know what happened here?” You smile mischievously. It’s starting to look like it’s a thing you do now. “You’re in my world now, bitch.”
“I’ll give you their names.” He begs, and you stop hitting him, and sigh.
“Talk now and stop wasting my time.”
“We’re the ones left of the Supergirl Revenge Squad.” To that, you laugh again. It’s impossible not to. But you actually find it amusing that you were so scared of a guy that was in an organization with that stupid name. “Facet Jens.” He says, raising his hands in front of his face. “And Maxima.”
“Ok.” You hold him by the shirt again, making him sit with his back to the wall. You smooth your hand over his bloody shirt, trying to look less scary while you try to make him look more presentable after you pretty much smashed his face into unrecognition. “Was that so hard and terrible?”
“Great.” You smile, and then harden your features. “‘Cause I’m not done.”
You kick his face, and he blacks out. Body falling with a loud thud on the floor. You close your fists, ready to give him more. But before you do,
“Superkid! Stop! Stop! You’re going to kill him!” Kara holds both of your wrists so you can’t move.
“He deserves it!”
“STOP!” Kara drags you out of the interrogation room.
It’s only when you compare yourself to her that you realize you look like a crazy, almost psychopath, person. Your suit is ruined. Honestly, after all this is done you might have to burn it to pieces because the amount of blood -not only yours now- in it, is frightening.
You stare at her clean hands, holding your arms, trying to make you stop shaking with all the rage still threatening to leave your body. And then you look at your own hands, there’s so much blood in it, you wonder how he is not dead yet. You feel vomit coming up from your stomach, you hold it right there, along with the tears forming on your eyes.
You get out from Kara’s grounding squeeze. You can’t let her stop you from finishing this, from getting what you so desperately need. Revenge.
You start marching down the corridors. You don’t even know where you find it, but you just see yourself aggressively cleaning your bloody hands with a cloth. Kara follows you close-by, giving you a piece of her mind, but you barely register any sound.
Alex and Lena both join, following you too, while you make your way to the exit.
“What were you doing?” Kara grabs your hand, trying to make you stop. You easily unlink them. “You were supposed to interrogate him, not kill him!”
“We shouldn’t have let you in! Now we’re further away from ever figuring it out.” Alex says in her hard tone.
“Well, if I remember correctly you didn’t let me in. And also, thanks for your faith in me. But you’re wrong! He’s working with the Supergirl Revenge Squad. They found an old Cadmus lair. It’s filled with kryptonite.” You clean the blood that was splashed on your face next, throwing the bloody cloth on Alex’s feet. You make a motion to fly, but Kara holds you down.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“I just told you.”
“No! I can’t let you go.” Kara holds you stronger. “Look at you! This isn’t you! You’re going to end up killing someone.”
“They deserve it!”
“No!” Lena holds you too, like it would make a difference if Kara let go. But their touches are different. Kara is holding you down, keeping you unmoving because she sees you as a threat. Lena, on the other hand, is trying to appeal to your soft side. She holds your face with both hands because she sees you as her baby. They’re both wrong. Well, Lena more than Kara.
“Baby, baby, please listen to me. That’s not the right thing to do.”
“Right thing? You wanna talk about the right thing? How about I tell you all the things he did to me, just to know Supergirl’s real name?” You spit out of gritted teeth. “Do you want to hear how he tied me to the ceiling and used me as a punching bag?”
“No, no, my love, please stop.” You see tears forming in Lena’s eyes. You want to stop talking because you know this is hurting her. You can’t stop.
“Or how he spit on my face and called me a bitch?”
Kara can’t even blink while hearing what you have to say. You can see the anger boiling her blood as well. Her features are hardened with every word. It’s not enough.
“There’s more. Do you wanna hear more, mom? Do you want to hear about all the war crimes he did to your babygirl?”
“Baby, please.” Lena blinks one tear.
“How is it possible that you don’t want to kill him?” You ask, enraged.
“Because it’s not the solution.” It’s Kara who answers. You don’t think Lena can, by the way she is crying in front of you right now.
“Then what’s the solution, Supergirl? Put him in jail? Like a person like that would stay in there for too long.” You’re delicate just enough, not to hurt Lena when you move her hands out of your face. But barely. You also get out of Kara’s firm grip, but this time you don’t try to be half as careful. She’s surprised to see that she can’t contain you anymore. “Lucky for me I don’t need you to go settle the score for me. I can do it myself.”
With that, you fly away. Leaving your moms behind and your chance to stop before you go too far.
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