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calling all infp’s— just for fun and for curiosity’s sake 🌱

1: hogwarts house? 🐍🦁🦡🦅

2: enneagram type?

3: greek god parent?

4: astrological sign?

5: favorite color?

6: favorite animal?

7: favorite genre of music? 🎧

8: comfort movie?

9: tea or coffee? ☕️

10: favorite book? 📚

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bOY KSBDLDBSLSNLSK he can be so cute sometimes (╥﹏╥) i thought that my favorite was sol,,, but hi KANSLSKSLA I can’t with him i meaN HE SAID NOM NOM NOM

but it’s funny because he’s a pervert but idk sometime he’s so cute AKSBSKSNKS hi i love u♡♡

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I have to admit I adore cancer risings! I find that I gravitate towards them a lot. The energy they carry is just something different. If you’re a cancer rising you’re automatically one of my soulmates! I’ve learned, connected, and evolved so deeply with each one I’ve encountered. I’ve only ever had problems with one, which is wild, but she doesn’t even exsist to me. Everything in life has their good and bad, so I take the good here and stand by the fact that y’all are my absolute favorite ethereal beings on earth!

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Fankidtober Day 29 - Owen’s little brother, Leo!

Leo is a pokémon trainer and aspiring Protagonist who wears shorts always because he’s a Youngster at heart. He travels with Morgan and Gal, both of whom I drew earlier this month, and ends up getting into plenty of trouble with them during the sequel plotline. 

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English TMNT 2012 Lunch Roles Meme :

午餐时刚想到这个,你是哪个TMNT 2012角色?;}

我是Casey + April组合

April:自家饭盒 由爸爸带到学校的爱心午餐











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Emi was suuuper tired but still managed to make dinner for her and her husband, set up a tiny bedroom for manny when he has his birthday, Robert went running aroud collecting things in his underwear living his best life and Emi continued to practice her songs on the guitar, bathe leo and fertilize the apple orchard. 

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Hello😁 I’m doing okay, I hope you’re doing okay as well😆

  • Leonardo:
  • He knew there was something about this flower shop owner but he didn’t think she’d be a strong …. fairy? warrior in disguise
  • He used to believe in fairy tales when he was a child
  • One time when they had met during a battle, he saw her wings and her armor
  • He admired how beautiful and strong she was
  • Raphael:
  • He’d always have this unknown vibe he got whenever he saw her
  • She was mysterious
  • However he didn’t expect her to be a fairy
  • He’d think he was going crazy and had a hard time believing her
  • There wasn’t no way that the stories Master Splinter told him as a little kid could be true
  • But when he saw her wings and seen her fly he was convinced
  • He’s found a new best friend
  • Donatello:
  • He’d be in disbelief
  • She couldn’t be a fairy. Being a fairy, and magic, was scientifically impossible
  • He thought she was a mutant of some kind
  • Even after seeing her in action
  • Eventually he’d come to realize that there are such things as mystical beings
  • Michelangelo:
  • He’d freak out a bit
  • He’s always believed in mystical creatures, like dragons and fairies
  • But he didn’t think that he’d find an awesome and pretty looking fairy warrior
  • He’d be best friends with her
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答: 我是 CP粉 !!! 


我比较喜欢二人世界 ヾ(•ω•`)o  然后我是电灯胆

DA有点推,但是我偏食LK (´▽`) 


( 如果我说话用词古怪 这是因为我平时时说英文的。 。不好意思!)


Originally posted by leorai-lemony-lewa


Originally posted by redworld96

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Officially cementing myself as a member of this crazy fandom: here is is my MC apprentice for the Arcana! Her name is Leo, and she uses swords to channel her powers! She is a serious person, and even though she’d never admit it…. she’s head over heels for Julian. 👀🌞

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Day 3: Night of the Blue Feathers

1:59 ~Sweet dreams, sweet Mir.~

  • I can’t sleep. (Nothing)
  • I’m so tired— (Hi)

  • Sure, I like that. (Nothing)
  • I want to chat with you face to face— (Hi)

  • I want to see your startled face. (Hi)
  • Something big’s going to happen if I faint one more time— (Nothing)

  • –Sujee deserved it. You did the right thing. (Hi)
  • I think you overdid it considering she didn’t do it on purpose. (Nothing)

  • Maybe she doesn’t like you being with me? (Nothing)
  • Maybe she is paralyzed in love with you? (Hi)
  • What’s your mom like? (Nothing)

  • Okay, I’m going to bed. (Nothing)

8:43 ~William’s Heart~

  • Yeah, I’m right here. (Nothing)
  • Why did you call for me twice? (Nothing)

  • That pink haired human has a name and it’s ‘Hi’. (Hi)
  • Did you worry about me a lot? (Nothing)

  • Were they that important? (Nothing)
  • But what’s done is done. What should I do T^T (Nothing)

  • I recharged some yesterday night so it’s okay! (Nothing)
  • We should look at it under a positive light. It’s half full, not half empty! (Nothing)

  • I don’t think I can remember all of them— (Nothing)
  • You’re right. I don’t listen to anyone so cheer up William! (Nothing)

  • Oh, right! It’s the Black Sabbath! (Nothing)
  • Okay! I’ll be more careful! (Nothing)

10:36 ~My dear friend, Mir!!~

  • Who is this?  (Nothing)

  • Wow— your profile picture is so pretty— (Nothing)
  • lol I was kidding. You know me all too well! (Nothing)

  • How did you know that?? (Nothing)
  • Are you also worried for my well being? (Nothing)

  • It’s a refreshing morning if that answers your question! (Nothing)
  • I don’t feel so great. (Nothing)

  • They were more attractive than Unholycs TT (Nothing)
  • I still have a long way to go T^T (Nothing)

  • To think you would find joy in my misery!! (Nothing)
  • I’m glad you actually find my situation amusing— (Nothing)

  • I don’t have any intentions of forcing them to do my bidding. (Nothing)
  • Our powers don’t work against other Unholycs? (Nothing)

  • You have your butler though. (Nothing)
  • Why don’t you hang out with humans? (Nothing)

  • Huhu, wish all you want! (Nothing)
  • I will deliver your message to William :) (Nothing)

11:24 ~Cat is recovering!~

  • Yeap, 100 percent. (Nothing)
  • I survived thanks to Hi. (Hi)

  • Yes, I did :) (Sol)
  • I skipped because I felt lazy and tired T T (Nothing)

  • I wanted to see you too— You should’ve stopped by T T (Leo)
  • Good job. You can’t throw your life away like that. (Nothing)

  • I didn’t notice!! T T Sad— (Nothing)
  • I felt much better this morning all of a sudden— (Hi)

  • That’s because you drank too much yogurt lol (Leo)
  • You have a sweet tooth too, Hi? (Sol)

  • Great! I pulled it off! (Nothing)
  • I guess he’s not fully recovered yet T T We need to take care of him until the very end. (Sol)

  • I am happy enough to be able to talk to you guys. (Sol)
  • There are so many things that I want that I can’t even list them all—! (Hi)

  • Ah! Did you want to have my slippers? (Sol)
  • —So cute lol (Leo)

  • Bird poop T T That’s ominous— (Nothing)
  • Don’t you think you should rather clean it up than chat about it here? Hahaha (Nothing)

13:46 ~Mir!!! Big Sister Mir!!!~

  • ??? (Nothing)

  • Who is this? (Nothing)
  • Okay, thank you— (Sol)

  • Where did you get my number? (Nothing)
  • Haha Nice to meet you too. (Sol)

  • What keeps him so busy? (Nothing)
  • Did Sol ever have a girlfriend? (Sol)

  • Hey (Nothing)
  • Hello? (Sol)
  • Excuse me? (Nothing)

14:32 ~Mir, I have a question.~

  • Yes, Boss!! (Nothing)
  • I wanted to talk as well lol (Nothing)

  • He called me ‘sister-in-law’ lol (Sol)
  • Don’t punish him T T He was a nice person :) (Nothing)

  • Lol Are you checking on my meal status again? (Sol)
  • Yes, I did. (Nothing)
  • No, I didn’t.

  • Something else? There’s nothing. We’re fine. (Sol)
  • Mmm—the truth is—no, nevermind. (Nothing)

  • Actually— (Nothing)

  • I am the one who made the decision. You don’t need to. (Sol)
  • William is not as irrational as he might seem lol (Nothing)

16:37 ~Memory from school years~

  • I will take that SOS! (Leo)
  • Hi Leo! I’m not busy!

  • Application requirement? (Leo)
  • Can Hi translate? (Hi)

  • I think those who write negative comments online are all psychopaths. (Sol)
  • Why would people spend time writing such things? (Hi)

  • Why won’t you make a costume for Hi? (Sol)
  • Hi, so smart! (Hi)

  • That’s Sol’s privacy. (Sol)
  • I bet $100. (Leo)

  • Leo must enjoy physical activity. (Nothing)
  • Aren’t you a professional model?? (Nothing)

  • Sol isn’t good at drinking? (Sol)
  • Oh, the story sounds pretty interesting! (Nothing)

  • The story doesn’t match with how Leo looks lol (Nothing)
  • I want to see Leo get tired :) (Sol)

  • I like how manly Sol is! (Nothing)
  • That’s right, I like how soft and warmhearted Sol is. (Nothing)

  • Lol Sol—you are really upset (Nothing)
  • Treating the elderly well. That’s amazing— (Nothing)

18:58 ~Strange vacation~

  • Do you think he told her about my story? (Sol)
  • 30 pairs of slippers?! (Hi)

  • Didn’t you say the sign was no longer there? (Nothing)
  • Maybe she’s taking it off a little longer? (Nothing)

  • You guys must be close to her. (Nothing)
  • She’s going to be fine. (Hi)

  • Maybe it was someone who looked like her? (Leo)
  • Maybe she just wanted to take a rest. (Nothing)

  • Sol is so reliable and competent— (Nothing)
  • I really wish she’s okay— (Sol)

  • I like sweet things too! (Leo)
  • How can Sol handle so much sugar? (Nothing)

19:43 ~Man from underworld~

  • Sujee, you must visit Ripeato pretty often? (Nothing)
  • Are you close to her too, Sujee? (Nothing)

  • Don’t you think saying that can hurt Sol’s feeling even more? (Sol)
  • Why don’t you use a different way to describe him? (Nothing)

  • Sujee, you are being rude; (Nothing)
  • Are you talking bad about Sol’s friends? (Sol)

  • Sol has enemies?! (Nothing)
  • They want the Ripeato’s street? How bold! (Nothing)

  • Sol, does this put you in danger? (Nothing)
  • Sol, don’t you have the intention to solve the issue by force? (Sol)

  • Everything is centered on Hi for you, Sujee;; (Nothing)
  • Do you know these people, Sol? (Nothing)

  • It feels like we are mingling into something dangerous— (Nothing)
  • Can’t we just report the case to the police? (Nothing)

  • Leo, you must have been busy? (Nothing)
  • Leo, I am still here! (Leo)

  • Sol is as normal as we are. (Nothing)
  • Sol must be aware of how concerned you are, Leo (Nothing)

  • How did you get close to her, Leo? (Leo)
  • How did Sol get so close with her, Leo? (Sol)
  • How did Hi get so close with her, Leo? (Hi)

  • I am too T T I’ve got so much to do— (Nothing)
  • I’m fine! Pretty free~ (Leo)

20:21 ~Don’t tell others~

  • Urgent matter?! What is it? (Nothing)
  • Are you okay? (Sol)

  • I won’t until you come. (Sol)
  • Don’t push yourself too much, you don’t have to come if it’s difficult. (Nothing)

21:24 ~Advice from human female friend~

  • I’m just doing my work :) (Nothing)
  • I just talked to Sol  (Nothing)

  • Sol is not a gangster (Nothing)
  • No, I didn’t (Nothing)

  • I think you are T T (Nothing)
  • You are worried about me? (Nothing)

  • You—heard? That means those may not be true. (Nothing)
  • He had lived such a tough life? (Nothing)

  • Sol said he trusts Ripeato’s employees. (Nothing)
  • All the employees at Ripeato used to be gangsters? (Nothing)

  • Yes, I understand. Thank you. (Nothing)
  • Well, a lot still doesn’t make sense to me— (Nothing)

  • I only speak about Hi that I know. (Nothing)
  • Something makes me think I know more about Hi than you do. (Nothing)

21:45 ~Sol’s last words~

  • Don’t worry, Sol will take care of everything! (Nothing)
  • We haven’t heard from Hi either, right? (Nothing)

  • Hi, let’s calm down a bit. I’m sure that’s what Sol wants. (Sol)
  • Don’t be sorry. You must have been so busy—we must have startled you T T (Hi)

  • Nothing much. (Nothing)
  • He sounded like there were some issues. (Leo)

  • Does Sol get involved in a fight often? (Nothing)
  • Sol is super strong, so he’s going to be okay, right? (Nothing)

  • Leo, you really do understand Sol too well. (Leo)
  • What message did Sol leave you with?? (Nothing)

  • Why do you have to be there early in the morning? (Hi)
  • I’m so glad you are coming early T T (Nothing)

  • Okay, I will stay strong! (Sol)
  • I can’t calm myself down from worrying—  (Nothing)

21:53 ~Emergency Closedown, Ripeato (Visual Novel)~

  • -No answers-

22:34 ~Waiting (Visual Novel)~

  • Sol! Are you okay? (Nothing)
  • I was waiting for you (Sol)

  • Should support him standing. (Nothing)
  • Should tell Sol he’s swaying a little bit. (Sol)

  • I was worried about you too. (Nothing)
  • We can’t even worry a person who is so good at taking care of himself? (Sol)

  • How come you sound surprised by that? (Nothing)
  • Mm— I think? (Sol)

  • That’s right. I am upset. (Sol)
  • Nope, why would I feel unpleasant. (Nothing)

  • Stop. Get a hold of yourself! (Nothing)
  • Let’s finish this up first, okay? (Sol)

  • Sol, can you do it with less power— (Nothing)
  • It hurts if you do it like that, so let’s loosen it up a bit. Be good, okay? (Sol)

  • Sol, is there any issue that you are afraid to share with us? (Sol)
  • Sol, it may be just a feeling— but it seems you become a lot more talkative when I’m around. (Nothing)
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The signs as questionable things Harry did

aries: stealing Mr Weasley’s car and flying it to Hogwarts

taurus: only ever using Expelliarmus against Voldemort

gemini: waiting until one week before the second task to follow Cedric’s hint

cancer: using Sectumsempra on Malfoy without knowing what that spell would do

leo: insisting on facing the Horcrux hunt all by himself as if the previous 6 years hadn’t shown him that he needed Ron and Hermione’s help

virgo: saying Voldemort’s name while on the run, knowing that the name was taboo and jinxed

libra: dunking his face into the Pensieve in Dumbledore’s office without knowing what it is or what it does

scorpio: forgetting the Invisibility Cloak on top of the tower after sending Norbert, the dragon, off

sagittarius: using Tom Riddle’s diary and believing in the memory it showed him

capricorn: naming his son Albus Severus

aquarius: neglecting his Quidditch captain duties to obsess over Malfoy

pisces: never using the two-way mirror he got from Sirius

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