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junkmixart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
1/2 This was a pitch I was working a long time ago. Thought I should finally share it here on tumblr, it’s currently being revamped though~ 
Logline: A historian cat has been trying to save the world for eight lives, and the last one is his last chance. The story is mainly about Egyptian mythology: The Nine Enneads.
I'm only really posting my presentation pages though but for little more context, these are our heroes from all over the globe and different walks of life (and time!).
Part 2
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starsandsuch · 2 months ago
Your Reputation Based On Your Midheaven Sign 💫
Tumblr media
By now, you probably know your Midheaven Sign in your birth chart, also called the “MC”.
This is the part of you most on display to the world, and the sign of your Midheaven has the strongest influence on crafting your public persona.
Here’s how your reputation is perceived by the public based on your Midheaven sign:
ARIES MIDHEAVEN: you lead, people follow. Pioneer, trendsetter, leader. People see you as someone who is bold and brave . You often find career success at a young age, which other people can envy. Speaking of envy, you can cause a love/hate affect on people with your reputation. Either way your maverick energy is what people really respect, whether they like you or not.
TAURUS MIDHEAVEN: a real class act. People see you as someone with a sense of taste, style and class. Many people can know you to be very beautiful. You’re like that person who is called “goals”. People can see you as a muse. By default you can be seen as talented, artistic and charismatic. You’re seen as someone who is seen as wealthy even if you’re not.
GEMINI MIDHEAVEN: the talk of the town. Your someone people have a lot of conversations about. You can be perceived as witty, funny, Intelligent and versatile. Even a little bookish too. People may see you as someone who is a bit mixy, unpredictable or playful. You’re known for your words, ideas or art.
CANCER MIDHEAVEN: the sweethearts. Let’s be honest people just have a soft spot for you. You’re that person where if someone brings up your name everyone’s like “aww I love them”. People see you as someone who is relatable and kind. You effortlessly leave a lasting impression on the public and people you meet. Genuinely unforgettable.
LEO MIDHEAVEN: the it girl. You’re seen as someone with high status. People naturally respect you. They find you entertaining or magnetic. Can often be known as being the “best” at something in your career. A natural authority figure. You’re the fan favorite. Popular without trying.
VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: ms/mr perfect. You’re seen as someone who is righteous, moral and just. You can do no wrong in the public’s eyes. People see you as someone who is inspirational or noteworthy. People learn a lot from you, just by you existing. You have a healing effect on people. Seen as intelligent, skillful, and studious.
LIBRA MIDHEAVEN: baddie alert. People see you as someone who is elegant, refined and poised. You can be known for your fashion. You’re that person everyone thinks is pretty. You have a harmonious reputation and people see you as pleasant and likable. You’re the person most likely to be on someone’s mood board or Pinterest inspo.
SCORPIO MIDHEAVEN: the public’s obsession. You’re seen as someone powerful and mysterious. You’re that person people can hate on or spread rumors about, but they still watch your every move. “Keep hating, but still watching.” You’re very influential and set many trends even unknowingly. People see you as their “guilty pleasure”.
SAGITTARIUS MIDHEAVEN: the guru. People might not know what to make of you at first. You have this effect on people where they automatically see you as someone important. People can see you as reckless, funny, bold, or daring. The things you say or do have a lasting impact on people. You can be misunderstood at first, but achieve legendary status for something in your lifetime.
CAPRICORN MIDHEAVEN: not bossy, the boss. You’re someone people hold in high esteem. They automatically view you as an authority figure. You’re seen as someone with status and importance. You’re known as the pioneer, leader and CEO. You break barriers and receive respect due to your boldness.
AQUARIUS MIDHEAVEN: doing what hasn’t been done. You’re seen as someone radical and unpredictable. The game changer. Oftentimes you shock people with what you accomplish or do publicly. You have this compelling effect on people. Effortlessly influential.
PISCES MIDHEAVEN: the double take, You’re someone people see as an anomaly. People might be confused about you at first but they are enticed anyway. You have a way of leaving an enchanting effect on people. People can see you as otherworldly and magical. You’re known to be talented and persuasive.
- starsandsuch ✌️💕
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junkmixart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Enneads have to fight Apep, the arch-enemy of the sun god, Ra, a malevolent force who could never be entirely be vanquished. Apep has his own powerful cult, The Iconoclasts, and villains who are also from all over the globe and different walks of life (and time).
They travel the world on a Zeppelin called Mandjet! I just loved the idea of mythology being recontextualized! 
Part 1
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womanofsubstances · 2 months ago
sun through each house
Tumblr media
owning our conscious mind and creative life force. recognizing the essence we bring out
the sun represents our life, influence, and strength, and it will symbolize energy, will, and our self identity
the sun in the 1st house
The 1st house represents character, manners, style and temperament
Since the sun is illuminating this house, people with sun in their 1st house, are lucky enough to make a change the second their interaction connects with other people. this house may take some characteristics from Aries, so that means that you are someone that grabs each opportunity with faith hoping that you made the right decision at this giving moment. You are the type of friend to have the capacity to cheer anyone up, making people connect to you by your mindset. You have a big sense of identity and that will take you far in life, giving you so many amazing experiences, but only when you truly find yourself, and this could be later in life. You don't care about other people's opinions except for those you have interest in. You might be the one to up with this “mask” for other people but not in a bad way, you may present yourself as this positive, confident and assertive person but inside you could be self conscious. You might be competitive with other people, you kind of have this "I need to be where you are." mindset,so look out for that! You also have such an amazing energy to you, that you feel the need to entertain everyone around you at all times.You are also really fixed with your views, morals, beliefs and anyone that will try to change them will NOT succeed.
They influence, they lead and they make a change in each person they interact with. You are the happiest once you find comfort in yourself.
sun in the 2nd house
The 2nd house represents personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you crave the day you find security in your personal resources. Your self-esteem might be dependent on your material and physical world, like these are my friends and family and this is who I am. Pretty much everything you feel connect with and find security in, in the material and physical work represent you as a person. You could be really into arts, music, concerts.. since the sun represents the father, yours could have a really important presence and job in this society or in your family. You might have been the person to have an authoritative father who always demands respect and admiration above all. Your family could have a lot of weight on your ego and how you present yourself to the world. Lets say you have a list of bad events that happened to your family, you could easily take that with you wherever you go, so be careful with that. Because of what I just described, your speech and presence could be really demanding and authoritative to others, so you might come off as intimidating. You could attach some really bad habits to you if you don’t look in more depth to analyze them so always keep that in mind. Once you have a goal in your mind, you will work hard until you get it done or achieve it. You appreciate everything life has to other and maybe be careful with those questionable ways to feel better when you feel down lmao. You might struggle a lot with anxiety when it comes to your self-esteem depending on this material world . You are the happiest once you find security with family and material manners.
They will take you far in life, they will provide you with everything you never had.
sun in the 3rd house
The 3rd house represents your siblings and you abilities to communicate.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, the relationship you have with your siblings could be either love or hate, you could have some trouble communicating with them etc. You are extremely open minded and courageous, you might be the friend that jumps off the bridge when your mom asks you “If your friend jumped off the bridge you would do that too?” As your answer would be “mom im the friend that jumps off the bridge” lmao. your courage is inspirational, you are logical enough to know the right timing. You got a way with words that can easily influence other people, you could also be really good at manipulating others. Your ego might rely in the way that your communicate with others, since you have a such a unique manner into doing it. you’re the type of person to make others be quiet once you start speaking because you have such a complexity in your mind, and how you transmit your ideas. You have no fear in making decisions, you could have advantage in learning languages. You absolute despise the idea of living in someone’s shadows, especially your family, and even more your siblings.
The way they deliver is outstanding, they are a force to be recked with.
sun in the 4th house
The 4rd house represents the home, mother, and nurturing nature.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you could feel really attached to wherever home is to you, and others might feel very protected around you since you have a really nurturing energy to you that comes so naturally. You are someone that values your home above anything, and might want to make your house this welcoming place that everyone, including yourself, can escape too and feel safe in. This could also apply to your bedroom especially. Depending on your sun sign, you may lean towards being introverted. Your childhood experiences could have shaped you deeply as a person, like being bullied for example. Your personality can rely a lot on your experiences and how your parents treated you, and not on your actual way of thinking and acting in the present world. Your mother could have taken the fathers role in your life, or might have been the most important figure in your life. Even if you were raised by mainly your father, you could have felt this extremely empty hole inside you in regards to your mother. You are deeply protective and loving to others, even if they are not in your life anymore. You could only find true success and confidence later in life, since when you were born the sun was not thrilling, but you will rise.
They will surprise you, they will make you feel at home, they are love as a human form.
sun in the 5th house
The 5th house represents creation, education and children.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you take pride in everything you do, presenting it to everyone just like a mother likes showing off her beautiful kid. You feel terrible about yourself when your creativity and ideas are not being recognized by others. because of this, you need to learn how to take validation from within yourself and not others. You may love to learn about music, poetry, astrology, cinema, philosophy etc. Since the sun is the planet of ego, and the elements above is what represents the 5th house, your ego may rely on how your work, creations, effort in learning and the way you present yourself is perceived by other people. Random observation, your father may have a job in the business or artistic world. You might dream a lot about having this fairytale family aspect. You feel the need to be constantly stimulating your mind, either it is having deep conversations with people, learning, reading, playing..
They will make you feel important, you will take so much wisdom from them without even noticing.
sun in the 6th house
The 6th house represents conflicts, enemies.
Since the sun is illuminating the sixth house, this is where you want to help others. The services you provide for others, giving kind of a doctor vibes. Your ego could rely on how your actions and acts of service are perceived by others. If someone accuses you of something with an underlying bad intention you may freak out, and think about yourself as the enemy. Having a routine where you can feel free and independent in is really important to you. You are extremely hyper focused in work and activities you are passionate about. You’re the type of person to detect enemies in a second and alarm your friends of it. You usually have really high-standards for the connections you involve yourself with. You explode out of nowhere when being faced with a conflict. You might be the type of person to cut someone off the instant their actions don’t meet their words or morals. You have a really practical way to approach life. Extremely self aware of themselves, and are always looking for self improvement in their life. Try not to get stuck in your mind.
they will improve your life, they will make sure to assist you in every move you make.
sun in the 7th house
The 7th house represents marriage, business, partnership, sexual relationships and public life.
Since the sun in illuminating this house, you have this sunshine type of aura to you, everyone feels secure and loved in your presence. You probably feel constantly disrespected by others, and your on going sentence is “no one listens to me” because without even noticing you may attract people who aren’t good for you and your energy. You lack self-esteem and always hope to find what’s missing within you in other people, but you should look in depth into this. Sun in 7th will also deprive you of physical vitality when you are in a relationship because people will drain your energy a lot. This is the type of people to either always be in a relationship, or trying to find the “perfect” time for the “perfect” relationship which does not exist. Justice and equality is very important to you and you may be the person that no one listens to but its always trying to end a conflict between other people. You give the sweetest advice to everyone and people admire you for that, they admire the way you care and love everyone. You love and value the attention that other people give you, since you are always someone that’s never being recognized. Not only you value that because its something you don’t experience a lot, but also because everything you ask for, you can give to the other person too 100 times more.
They will make you fall in love for the way they care about you, and they will make sure justice and equality its always a topic of conversation.
sun in the 8th house
The 8th house represents depth, death, rebirth, sex, knowledge
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you have major ups and downs in such a short period of time, you experience so many transformations throughout your life and probably did at a very young age. You were probably that quiet kid in the room that no one knew anything about and never heard speak. You used to be that kid to watch iluminati videos in the dark at 3am. you crave knowledge about psychology, underlying issues, astrology and spirituality. You are very intense and people probably feel very intimidated by you just because of your presence and the way you present yourself. You might seem extremely confident in yourself, but have an extremely insecure side to you that only your truest friends know about. People cant never seem to figure you out even if they try to, you have a tendency to be the “black sheep” in every group, especially among your family. Sun in the 8th house people absolutely despise anything superficial, they crave depth in everything they involve themselves in especially connections. Theres is so much depth to the way you love someone and that might scare people away, but don’t water yourself down in any circumstances. very private, might have a tendency to never be satisfied with themselves. scared of not being able to find someone who wants their time and energy as much as them. bad thing about this house is that you, without even noticing, isolate yourself to others and this is something you should definitely work on, there’s no need to put yourself in this shell all the time around social environments.
they will explore the scary parts of yourself with you, they will make you wonder who they truly are.
sun in the 9th house
The 9th house represents religion, law and teachers.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you’re likely to do everything with a deep meaning behind it, you are always seeking the truth. You’ve probably been very influenced by your father, either in a positive or bad way, because they are always (or should be) our first teachers. You are someone who is very defined by what you learn trough-out your life. Its very hard for these people to break out of this fixed pattern of thinking, ideas and morals that they have, this may lead to them being one of those people who are extremely invested in religion or some sort of belief that they have. They would be amazing college teachers. Probably feel the need to travel with purposes. Absorbing and processing information is so easy for you because your mind is full of many lessons, ideas, opinions.. If these naives have gone through traumatic events, its extremely hard for them to get out of that place and see things from a different perspective. You might be really close to god. Every time you make a decision or something turned out in a different way you expected, you are the type to think “I know god/the universe has a better plan for me at the end”. You might try to make others fall into your morals and ideas so be careful with that, everyone has the right to have their own perspective (except for homophobia, racism etc).
They will encourage you to invest in yourself, they will be the ones to seek the truth.
sun in the 10th house
The 10th house represents authority, work, career and the way you present yourself.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, you seek power, control, fame above anything else. you’re someone who absolutely hate being told what to do, how to do, when to do something. you are your own boss. you like to lead other people. extremely ambitious when they get validation for what they are doing. you’re the one who needs to stand out and be the center of attention, otherwise your ego will be bruised. you have a lot of people dragging you down, this could be especially your family. the 10th house will always have enough power to overcome any obstacles that’s thrown at them. with the sun exalted in this house, at the worst times you may take advantage of all the power and control you can have and can manipulate people or use it for bad intentions so be careful with that.
they have the most willpower, they will lead you in a better path.
sun in the 11th house
The 11th house represents your friends, hope, inventions and network
Since the sun is illuminating this house, this people could either have wonderful connections in their life, especially with their friends or have no friends at all. They are the type of people that look so put together, they have this public persona that people create of them, someone who is very social, interactive, charming and loving but when they are out of sight no one knows what they are doing/ what they are up to. Since this house is also the house of hopes, these naives have a lot of hope for the collective, they are the ones to seek balance. You are someone who can be very blind at times, only seeing the good parts of someone ignoring the rest, this could also be because you always think that “they did this for a reason, im sure that there’s a good explanation”. Other people feel very drawn to you because of your charismatic and loving energy so be aware of that. love people deeply and are extremely caring
They will be the missing piece you didn’t know you needed, they will leave you wondering what their head is up to.
sun in the 12th house
The 12h house represents the unseen realm, spirituality, dreams, secrets, and emotions.
Since the sun is illuminating this house, these people could have a very secretive and mysterious side that no one knows about, or going through the darkest times without no one noticing a thing. You are the type of person to always be put to the side and not very social, you prefer to observe and retain information. These people could be the type to, out of nowhere appear in a tv show showing a talent that no one knew they had. You are able to tell the hidden intentions of other people, or might sense it in a scary way. You are able to read the room and others like a book, but your pessimism can get in the way of this, try to understand if you’re really picking that energy from them or if its your mind expecting the worst. You are highly intuitive, and your dreams could be a way of warning you of something. People with the 12th house, feel stuck in the environment they grew up in, this is due the fact that these natives may have struggled a lot with self-esteem issues, absent father, losses related to father or not having a caring mother.
They will make you wonder if you've ever been loved in the right way after experiencing their love. They will see the beauty underneath your chaos.
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libramc · 2 months ago
❤️ How to predict WHERE you're going to meet your future spouse through Astrology ❤️
hi guys! in today's post I'm going to show you how to find out where you'll meet your future spouse through your birth chart. this technique was discovered by the astrologer Kapiel Raaj, and it's based on vedic astrology. hence, you're going to need your sidereal birth chart to calculate this. if you already know how to do that, you can skip this part.
first of all, go to > horoscope and then click on extended chart selection.
Tumblr media
add your birth data by clicking on the 'add a new person' button. it's necessary to have your accurate birth time for this, as it's based on your ascendant.
Tumblr media
then scroll down and click on options for zodiac and houses. choose the whole signs house system and then click on sidereal. after that, choose 'hindu/lahiri' on the ayanamsha button.
Tumblr media
after you've calculated your chart, it will be something like this (this is angelina jolie's sidereal birth chart):
Tumblr media
to calculate where you're going to meet your spouse, we need to first of all take a look at the 7th house lord, which is the planet that rules your 7th house. in this chart it is saturn, as she has capricorn in her 7th house. now that you know what is your 7th house lord, look at where it's placed in your chart. also, keep in mind that since this is a sidereal technique, we're only going to take in consideration traditional rulers, therefore aquarius is ruled by uranus, pisces by jupiter and scorpio by mars. angelina has her saturn in gemini in the 12th house. the opposite sign indicates the circumstances or directly the place where you're going to meet your spouse. in this chart, it is sagittarius. keep reading for an explanation of each sign!!
♈️ aries opposite 7th house lord ♈️
you're going to meet your spouse when doing some sort of physical activity. you may meet them at the gym, or maybe at a sport event like a football match. you could even meet them just by taking a casual walk, and it could be love at first sight. you two may also meet in a place where there's lots of noise and action, maybe even danger, probably not in a quiet place. places that are ruled by aries are palestine, england, hong kong, germany, poland, syria, israel, lithuania, senegal, sierra leone and zimbabwe. as for cities, we have birmingham, cape town, leicester, florence, krakow, naples, utrecht, marseilles and georgia.
♉️ taurus opposite 7th house lord ♉️
taurus loves the finer things in life, so if you have this sign opposite your 7th house lord you may meet your spouse during your chill time. for instance, you may meet them at a spa, at the mall, at the beach... anything that symbolizes relax for you. in addition, taurus also rules finances, therefore you could meet them in a bank or in any place or circumstance where you have to deal with finances, even in a shop for example. also, since taurus rules over the throat and the voice, you may meet at a place where there's singing for instance, or at least there's music playing in the background. last but not least, being an earth sign, taurus opposing your 7th house lord may also indicate that you're going to meet your future spouse in a place where there's lots of green, maybe at the park or in a forest. places that are ruled by taurus are cyprus, tasmania, ireland, capri, rhodes, the greek iIslands, cuba, east timor, serbia, tanzania, south africa and yemen. as for cities, we have lucerne, eastbound, eastbourne, hastings, palermo, leipzig, st. louis and dublin.
♊️ gemini opposite 7th house lord ♊️
with gemini opposing your 7th house lord, you may meet your future spouse through socializing. you could meet them through your friends or through your siblings, maybe they're a sibling of a friend of yours. you could also meet them during short-distance trips, so maybe in a city near you or even on a train, on a bus, etc. communication is going to be involved, and hence you could even meet them at an event where there's the need to talk and / or write. possibly, you may as well meet him online or in school. places that are ruled by gemini include iceland, sardinia, morocco, belgium, wales, eritrea, guyana, kuwait, norway, montenegro, sweden and tonga. as for cities, we have nuremberg, tripoli, san francisco, london, melbourne, plymouth and cardiff.
♋️ cancer opposite 7th house lord ♋️
if cancer is opposing your 7th house lord, then you could have possibly known your future spouse since your childhood. you could have met a school, or to talk in a more general way you may be from the same city. possibly, you could as well meet in a place where there are children, or where there's food. in addition, since cancer is ruled by the moon, you could meet in a place where there's moon symbolism. maybe during a full or new moon. perhaps, you're going to meet near water as well, as cancer is a water sign. places that are ruled by cancer include usa, paraguay, scotland, holland, the bahamas bahrain belize, burundi, cape verde, columbia, comoros, democratic republic of the congo croatia djibouti, kiribati laos, liberia, madagascar, malawi mozambique, rwanda, slovenia solomon islands, algeria, somalia, and south korea. as for cities, we have manchester, new york, stockholm, tokyo, venice, york, amsterdam and milan.
♌️ leo opposite 7th house lord ♌️
with the sign of leo opposing your 7th house lord, you’re likely to meet your future spouse in a place where there’s fun. it could be at a party, during a vacation, at a bar, a restaurant... certainly not at work, that’s for sure. you’ll  meet your spouse in a situation of relax, not of stress. since leo also rules celebrities, you may even meet them in a place where there are famous people, like a concert for instance. countries ruled by leo are afghanistan, india, italy, macedonia, romania, sicily, ecuador, zanzibar, bhutan, bolivia, central african republic chad, the ivory coast, gabon, indonesia, north korea, south korea, kyrgyzstan, malaysia, maldives, nicaragua, pakistan, mongolia, seychelles, singapore, ukraine and madagascar. as for cities, we have bristol, bombay, chicago, madrid, los angeles, philadelphia, rome and bath.
♍️ virgo opposite 7th house lord ♍️
virgo rules over health, and hence you may meet your future spouse in a health-related place. it could be at the doctor’s, at the dentist’s, in a hospital, etc. virgo is also routine, so you may meet your future spouse in a typical day of yours. it could be at the supermarket, at work, while you’re walking your dog, at the gym, and so on. basically, it could be that your future spouse is going to casually approach you in the streets. countries ruled by virgo include crete, brazil, greece, switzerland, turkey, uruguay, west indies, armenia, azerbaijan, belarus, brazil, costa rica, el salvador estonia guatemala, honduras, mali, moldova, qatar and tajikistan. as for cities we have athens, paris, toulouse, corinth, lyons, boston and mexico city.
♎️ libra opposite 7th house lord ♎️
if you have libra opposing your 7th house lord, you may get to meet your spouse in a place that has to do with beauty, so maybe in a clothes shop or at a salon. you may also meet them in a place where there are many people, or even at some sort of event like a marriage. libra also rules over politics and justice, so maybe you could meet them at the courthouse or during election time. countries that are ruled by libra include france, tibet, argentina, austria, burma, canada, china, japan, siberia, botswana, equatorial guinea, fiji, iraq, israel, lesotho, nigeria, palau, saint lucia, saudi arabia, tuvalu and uganda. as for cities that are ruled by libra we have lisbon, frankfurt, copenhagen, johannesburg, nottingham and antwerp.
♏️ scorpio opposite 7th house lord ♐️
scorpio is the sign of darkness, hence if you have it opposing your 7th house lord you may get to meet your spouse during nighttime. scorpio is also about sex, so this relationship could start off as a one night stand, or maybe you may meet in a place where sex is involved. you could also meet them in a place that has to do with death or where there's death symbolism, such as a graveyard (I hope not tho lol💀). you two may also be transforming yourselves when you meet, you could be starting a new chapter of your life to leave toxicity behind your shoulders. you could also meet at a place where you need to be naked, such as a beach or at the spa, or again in a place related to finances and money. countries that are ruled by scorpio include angola, morocco, queensland, korea, syria, norway, the transvaal, bavaria, antigua, barbuda, cambodia, dominica, latvia, lebanon, micronesia, panama, turkey, turkmenistan and zambia. cities that are ruled by scorpio include cincinnati, liverpool, newcastle, washington, vienna, baltimore and new orleans.
♐️ sagittarius opposite 7th house lord ♐️
sagittarius rules over foreign lands, so if you have it opposite your 7th house lord you're most likely going to meet your future spouse abroad. or perhaps, they are foreign and they travel to your country. you may also meet them in a place related to foreign culture, so maybe in a place filled with tourists, or perhaps in an exotic restaurant, perhaps at a sushi bar if you're not japanese for example. it may also be time for you for new experiences, perhaps you're doing something for the first time, such as trying a new sport or taking a plane. you may also meet your future spouse in college or in university, or in general in a place where there's teaching of any kind. last but not least, sagittarius is also a very spiritual sign, so you could meet them in a church, or maybe at an event related to religion such as a marriage, a baptism, etc. countries that are ruled by sagittarius include spain, australia, chile, hungary, saudi arabia, bangladesh, barbados, cameroon, kazakhstan, kenya, libya and mauritania. cities that are ruled by sagittarius include budapest, johannesburg, naples, nottingham, sheffield, sunderland, stuttgart and toronto.
♑️ capricorn opposite 7th house lord ♑️
capricorn is ruled by saturn, the planet of responsibilities, therefore if you have this sign opposing your 7th house lord you'll most likely meet your spouse on your workplace. perhaps they're your boss or a co-worker of yours, or maybe they may even be a customer of yours. you'll surely meet them later in life, when you're at least 27/28 years old, or perhaps when you manage to accomplish something really big in your life, not necessarily career-related. countries that are ruled by capricorn include india, bulgaria, mexico, great britain, albania, afghanistan, lithuania, bosnia, brunei, czech republic, haiti, nauru, slovakia and sudan. as for cities that are ruled by capricorn we have brandenburg, brussel, delhi, mexico city, port said, oxford and ghent.
♒️ aquarius opposite 7th house lord ♒️
you may meet your spouse in any place that has to do with electricity, for instance at a movie theater, at a theme park, at an apparel store, and so on. perhaps even on a public transport, such as a train, a taxi or a plane. also, since we're talking about electricity we can also count on internet, therefore if you have aquarius opposing your 7th house lord you have high chances of meeting your future spouse on social media, such as twitter, instagram, etc. or even through dating apps, such as tinder. last but not least, you may also be introduced to your spouse by your friends, or perhaps they could be a part of your group of friends. you may be both best friends and lovers, you would have a very playful and youthful relationship. countries that are ruled by aquarius include iran, finland, new zealand, russia, sweden, syria, ethiopia, the holy vatican city and sri lanka. cities that are ruled by aquarius include brighton, hamburg, helsinki, moscow, salzburg, st. petersburg and bremen.
♓️ pisces opposite 7th house lord ♓️
if you have pisces opposite your 7th house lord, you may first of all meet your future spouse near water. therefore you could meet them at the beach, at an aquarium, at the lake, at the pool, etc. perhaps even at a restaurant that serves seafood and fish, such as a sushi bar. pisces is also about alcohol, therefore you may also meet them in a bar or at a party where there's alcohol. pisces also rules over art and images, therefore you could meet them in a place where there are lots of pictures and paintings, such as a museum, or perhaps even at the movie theater, at a concert, etc. the club would be an option too, as it combines both alcohol and dancing, two pisces related things. also, it could be very late at night, when you're supposed to be sleeping, or perhaps, you're just sleepy or even drunk. last but not least, this placement usually indicates a soulmate or twinflame connection, therefore you may even meet your spouse first in the 5D than in the 3D, perhaps you feel spiritually connected to them even if you haven't met them yet. you could very likely dream of them as well. lastly, pisces is also about healing, so your future spouse may either work in the medicine field or maybe they're some sort of spiritual healer. you could possibly also meet them at the church or in a temple. countries that are ruled by pisces include normandy, north africa, portugal, samoa, egypt, Scandinavia, mauritius, morocco, namibia and tunisia. cities that are ruled by pisces include warsaw, alexandria, grimsby, jerusalem, bournemouth, seville and cowes.
and this is it! let me know in the comments where you're going to meet your spouse, and if you've already met them feel free to say if this post resonated with your experience!
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ASPECTS. ִ ۫ ּ ִ ۫ ˑ ֗ ִ ˑ ּ
Tumblr media
I’m not a Professional Astrologer so some of this might be inaccurate. Take all of this with an grain of salt.
Aspects is how the planets act in different Signs, it’s the relationship between them. Learning Aspects can give you an insight into the stories that are slowly going to or already have and is ongoing out in your life. An Aspect happens when a Planet is at a number of degrees away from another Planet or Angle in the Chart. Your Chart is laid out in a 360° circle. Each own special Planet rules different parts of our life and has very different descriptions. It affected us with what the Sign they’re in, as well as the Aspects that they’re forming. There’s Major Aspects, Minor Aspects and rare Minor Aspects.
Major Aspects.
Tumblr media
CONJUNCT : is the most powerful and strongest Aspect of Astrology. It’s when two planets merge together to make an entirely new power. It’s like a fusion, somehow. When they’re in conjunction, it gets a bunch of distinct traits of its own. The closer the conjunction is, the more of this is more powerful and transformation is more true.
TRINE : are technically the best and most auspicious Aspect, it brings major “luck”, and harmony and potential skills so you can harbour. Trines typically act in the same elemant. And in favour, they work out very well together making an effortless team. Only downfall, is that people with these could be tend to be lazy even though they have potential.
SQUARE : are one of the more harder Aspects to deal with. It creates tension between the planets that are in the square, energies. It creates problems and challenges that arises to your life. The only thing you can do is find an solution and it helps you to realize and overcome this.
SEXTILE : are can basically mean hidden talents. (Planets for more clues) These can also make goals that are related to those planets very easy to gain. The energy makes so the Planets have a very easy time working together. However, it doesn’t add much friction. This person will realize their ideas but won’t follow through because they have no movitation to do so.
OPPOSITE : is like a tug of war and a battle between power struggles since there are two complete different ends. And shows us an section in our life that is unbalanced. There’s always going to be one more dominant while the other basically doesn’t “exist”. As it is a great power imbalance.
Minor Aspects.
Tumblr media
SEMI-SEXTILE : Semi-sextile less impact than a sextile. It can tell a lack of easiness and may impact the growth of our interests. It makes us more conscious of our inherited traits. It’s also the aspect of completion, you may finish something that was started by a family member (Depending on the planets)
QUINCUNX/INCONJUNCT : This Aspect is basically the Aspect of desiring or longing. These individuals put the hard effort and yet it doesn’t come out they way they wanted it to be or basically predicted to be with all of their hard aspects gone to waste.
SEMI-SQUARE : Semi-square has a lot of friction and tension. The difference from the Square placement is that there's much less awareness and concern involved with this. It's frustrating with this aspect as there are lots of minor irritations along the way as the stress and difficulty are also high.
QUINTILE : Quintiles actually gives talent and it’s meant to do something, and these individuals use these talents the way they’re suppose to be used. Whether it be artistic, scientific or etc.
BI-QUINTILE : This is similar to Quintile except the individual does vaguely acknowledge their talent. However, sensitive enough. It could lead to getting a bit more creative and finding solutions as the individual is optimistic.
SEPTILE : Septile is actually linked to spirituality. Keyword is “inspiration”. This individual may want to delve deeper into the topic on a more spiritually side. A very subtle energy that only comes to people when people think.
SEMI-QUINTILE : It has a weaker affect than Quintile but it adds more ambition to this aspect.
SESQUIS-SQUARE : This aspect is similar to the Square and Semi-Square Aspect, Conflict is more easier to work than the Square. It’s easier to supress it. The point is to grow and learn from this Aspect but it makes it more likely to surpress it. This individual would likely tend to ignore these conflicts and Relief is short-lived.
Rare Minor Aspects.
Couldn’t find pictures.
NOVILE : This is like the end of something, and the beginning of something. It ends, and then something else starts.
SEMI-OCTILE : There could be health concerns. Probably only ever used in Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology. Very weak influence.
SQUILE : There could be malice associated with this Aspect. There could be so much determination to the point of it being harmful.
SQUINE : Think of this of an Square and a Trine both merged together. This Aspect could have tension of conflict while also it beingan effort worth into constructing.
TRI-DECILE/TREDECILE/SESQUIQUINTILE : Individuals need to be alone for them to use their creativity alone.
QUINDECILE : Inability to quit. A lot of determination. An compusion where the individual quite can’t escape.
Angles & Orb.
CONJUNCT : 0–⁠10° (Maximum is 8° is neither Sun or Moon is involved.)
TRINE : 120° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SQUARE : 90° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SEXTILE : 60° (Orb is 3°-4°)
OPPOSITE : 180° (Orb is 5°-10°)
SEMI-SEXTILE : 30° (Orb is 3°-4°)
QUINCUNX/INCONJUNCT : 150° (Orb is 3°)
SEMI-SQUARE : 45° (Orb is 1-3°)
QUINTILE : 72° (Orb is 1.2°)
BI-QUINTILE : 144° (Orb is 2-3°)
SEPTILE : 51° (Orb is 1-2°)
SEMI-QUINTILE : 36° (Orb is 1-2°)
SESQUIS-SQUARE : 135° (Orb is 2-3°)
NOVILE : 40° (Orb is 1-2°)
SQUILE : 75°
SQUINE : 105°
Harsh or Beneficial? (Only Major)
𖥨┉┈ It gives us more blessings, maybe a bit of laziness.
—The best of them all. No wonder it’s on this list.
—Creative power. Sometimes you can only do with the action.
𖥨┉┈ Harsh Aspects usually ends up in challenges.
—It’s handles conflicts and errors. It’s results in tensions and challenges.
—Power struggles. You must learn how to balence fhem.
𖥨┉┈ It depends on the Planets involved. For example, Sun Conjunct Pluto, or Sun Conjunct Saturn gives out negative results but Sun Conjunct Venus gives out good results.
—Very powerful. It adds a very seen effect across your Natal Chart.
Planet Keywords.
SUN : Power, vitality, self-expression.
MOON : Feelings, emotions, nurturing.
MERCURY : Thought, communication, mind.
VENUS : Love, attraction, money.
MARS : Will, energy, action.
JUPITER : “Luck”, expansion, knowledge.
SATURN : Restrictions, limitations, responsibility.
URANUS : Change, originality, revolution.
NEPTUNE : Creativity, delusions, confusion.
PLUTO : Obsession, power, transformation.
Signs. (Only Major)
Note - Each Sign is divided into 30°
ARIES : Opposites Libra | Trines Leo & Sagittarius | Sextiles Gemini & Aquarius | Squares Cancer & Capricorn |
TAURUS : Opposites Scorpio | Trines Virgo & Capricorn | Sextiles Cancer & Pisces | Squares Leo & Aquarius |
GEMINI : Opposites Sagittarius | Trines Libra & Aquarius | Sextiles Aries & Leo | Squares Virgo & Pisces |
CANCER : Opposites Capricorn | Trines Scorpio & Pisces | Sextiles Taurus & Virgo | Squares Aries & Libra |
LEO : Opposites Aquarius | Trines Aries & Sagittarius | Sextiles Gemini & Libra | Squares Taurus & Scorpio |
VIRGO : Opposites Pisces | Trines Taurus & Virgo | Sextiles Cancer & Scorpio | Squares Gemini & Sagittarius |
LIBRA : Opposites Aries | Trines Gemini & Aquarius | Sextiles Leo & Sagittarius | Squares Cancer & Capricorn |
SCORPIO : Opposites Taurus | Trines Cancer & Pisces | Sextiles Virgo & Capricorn | Squares Leo & Aquarius |
SAGITTARIUS : Opposites Gemini | Trines Aries & Leo | Sextiles Libra & Aquarius | Squares Virgo & Pisces |
CAPRICORN : Opposites Cancer | Trines Taurus & Virgo | Sextiles Scorpio & Pisces | Squares Aries & Libra |
AQUARIUS : Opposites Leo | Trines Gemini & Libra | Sextiles Aries & Sagittarius | Squares Taurus & Scorpio |
PISCES : Opposites Virgo | Trines Cancer & Scorpio | Sextiles Taurus & Capricorn | Squares Gemini & Sagittarius |
Difference? (Only Major)
SEXTILE : Potential.
TRINE : Natural ability.
SQUARE : Tension, contradiction.
OPPOSITE : Opposing forces that need to balance.
𖥨┉┈ Do you see it now?
Predominant of Trines : Not challenged, receiving, talented, relaxed.
Predominant of Sextiles : Expressive, communicative, imaginative.
Predominant of Squares : Motivated, strong will of an character, crisis-oriented people, likes to face challenges and obstacles, action-oriented, just doesn’t accept this at first glance.
Predominant of Oppositions : Looks for a meaning in life within relationships, seeks balance, seeks growth for relationships, insightful, not focused, contradictory.
Predominant of Conjunctions : Hard working people, can’t see the other side of things, movited, easy to lose the perspective from the other side of things.
Predominant of Minor Aspects : Has a lot of subtle things going around their life at first glance. Doesn’t realize things until later. Is probably receiving some type of euphoria or some type of “oh”.
Lack Of.
Lack of Trines : Not balenced, driven, conflict-oriented.
Lack of Sextiles : Less self-expressive, avoids being creative or creative pursuits, less commuicative.
Lack of Squares : Avoids challenges, lack challenges, takes the easy way out, unchallenged.
Lack of Oppositions : Self relianted, doesn’t want to broaden their perspective through relationships, independent, subjective.
Lack of Conjunctions : Scattered, flexible, doesn’t look within for the answers.
Lack of Minor Aspects : Probably enjoys more confrontation, less looking for answers.
Aspect Patterns.
Tumblr media
A shape formed by many aspects in a chart.
T-SQUARE : T-Squares are made when two opposite eachother and are both squared by the same planet. T-Square cannot be ignored because itself is felt by the individual. It forces the indivual to take some type of action. And yet, there is potential. Maybe strong emotions and behaviours. A lot of frustration. It depends on the Modality and the Houses.
GRAND TRINE : An aspect figure in which three Planets make an Trine. Receives powerful support without any effort. The lack of tension and associated psychological strain can sometimes lead to a lack of enthusiasm. The native may not want to enter any processes of growth. The individual might not see their talents and it could often lead to laziness.
GRAND SEXTILE : In where six Planets make an Sextile to eachother, making it form into an hexagon. This encourages work and the enterprise.p should not be delayed. Greater potential, and great horizons. May not want to touch within this though.
GRAND CROSS : It consists of two T-Squares at each end. This gives great stability with along great inflexibility. Unvoidable challenge. However the native would want to face these obstacles head on. As it tackles diffcult themes. It gives great stubbornness so it gives stubbornness to move on.
KITE : Created by a Grand Trine, and two of the planets in trine aspect form sextiles. And another Planet which in turn makes an Opposition to the third Planet in the Grand Trine. It has a smooth flow of energy, which could lead to apathy. But it also brings tension which could bring awareness as it gives an encouragement to search for construvtive forms of expressing.
MYSTIC RECTANGLE : Planets A+B and C+D make two Oppositions. A and D and C and B also form Sextiles to each other, and A and C and D and B Trines. It makes tensions more easier to deal with. (Even if the individual does have a lot tensions and challenges along the way.)
YOD : An aspect where one planet is connected by two quincunxes to two planets which in turn are linked by a sextile. zIt create events, incidents, relationships etc, that happens in a individuals life not out of their choice but in a karmic manner. These situations could turn into a blessing or a curse.
THORS HAMMER : It is made by two planets squaring one another, with both making sesquisquare aspecting to a third planet. When younger, they may’ve been very rebellious and willful, and it could eventually lead them up to their adult life. They may get loads of criticism and hate because of this.
HELLOOO. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS. If you don’t understand somethings please comment it so I could respond to ya. :D This took very long however. I hope you like it. Anywayyysss, I hope you have a good day. Please make sure to eat and sleep well. Remember to take breaks and sleep 10 hours a day BECAUSE YOU MATTER!! Okay? OKAY. Good good, HANXNXJ.But seriously, self-care is important! >:D Anyways, I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you soon. Byeee!
Tumblr media
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saturn in the houses
Tumblr media
lessons to be learn, recognizing your fears 
saturn is usually associated with parts of your life/personality that you take very seriously. this planet delays things, sets restrictions, limits, and therefore makes you learn hard lessons. also, the house of karma
if you dont know in which house your saturn is in, click here put your birthday data and then if you don’t understand the wheel, just click on “animate chart” and there you have it
saturn in the 1st house
if you have saturn in the 1st house you are a very rule and discipline-follower person, unless you have your saturn in aries. you were probably that kid that would get home and immediately do their homework, you wont give yourself a break unless you finish a certain task before. Everything your parents and teachers told you to do, you would do it, always following their guidance and seeking recognition for your actions and acts of service for them. The problem with having saturn in this house, is that you may have a hard time separating your identity as whole with the expectations of other people. you fear not meeting up to people's expectations of you, (especially parents) because everyone sees you as this very disciplined person with a lot of structure and rigid mindset. You feel that you are way too mature for the people who you should be surrounded by, like your classmates, work mates, people from your age etc.. and thats why you may feel more confortable and understood with older people. you could end up dating/marrying someone older, but be careful because this relationship could turn sour and lose all the fun and passion it once had.  they are serious people, closed and difficult to get close to. Because they are very mature, they are able to struggle with feelings rationally and objectively.  As time passes by, you realize that the person you used to be (very disciplined) is now becoming the opposite, you find yourself asking “who am i, really?” “i dont recognize the person i used to be”.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, you came to this world to work on the wounds surrounding your identity. you must know that claiming your true self without the sayings of more “dominant” people around you is a long process, and a lesson that needs to be learned. you´re an old soul, you have to find yourself beyond the struggles, burdens and hardship
saturn in the 2nd house
if you have saturn in the 2nd house, you felt extremely restricted in your childhood, you could have gone through a lot of poverty, and even if thats not the case, you had that mindset. your parents could´ve been really strict with you, and you may have felt that the people who were supposed to love, nurture and protect you, were actually the opposite, very distant. Even if you had, extremely good education and surroundings, you have a lot of “failed” events in your life, such as relationships, work, friendships, and financial matters. You have so much fear in your heart, you fear that nothing will ever work out in your favour, you fear that people will be living their best lives while youre drowned in burden and misery. you fear loss. A person who goes through this much, will find comfort in material matters, and be too dependent on anything related to money and possessions.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and this is for you to build self confidence on a solid foundation. don't over spend, take your money very seriously, don't go out and about doing whatever you want with it because you need momentaneum security and confort, this is what saturn is trying to teach you in this lifetime.
saturn in the 3rd house 
Whoever is born with Saturn in the third house knows how to separate what is good from what is bad, what is right from what is wrong. You are a very serious person and have a very structured mental awareness. You probably have a great desire to study and deepen your knowledge. Since the third house represents siblings and if you do, in fact, have siblings, you may not have the best relationship with them, they may attack you a lot for no reason, you guys may only reconcile later in life. you are a slow learner, you need an extra effort to actually focus when it comes to studying, your grades may be lower in comparison to the rest of the people around you, but that doesnt make in any way, shape or form less worth that others.   This placement could indicate a lonely childhood, you felt restricted when it comes to speaking your truth, you could be an extremely socially anxious person, and for that reason, your mind is filled with things you wish you could have said. you missed out on so many opportunities in your life due to your fear of speaking up, of putting yourself out there. you have a lot of trouble with stating your opinion, verbally speaking but when it comes to your written word, you have a lot of greatness in there. its almost as if the universe makes fun of you, you feel the need to speak faster, speed up so when you talk, people will find you interesting but that gets exhausting.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and this lesson is to speak your truth, saturn wants you to not be afraid of your own thoughts, to get through your fears. you have greatness in you, now it's your time to claim it.
saturn in the 4th house
if you have Saturn in the 4th house, your home environment has always been a prominent issue for you. with this placement its given great importance and focus to origins and the family nucleus. However, in your childhood, you may have experienced a lack of affection or emotional support from a parent. when you were younger you could have felt the urge to ask your mom “do you love me?”, always fearing her answer. You may have been born in an emotionally rigid environment due to one of your parents or without the desired structure. this parent it's not always the mother, but also the father. you could have an emotional distance from your dad without even realizing. you are too dependent on other people to make your own decisions. you always seek validation in every move you make, you need to feel emotional supported by others since that may have been lacking in your childhood. with this placement, a decade can go by and your mom is still going to have a lot of weight in your life, either she is physically present or not. its important that people with this placement search for comfort and validation, not in other people, but in themselves. you feel like a bottomless bag in search of affection, saturn in the 4th house leaves a gap when it comes to family issues.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson and it is, to look for validation within you, you don't need the approval of other people. you are being asked to find balance within your family issue.
saturn in the 5th house
if you have saturn in the 5th house there’s this on-going fear of “i will never be enough”. there is a chance that this may have been caused due to childhood trauma, either having persistent figures in your life being extremely judgmental of you, criticizing you, the list goes on. there is a bigger underlying issue here, why are you walking though life in a shell? you created this so no one can criticize, judge and attack you. your comfort zone is in this place where no one can reach you emotionally, even in relationships you can be very cold and distant and not provide your partner with that much affection. underneath all this fear, insecurity, cod and distant temperament, is a wonderful person filled with sensitivity and warmth. no one truly knows your heart. i think that we can both see your intimacy issues, right? you may never even think about doing something that you’re sure you’re perfect at because of your fear surrounding failure and having others judging you. question yourself why are you always saying that people never truly value you when you’re the one creating that space and distance between you and someone who wants to see beneath the surface. life won’t manifest itself the way you want it to until you’re the one doing the changes and moving towards a better you, a better future.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and it is to let go of this fear surrounding yourself and others, open up your heart and mind and let others explore it with you.
saturn in the 6th house
if you have saturn in the 6th house you're an extremely hard-working person, people admire you for your self resilience and ability to be independent. all this amazing characteristics that you have come from a not so good place. you fear failure, you fear getting left behind, you fear being left in the dust. the thing is, you set yourself so high, it feels like you're in constant competition with yourself only, because no one else is competing against you. not knowing when it's time to take a break from this mindset will get the worst out of you, you may not be able to see it, but maybe your friends or family have said that you're too caught up in your work that you dont have time for anything else. it feels like nothing is ever enough for you, you always want more and more so you can obtain a certain feeling of security and comfort, but that feeling never comes. perfection doesnt exist, there is no point in your life when you are gonna be able to say “i've made it '' because the road never has an end for you.
Saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and it is to learn how to take care of yourself, learn how to sit with yourself and not worry about failure, learn how to value your accomplishments without thinking they are not good enough. it's important to understand why you're so critical of yourself  as well
saturn in the 7th house
if you have saturn in the 7th house, you have a lot of work to do when it comes to love and relationships. you are easily consumed by the connections in your life (especially romantic), you love so hard that people can be scared by that and run away. you're extremely loyal to those you care about and you expect that from them too. there's an underlying issue here and it is that you completely lose yourself in love. (TW drugs)  it's like a drug, once you have it you're completely addicted to it, and when it ends you just go and look for more so you can feel fulfilled, in cases where you can't find it you start to feel depressed because you're not comfortable alone, because you haven't found home and comfort within you. there is also 2 other big issues here and one of them is this ongoing search for the “perfect” relationship and the “perfect timing”, you have incredibly high standards when it comes to who can be your partner, and in addition to that you never feel like it's the right timing to be in a relationship. the second big issue is your ability to question “why does no one love me like i love them” “will i ever find someone who loves me as much as i love them?”.
saturn here is trying to teach you a really big lesson and it is to learn solitude. you can't be so dependent on your relationships, there is no such thing as the “perfect” relationship and “right timing”, relationships are built, not found, the timing is right the second you feel, the second you love, and the second you let yourself open to the bad sides of it. stop blaming yourself every time something goes wrong in your love life. also, ask yourself this question “they dont love me as much as i love them or am i just too dependant on this relationship and cant imagine my life without them while they are just loving me and are ok with the idea of us breaking up?”
saturn in the 8th house
if you have saturn in the 8th house, past wounds still affect your present life to extremes. you have a lot of repression surrounding intimacy and love due to what happened in your childhood and past relationships. there is an extreme fear of abandonment in this placement and this may take a huge toll on you, making you do certain things out of fear of rejection. when someone breaks up with you you don't usually say “they broke up with me” but instead, “they abandoned me”. “home” to you may have never been a place, but instead a person, once you hold on to someone you can hardly see your life without them. you are very suspicious of everyone and can see the world as an ugly place full of people with bad intentions and thats why you barely trust anyone. there could be an intense urge to suddenly run away every week or so. your mind is a dark place, you always prepare yourself for the absolute worst scenarios as a coping mechanism, because then when change happens you can say “i knew this was going to happen” “i saw it coming”, you prepared yourself for it so you could have a sense of control. A huge problem for this placement is resistance in change. you fear transformation because you have no control over it, either change occurs for the best or the worst. you hate having no control, you can feel the world slipping through your hands without you being able to do anything about it and you hate it.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson and it is to let go of control, trust the universe, transformation opens your heart and mind for growth, even if in the moment it seems like your world is falling apart. Also, your ability to trust others is too far gone to be seen, saturn here wants you to free your hands and let others grab it to show you the beautiful things that will arise in your life.
saturn in the 9th house
Saturn in the 9th house individuals love covers topics such as advanced ideas, expanding personal horizons, philosophies, and the higher mind. you are a very thoughtful person. The ninth house contemplates the individual's philosophy of life, the perception of reality and their reaction to new ideas. People with this position may have lived with well-defined rules and values throughout their lives. you could have a very distant relationship with your father, not necessarily a bad one, but just very distant. since you are someone that reflects a lot on various topics, you may actually struggle with overthinking, you fear being a bad person, you fear having bad morals and life philosophies. you are too caught up in your mind and ideas, and that could translate into a really closed off person and mind, its almost like you feel stuck in your own mind, your mind feels like a prison.  
saturn here is trying to teach you a lesson, and it is to break free from your mind to obtain freedom.
saturn in the 10th house
if you have saturn in the 10th house, you learned from a very young age that every action you make has its own consequences. this placement could go in 2 directions, either you are incredibly hard-working, but you also know that everything you want wont come easily to you as you feel that you need to work 10 times harder than anyone, or you have set these big goals for your life but are waiting for some kind of miracle to happen for them to come truth. The truth is, no one is going to fight for you, stand up for yourself and run for your dreams, these type of people tend to only succeed later in life. However, more than success, you want to be respected and valued by everyone, i know how aware and careful you can be of the image you convey to others. you put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders because you feel failure, the idea of not succeeding terrifies you and that's why you never feel proud of yourself. you always want to make sure that everyone sees what you're doing, to prove your worth. the truth is that you are the only person that needs to know your worth, sure people perceiving you the way you want and as someone who has all their life together feels amazing, but do you really have your life together? Are you truly happy?
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and it is take a step back and find what success truly means to you in your own eyes, not in other people's eyes. learn how to appreciate all you have accomplished, and find value within you.
saturn in the 11th house
if you have saturn in the 11th house, you prefer having deep and committed connections in your life, other than superficial ones. you have a lot of maturity and that's why you tend to only have older friends. you don't like to show off your life, you are the type of person to be a millionaire but nobody knows, because showing off material possessions makes you uncomfortable and you view it as not necessary at all, you would never flaunt what you own. with saturn in the 11th house, you fear losing yourself in the collective. you fear not standing out in the crowd, not making a change, not being remembered by the amazing person you know yourself to be. you fear not making a difference in this society, also in your friend group, family and work, and for that reason you may have a tendency to have intrusive thoughts and isolate yourself for long periods of time. above all, you fear being someone labeled as anyone, being labeled just like every other person. you work very hard and you know it, but you still have the fear of not being recognized in your unconscious mind. beyond all of this, saturn in this house is quite a powerful and good placement.
however, saturn is still trying to teach you a lesson, and it is to let go of your fears surrounding your value as a person. remind yourself that everybody is unique, and you are no exception.
saturn in the 12th house
if you have saturn in the 12th house you are very anxious, repressed and suspicious, and a person who tends to feel guilty and take the pain of the world for themselves. you will always decide to suffer alone, making your pain invisible to those you deal with on a daily basis. you prefer not to expose your problems to others because you feel an inexplicable guilt in doing so. you can easily set yourself up for failure, because you try to face the world on your own rather than seeking help from others, and this is not healthy. saturn in the 12th house restricts your peace of mind, there is a solitary side to you and an extreme inner loneliness, it doesn't matter where you are or with who you are. Saturn in the 12th house natives have an underlying fear of losing something that compels them to take on more than they can comfortably handle. From a very young age, you felt the world being too harsh on you, it felt like you carried it on your shoulders, not giving you space to appreciate all those years that were supposed to be amazing. due to all this, you always had maturity beyond your years. There is an interesting characteristic to you and the way you deal with chaos, and it is by putting up with composure and a certain detachment that allows you to deal with these situations. you have a lot of secrets relating to your father, or he may have never been that present in your life physically or emotionally. There is an underlying issue really present with this placement and it's the fear of being alone, but you were always able to distract yourself from it, either by being consumed with other people's problems or just by helping them.
saturn here is teaching you a lesson, and it is to grip your weaknesses, learn to conquer your unconscious fears, and set realistic boundaries for yourself. don't get too caught up in your imagination, the world is simply in front of you, face it.
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itscupidsaki · 19 days ago
Astrology Observations 111: Mother Nature theme
Disclaimer: I am not a professional astrologer, this post is based off my own observations, experiences and research.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌿 Taurus placements are huge nature lovers and seem to be recharged when in calming/nature-like environments.
🐢 Aquarius placements are huge animal lovers. They’re the type to have a whole zoo in their home and/or adopt unusual pets such as parrots, fishes, lizards, hamsters, monkeys…
🧩The most intimidating placements I’ve met are Capricorn, Saturn 1st/dominants, chart ruler-Saturn. Compared to everyone else they tend to demand respect without needing to ask. People are also afraid of their presence and wouldn’t try messing with them. This is usually from tough upbringings and responsibilities being thrown into them from a young age. This causes them to place barriers everywhere to protect themselves and their energy.
🍏 Another honourable mention are Lilith individuals. Harsh/negative Lilith-Asc, Lilith-chart ruler, Lilith-MC, Lilith-personal planets. Regardless of what their planetary placements are, these people somehow come across as violent, dark and intimidating to others. These placements are very difficult to have. It’s usually portrayed as being ‘eye candy’ for others, when in reality these people faced alienation, blame and mistreatment. They were secluded and abandoned by society which caused them to become somewhat rebellious and confident by owning their prescence and body. This gains them a lot of admirers, but at the same time people are repulsed by them and their actions.
🍀 Sun or moon in the first house are both self-focused placements. Especially conjunct the ascendant they both seek attention and recognition. Moon in the first tend to have round features (round face, eyes, nose tip), whereas sun in the first have strong squared features, like chiseled jawlines.
🌵I’ve noticed some Sagittarius placements want to be seen as ‘loud’ and will try their best to be the loudest person in the room. It’s like an honour to them.
👒 Libra, Cancer & Pisces placements are often written as frail and weak, just because they choose to be kind to others. The ones I’ve met will always treat everyone with the same respect they would want themselves. Though people underestimate their kindness as weakness. They’re also quite forgiving signs that will usually always give people the benefit of the doubt. These placements would have your back even in the worst of moments.
🔋Cancer and Scorpio placements collecting random junk, incase it’ll come in handy in the future.
🍃Air signs really are social butterfly’s no matter how anti social they may feel/seem. Aquarius’ tends to be more online popular, whereas libra’s and Gemini’s are social in real life. They seem to have multiple benefitial contacts and are able to be friendly with anyone.
🐸 We often hear about Cancer rising with moon resemblance, softer, rounder features, though the other half of them tend to resemble the carb, with sharp jaws, long but thin oval shaped heads.
Tumblr media
Admiration & Envy
There are various reasons people may admire you. By looking at your prominent placements we’re able to see what those qualities are and what traits may be easier for you to gain.
E.g Having placements such as sun aspecting Ascendant or MC will make it easier for you to emit traits such as confidence which then would = admiration/envy from others. Same with other placements and their qualities. Simply having sun-asc wouldn’t always give the native confidence especially if it’s negatively aspected, debilitated, etc. Just like how someone without Sun-Asc/MC could have extreme confidence within in themselves.
What qualities may be easier for you to obtain?
Sun-Asc/MC, Sun 1st/10th/dom, Sun as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be self-expressive, confident and likeable by other by just being yourself. Able to understand themselves and their ego easier than others.
Moon-Asc/MC, Moon 1st/10th/dom, Moon as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be in tune with your emotions, nurture and comfort masses of people and make people love you and your presence by being openly emotional.
Mercury-Asc/MC, Mercury 1st/10th/dom, Mercury as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be talkative, communicate with various people, be expressive and likeable for your witty nature. Has the ability to charm people with their words.
Mars-Asc/MC, Mars 1st/10th/dom, Mars as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to express your passions, enthusiasm, determination and driven nature to others. Easier to be in touch with your sexual nature.
Venus-Asc/MC, Venus 1st/10th/Dom, Venus as chart ruler or aspecting: Easier to be in touch with beauty, arts and gain admirers through it. Easier for you to be loving and charming and be seen as delightful. Easier for you to be in touch with your sensual nature.
Saturn-Asc/MC, Saturn 1st/10th/Dom, Saturn as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be structured, responsible and driven. Easier for you to work for and gain success while being viewed as kingly and respected by others.
Jupiter-Asc/MC, Jupiter 1st/10th/Dom, Jupiter as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be optimistic, enthusiastic and abundant. Is seen as lucky and blessed by others and has the ability to be seen a teacher and expand the views/knowledge of many.
Neptune-Asc/MC, Neptune 1st/10th/Dom, Neptune as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be intuitive, creative, imaginative and being able to captivate people with your dreamy nature.
Uranus-ASC/MC, Uranus 1st/10th/dom, Uranus as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier for you to be unique, stand out from the crowd and be innovative. Easier for you to introduce people to new ways/styles/manners.
Pluto-Asc/MC, Pluto 1st/10th/dom, Pluto as Chart ruler or aspecting: Easier to find your inner power and be seen as powerful by others. Easier for you to be in control, be transformative and be able to transform those around you.
If you’re someone who doesn’t have a certain planet placement, that doesn’t mean you won’t have those qualities. Anyone can gain, or achieve those qualities. You can be very skilled with communication without having prominent Mercury. By teaching yourself matters of that planet, you will simply learn to embody it in your own way.
🪲There are two types of libras. The ones that are afflicted by what others think of them and the ones that simply don’t care.
🦚 Saturn-NN/Pluto… how are you holding up? Everything okay? (Pssst check up on your Saturn-pluto friends, they’d appreciate it). This placement has definitely dealt with it all. Hardship after pain after hardship. Well done on everything you’ve done so far. You deserve all the success you’ve worked for.
🌱 Saturn-Moon: Are you okay too? Hang in there buddy. No more restricted emotions. Let it all out baby.
🌲Whenever I meet pisces moons and risings the first thing I always notice about them are their eyes, they’re always very pretty. They stand out in some way, whether it’s the colours, the shape or the way they gaze.
🎍Whereas with Pisces suns, it’s more their presence and personality that stands out and is very alluring and dreamy.
Tumblr media
Retrograde Planets:
I always read about how retrograde planets will portray the opposites of it’s traits. Which is definitely true, though I’ve also noticed how for some people it can actually cause them to emit their qualities even more. Especially if the planet is heavily aspected. As the native feels as if they’re at a loss with these particular traits and it causes them to seek it out even more.
Mercury retrograde can signify issues with communication. I’ve noticed some may have or had speech impediments (lisps, stutters, stammers), anxiety, fear of speaking or expressing thoughts. Though as they grow this fear may slowly fade and often these natives can become more talkative than when Mercury is direct. They become extremely expressive, analytic and have exceptional communication skills.
Venus retrograde may have had issues with love and relationships. Feeling at a lack in that department, though I’ve noticed will be the ones more interested and obsessed with romance, beauty, arts and creativity. They seek venusarian qualities more than Venus direct individuals.
Mars retrograde individuals may have had issues with anger and expressing their passions. They may have had difficulties asserting themselves and placing boundaries. Though as they grow they reclaim their Martian qualities and might actually become more aggressive than mars direct. They will also want to come across as more bold, courageous and passionate.
Jupiter retrograde individuals may have always felt quite unlucky, misfortunate and pessimistic. Though as they grow, they may embody Jupiterian qualities strongly, choosing to become extremely positive people attracting abundance. They would also want to be able to learn, teach and expand their wisdom more so than Jupiter direct individuals.
Saturn retrograde individuals may have felt like they lacked and struggled with structure, boundaries and responsibility. As they grow they may start becoming quite strict with themselves and/or structuring their life out with diets, lists and routines more than Saturn direct individuals.
Neptune retrograde individuals may have had issues with their imagination, creativity and intuition. They would see the world in a grey lense and often lacked the abilities to enjoy dream-like moments. Though as they grow they may seek those qualities and would take if even further than Neptune direct individuals, by day-dreaming frequently, getting in touch with their intuition, creative and imaginative side.
Uranus retrograde individuals may have felt like they weren’t special, they may have felt like they’re just common and compliant. As they grow older, this might cause them to seek Uranus qualities more than Uranus direct individuals. They may end up being rebellious, refusing to follow social norms and find new ways to make themselves unique and stand out. Like dressing in a unique manner, dyeing their hair unconventional colours.
Pluto retrograde individuals may have grown up avoiding/fearing authoritative roles, power, transformation, death and sex. Though as they grow they may crave power even more than Pluto direct individuals, desire leadership roles or simply they are very accepting towards taboo topics such as death and sex.
🌳The biggest indicator I’ve found for ‘promiscuous people’ or individuals open about taboo topics are to do with your 8th house ruler. In western or Vedic, if you have 8th house ruler in the 10th house, conjunct MC or in the 1st house it can indicate this. 10th house is your reputation, public image, and any placement in there is viewed out in the open. 8th house: secrets, your sexual matters and it’s lord is placed plain as day in the 10th for everyone to see. With 8th lord in the 1st you openly exude 8th house matters and it’s a part of your persona and how you present yourself.
🥦 Aries placements will always stand up for others and what they believe is right. They also won’t bad mouth people unless they’ve done something to upset/annoy them.
🧃Gemini placements learning a new talent every 20 minutes.
🧤The reason why Leo placements are so loved by other is because of how open their hearts are. They’re literally the people to say ‘I love you’ a lot and hug everybody.
🐾 Leo parents will spoil you with affection and gifts, but at the same time will spend just as much on themselves. Have you heard of parents that would rather give it all to their child? Well Leo parents believe in 60-40, my kids gets some but I also deserve some too.
🪴Libra and Aquarius placements falling in love, when theyre introduced to a new fictional character.
🐛People always assume Libras seek out attractive partners, but in my experience they always end up obsessing over someone that’s plain average or both Ugly and attractive at the same time.
🌲The most publicly emotional person I’ve met, had moon conjunct jupiter in Leo. They would cry about everything. The most emotionally closed off person I’ve ever had moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. They would take their emotions to the grave, they would rather pass away than show people what they are feeling.
📚 9th house placements/stelliums being teachers pets. 🥕🐰 Teachers love these placements because of how studious, enthusiastic and eager they are to learn and expand their knowledge. If egotistical/malefic planets are in here, (Sun, Mars, Saturn..) there may also be conflict with authorities and teacher figures. Like sun in 9th would be the one correcting the teacher and calling them out if they believe they’re wrong. They would also have ego clashes with them.
🥗 6th house placements/stelliums know if you’ve been in their room or touched their things. They’ve precisely placed things everywhere and if they noticed something moved/is missing they’ll start plotting your funeral. NOTE: DON’T TOUCH THEIR THING
🦜Pisces/12th house placements/stelliums being partially in another dimension and questioning why they’re on earth and not in a Harry Potter FanFiction.
Tumblr media
Venus & enhancing your features
Which ever house and sign Venus is placed in, can show the body parts and features that people may find attractive on you. You can then enhance those features to gain more attention and appear more attractive.
Venus in 1st/Aries: Your face, head, eyes & overall appearance. You can enhance these features by wearing makeup, dressing in a fashionable manner; wearing headwear (hats, headbands, hair clips) & glasses/sunglasses.
Venus in 2nd/Taurus: Your voice, throat, neck, mouth. You can enhance these features by wearing necklaces/chokers; lip makeup/piercings.
Venus in 3rd/Gemini: Your Shoulders, arms & hands. You can enhance these features by wearing shoulderless tops; flattering clothing for the arms; wearing hand jewellery; nail varnish/false nails.
Venus in 4th/Cancer: Your chest, stomach & breasts. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that flatter those areas.
Venus in 5th/Leo: Your back & upper back. You can enhance these feature by wearing clothing that show off your upper back or having marks such as tattoos there.
Venus in 6th/Virgo: Your Abdomen & anus… 💀. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that flatters those areas, like crop tops, fitted shirts, etc. What you’re comfortable in.
Venus in 7th/Libra: Your Skin, buttocks & lower back. You can enhance those features by wearing clothing that make them stand out, such as backless tops, fitted clothing for the lower region; skincare/makeup/designs/tattoos.
Venus in 8th/Scorpio: Your Genitals & nose. You can enhance these features by using your sensual energy (in a way you’re comfortable); wearing nose jewellery/piercings.
Venus in 9th/Sagittarius: Your Hips & thighs. You can enhance those features by wearing clothing that make those areas stand out, like fitted trousers.
Venus in 10th/Capricorn: Your Knees, Bones & teeth. You can enhance these features by wearing clothing that shows off the knees and your bone structure; flashing teeth/taking care of teeth.
Venus in 11th/Aquarius: Your Calves, shins & ankles. You can enhance those features by showing off those areas; wearing ankle brackets; shoes/clothing that flatter the lower legs.
Venus in 12th/Pisces: Your Feet & toes. You can enhance these features by wearing shoes that’ll flatter your feet and stand out; pedicures and nail varnish.
🫑 Virgo placements cut people out their lives just like that. If you’re not compatible with their values, you’re out.
🐊 Earth signs really don’t like small talk, especially Capricorns. They want to get to the point and have it over with. Their emails and requests can come across as somewhat rude sometimes, due to the straightforwardness. But once you’re part of their life they’re sure to text you loads and send you a bunch of links to videos and articles they enjoy.
🪨 Air signs on the other hand, use small talk as a way of building connections. But once you’re a part of their life, be prepared to stay on read for weeks. These people’s closest family and friends usually don’t even get replies back. I believe that air signs mentally reply to messages.
📗 Water signs like deep talk. Doesn’t matter if they just met you, they wanna trauma dump together. Which is why creative work and the arts are something they enjoy, as it’s another way for them to express their sentiments into a piece of work.
🪀 Fire signs just enjoy conversations in general. I also noticed they prefer routine, such as greeting them every day or sending ‘goodnight’ messages, even if there might not have been a conversation that day.
Tumblr media
All images were taken from Pinterest
I wish you all the best blessing and abundance. Let your life be filled with positivity and Joy. Allow yourself to be at peace and feel serenity through yourself. Sending you all the love you desire.
Lots of Love & Luck
ItsCupidSaki 🕊
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jojoangelley · a month ago
Note: Angel here, I just want to say that this post contains themes that could be uncomfortable to someone so please consider before reading! Also,this is all about Mars,Lilith and Eros so check out your signs and houses.These are based on my observations/discussion/survey so take whatever resonates with you. Thank you as always! Happy weekend and enjoy reading ❤🥰
FOR 18+
TW: sex, kinks, insecurity, slut-shamed and sex addiction
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌹Mars in Cancer wants to be touched during sex always because they want to feel the affection of their partner through touching.
🌹If you want to arouse Leo Mars, just trace your fingers along their spine and kiss their shoulders then it would do. These people are suckers for idle touch.
🌹 Don’t rush Taurus Mars in sex, they find it rude and turned-off. Our baby bull needs to take their time in doing the deed.
🌹Mars in Aquarius can be experimental but not as Mars-Uranus aspects. Mars-Uranus would go all the way trying everything, but Aquarius Mars would want to try out different yet common positions, they don’t always go freaky like Mars-Uranus.
🌹 Lilith in 12th has grown up being taught that sex is a sin and they shouldn’t talk about it. (Can be either religious reason or their surroundings are conservative)
🌹Not only Mars-Jupiter but also Mars-Pluto/Saturn aspects have high sex drive.
🌹 Don’t be surprised if Gemini Mars teases the hell out of you in bed, that’s just their nature. They like to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for their partners.
🌹Mercury-Mars aspects or Mars in 3rd, 6th and 8th houses love oral both giving and receiving.
🌹Having Mars in Capricorn doesn’t mean that they want to be dominant all the time. They want to be dominated sometimes and allow their partners to do so if they want. Especially when they are still inexperienced, they would want someone who is more skilled to lead them on.
🌹Mars-Pluto/Scorpio Mars/Mars in 8th house like to hold onto something during doing it so they either hold your hand or hold your neck (choking).
Note: do that neck thing to Taurus Mars, they love it.
🌹Moon/Venus/Mars in Gemini/Virgo or in 3rd/6th house could discover sex/their kinks through reading. It could be through erotica, imagines, scenarios, etc…
🌹Mars in Virgo often hesitant towards sex because they might be insecure about their bodies and their skills. Please tell them they are great everytime you do it.
🌹Also, Mars in Virgo or 6th doesn’t mean that they would want to have clean sex, sweats and body fluid truly turn them on because they can see it as being passionate.
🌹 Please stop with the “Pisces Mars has foot fetish”! Just because Pisces rules the feet doesn't mean that they would have it to be honest!
🌹Lilith in 1st love being seduced, by wearing sexy outfit or lustful actions would draw them in a lot.
🌹Lilith in 1st and Lilith – Ascendant aspects could behave themselves in the way people consider to be sexual and they could be slut-shamed for that but that just the way they naturally act.
🌹Lilith in 8th house could be shamed for their sexual capacities.
🌹Lilith in 10th could be shamed the way they dress.
(Anyone who shames you is insecure and jealous. Be yourself, wear and do whatever you want to!)
🌹Mars in Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) or houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) can switch position a lot or like positions that are switching (capable of being in control and receiving without changing).
🌹I have mentioned before that Mars signs with twin symbol (Gemini, Libra and Pisces) always looking for mutual satisfaction. They want to please their partners and being pleased in return.
🌹And Leo Mars don’t want to be worshipped in bed. The stereotypical astrology is making them sound like a dictator! They are truly caring for their partners and would do everything to please them.
🌹Mars/Eros in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) or in Water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) have highest sex drive.
🌹Mars/Eros in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) or in Earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) have strongest stamina.
🌹Contrary to the stereotype Cancer Mars is keen on rough sex more while Aries Mars prefer soft one.
🌹Eros in Taurus or 2nd house might like using toys or giving gifts that would be use in service for sex to their partner.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌹The last 6 Mars signs include Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces or from 6th to 12th house are incline to be into Kamasutra.
🌹Eros in Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius or in 3rd, 9th, 11th houses can be into making sex tapes.
🌹Fire Mars (Aries, Leo and Scorpio) gets bad notoriety in bed in Astrology and I don’t like that at all. They can be as affectionate as much as Water Mars, as attentive as Earth Mars and as sensual as Air Mars. Most importantly, they are not selfish in bed!
🌹Mars in Taurus or in 2nd house be acting all noble but they will be metaphorically making sex jokes.
🌹For Aries Mars they will make sex jokes in their literal meanings.
🌹Lilith in the 3rd house has sexy voice but can be not vocal in bed. (speak up you guys)
🌹Mars in Sagittarius is the risk taker in bed. Be careful for unwanted accidents.
🌹Eros in 12th house in any sign could make individual fantasize about sex a lot.
🌹The different between Mars-Neptune and Mars-Pluto when they fantasize about sex is: Mars-Neptune would think of vanilla sex and Mars-Pluto would think of rough sex. (the harder the Mars-Pluto aspect, the higher level of BDSM they would think).
🌹Eros-Uranus could be into quickies.
🌹Eros in Aries/Sagittarius/Capricorn/Aquarius or in 1st, 9th, 10th and 11th are most likely to not being mind sharing about their sex lives or sex knowledge.
🌹Eros/Mars retrograde people could wait for a long time to have sex.
🌹Mars/Eros in Scorpio or 8th house could have a thing for bondage/shibari.
🌹Lilith in Scorpio or 8th house could be addicted to sex and might need to seek for therapy.
🌹Lilith in Virgo or 6th house can be taken back by sex because somehow the idea of it is unhygienic to them.
🌹Mars in 4th house want to have sex with the person they want to make a family with, these people might save themselves for the right person (could also apply to Virgo Mars/Venus).
🌹On the contrast, Cancer Mars is the real player to be honest. They like seeking for one night stand or friend with benefit.
(Seeking for one night stand or friend with benefit isn’t a bad thing, sex is human’s basic needs and it could be a relief to those whom looking for sex without any attachment. I hope people don’t create any prejudice to them and whoever does it)
🌹Mars/Eros in Capricorn or in 10th house could like the idea of having sex with an (way too) older partner.
🌹Lilith in 4th could prefer doing it in their safe places like in their houses, apartments, bedrooms, etc… only than going to hotel or places that are unfamiliar to them.
🌹Lilith in 5th/Leo might hate the idea of pregnancy so they could despise breeding kink but Mars in 5th/Leo could be really into it.
🌹Lilith in 2nd house might want to make business out of sex so usually this is a common placement for sex workers (also Lilith in 10th).
🌹Lilith in Libra and Aquarius or in 7th or 11th could be famous if they do onlyfans, might get hate as well.
🌹Mars/Eros in Sagittarius or 9th house like the idea of having sex in foreign countries/with people from different backgrounds or vacation sex.
🌹Libra Mars, Leo Mars, Taurus Mars and Cancer Mars like using scented candles in the bedroom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© @jojoangelley all rights reserved 2021
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normal-horoscopes · 6 hours ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: Dreams and visions are one thing, evil messages carved into your bedroom wall are another. Maybe listen to those.
Taurus: Fear not Taurus, sometimes people will arrange colors and symbols to depict things. They are called “images“ and they cannot hurt you.
Gemini: There’s an angel rooting around in your trash.
Cancer: In the hidden catacombs beneath your home town lies a strange and furtive half-human people known as “The French.“
Leo: Drinking motor oil will not give you powers. Unless you consider dying a power.
Virgo: I asked for today’s horoscope but the stars just said a really long and complicated string of numbers that they refused to repeat. I hope that wasn’t important.
Libra: Guess who’s getting marooned! That’s right! Its you!
Scorpio: When I asked for today’s horoscope the stars gave me a hand-drawn picture of what looked like former American president Jimmy Carter being crushed by a giant Beyblade.
Ophiuchus: The stars ask you to consider the question: “Wouldn’t it be fucked up if they made ketchup illegal?“
Sagittarius: Memories are written in sand, they shift and change as time passes.
Capricorn: Stomachaches are the honey of life. They happen if you eat a bunch of flowers.
Aquarius: Nobody is untalented, far from it. There are only skills left unpracticed.
Pisces: Tomorrow you will be abducted by aliens who teach you karate. Wear light clothing and bring some protein bars.
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saintzjenx · 2 months ago
🕊"Every saint has a bee in their halo."
—Saturn in the Houses & The Sky has no limits 🏛🪐
Tumblr media
check out more quality posts @ my masterlist II & masterlist I 🤎🤎🤎
Hey guys its Jenx here and I'm back with the Saturn in the houses post just as promised. Enjoy loves,
— Unlike Venus, Saturn is not a soft planet. While Saturn travels at a leisurely pace, Mars travels swiftly. Jupiter is the star's cheerleader, not Saturn. Schedules, work, and passions are a roadmap that guide you on your path in life for yourself and others. It is plentiful with significance of obtaining: tasks, education, a career, and responsibility. Engagement affects everyone. Saturn talks to you about your errors more than your successes. He is our cosmic alarm. Don't discuss big stories or scandal with Saturn.  Saturn will not make a commitment until it is kept.Saturn takes business seriously. Saturn is the one we can always rely on. Your growth is related to Saturn. Wisdom is derived from what you've seen, done, and experienced. All that Saturn taught you can only help you educate others. Saturn is that soil, from our childhood and youth through our challenges, duties, and accomplishments. Let's not treat Saturn as a simple keyword. And let's see Saturn for what he really is. 🤎
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Saturn in the first
Natives of Saturn in the First House are mature, fiery, self-starters. They are loyal and trustworthy, and they despise disappointing others. They will have a take-charge, domineering demeanor. They might be outspoken or powerful and silent. They were born to be the boss, no matter how they display it. They are entrepreneurial, but they also value tradition. They mix innovative ideas with tried-and-true methods. As a result, Saturn in the First House has a regular structured routine, which makes Saturn happy, as well as a joyful creative outlet, like as music, to satisfy that First House drive for self-expression. Because musicians must rehearse, the First House is a fantastic venue for them to spend their Saturdays. Saturn understands that practice is necessary for success, and Saturn desires success! In addition, the First House wishes to create an impression in this life. They are not content to play it safe or live their lives on the sidelines. Saturn will therefore be of assistance here, calming any First House impetuosity and adding more than a dash of cautious forethought. SUGGESTIONS Don't tell them what they should do. They want to find things out for themselves via trial and error. They don't mind going through this procedure since Saturn in the First House doesn't have to do it right the first time. They understand that everything worthwhile requires patience, and they are prepared to learn from their failures. Natives of Saturn in the First House are aged before their time. Some of them may even claim to have been born elderly. It's written all on their faces. They have smart eyes, regardless of whether they sparkle or are sad. They were most likely assigned responsibilities as youngsters that well surpassed what was reasonable. They may have had to parent one or both of their parents or siblings. This is the classic latch-key child, who is not necessarily mistreated or abused but is regarded like an adult, and Saturn in the First House children do their best to rise to the occasion. It is natural for people to accept responsibility for themselves and others, whether or not they are in dissatisfaction. The ideal employment for a Saturn in the First House individual is one in which they can work hard, even incessantly, and exercise control or influence over others, and I mean this in a positive manner. Jobs in which Saturn in the First House can safeguard others are also suggested. Consider police officers, security guards, military professions, a UN peacekeeper, firefighters, and other types of inspectors. Consider any career where you are paid to be serious! For Saturn in the First House, a job as an investigative photojournalist in a warzone presenting harsh news and photographs would be ideal. People with planets in the First House seek an adventurous existence. Saturn in the First House has such a serious side to the personality and attitude on life that it will appear regardless of what else is going on in the chart. Remember that these locals are passionate, thus their careers and lives must reflect this. They can't just go to work and come home every day. For Saturn in the First House, all work and no recreation is a risk. Saturn in the First House is an adult. They can handle adult responsibilities, but they can also be irritable. There is a tendency to be bossy, dominating, and even nasty at times. They have the potential to be depressing. Many people find them "too serious," and they have difficulty relaxing and letting their guard down. They get secluded and believe that there are no actual friends in the world. Above all, those with Saturn in the First House are continually working. They never get a day off, so these locals will benefit from friends and loved ones who can help them see the bright side of life and get them away from work for a day (or more!). Go ahead and give it a go!). They will be work-obsessed, authority-obsessed, and may even be an authority figure themselves, and they will be offended if you criticize their tried-and-true life practices. Don't forget to have fun too okay?
Saturn in the second
Saturn is located in the Second House. The planet Venus and the earth sign Taurus are linked with the Second House. Saturn in the Second House earns their money by hard effort. They put forth a lot of effort to earn every dime. There is no way to sugarcoat the reality. They may be brilliant at their profession and at generating money, but Sat- urn in the Second House does not have an easy time of it. Hard days, long hours, the adage "no free lunch" may apply to this Saturn placement. As a result, the Saturn in the Second House individual must roll up their sleeves, get to work, and accept that this is a life-long condition. It is not a punishment, despite the fact that it may appear to be at times. That said, it's even more crucial that those born with Saturn in the Second House find a career and a manner to generate money that feels right for them, because they'll have to labor themselves to the bone anyhow. They might as well take the time and make the effort to locate exactly what they need, both professionally and financially, to be happy. SUGGESTIONS Don't teach them how to make a living. They must make their own decisions. Keep in mind that Saturn travels slowly. Saturn travels slowly magnified by a hundred in the Second House. Saturn in the Second House should have them finding out their desired vocation by the time they are in high school, ideally sooner. Remember that Saturn influences both our life path and our fate. Saturn in the Second House has a "daily grind" fate and will never be joyful unless this fate is addressed and accepted, and the best vocation for the native is selected! Another example of how Saturn in the Second House may manifest itself. There are people that do not need to work or earn a daily paycheck in order to pay their rent, mortgage, or expenses. They either inherited money, married it, or earned it all themselves and retired. They don't have to be concerned about money coming in or going out. It isn't infinite, though it can feel that way at times. The Second House, however, does not only govern earned income; it also governs our sense of self-worth. Saturn in the Second House folks will experience this difficulty, not in terms of money in the bank, but in terms of esteem, and they will have to work endlessly hard to increase theirs, to invest in theirs, to have plenty on hand, plenty to spare, and plenty left over, and it will seem like labor to them. This procedure becomes their responsibility. It may require counseling or any number of cal-listhenic self-development methods. Just as the worker must roll up their sleeves and go to work, so must the one who does not have to worry about making money. The perfect profession for Saturn in the Second House is one you are totally in love with, a vocation you pursue with tenacity and never give up on. Do not squander your time with mediocre jobs, phony passions, or doing what others believe you should do. It will only work in the short term. The Second House is related with the planet Venus, which controls art, beauty, and style, therefore Venus occupations will benefit you and you will benefit them. Finance is also a good choice because the Second House is one of the money houses. Saturn in the Second House might work as an accountant, financial counselor, stockbroker, stage designer, architect, makeup artist, aesthetician, hairdresser, fashion designer, or model. You may be a painter, filmmaker, sculptor, arts administrator, or museum director. If you are an artist, you will not merely scribble away as a pastime; you will have a strategy for your work and will be able to make it a true job. Because the Second House is related with the throat, you might be a vocalist.
Saturn in the Second House, at its finest, will bring financial discipline into your life. You'll figure out how to budget and live within your means. You will have enough money saved for a rainy day and yet have more left over. You can genuinely make money with this placement. You will not go hungry unless you let the lean months or years that drained you down. Saturn frequently makes us feel as if we are incapable of meeting a task, but Saturn also bestows power and authority in the house in which it is positioned, so the fact is that you may be the boss of money rather than money or money fear being the boss of you. People with Saturn in the Second House, at their worst, don't feel they deserve wonderful things. Yes, you must work to earn your daily bread (whether it is money or esteem), but this does not exclude you from enjoying and reveling in luxury and pleasure. After all, you worked hard for it! Saturn in the Second House can adopt a minimalist approach to life and never make a frivolous purchase. They may get preoccupied with clipping coupons and shopping for bargains. At its worst, Saturn in the Second House may be frugal with oneself and others. They may be so terrified of going without, of not having enough, of having to work so hard for everything that they will preserve everything but never enjoy it. Dear Saturn in the Second House, don't let your daily grind deprive you of the rewards of your efforts. Finding job that you enjoy will free you.
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Saturn in the third
The planet Mercury and the air sign Gemini are related with the Third House. Saturn is serious, and Saturn will show its seriousness wherever it appears in the birth chart. Saturn in the Third House, on the other hand, appears to be a paradoxical match. Without the presence of Saturn, the Third House may be rapid thinking and rapid talking, the house of writing and communication, as well as the house of commerce. It's a crowded house. It communicates with its hands, sometimes incessantly! It can get a bit out of hand in there. However, Saturn in this house will make communication serious and potentially molasses sluggish. This placement might cause a person to be quiet or silent, as though they are unsure of what they have to say. On the plus side, because the Third Home is the house of writing, Saturn in the Third House will be wonderful discipline for authors or those who aspire to be authors. They will find it simple to plot and arrange their novels, poetry, and essays. They draw outlines. They are obsessed with outlines. Their writing, on the other hand, will not flow smoothly or freely like someone with dreamy Neptune in the Third House, and they will almost certainly not exaggerate the facts like someone with Jupiter there. Saturn in the Third House is a storyteller, but the stories are most likely the hard truth and nothing but the harsh truth. SUGGESTIONS Don't say anything to them. Allow them to take their time. A writer or thinker with Saturn in the Third House will find it difficult to be spontaneous. Because Saturn will eliminate any frills that might make writing enjoyable to read, their work may be too bare bones. Saturn is not the same as Venus! The perfect career for a Saturn in the Third House individual is one that requires concentration and allows them to put their Saturnian concentra- tion to use. Consider a scientist. Consider yourself a researcher, writer, or editor who organizes thoughts and words. Saturn in the Third House necessitates mental work. Any type of analyst will do. People with Saturn in the Third House excel in vocations that demand manual dexterity or hand-eye coordination. Saturn in the Third House is disciplined, focused, has good hands, and a sharp mind. Consider a physician, an artist, a mechanic, an administrative assistant,a quick typist, a word processor who never makes a mistake, a painter who can produce lifelike portraits, mental focus, and patience for hours. Saturn in the Third House is stable at its finest. Saturn takes the scattered Third House's bustling thinking and harnesses it. It attaches a leash to it. It gets it to behave! It provides it with something to do! And when Saturn rules the intellect, the entire viewpoint on life is affected. As a consequence, they take life seriously, and we, in turn, treat them seriously. You will discover some of the most sensible and emotionally healthy people in the entire zodiac as long as they can keep their emotions regulated and their spirits elevated. At its worst, Saturn in the Third House might manifest as negative moods and ideas. Because the Third House is related with the intellect, Saturn in the Third House will bring us not only seriousness but also despair. Forget about the half-empty glass. These Indians don't even have a glass. This isn't true for every Saturn in the Third House, but there is a propensity for the mood to become gloomy, gloomy, and sluggish. Every natal Saturn in the Third House should be on the lookout for these gloomy clouds. Meanness and brutality are another challenging manifestations of Saturn in the Third House. Remember that Saturn is in command, and when combined with the Third House's excellent communication abilities, the worst-case scenario is verbal abuse. Depression or negative self-talk versus lash out are basically two sides of the same coin. Many persons born in the Third House need to learn to speak gently, both to themselves and to others. We know you have a hard time seeing on the bright side, Saturn in the Third House. Allow us to assist you in seeing the sun.
Saturn in the fourth
The Moon and the water sign Cancer are linked with the Fourth House. It is hard to discuss Saturn in the Fourth House without mentioning home, family, and the parents or primary caregivers. In this house, we also discuss about Saturn in a more intimate way than in some of the other houses. It's more psychological and to the point. The axis of the zodiac wheel known as the Tenth/Fourth House axis is commonly referred to as the parental axis. The Fourth House frequently depicts the mother, although it may also symbolize the father. It actually relies on the chart, the person's life experience, and the astrologer examining. I don't even know which residence is the mother's and which is the father's until I chat to the individual. And, because we're talking about home and family, Saturn in the Fourth House conversations will frequently focus on childhood and what life was like at home. Was it content? Isn't it sad? Is it traumatic? Fantastic? Was there a breakup? What about foster care? With Saturn present, we know there was a stumbling block of some type, and that the early years were not all flowers and but-terflies. Similar to Saturn in the First House, this native may have been assigned responsibilities that they were not prepared for or that were inappropriate for their age, like as caring for seniors in the home or other duties that were far more advanced than their youthful years. When you hear of a little child who is caring for their even younger siblings, dressing them for school and cooking all of the meals, this may be a Saturn in the Fourth House situation. SUGGESTIONS Don't overburden them with domestic responsibilities! Saturn in the Fourth House can also indicate the premature death of a parent or carer, as well as child maltreatment. It will occasionally appear in this manner since Saturn can be harsh and Saturn can be cruel, and the Fourth House represents our beginning in life. On a good day, Saturn is the kind and gentle father or mother who patiently teaches you vital life skills, but on a bad day, this same Saturn figure metes out unjust punishment. Saturn in the Fourth House can provide an extraordinarily stable home, with stable parents, but one in which life is quite controlled, with more regulations than playdates. The youngster may have been left alone for an extended period of time. But one thing is certain: with Saturn in the Fourth House, the parents were probably tougher and rougher than they needed to be, and/or the child felt the same way. Saturn was exhibited by one or both parents, and the kid internalized it. This Saturn energy is subsequently imprinted on the kid, and they, like their parents, become Saturn. It will be different for each child in terms of how it appears later in life. Will they try to smooth down any of Saturn's rough edges? Will they get even harsher? Maybe they'll find a happy medium. A Saturn in the Fourth House person's ideal employment is on the house, family, cooking, and children. This is where they feel most at ease and can flourish. Saturn in the Fourth House is no less of a boss than any other Saturn, but the realm here is domestic. Consider a childcare worker, a teacher, or a coach. Consider interior design. Gardening or lawn maintenance. The real estate market. Anything to do with homes. Any project may be done from home! Furniture for the home Nanny, mother, father, housekeeper, and house painter Hotels, motels, and cruise ships (all of which are temporary residences!). Saturn is not an emotive or sentimental planet, but the Moon is, and the Moon controls the Fourth House. You can notice the inconsistency. How can Saturn be beneficial in the Fourth House? At their finest, Saturn in the Fourth House people become outstanding parents or caregivers for family and home. They are a capable and self-assured disciplinarian who avoids Saturn's vicious side. People with Saturn in the Fourth House have limits, and they will nurture from a position of strength rather than insecurity. This is the parent that does not allow their child to walk all over them.
The roles are well defined. Saturn in the Fourth House, at its worst, is the controlling, punitive parent, even abusive and cruel. The Fourth House does not bring out the worst in Saturn. The Fourth House is the location where Saturn occurs. Saturn want to be at work. Saturn want to be a part of the world. Saturn want to be recognized for a job well done. Saturn, trapped at home in the private realm of the Fourth House, will be frustrated and will vent on those closest to it. I want to underline that this worst-case scenario is not a foregone conclusion. You may have Saturn in your Fourth House and be a wonderfully kind person who wouldn't kill a fly if you didn't have to. What I'm talking about here is a risk factor. Dear Saturn in the Fourth House, despite the fact that your early years were difficult, you have the rest of your life ahead of you. You have the ability to repair any previous wounds while also building your dream house.
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Saturn in the fifth
The Sun and the fire sign Leo are related with the Fifth House. Saturn in the Fifth House represents the artist—the genuine artist, not the dabbler. Saturn in the Fifth House is never satisfied with simply playing, having fun, or even enjoying life—which is what the Fifth House is all about. The Fifth House is the host of the party, but Saturn modifies the rules of wherever it is located. It stamps objects with the Saturn stamp, the serious stamp! Remember that Saturn creates an expert of us during our lifetime, therefore there will be Fifth House issues that this native will initially dread, then strive to tame, and finally dominate. Saturn always has a task to do and will make us unhappy if he can't accomplish it. Despite the pursed lips, serious countenance, and eyes of intense work, you will most likely see a flair for art and an inventive youngster with this placement. Those are creative images being conjured up, but they do not have soft Neptune wings. Instead, we discover a planner, an aspiring architect. Don't be concerned about what others think. You may have felt self-conscious in the beginning since you were more serious than the other kids at school or in your area. You didn't fit in, and you most likely still don't! However, if you have Saturn in the Fifth House or know someone who does, please be aware that this location does not truly lessen your radiance. What it does is inspire you to shine even brighter. Saturn in the Fifth House represents tenacity and inherent skill, and this combination will triumph! The perfect career for a Saturn in the Fifth House individual might manifest in a variety of ways. On the one hand, there's the track for creative artists. The Fifth House governs self-expression, therefore you must be yourself in your job and express yourself in whichever way you see fit. Remember, Saturn in the Fifth House, you must take yourself seriously (don't resist it!). You will ultimately take yourself seriously. You may convince yourself off of doing the most important task for years or decades. Saturn enjoys putting delays or impediments in our path. Saturn in the Fifth House as the artist can be any type of artist: visual, conceptual, the- ater, writing, photography, or graphic design. Everything is covered here. The more structure there is, the better. Saturn in the Fifth House, like Saturn in the Fourth House, may select and flourish in a child-centered profession: teaching, tutoring, childcare, nanny, education professor, CEO of a toy firm. Then there's the bettor. The Fifth House governs speculation and gaming, and a Saturn in the Fifth House may make this a vocation. Champion of poker The Fifth House governs all recreational and enjoyable activities. Another alternative is to work as a cruise director. Saturn in the Fifth House inspires individuals to have fun! Saturn in the Fifth House is a lion tamer at its finest. What I mean is that Saturn is the boss, the CEO, and she has the ability to shape, mold, and organize the Fifth House's wild creative energy. She takes the wild thing and educates and arranges it, whether it's for toddlers or adults performing the cha-cha on an Alaska cruise. When Saturn is in the Fifth House, people have a difficult time letting go and enjoying themselves. This is a joyful home, as lively as children are. It is in charge of games and parades! Saturn, who is normally reticent, will make the local here seldom, if ever, in the mood for pleasure, like the proverbial damp blanket, too reserved to grin. While everyone else is having a nice time at the party or at the pool, they are aware that there is work to be done.
Everyone else is having a good time, but not me, says Saturn, and Saturn in the Fifth House doesn't seem to mind. If Saturn is in the Fifth House, it's up to you to find out what's fun for you, regardless of whether it's fun for anybody else. Accept your serious nature and then use it to achieve your goals. Don't allow other people get you down. You are not a wet blanket; you simply have an important task to complete! Take your dedication and creativity all the way to the bank and up the success ladder. Dear Saturn in the Fifth House, you may not have the same amount of fun as the other kids, but you'll be creating universes when they're still in diapers.
Saturn in the sixth
The planet Mercury and the earth sign Virgo are related with the Sixth House. The Sixth House is related with health, work, and routine, and when Saturn rules these areas of life, they can become well-oiled machines or chronically ill. Saturn, at its finest, provides order, organization, and patterns that stick. "Sick" because Saturn, at its worst, is a brutal, brutal ruler who will deplete the body and psyche. If Saturn is in the Sixth House, you may have been a sickly youngster with several sensitivities or food allergies. Your parents searched out physicians and experts, as well as off-the-beaten-path healers, to assist you. You may have undergone surgery or been diagnosed with a condition, such as cancer. Saturn in the Sixth House at its most ferocious. Saturn in this House will transform you into a body guru. Because of your health issues and several doctor's appointments, you will know yours inside and out. You've most likely learnt how to repair yourself. SUGGESTIONS Be patient and kind to your body. Saturn in the Sixth House people are some of the toughest workers. They simply do not take a break. They feel accountable for their individual job at work as well as the overall performance of the company. Sat- urn in the Sixth House may go awry in this way by taking on too much responsibilities. When Saturn is in your Sixth House, you will note that the employer continues to pile on the work. They know you're good at it and that you'll get it done, with or without assistance. The medical industry is a good vocation for Saturn in the Sixth House. You are an excellent diagnostician who is certain of your findings. You'd make an excellent nurse, doctor, chiropractor, or paramedic (although paramedic or trauma-related healer might make some Saturn in the Sixth House people too nervous). You'd make an excellent energy healer, such as a Reiki master or other method. Your body has been intensely sensitive for as long as you can remember, but you can utilize it like a tuning fork to tune in to others and get insight into their health difficulties. Everything you drink or eat, as well as the environment you place yourself in, will effect you. You are one among the most sensitive persons in the zodiac. At times, you may be anxious, paranoid, or even a hypochondriac. However, as you get older, you'll learn to distinguish between worry and intuition and to trust your body's instincts and messages. The best job for you is one that will assist you in doing this. The more you assist others, the more you assist yourself. Anything associated to cleaning or purging energy or space, such as a witch or shamanic practitioner, is another perfect route or employment for you. In fact, you could be a witch already. You may also be a real home cleaner who enjoys cleaning windows, owns a housekeeping business, and can discover every single tiny thing that is wrong with a property. That's how good your eyesight is, whether it's your primary eyes or your third eye. You may be a smudge stick master or an expert at removing cobwebs from ceiling fans. Perhaps both! You enjoy anything that requires a lot of attention to detail. You catch everyone's blunders. Because the Sixth Home is also the house of the servant or subordinate, with Saturn here, you may be in command of all the workers, which is Saturn's way. Saturn assumes command! Saturn in the Sixth House, at its finest, gives discipline and structure to one's daily routines, which encompass anything from nutrition to job to exercise, as well as any personal routine.
When Saturn is in the Sixth House, it is simple to create order, but it might be difficult to do new things. You will stick to a diet if you start one. If you decide to clean the house every Tuesday, you will do so. You are a master of regularity and almost never miss a duty. Saturn gives dependability wherever it goes, but this trait is especially strong in the Sixth House, which is a dependable house even without Saturn. The sixth is the zodiac calendar, or datebook. When Saturn is in the Sixth House, it is simple to create order, but it might be difficult to do new things. When rigidity sets in, problems arise. The Sixth House should be adaptable, able to modify its opinion despite time constraints, and not have everything fixed in stone. You may need to change your eating habits. You might need to clean the house on Wednesday rather than Tuesday. What use is Saturn if we can't alter our ideas or make changes? That's not my job, Saturn says. At its worst, Saturn's influence here may make daily life excessively rigid and instill dread of altering anything, even if it makes you miserable. We see far too many difficult regulations, far too many institutions that have outlived their usefulness, and much too much effort. The workaholic with every stress-related ailment under the sun is represented by Saturn in the Sixth House. With this location, we also see autoimmune disorders and individuals who are unable to digest their feelings and experiences since the mind and body are both overworked. They are never fully at ease. Saturn in the Sixth House might cause health issues, but you may utilize your Saturn skill set to establish healthy structures for yourself, such as the nutrition, sleep, exercise, and job that are ideal for you. Medicine for the prevention of disease. Saturn in the Sixth House, you need to learn to rest.
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Saturn in the seventh
The planet Venus and the air sign Libra are linked with the Seventh House. The dedicated love connection is one of the Seventh House's key themes, and with Saturn in this house, finding that particular love connection of your dreams may be difficult. You will, without a doubt, become frustrated. Many of you have expended more than your fair share of effort in your life, searching high and low for this elusive love, and the absence of it has caused you anguish. You tell yourself, "I'm an authority on love." I assist my pals with all of their romantic troubles. Why can't I seem to find mine? This quest, however, can take years, if not decades, for Saturn in the Seventh House. Saturn postpones. Your standards are high—not excessively so, but high. Also, it is possible that the delay is not limited to a life partner. Close friends, individuals who understand you and see the true you, might be difficult to discover. Why is this so? You have a reserve (Saturn!) about you. There is a barrier. You have a hard time allowing others in. Keeping children at a safe distance seems so much safer. Some could even argue you're afraid of getting close, that it's more than just high standards. Fear of making a commitment. Marriage phobia Other people's fear. Because of your overbearing or forceful demeanor, this fear unknowingly pushes others away. Who wants to get that close? It's repulsive. Sometimes you remind me of a commander in the army. I don't intend to make you feel guilty, Saturn in the Seventh House, but I do want to point out that certain of your own actions can come in the way of your success. You're a tough cookie. And, despite Saturn's efforts to persuade you otherwise, you are not intended to shun relationships. You, like all Saturns, have your own set of lessons. In your situation, though, your teachings are inextricably linked to other individuals. You can't live life on your own, even if it's your inclination or wish, especially when you consider how complicated humans are! Another manifestation of this is a Saturn in the Seventh House person who has little difficulty finding love or close connection but takes their love or friendship very seriously. When they make a commitment, it is for life, and they never deviate. True to form! Saturn in the Seventh House might represent an older spouse, or it might represent you. It might also be a difference in maturity rather than a difference in age. With Saturn in the Seventh House, one of you is the Saturn, the elder, wiser, and more powerful of the two of you. On a more depressing note, a natal Saturn in the Seventh House might symbolize the loss of a spouse or a tough marriage, problematic spouse, or disease. The relationship will be difficult or severe in some way, including the selection of an abusive partner. Although these are worst-case situations, they do occur on occasion.
The planet Venus and the air sign Libra are linked with the Seventh House. The dedicated love connection is one of the Seventh House's key themes, and with Saturn in this house, finding that particular love connection of your dreams may be difficult. You will, without a doubt, become frustrated. Many of you have expended more than your fair share of effort in your life, searching high and low for this elusive love, and the absence of it has caused you anguish. You tell yourself, "I'm an authority on love." I assist my pals with all of their romantic troubles. Why can't I seem to find mine? This quest, however, can take years, if not decades, for Saturn in the Seventh House. Saturn postpones. Your standards are high—not excessively so, but high. Also, it is possible that the delay is not limited to a life partner. Close friends, individuals who understand you and see the true you, might be difficult to discover. Why is this so? You have a reserve (Saturn!) about you. There is a barrier. You have a hard time allowing others in. Keeping children at a safe distance seems so much safer. Some could even argue you're afraid of getting close, that it's more than just high standards. Fear of making a commitment. Marriage phobia Other people's fear. Because of your overbearing or forceful demeanor, this fear unknowingly pushes others away. Who wants to get that close? It's repulsive. Sometimes you remind me of a commander in the army. I don't intend to make you feel guilty, Saturn in the Seventh House, but I do want to point out that certain of your own actions can come in the way of your success. You're a tough cookie. And, despite Saturn's efforts to persuade you otherwise, you are not intended to shun relationships. You, like all Saturns, have your own set of lessons. In your situation, though, your teachings are inextricably linked to other individuals. You can't live life on your own, even if it's your inclination or wish, especially when you consider how complicated humans are! Another manifestation of this is a Saturn in the Seventh House person who has little difficulty finding love or close connection but takes their love or friendship very seriously. When they make a commitment, it is for life, and they never deviate. True to form! Saturn in the Seventh House might represent an older spouse, or it might represent you. It might also be a difference in maturity rather than a difference in age. With Saturn in the Seventh House, one of you is the Saturn, the elder, wiser, and more powerful of the two of you. On a more depressing note, a natal Saturn in the Seventh House might symbolize the loss of a spouse or a tough marriage, problematic spouse, or disease. The relationship will be difficult or severe in some way, including the selection of an abusive partner. Although these are worst-case situations, they do occur on occasion. SUGGESTIONS Never give up on love. Don't give up on finding your ideal spouse, no matter how long it takes. It is your destiny to seek and discover, to become an authority not only on the hunt for love, but also on manifestation for yourself! Saturn is in charge of time. When Saturn is involved, we are constantly obliged to take our time. Saturn will not continue to reject you indefinitely. A career where you can help couples or employees make peace is great for Saturn in the Seventh House: smoothing over difficult relationships, assisting with discussions between differing parties. Consider a marital counselor. Consider an advice columnist. Consider yourself a diplomat! Yes, Saturn in the Seventh House may even bring warring nations together! Even the most contentious discussions are calmed by your reasonable, objective demeanor. Saturn in the Seventh House is the devoted partner and worker, mature and dependable; you look before you leap, never rushing, and wait for the proper moment to commit, whether personal or professional. When you wait too long and miss opportunities, problems arise. At its worst, Saturn in the Seventh House will drag its heels and slow down the procedure to a crawl.
And, while you're filibustering and slowing things down, you may accuse the other person of being difficult! Some people criticize you for being overly dictatorial or dominant, but you can soften these harsh edges. All you have to do is be conscious of the propensity. Isn't it true that it's easier said than done? Without a doubt! But it wouldn't be Saturn unless it was! The more you soften Saturn's coolness and accentuate Saturn's serenity, as well as add a little honey, the better you'll feel and the better your outcomes will be. Dear Saturn in the Seventh House, you are the relationship expert, but it is your responsibility to follow your own counsel.
Saturn in the eight
The occult and paranormal are important themes in the Eighth House. People with planets in this house will be interested in these areas and may also have skills. Saturn's presence here undoubtedly indicates both of these—interest and ability—as well as the traditional Saturn worry or reluctance, that you wouldn't be good at them or that you should avoid them. You may feel as if there is a barrier between you and the Eighth House, or that you can never seem to find the time to study these studies. And, because we're talking about Saturn, one of your responsibilities in this life is to become an authoritative authority on these deep, eerie places. You may become a gifted psychic, medium, or ghost hunter. You might work as a researcher, investigator, or instructor of these riddles. One thing is certain: if you conquer your apprehension and become friends with your interest, you will go far. The question is, do you have the courage? The Eighth House is not for the faint of heart, and Saturn's influence will make it difficult for you. You will train despite your intuitive understanding and skill. You'll want to practice. Saturn is a constant. If you have Saturn in the Eighth House and are reading this, you might not trust me when I say you can do it. That's how powerful Saturn is—but the Eighth House pull is as potent! The Eighth House is obsessive and compulsive, and even the presence of Saturn, the steadfast, can't halt what's destined to be. SUGGESTIONS You must put Saturn to work and accept responsibility for your own dang brain and third eye, which might be daunting. If you have psychic talents, you may have gloomy and disturbing images since the Eighth House is related with the taboo and death. For example, you may come into a room and take up on all the negative emotions, even if they are from years ago. Years! Centuries! You'll sense it. You'll notice stuff. But, if there is an area of life that intrigues you and attracts you to it, don't be put off. You can learn to use the energy to your advantage. You may learn to master them rather than being mastered by them.
a And, to be honest, whether you pursue the occult or paranormal as a vocation or as a pastime, the vibes or visions aren't going away. You could have gotten screamed at as a child for predicting one's death date. Or you knew where someone's vehicle keys were, or you stated the truth while the adults around you told white lies. You knew too much, you spoke your truth, but you eventually learned to be quiet and hide your gifts in order to avoid being penalized for saying too much. You drew the dark, the mystery, from hiding. Saturn's ideal occupation in the Eighth House is that of a secret detector and discoverer of the hidden. Consider a psychologist. Consider psychics, mediums, and conversing to the dead. Consider any type of investigator. Consider a geologist, someone who investigates what is underneath the earth's surface. You may not be able to see it, but Saturn in the Eighth House can and most certainly wants to. The Eighth House also has various connotations. Saturn in the Eighth House is a natural accountant or sensible financial counselor because it is one of the money houses. Because the Eighth House is also related with sex, you may utilize it in conjunction with psychoanalysis to become a sex therapist. You may instruct folks on how to be intimate or have orgasms. It's the house behind closed doors, the things we won't discuss in "nice" company. When Saturn is in the Eighth House, this is your area of specialty. Saturn in the Eighth House, at its finest, acquires dominion over these secret regions and is therefore able to aid and heal individuals. We all need help with our finances, our sex life, and our dread of dying, Lord knows. These are forbidden subjects, and you are a brave leader for us in the underworld. You are the tour guide, psy- chopomp, leading us through what we are most afraid of, reducing our worries as you stand with us. At its worst, Saturn in the Eighth House would shun all things they must master, such as money management, the meaning of sex, death, the occult, emotional/spiritual closeness and bonding. You run instead of digging deep. And then escape some more. It is natural and typical for Saturn's presence here to limit your skill and ability. You will refuse to die (i.e. transform) and make the transition from beginner to adept take far longer than necessary. You see and accomplish things that no one else can, Saturn in the Eighth House. Don't give up, please.
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Saturn in the ninth
One of the major themes of the Ninth House is the teacher, the educator, and education, particularly higher education. We already know Saturn is a teacher and an expert, and the Ninth House is as well. When we see any planets in this home at all, we will frequently discover a teacher, be it a teacher of youngsters or college-age pupils or continuing edu- cation for elders. Ninth House instructors may not be classroom instructors, though, but teach- ers of life, the knowledgeable buddy who provides you advise. Saturn, on the other hand, develops the instructor who, at first, does not want to teach. He or she is the apprehensive instructor. Saturn in the Ninth House people might take years to mature into their fate, which is Saturn's overarching reign. Saturn is the thing we are destined to be, and most likely will be, but Saturn constantly makes us wait. The resistance is pre-programmed. Remember that Saturn is traditional, so if you do become a teacher (which I guarantee you will, in some form or another), you will likely be interested in teaching in a traditional manner or on traditional themes, frequently paying homage to the professors from whom you learned. You are a descendant of a dynasty, and it feels natural for you to discuss it. What exactly is a conventional topic? Whatever has withstood the test of time. Anything related to history, architecture, philosophy, or the sciences! Such subjects have been studied and taught throughout history. Remember that Saturn is the discipli- narian of the zodiac, so no matter how nice you are outside of the classroom, you will be a severe teacher who gives regulations and grades. Your students may be afraid of you! And, no matter how uneasy you feel on the inside, Saturn in the Ninth House was born to teach, and despite the existence of that small, or loud, voice that attempts to resist your fate, you are actually quite good at it.
The terror is as powerful as your innate ability. People were terrified of you when you were younger. Even if you were a quiet introvert, you have always had a management or commanding mentality. As a youngster, you were expected to have fun and not be an expert, so this probably didn't go down well. You could have been a know-it-all or a teacher's pet, but you were mature for your age. You are far too astute! Even when there was a teacher, you were the instructor, maybe even correcting the instructor! Even if you didn't know much about a certain subject, you seemed confident, even domineering, which may make less confident people anxious. They felt, and continue to feel, threatened by you, as if you knew more than they did or wanted to take over. Not everyone with Saturn in the Ninth House is a hesitant teacher, and not everyone with Saturn in the Ninth House is a harsh teacher. Some of them accept their fate with a grin early in life. All of them, however, exude a sense of informed self-assurance, whether in their homes, at business, or in actual classrooms. They just appear to know, and people turn to them for advice, even as youngsters! Yes, your innate self-assurance may alienate others, but don't let that stop you from offering your professional thoughts. The Ninth House is an expressive house; it is externally focused, thus an excellent career for Saturn in the Ninth House will be one that allows you to communicate and share, preach and educate, especially if you are presenting not only your own thoughts, but the views of others. Consider a teacher of global religions. You would be discussing customs, rituals, history, and what people believe. The Ninth House is both an academic and a passionate house, so as long as you are teaching things that you are enthusiastic about, whatever they may be, you are on the right route. You wish to improve people's intelligence. You want people to think. You may be a travel blogger, an author, or a publisher. They discover new worlds via you. The Ninth House is related with foreign travel, writing, and broadening one's horizons. Saturn in the Ninth House is tolerant at its finest. You have an open mind, are anti-racist, and teach these values as well. Your ability to teach should not be undervalued by you or anyone else. You may feel insufficient, as if you are "only a teacher," yet without instructors like you, the world will never improve. On a personal level, you benefit more people than you realize. Yes, you may become tired of being asked for guidance, but people wouldn't ask if you didn't have the answers. At its worst, Saturn in the Ninth House believes they know everything and wants everyone to know it! You may believe that you have nothing to learn and that no one can teach you. You may be obstinate, opinionated, and even fanatical. You may be overly rigid, taking Saturn past the point of no return. You may choose to follow the rules simply because they are the rules rather than questioning them. You may adhere to tradition or custom even though it is no longer the best course of action. We never stop learning, but Saturn in the Ninth House has to recognize that the everlasting student paradigm is actually a positive thing, allowing fresh ideas, knowledge, and attitudes to enter and shake up the old guard. With Saturn in the Ninth House, you may be the perpetual student who pursues degree after degree. Dear Saturn in the Ninth House, make your teaching method more kind. Being kind will not cause you to lose students. You will, in fact, win them over. Instead of punishing, seduce.
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Saturn in the tenth
Every house on the zodiac wheel is linked with a sign and a planet. The Tenth House is ruled by Saturn. Saturn's domain, his happy abode, is the Tenth House. He feels at ease here. Saturn is a significant planet. The Tenth House is solemn. Saturn is a high achiever. The Tenth House is ambivalent. The career is ruled by the Tenth House. People with Saturn in the tenth house may be destined for fame and money, and it is a lucky placement if you are ready to seize fate by the horns! Saturn never allows us to be lazy, but Saturn in the Tenth House will feel especially oppressive if you don't work it and work for it. When Saturn is in someone's Tenth House, you are looking at the perfect career man or woman. Large aspirations, large ambitions, large jobs, big mountains to conquer, there's no stopping them. It's a lot to ask of a single human being, but they exist! If your Saturn is in the Tenth House, you are destined to be a career powerhouse, if not to change the world. Even though Saturn is so at home in this house, we will frequently experience Saturnian delays. It may take a long time for a native to discover the right job, but they never quit up despite all of the false beginnings and challenges along the way. As a youngster, you may have felt the weight of the world on your shoulders, similar to Saturn in the First House or Saturn in the Fourth House. Like you, one or both of your parents may have been career-driven. One or both of your parents may have been very rigid or domineering. Because you may have never felt the affection you required, work achievement becomes a substitute. Saturn's drive and ambition aren't only a substitute for love, but they might appear that way in some people's life. Just keep in mind that if you have this placement, love is love and work is work, and work may not satisfy all of your heart's needs. With natal Saturn in the Tenth House, professional uncertainty gradually gives way to professional certainty. They require this flowering. They are dissatisfied if they are not ascending the success ladder.
And whenever they've finished with one ladder, they go in search of another. It doesn't matter what else is going on in their lives—whether it's family, love, children, or any other interest, activity, or passion—when their work is all wrong, when their profession is careening out of control, their life seems out of control. And an uncontrollable Saturn is a dissatisfied Saturn. We all need to find the proper job, the appropriate way to spend our time, and the right way to live our lives, but Saturn in the Tenth House has a calling unlike any other. What is the nature of this call? To go to the top. Yes, they will strive for it, but the top is where they will end up. Is there going to be fear? Will there be any setbacks? Without a doubt! But they keep going up, up, up, up. - I don't believe Saturn has a single ideal position in the Tenth House. The most important thing for Saturn to do there is to recognize its true nature. Give in to it. Accept it as is. That they will never be satisfied with a "little" job or a "little" place in life. They must be rock stars in their chosen field (although perhaps not literal rock stars). Anything less will seem like a loss, and unless this is acknowledged, they will never have the strength to continue ascending. Saturn in the Tenth, know oneself! They are unlikely to be content as a housewife or househusband. There's nothing wrong with any of these jobs, but Saturn in the Tenth House wants to be heard in the world. Saturn in the Tenth House implies you can't be renowned only at home. The world needs to see you, know who you are, and recognize your experience and competence. Maybe even to idolize you. Everyone must be aware of how hard you have worked and what you have done. When they are at their finest, People with Saturn in the Tenth House change and safeguard the world, regardless of their profession. They are the ones in charge. They create policy and choices that influence all of us. They can, indeed, be conservative. Yes, they may only take calculated risks. Yes, they are trustworthy leaders. They may be found in politics, but also in the arts and entertainment industries. You'll also find them at home, avoiding their phone calls. At its worst, Saturn in the Tenth House is so focused on their work that they overlook everything and everyone else. As a result, everything and everyone else suffers. They will fail to remember to come home for supper. They will neglect to say good-by to their spouse. They will miss their child's graduation or a baseball game because work takes first. Is it possible to be careless? On occasion. And what happens when you try to bring that career back home? You're in for a battle. The bedroom is not the boardroom, and Saturn in the Tenth House too frequently uses strength and pushiness to solve problems rather than compassion and collaboration. You have a single-track mentality and a single-track existence. You will go far, Saturn in the Tenth House. Just don't forget about the individuals that care about you.
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Saturn in the eleventh
Because friendship is one of the Eleventh House's key themes, an Eleventh House Saturn may be a lonely Saturn. Saturn makes things difficult for us, and in the Eleventh House, no matter how many friends and loved ones we have, we might feel alienated, like a face in the crowd. Because the Eleventh Home is also the house of aspirations and aspirations, you must not only discover but also clarify and clarify what you most desire. The Eleventh House says you can't obtain it if you don't know what it is. And with Saturn in the picture? Even though the door keeps slamming in your face, you may have one dream in particular that you cling to. But you don't have to let go of it. Continue to try, Saturn. Don't give up hope. What is the most important thing to you? Do you have a fear of looking? What do you desire more than anything else? Saturn in the Eleventh House must sort things out, and sure, there may be moments when you feel like there's no hope for you, but that's just bad Saturn speaking in your ear. Figuring this out without being stymied by Saturn's dread is an important aspect of your life journey.
Part the drapes. Look around and see what you can find. There is no need to be afraid. Yes, you may be a lone wolf amid the vastness of the Eleventh House, but remember that the Eleventh House is sociable. It's a residence for individuals! To attain your goals, you will need to learn to blend in with them, at least a little. You recognized how different you were from the other kids when you were little. In the Eleventh House, we find the archetypal outsider who is at home nowhere. If you knew how, you might have been able to blend in just enough to escape being bullied, but I believe children are always aware when there is someone "different" in their midst. They did, however, respect you. You are a trailblazer. Your thinking is incredible. You come up with unusual inventions or novel methods of accomplishing things. You did this even as a youngster. You most likely launched a hundred fictitious firms in a single day. And you were aware of events before they occurred. And you bossed your coworkers about, which some loved and some didn't. Because the Eleventh House is concerned with networks or affiliations of individuals, rather than our more intimate interactions, Saturn in the Eleventh House is ideal for running a business. Saturn stands high atop the mountaintop, watching the entire activity. Consider the president of a non-profit, a university, a huge publishing business, or a bank. Any type of business will suffice, but the more altruistic, the better. A philanthropic organization. The more staff and volunteers there are, the merrier. The Eleventh House is a collective, a group, and Saturn in the Eleventh House desires a broad scope. Saturn in the Eleventh House want to start a business. Saturn in the Eleventh House, at its finest, provides structure and direction to what you most desire. Saturn will assist you with breaking down the strategy and thinking clearly. Is it truly possible for you to have it? Is there any flaws in the plan? What has to be changed? Saturn in the Eleventh House is a buddy of your aspirations and aspirations. And as long as you don't allow your anxieties get in the way, you'll receive exactly what you desire. Saturn in the Eleventh House, at its worst, can let loneliness to stand in the way of ambition. You feel you can't express your actual aspirations with anyone because they won't understand or will steal your ideas! As a result, you keep your mouth shut and continue to plug away. You attempt to believe in yourself even when you don't have the support of others. Because you are concerned about what others think of you, this Saturn test may devastate even the most fearless Saturn in the Eleventh House individual. Saturn in the Eleventh House will likewise follow too many outdated norms when a complete rewrite and rewiring of the strategy is required. They become very stiff when what they truly need is a complete 180-degree turn. Saturn in the Eleventh House, please read the following: Pay attention to your life. Is it time to reinvent yourself? This is a difficult one. It simply does not make sense.
Saturn in the twelfth
Keep in mind that Saturn holds everything together. Saturn solidifies life. Saturn adores the rule of law! But what about the Twelfth House? There is no law, no constitution, and no way to bring things together. Saturn, on the other hand, dissolves. Saturn dissipates. Structure deteriorates. Nonetheless, the Twelfth House is more than a sea of confusion. The Twelfth House is the most spiritual and mystical of the houses. There is order there, but it is not the type Saturn wants. So, what occurs when Saturn is housed in the tumultuous Twelfth House? Although Saturn will undoubtedly lose its footing and some of its primary implications in critical ways, Saturn will gain new depth and significance when it is in this house. Saturn is always changed based on the house it is in, but it never entirely vanishes. The dissolution is only a trick of the light. It's still Saturn, but it's Saturn in the mystical spiritual Twelfth House, which doesn't feel as substantial to most people. And it isn't. Some Saturn in the Twelfth House persons may not have a desire for the typical Saturn realms of job advancement and materialism, but Saturn keeps its control. It's simply different. And, like the Eighth House, the Twelfth House contains secrets and what is hidden, and Saturn here takes possession of those secrets and decides what will and will not be exposed. Saturn serves as the gatekeeper. Isn't this exactly what we require? At the very least, as much as we require money? We must comprehend the hidden, invisible universe. Saturn emerges from the chaos to tell us about these strange hidden places. Saturn is the instructor at all times. Saturn in the Twelfth House is a daydreamer in his early years and a romantic later in life. It could have been hard to persuade this child to do anything. Do you have any homework? What are you talking about? And then it was back to staring out the window. There was usually an ability or at least an appreciation for music, and the youngster was probably oversensitive or gloomy. I'm nervous as well. Their inner critic, which we all have, was as loud as any other Saturn while being muted by Twelfth House waves and poetry. For Saturn in the Twelfth House, teaching yoga or meditation may be the finest profession in the world. Saturn offers structure to the spiritual Twelfth House. Yoga and meditation are both practice-based techniques. There are laws (Saturn), yet the regulations serve a greater purpose, such as Twelfth House spiritual understanding. What else may a Saturn in the Twelfth House individual do for a living?
Consider a hypnotist. Consider a past-life regression therapist. Any profession that requires you to travel across worlds. Also, anything related to water, such as a sailor. a swimmer Designer of maps. Navigator is an abbreviation for "navigator Maker of compass. Any work that allows you to daydream and float. Saturn does not soften in the Twelfth House. It's as brilliant as ever, yet it tries to take control of realms that are difficult to rule. At its finest, Saturn in the Twelfth House is gentle and empathetic, and it understands that there is more to life than this physical body. Saturn in the Twelfth House will also teach people compassion, typically without judgment. This location has no ego since the Twelfth House has none. It's a residence with no boundaries or divisions. Instead, we combine. Our is why persons with planets in their Twelfth House, including Saturn, make the finest intuitives and healers because they live half in this world and partly in another, which is not ours. It is the realm of the spirit and the realm of dreams. At its worst, Saturn in the Twelfth House would fear everything associated with the Twelfth House, including all mysteries, silences, and secrets. Rather than translating the treasures obtained in the Twelfth House, it will strive to manipulate or boss around it. The Twelfth House will never be fully comprehended, not from here, nor from Earth. It must be able to breathe. It needs to be that way. We can't just smear Saturn buildings all over the place. It must be done softly and empathically. Too much Saturn in this area will stifle the flow. Saturn in the Twelfth House can also indicate a lack of personal discipline. Their goals are dashed, or they never had any in the first place. They start projects, and then the projects vanish. What exactly were they? Did I have any objectives? So be it. Saturn in the Twelfth House might make you want to sigh. Dear Saturn in the Twelfth House, we are perplexed by your universe.
Please share your knowledge with us.
— Thank you guys for making it this for! Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know how you resonate🤎,
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leolo404 · a month ago
🤍~ Mercury in Sign Degree ~🤍
Applies to your Mercury sign as well so if you're a Libra Mercury, check Libra!
Aries Degree (1°, 13°, 25°)
Can make someone more straightforward and confrontational with the things they say. Very confident and are willing to lead. Great negotiators and can start a conversation easily. Can be quite reckless with their words. Might be fast at talking as well.
Taurus Degree (2°, 14°, 26°)
Tends to speak in a calm manner. Usually reserved but is good at socializing when they have to interact. Is good at eyeing on their surroundings and is observant. Can be very stubborn with their point of view. Slow yet deliberate speaking.
Gemini Degree (3°, 15°, 27°)
Has their own way of words. They tend to be very quick-witted and always has something to say. Can be experts at debating and can easily get out of a situation with their witty skills. Tends to be good at lying and can be mischievous. Sociable in general yet a very curious person.
Cancer Degree (4°, 16°, 28°)
Can be very tactful with their words and are often careful when speaking. They tend to be highly intuitive and is more focused on their internal thoughts. Many people tend to take their words seriously. Great at expressing themselves but can be quite manipulative with their words. Is very compassionate.
Leo Degree (5°, 17°, 29°)
Has a bold and confident way of speaking. Many people admire how they are very expressive with their opinions and aren't afraid to tell it. They are quite well known for being a social butterfly. Can be arrogant and stubborn with their values. Good at leading a conversation and can strive being the center of the attention.
Virgo Degree (6°, 18°)
Tends to be very formal with how they speak. Great at small talks and are often focused on facts and details. Has a comprehensive way of expressing their thoughts. Often good at delivering speeches and presentations. Perfectionistic but speaks clearly and concisely. Prone to overthinking and nervousness.
Libra Degree (7°, 19°)
Has a diplomatic disposition. Often great at seeing both sides of a situation. Can be great peacemakers and finding ways to solve problems. Might possibly be judgemental and often use white lies for the sake of harmony. Can easily charm others with their words.
Scorpio Degree (8°, 20°)
Quiet yet observant, their words can be impactful due to their analytical nature. Tends to have detective skills. Has an enigmatic way of thinking but is thoughtful and cautious when speaking. Might be controlling and can be quite sarcastic. Can read others easily.
Sagittarius Degree (9°, 21°)
Tends to be truthful and honest. Might be blunt in general and is often reckless with their words. Always here to learn new things and is quite spontaneous when speaking. Has philosophical thoughts. Might be good at learning foreign languages and stands up for their own beliefs. Witty and smart.
Capricorn Degree (10°, 22°)
Often very mature when it comes to communication. Good at teaching and can handle presenting themselves to others in a serious way. Might come off as shy and stoic but speaks in a very cautious manner. A wise person who knows exactly when to speak and is well-mannered.
Aquarius Degree (11°, 23°)
Has an unusual and odd way of expressing their thoughts. Very cerebral and are great communicators especially online. Inventive and original, they can find different ways of solving things. Can be quite emotionally distant because they are focused on logical thinking and rationality.
Pisces Degree (12°, 24°)
Loves using creativity when they communicate with others. When they speak, it can come off as interesting and with compassion. Great persuaders and can also easily go with the flow. Might be prone to isolating themselves from others and isn't aware of what's happening around them. They always express through the heart.
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normal-horoscopes · 3 months ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: Hold close to the world. Press it into your skin. We are the ink and rubber for a stamp that says "I love you, no matter what."
Taurus: You are an abscess on the sternum. A nervous wound. The only thing to do now is to be left alone, healing takes time.
Gemini: Can you find what you lack, only looking from the inside out? What are friends really for?
Cancer: How much of the world goes on in your absence? What soft things drift in your wake?
Leo: When all you are is a nail, the whole world feels like a hammer.
Virgo: The body adjusts to its burden. For better or worse we learn to carry what we hold.
Libra: There isn't a turn of phrase that can make this better, but we all process in different ways.
Scorpio: What if it was safe? What if it was all okay? Aim your expectations between the best and worst options, right for the center.
Ophiuchus: Remember! To accept help is not weakness! Pride is only useful to a point.
Sagittarius: Fear is the mind-killer, but it is also a perfectly natural part of being a human. If anything, the real mind-killer is time.
Capricorn: Self care is non-negotiable. For all the slings and arrows of fate, eventually you will have to brush your teeth or suffer the consequences.
Aquarius: There is little else to be done. These things require a soft touch and sometimes even simple presence is enough.
Pisces: Love should be done with reckless abandon, but careful investment.
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eclecticqueer · 2 months ago
12th House Placements
Ruled by Neptune and Pisces
The house of the Unconscious and Undoing. Fears, isolation, power and control. The 12th House represents what is not seen and karmic debts.
This house also represents our spiritual journey and what must be destroyed to be reborn
Aries: These individuals have great spiritual energy, this could cause many emotional vampires to latch onto them. These draining energies can cause troubles with assertiveness and boundaries. They may find a very independent spiritual path that could feel isolating and lonely.
Taurus: Innately creative and inspirational with a craving for security. Always looking for something familiar and safe because their lives seem to be chaotic and unstable. These individuals find security in deep, unseen bonds. They must be careful to not become indulgent or rely too much on material for comfort
Gemini: A detached emotional state and difficulty communicating deep feelings. Self esteem could have been impaired by peers in childhood. Great want to speak their truth but too afraid to fully embrace it. Natural writers and poets. Perhaps strong ties with children
Cancer: Extremely sensitive and secretive. Family secrets and burdens. These individuals may feel great guilt/ shame stemming from the mother/ parents. Idealizing home life/ parents. Great empathy and ability to pick up on others emotions can mentally drain these individuals
Leo: Shy and quiet with great inner power. These individuals are learning to become comfortable with themselves and their flaws. Self-criticism and lack of confidence blurs the person’s true identity. Creative expression can be cathartic
Virgo: integrating the harshness of the world with your aspirations. These individuals may feel never ‘enough’ always comparing themselves to others. Identifying and embracing their personal talents in a tangible way can bring fulfillment
Libra: A gifted person, talented and attractive. Must be careful to not become vain and conceited. Lies follow this person in their partnerships, fears or holding back information. Unrealistic expectations of relationships must be broken in order to heal from past hurt
Scorpio: Open minded and secretive. These individuals have a great talent for hiding their feelings, opinions and aspirations. Strange people, places and circumstances follow these people. Embracing vulnerability and love is important to grow as a person
Sagittarius: A strongly spiritual position, with the ability to sense the good in people. These individuals may constantly feel lost with no idea where to go next. Feeling as though they’ve lost their hopes and dreams. Personal values will have to be examined and re-examined for growth
Capricorn: Strong karmic bonds and inner strength. These individuals may find it difficult to implement their ideals into reality. Obstacles may feel never ending, making them feel that important foundations will never be made. Respect for self and self worth is important here
Aquarius: Fear and shame in friendships. Unconscious battles between right and wrong, subjective and objective. These individuals have major mental anxiety and energy. Partners and friends calm these nerves. Compassion for self as well as others is needed
Pisces: A fear of looking within and going deeper into the subconscious. These individuals may be oblivious of their shadow and attempt to ignore it. Identifying their personal talents and truth will bring peace. Routine sleep is important for this placement
A planets place in your 12th house can further explain where your dependencies and shadow lies, and how to look deeper to integrate it
Sun: A great talent for meditation, astral projection, and psychic awareness. Issues with self expression and self esteem are prominent. Fears of being an individual, always feels they must be apart of something else besides themselves
Moon: Great sensitivity and empathy, perhaps psychic abilities. These individuals feel very deeply and are quite secretive about their emotions. A fear of vulnerability and opening up but doing so brings inner power and growth
Mercury: Creative talents and mental abilities. Extremely intuitive with psychic abilities. These individuals can experience obsessive and delusional thoughts. Rationality and meditation are important to sort out mental noise
Venus: Venus’ loving energies make bring a light to the 12th house. These individuals feel deeply and privately. They’re quite secretive about their talents and pleasures. They may be prone to experiencing love affairs on either side
Mars: Resourceful and energetic, but lacking confidence to make dreams a reality. Difficulty asserting themselves and expressing their sexuality. A hopeless romantic, imaginative and idealistic about sex and desires
Jupiter: A spiritual and generous individual. They may be self pitying or spread themselves too thin. A need to understand everything and having unrealistic expectations. A great ability to help others and finding fulfillment in doing so
Saturn: Attracted to control but burdened with insecurities and guilt. These individuals may find their emotions burdensome and repress them. Prone to isolation and loneliness, physically and emotionally. Learning to embrace their shadow
Uranus: A repression of their unique self, or a fear of judgement. Needing great comfort and isolation to express themselves truly. Great creativity and sense of community. They must acknowledge their eccentricities and embrace them
Neptune: An incredibly sensitive position. These individuals feel great empathy for others suffering. Intuitive and psychic abilities. They truffle with setting boundaries and victimization. Asserting healthy boundaries with yourself and others will promote growth
Pluto: Tapped into the collective unconscious. Artistic and imaginative. Great transformative energy that may be painful to acknowledge/ embrace. Obsessive emotional guilt can be persistent and must be forgiven
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saturnrevolution · 2 months ago
random facts about your moon and mercury combination (feeling vs thinking)
usually speaks their emotions right away
sometimes can say things they regret later
brutally honest
they're likely a fast learner of the things they enjoy
has a tendency to bottle emotions inside
is an all or nothing type of person
can neglect their emotions, but judge others that do
great at working under pressure
creative, talented people
might have trouble with commitment
values freedom when it comes to expressing their opinions
listens to advice, but does whatever they feel like anyway
might be scared of upsetting others
go from highly intense emotional moments to really low
might overshare
reliable souls
needs planning, but doesn't end up sticking to it
can be cold without indent
crazy ambitious
might be scared to take action
has some strict personal rules
speaks only when they know what they're talking about
highly rational
not the best at small talk, as they think in problem and solution terms
might be perceived as cold without intending to
beautiful speakers
might have a hard time organizing their thoughts
might set unreachable expectations for themselves
really approachable
are a lot harder on themselves than they show
good at giving advice
hard time sticking to their own advice
could talk about any subject for hours
tends to ignore negative emotions
could travel all day everyday
great at logical arguments
might not listen to their own advice
gets bored easily
good at putting ideas into practice
full of innovative ideas
needs conversation to feel engaged
shows affection through rationality and words
short attention span
in love with words
great at giving compliments
are able to rationalize their emotions
but when they express them, it's a mess
can be overly dramatic
knows when to take action and when to retreat
more sensitive than they show
driven by passion in everything they do
their life might be all messed up, but you won't know
really understanding
needs to have conversations that make sense
might not be the best at texting
might overshare
cares about how engaged the other person feels in a conversation
needs to calm down before being able to rationally express their feelings
bubbly and friendly
has motherly traits
might feel foggy when trying to make sense of their words
intense emotions expressed sincerely
able to speak from a place of empathy
flow when it comes to communicating emotions
might be too straightforward
different layers of complexity in thinking vs. talking
has a strong inner world
they might plan a conversation beforehand, but it comes out wrong
sun and moon combination here
sun and rising combination here
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normal-horoscopes · a month ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: The stars have decided that YOU are in retrograde now. "Lets see how you like it ass hole." That's what they told me.
Taurus: Please do not start a land war in Russia, you are not “built different.”
Gemini: Overcome with ambition, you will finally be able to defeat the vile Riddle Master and seduce his wife.
Cancer: You have a tendency to miss the small things. Give your work a second pass and remember, your inventions should not bleed or be covered in blood.
Leo: A temporary astral misalignment will cause you to unirnate in reverse with bone-crushing force for several hours. Avoid loved ones at all costs.
Virgo: Express a new side to your relationships by telling everyone about the evil clones of your son you’ve been releasing upon the city.
Libra: You have been summoned to the Sewer Palace. Don your worst most dogshit outfit and take audience with the Sewer King.
Scorpio: Allow your anxious and self-deprecating nature to set expectations so low you end up building confidence when you exceed them. This is known as “emotional turbo drifting.“
Ophiuchus: The universe has finally chosen you as its true center. Tell your boss you’ve been chosen by the astral clock and he will probably give you the day off.
Sagittarius: Your systems of belief could use some oiling. You’re not allowed to bathe at the gas station but you’re not not allowed to either.
Capricorn: The goblin deals 2 damage to your cock. (Go to page 87.)
Aquarius: You’ve spent so much time cultivating identity and culture that you trigger a social immune response in other people. That’s why that dude ate your thumb.
Pisces: You are working harder than ever at pretending your own patterns of self-sabotage don’t exist. Gosh the the stars wonder why you keep stepping on land mines.
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leolo404 · a month ago
🦉Astrology Observations Pt.7🦉
⚠️Sidenote⚠️: Please take this with a grain of salt for not all of my personal observations will resonate you entirely. Do not plagiarize or copy my work without permission to do so ☕✨
Tumblr media
🕰️Libra Mars CAN be really cold when they have enough of you for treating them like they aren't worth your time. Let's not forget how argumentive they are
📖Taurus Mars, on the other hand, can be really hot-tempered + really stubborn when they are mistreated or forced.
⚠️ Don't mess with Venusian Mars ⚠️
🕰️Scorpio placements can never tolerate with lies. They either tell you straightforwardly or never go near to you. If you happen to be a friend they wouldn't trust you that much. Especially applies to Scorpio Moon and Mercury
📖Mars-Uranus can indicate someone who is rebellious and wouldn't follow the standards of society. Your energy is also focused on your originality
🕰️Libra Dominant/Rising have a honeyed voice (won't admit ✋)
📖Sagittarius placements have the best laughs ever. They can literally make a whole group laugh just by them laughing
🕰️Taurus/Libra Degree (Taurus: 2°, 14°, 26° Libra: 7°, 19°) in their Neptune are beautiful and enchanting people. Gives off ethereal or deity vibes
📖Scorpio and Cancer are the deepest signs. These folks have really intense and deep emotions. They would internalize everything as well but once they lose it, it's a really powerful outburst. Usually these people mostly focuses on what's happening in them and can be prone to living in the past
🕰️Leo degree (5°, 17°, 29°) in your midheaven can indicate being famous in your workplace or a lot of people know you in public. An indicator of fame as well
📖Having a lot of Leo/Pisces placements or degree in your natal chart can indicate someone being highly abstract and creative. Good at anything that is related to arts
🕰️Aries placements are criminally underrated for being seen as sweet and loving. They are hella supportive and will always be on your side when needed. They can be really loyal friends too
📖And one thing you know about Aries is that if you happen to fight with them and you guys chose to end your me, they regret it all. They regretted for letting go of you and choosing to end things like this. They care about you and it's hard for them to realize that you aren't beside them anymore. That's just how much they care
🕰️Gemini/Sagittarius Risings are carefree but they can be fickle. They move around too much and jump from one interest to another. Most likely to get bored easily as well
📖6H stellium in solar return chart might indicate someone to be having lesser rest time than before due to overworking (whether it's a job or school related) can be applied to Virgo rising in solar return as well
🕰️Aries astrological age is when hierarchies, wars, and competition existed. Sadly, I suppose this was also the era when inequality exist due to standards and power
📖Taurus/Cancer astrological age was when women were treated highly and praised. This was also the era when stability, protection, and family was taken as top priority.
🕰️Aquarius astrological age (which we are under in, I suppose) is the era where we strive for equality and debunking the idea that men are more powerful than women and one race is superior than the other. Just inequality in general because we are progressing in becoming a better society
📖Libra Rising are so good at seeing both sides of a situation. They can explain things without having to be fighting for which side. Usually, these folks are the types of people where a lot of people ask opinion for because they are neither correct nor wrong. Just balanced opinions
🕰️Capricorn placements being ESTJs or just the sensing judging types is a possibility. While I believe these two are hard working and determined, they tend to be very status oriented and cares about tradition and following the law. (May not apply to everyone)
📖Pisces/Virgo/Scorpio Moon have this tendency of finding hidden clues of others behaviour and can easily interpret what they are feeling as of the moment
🕰️I noticed many Sagittarius placements admire curly or wavy hair so much. This especially applies to Sagittarius Sun/Moon
📖Gemini/Aquarius risings are usually prone to having a mental block once in awhile due to the amount of ideas they can come up with (especially applies to writers)
Tumblr media
🕰️People who have Gemini/Libra in the 11H love standing up for others and their friends. Mercury in 11H as well
📖Venus in harmonious aspects with Jupiter can easily attract money by being charming and showing good manners
🕰️Saturn in 1H people tend to be burdened with so much responsibilities during their younger years and that's why they tend to be really mature
📖Mars in Sagittarius/Aries are reckless but spontaneous. They have a daring and adventurous personality too
🕰️Unhealthy Leo/Aries Mars or Venus love to start dramas and fight out of nowhere especially when they are bored
📖Moon in 10H aren't necessarily destined to show their emotions to the public especially it depends on the sign it's in. These people usually hide their emotions or find a private place to release them out. Also the types of people who can feel the energy from a room.
🕰️Mercury-Uranus have a weird way of speaking where only them can understand. Also tends to love using different types of signal or codings like morse code or hand signals. Applies to Aquarius/Gemini Mercury as well
📖Venus in Virgo/Cancer are super loyal to the people they care about and are usually committed but as long as no one controls them. Also these people crave structure and lots and lots of support
🕰️Gemini Moons enjoy having an intellectual communication with themselves. They love challenging their own intellect and see how much they learn from it
📖Venus in Leo/Capricorn tend to get attracted to people who have a strong sense of who they are and are stable people but also gives them a sense of comfort and provides them emotional support when needed
🕰️Venus in Virgo tend to attract people who needs their help and support. Virgo venusians love to help fix others and this is why lots of people go to them for help. Also Virgo venusians want a partner that is neat and organized
📖Aquarius/Taurus Moons are the most unbothered moon sign ever, you can just see them sitting on a couch drinking water while everyone is panicking over the fact there's a bee inside the house or when their friends are fighting they are just there looking at them argue Lmao
🕰️Sun in 9H in solar return can indicate you priding on your philosophical side and your interests in learning. Might be focusing on education too. Applies to 9H stellium in solar return as well
📖Pluto in 11H in solar return can indicate turbulence in friendship or a huge change with your group. Might undergo transformation in this specific genre
🕰️Aries Moons are actually sweet and loving people. Like Libra in general, they don't like violence. They would actively resist to fight someone because they care more about their own peace
📖Most Gemini/Leo/Taurus moons I've met don't like to be seen as Intimidating and scary. They wish people see them as friendly, supportive, and approachable people
🕰️Moon in 10H/6H take their career really seriously and care about their reputation. Applies to Saturn dominants/ Saturn in 1H or 10H as well
📖Air dominant/rising (especially Aquarius) love to joke around and also the types of people to use memes as a coping mechanism
🕰️Pisces Moon/Rising are ticklish especially on their neck or feet
📖Capricorn/Scorpio in Big3 love dark humor and are also experts at sarcasm
🕰️ Random thought but Gen Z's are the types of people who would throw a peace sign in the air after going through a breakdown and it's kinda like a representation of Pluto (depth and destruction) under the sign of Sagittarius (optimism and hope)
Still on a break from Astrology due to stress and anxiety. And I really want to see more Kpop contents on my dash rather than astrology because it's pressuring and I don't feel like am home in Tumblr anymore.
But posted this because this post has been on my draft for 2 months already 💀
As for the Ascendant in ♋︎ and ♏︎ degree and the rest of my other series, I will try to finish them soon and am sorry to keep you waiting 🥺🥺
© Leolo404 2021 All Rights Reserved
Tumblr media
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bratz-kitten · 2 months ago
jupiter through the houses
jupiter in the 1st house: you have a very strong, bold, larger-than-life personality! your generosity and love for helping others is what attracts them to you. a strong desire to achieve and live life to the fullest. tendency to over-indulge in food, exercise, anything of the sort. youthful, glowing quality to your appearance. the more optimistic and honest you are, the luckier you feel. you might feel like the universe helps you overcome any obstacle. be careful with trusting your luck too much, you need to still always make things happen for yourself and to trust reason and logic while remaining confident. a love for traveling. leadership and people skills, you only want to focus on self-improvement and what truly matters; you have no time for insignificant problems. people can feel lucky for having met you because of your soothing aura. you feel like if you ever lose faith in yourself, then you have nothing else. strong morals. careful with trying to "fix" people or situations who don't even need fixing in the first place... you can overstep others' boundaries in your attempts at generosity. 
jupiter in the 2nd house: jupiter here gives a lot of abundances when it comes to finances, but this also means that you love overspending. your first instinct when you feel sad or empty might be to go shopping. you might buy things that aren't even useful for you. luckily, money seems to come to you without any effort. you're very giving, romantic and poetic; you don't want to see the ones you love suffering and you do all you can to aid them. because of that, your friends are very loyal to you and always quick to defend you. you can be terrifying when crossed, your intimidation is no joke. a talent for business and for convincing others to do what you want. very dependable and trustworthy, you keep your word and you make sure to always put in your best when doing a job. you want comfort and the power that is obtained with wealth. you're a hard worker with a need to develop your talents, you want to be proud of what you're doing for a living. you possess a lot of knowledge about art. be careful not to put too many responsibilities on yourself. people in authority positions love you. 
jupiter in the 3rd house: you're very talkative and open-minded; your charm makes you very sociable, people always want to hear what you have to say. you love to learn and even more to teach, you have a special capability for turning a complex piece of knowledge and present it in a way that's interesting and easy to understand. people always see you as happy because you're capable of hiding your feelings of sadness. very hard-working and great at making decisions. sharp intelligence. talent for writing and a love for reading, you might want to continue your studies until older. you need to be careful with absorbing too much knowledge because some of it can be useless, your mind is like a literal sponge but you need to tend to it properly; you might be the type of person who wants to learn one hundred subjects at once but then you don't understand much out of all of them because you did it so hastily, it's suggested that you focus on one thing to learn at a time. very imaginative and with a need to get along with everyone. your siblings, if you have them, will play a very important part in your life. people might come a lot to you for advice. you get bored when you're not learning and exploring new things because you want to grow deeper every day. 
jupiter in the 4th house: the 4th house rules our inner experience, so you might have a very rich inner world. you're thoughtful about everything and you love exploring and coming up with new philosophies because you want to take all the lessons you've learned and use them to guide you through life. strong morals. you're understanding of all those who are different. a need to heal from all your childhood trauma and to grow an independent person. your earlier years were very good and exciting, with a large family, feasts, and a busy atmosphere. even if those times are long gone, you long to experience a sense of family again, so you're very protective of your friends and want them to feel like family. loud and bold, vibrant personality. you might act like an emotional vampire in the sense that you feel the need to experience every emotion the world has to offer. a need for a cozy home and to build a family. be careful with letting family problems destroy you and with being manipulative, you receive luck when you keep the morals that are so embedded in you. 
jupiter in the 5th house: you value expressing your individuality and creativity above all else in life, you can't stand having a job where you don't get to pour your personality and talents into it. you value having fun with your friends and you're very confident. courageous at heart. you might overwhelm the ones in their life by being too open and you might be seen as arrogant for being confident, but you can't help it that you're so unapologetically yourself. you want to have experiences with many partners before settling down - you fear falling in love and getting truly close to someone and, because of that, prefer casual dating. you're in touch with your inner child. you love to entertain, but you can tend to overindulge in life's pleasures and forget to work hard. the more creative you are, the luckier you feel. a talent for motivating and supporting others, you're a true leader. warm and caring nature, you're the happiest when you're around your loved ones. you have many talents that you'll discover through the years. your life stories are fascinating. 
jupiter in the 6th house: you love to help people and you put a lot of pride into what you do, and because of that, you have a very attentive eye for details - you hate making mistakes of any kind and this can make you a perfectionist, but be careful with overworking yourself due to that need to take on others' burdens and make them your own. very generous, you wouldn't hesitate to share your wealth and to inspire others to be better. witty and talented, you have a dry sense of humor that's fucking hilarious. make sure you're doing things for yourself instead of only putting your energy into what others want. taking care and having a routine is important for you because you want to feel like you're bettering yourself. pets can be very healing for you. honest... to a fault sometimes, you can hurt others with your words. pets can be healing for you, especially one that's independent like you, a cat for example. working hard makes you feel proud of yourself. you value getting along with everybody in your workplace. very strong bodies, you easily heal from health issues. you have incredibly high standards, so be careful of criticizing yourself and others. 
jupiter in the 7th house: you're very charming and you have a talent for softening up harsh edges, in the sense that even your enemies have respect for you because you're so diplomatic, caring and humorous. you need a partner to evolve with, someone who's as thoughtful, deep and open-minded as you. you fall in love with someone's sense of humor, intelligence, and someone with whom you share your many interests. someone to travel the world with. you're persuasive and can get others to easily compromise in your favor. you're very in tune with your emotions. a lot of luck when it comes to business. be careful with being too giving because you might be taken advantage of for your kindness, and with glossing over things because you're optimistic and only want to look at the good side of things and people. you're loved for your empathy and those closest to you find you very attractive. you have to set your priorities and boundaries straight for luck to come to you. you always look at things from both perspectives before making a decision. 
jupiter in the 8th house: this placement is perhaps the most easy-going to have in the 8th house because most 8th natives have a difficult time with having sex because they need a lot of intimacy and trust, but jupiter placed here makes for someone who loves having one-night stands and can even be overindulgent when it comes to this; you might have numerous partners throughout life, jupiter brings freedom to this part of your life. you love mystery and complicated things that most would run away from. incredible survival instincts, intuition; aware of others' true intentions. problem-solving skills. sociable and warm-hearted. easily heals from emotional problems. you can be manipulative because you feel paranoid when you're not in power, losing control of your life terrifies you. being spiritual content is necessary for your fulfillment. strategic skills. you're very enigmatic, people want to know you but it's incredibly hard for someone to get close to you, you're very loyal but you fear opening up to others about your weaknesses and deepest thoughts - yet, you have the talent to read others like a book. deep and intimate relationships, even if rare, will be the most soul-changing for you. 
jupiter in the 9th house: you place a lot of importance on your beliefs and finding your life purpose. you want to travel the world and to experiment all sorts of new things, like food. a love for learning and philosophy, that's what makes your soul feel full. luck comes from having faith, being hopeful with an optimistic mentality, you need to believe in yourself if you want to attract good things and being stuck in a negative mentality of self-doubt and hatred is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to you. you want to expand your mind and soul, to know all about yourself and the world around you. freedom is very important to you because you hate conforming, and so are honesty and self-expression. incredibly intelligent and giving. talent for writing and teaching. you might often hurt others with your bluntness. you hate feeling stuck in one place which is why you love traveling, but be careful not to use this as a way to escape and run away from your problems. you're able to grasp very complex notions, you're a visionary at heart. remember to nurture your relationship with your loved ones and not only the one with yourself and the universe. 
jupiter in the 10th house: you have a lot of luck and blessings when it comes to your career and your relations with other people, but be careful with becoming too lazy because you're so used to everything going your way... in those cases, your luck can turn against you. you need to put in the work and to have whatever you do and achieve aligning with your sense of purpose. confident and optimistic. you might attract a lot of jealousy because people believe you get everything too easily (which is not true!). you're open to making new friends, charming and convincing. opening your own business would be good because as much as you value social status, you also value freedom and expressing yourself through your work. leadership skills. amazing sense of humor and ability to make the best decisions. you might have a talent for manifestation because you know exactly what you want from life, aren't shy to ask for it, and confident enough to believe you'll get it. you want to share with others who have less than you. dependable and resourceful, you only want to associate yourself with those who are as ambitious as you. remember to listen to others' opinions to gain more knowledge and expand your horizons. 
jupiter in the 11th house: very strong and progressive opinions. you have high ideals and want to help better the world, you're a humanitarian at heart. you feel the most cared for when you're around your friends, and new ideas and imagination might run freely between you and them when you're together. you dream of new philosophies and utopias. you do great in teamwork. very creative and non-conventional, you reject tradition and outdated ways. here, the danger of becoming too dependent on your own luck is the most prevalent! be careful with growing too lazy, you need to make things happen for yourself because that where you truly get abundant. very loving energy, you want your friends to feel protected and cared for but be careful with becoming too dependent on them. you're a ball of sunshine that brings happiness wherever you go, but don't spend too much time hanging out with your friends and identifying too much with them - you need to keep cultivating your individuality always. very knowledgeable about any subject. rich social life. big dreams and big ambitions. bravery. being generous to others not only helps you heighten your sense of self-worth and self-love but it might also prove to get luck and opportunities on your side. social causes are very dear to your heart. 
jupiter in the 12th house: when you tap into your spiritual side, you’ll gain great wisdom. great intuition, you’re very in tune with your psychic nature and your surroundings; you feel a deep craving to be generous and to be a part of the collective, you’re very giving. interested in psychology and healing; you’re a deep thinker and you want to understand everything about yourself, even the dark parts because that’s how we gain knowledge and wisdom. self-doubt and getting stuck in a cycle of self-hatred can be very dangerous for you and only when you believe in yourself, your intuition and talents will luck start coming your way. be careful with trying to escape too much and with running away from your problems because this placement indicates escapism through traveling and not only physical, it’s through daydreams as well. you must stand up for yourself always. your intuition has you being very sensitive to even the most subtle of energies, you can often feel drained and with a need to recharge. meditation is recommended. using your sensitivity to help yourself and others can bring a lot of healing energy all around you. 
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