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Happy birthday to Angelic Saggie ♐️ ♓️ ♌️


My Leo rising self cannot help but give a quick speech. I started my first journal as a young girl in 2010 and now in the year 2020 I get to celebrate the first year of my public journal. It amazes me that so many people enjoy traveling through the mysterious waters of my mind that leaks deep into an exploration of numerous worlds and dimensions that harvest ideas out of our physical realm. That makes my Pisces moon smile and my Sagittarian spirit glisten with glee. Oh, my dear loves, please take a seat and continue to travel through my mind with me because we all have not seen anything yet.

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Have fun and maintain your hobbies Luna. You are a child at heart therefore hobbies are your best suit. So what if “the crowd” is not interested in your ideas? You are a leader and when you put your ideas into the world it will be odd to some but amazing to others. Do not forget to be a good leader by leading people with love and encouragement. Just as you are yourself, you need to encourage people to be themselves while also allowing them to voice their opinions and ideas. Control your ego because you shine as the sun and you don’t want to blind people with tyrant behavior.

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Y'all….I LOVE SCORPIO SEASON SO MUCH. Besides it being the best time of the year, things make so much sense for me. I clear up things that have been bothering me, things are addressed or brought to me so easyyy. Seriously like there’s just this feeling in my soul that ….like my intuition instantly just- YEESSSSS LETS GOOOO

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Leo Rising Culture 👸|🤴

  • The King and Queen vibe!
  • Glamorous
  • Performers
  • They literally resemble the Sun 🌞
  • Like they light up room when they enter.
  • Their faces literally GLOW !
  • Love beaches 😍
  • Gold jewellery >>>>>
  • Gold anything
  • They really have Great Hair !
  • They rock short hair imo
  • Love children
  • Demanding presence
  • Carry themselves like Royalty.
  • Magnetic
  • Attention seekers
  • Dominating
  • Love to show off
  • You can literally sense their ego in their presence
  • Insecure about their looks.
  • Extroverts
  • Love compliments and praises
  • Gorgeous smiles
  • Not apologizing for their mistakes.
  • Stubborn
  • Determined
  • Leaders
  • Loud laughs and they really don’t care about it though 😁
  • Expressive
  • Want freedom in relationships
  • Love traveling
  • Behaviorism like cats??
  • Like luxurious
  • Wanting the buy especially the expensive things
  • Great seducers!
  • Proud
  • Bigger foreheads
  • Small eyes
  • Loyal af
  • Perfectionists
  • They rock yellow orange pink and bright colors
  • Appear confident
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Hi darling! Thanks for the question and I’m terribly sorry about the wait. I’m glad you like my blog though lovie!

Your combination of a Taurus Sun and a Capricorn Moon makes you practical, stubborn and assertive. You’re very gifted when it comes to working under and dealing with pressure and you know how to come back after a bad experience. This is because you know what’s best for your own wellbeing; you rest when you need to rest, treat yourself when you need to treat yourself, and grow as a person when you need to grow as a person. You are more reserved with people you’re not that close with; you want to be comfortable with someone before you start to let yourself get attached to them.

Your Leo Rising means you are demanding, strong and quick to express yourself and include your own input. You might be quite popular, which is down to your strangely magnetic nature. Even if you’re shy, people are still drawn to you! You can be generous, flamboyant and flashy, and you love to show off your skills and traits whenever you can. You love being the centre of attention so you’re often the life of the party.

I’ve already gone over what it’s like to have your Mercury in Taurus! You can find the post here.

Your Venus is in Aries, which means that you thrive and excel in competitive environments because you have a vast range of skills and want to use them. Regardless of what you’re doing, your passion, ambition and drive are maintained. You’re an all or nothing kind of person, and you usually pick ‘all’. This passion you have is reflected by the people around you; they often find it contagious.

Your Cancer Mars makes you loyal, dutiful and protective, as well as astute and determined. You know not to confuse your weaknesses with your emotions, and so are not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. You would sacrifice yourself for your loved ones at the drop of a hat and you are quick to defend them too when they are wronged. You want everyone you love to feel at home and comfortable when they’re around you and will go to great lengths to ensure this.

Your Scorpio Jupiter means you are quite prone to developing small obsessions every now and then. You can read people like a book and you could put this intuition to great use if you used it to educate. You could do a lot of good by helping and supporting other people too. You will likely spend a lot of time in your life soul-searching and growing spiritually. Travel might be a good idea in helping you to do this if you are able to do so.

Your Saturn in Leo makes you confident, systematic and unrelenting. You have the potential to be a great leader in this lifetime. You are very determined and are more than capable of achieving all of your dreams. In terms of social status, you start off climbing already and just keep going. People are fascinated by the regal vibes you give off. You are dignified and productive and are willing to work hard to get what you want.

Your Taurus Midheaven makes you very persistent. If you want to get something, no amount of failure will put you off from working to get it. You have a lot of potential creatively and are likely to use it to your advantage once you become aware of it. Consistency and security are really important for you and your wellbeing so its vital that you work out what things in life make you feel this way. You like to be in charge where you can, but once you get that position you are unlikely to give it up willingly and can become quite possessive.

Words Of Advice:

Stop taking things so personally.

Failure is usually a sign that you need to work harder.

Learn how to keep calm when things aren’t looking too good.

Stop playing the conquistador and start involving your feelings more.

You can prevent some conflicts just by lowering your expectations slightly.

It’s okay to slow down from your rush every now and then.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

You don’t need to be in charge to be in control.

Thanks for the question darling and I hope this helped! Sending good vibes your way.

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Venus In Cancer (1st decan)

✨Toxic tingz ✨ (ew)

This decan is messy in love 😔

Just a mess

Moody asf


Possessive even 🤮

Omg I cant

Very nurturing and caring

Wants to hold you like you’re they’re child

Want to take care of you

Wants you to come to them for support

Can be shy as FUCK at first

Very cautious

Because they don’t wanna get hurt

Can be really serious about that

Like tell them the truth at all times they’ll go insane thinking that they’re wasting time

Have so many feelings about you but don’t know what to do with them

So they either:

throw it all over you with hugs and kisses and affection

Or they try to keep it hidden- they fail

Now cancer is huge about reciprocation and when they feel like these feelings are not reciprocated they get nasty🤪

Like petty asf

But they love you so it lasts for like 3 seconds

Unless you’ve really hurt them

Can really smell your bullshit from a mile away

Will disappear from you once they trust their gut about you


Look at the moon sign and see how they handle what their intuition tells them

Air moons may be dismissive or will try to talk it out with you. Fire moons can be pretty impulsive about it and straight up end it ect.

This decan can be very immature and needs to learn how to not get hurt so easy honestly 👉🏾👈🏾

But in the end this pain helps them grow into big boys and girls and it’s beautiful! ☺️💖

Maybe I’m wrong and talking shit lmdbdjd

But like I’m talking to myself so ye

That’s it

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