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Have fun and maintain your hobbies Luna. You are a child at heart therefore hobbies are your best suit. So what if “the crowd” is not interested in your ideas? You are a leader and when you put your ideas into the world it will be odd to some but amazing to others. Do not forget to be a good leader by leading people with love and encouragement. Just as you are yourself, you need to encourage people to be themselves while also allowing them to voice their opinions and ideas. Control your ego because you shine as the sun and you don’t want to blind people with tyrant behavior.

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Leo Rising Culture 👸|🤴

  • The King and Queen vibe!
  • Glamorous
  • Performers
  • They literally resemble the Sun 🌞
  • Like they light up room when they enter.
  • Their faces literally GLOW !
  • Love beaches 😍
  • Gold jewellery >>>>>
  • Gold anything
  • They really have Great Hair !
  • They rock short hair imo
  • Love children
  • Demanding presence
  • Carry themselves like Royalty.
  • Magnetic
  • Attention seekers
  • Dominating
  • Love to show off
  • You can literally sense their ego in their presence
  • Insecure about their looks.
  • Extroverts
  • Love compliments and praises
  • Gorgeous smiles
  • Not apologizing for their mistakes.
  • Stubborn
  • Determined
  • Leaders
  • Loud laughs and they really don’t care about it though 😁
  • Expressive
  • Want freedom in relationships
  • Love traveling
  • Behaviorism like cats??
  • Like luxurious
  • Wanting the buy especially the expensive things
  • Great seducers!
  • Proud
  • Bigger foreheads
  • Small eyes
  • Loyal af
  • Perfectionists
  • They rock yellow orange pink and bright colors
  • Appear confident
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taurus sun + gemini moon + leo ascendant + gemini venus + cancer mars + taurus mercury

~ social, idealistic, lively, tenacious, clever ~

Me - OSHUN | CYANIDE - Daniel Caesar | Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

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gemini sun + cancer moon + leo ascendant + aries venus + gemini mars

~ quick-witted, versatile, dramatic, bold, flirtatious ~

female aesthetic

Young Blood - The Naked and Famous | Distant - Jaden | Poppin - Rico Nasty

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Astro observations n°3

credit : @piscesweepon

🌺 Sun conjunct Venus people are obsessed with the idea of being in love relationship. They might have many crushes and they visualise the possibility of being in couple with each of them.

🌺 I’ve noticed that many Sagittarius Mercury are actually not very open-minded. Usually, they only see one side of things and have fairly conservative opinions. However they will not hate or discriminate someone if they disagree with their opinions or choices.

🌺 Gemini Venus individuals may often be unsure of their feelings. They can flirt with you one day but stop it another day because they don’t know what they really want or feel. Or they may just think that it’s all for fun when in fact it involves someone’s feelings. In my opinion, Gemini venus is in the top 5 venus signs heartbreakers.

🌺Libra Mars is the least sexual Mars sign. Their libido is low and they can live without sex or even masturbation very well.

🌺Capricorn Mars are either very closed on the subject of sexuality either very open about it. Not in the between.

🌺 Many important and famous figures have Leo MC. It’s a good placement to become recognised and successful.

🌺Leo Ascendant is for me the most noticeable rising sign. It’s basically hard to tell what’s their sun sign as they have this strong Leo aura.

🌺 When there are many aspects to North Node in a synastry chart, the two people may feel like they are made for each other. They can have many issues and their relationship may be difficult but they’ll never forget one another. It will be really hard for them to let go each other.

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I just thought about this.. when my spirit agreed to continue its journey on earth I made an entrance on thanksgiving day in the last years of the 90’s. Now in the wild year of 2020 my birthday will be on thanksgiving once again. Wow how extra.. and I love it. That feeds my Leo rising ego by making a broad introduction into the world and satisfies my Sagittarius spirit by welcoming a tradition that my soul probably has never been able to celebrate.

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hey!!! i already did one of these🤗 the fundamentals are the same for both but one difference i will note is that with a virgo jupiter, you may be a bit more introverted, a bit shyer (not too shy because at the end of the day, you’re still a leo rising) or more calculated; you have a quieter confidence but besides that the description below still fits pretty well :)💕

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with no shame in shining, leo knows that any performance is, at its core, a spiritual act. the actor gets up on stage and allows the human condition, in all its glory and its goriness, to come forth in service of the whole. we need a true reflection of our pain, beauty, and burdens. it’s healing to witness someone else go through what we ourselves deal with. this is leo’s gift.

ready to make the crowd roar with laughter, your leo ascendant, like its planetary ruler, the sun, is born to be the center of the situation. this fixed fire sign has you famously expressing yourself and thus drawing attention your way. others in your presence, knowingly or not, will become the audience to your performance. your leo ascendant needs to be appreciated, loved, and adored for whatever it is that you are offering.

leo rules the heart and spine. your swagger stimulates the system. raising heart rate. increasing blood flow. playful and spontaneous, your leo ascendant will be known for your love of drama and the power of a good entrance. like the nobility its planetary ruler (the sun) signifies, leo is quite comfortable in a crown.

this sign distorted becomes obsessed with itself. egomaniacal, domineering, and self-absorbed tendencies constellate in leo’s lair. the lion, ever prideful, can lash out when provoked. exuding a powerful presence, you’ll need to learn what stages your leo ascendant wants to set aglow.


  • I allow myself full self-expression.
  • I am here to let my light shine while enjoying the brilliance of those around me.


  • what about this description of leo resonates with you? what about this description motivates you?
  • what do you generally receive attention for? is it positive? negative? do you admonish yourself for needing a certain amount of recognition, love, applause, or appreciation?
  • what do you most want to be known for? what do you most want to be celebrated for? are you known for having a playful demeanor? is that important to you? are you known for being a diva? is that important to you?
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