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tosruyi · 2 hours ago
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paradoxdesign · 3 hours ago
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Eternal peace
There is this small old graveyard, in the center of my hometown that I visit every once in a while.
It's an old one and nobody is burried there anymore, but some old graves from the 1800 still remain.
There is one in particular that draws your attention when you visit the small, square, cemetery. The one here above.
The person resting there, known only to people who aren't here anymore, must have lived a good life to deserve such a sheltered and beautiful place underneath the blooming blossom.
I'd like to mesmerize sometimes what it would be like to rest there, and let the ages pass you by, safely guarded by the tree angel with its beautiful flowers.
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photocommons · 4 hours ago
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Carina & The Magellanic Clouds at Northam, Western Australia
Trevor Dobson @ Flickr
More on my blog, thanks! 👍
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