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Maybe doing the signs as cats or dogs? If you’re still bored. 😊
Your wish is my command
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𝙰𝚚𝚞𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚞𝚜 𝚁𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙲𝚞𝚕𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎
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✦ can come off mean looking
✦ actually really friendly people.. unless they're tired
✦ have a resting bitch face too
✦ or just have a poker face
✦ very very observant
✦ will give you a vibe check in .473 seconds
✦ don't have many friends but they care deeply about the ones they do have
✦ on the other hand they might ignore their friends from time to time
✦ they tend to disappear often like they'll just isolate themselves from others to recharge
✦ will ghost you if they don't like you
✦ good at learning many languages or retaining words/phrases from other languages (gemini 5h)
✦ those with a scorpio mc are perceived as closed off and more aloof
✦ while those with a sag mc are perceived as more friendly and open
✦ they don't like to be told what to do
Tumblr media
✦ very analytical and can see right through others
✦ have a soft heart for animals
✦ will stand up for the underdog
✦ some aqua risings are tall (ex: zendaya)
✦ but those who aren't usually "look" tall
✦ like a lot of different genre of music
✦ people always say this but we're actual trendsetters fr
✦ hair is usually frizzy </3
✦ they might have dry faces
✦ their faces might also be long
✦ the skinny calf thing is REAL
✦ might have bushy eye brows or atleast thick eyebrows
✦ those with pisces in the 2nd usually have soft voices
✦ while those with aries in the 2nd tend to have raspy voices or kind of intimidating voices
✦ those with pisces in the 1st tend to have glossy eyes
✦ aqua risings also have intense eyes too also might have long eyelashes
✦ those with gemini in 5h have sooo many hobbies and act really youthful in love
✦ those with with taurus 4h tend to have a peaceful home life or mothers/family that spoiled them
✦ their mood highly affects whether their routine is solid or not (cancer 6h)
✦ usually want partners who like their authentic selves, have high self esteem & are successful (leo 7h)
Tumblr media
✦ they probably also want warm and kind partners who'll spoil them or respect them highly
✦ these people have very innovative ideas bc they think outside the box
✦ a LOT of them are very blunt
✦ also very sarcastic but usually funny
✦ they don't open up easily at all
✦ those with libra 8h find it hard to pick a side when they're in the middle of an argument so they'll stay neutral
✦ in love, libra 8h people can be very submissive and just go along with what their partner says & they're very romantic
✦ for those with virgo 8h they like to be helpful to their lovers and always offer them assistance
✦ theyre the types to leave sticky notes on the fridge or give them daily reminders
✦ they tend to have friends from different cultures or backgrounds (sag 11h)
✦ they love to teach their friends the things they've learned (sag 11h also if they have sag mc)
✦ with both the 1st and 12h ruled by saturn, these people learn a lot of lessons throughout their lives
✦ it's almost like their life is on hard mode
✦ these people might have trust issues
✦ might've had a chaotic childhood (gemini 4h)
✦ but still probably keep in contact with their family often
✦ their family was probably very talkative too (for gemini 4h)
✦ they might find it beneficial and relieving when they move out of their home or probably already yearn to do so
Tumblr media
✦ for those with scorpio in 9th did teachers dislike you for no reason? or did classmates find your intimidating??
✦ for those with libra 9h i bet teachers really liked you </3
✦ i noticed a lot of aqua risings have some part of their body elongated.. for me it's my torso
✦ might have an asymmetrical face
✦ those with aries 2nd i already know you spend your money just as fast as you get it
✦ those with pisces 2nd house probably always forget where their stuff is or fumble the bag a lot
✦ we happen to be pretty good with technology (especially uranus 1st housers)
✦ yes yes, we're unique
✦ we do copy people tho (or take inspo from other but we do it better)
✦ they always keep people at arms length bc they don't trust others easily
✦ might actually have trust issues too
✦ those with taurus in 3rd are slow and careful drivers
✦ they also speak quietly and were probably the classmate you couldn't hear when doing a presentation rip
✦ those with taurus in 3rd also probably made friends easily but didn't have a big circle
✦ those who have leo & virgo in the 7th will probably attract a spouse that'll be helpful and charming
✦ if youre an aqua rising with pluto in 10th i bet you probably have trouble picking a job and sticking with it (sag mc)
✦ sometimes they come off as stuck up
✦ reputation might fluctuate a lot with sag mc & pluto in 10th
✦ people might either wanna be you or dislike you for no reason
Tumblr media
✦ i've noticed that those with sag mc are trusted a lot by other people's parents/in-laws
✦ have big dreams but their subconscious thoughts limit them a lot (cap 12h)
✦ do y'all also dream of money or being rich too? (cap 12h) cause i do
✦ these people are usually very chill and don't get angry often at all
✦ they do get annoyed tho
✦ when they dislike someone they really can't hide it well
✦ can seem really far away or out of reach to others
✦ secretly wants people to tell them they're unique
✦ sometimes have a hard time knowing who they truly are and might constantly question it
✦ very very introspective
✦ most aqua risings are introverts (intp/infp)
✦ these people also read a lot and might be nerdy
✦ also might love anime/manga
✦ actually really loyal people
✦ if you want to know them you need to ask the 'right' questions
✦ they don't usually talk a lot (they mostly talk to themselves)
✦ secretly wants chaos
✦ these people are usually very kind tho
✦ you can't change their mind when it's made up
✦ actually really intuitive
✦ they usually know things before they happen or can predict the future well
Tumblr media
✦ really the 'it' girl fr
✦ half of them don't care what others think about them
✦ the other half constantly wonders how other ppl perceive them (especially retrograde planets in the first- specifically uranus)
✦ don't want to stand out but don't really want to fit in either
✦ would care more about a dog dying in a movie than a human dying
✦ really dislikes small talk like they won't even engage in it
✦ they need mental stimulation to keep them interested (gemini 5h)
✦ usually very fair and accepting people
✦ theyre the type to criticize you in their head but never say it
✦ supportive asf
✦ probably love friends to lovers trope
✦ might've had a lot of childhood friends (gemini 4h)
✦ generally unbothered unless some kind of injustice happens
✦ these people mind their business but do like gossip (gemini 5h)
✦ might be friends with a lot of gemini/taurus/aqua placements
✦ also fashion icons!!
✦ rambles a lot to themselves
Tumblr media
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Your Moon sign and your love language 🌙
We all have different ways to express our love and affection to others, it's very conectted to our subconsicious mind and the emotional needs we have and we don't even realize those needs are there. If we learn to channel our emotions we can set healthier relationships with the people we love, but for that it's important to determine the way we ask for love and the way we give it back.
In astrology we can see those love tendencies watching our moon in sign and house (Venus sign is important too, but let focus on the subconsicious needs of love affection). A moon in an air sign will express love in such a different way of a water moon sign, and going deeper a gemini moon will express very opposite of an scorpio moon.
So, lets begin with every moon element and zodiac sign:
- Moon in fire signs: These moons like to express love by giving quality time with the ones they love, a fire moon prefers to show their affection by giving attention and spending time together, making activities that strengthen the bond, they are very social and enjoy of social situations. They won't only sit down to watch a movie with you, they will like to make plans together like a road trip, romantic dates, go to parties with friends...
Moon in aries: This moon needs adrenaline to feel satisfied in a relationship. Passion is really important to them, they need of constant estimulation like making some sport together. If this need of fire is not satisfied could end up in anger explosions.
Moon in Leo: Leo prefers the spotlight so they will need to spend a lot of time with their partner, they love big romance expressions and compliments. They want to be a queen/king for their partner and they will give back the same, if not coul end up falling in unnecesary dramas.
Moon in Sagittarius: This moon needs adventures that keeps them estimulated, they like to be in constant move and ambients with good vibe. They need of a partner who can share their way of life and perception of it, if they feel disappointed they will run away and ghost you up.
- Moon in earth signs: These moons prefer to show their love by material things and acts of service, they won't sit and tell you they love you, they prefer to show it up by tangible demostrations. They will show love by taking care of you and you practical needs, trying to make your life so much easier. Earth moons prefer calmed places where they can relax, they are very homey people and really love physical contact.
Moon in Taurus: Taurus will show affection by taking care of you, they like to keep their beloved ones like kings/queens and provide them anything they need. Their affections are more tender and peaceful, they want you to feel confortable by their side. If they feel they are not being corresponded they tend to be moody and malhumorated.
Moon in Virgo: These moons are very servicial and attentive to people's needs, they will make anything on their hands to take care of you, they get so involved into helping you solve your problems that they forget about their owns. They need of partership to feel confortable in their relationships, if they don't they will turn around and spend their energies in their own bussiness.
Moon in Capricorn: These moons have some bad reputation because it's in detriment, but Cap moons are very soft and tender when it comes to their beloved ones. They try with all their strenghts to give structure and protection to the ones they love, if they could build a castle to keep their beloved ones safe they will do it. If they feel not corresponded they can take a bossy and dominant attitude to hide that they are hurted.
- Moon in air signs: Air signs feel more confortable with communicating their feelings with words, they are the kind that will write you love letters to make you know how much they love you. Open comunication is the most important way to express love for them and they will need the same from their partner, they need to hear from the mouth of their partner how important they are in their relationship to feel safe with their beloved ones.
Moon in Gemini: These moons will show love by giving you any tipe of facts, by keeping your mind stimuated and informed, you know they love you because they will talk to you about their lives, it's their way to open up and they expect they same from their partner. Gemini moon will feel close to you by knowing facts about you, they want to really know what you think of them, if they don't feel this effort from you they use Sag strategy of ghost you up and leave.
Moon in Libra: (a moon in libra broke my heart by i'll try to be nice anyway) Libra needs beauty words, they will show you love by compliments and free judge opinions. They are very aware of self esteem and they'll try to make you feel better by telling you all your virtues. They like an equal treat in their relationships and recieving back all the armony they give, if they don't get this appretiation from their partner they will put their eye in something else (or someone else 🙄)
Moon in Aquarius: These moons are very cold when it comes to feelings but deep inside they feel a lot even if they don't say it out loud. Aquarius will show love by introducing you to their closest circle of beloved people, they will try to make you know the important things for them. They will like to see how you interact with your family or friends and if they don't like what they see they tend to put a wall between you two, like a security distance to don't get hurted.
- Moon in water signs: My sweet and gentle water moons! They are the ones who always keep by your side in your darkest moments and help you to get up again, these moons like to nurture and take care of your feelings, they like to see you happy and comfortable by their side. They tend to support emotionaly the people they care about, water moons like physical touch as earth moons.
Moon in Cancer: These moons have motherly energy, their love lenguage is about taking care of you and your wellbeing no matter what. They'll try to make you feel like home by their side to show you they really love you, they have a radar for the energies and intuitively will know how you're feeling and will try their best to make you feel better. Cancer really love to cuddle and kiss but if you hurt their feelings they will always remember your betrayal and won't forgive easily
Moon in Scorpio: Scorpio will show their love by deeply bonding with you so sex is really important for them, they don't open up easily but when they do it's for real. Their love lenguage is about protecting and keep loyal to you, as an intuitive water sign they will know when you're feelling down and they will keep by your side trying to help you until you feel better. Scorpio is extremely intense when it comes to love, they take it very seriously so if you fail them just run, we have an strange sense of revenge, don't betray an Scorpio moon, really, don't do that.
Moon in Pisces: The love expressions of Pisces are very similar to Cancer but in a more imaginative way, if they love you they will make you know it clearly, they will show love openly by making you part of their life, when they love they can imagine even the name of your kids and the colour of your future house. Their way to love is sensitive, innocent and pure, they look for their solmate they can share their life with so, if you disappoint them you'll break their heart, they won't act againts you because they are too warm hearted for that but they can be very spiteful and make you regret you lost them.
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What’s it like when the signs are feeling like they are invisible and they have depression?
A really sad Aries could act really moody. They would be overly emotional than usual and might have random public outbursts of anger and sadness. They could feel really unproductive and would not have the drive to do anything. They could also detach a lot from their friends and might depend on family a lot. They might also not try new things and instead keep doing the things. An invisible Aries would stay indoors than usual.
It is not the tendency of the Sun to stay invisible so a Leo is at their worst when this happens. When a Leo feels invisible they have pushed to rock bottom. They would cut off from social media, friends and family. When they do communicate, there will be a dark brooding energy that seeps out from the end of their sentence. An invisible Leo would have the worst self esteem. They no longer take pride in the things they do and would do it juts because it has to be done. They lack confidence and self satisfaction.
Jupiter represents optimism and our higher beliefs. A dejected Sagittarius would be a huge pessimist. They no longer may believe in their ideals and would be snappy at people. They might prefer to stay indoors a lot. New experiences might no longer be exciting to them as before. They could also be prone to more emotional outbursts like Aries. A Sad Sagittarius would not accept other people's ideals easily and could be prone to narrow minded thinking.
Tauruses at their lowest can be very withdrawn. They lose their grounding and become more stubborn than usual. They also might lose their creativity and lack any form of motivation. They will indulge more in themselves and stay indoors for unhealthy amounts. Another thing they could do is Their self esteem could become really worse and they might think that they are no longer worthy of anything. These people might also no longer empathize with others.
Virgos when sad lose their rationality. They might become very less organized and more paranoid. They could start worrying about even trivial things and could lose reality and present. They might develop unhealthy eating patterns. They might also pay very less attention to their surroundings and could become messy and also could pay less attention to their personal hygiene. They also could be more prone to complaining and would not help people even if they could.
Capricorns when sad become very emotional and moody. These people will detach themselves and would commit themselves to work. They could spend unhealthy time working to distract themselves. They are prone to emotional outbursts like Aries but in a more passive way. They could become very cut throat with their words and actions. They would detach a lot from their family or depend on them too much. They would become cold and withdrawn from the surroundings.
Cancers are vey moody when they become down. They no longer act bothered about things. They might hesitate a lot and could become a bit anti social. You might be surprised at the words a Cancer might say or think when they are feeling their worst. A moody Cancer will also start picking up fights randomly. They become less talkative and more withdrawn. They might also start fighting a lot with their friends. These people are highly prone to cutting off their friends.
Scorpios when they feel down, they can very emotionally unstable. They are prone to intense mood swings. These people as I have observed, keep emphasizing on their negative feelings until it takes a huge toll on their personal as well as professional lives. They can be highly distant during this time. They'll start acting very unbothered and might be a bit verbally rude. These people could have a shadow on their face and laugh and smile so less that it is concerning.
Pisces at their worst could pick up some really bad addictions and bad company. They might be really disconnecting from reality and form some really unhealthy patterns like sleeping for too long or too short. They could be very pessimistic at this time and could give up on a lot of their hobbies. They could be really withdrawn from everyone and it would be really really hard for them to open up. These might might have long crying sessions or might not cry at all.
Geminis when depressed could become really anti social or very social. These people might have trouble understanding their emotions since emotions are not air signs' strongest suit. These people might have very conflicting moods and might resort to diaries or journals to express their feelings instead of people. Just like Virgos, Geminis could also develop some really unhealthy habits. One thing would be sleep. They might lose a lot of sleep by overthinking their feelings.
Libras when sad could really have self esteem issues. They could be a bit like Virgos and develop some really bad eating habits. These people could detach from reality very much. These people take a lot of time to come out of their sadness than most people will expect. They have a knack for not showing their emotions at all. Just like Geminis, they could also develop some shitty sleep schedule. When these people are depressed, one thing I've noticed is that they might treat people a bit harshly than they usually do.
Aquarius at their lowest can be emotionally cold and ignorant. Just like Geminis, they lose sleep by overthinking. These people will get more detached than usual. They might no longer support or believe in any causes they were previously involved it. They would also not pay attention to their everyday life. These people could also go through an intense period of existential crisis and be really pessimistic. They might not help other people and pay attention to other people who they would have always helped otherwise.
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Path and Purpose Pick a Pile
In this reading, we will explore the path you are currently on and the path you dream of following, as well as how both of these paths can be bridged to forge your future.
Please remember that this is a general reading and some things may not apply to you. Don't force it to fit. I offer paid readings on my page if you would like a personal reading. Prices are listed there. Please fill out the order form on my pinned post to order a reading! If you have any questions feel free to let me know.
As always Patrons get early access to all of my readings. If you are interested in getting early access as well as other perks click here.
Tumblr media
Pile One:
What should you be focusing on right now?
Nine of Pentacles:
Many of you who chose this pile are hard on yourselves, especially when it comes to recognizing your achievements. As a result, I believe you have been stuck in a rut for the past few months, if not longer, of not believing you are good enough and comparing yourself to others who are "more successful". Your guides are telling you that now is the time for you to start focusing on what you have achieved in this lifetime and what you are working towards. With this pile, I feel strong earth energies, especially Virgo and Virgo moons.
What should you stop focusing on?
Queen of Pentacles:
Your focus has been too much on treating yourself to luxuries. You may believe you deserve all this money to be spent on yourself and don't get me wrong, you do deserve it, but within reason and it seems that your guides are saying to hit the brakes on spending so much money on yourself.
Where is your current oath headed?
Ace of Cups and Ten of Pentacles:
You are on a path toward new love and abundance. This new love will be someone you will want to and may even spend the rest of your life with. You and this person will be living a very abundant life, abundance in every aspect of life.
Where is your ideal path headed?
The Wheel of Fortune:
The path you are currently dreaming of is one of great luck and fortune. You want your life to be filled with everything you have ever wanted, and if it were up to you, the path you will take in this lifetime will fulfill all your dreams.
How can you close the gap between the two?
King of Swords:
You live a very emotional life. You make decisions from your heart rather than your head, which has led you into trouble in the past. Your guides are telling you that the way for your dream path closer to your current path is by using your brain more. Use logic instead of emotion when making decisions in your life. By doing this you will not only be bringing these two paths together but you will also be one step closer to your destiny.
What is a skill or attribute you should adopt to help you on this path?
Six of Cups and The Sun:
You are being told by your guides that you need to pick up something from the past, which is happiness. In no way am I saying that you are not a happy person because I think you are, but I do believe that you are not as happy as you used to be because you are putting yourself down so much. What will help you right now is to find the joy you used to have and apply it to your life.
Bottom of the deck energy:
Four of Swords:
Rest is something you need to be able to accomplish everything from above. Keep your focus off the negative and avoid putting yourself down so much. According to your guides, you should focus on giving yourself time to get through this time and letting yourself make mistakes without judgment.
Oracle Reading
Pile Two:
What should you be focusing on right now?
Ace of Swords:
There is something in your life that you need to find the origin of. It may be some drama, trauma, a mindset, etc. Your guides are telling you here that in order to get to where you want to be in your life you need to start focusing on finding the origin of this thing. Look within you at this time to find the answers you need and if you need more help reach out to your spiritual team for answers.
What should you stop focusing on?
Ten of Wands:
Despite the hard work you've put into your life, you may not have seen the results you would have liked. This is leading you to think rather negatively about your progress and journey. You may be wondering whether you should continue on this path and your guides are saying that you need to stop thinking in this way. You should let go of the negative and remind yourself how far you have come and how close you are to reaching your goal.
Where is your current path headed?
Eight of Wands:
Currently, you're heading in the direction of communication. I see a job that involves communication in your future. Some kind of writer. Therefore, if you are already working towards this kind of career, your guides are telling you that you are on the right track. But if that is not possible for you, then you should expect some form of communication in the future.
Where is your ideal path headed?
Page of Cups and Five of Pentacles:
This is interesting to me because the question is asking you about your dream path and having the five of pentacles come up is essentially saying that you dream of living in poverty. However, I don't necessarily believe this to be the case. Considering the Page of Cups appears alongside this card, I believe your dream is to help people who live in poverty. It may also be that you have lived in poverty and wish to change the way poverty is perceived and also change the way people in poverty are treated.
How can you close the gap between the two?
The Hierophant:
Hierophants represent systems, authority, doctrines, and tradition - the rules, structures, and customs that bind us together in society, the 'tribes' and systems that we identify with and belong to. You are asked to examine what you believe in and ask yourself whether it still serves you well and is still relevant, necessary, and 'right'. Sometimes we just keep going without questioning the ideologies or constraints created by our community, religion, or family obligations. As a way to close the gap between your two paths, you need to be conscious of who or what you align with, be part of the positive 'bigger picture', join a cause and become a piece of the machinery that moves the wheels of progress.
What is a skill or attribute you should adopt to help you on this path?
Moderation, balance, and harmony are represented by temperance. By understanding and rebalancing conflicting forces and opposing viewpoints you will be able to create a 'new normal’. In order to remain balanced, we need to constantly adjust our own position, and Temperance is telling you to do this in this reading. It is an invitation to recover your flow, adapt to the forces around you, and find a new 'centre' in your life where you feel strong and secure and once you do this you will be on the right track towards your destiny.
Bottom of the deck energy:
King of Pentacles:
In the King of Pentacles, there is a practical, successful, and resilient survivor. In spite of loss or setbacks, they know they can make something from nothing, that they can handle adversity, and that they can rejuvenate and recover. That's who you are, and that's who you will always be. This aspect of yourself is what will lead you to your destiny, according to your guides.
Oracle Reading
Pile Three:
What should you be focusing on right now?
Seven of Swords (reversed):
The seven of swords reversed speaks of a need for a change of approach and I believe that this is something you need to be focusing on in your life right now. Your current focus in your life is not suiting you anymore and your guides are telling you that in order for you to be moving forward in life you need to start focusing on changing your approach to your journey.
What should you stop focusing on?
Six of Coins:
You are an extremely generous person who loves to help others and this is a great thing but when it is done within reason. On the one hand, people love you a great deal because you help them out whenever they need it but on the other hand, constantly putting others’ needs above your own is not helping you or the journey you are currently on.
Where is your current path headed?
Queen of Swords and Three of Swords:
You have been hurt a great deal in the past and this hurt may be a reason for you constantly wanting to help their struggles. Now, the path you are currently on is leading you towards becoming the Queen of Swords. Towards becoming a no-nonsense, tough-loving, clear and concise figure of wisdom and truth.
Where is your ideal path headed?
Ace of Pentacles:
Now, when it comes to your dream path, it seems that you dream of a new beginning in your material and physical world. You dream of taking small steps that will lead you to great luxury. You dream of investing in your future by taking the necessary steps to see your dreams come true.
How can you close the gap between the two?
This card appears as the universe's wake-up call, helping you to accept, process, and atone for what has gone before, preparing you to start anew, older, wiser, and more appreciative of your 'second chances' in life. You can close the gap between these two paths by being honest with yourself about who you are and what you want. Now is the time to meet your 'Higher Self' and follow them to your destiny.
What is a skill or attribute you should adopt to help you on this path?
The Lovers:
You have spent far too long not taking care of yourself and your guides say that the way for you to get ahead much more easily in this journey is to start taking better care of yourself. In order to reach your destiny, you need to take care of yourself.
Bottom of the deck energy:
King of Wands:
This King’s energy is one of a capable, problem-solving, assertive, and engaging person. Their motto in life is to “fake it until you make it” this is who you are and this is the energy that you need to channel in this time. The appearance of this card in a reading reminds you that you are stronger than you think you are.
Oracle Reading
Pile Four:
What should you be focusing on right now?
Knight of Wands:
This card coming out is telling you that it is time for you to expand your horizons, take on a mission, pursuing something inspiring and exciting. It’s time to rely on your ego rather than your intellect and make something happen. Travel is also indicated with this card. So, whatever it is, your guides are saying that it’s time to make it happen.
What should you stop focusing on?
Nine of Pentacles:
The Nine of Pentacles speaks of someone who makes plans for their future. They love a ten-year plan and an investment portfolio. This is who you have been for quite some time now and your guides are telling you that you’ve planned enough and now it’s time for you to make your moves.
Where is your current path headed?
The Well (reversed) and Ten of Cups:
The well represents the depths of your inner being, where creativity and inspiration flow. I feel that you haven't been feeling creative or inspired lately in your life, which has really put you down. With the ten of cups appearing next to this card, I believe your luck will soon change and you will soon be enjoying a happily ever after in your life. As a result, you will cherish your family and home and will be extremely content. You will be where you are meant to be.
Where is your ideal path headed?
The Artist and Ace of Swords:
The Artist is the vessel of creation. Mankind is represented by this card, and it shows you when you should open up to the knowledge that is available if you put away the distractions of the human condition and listen. Your dream is to be inspired once again and to create things that make you happy. You want to create things that speak your truth and express your insight that you believe can change the way things operate.
How can you close the gap between the two?
Page of Pentacles:
The Page of Pentacles represents the student, who is eager to commit their time and energy to learn and embarking on something new and ultimately rewarding. To bridge the gap between these two paths, you must be conscientious, reliable, and ready to act. Your time and perseverance are requested in this time. Hard work wins over talent when talent doesn't work hard, and this card is on the side of 'hard work'. With practice and persistence, you can achieve almost anything. Commit to becoming an expert. Research, study, find a mentor, seek guidance for these things are what is needed at this time.
What is a skill or attribute you should adopt to help you on this path?
Page of Wands:
A page of wands is full of sparkly intentions to do something new, but there can be so many possibilities that he gets lost in his thoughts rather than taking action. Follow through on your plans. Make them happen. Don't give up. Don’t do half a job and then skip onto something else. And don’t worry that anyone is expecting you to get right the first time - don’t put that pressure on yourself, live and learn, and see this as a learning-curve experience. Perfectionism is the enemy.
Bottom of the deck energy:
Six of Pentacles:
This being the generosity card shows me that generosity will help you in this time. There is a part of you who is extremely caring and generous with both your time and energy and this energy will help you on this journey forward.
Oracle Reading
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dearmediary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Friendly reminder not to take co-star seriously ✨ I still like using it only bc I can add my friends, BUT you can also do that on the AstroFuture app and it’s accurate info!!!
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moonchild-astrology · 6 hours ago
How to Seduce the Signs❣️
(look at moon, mars, venus)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Earth Signs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♉️ taurus will fall for:
always remembers their favorite movies snacks and gifts, someone with the same creature comforts, who wants to sit with you at 2am and watch your favorite show for the millionth time, they dress to impress, someone you can be proud of, someone down to earth with strong opinions
♍️ virgo will fall for:
someone who keeps you on top of your game with stubbornness and sass, knowledgeable with good taste, they look smell and live clean and cozy, knows consistency turns you on, the person you turn to with all your problems
♑️ capricorn will fall for:
optimistic yet sarcastic, the best conversationalist, loyal to a tee, the one who just gets it, makes the best coffee, wants you to live your best life, sense of humour offbeat but hilarious, someone who’s in it for the long haul, never jealous or intimidated, does things their own way
Water Signs
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♋️ cancer will fall for:
feel like you’ve known them forever, seemingly infinite patience, warm hugs and sweet reassurances, the most unexpected sense of humour, dorky enthusiasm, knows what you’re thinking without asking, protective, gives the best advice
♏️ scorpio will fall for:
the one who sees through all the bullshit, with enough confidence to back up all the attitude, fearless, authentic, will always make you feel special, affectionate teasing, knows everyone’s drama, not a dull moment
♓️ pisces will fall for:
innately attuned to others feelings, knows that sometimes you just need to get away from everyone/everything to recharge, who shares your taste in music, who everyone goes to for emotional support, someone who will make sure you put yourself first for once
Air Signs
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♊️ gemini will fall for:
That person who’s never failed a vibe check, full of anecdotes and gossip, a social butterfly, someone you can talk to endlessly about everything and nothing, passionate but light hearted, who wears their heart on their sleeve, focused but with childlike enthusiasm
♎️ libra will fall for:
The best dresser, ruthlessly charming, the one you want to bring home to meet the family, a trophy spouse, the one who could have anybody but only wants you, prince charming
♒️ aquarius will fall for:
the skeptic, the humanitarian, the one who cares too much, the one who hides it too well, someone accepting, that cool loner, a person who can be kind of intimidating, the one with the found family, the one you talk to for hours without losing interest, the one who’s got your back
Fire Signs
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♈️ aries will fall for:
the one with the best one liners, the one who communicates with wry looks and muffled laughter, the one who knows what they’re worth, the catch, the one with the tight knit friend group, the one who’s always young at heart
♌️ leo will fall for:
the easiest friendship, the one who always lets you know where you stand with them, the one who’s all laughs, the one at the heart of all the drama, a person who makes you fearless, the entertainer, a leader, the one with the warmest welcome
♐️ sagittarius will fall for:
the funniest one in your friend group, the partner in crime, your ride or die, the best communicator, the person who’s all chill, the one who keeps you guessing but always delivers, the one of a kind, your soul mate
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scorpithoughts · 2 days ago
Misunderstood zodiac
Aries: Wants to adore and be adored, doesn't want to fight, wants to feel the wind and be free, but not alone, emotional, can read people well, notices if you're lying
Taurus: They may look strong but they hate being alone, please befriend before anything else, hugs hugs hugs, might not eat at all if food is not good, can be surprisingly unaware of everyday things and how to express their feelings
Gemini: Surprisingly quiet when they feel deeply, loves to help out people they love, notices small things about you, positive, people pleaser, cheesy
Cancer: Pettiness is mostly a joke, wants to regress around you, under their confident mask they need reassurance, too much cuteness or positivity will send them flying uncontrollably, wants to be seen in positive light
Leo: Controlling and bossy when scared, the spotlight makes them surprisingly anxious, they know you before you even see them, picky about their career, they'd rather die than show their weakness to most
Virgo: Surprisingly materialistic, understimulated, bad temper when young or when something is wrong, will say the opposite of what they mean, loves their appearance and their limelight, wants to make the room easy to manipulate for their own comfort
Libra: It's hard to notice who is a Libra or has Libra in their chart, surprisingly jealous and loyal, very emotional and real, honest and critical, will take you off your pedestal or drag you back up from your slump
Scorpio: Looks angry when focusing sometimes, expressions are not based on their emotion and mood, unless if you learn the Scorpio expressions, don't know how to ask for help, very sickly, easily manipulated into others' will or word, revenge follows
Sagittarius: Hates how their emotions are on the surface, athletic understimulation, can be surprisingly quiet and very melancholic, very unique style because they'd rather wear what they like than what others do, can't be dishonest about love
Capricorn: Straight face, cold blood and whip like criticism, they hate showing weakness or their emotions openly, they want to be taken care of by someone their type, rivals anyone who gets close or surpasses their throne because they feel less in control, in reality they're soft and want to let go of their shell
Aquarius: Fixed scenes in their head, curious but scared to find out new things, learn to survive on their own so they know how to help others, just a worried parental figure, all they want is to be free and yet they're afraid of it, honestly a bunch of internal conflicts can make them very cold
Pisces: Isn't super aware of everything you go through all of the time, spacy because they want to dream and dare to, sacrifices themselves for others because they see more value in themselves that way, don't leave them behind, make them feel needed and loved, surprisingly hard to approach
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hanteeyo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
meme redraw
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amoonalls · a day ago
Capricorn/Aquarius Placements and How Poverty Affect Them So Much
I have seen wealthy Capricorn and Aquarius. They are the ones who enjoy life so much. Their personal life may be problematic and some punishments due to seemingly their mistakes are still enforced to them. One of my high school classmate didn't use any phone for a year cuz he broke the phone even if his parents are very much capable of buying him new one right away. The other Aquarius that I knew of was being bullied a lot of times. But they do filling that emotional damages by indulging in their wealth like going to expensive vacation or else. Their personal life wasn't smooth at all (Saturnian theme), but their material wealth lessen that burden
For Capricorn/Aquarius placements who are less fortunate in material world tho, I have noticed that it brings really prominent effect on their self worth. Especially Capricorn/Aquarius women. I have seen many Capricorn and Aquarius women crying cuz they hate being poor since it limits them in their chance of being known by society, having great circle that send them gifts, and in romantic life. It's very heartbreaking to hear about that. Especially when this Capricorn or Aquarius women have Leo inner placement (Leo Moon/Venus). They really need that validations from people and lack of material wealth really ruin their confidence in how they look, people befriending with them, and the suitors' attraction toward them in terms of romance. Other people may care less about their material wealth like they know they may not be as wealthy as other people, but it doesn't really affect their self worth. But this isn't the case for Capricorn or Aquarius placements especially if they have Leo placements. They really take it hard
I think it's cuz they are also given the same emotional burden by Saturn but the lack of material wealth really make them have no escape to relinquish their emotional burden. That makes things seem really bad. It just adds the piling burdens to already difficult emotional problems regardless of material wealth
Saturn in here really makes the people ruled by it really be honest about money in terms of their financial situation. The example of this is Jane Austen (Capricorn Mars). She wrote brutally about money in books even if people at that time see that as taboo and many people too even until now would like to be lowkey about their financial status. But Capricorn or Aquarius placements especially the women will be totally honest about that. Especially again, when they are broke. I have heard a lot of Capricorn and Aquarius placements people really say that they grew up being really broke
Anna Bey faced this situation too (she has Capricorn Mars/Rising) and in her podcast she's talking about facing imposter syndrome when you meet people who are wealthier than you and you seem to be out of their league
I think it's really unique how similar placements same similar issues
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seafoamreadings · 2 days ago
week of january 16, 2022
aries: the focus of your week will need to be your relationship with money and/or the material world. it is not a simple caution to avoid overspending. rather (or in addition), it is the need to look at your ancestral, generational attitude regarding wealth.
taurus: even if you're not exactly in the limelight, you're the center of the action this week as uranus goes direct in your sign and then the north node arrives to you like a relay baton handed off by gemini. it's a weird time to be a taurus. you find yourself in trance without trying and you get insights out of the ether, completely accidentally, that make you seem far ahead of your time. it's great, but also prepare to be misunderstood.
gemini: you've been host to the north lunar node for many months. it now, this week, heads into taurus, which contains your 12th house. this is a spiritual part of your chart but historically it also concerns hidden enemies. with uranus turning direct in the same sign, be aware that not everyone has your best interests at heart.
cancerians: the week begins with a full moon in your sign, highlighting your relationship axis. other people are your mirror. indeed, they are just aspects of yourself in your perception, much like your actual reflection is. what can they teach you? what have you avoided learning?
leo: the start of aquarius season means your relationship house is being lit up. hopefully in pleasant ways, although your 5th house (where most of the actual romance happens) is mainly empty. that can lead to empty feelings for yourself, it for a good light-hearted respite if things were previously fraught.
virgo: the thickly taurean atmosphere is crushing to some but suits you well, especially because the air of change associated with it is unusual for taurus but fits with your mutability nicely. take advantage of the strange time ahead by making changes that you want to last. taurus people are good to be around right now.
libra: the start of aquarius season, later this week, may bring you some new romantic and/or creative opportunities. or surprises. first, though, the weird stirrings in taurus (and scorpio) lately might cause some discomfort, especially around a money situation.
scorpio: you have the south node entering your sign after its long stay in sagittarius just as uranus changes direction again in taurus, your opposite sign. what this means for you is it's time to take a close look at your relationships, and your commitments in and around those partnerships. what is done out of a sense of stale obligation and what is done for your personal values? or is stale obligation a personal value...?
sagittarius: first order of business this week, the south node leaves your sign. at last? well, you might miss a certain sense of familiarity it bestowed, but you probably won't miss the feeling of stuckness it could sometimes bring along with it. after that, the start of aquarius season is gently affirming to you.
capricorn: the full moon at the start of the week affects your partnerships of all ilk. and by the end of the week aquarius season kicks off, ending capricorn season. in between, a whole lot of taurean weirdness (potentially affecting your romantic pursuits and your creativity, and children if you have them). if all this leaves you feeling exhausted or simply not validated, a gratitude practice, trite as it may sound, is very useful for you at this time.
aquarius: it's almost time for aquarius season, but first, your ruler uranus will go direct in taurus. fortify your home base, be prepared for surprise guests or new family members, and then don't forget to celebrate yourself.
pisces: this week gives you a strong feeling of detachment. that may be from loneliness or aloofness or simple acceptance. at any rate, the south node in scorpio starting this week brings back dreams or daydreams of some of your relevant past selves.
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deliberatelydaydreaming · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
FKA twigs rocking with astrology. This album is ethereal.
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bowieisworried · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The three men I’d never say ‘No’ to in Vixx...
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spidermilkshake · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
You Know What, the Blank Eyes Aren't Scary At All
...Now that we've seen what the precious skrunkly robot looks like without those protective covers on. Y'know what, keep the eye covers--you need them to keep the glitter out of your eye mechanisms during arts and crafts time anyways!
:) Also a little snippet of a headcanon visual for a human character I'm expanding on for my writing stuff. It's Leo, the maintenance guy! Actual canonically named human character... only mentioned in a series of messages. Welp. Let's flesh out the lore and setting in ways Steel Wool didn't have the time or budget to do.
Leo's a swell guy, really. Probably one of the nicest of the staff to the robot cast. And knows his way around an arcade cabinet too.
Shame 'bout the incident. >_>; I hear he's in Phoenix or something on a new project. Funny thing is he ain't replied to any Slack messages for a while... maybe he's just ditched social media for his mental health--that's probably it! ^_^;
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xtallinefae · a day ago
✨Astrology of Euphoria Characters✨
completely based on the birth charts of the actresses who played them/personal experience with people who have similar signs/my intuition of why certain characters get along/are similar
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
plsplspls lmk what you think. I am still a bby astrologer.
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cancerfairy · 4 hours ago
Hii 💗 would you mind doing Venus in Cancer Culture please? Thank youuuu and have a great day/night ahead 🥰
Tumblr media
𝙲𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝚅𝚎𝚗𝚞𝚜 𝙲𝚞𝚕𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎
Tumblr media
୨୧ love to cook for people they love
୨୧ will probably smother you
୨୧ the type to write you handwritten letters
୨୧ will remember every detail about you
୨୧ they want to be taken care of just as much as they take care of others
୨୧ love to give and receive hugs
୨୧ they give the best hugs too
୨୧ probably have slightly round faces or chubby cheeks even if they're slim
୨୧ 100% will bake for you
୨୧ they're very good at listening
୨୧ will soothe your broken heart but might have a problem with wanting to "fix" others
୨୧ great emotional support but remember they need it too
୨୧ literal angels
୨୧ can get very moody if you don't give them affection
୨୧ they don't really ask for much
Tumblr media
୨୧ their standards are not really that high
୨୧ the type to ask you if you ate and drank water
୨୧ they care a littttle too much
୨୧ very generous
୨୧ will do anything you ask but secretly expect the same in return
୨୧ if you don't do the same they'll probably get mad secretly too
୨୧ very horny for some reason c:
୨୧ these people, like capricorn venus really like old songs, movies and novels
୨୧ the type to be like "remember when this happened??"
୨୧ don't play them they'll have every receipt
୨୧ kindest of souls (when everything is going their way)
୨୧ want to help you or just be helpful in general
୨୧ sacrifice far too much
୨୧ the men act like obedient puppies
୨୧ usually doe eyed
୨୧ sometimes have a resting sad face
୨୧ their words get cutthroat when they're mad (falls in mars)
୨୧ pretty low self esteem (detriment in saturn)
୨୧ do not talk about their mother they will eat you alive!
Tumblr media
୨୧ hold grudges a lot because it's the only way to stop them from forgiving you
୨୧ spend all their energy on their partners
୨୧ will rant about you but still be friend/lover
୨୧ usually have pretty voices
୨୧ the men have very soothing and calm voices
୨୧ the men usually have curly hair
୨୧ the best method to calm them down is literally to just give them a hug
୨୧ want to marry everyone they date
୨୧ the type to give forehead kisses
୨୧ want you to remember the little details about you
୨୧ most likely won't confess their feelings first like if you don't do it they'll take their feelings to the grave
୨୧ act like your wife/husband when they like you
୨୧ take everything you say personally
୨୧ find it hard to be detached from their lovers
୨୧ the types to buy squishmallows
୨୧ very selfless in love and that's why they get their heartbroken a lot
୨୧ attract the worst kinds of people into their lives
୨୧ they learn a lot of hard lessons in love bc of this
Tumblr media
୨୧ somehow they never give up on love tho
୨୧ they have really good humor (exalts in jupiter)
୨୧ will also act like your mother/father when they're in love
୨୧ they hold a lot of resentment in their hearts whether they know it or not
୨୧ they give out so much love and usually never get the same amount back
୨୧ their love is unconditional
୨୧ emotionally expressive and great listeners
୨୧ not really easy to get to know at first since they've been hurt a lot
୨୧ need. boundaries. NOW
୨୧ need a lot of time off to recharge from others
୨୧ probably obsessed with hello kitty
୨୧ emotionally intelligent
୨୧ can usually always tell when you're not okay
୨୧ lowkey wish their loved ones could read their minds
୨୧ might give you the silent treatment when they're upset
୨୧ give people way too many chances and likely feel guilty about blocking others smh
Tumblr media
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spiritual-vibrations · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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fifiophobia · 2 days ago
Shout out to characters with green glasses
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gotta be my favorite
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casa-de-los-signos · 16 hours ago
Te quiero, te odio. Odio quererte.
— Géminis
Canción: i hate u, i love u — gnash
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mysticlibraryhushbats · 2 days ago
Leonardo (TMNT) is a bad ninja, and here’s why…
Wait, wait, wait, please hear me out!
Growing up I absolutely loved the turtles, but there was always something off about them as ninja, Leonardo in the TV shows and movies in particular, and I think it comes down to the writers not knowing the difference (or not knowing there IS a difference) between samurai and ninja.
They always have Leonardo spouting off about bushido and honor, facing their enemies head on in an honorable battle, things that only concern samurai. A ninja’s job is to sneak around gathering intelligence, to assassinate rather than fight, and to engage largely in sabotage and guerrilla warfare. None of these tasks align with bushido, nor are they considered honorable. Because of this, Leonardo’s beliefs could actually be putting his family of ninjas, who are at odds with a rival ninja clan, at risk.
As an example, in the 2003 series, Leonardo gives Karai numerous chances to end their feud, believing her to value bushido and honor as he does. It could be argued that these chances he gave Karai caused his family more pain in the long run, as she continued to seek revenge throughout most of the series. I just think if Leonardo truly were a ninja, he would have disposed of her as soon as she became a threat to him and his family.
If anyone is interested in learning more about the difference between samurai and ninja, Shogo from Let’s ask Shogo does a pretty good introduction video about them:
TL;DR: Leo is more of a samurai at heart, than a ninja. And if you have a samurai lead a ninja clan against another ninja clan, you’re going to have a bad time.
Curious to know what others in the fandom think?
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